Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sally Blount, Doesn't Like "The Maths"


Another shill for Big Education saying we need more... (are you ready?)


But let me be very laser like in my logic and point out one thing in her article.

Do you see any numbers?

No, you know why?  Because the Maths are hard.  The Statistics are difficult.  And young Sally like many people posing as journalists are too lazy to do any research.  Better to just talk about feelings and name toss and write a crappy and shittacular article that will lead some naive, equally math imparied soul to part with $100,000 to get a worthless piece of paper.

Post post - OHHH!!! What a shock, she's the DEAN OF NORTHWESTERN'S MANAGEMENT SCHOOL!  Hey, maybe you can hire David Lareah to teach a class on housing markets!!!!


Anonymous said...

Her article flaunts the word "leader". That sort of person has no conception of what is meant, and dislikes them when one comes up.
Now this Buckingham chap may have shown a little leadership, and clearly needed to be slapped down by the "management team":

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you're a dean of school whose livelihood depends on continuing enrollment of suckers into said MBA program.

Lets not forget the market is already flooded with these grads. MBA's are one the most popular but useless degrees to get for people attending night schools like Phoenix, Chapman and others. When I worked for Boeing, CSC, and other Fortune 500 companies, there wasn't a manager who didn't have a MBA.

You find the same in the military. Troops wanting to move up the ranks are encouraged to get degrees, you become a troop pusher, a MBA looks good on the resume.

Rick said...

Did you notice her reasoning for needed MBAs? It can be summed up as "profit is bad". Companies need indoctrinated MBAs so they can shift focus from whatever productive activity they are engaged in to instead focus on the "public good".

Talk about making a case for NOT hiring MBAs. They sound like more of a cost center than a profit center.

Anthony said...

Think about the 2010 BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Would that have happened if short-term cost pressures weren’t driving shortcuts on safety? Or consider the recall at General Motors. One has to ask: Did the pressure to deliver quarterly numbers for shareholders play a role in delaying the recall?

Y'know, most people think that sort of short-term thinking is driven by MBAs taking over decision-making functions at large companies.

RJ said...

I guess she didn't get the memo that MBA's are a bad economic deal:

Don't get your MBA

CriticalEye said...

Dean Blount received her Ph.D. in management and organizations from Kellogg in 1992 after earning a joint bachelor’s degree from Princeton University’s engineering and Woodrow Wilson schools in 1983.

I'm willing to bet her degree was in Industrial Engineering, but even they have to learn some math. That makes it worse - the Dean is trawling (trolling?) for the innumerate. "Let's sell an expensive degree to people who haven't learned to calculate an ROI!" "Brilliant!"