Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Woman's Ego is Worth $640,000 of Other People's Money

It's one thing when it's make work government jobs in the form of social workers to essentially raise other women's children.

It's the same thing when it's teachers effectively baby sitting our children whilst feigning to teach them something in the public schools.

But where ego and hypocrisy knows no bounds is when a woman wants to powertrip and play "make believe businesswoman" with other people's money.

The only difference between her and Bernie Madoff is that Madoff had the smarts and ability to handle stress to the point he could swindle people out of billions AND consciously know he was doing so.

Ug, ladies.  It's not hard.  Major in the right thing and work hard.  That's it.  That's the secret.


Phil Galt said...

I see a bit to much emphasis on the "she" part of it. Having rubbed elbows with narcissistic 'businessmen' who destroyed investor capitol without a second (or even first) through, I can assure that level of ego is not confined to females.

Now that I remember that guy, I never could figure out why his investors never pooled their remaining assets and had the guy whacked.....

just some guy said...

I see this a little different. First off, who do you suppose her "investors" are? I'm betting on people like mom, dad maybe a couple of white knights. If the want to flush money down the toilet of entitlement... let em.
Now if we assume, and it is quite an assumption, that she had real investors. Those people could have invested with the sort of man who would have worked night and day for years to give them a return. They didn't though. They chose to buy the men and women are the same BS. Well great, they just got a lesson on how men and women are different. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

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