Friday, May 02, 2014

Only Assholes Can Save the World

Brought to you by Asshole Consulting.

The only consultancy that isn't here to kiss your ass, but kick it into gear.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it - why would assholes want to save the world? I'm an asshole, and I enjoy seeing people suffering. And it's profitable, as well!
Once you recover from your idealism, you will begin to enjoy the situation.

Why, after all, tell Ms. Snowflake that her "ideas" are ridiculous and that she is headed for a desolate middle age and empty old age? Sell her a cat!! Tell her that the cat loves her! And complements her good looks!

Anonymous said...

Nessim Taleb, the investor, writer, and mathematician, is rich and wise. He says that a first objective in life is to study how not to be a sucker - his words. Captain, you and he agree on that. He also says that in not being a sucker one must be prepared to profit from those who are.

You should have a look at his books - especially "The Black Swan" and "The Bed of Procrustes". He is one of the very few people from whom you might learn something (this is intended as a compliment to both of you).

Anonymous said...

"Handicapped people make handicapped faces"

Laugh? I nearly died.

And the boy at the end, it looks like that was the first time he ever said 'arsehole'. Ahhh!