Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Month of Pent Up Posts

"New Material Month" is officially over.  The month of not posting anything pertaining to or in response to feminism, but instead focus on new frontiers has come to a close.  However, there were some honorable mentions and some outright doozies that needed to be addressed which I have been storing up for the month.

"M' Lady" - freaking hilarious video on white knights.

There will be no demise of men.  Just a return of men being manly once they realize the jig is up.

Why are feminists always so ugly?

Degenerate slutwhore complains about the consequences of her idiotic decisions and the epitome of whitenight pansy actually gives her press.  Did she at least sleep with you Carl or are one of those kids your own?

I don't think I ever want to get on the wrong side of Judgy Bitch.

1 comment:

Burgess Shale said...

Lots to wind up anyone with common sense.
I wonder if the pill-for-men will free up the sperm- acceptor from seeking support. What will she do ? Better prevent this pill from being available. Mass unemployment for social workers.