Saturday, May 03, 2014

Democrat Math


A comment in response to this video:

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

Do you guys understand or at least empathize with my belief that with so many stupid people in this country there's no hope whatsoever?


Jonathan said...

This isn't uncommon.

I had a baby boomer uncle tell me in response to my assertion about the horror of 222 trillion in unfunded liabilities; "The government accountants can screw around with the numbers and fix that. Don't worry."

Keep in mind this man has above average intelligence for an American and is a conservative.

This country IS doomed. We are too STUPID, FEMINIZED, and of course LEFTIST.

leeholsen said...

I'm with you Cap.

I let the 2012 election prove it to me, that stupid was in the majority now and you cannot fix stupid.

My main goal now is to avoid them and/or drink and smoke cigars to cope with living with them.

Kristophr said...

Apparently the concept of paying cash outright for a car or home is just completely beyond him.

Matt said...

"Do you guys understand or at least empathize with my belief that with so many stupid people in this country there's no hope whatsoever?"

Yep. The last few years has done wonders to move me from the "We're #1" camp into the "there's no hope whatsoever" camp.

CA3 said...

Cap, sir? It's worse than that. Much, much worse.

Rseven Rocket said...

Every car I owned was bought with cash. Made possible by spending less than I earned.

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian I cannot believe that so great a country as the United States of America is through, down, done for. There are too many excellent Americans for that to be plausible.

That the US in its present form cannot survive is obvious, and I do not claim otherwise. But your forefathers made a great war so that you would be a great and just country. Is their spirit dead? I think not.

As in 1861 there was a great deal of killing to be done, so now. I have seen a recent estimate that the coming civil war will kill 10 million, instead of the one million of the 1861-1865 civil war. But as the realization of the necessity of this bloody course works its way through your minds, you will come to it.

There is the analogy of the Roman republic. It became unworkable about 100 BC. There ensued two generations of civil strife of the most bloody kind; but eventually the even greater Roman Empire emerged, and lasted for four centuries.

The world needs America. You have not yet fulfilled your destiny.

Rick Caird said...

every If we want to improve the country,"all" we have to do is improve education and require a voter competency test of some support. If we had some kind of competency test, most the Democratic voters would fail and the Democrats would go out of business. As a start anyone who is getting unearned benefits from the government should be prohibited from voting until they are self supporting.

Anonymous said...

When I post on public places, there's always someone that issues expletives with no logic or 2nd grade logic at best.

That usually means I hit them right where they live. As first it bothered me, now I consider that to be a success.

I like Millennial Woes response - it means not everyone is brain dead.

Yes, it doesn't give me good vibes that society has enough independent thought to survive,


it does give hope that there will be a remnant of thinkers, doers and principled people around to rebuild after the coming failure.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a little stupid in all of us. I think it's stupid to stand by and point a finger at another "stupid" person. I think it's also not helping us as a country with Left vs. Right logic.

You can't generalize every Leftist/Democrat as stupid.

"Why can't they think and be rational like me?" Sometimes, things just can't be helped. Anyway, i'm sure you're aware of most of what I may be saying. One thing is for certain, whether you're "stupid" or "smart", we can all agree that America is sliding down the tubes and as long as we keep arguing and pointing the finger at each other, we're all going to sink together. Doesn't even matter if you leave the country.

Now wouldn't that be stupid?

Lightbetrayed said...

America is supposed to be a limited franchise republic. The second everyone got the vote instead of the taxpayer things started going to hell. Just think about it. If the 47% who pay no taxes didn't get to vote what would our country look like? If the 60-70% who are a net drain in terms of revenue got no vote what would our country look like? It would certainly not look any worse.