Sunday, October 08, 2017


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liberranter said...

"Teaching" has obviously degenerated into just another variety of glorified welfare for otherwise-unemployable femtards.

Now if only parents would keep them away from their innocent, impressionable children whose lives they've been ruining for the last few generations ...

Anonymous said...

I received a phone call from my sis this weekend who announced she is leaving teaching for good. She left the acturial filed in her mid 30s to get her teaching cert and has went into teaching, but after 10 years is throwing in the towel.

It wasn't the students she said. It was the moronic administration, blatant falsehoods and insufferably obtuse staff (majority female 20-something-leftists) that took it's toll. She will resign next semester and re-enter the private sector.

Anonymous said...

I will leave this here for the Captain.

"Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could possibly become a professor at Columbia University in New York City, according to a report released Friday."

Unsurprising that the elite leftist cadre always find away a spot in the swamp. I do laugh to think it also must be infuriating to know that despite being from the right crowd, going to the correct schools and amassed financial power, you are completely incompetent to perform what you were groomed to do. And like water, you find some low level bog to fade from consciousness.