Sunday, October 29, 2017

Why You Should Feel Sorry for Millennial Girls

No more independent minded than their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts,

Prone to vote for candidates "because vagina"

10 times more likely to accuse your attempt at hand holding as "rape"

And completely monopolizing the "slut walk" market

Millennial girls are arguably the most contemptible and worthless generation of women the US has ever had.

But I will grant them one large dollop of forgiveness - they unfortunately have to date millennial boys.

Now I know this is EXACTLY what they wanted out of men, and I know this is EXACTLY how feminists intended to raise the "ideal boy," but deep down inside we all know no matter what they say, women want masculine men.  And the millennial girls are going to be deprived of having them, or they're at least going to be in short supply.

But an interesting "study" was conducted by Buzz Feed's "The Try Guys."  They all got their testosterone tested.  And the results were not shocking to any man who has worked a real job and seen the inside of a gym.

Here is what they look like:

And here are their scores:

Keep in mind the average male (well...non millennial anyway) has a testosterone level of 650 and yours truly came in at the decrepit age of 42 at 602.

Admittedly, these are journalists.  Hardly a profession that attracts real men. And admittedly they work for BuzzFeed, the reject bin of journalism on par with Vice and the Enquirer.  But my god, you poor millennial girls.  THIS is what you wanted?  THIS is the promised land feminism wishes to drive men into?  A bunch of socialist pussies who can't do a damn thing of worth in their lives, let alone satisfy you in bed?

To normal men and women, it's painfully obvious just how leftist millennial men fail not only women and society, but themselves.  You're not really able to protect society.  You're not going to attract an attractive mate.  You're not going to raise well anchored, productive, and resilient children.  You're not going to produce anything of real value to society since it takes effort. And heaven help you if the economy were to crash.  You'd like be enslaved or shot on site.  But to those millennial boys in the echo chamber who don't realize just what utter failures they are in life, as time goes on they truly won't know why the real world isn't working out the way they were promised by their single mothers and feminist school teachers.  And while some will get lucky like "The Try Guys" finding a spate of employment here and there, the majority of them will be the NEETS society loves to mock, yet insisted on raising.  They will not find true point or meaning in life.  And their entire lives will be wasted playing video games, watching porn, and getting the shit divorced out of them.

Again, I can't personally complain.  These are the same male feminists who accuse me and millions of other innocent men of privilege, misogyny, sexism, racism, and - that-old-millennial favorite - "ignorance."  They're the ones with 20 years of schooling, but not a day of real work in the real world who insist they know how to lead the world.  They're the ones claiming everything is sexual harassment and assault.  They deserve the cluelessness and mental drifting that will result in life long psychological torture.  But from an academic standpoint it's just amazing to witness these clueless morons make a mad dash for the cliff just like all the other millennial lemmings were trained to do...oh...all while claiming they're so "independent minded."

The country may be going to hell in a handbasket, but you millennials sure are making it an enjoyable final generation....oh...and leaving behind some horribly sexually frustrated women.

Enjoy the decline.


Take The Red Pill said...

I have NO sympathy or pity for Millennial women whatsoever. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
My sympathy goes to Millennial men for being spoon-fed lies from their cribs. They never had a chance.

LBD said...

If milennial women get sick of these eunuchs, one strategy is to marry a farmer. There's a cooking show, " Pioneer Woman" featuring a gal who got tired of her non-committing, low-T surfer boyfriend in L.A., and married a rancher in Oklahoma. She lives " in the middle of nowhere", has four nice kids whom she homeschooled, Their life includes church and many productive activities.

Her recipes are loaded with butter, meat, cheese and cream and the whole family is thin and healthy. The show offers glimpses of their family life along with the food. It's like a time machine to the 50's in a good way.

Farmers and ranchers have trouble finding mates because of the geographical isolation combined with the fact that in many rural aras the families are large, so it's hard to find a girl who's not your cousin.

Of course, in some areas like Alaska, the ratio of men to women seems so favorable at first (6 to one men to women) but many of the guys are just not prime marriage material. As Alaskan women say, "the odds are good but the goods are odd".

Tucanae Services said...

Another words, they are French.

David Reynolds said...

If my parents named me Eugene, Keith, Zach, or Ned, my testosterone levels would have gone down 200-330 points from the word go. It is a shame that both of my grandfathers DEAD have higher testosterone levels than these 4 pussies. It is no wonder why as a 47 year old man I could still get a younger woman if I wanted.

Of course the question I ask myself many days is why would I want a millinial woman? Most women under the age of 30 can only offer me a vagina. Many of these women sorely lack domestic skills and they resent the fact that they have to go to work AND have to do their share in making a relationship work.

Ned with the 212 T-levels has less testosterone than some women do. I wonder if someone should measure estrogen levels in these guys. A woman getting with these guys is the closest a gal can get to lesbianism without actually getting with another woman.

Pat Haney said...


I'm a 53 year old dude that went through chemo, radiation, and a host of health issues and my numbers beat them. If it's true, those dudes are sad. That's disturbing that a young male would have those low numbers.

Don't use it, you lose it I suppose.

Un Americano said...

Nope. I feel no sympathy for women. That got what they demanded. Let them eat muff.

James said...

Even real homos have more testosterone than these fags:) lol

BWV said...

Getting old has a lot of drawbacks - but one thing that's enjoyable about it is hearing about current "celebrities" and thinking, "Who the hell is that? Never heard of 'em."

Wandering man said...

Speaking as someone with the same lifestyle as that okie rancher, the last thing I would want is a girl from the big city. Pretty much all of the women these days go to the big city to slut it up. Why would I want sloppy 222nds after all the crap I went through to be a responsible human being?

Dimitri Rastoropov said...

Mark Rippetoe single-handedly did more for the to save Western civilisation than the entire Conservative movement put together.

David Jravis said...

Jack Donovan probably has more testosterone than all four of those kids put together... and that dude's gay.

Martin Meier said...

Any chance this is the result of a society that values constant socializing over actual accomplishment?