Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Outsource Your Kids!

"By all means. Breed, have kids, much like you "have an SUV." Outsource them to daycare like you do your SUV to the dealer. But when your kid has no attachment, loyalty, love, or respect for you, and is more than happy to ditch you off in a cheap government nursing home facility and NEVER visits you, I'd love to see the night-time advanced MBA course that solves that problem."

my latest piece at LinkedIn!


Bike Bubba said...

I'm just wondering, reading the LinkedIn piece, how our gracious host REALLY feels about the matter. :^)

Seriously, my wife and I got the ultimate compliment from our first daughter--she called us for advice last night from college. Yup, wife gave up the rat race to homeschool our kids, I probably gave up some opportunities, too, and amazingly, it looks like we might have a few kids that will help take care of us when (not if) Socialist Insecurity and Mediscare collapse. Oldest is already a CNA on her way to RN, working at a nursing home--looks like a good chance she (and some of her sisters) might be able to provide the nursing home experience at home and save $60k or more a year. They can keep parents going and save their inheritances to boot!

Wandering man said...

Gosh Aaron! What do you really think? 😆

liberranter said...

LinkedIn has become a septic tank full of moronic drivel written by talentless, conformist, egotistical poseurs interested in nothing more than seeing their names in digital print. Thank you for posting an antidote to that (BTW, Cappy, PLEASE grace us with your rapier wit by responding to the latest spewing of nonsense that "telecommuting is going away." Like hell it is!).

How long do you think it will be before articles such as yours in the OP are banned by the Microsoft ownership for creating bad feelz and violating the PC Code?