Saturday, May 31, 2014

When a Leftist Admits He's Wrong

It still doesn't change the fact that their ignorance (in this case) impoverished, unnecessarily, millions of Latin Americans.

I applaud him for admitting he was wrong, but it's like saying, "oops" when you helped ruin the lives of millions and stagnate countries' advancement.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you this Captain,

I just got in touch with my cousin. He has been missing from the family for 10 years he is about 45 or so now. He was found in Tuscon for many years he was lead engineer for Boeing in Seattle.He was a super high achiever and did his masters and Ph.d in Engineering ( Air plane Engineering or something like that) in a super young age. He was one of these child prodigies that come about once in a blue moon. He was granted high scholarships was top of his class, and was given some high position in Boeing at a super young age. As I said he has been missing for 10 years, as it turns out he been unemployed for 10 years and living off his saving. He has basically dropped out of society. I think he may kill himself as he has said he only has about 10 years left of savings then don't know what he will do.

The point is, I don't Engineering is really the best major. I don't think STEM has any guarantees at all. It's better than Journalism, English etc.

I still think there is something wrong with this. Here he is a guy with the education and the top position of Engineering, years of experience and 45 years old and he's can't find anything at all as a top level Engineer. From what was told to me I do think he will kill himself shortly. He has checked out in life. He has no kids or wife.

Something is really rotten in the USA job market.

I am now back in Canada as a dual citizen. I have an BA, B.Sc and MBA some IT skills and I'm also unemployed living with my mom. I'm 35. I have been looking for a job since 2010. I can't even find an Internship. I send out 5-10 applications a day and have had about 6 calls.

I went to the doctor to get some sleeping pills due to all the stress of not being able to find a job. She told me that half of her patients or more 18-30 aren't working.

Something is really wrong

Enjoy the Decline.

Slobodan Blazeski said...

How do you mean impoverished?
Development depends on so many factors outside of the government control, such as geography, ethnic structure, neighbors, world trade etc.
When even the best government can't do much to bring wealth to their citizens they subscribe to cargo cults of those promise heavenly riches.
It is easy to say that those people are shortsighted for believing the snake oil salesmen, but it is the human nature when faced with bad situation that they can't control to switch to living for a day and expect messiahs.
Those people living under cracked dam must switch off from the pending doom.

Eduardo Galeano just said what people wanted to hear, he sold them some false excuse that if it wasn't those Yankees will be rich.

The truth has sorrow note, that if the factors outside your control are unaligned there is very little you could do.
Bad horse breeder could destroy a horse with potential to be a champion, but even the very best breeder can't make a champion from a lousy horse.

Neil Schnurr said...

And the important thing to remember is that liberals are wrong about everything else too. This is why so many liberals have such a hard time admitting that they are wrong about anything. Subconsciously,they know this. If you pull on one thread, the whole fabric of liberalism unravels.

just some guy said...

Socialism boils down to this: Poor decisions should not have consequences, good decisions should not have rewards.

Alex M. said...

Hey cappy what do you think about this post of mine at

Anonymous said...

Jeff Daniels perfectly said it in the Newsroom:

"You know why people don't like liberals- cause they lose.If liberals are so fucking smart, then how come they lose so God damn always!"

Kristophr said...

Anon 1:19PM :

If you want to actually make use of IT or Engineering skills, get the hell out of the Western countries.

Find someone in Asia who is recruiting, and move the fuck out. Or hell, even Russia.

The West is turning itself into a third world craphole.

Dave said...

Lenin was right about the bourgeois intelligentsia. These lackeys of Leftism consider themselves the brains of the West. In fact they are not its brains but its shit.

Anonymous said...

Leftists like Galeano just peddle what people want to hear. Go pick up any Leftwing tome at the book store - they are all the same in content with minor variations. It can be Michael Moore, Thomas Frank, Warren, etc.

Anonymous said...


This is my Cousin not me. I don't think hew will move to the east. I don't know him that well but it seems that he will use up his savings and then blow his brains out.

I could be wrong but it seems that way. I can't seem him moving even though it maybe a good idea