Friday, September 30, 2011

Pull Up a Chair with Cappy Cap!

And read the quality linkage that he has linked to below!

Several years ago I was kicking around writing a book called "Socialism, Inc" indicating that socialists fully knew what they were doing and were running a business with the exact same goal of capitalists - to make money. Of course the only difference is they would not provide anything in return.

Reminds me of the occasional story
you'll hear about a kid dying or being taken away by the authorities when their eco-nazi-vegan parents refuse to provide the infant with nourishment. Again, they are more important than the cause they purport to support.

Yes, there are such things as stupid questions. Particularly those you have to ask because you failed to read the text or the book, who are typically stupid.

Putin vs Obama in a death match.

My question is "if you're a republican, why are you even bothering going to Berkeley?"

"I'm majoring in travel and hospitality." I worked at this degree mill called the "Minneapolis Business College." One of their majors was literally "travel and hospitality." I think to get accepted to the program your IQ must have been inversely related to your weight.

Make sure to enjoy your weekend by ensuring you enjoy the decline!

Recession Medicine

If you're in a foul mood and need to vent, I strongly suggest working out to this music;

It's from the anime "Samurai Champloo" which takes about 3 full watchings to fully appreciate. It is no Cowboy Bebop, but eh, will the Japanese ever acknowledge their screenwriting sucks and outsource?

Probably not.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Death Bed Theory

Mercy almighty.

If there was one question I'd ask a modern day feminist it would be simply this;

"Is your life so pathetic, so vapid, so pointless, and so petty that you have nothing better to do?"

It again eludes to my "Death Bed Theory" of liberals, communists, socialists, leftists, professional activists and protesters, etc. That when the time comes, and they are on their death beds, they will actually rue and regret not doing anything real in their lives.

This isn't wishful thinking. I'm not saying this because I WANT it to be true. I'm being intellectually honest when I say I believe, deep down inside, they know their lives are nothing but a farce and their "crusades" or "political causes" they're championing are first and foremost to make themselves feel better, not anything as noble as the cause they purport to support.

But over time, and as they age, and as they witness other members of their generation produce REAL things and make REAL TANGIBLE contributions to society and in short make something REAL out of their lives, they MUST inevitably KNOW they're living a lie. This slow realization I can only see playing out one of two ways.

1. A powerful "rationalization hamster" in concert with an all-too-willing media makes them double down on "grrrrl power" or "going green" or "sticking it to the man" or "enter commie hobby void of calculus and real work here." In which case they live a progressively more lonely and lonely life, become progressively more conspiratorial (in that conspiracies are the only thing that is capable of refuting what they see empirically in their lives) and become progressively more extreme and angry (ever meet a happy old feminist with cats, or a genuinely happy male liberal in his 50's?) Sadly this path results in them on a death bed having to acknowledge they pissed away their one shot at life (and ironically forces them to "pray" their is an afterlife, which the majority of them poo pooed because religion is for "losers.")


2. They have an epiphany, usually brought about by a child, a marriage, near death experience, a check stub that shows how much money the government takes out, a job, a adult experience, they come back to the real world, join it, enjoy it and then go on to lead a truly productive and enjoyable life.

In short my entire theory is premised on them being willfully ignorant, which is a euphemism for evil. They know they're lying. They know they're doing it to economically benefit for themselves sans work. They know they're hypocrites. They know they're deathly afraid of real work, real math, and real effort. They fear real life and the real world and hide behind "victim" status to parasite off of others and make life easier for them.

But in the end, oh yes, the end. They must rue that decision to not try. They must regret not trying to work hard at a real job and truly support themselves. They must regret the years of youth wasted "protesting" this or "protesting" that. Getting petitions signed. Or chasing after members of the opposite sex for their "intelligence" or political beliefs instead of people they were viscerally physically nuclear hot for. They must wonder what it would have been like to drive a gas-guzzling sports car, or eat a juicy steak, or not care about faking to "care" about global warming, or to just dress up in a gorgeous dress or a sharp suit and be the center of attention at a party. Worst of all, I do truly believe they will regret not achieving their best. they will regret not trying. They will deep down inside know they had wasted the past 80 years of their lives avoiding the real world, never caring to participate in it, but rather parasite off of it and they, unfortunately, will never know what they could have done with that precious one shot at life

as they slowly drift away

and the tunnel vision sets in

alone in a government paid nursing home

where even their cats didn't come to visit them

and die


uncared for

and ultimately,


Post-post. From a reader and I have to once again hang my head in shame. Apparently there was a book written about crusaderism LOOONG before I quoted the term. Sigh, I'll never have an original thought. Though it is heartening (and confirming, I might add) that I arrived at the same conclusions Eric Hoffer and Ayn Rand did without reading one word of their writings.

Stupid Fly Over Hicks

Not as cool as you west coasters, right?

And remember, oil is BAD. It's EEEVILLLL! With all the stupid jobs it brings and employment. No, much better to take out that second mortgage on your California home so you can go green.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You See What I See?

This is so painfully obvious why self-checkout lanes are being phased out in grocery stores vs places like Home Depot which plan on keeping them.

I'll give you another hint. Coupons? Who uses coupons?

Anybody want to field this one? Bueller? Bueller?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Frank's E-mails

So it had been a while since I checked on the intellectual Aussie titan known as Frank (you all know Frank!)

Then it dawned on me, he isn't on the blogroll.

Regardless, we usually address dire economic and social topics here, if you ever need more recession medicine than I deliver here, it's always advisable to check in on Frank.

Besides, he's in Australia where they've actually kept their fiscal noses clean.

The Captain's Great Fish Fossil Hunting Adventure

Over the past 10 years the Captain has amassed himself quite the impressive fossil collection. I have trilobites, oredonts, brontotheres, ammonites, brachiopods, cephlopods, dinosaurs, you name it. However, two have evaded me because I lived too far away from the corresponding fossil beds - fish and turtles.

Of course I USED to live too far away, but now that I no longer live in the Cold Detroit, I can easily make it to Kemmerer, WY, the capitol of fish fossils in a day's drive! And so the Captain set forth! See what it's like to live a day in the life of the Captain! -

Unless you are in the mountains, this is what Wyoming looks like.

This is in Shoshone National Forest.

This is the "Red Canyon" I believe. South of Lander.

This is me with the fossil cliffs behind me. The car could go no further. Time to foot it in.

Here's where I had a celebratory drink. It was a Saturday night and I don't believe there is much of a night life in Kemmerer.

