Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Kapernick Caper Continues

So he says he's going to sue the NFL

and a reporter is stupid enough to ask if Green Bay is going to take him on.

I don't pay much attention to sportsball, but it is fun watching the forces of media and SJW's try to take it over.


A Texan said...

The only decent thing about him is that he has no criminal records unlike most of his colleagues. He did start the kneeling to the anthem nonsense during the Obummer administration, so it's not a Trump thing either.

But so what? He is not exactly poor at this moment.

David Reynolds said...

Ultimate blame for this whole anthem kneeling mess is on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. He is the one who allowed this controversy to rage into a dumpster fire. He could have stopped this whole mess at Colin Kaepernick by suspending him and making an example out of him when he could. Goodell is the one who sat back and caused this cancer to spread.

Faithless Cynic said...

The NFL really screwed this up. Sportsball is a useful " bread and circuses " distraction so the downtrodden, abused wage slave can forget that his life really sucks. For a brief moment, the abused, disposable serf can cheer on " his " team. Making the serf think about politics runs the risk of waking his ass up. The NFL will probably see a 20 percent cut in earnings over this. Great business move guys :-)