Monday, October 23, 2017

Raising White Kids to Hate Themselves

Self hating white parents can kill themselves at any time.

It's your children, however, who are the true victims.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with recognizing other cultures and acknowledging other races---so long as one sees everything and everyone as being integral.
In other words, NOT "exchanging" one culture for another, but everyone simply coexisting.

Problem is, everyone and every group seems to want to rule and dominate instead of simply being "part of the whole".

A Texan said...

Too bad we can't round up all the white libtard Baby Boomers and send them to a concentration camp with some that 'duh-versity' they love imposing on everyone else.

VFM #7916 said...

Co-existence is a white concept.

That should explain:

"Problem is, everyone and every group seems to want to rule and dominate instead of simply being "part of the whole"."

And co-existence is only possible when one group has "Ruled and dominated".

When a certain group no longer "Rules and dominates", power is available for anyone able to grasp it. Co-existence is a fools game that will result in destruction of co-existors.

A certain group thought, suicidally, that Magic Dirt Theory would change humans to desire co-existence over others. This has been proven wrong in the past, and a certain group is learning the lesson, again, in the current period.

Attempting to change human nature is not possible, though humans will never stop trying.

Robert What? said...

Whites are the only identity group who are not permitted to pursue or vote their own interests.

Anonymous said...

Texan, I'm not a white libtard, but am a white boomer. You can take your view and shove it ass-words, because we're not the gen that believes in that diversity shit!! It's the pussies that came two gens afterwards who grasp it tightly, because they don't want to compete. Of course there are exceptions, but not nearly enough to out weigh the rest of them!

Jay Nix said...

I have no idea how or why this is a thing. People have convinced themselves that there is such a thing as genetic memory based simply off of watching a documentary or reading history.