Here's my hotel. The Fossil Butte Motel! Nothing but the finest for your Captain!

I prepared in case the Fossil Butte Motel didn't have working cable or TV. This was what was showing on "Cappy Cap Theatre."

And finally the fossils! You have to zoom in on them, but they are actually some pretty good pieces!

Remember kids, if you work too hard, only the people who parasite off of you benefit. Make sure you go out and play in dirt and work as little as possible as you enjoy the decline!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Escape Minnesota

Heh, just keeps getting better there doesn't it?

And I like this (longer piece). Ed goes out of his way to show cities without professional sports teams somehow (GASP!) magically grow anyway!

And if I recall correctly, isn't it the major cities of the country with multiple professional sports teams that have the highest unemployment rates? If I recall places like North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming don't have double digit unemployment rates.

You Mean a Degree is NOT Experience???

I swear, the stupidity that is out there.

Since when was majoring in "education" some kind of hard discipline?

How about this:
You hire former IBM algorithm programmers to teach math.
You hire former cops, judges, and authors to teach history.
You hire authors and journalists to teach English.
You hire engineers and scientists to teach science?
You hire accountants to teach accounting
You hire economists to teach economics

You DON'T hire a 23 year old child to babysit your children and then wonder why we're ranked below Turkey and Mexico in terms of PISA scores.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cherie Bowser, Meet Tom Leykis

Your beloved Captain, after climbing mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park last week, further availed himself of his childless status and drove kitty corner across Wyoming to the scenic town of Kemmerer, WY.

Kemmerer is famous for its fish fossils, diamond mines, and actually the FIRST JC Penny Store!

Pictures are forthcoming, BUT, of course to kill the time I downloaded some Tom Leykis.

Two broad casts of which are;

1. Completely necessary for ALL Cappy Cappites to listen to
2. Should be required listening for all people thinking about having children
3. All divorced people who thought it a wise idea to bring children into this world.
4. All people thinking about getting married.

I'm being serious here people, you WILL download these two MP3's and listen to them;



Something tells me Cherie and Tom would not get along.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Buying Motorcycles from Betas

Both motorcycles I have owned I have purchased, quite cheaply because of one simple thing;

The former owner's girl/wife told him to get rid of it.

Usually because a kid was on the way, but that is irrelevant.

The larger point is the woman told him to get rid of it. He obeyed.

Now if I had limitless funds I would conduct a study to see how successful marriages were where the guy willingly obeyed his wife and got rid of the motorcycle vs. those where the guy looked at her with one eyebrow raise and simply chuckled, patted her on the head, and continued on to removing the carbs and tightening the chain.

I predict the men (who are kind enough to be beta and give up their motorcycles on the cheap so the rest of us can enjoy them) are more likely to get divorced or have marital strife. The men who simply told the little lady, "Ah, no, I will be keeping the bike and by the way, put on your leather jacket, high heels and helmet, we're going for a ride" would be less likely to get divorced and suffer marital strife. The theory being of course that women like strong, independent men, no matter what they say and no matter how much they test them.

Regardless, I do genuinely want to thank those men out there who give up their bikes so willingly. If it weren't for you, us bachelors and alphas would have to pay (I estimate in my little economist head) at least 40% more for motorcycles.

ht to The Private Man for the post that prompted this thought in my head.

The Arrogance of Divorcees

I have, and will continue to contend until evidence proves me otherwise, that most people in America today who have children have children first and foremost for themselves, and somewhere after matching drapes, fancy SUV's and new shoes, comes the children themselves.

In other words, they never ask the question, "would I be able to provide a good environment for my child? Will I be a good parent for my child?"

No, the question is simply, "Do I want children?"


Now I have caught mucho guff for heralding the benefits of being single and having no children. I got a vasectomy a long time ago and and it was one of the best decisions I made. But what particularly irks me is when people then accuse me of hating children, because it is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

I have actually THOUGHT about having a child.
I have actually considered the RAMIFICATIONS of having a child.
I have actually asked the tough questions of "WOULD I BE A GOOD FATHER?"

While most of my child-ridden critics have not.

And the fact I decided I should NOT have children because I would be a bad or inadequate father means I (ironically) would actually probably BE a better father than those with baby rabies in that I actually thought about the kid first.

So you can imagine me seeing red when I saw this article.

What I can only surmise to be a spoiled American Princess (anybody want to look her up to confirm if I'm right?) who has never given any consideration to anybody but herself, actually writes an article that so completely misses the point, it should raise the ire of any responsible adult and parent. The title alone is so contradictory and exposes her for the failure of a mother she is;

"Maintaining happy, healthy children during a separation and divorce

Eh, hmmmm....let me see here. Could you maybe maintain "happy and healthy children" by...oh I don't know....


But it gets better. A couple quotes from the article;

"Divorce is never easy the first time around, but learning from your mistakes can make the second divorce a lot less stressful when making decisions for you and your children"

Did she just say what i thought she did? Did I hear that right? She is preparing, EXPECTING a second divorce????? Forget he kids coming in around 4th or 5th place in her life. I think the kids are now ranking lower than the house plants.

Another gem;

"help our child have an emotionally safe, happy life as she will now have two families."

Yes, of course, that makes things simple! Two families!

Look, you morons out there, let me explain something to you. My old man has been married three times. You know what pissed me off as a child? Having to figure out how many gifts I had to buy progressively less and less important step-family members for Christmas. Do I send my mom and my new "Step-mom" a mother's day card? What about my step-dad? What about my new uncles I just married into? The budget of a 10 year old child is not limitless.

And of course, yes, TWO families makes it just that much more fun!

Another pearl.

"By communicating with your child frankly, but lovingly, you will be helping your child to accept the new changes in their life that are occurring. This will help them become more adaptable to any future changes in their life."

Oh you think there might be some 'changes' in their lives too? THanks Ma, you got divorced twice. YOu've now doubled the kids chances of drug use, alcoholism, oh...and what else...ummm....OH YEAH! DIVORCE! But apparently divorce is a-OK in this woman's book. Perhaps you can celebrate when your children get divorced and try to explain to them why it's not only a good thing, but why they should be preparing for the second divorce that is sure to come.

BUt this takes the case;

"Separation and divorce causes stress on all parties involved--parents and children alike. In this second divorce, I've learned that regardless of how difficult it is and who is to blame, my children come first."

You disgusting, lying hypocrite.

