Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's No Such Thing as a Financial Genius

A short video that I wanted to put together explain true "genius" in the financial services industry is really more of a function of daring to have independent thought rather than any sort of inherent "financial genius."


leeholsen said...

our local financial radio guy freely admits he's making educated guesses based on what he sees in the data.

that;s about the best you can do unless you've got inside knowledge on something.

just some guy said...

Crony capitalists sometimes get the financial genius label because people cant differentiate between corruption and genius.

Daan said...

Well there's obviously no shortage of financial idiots so there probably ARE a few financial geniuses out there. It's just that they aren't shilling their know-it-all to make a buck....they've already made their money by being smart.