Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Man World...

About the only thing I would add to this is you carry a gun in Man World.

Mr. Lindsay also dances a dangerous dance with a partner called truth.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recession Medicine

Because unless you work in the government, the recession is still going on:

Too damn young to die I might add.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Education Reaches $1 Trillion

In preparation for my new book (which is full of super-awesome economic genius goodness), I pulled some stats. I'm getting good enough now that I just know how different statistics are going to pull. This one did not surprise me - how much we spend on education vs the entire oil/gas/fuel/energy industry.

The book is rapidly coming along, by the way, and I STRONGLY recommend all parents, uncles, aunts and relatives of young kids in high school or in college wait to make sure this book is one of the gifts you get them for Christmas.

You shan't be disappointed.

Slated for the second week of December.

Go Storage, Not Residential Rental

Rental property, which I had owned since I was 24 and thought was the ticket to an early retirement, I am now declaring to no longer be a valid investment. The reason is simple:

Americans are no longer reliable enough to rent out something valuable like property to them, let alone are worth the legal risk. You throw in the general deterioration of your pool of renters as well as the market being flooded with people who bought more house than they could afford, not to mention every local government now jacking up your taxes to pay for their pet green projects, and it isn't worth it any more.

Instead, I suggest buying storage properties.

You see, physical items cannot sue. They cannot complain that there's mold in the basement, or when you paint with Killz to kill said mold, it smells chemically. Physical items do not cause damage, do not freeze nor burst in winter, and for the most part are easier to deal with than live humans that rent from you.

So take the Captain's advice. No more rental property.

"We Didn't Have the Manosphere When We Were Growing Up!"

Much like television, radio, MP3 players, etc., every generation will have the:

"We didn't have X when we were growing up! You young whipper snappers with your electrical doo dads and everything! Why we hiked to school in the snow, uphill, both ways!"

And even now I start to see myself saying those things to the "kids" of today.

"You damn children have no idea what hell it was to write a term paper! We had to use the Dewey Decimal system and go to these obsolete places called "libraries" and look up things on "micro film" and "micro fiche!"

But there is an advancement in society that has been a genuine advancement that will genuinely help the youth and provide them with an advantage we did not have. And that is the Manosphere.

I cannot claim this original thought. I believe it was a commenter on one of my posts or perhaps somebody else's, but his point was a very good one. And it went something paraphrased like this:

"I'm 39. And I didn't have the luxury of the internet providing the forum for various men throughout the nation to compare notes and realize that it wasn't them that had the problem, but that it was a trend. A sociological, nationwide phenomenon, a veritable sickness where women played mind games, purposely treated men like crap, and got some kind of a kick out of it. Meanwhile I was told I had to be a "good guy" and "respect women" which ultimately resulted in me getting stepped upon while the bad boys got all the benefit. If I only had the Manosphere today back then my life would have not only been better, but unfathomably easier. THE YOUNG MEN OF TODAY SHOULD BE THANKFUL THERE'S A HOW-TO MANUAL ON THE INTERNET, AND THAT HOW TO MANUAL IS CALLED THE MANOSPHERE."

Now I am not much of one for tooting my own horn, but we in the manosphere must admit, and take pride in one thing we have accomplished. In all of our writings, all of our opinings and just the sheer audacity to write this stuff in fear of being accused of "sexism" or "misogyny," we've made it easier for current and future generations of males in America to navigate this minefield that was laid before them.

As I pointed out earlier, most boys, don't even know there's a minefield in front of them to begin with, and thus they stumble through the field, taking hit after hit and never understanding why.

But now, because of the internet and because of writers such as us, young boys actually do stand a chance. They do have a better chance of a life easier than ours, less painful than ours, and ultimately, more productive than ours.

It should not be cause for jealousy, but for celebration, because what we 30-50 year old somethings have done is compared notes, confirmed trends, identified problems and brought to light genuine threats that face our younger male compatriots. And not only did we identify them, we published them, exposing these threats for all the world to see some even under our own names.

And so now, instead of 19 year old "Steve" going forth into the meat grinder and idealistically asking "Amy" on a date, only to have her stand him up or flake out at the last minute, our good young friend Steve doesn't sit there and wonder "what's wrong with me?" and fall into a depressive stoop. He hops on the internet, finds Roissy, Dalrock, Unambitious Male, MGTOW, etc. etc. and understands there's nothing wrong with him. There's something wrong with Amy.

And I don't know if most of you guys remember the early 1990's, but if you think back, I believe you'll remember no shortage of girls playing games, running gambits and stringing you along if for any other reason than to make themselves feel better at your expense. And we may not have our revenge on them today (although, of course we do), but we can take solace in the fact we are preventing such mind-game damage from being inflicted upon the boys of today.

In short we have become the vaccination against this psychosis by merely speaking about it, pointing it out, and making such observations available to the boys of today on the internet. And though we didn't have this luxurious resource available to us, thereby forcing us to wander in the wilderness, we did inevitably figure it out which makes the lives of future boys all that much easier.