Services vs Industry as a Percent of GDP

Because it's more important for a country to produce sociology majors and Green Peace activists and social workers than it is for a country to produce something people want like IPod's and gasoline and food.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rocky Mountain National Park

It's cold and windy up there. The audio is incomprehensible, but you get the idea. Cold and snowy!

Berkeley Graduates, Outsourcing Fathers, and Lies, Damn Lies!

"Probably a Berkeley graduate."

"Thank god we got rid of those stupid fathers! Who needs them! With all their "rules" and "discipline!" Me and my kids are best friends!"

LIES! ALL LIES! Don't listen to them! You can be happy like us! YOU DON'T NEED A HUSBAND, NOR DO YOU WANT ONE! Join us in our "50 Year Olds With Cats Club!"

In getting what they want, they defeat themselves.

Some humor from Haley. I wish I could find the Youtube Video of the Wings of Honneamise where the pilot goes to his girlfriend's house, finds her there outside her now-bulldozed home and he says. "What the heck happened!?" "They bulldozed our house. I thought that if we prayed it wouldn't happen." "YOU CAN'T #%*&ing PRAY TO PREVENT A BULLDOZER!"

"that illustrated how few things make liberals as angry as the idea of people who really matter just get to vote with their feet against them, thus depriving them of other people's money their policies depend on."

Snarks has been covering the "green industry" scam in that she lives all of 3 miles from Solyndra. Here, here and here.

When liberals make charts, you can ALWAYS expect them to lie about it.

An obscure post, but I was wondering where i was getting all the hits from. You'll want to pour yourself a drink before tackling this one.

And ask yourself the question. What if all young, educated males decided to give up the rat race and just get by on enough money to support themselves and only themselves? You'd soon come to the conclusion that when guys like this go Galt, your country is in for a world of hurt. Sadly (and I'll say it again for the cheap seat) unfortunately men DO exist and they are a VITAL part of this or any other society because they are essentially the engine that drives it. But don't worry, you don't need an engine, you need government social workers and education and free health care. Not hard working men! Pha! That's so 1950s!

The Evil HR Lady

As you all know, I don't hate HR.

I loathe HR.

Aside from an oppressive and growing socialist government, HR is a closely ranked second in terms of what is holding America back from it's halcyon days of 4%+ average RGDP growth. It certainly is the #1 non-public sector problem, and it embodies pretty much everything I hate about the anti-American forces - feminism, overregulation, anti-capitalism, legal/law/lawyers, socialism, affirmative action, etc.

But then I saw via Snarks "The Evil HR Lady."

Apparently, this lady DOES get it. Not only does she acknowledge most people view HR for the evil it is, she makes valid posts about labor and labor force relations. Most notably is her position that firms are failing to realize that facebook, myspace, blogs and other social media is the main means by which the latest generation communicates and that ultimately it's none of their damn business what is said on these sites. ie-if firms will discriminate against against social media users and go Gestapo on them, they will soon have no labor pool to chose from. One could make a very good argument it is age discrimination.

Naturally I don't think one sane HR lady is going to make a lick of difference. For every genuinely concerned and intellectually honest HR professional like her, there's 10 genuinely evil and power hungry HR ladies with no real intent to help her employer. So "The Evil HR Lady" will have to forgive me when I still stand by my pledge that when I am king, I will ban all HR departments.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Katie Kieffer

This is not a hit piece.

This is a sincere and legitimate piece that is very important and (frankly) is a piece I should not have to write.

Katie Kieffer is hot. I'm sure she's very nice and I'm am certainly happy to have her on the conservative side of the force, but...

that's about all she is.

However, because she is a "conservative," she is now exalted to an undeserved level of celebrityship because she has that seemingly mutually exclusive combination of traits;

Hot and conservative.

And that combination makes the typical conservative/libertarian males' IQ drop by about 50 points.

Now, the reason I am compelled to write about this (and unfortunately give her due linkage and press) is because I have had more than one middle aged male, salivating over her, asking me if I've read her or not.

And what is particularly irritating about this, is these are presumably men who should know better, but lower the standards for genuine intelligent writing and philosophy because of a cute little piece of conservative T&A.

This is a weakness, but more importantly, it is a hypocrisy I find among conservative men. So desperate are they for a good looking conservative female, they lower their standards in a very affirmative action way and qualify what is literally mindless 20 something ditz blather as genuine and serious political commentary just because she's "a hottie."

Now, look, if you want to open yourselves up to genuine (and well-deserved) criticism from the left for thinking in your pants, go ahead. It will only undermine our larger goal and make us look to be the fools that we really aren't. But if you can permit yourself the intellectual honesty to identify Mr. Kieffer for what she is, and give her no more credit than that, then we do ourselves a favor calling a spade a spade, and focusing our efforts on more important issues, not to mention showing ourselves to be serious people that abide by intellectual honesty and giving credit where credit is due.

Now if Ms. Kieffer wants to put together a calendar along with some of the Fox News Babes in kind of a cheer-leading sort of effort for liberty and freedom, fine. But she, and equally lacking intellectual "conservative hotties" are not the ones on the football field. That would be the likes of Matt Drudge, Joe Soucheray, Peter Schiff, Zero Hedge, myself, Dalrock and the thousands of others out there who actually do the heavy lifting, the pulling of data, the serious commentary, etc. But honest to god, to exalt her to a similar level just because she's good looking, really does give credence to what some of the most evil and reviled feminists out there claim.

We are better than that. More importantly, our morals, standards and ideology should reflect that. We judge people by their skill, merit, worth, character and intelligence.

Not by their creed.

Not by the color of their skin.

And certainly not how hot they look.

POST-POST - Guess what her major is!? I told you, crusaders can be right or left.

Financial Services as a Percentage of GDP

If you hate bankers and politicians you aren't alone. But you may find it interesting that (aside from these two groups of people being notorious for corruption and greed), you may hate them for another reason - they really don't produce anything.

Now of course, your Captain works in banking and you would be asking him the question, "why are you ripping on yourself?" But in maintaining intellectual honesty I have to admit, the banking industry doesn't produce anything. We provide a service. And that service is risk assessment and capital. Sounds boring, but it's vital to any economy. Why, could you imagine if banks did their job during the build up to the housing bubble that we would not be in this problem we're in now? But that aside, in the end, banks ultimately provide a service that should support the rest of the economy. They should not really become the economy themselves because "banking" is not really a consumable item. It's a supporting service.

Ergo why Henry Ford (I believe it was) said something to the extent of "if banks and finance companies become too big relative to the rest of the economy, you have problems."
So, in my biennial perusal of the NIPA accounts, I decided to calculate the financial services industry as a percent of GDP.

