Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Liberal Silicon Valley Tycoon Learns a Political Lesson

Yeah, donating money to the teachers union is going to help kids.  About as much as donating to the mafia will help crime.


FD said...

Unfortunately, he hasn't learned a thing. The cash wasn't about helping kids, but stroking egos, funding cronies, and appearing to do something great to the votes while just pissing money away. Zuckerberg's ego was stroked and it got him some publicity for Facebook, so to him it was money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain, this is Mr. Asswipe speaking,

Being a free market capitalist libertarian that you are, you understand that the MAFIA exists only because prohibition creates market distorsions and artificially markups the prices of prohibited goods and services which creates an opportunity for criminals to make huge profits.

The MAFIA is violent because they have no legal recourse to defend their illegal turfs.

Legalization would reduce crime.

Prohibition is giving money to the mafia.

What would really help the children is a liberation of the curriculum. There is a strict curriculum enforced by the state which practically amounts to a prohibition on self teaching.

The current school system does much more damage to America than the MAFIA.

Anonymous said...

Does the Asshole Consultant agree with the Asswipe-of-a-Troll on this subject ?

Unknown said...

"Do not feed the bears" ;)

Anonymous said...

He doesn't really care, he's an insane, dis-functional, imbecile cunt.

Robert What? said...

I read an article that hinted that he may be planning to re-up. He might as well just write a check to the retirement funds for teachers and educational administrators, because that's where the money will be going anyway. It's so stupid that I think maybe those stories were right about him stealing Facebook from someone else.

outsider said...

Every cent was wasted. In fact it would probably have been better if he had hired A-10s to strafe the schools.

Kristopher B. said...

Right. The Mafia shaking down shopkeepers for "protection" money is just the result of government market manipulation.

That was sarcasm. by the way, Mr. Asswipe.

This is a classic example of what is wrong with Big "L" libertarians; they keep going full retard. Never go full retard.

Try thinking before you try to apply a one-size-fits-all utopian ideology to the real world. Yes, parts of Libertarian ideology have merit, and should be implemented.

But the full monty would be a screaming disaster.

liberranter said...

Mark Zuckerberg gave New Jersey $100 million to fix Newark's schools, and it looks like it was a waste

Um, what's the line I'm looking for here? Oh yeah ... "well, DUHHHHHH."

Just a new helping of proof that common(?) sense is not an essential component of or in any way linked to the acquisition and preservation of wealth for a given individual.

Anonymous said...

Just wow, donate a hundred million dollars to one of the most corrupt states in the Union with almost no strings and oversight attached. Talk about stupid.

Public schools and corruption are synonymous. The thing is their actions are often hidden from public view and are unaccountable to public ire much like the way the banking industry is run. All we see is vast sums of money going in and the schools churning out defectives and crushed spirits.

Zuckerburglar like most private school educated Liberals don't get it's not a matter of throwing money at schooling that matters, it never did. Most of blame resides on the idiot egg and sperm donors pumping out kids who don't provide anything resembling a stable household, let alone a culture that supports learning. You go into those homes and you will be hard pressed to find one that has a book in it.

The thing is school is not a substitute for these elements, it cannot make up for their lack or for that matter that a lot of 70 IQ types that populate our urban schools.

Even with the best of teachers you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

That's why Raheem can't read.