Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Using Children as a Financial Futures Option on the Economy

He doesn't say it in such financial terms, but whether or not people have children is essentially very much like a futures contract about your opinion as to whether or not the future economy will be bright.

I've been meaning to poll economists about whether they have children and if my theory is correct, they probably have some of the lowest birthrates....well...adjusting for our typically poor physical attractiveness I mean ;)


Torgo said...

I appreciate the Amon Amarth song vid at the article's end, but that Swedish band performs songs that are unabashedly ethnocentrist and are 100% opposed to the universalism and compassion of the "mild-mannered man" and Holy Victim known and worshiped as Jesus Christ.

IMHO, we should not be bringing children into this world and then crippling them with the ineradicable guilt (Original Sin) that Christianity can inflict on a man and then lead him to Bolshevism, which is "Christianity's illegitimate child", to quote a German leader.


I refuse to submit
To the god you say is kind
I know what's right, and it is time
It's time to fight, and free our minds

Let me die without fear!
As I have lived without it
So shut your mouth and spare my ears
I'm fed up with all your bullshit

After a thousand years of oppression
Let the berserks rise again
Let the world hear these words once more:
"Save us, oh lord, from the wrath of the Norseman"

Our sprits were forged in snow and ice
To bend like steel forged over fire
We were not made to bend like reed
Or turn the other cheek

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a video that got posted somewhere on Return of Kings (Thats how I found out about you.)


Kristophr said...

You only have two options for effecting the far future:

1) Have children, and teach them to succeed.

2) Write well.

MC said...

You'd need to adjust for education and income as well.

Fred2 said...

Interestingly I've had this theory for years that in modern ( 1st world-ish) economies the birth rate has something to do with socialism.

The least socialist countries had higher birth rates, and the more socialist the lower ones.

( Or at least for a given society the increase in socialism suppresses the birth rate.)

Straight line correlation? No.

But I'm pretty sure if you plot "degree of socialism" vs birth rate you get some sort of inversely proportional relationship.

Of course since people are slow to react and change thought patterns, there may be delay, and immigration and all sorts of confusing factors, but my fingerspitzegefuhl has me all tingly.

Anonymous said...

Biology, Flesh and Blood are obsolete.

Sentience needs a better life form.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourselves, I want to have kids because I think the world will be an utter disaster and I hope they will help me fight against competing families for resources.