Now, normally at this point in time I would continue on about the ramifications of this, and how this is more proof the entire economy is a debt inflated bubble, but I think we have all been reading Cappy Cap enough now that the economics lesson is self-evident.

Besides, why waste time reading something you already know when you really should be enjoying the decline!

Didn't They Get $50 Billion?

I'm amazed how these banks are being downgraded. I mean, didn't we give them billions of dollars in TARP?

What makes it better is it's Wells Fargo. The bank that took billions in bailout funds, and then never refinances anybody. I also had the displeasure of working for them as an "analyst." Where there was no such thing as "analysis" going on as much as it was data entry. This was also the bank where when I was a 21 year intern I was writing the sovereign risk reports in their economics department but the senior international economist would be her name on my reports. Doing the work of the senior international economist and getting paid $10 an hour to do it.

Ahhhh, those were the good ole days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ode to Rumpleminze

In my superawesome financial classes that I teach, I had a student actually ask about Rumpleminze. My response I realized was an ode to Rumpleminze, so allow me to post it here;

Ah, "cordial" is actually a euphemism. "Super Uber Schnapps" is more like it.

When the economy was booming back in 1998, the problem I faced was not just doing finance seminars, but dance classes as well. My voice started to go because I was speaking/teaching about 3 hours a day and the human vocal chords are just not made for that much use.

Thankfully God created "Rumpleminze" (or at least some alcoholic German did).

And the world was good.

Actually, Rumpleminze is a Canadian schnapps that is VERY thick, is ALWAYS chilled, STRONGLY minty and 50% alcohol.

So when heading back from a dance class or finance seminar in some far flung Minnesota town I would stop in at the local VFW or American Legion (I prefer to give my money to the vets) and 100% guarantee they would have Rumpleminze.

Have a shot of that and you could feel the 27 degree liquid not just coat, but completely revitalize your vocal chords.

Additionally since I started drinking that regularly, I haven't gotten sick in terms of flu, cold, infection, etc. The only thing I've gotten sick from has been food poisoning in the past 8 years. Could be my constitution, but I really do believe it's the Rumpie.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Because X-Box 360's Can't Sprout Legs

It was 1994.

I was a freshman and invited to a party being hosted by my boss at the U of MN Police Departments "Campus Cops" program.

I showed up and sure enough everybody was drinking and my corporal, after drinking for several hours challenged me to a race from his house to Como avenue. He would wear his boots and I could wear my regular shoes.

He was about 6'1" and I was much shorter. I knew he had me. I knew he would beat me and was doing it just to prove he could.

Of course I took the challenge in the outside hopes of proving him wrong in front of everybody and winning some street cred (which didn't exist in 1994).

Sure enough,

On your marks,

Get set,


I booked.

I mean, I just booked. Waiting for him to pass me I could have sworn he was just toying with me.

But when I stopped hearing his boots hitting the pavement I permitted myself the luxury to look back and see he had not only given up, but was puking on the street.

Lesson to be learned?

Don't assume people are always chasing you. Especially when you girls play "hard to get." Because we may have been chasing in our teens and 20's, but stopped chasing long ago.

The question is whether you have the wisdom in your 30's and 40's to look back.

Oh, and hey, enjoy that decline!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Captain Conquers Hallet Peak

In my effort to enjoy the decline before either I die or the country declines so much I must don my Mad Max gear and set forth, I made the 6 hour trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I didn't get there until the afternoon on Saturday so I drove around the entire park, and entered into Denver from the west on I-70 wherein I found a sushi joint, a cigar bar and a salsa club all within 1 mile of each other.

To quote Eddie Izzard, "Fantastico!"

I was particularly impressed with the salsa ladies of Denver because 70% of them said yes to a dance. In Minnesota you can expect a success rate of only 30% because, well, it's Minnesota and the women always presume you're trying to get with them instead of you just simply and honestly asking them for a dance. It's a foreign concept to them, "hey, I just want to dance, I don't want to get with you." But then again, if I grew up on a regiment on 90210, The Mall of America, billions of dollar's worth of daddy's money, and Sex in the City, I might be a bit presumptuous too. Regardless, the ladies of Denver, I salute you for using that horrible word, "yes."

Regardless, the next day was to conquer a real mountain, Hallet Peak, a short 5 mile hike up to the peak, all of which could be done in an afternoon. I took pictures and I am happy I brought my windbreaker because not only was there wind, there was a ton of snow.

I will brag now and mention that this hike took me a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes. That included looking around, taking in the view and hiking behind piles of rocks at the peak to shield me against the wind and maintain a normal body temperature. Enjoy the pictures!

This is Hallet's peak form across the valley you hike up.

This is the sign that tells you you made it to Flattop Peak. Hallet's peak is in the background. It's actually no more than 1/2 a mile away, but the lack of oxygen gets to you and that little jaunt took at least 30 minutes.

I got lonely and made myself a friend.

Hallet's Peak about 1/2 the way up the climb.

These are mountains to the East of Halley's peak, I have not yet consulted the map to find out which peaks they are.

There was this young 25 year old punk kid that actually passed me near Flattop. I thought I was doing a pretty good clip and this young guy with all of his youth and everything SLOWLY passes me (he too was suffering from a lack of oxygen). Anyway, we inevitably hit the peak at the same time so he was kind enough to take the picture. He (ahem ahem!) did not decide to move onto Hallet's peak, once again cementing my status of "30 something guy with 25 year old body Awesomeness."

If you jump juuuuuust right, you might land in Emerald lake.

I will post videos later that will explain why the icicles form horizontally at the top of the mountain once I compile them into one youtube video.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pay Pal Problems

If you love the Captain, you know the way to his heart!


That's why the Captain has put a handy dandy link to the right there with a big ole bottle of Rumpleminze.

However, as some of you have e-mailed me recently, the paypal link does not work.

The reason is because Paypal and Firefox do not get along well together.

If you still wish to make a donation I suggest using Explorer.

I do apologize for this inconvenience (NO, REALLY, I DO! I LIKE MONEY!), but it's easiest to just opening it up in Explorer and it should work.

If it doesn't please let me know!

El Capitan

Friday, September 16, 2011

No, We WON'T Invest in the Children

I read this on OneStdv via Dalrock, and thought the comment had enough merit it was worthy of its own post. it is in reference to men "not growing up" or "manning up;"

Also, jobs are far less stable, which makes guys less stable. The days of working for the same company for 30 years are over. Finally, there are fewer prospects for advancement these days. The Boomers have all of the senior jobs, and don't want to leave them, which means that young guys can't move up as easily.

