Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Might As Well Leave the Dating Racket

Stay frosty boys.  Stay the freak frosty.



Black Poison Soul said...

"Calf Implants" lol! Yeah, no woman on this planet has ever had breast implants!

"He was late" lol! Yeah, no woman on this planet has ever been late to a date!

"Lists his expectations on the bio..." ^^^

"Uses emoji's..." ^^^

This is just a list of women's bad habits, projected onto men. What a waste of space and time. Like you state in your video: it's just not worth your time. (By the way, some of the girls on tinder are literal whores - the young casual ones often proposition the older men. $$$)

You mention "the Feminist industry" - more accurately, the Feminist circle-jerk.

As a 51yo man, I can confirm that 30 years ago there was none of that crap going on. None. The only time that I heard a woman open her yap anything along those lines - I was 16 and in the local pub - her man punched her in the teeth. Cut his knuckle and smashed one of her teeth out. The only thing that I heard from the other men there was a laugh and a "stupid bitch" comment.

Tinder is the modern intense trench warfare warzone. It's worth looking into to do as you did, to see the rampant insanity in its complete rawness. Men should not experience that insanity too closely in person, it'll wreck them. So fair warning, best to stay out of that hellhole.

Anonymous said...

When I'm in the nursing home in the future and people ask me, why didn't you marry? Why did you MGTOW? How sad. I hope there is still a link available to this video.

Wandering man said...

According to Adam piggot, tinder will now be flooded with beta males now. I wish them the best of friggen luck! 😁

Anonymous said...

Tinder is a good honeypot to lure the weak away from normal society.

CBMTTek said...

What Black Poison Soul said.

And more:
Harvey Weinstein.

If Harvey Weinstein acted like himself on Tinder, he would have been Capital A Number One douchbag. But... Oh, wait, he actually had something that women wanted. Want to see your name in lights? Drop 'em, honey.

I will bet, that if an actual decent looking CEO, from a recognized company actually paid five seconds of attention to any of the women in that video, including the one that looks like Bruce Jenner, they would forget about "douchbag" instantly.

No, actually, I will not make that bet. It is like betting that the sun will rise to the east tomorrow morning.