Friday, October 13, 2017

Episode #217-Why Aren't There Jewish Bars???

Mocking vs. emulating Cappy
Just don't fuck up.
How black names hurt black people.
Do Jewish Bars EXIST???
"Clarey's Land of Canaan"
Leftists Eating Their Own


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Joana said...

I wonder if his anger and frustration are still there naturally, or if he just works hard to maintain them in order to keep his main source of income.

Phil said...

Yep, Israel.

Phil said...

Yep, Israel.

Joe Richards said...

another great cappy podcast.

I independently came up with the exact same gambling strategy you have. The way the casinos make money is that people typically only go in with a lower limit. Then they play until they reach it. Go in with an upper and a lower as you said.

Anonymous said...

Jewish bars don't exist for the same reason Irish banks, black bookstores, and hillbilly universities don't exist.

Bike Bubba said...

Strikes me that there was a bar in "Fiddler on the Roof". That said, the supply of kosher liquors is limited, so that might limit interest in that particular genre....

LBD said...

We Jews just don't drink much. Jewish alcoholics exist but are rare. In fact, there is a Yiddish expression "shikkur as a goy" meaning "as drunk as a gentile" which is how Jews describe a Jew who drinks too much. Our Kryptonite is food. Jackie Mason had a comedy routine about this years ago. It was funny because it's true. We're much more likely to have diabetes than cirrhosis.