Also, and this is harder to explain but I am sure there is something to it, I think there is an intangible component to all of this. Back in the day, the institutions of our society actually reached out to young guys. Big companies had "executive training programs," the unions had apprenticeship programs, etc. The institutions of our society were actually reaching out to young men, saying "come work with us," and "we need you."

That stuff really doesn't exist today. Instead of going into an "executive training program" for IBM or GM, most people who finish college do temp office work for a few years until they eventually find something permanent, and then they change jobs every couple of years because they have to.

I am 40, but this is basically what it has been like for me. When I started out doing temp work, it wasn't because I was a slacker who wasn't "interested" in a real job with real responsibilities. I desperately wanted a permanent job. but there just wasn't one to be had. Similarly, no one wants to still be clubbing at 30 or 35. Most guys are a little leery of the responsibility of having kids, but they still want to get married.

It's almost hilarious to think at one point in time there were recruiters approaching college campuses and looking to incorporate young people into the workforce. I, like the commenter, am more or less the same age and now with enough distance between graduating from college and now, I'm actually a little appalled at the blatant indifference of employers and industry had towards employing youth.

Admittedly Gen X was not known for its reliability, but the amount of scrutiny, let alone political and outright corrupt BS I, and I assume others, in my generation had to tolerate was just not justified. Tell me if you haven't had to deal with this type of behavior in your 20's?

1. Misleading job descriptions and titles. "Analysts" "Interns" "researchers." And all you did was file and fax and do meaningless data entry.

2. Psychotic bosses. One 42 year old woman would keep me hostage in her office complaining about work. A conman and a liar who damn well knew what he was doing just to make commission. And an outright megalomaniac who specialized in getting naive Asian investors to invest in his "dotcom" company, as he just took the proceeds and bought cars and flights with it. This one runs the gambit I'm sure, but a disproportionate percent of my bosses had genuine psychological problems or just completely lacked a moral compass.

3. Lack of training. "Must hit the ground running" means "we're too damn lazy to train you and we'll blame your guaranteed future mishaps not on the lack of training, but you." Did ANYBODY out there EVER had ANYONE train them in adequately? I'm not talking an abundance of hand holding, I'm just talking showing people the ropes to the point they're functional on their own.

4. Suffering the inanity of HR. I could go on for pages, but you know precisely what I'm talking about.

5. The BS of "if you work hard and put your time in, you will be rewarded." No, they'll just give you more work, and that's if you're lucky enough to have an employer that is managed well enough to be around and not file for bankruptcy.

Of course at the time, I thought I was a failure. I couldn't find a job, I couldn't find a job that would use my skills, heck, most of the time I couldn't get past the 23 year old girl asking me stupid questions. But then I had an epiphany much like when I was 23 about dating 20 something women. It wasn't me, it was the system.

When I was about 30 I noticed the sheer corruption infecting the banking industry, and how incompetent corporate America had become. I was able to step back and maybe grant myself some credit, and noticed how poorly managed corporate American was by its stewards. I realized just what a psychotic, sick and twisted game our elders were playing on us. There was never any intention of "helping out" the next generation get their feet wet and incorporate us into the working world. There was never any "grooming" or "preparation" for us to inevitably get the experience needed to take the helm as they retired off into the night. And there was never any desire on their part to mentor or train. It was just "forget long term planning and forget long term consequences. Just use them and get rid of them if they aren't a "self-starter." Or they can't handle the "steep learning curve." And, just like men in the manosphere started waking up to the systematic problems in American courtship, people are waking up to this systematic problem too.

There will be a consequence. Heck, there already is. A stale and increasingly ineffective managerial and executive class that can't get this country out of a recession. Additionally a managerial and executive class, that as far as I can tell, can only increase the bottom line through rent seeking, lobbying and graft. None of which will lead to genuine economic growth or a boost in standards of living. They are what the Japanese referred to as "dinosaurs," and is yet another parallel between the US economy today and that of Japan in the 1990's-2000's. Economic decay will be one thing, generational resentment and indifference will be another.

But still, I'd like to think that back in the day, there was a time where such outreach programs did exist to help bring aboard the best talent. I'd like to think back in the day companies wanted you to join their team and would deal with you honestly and directly. Of course, I know those days are gone. To quote a friend of mine whose brother recently graduated with a Harvard MBA;

"So, did he learn anything that common sense wouldn't have told him?"

"Oh, no, of course not. But he didn't go there for that. He went there for the connections. He's got a digital Rolodex of all the children of east coast billionaires who went to school with him."

Surely there is no consequence to cronyism.

Future Unemployed Losers of America

Honest to god. And you idiot leftists claim we don't spend enough on education.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Tell When to Short a Currency

When they elect a hyphenated-named leftist to their premiership.

Who also happens to be young and good looking (gee, where have I heard this before?)

What's the Danish currency? Would provide for a nice diversification since the Swiss central bank decided to get interventiony with their Francs.

regardless, time to pull the ole OECD stats and files on Victor Borge's home country.

But You Don't "Need" Those Freedoms

I had a conversation with a middle aged female friend of mine. I can't exactly explain why she's my friend, aside from I believe her to be a good person deep down in side. But she is a raving typical middle aged American female liberal and thusly has never really had to ponder or think about where she is and is NOT allowed in terms of other people's business.

It started with the smoking ban and no matter how much I tried to convey to her the concept of private property, private owners doing what they want on THEIR land, she still lacked the intellect to admit other people have the right to do what they want on their property.

After discussing abortion, smoking, gun ownership underage drinking, etc. etc., she still failed to grasp the "15 year old could understand it" concept of "live and let live."

No, she thought it her place (albeit unconsciously) it was her place to dictate to other people what they should and should not do.

Ultimately she said (and again, unconsciously no doubt), "but you don't need those freedoms."

It is ignorance and idiocy like that, that makes me no longer care about the difference between;

1. conscious evil, KNOWINGLY trying to get you to forfeit your freedoms to take advantage of you (ala Obama).

2. Unconscious evil (aka ignorance, Peggy Joseph, my friend), blindly going with emotion to unknowingly vote us into a state of tyranny.

