Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

A sad realization - most people, even family and friends, are on some level parasitical.

The best fight scene ever drawn.  The sound effects are amazingly timed and precise.

In anticipation of increasing minimum wages, McDonalds hires....7,000 touch screen tablets.  Ahhh, it sure does feel good when people who are already destitute and voted for Obama are going to suffer even more.

"I don't want to hire women."  Now now now, wait, it's from a female.  So it's acceptable sexism.

An insightful interview of the "Homework Outsourcing Industry."  Alex is interviewed by Matt. It starts around the 32 minute mark, Alex does have a slightly difficult accent to listen to, but if you hear his words it's AMAZING just how far gone and corrupted academia is.


Amethyst Dominica said...

I don't have much sympathy for C. M. Sturges. (The Apocalypse Cometh guy.) When people find a Sugar Daddy, Nature programs us to exploit him while giving to him as little in return as possible. It's up to the Sugar Daddy to set the terms of the transaction and tie rewards to favors. If you want to act like Charles Foster Kane and throw largesse at people in an attempt to buy their love, then you shouldn't be surprised when you're surrounded by parasites.

As a father, he should have been teaching his kids that there's no such thing as a free lunch. (To be fair, he didn't have custody of them so that might have been a hard lesson to convey, especially since he might have wanted to be extra nice to them in the rare times that he had contact with them.)

But everyone else in his life- the contact with them was purely voluntary. Women are biologically hardwired to exploit resources, and any man who doesn't take this into account when dealing with them deserves what he gets.

It isn't hard to find people who do have a sense of obligation. I try to give my friends as much value as I receive from them. (It's a tough thing to do when one has a rich friend--having an unusual or valuable talent certainly helps to make it worth your friend's while, so it's useful to cultivate as many skills as you can.)

MidKnight said...

Yeah. The cowboy bebop movie - and the series as well - holds up as damn good storytelling. There are aspects to it - much like Kurasawa's Seven Samurai - that make more sense when you get more about tty culture, but it's still some damn good storytelling and one of the few series that has held up well years after I ditched most anime. And that fight is excellent.

As to women and hiring - I believe you also had a link to the lady in LA who started an all-woman company in the entertainment (?) biz, and ended up closing its doors because far too much time was wasted dealing with emotional issues.

While Clarissa's a pretty smart girl, she's got her blind spots where she refuses to believe plain verifiable facts when told, or in this case, where she basically advertises that she's not even willing to really consider ideas as anything but a sad joke by losers. "Gender is a social construct". Sure - EXPRESSION can be a social construct (a portuguese lady I know pointed out that in Portugal, women run the household finances...), but even without the latest brain-scan studies showing how men and women's brains are wired up very differently, and "coincidentally" generally in accordance with stereotypes, we already knew quite a bit. We knew hormones affect emotions, emotional stability and thinking patterns, and men and women have quite a different mix - never mind monthly hormonal changes.

All that said, I'm glad she's willing to post that story, even if she's tackling it from a "how do we change societal expectations" perspective. It's a hell of a lot more than many with her stated beliefs would do.

Anonymous said...

With regards to Clarissa, what a hoot. Only took her 15 years to open her eyes.... After she originally wanted to label "that which she didn't like" as hate speech. Typical lib.

About 10 years ago I came to the realization that I no longer would work for a female manager.

Life is much better now.

Goober said...

The host is just as much to blame as the parasite.

The word is "no".

Easy to say. Easy to type. Easy to text message. Not that hard.

Anonymous said...

The McDonalds touchscreens were bought by its European division whereas it actually hired more employees in the US, so what that has to do with Obama is anyone's guess really