Tuesday, May 06, 2014

People Who Have No Meaning or Purpose in Life

I was driving the motorcycle yesterday as it was a reasonably tolerable day to go riding.  Saw an SUV infront of me driving slowly and if you know anything about SUV's as a motorcyclist you know they're more dangerous than deer as they're usually piloted by a inattentive soccer mom texting on her phone.  Ensuring I gave her a wide berth, I couldn't help but notice her vanity plates saying "4CHOICE" with her requisite "Obama" bumper sticker.

Upon seeing this I had to confirm my theory that leftists are usually uglier and sure enough as I carefully passed the driver side of the SUV I saw a frumpy, elderly lady who was not smiling (leftists rarely smile).  I speed off, now with the SUV danger behind me, but couldn't help but think about how sad a person would have to be to have vanity plates that say "4CHOICE."

Understand most vanity plates are an exercise of wit or cleverness.  Something that typically brings about humor or a guffaw.  Perhaps even personal, but usually an uplifting statement.  But to have a plate that yells to the world:

"The thing I value about myself the most, the number one thing I want you to know about me, what my prides of prides is based on, is that I'm pro-choice in the abortion debate."

in English translates into:

"I really have no meaning in my life."

The reason is very simple.  Believing in something, be it a religion, an ideology, global warming, or what have you takes no effort, builds no character, and is not an accomplishment.  It's perfectly fine to believe in something, but when you define yourself by a zero-calorie exercise such as "belief" then it's almost a surefire guarantee you haven't done anything of noteworthiness, significance, or accomplishment in your life.  Instead of taking on tasks, engaging in a rigorous endeavor, you instead subconsciously say,

"WHOA!!!!  Do WHAT with my life???  Work hard?  Study hard?  Take the harder path!!???  Are you kidding me!??  I'm just going to put going green and "COEXIST" bumper stickers on my car and claim I'm doing something instead!"

In short you take an effortless act (belief) and substitute it in for actual accomplishment.

Alas, why this is so disgusting on several levels.

Understand I am pro-choice myself.  I find abortion to be a lesser of two evils when a potential child is faced with a life where his/her parents never really wanted them, couldn't afford them, or both, vs. never coming into that miserable existence in the first place.  Cold, callous, calculating, yes, but that's my belief.

However, at no point in time did I ever CHEER ON abortion.  It's not like it's a GREAT thing.  It's a horrible thing, something I'm sure most women who had one did not wake up in the morning and say "YEAAAAAHHHH!!!! ABORTION TIME!"

But some people, like the lady linked above, do.  Some people are so valueless, such worthless people, they take something as horrible as abortion and pride themselves off of it because...well...what else in their lives can they point to as achievement or accomplishment?

Thankfully these people can be easily avoided as their insecure egos force them to scream to the world about their beliefs.  It may not be as clear as a political vanity plate, but you've no doubt seen cars wallpapered with political bumper stickers (of both the leftist and right wing variety).  You've no doubt heard somebody say, "environmentalism is very important to me."  You've no doubt met several people that "found Jesus."  And you've no doubt found somebody within the first 5 seconds of introduction tell you they're a vegetarian.

Whatever variant, all of these are easy beliefs one can merely "claim" which they will no doubt lord over you, even arrogantly use to lecture and berate you.  But understand all it is, is a very thin and ineffective veil poorly hiding the fact the person has no core, has no worth, and is wasting their one and precious life they've been given on this planet.

Enjoy the decline!


Anonymous said...

My experience is people's commitment to any cause begins and ends with a support magnet or bumper sticker.

Robert What? said...

After reading the summary of the abortion celebration film (I couldn't bring myself to watch it) it just made me marvel again how I really just have no clue how some people think. It's definitely becoming like the Bizarro World from the old Superman comics. Is she bizarre for celebrating the deliberate killing of her unborn child, or am I bizarre for not getting it?

Anonymous said...

I won't be watching that video either. I am pro choice based on a moral defense of property rights (what do we own if not our bodies?) and the Captain's arguments come into play as well. But it takes a special kind of sickness to videotape your abortion. I would lay even odds that bitch intentionally got pregnant just so she could make the video.

Anon vegetarian who uses the bathroom!! said...

I think I see where you're going with this. Vegetarianism, I guess, isn't such a big deal that you should base your identity on it. I get that. Either you eat veggies or you eat meat. Either way, you eat. It's not some major accomplishment and the ignorant masses will not change their eating habits whether or not you boast to them about how much kale you just devoured. So, you're just trying to make yourself look important without doing much more than anyone else. If you were an actual organic farmer or wrote a top selling book on the benefits of vegetarianism.. then maybe you can base your identity on it.

Anonymous said...

That video was truly disgusting and the woman wasn't human in my book, she lack anything resembling a conscience or empathy.

Think about it, she got knocked up just to make a video about her having a doctor murder a premature infant in her womb.

Anonymous said...

I don't think abortion is the lesser of two evils. It is definitely the greater evil.

Anybody who gets an abortion shouldn't feel proud for practicing their choice. They had plenty of choices. From condoms, to abstinence, birth control, and even carrying the baby to term and then putting it up for adoption or leaving it at a random doorstep.

The problem is when it comes to making it illegal. Can we put a gun to someone's head and force them to carry a baby, they don't want to carry? I used to think no, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's not like they have to keep the baby, just give birth to it.

Then they can get on with their lives. They did get themselves in that predicament in the first place.

Keef said...

"Understand I am pro-choice myself. I find abortion to be a lesser of two evils when a potential child is faced with a life where his/her parents never really wanted them, couldn't afford them, or both, vs. never coming into that miserable existence in the first place. Cold, callous, calculating, yes, but that's my belief."

That's some really really weak sauce. As though you are the decider on whether someone else's life is worth living because they might be in a tough situation. Sheesh

Robert What? said...

I definitely have mixed feeling about the abortion debate. I respect the people who consider it murder, but I am not ready to tell a woman and her family what they can and cannot do. However under no circumstances do I consider it a good thing. Just sometimes a necessary evil that has to be dealt with as well as possible. For the few women I know who have told me they have had abortions, their main emotion has been regret.

Mike said...

Is not so much that they are "for" abortion,.
It's that they are so adamantly against those that oppose abortion.
If the opposition political view was opposed to slaughtering penguins, they would make slaughtering penguins the number one health issue facing mankind today.

Jeff Alberter said...

What gets me, is that even pro-abortionists argue that the procedure should be, "safe, legal, and rare."

If it's safe and legal, by what reasoning should it be a rarity? Because you're destroying a life, perchance?

Jones said...

Once again, I remind you of José Ortega y Gasset and his wisdom: the average "mass man" holds no opinions.

Why would such a person hold any meaning or offer forth any purpose in life as well?