So (to quote your lover President Zero)

LET ME BE CLEAR and link to something that may convey the concept of freedom to you ignoramuses out there. Freedom is the right of a person to make a decision for themslves. Good or bad, right or wrong, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else, it's none of your god damned business. And if you can't get that concept down and respect that, you are simply tyrannical, conscious or not, and your "voting freedom" should be stripped, by force if necessary.

I guess what makes me so angry about this is how so many adults (and by "adults" I mean people who I view to be older than me and would have been adults when I was a kid) are still so damn stupid. As if age and experience has taught them nothing.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Guess I'm Shorting Rupees

Well, now all we need is China to go that route and we'll all tank together as one big global family. There will be NO economic growth ANYWHERE!

Again people, GLEOC is the wrong paradigm (ooo! Look! I used a fancy liberal word!)

I'd Rather Have President Camacho

Idiocracy is a great movie that you need to watch. If for any other reason it is already a reality. Regardless, I cannot help but realize how I really would rather have President Camacho for president than President Zero. So some lighter fare for you folk.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Called Capital Flight

But you don't want to bother yourself with such matters.

Liberals Don't Know the Difference Between a Million, a Billion and a Trillion

Was reading this great article about capital flight. But then I see in the comments something that has confirmed my fears about the youth in this country;

They don't bleeping know the bleeping difference between a billion, a million and a trillion.

Of course this makes sense because I really believe most people who vote for Barack Obama, let alone still support him today, probably don't know the severity or the weight of annual and perpetual trillion dollar plus deficits.

This Encuero idiot ACTUALLY BELIEVES taking "half a billion" and spreading it across the 455 million Americans (did we all just start making with the hanky panky here to magically boost our population by a full third in the past year????) will result in an additional 455 million MILLIONAIRES.

he's so stupid he doesn't realize the real math would be that you would have simply given 455 million people a whopping....

$1 each.

In other words ladies and gentlemen, how on god's great earth can you fight this ignorance?

one of the biggest problems I face when teaching finance and economic seminars, or even having political discussions or debates, is the herculean task of;

1. Convincing people they are wrong
2. Deconstructing their erroneous beliefs and showing them why they were wrong
3. Teaching them how things work in the real world.

But when you've been believing something for 45 years and never bothered to figure out how it works or to confirm it whether to be true (let alone be so effing stupid you don't know the difference between a million and a billion), it becomes pointless. It becomes sheer futility.

So just stop trying to convince people. They'll find out soon enough what the difference between a billion and a trillion is when we have to use truckloads of dollars to buy a loaf of bread.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Poetic Justice Hits Minnesota

I have managed to "temporarily" escape my "captors" and will soon be held hostage again.

However, I was sent this piece that mandated I break free and write about it.

Ahhhh, Minnesota. Ignorance and naivete gets hit upside with reality.

If only, IF ONLY there was some guy, who maybe graduated from the U of MN, a home boy hero that could have (literally) singlehandedly saved the state economy.

But no, no such man existed. Besides, you all wanted to invest you money with the Tom Petters and Denny Heckers of Minnesota. You know those up and coming "businessmen" who frequently made the front pages as hometown heroes.

On a related side note, it just keeps getting better and better. We don't have a professional sports team in South Dakota.

Hey, you Minnesotans and Dayton voters, you crazy kids enjoy that decline!

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Captain is Being Held Hostage

The Captain is being held hostage.

He will not be released, and therefore not be able to make any new posts, until he receives 100,000 new hits (or he raises $5,000 from book/kindle sales ahem ahem, cough cough!)

The following brilliant posts (full of super-awesome economic genius) will be forwarded, linked to, facebooked, "reddited," etc., BY YOU until our 100,000 new hits demand is met.

The "Great Liberal Economic Oort Cloud."

A "Cold Detroit"

My "Bondage A Go Go Girl Story"

Women's Rights Movement Felled By a Collapse in the Division of Labor

Since Christmas shopping season is coming, You WILL Buy Your Children TOYS!!!!

And at the request of our good friend Sr. Ortega, "Unfortunately, Men Do Exist."

No additional future posts will be forthcoming until YOU, fellow Cappy Cappites!






mention at a party when you're totally trying to get with that hot chick and said to yourself, "hey, you know, I could totally get her to come back with me to my apartment if I lay down some SUPER AWESOME ECONOMIC GENIUS! where or where could I find that? Heh! Wait! I know! The Captain has that stuff posted on his super awesome website! I should go there and plagiarize some of that stuff and totally swoon her off of her feet even though it should be sweep off of her feet, but I like to say the word swoon because that ooooo sound is about the coolest sound in the entire English language."!

to the point we achieve the 100,000 new hit mark.

Until our demands are met the Captain will never write or post again.

Compliance is mandatory!

Conformance is required!

Heck, it'd be real swell if you just forward some posts or make some linkage.

Epic Fail

Patricia D once again proves that the average American adult is too ignorant and stupid about basic economics and that we should test people before we give them the right to vote.

OK, one more time, just because I love flogging this dead horse.

Liberals, leftists, socialists and other people who generally disagree with me about all matters economic.

Your understanding of how the economy works is wrong. You believe in the GLEOC model which presumes investments in education, health care, welfare, etc. will some how magically spur jobs. To pay for this you have only one, very tired, very worn out tool;

Tax the rich/corporations.

The problem is that you are once again putting the cart before the horse. Education, health care, welfare and whatever other things you call "investments" have no merit unto themselves. They do not spur jobs. It is the pursuit of profit, material items, wealth and the happiness that creates jobs. And when you punish people through taxation and (as it actually pertains more to Obama's policies) scare those "evil businesses away" with taxation and regulation for DARING to make a profit or DARING to buy luxury items, you kill the one thing that creates jobs.

If you don't believe me, think of it in another way. Is there any purpose of getting an education if there are no jobs? A lot of former Obama supporters who are recent college graduates are getting to face this question. Of course those who are too ashamed to admit they were wrong will claim "education is not about finding a job, it's about becoming a better person and getting an experience." I wonder how long they will stand by that argument when there's no food on the table.

If that doesn't convince you, then ask yourself this question. Does the existence of a government result in the creation of a society? Or is it the existence of a society that results in the creation of a government?

The short version of GLEOC is that the government does nothing to produce real economic growth and therefore real jobs. Simply because by its nature it can't. It GOVERNS society. It lives off of society. If there was no society, there would be no government. Ergo it is society that needs to create the jobs, not government.

Regardless, you keep voting in what deep down inside you all know to be true ignorance. You keep letting your ego and your feelings get in the way. You keep on telling yourself just like an aged 1960's hippie-turned-burnt-out-professor you were right for all these years even as the economy collapses around you DESPITE having more or less complete liberal policies enacted. It won't do a damn thing for you, and worse, it will make your children's future truly worse.

