Friday, May 09, 2014

The International Conference on Men's Issues

AVFM is holding a conference in Detroit this summer - The International Conference on Men's Issues.  I will unlikely be attending, but I did want to point this out for some of my younger or newer readers who may have happened on The Manosphere, Alt-Rightsphere, etc., and are intimidated by the sheer preponderance of information out there.

It costs $260 and while a chunk of change you are likely to earn that back in saved labor as the speakers will be speaking directly about various issues allowing you to more quickly digest everything that is out there and get a birds eye view of what's going on.  Also the entertainment value alone of Karen Straughan and Stefan Molyneux will likely provide a guffaw or two.

Consider attending if you're finishing up school for the year, looking for a road trip, or are in desperate need to talk with some like-minded people.


Burgess Shale said...

Detroit ? is this the best location ?

Luke said...

I would seriously have considered going to this conference, but for its location. Detroit is NOT very central, for starters; why not have it in Kentucky or Missouri, say?

Second, Detroit is a town seriously in need of an open-air nuclear test. Why in Hades have a conference there?