Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Only Self-Hating Whites Attend Harvard

Seriously, I don't know how anybody who is deemed "privileged" would ever attend Harvard after this bullshit.  

You are paying to be insulted.  You are paying to be lectured, berated, and genuinely victimized.

I know we all like to pick on Harvard posing as the country's greatest school, but it really isn't with a blatantly politically motivated propagandist class like this.


elmer said...

I am beginning to think the White Privilege fanaticism is a good thing and will ultimately push many people in the opposite direction. Do they honestly believe that bullying white males about their privilege will result in them being sympathetic to professional anti-racists?

Anonymous said...

White are already a tiny minority at Harvard - generally 20-25% depending on the school. Jews/Asians=50%, black/hispanics/misc=25-30%. Obviously these sorts of seminars are just playing to the crowd.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad. The huge swing of anti-white movements is rampant ever since Obama came into office. Forget that he is HALF-WHITE. Forget that he was a privileged brat himself that was too busy smoking weed and doing drugs while living with his evil white grandparents. Let's not forget his grandparents got him into an elite prep school and got him a scholarship as well. Let's send his ass back to Harvard so he can take this class. It's only fair for his privileged ass.

Fuck the state of Illinois and fuck the U.S. I'm done living here. I need to leave this bullshit country as soon as possible before Obama/Democrats find a way to tax the shit out people who intend to leave the country and never comeback.

MidKnight said...

I still vividly remember touring Harvard 5 or 6 years back when in the NE and looking at colleges. I was hardly surprised when, after passing the statue of McArthur, and while standing in a hall commemorating the harvard alumni/students who died in the Civil War, the little twit leading the tour gushed on about how there were so many activities on campus, and how just the last week she was able to attend yet another peace/anti-war rally.

With complete ignorance of the irony given where she was standing.

Wyowanderer said...

I heart my privilege.

Leif said...

It's not self-hatred, but false modesty. It's like Marie-Antoinette playing at being a shepardess.