Or perhaps as my friend John said, "I love watching liberals have children nowadays. It's great entertainment. They now finally have skin in the game."

Enjoy the decline!

Holy Sane City Council Batman!

Rosemount, which I have driven through many times, has actually LOWERED property taxes!

This is the first time I've ever heard of a city LOWERING property taxes...well...ever. At least in the state of Minnesota.

Of course, I will continue to relish watching the rest of the Twin Cities implode as the good little Scandinavian liberals keep voting to fleece themselves because that's what good, guilt-ridden liberals do. I'm just waiting for the day 3M moves out of the state and they do not have the intelligence to ask "why," but will instead blame it on "evil big business" simply being "evil" and pout.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Consequences Whatsoever

Never mind that chart behind the curtain.

Enjoy the decline!

Blackadder Explains Obama's New $300 Billion "Jobs Plan"

Who knew! Many years ago, the Blackadder comedy troupe would be able to explain Barack Obama's most recent $300 billion jobs plan today!

Let's watch and listen!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

World's Dumbest Economist

you know, like you know that, like, I gotta pay my rent and like I gotta pay my car loan? It's like, you know, a scam, like you know, that I gotza support myself and like, you know, the world ain't gonna just gizme whatz I wantz. Like you know, I just can't sit here on my ass and expect people to bring me food and build me shelter and give me a free car, you know? It's like a scam.

You know?

Actually, this is very sad. And I shall show you in one simple question;

In the end of her life, when she's sitting there on her death bed at 80 or whatever, do you think she'll realize why her life ended up the way it did? Do you think she's going to enjoy her life? Do you think this one shot she gets, she's going to avail herself of the opportunities life presents to her? Or is she just going to childishly stew in the childish question, "Why do I have to work for a living" and live a hate-filled life that is shallow, unproductive and meaningless?

And I'm not mocking her, I feel genuine pity for her. Yet what's so sad is all it would take for her to answer her own questions and move onto a much better life is to pick up a mouse, start surfing the internet about economics and freedom and become "unignorantized" (I like that word!).

Sadly though, if you're too lazy to pay for your own house, your own food, your own car, or your own children, you're obviously too lazy to pick up a mouse and expend the time it would take to become informed.

Out of pity for her and the brainwashed like her, I shall not say to enjoy the decline. But rather have a moment of silence thinking about the millions of poor souls like her that are condemned to living such angry, hate-filled (and worse) meaningless lives and never being able to understand why.

The Captain Needs a New Motorcycle

The Captain's small, but reliable Ninja 250 is sadly kaput. After putting 33,000 miles on her she suffered a sudden loss in power on the interstate about 60 miles away from home. I had to nurse he back home at about 25 MPH max. What I originally hoped was a dirty carb or perhaps a burnt out spark plug turned out to be a compression issue which isn't worth trouble shooting because it's only a $500 bike now anyway (but I still managed to get greasy and dirty which always helps with the girls...matter of fact, for all the younger male Cappy Cappites out there, but buy some grease and oil and dirty yourself up. You don't even have to be working on anything, you just have to claim you were).

Of course life is a cycle and what is no doubt the end of a chapter in the Captain's life, is also the beginning of a new chapter! And this new chapter in the Captain's life is called,

"Help the Captain Pick Out a New Motorcycle!"

Now, understand I have a black motorcycle jacket, but recently purchased this large patch to go on the back. And not to sound too chicky, but I think I shall spoil myself this time and buy a motorcycle that matches my attire. Ergo, after much searching I have come across the following three bikes and would like your opinions on them (particularly the ladies of course). They are all 600-650cc bikes, all with 5000-6000 miles on them and are all priced around $5,500.

Motorcycle #1

Motorcycle #2

Motorcycle #3

(Legal Disclaimer! - The US Department of Brainwashing and Anti-Fun, FFLF Division, has proven that chicks dig motorcycles and strongly recommends against their use. Studies have shown men with motorcycles don't really have to have any kind of personality, wit, charm, social graces or even money and will STILL get chicks to find them attractive. Side effects of driving motorcycles include;

1. Tons of chicks hanging on you.
2. Cheaper dates because motorcycle rides are cheaper than dinner
3. A sense of freedom and manliness
4. An immediate +4 to your charisma
5. Immediate loss of "nerd" or "loser" status.
6. The ability to outrank investment banker-astronaut-surgeons in terms of attractiveness to the ladies
7. Teen-30something women letting their faux feminist guard down and acting like (GASP) WOMEN!
8. Envy of other women
9. Muchas Smoochas with the ladies that may lead to pre-marital handholding
10. A general admiration and respect from fellow men.
11. The ability to drive REAL fast
12. Looking too Old School American which might trigger impure thoughts of "traditionalism" in the sex roles of men and women and politically incorrect yearnings for the 1950's.

As these symptoms are NOT those of the ideal feminized, sensitive, pansified American "male," all men are highly discouraged from purchasing, owning or riding one of these evil, anti-women, anti-family, anti-commune machines.

Michelle Obama says, "JUST SAY NO!")

Post -Post

Mercy, I knew this would happen.

1. OK, of the THREE PRESENT BECAUSE THEY"RE WITHING REASONABLE DRIVING RANGE which one is the best (remember, I live in the middle of nowhere now. These bikes are "close" at 300 miles because they're in Denver. Nothing in SoDak, Wyoming or Montana. You have to drive to a major city center to get a good bike).

2. No Harleys. Sorry to say this, but they suck ladies and gentlemen. You not only have the honor of spending $30 grand on a bike, but 4 times the amount of human labor hours doing basic repairs. I have a buddy who owns one and mercy, to just change the damn oil you have to pull the engine out. He's had nothing but problems. It's the trophy wife of motorcycles. I do not want an overpriced trophy wife for a motorcycle. The "rice burners" have been very easy to work on. It is why in previous posts I have opined about the demise of the Sturgis Rally. Too many old people with too much money and not a one of them could clean a carb, let alone change oil. There are many parallels between foreign bikes and foreign women. I'll leave you to draw those lines.

It's Only Funny...

Until it happens to one of your own.

Then it's hilarious.

Well, at least to those of us third party individuals in the movie theater watching from afar as we enjoy the decline.

