Monday, October 09, 2017

Who's the Worst Generation? Baby Boomers, Gen X'ers or Millennials

Are per a request from Asshole Consulting, Cappy tries to apply some kind of logical methodology to an impossible question:  which generation is the worst in America today?  Though Cappy's loathing for the Baby Boomers is no secret, he loathes them all quite equally, but when you look at some data and public behavior a clear "victor" emerges.


R. Douglas said...

Here in the upper Midwest, well paying jobs in the trades are going begging. Machinists, machine operators, truck drivers, plumbers, etc. can't be found, even at starting wages North of $20/hr. I know a young man who at 19 is getting $27 dollars an hour to essentially haul bricks up ladders and scaffolds all day. His employer needs another half dozen or so more of him, and can't find willing takers. True, hauling bricks isn't a life long job, but it is a small step from hauler to layer, and another to foreman, in the span of about 10 years. A college degree is not necessary for financial security.

Anonymous said...

Yup, current times will be seen as shit.

Black Poison Soul said...

The Millennials willingly went into a lifetime of crushing debt, to become willingly indoctrinated into their insane mindset.

That is both frightening and sickening.

Anonymous said...

Silent generation might have been the worst, and it's entirely expected because during the great depression only the most irresponsible people reproduced during the worst years, and they made a generation of vipers. But accounting for this, baby boomers are relatively the worst based on their genetic quality and upbringing.

Generation X varies profoundly depending on if they were born before or after 1973, due to the oil crisis and abortion.

Jim Scrummy said...

Yes, we all suck in some ways. I have nothing against the boomers, especially the ones who served in the military (Viet Nam, Cold War, and Gulf War I). The military boomers I know are decent people who voted for no free shittle. The boomer bosses I've had, all suck big donkey penises.

As a Gen Xer, yes, I know I have been screwed over by the boomers in too many ways. I can piss and moan about that or do something. So I do something about it, and would just wish the boomers would move on and STFU about how great their music and generation is. No, a good 80% of you suck, now shut up.

We Gen Xers, also suck. In terms of voting, we started in 1984 (I did and gladly voted for Reagan, hell I would've voted for Reagan even when he was dead). The boomers started voting in 1968 (voting age was 21 at that time). But the Gen Xers along with the boomers gave us Mr. Blue Dress as our prezzy, so we suck. The only saving grace the Gen Xers have is we work, because we have to. The boomers will be taking what's left of Social Security, leaving nothing in that piece of crap ponzi scheme system for Gen X or Millennials. For Millennials, it really doesn't matter, the majority of you don't work and feel as though you are entitled to a $100K/year job for just finishing college with some bs liberal farts degree. The millennials (exception is made for some in the military) don't deserve crap, because of you have an entitlement mentality that is off the charts. I see it everyday with some of the millennials that work at my organization.

Generation Z is the wild card. My kids are Gen Z, and they already dislike the parasitic class (gee I wonder where they get that from...?). They dislike anything our former mulatto prezzzy did. Since they know he screwed them over, and have the millennials to thank for all that crap. Trust me, plenty of Gen X parents are clueless on how mulatto prezzy screwed over their kids in a big way, and now slowly discovering this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fun times ahead.

Anonymous said...

None of the above. The generation of Woodrow Wilson and FDR are the worst. They lived in an America of peak freedom, but shunned it for dreams of a Progressive serf-state