Wednesday, May 07, 2014

New Addition to "Words That Prove You Have a Worthless (and Likely Leftist) Job" - Advocate

New addition ladies and gentlemen!


Advocate -  Whatever it is you're advocating it's likely taking my money and then giving it to somebody who cannot speak for or defend for themselves.  Thankfully, you're all too eager and willing to take my money or non-profit money to be an "advocate" for some group or another, but understand and understand this well - we all know you don't give a damn about said group.  You're primary concern is that you get paid for easy work.  ie- you use these genuinely disadvantaged people for your own financial gain.  You're despicable.

You may find the original list here.

If you know of a word that is not on the list please let us know!


Josh said...

I'm a public defender, getting paid government money to advocate for those charged with crimes. Parasite or value creator?

Max said...

In old Europe a advocate is still considered synonymous with a lawyer :-) don't know if that makes it better or worse

RobertW said...

Yeah - that was a great glossary of yours. Definitely bears rereading now and then. But unless I'm hallucinating - which is distinctly possible - you already had "advocate" on there. Keep up the good work, perfesser!

Dior said...

The backstory here is that I work for the Department of want to find legions of worthless jobs, look at our contractors.

Anyway, my addition: Coordination.

You would be stunned at how many contractors get $100,000+ a year to "coordinate program management meetings." I shit you not, I saw those exact words on a contract statement of work recently.

I swear to God, half the contractors in the Department of Defense are nothing more than professional meeting attenders

Anonymous said...

'Evangelist' might be a good addition, though it's closely associated with "advocate".

Just some guy said...

Anyone who uses the term "cis-gender" to criticize white straight men for benefiting from the things they created is vermin.

Anonymous said...

One word from Sweden, Ombudsman. A lower form of existence can hardly be found. The ombudsmans primary function in Sweden is to give an impression of a fair/listening/whatever government. They are mainly working PR for an oppressive state though.