If I recall correctly, wasn't there a "confession piece" of sorts by a feminist who ended up having her 13 year old son accused of sexual harassment by a 13 year old girl? And then all of the sudden the religion didn't seem so appetizing.

Eh, whaddya gonna do about it?

Law of Unintended..Oh Heck, Forget It

I hate the euphemism "unintended conseuqnces" simply because "unintended consequences" means, "we completely ignored, idealistically so, that humans would be self-serving." This is usually the byproduct of some naive pampered government bureaucrat that never lived in the real world and is "shocked, SHOCKED" people would take advantage of the system. Anyway, here's the link.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Where they treat adults like (GASP!) adults!

What's funny is if I go into Wyoming I can then discard my carry conceal permit from Minnesota which has reciprocity from South Dakota.

And something tells me there won't be a crime wave in Wyoming like most leftists in other states will predict.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

You Labor Day Linkage

Haley has her funnier moments.

Death to the programmers of malware and viruses.

A charty goodness review of the housing collapse.

Bringing up the future betas so we can make life even more difficult for them in their 20's. (aka Chivalry is not a right, it is earned)

A WAY long and deep way of just saying "Enjoy the decline" (language warning)

I'm sorry, was there a reason or a calling or let alone any profits or rewards for us guys to "man up?" you'll forgive us if we just keep playing our video games and avoiding families.

Dollar for dollar. Penny for penny, everything must be paid and accounted for in not just economic theory, but law. The laziness of the current three generations is mathematically calculated and manifested in the form of the national debt.

And I get excited when I find an intact jawbone fossil. Other Turkish sheepherders just discover entire ancient cities in their backyards. Lousy sheepherding Turks, with all the good archeological stuff, mocking me and everything, not even trying to find entire ancient cities.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Classiest Accountant

Lee Van Cleef, for whom without westerns would not have anywhere near their notoriety they do today, was but a humble accountant. What I like about Lee is that he was an accountant first, and an actor second. Unlike the modern day "actors" who study theater and major in theater, which belies their ulterior motives and arrogance (read - "I don't want a real job, I want to be a superstar"), Lee was just a regular guy who took acting as essentially a hobby. He was a real man who had a real job and supported himself and his wife.

Sadly, today, Hollywood has no such real people-come-actors in their ranks;

Sergeant Rumpie

The Captain's newside kick has taken several of the recommended names and combined them into a single official name;

"Sergeant Rumpie"

His full name is "Sergeant Rumpie Fluffalo" but Sergeant Rumpie will be his short handle.
The sergeant and I shall now continue our battle against the evil forces of socialism, while using him to flirt with chicks at the bar.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Further Kicking the Quadrapalegic Dog

Not that I want to beat this drum any further, but how, oh how, with the wisdom of the likes of Dayton, McCallum, Keith Ellingson could this be happening to Minnesota?

I mean, you all voted for hope and change in that state right?

I wish there was a way to trade currencies against states. You could make a fortunate shorting the Minnesota "Loon" against the South Dakotan "Entrepreneur."

Matter of fact, that just might make for some interesting mindless fodder. What would the state's various currencies be based on the qualities of their citizens?

California - The Eeleegal
New York - The Ignorant
Florida - The Forklozure
Illinois - The Korupt

I'm sure there's more, but I'm going to bed.

Country Music That DOESN'T Make You Want to Commit Suicide!

Didn't think it existed!

Recession Medicine

To help you enjoy the decline, I present to you some Vince Guaraldi;

Obama Speech BINGO!

A reader suggested this so I cannot claim to have come up with this idea.

Since nobody has an real incentive to listen to Obama's upcoming jobs speech because it will just be that, a speech, why not make it a fun drinking event?

First gather yourself the following types of booze;

Phillips 100
and of course

Each person will get assigned a bottle of booze and an "Obama word." Every time Zero mentions your word you take a belt from the bottle. The following booze-word combinations are such;

"Move this country forward" - Whiskey * just "forward" will also qualify
"Failed Policies of Yesterday" - Vodka * "failed policies" will also qualify
"Progress" - Tequila
"Community" - Gin
"A greater future" - Rum
"Come together" - Goldschlager
"Partisan politics" - Jeagermesiter
"Obstructionist" - Phillips 100

However, we save the Rumpleminze for a special part of the speech.

Anytime Obama says something flowerly about creating jobs, BUT DOES NOT MENTION AN ACTUAL TANGIBLE ACTION THAT WOULD BE TAKEN TO CREATE JOBS everybody takes a swig of the Rumpleminze.

I think most will be dying from acute alcohol poisoning by the end of the speech.

I Love My Foreign Currencies

Hadn't Visited Snarks in a While

INteresting, didn't know she was located near the Kaput Gaztot solar firm.

Perfect, Short and Brilliant

Wait, Wait! Lemme Guess! It's Bush's Fault!

Given today's lousy job report I am going to use my super awesome economic powers to predict the Whitehouse's response, which will coincidentally also be the democrats main running platform for 2012;

This is from Bruce Johnson.

Remember you can send your political cartoons to the Captain at;

CAPTcapitalism (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why The Whole Jobs Speech/Republican Debate/NFL Thing is Moot

I've never seen such hubbub about something so irrelevant. And to be intellectually honest, I don't even know why Drudge covered it so.

Do you people really think President Zero is going to say anything relevant or tangible in his "speech" no matter when its held?

Last I recall you all wanted jobs.

That would require action.

He's merely speaking for the 947th time "about" jobs and not doing a damn thing about them.

Ergo, why is anybody complaining when the "president" speaks?

Because the simple question is;

"Why would anybody be listening to him in the first place?"

Does it matter when he "speaks?"

I mean, why not watch the pre-game show or the Republican debate. Go watch Castle or a DVD. It won't matter because your messiah isn't going to do anything tangible, he's merely going to speak.

Let me know when he "does" or "takes action" or "makes a decision." Not just blather on about jobs.

God you idiots that elected him. I still sit here and wonder how you thought this spoiled brat preppy moron would be better than GW, let alone McCain.

Remember that guy? The one who was a Vietnam vet and work his way through life?

No, of course not. He wasn't "hip" or "cool." heck, he didn't have pecks. Besides, the media told you not to like him, so what were you to do? Be independent like you claimed to be and have independent thought? No, you just swoon at pecks.

Thank god I have the unquestionable ignorance of the American people to rely upon when making my dollar shorts on the currency markets.

You incomprehensibly stupid, ignorant morons.

Eating Chinese Food, Drinking Jack Daniels and Watching James Bond

Is there any better way to enjoy the decline?