Monday, May 26, 2014

You Aren't Adult Enough

A sponsor came to me.  Andro-Plus.  We discussed, agreed, and now he's an official sponsor of Cappy Cap.  However, it is interesting how he became a sponsor. 

In addition dedicating myself to lifting, running, giving up booze, and dieting, I wanted to see what other supplements I could take to achieve my goal of look un-shirt-worthy this summer.  This included Creatine, vitamins, and other supplements, but what I wanted was a testosterone supplement. 

Enter the US health care industry.

I just can't buy "Andro-Gel."  No, I need a prescription.

And I just can't get a prescription.  No, I need to see a generalist first who will then recommend me to a specialist who will run some tests so that some day, some how, I might get a prescription.

This reminded me of when I wanted to test my potency and ensure my vasectomy had held.

No, the lab couldn't just run a test.

I would have to see a doctor first who would then authorize me to have a lab test.

In frustration and knowing where there's a will, there's a free market way, I turned to the internet where they have do it yourself lab kits to test your, ahem, virility.  Sure enough, I saved myself about $400 in unnecessary health care costs, and so I thought I'd do the same with testosterone supplements.

Andro-Plus was recommended to me by Davis Aurini.  I bought it for $100, took it, and knew full well I would live with the consequences if I grew a third arm, but that thankfully did not happen.  I can't guarantee you that YOU won't grow a third arm, but if you're sick and tired of needing the government's and the doctor's permission to receive the medical treatments you want as a full grown adult, and would still like to at least give a testosterone supplement a try, I recommend Andro-Plus.

You can buy some here if you so desire.


Bob Smith said...

It doesn't say how many doses you get for your $100, or what range of improvement in serum testosterone levels one may expect at the standard dose.

Bill Anderson said...

Heh! Nice to hear the word "bint" these days!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't say how many doses you get for your $100, or what range of improvement in serum testosterone levels one may expect at the standard dose.

The guys themselves say 50 x 1ml pea size servings.
Ordered my tube a few days ago.

aerodawg said...

Good luck with the stuff. My Doc put me on the prescription AndroGel and the absolute only effect it had on me was it made my nose think I had the most horrible case of BO ever. The wife said I smelled no different than normal but apparently your nose can tell the difference between home grown and not...

kurt9 said...

I am definitely a DIY medical guy as well. I take stuff like Resveratrol, CoQ-10, PQQ, and other compounds. I also weight lift and swim. However, supplemental testosterone is one thing I do NOT take nor will I consider in the future. I would be careful if supplementing with Testosterone. Excessive testosterone can increase the risk of thrombotic events (stroke, heart attack, etc.). I recommend doing blood testing every 6 months to a year. The cheapest way to do blood tests is through Life Extension Foundation at Blood testing is something that has to be done through an MD. However, LEF makes this a cheap process.

ss said...

I'd like to know what the ingredients are and the website doesn't state what they are in an easy to find place. Instead of raising test, they should invent a psuedo-aromatase inhibitor like arimedex that controls estradiol (estrogen). That can be as beneficial as raising test.

Faithless Cynic said...

Is this stuff legal to buy off the net? I agree that an adult should be able to use whatever meds they want. The problem is the usual bunch of Commie Control Freaks.
The CCF may want to jail you for wanting to be healthy :-)

Anonymous said...

Probably better to just do injections. This will of course require a prescription or accessing the black market.

Keith Young said...

A white male, I've been using Rx compounded Testosterone cream, now 10%, for about the last decade. At age 72, I'm still having prolonged sex (with my black wife) about 2x a week.
I should mention that, due to age and diabetes, that impotence reared it's ugly head back in that decade. Therefore, I also must take an intra-penile injection of an Rx compounded drug. This is not as bad as it sounds. At the cost of one little micro-stab, I get a guaranteed 3-4 hour long erection, yielding a boner of the kind I had at 22 years, but with 50 years of experience behind it.