So I say it's time to unscrew a bottle of Rumpleminze and make a toast to yourselves. Because pretty much every young man is going to have a better life in the future simply because of us. And if you ever wonder if you've ever contributed something useful to society (which true men often ponder), you can now safely say "yes, yes I did contribute something useful to society. I helped spare some poor 21 year old schlep the hell I had to go through when I was his age."

Pompously enjoy the decline.

Post post - here are two comments that did not get posted in the orginal post of this:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Case You Have a Stupid Child

who decided to choose a stupid major

you can have him consult this list first.

On a related note, I was kicking around contacting my state senator when I lived in Minnesota about recommending this idea. After never hearing back from him about other ideas I had, I decided it was pointless.

This will be one of those ideas that will never make it to the floor of a state legislature because Republicans lack a spine.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Geographical NAWALT

So I just bought a bottle of Southern Comfort and the Peanuts Holiday Three Pack DVD set, so this will be quick.

"NAWALT" for rookie beginner economists stands for "Not All Women Are Like That."

It is usually a defense deployed (unconsciously I might add) by women when you are talking about the battle of the sexes and you point out that in your EMPIRICAL experiences women portray a certain behavior.

Standing you up.

Lying to you about what they want.

Telling you they want a sensitive man.

etc. etc.

Reliably, a woman will jump up to defend their fellow sisters (unconsciously I might add) and say, "Not all women are like that!"

This is then usually followed by an anecdotal piece of evidence that is the exception that proves the rule.

However, there is an instance of NAWALT that plagues most young boys and since the Manosphere is here to help you young boys avoid the wretched hell us men had to go through, I shall point it out.

It's "Geographical NAWALT."

The key thing here is it isn't a woman rising to defend other women. It's usually 14 year old boys that are saying, "NAWALT." The reason why is they, like all of us before, think that there is something wrong with the women (girls) at their school. That not all women can possibly be like that. That at the high school in the neighboring town, the girls must be different and more rational.

Sure enough you start attending parties or going to 18 and under clubs and you realize all the neighboring girls form the neighboring schools are just as snooty.

And so you once again say, "NAWALT!" It must be my metro area. Surely once I move to college in a different state, the women will be different."

But gee whillikers shucks howdy. You get to college where there are "women" from all across the country and they're just as snooty, psychotic and mind-game-playing as the girls back home.

Usually at this point most young men go through a depression. If you were like me, your single mom told you that it would "all change when you get to college. That's where the "real" women are. They're smart. They're intelligent. And they'll appreciate a kind, caring, sensitive 90's man, just like you. Just like the sensitive caring 90's man I brought you up to be."

Of course this doesn't materialize and it's like approaching a mirage in a desert only to find more sand.

So let me explain to you why it isn't your "school." It isn't your "county." And it isn't your "state" that has the problem. it is a society wide, American-wide problem.

You cannot go anywhere and find those classical, traditional women who just want to make you happy in this country. Nation-wide effects have influenced more or less all women in the country, and unless you're Amish or something disconnected from MTV, or Reality TV shows, or the internet you can safely and reliably assume that yes, AWALT.

Now, most men over the age of 21 or 22 know this. BUt again, this post really isn't for them. This is for you 14 year old boys who are starting to notice something isn't adding up. You don't know what precisely, and you can't describe it precisely, but you're starting to realize that the girls in your school are pretty snooty and difficult. The logical or obvious explanation is there's something unique or special about your school and if you just get out of that environment, you'll succeed.

But I am here, and many men with more years of experience will back me up, to tell you it is nation wide. You cannot move to a different state to avoid it. You cannot pursue different girls at different towns to avoid it. The lessons you read here in the manosphere are universal across not just the country, but western civilization in general.

So don't look to college for "things to change."

They won't. They'll be just the same, but with the added benefit of these girls claiming they're "independent women" while living off of mommy and daddy for their tuition, rent, health insurance, credit card, car insuance, food, clothing, and shelter.

Oh, and hey, by the way. Enjoy the decline!

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Degree in "Rhetoric"

I thought a masters in puppetry was pretty stupid, but this ranks up there.

Surprise, surprise, a lawyer/politician/school teacher.

How does my Crusaderism Theory do it?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Spanish-Speaking Geologist Writes In

I have noticed a trend and it is in the embryonic or "proto" stages of becoming a post. A post along the lines of how I've seen our Latin American counterparts have a genuine hatred of socialism, and a more-than-anecdotal statistically significant readership/commentaryship on the part of Latino/Hispanic men of the "Capitalist Faith."

Of course there is no doubt selection bias on this blog, but I have noticed a lot of Latin men voice conservative ideals and thoughts.

Regardless, a guest post from a Spanish speaking capitalist who I believe hates communism even more than me.

However, this does also behoove the question, "Where is Lieutenant Latino?" He occasionally drops in, haven't heard from him in a while! Regardless, enjoy.

"No jobs in the US? No jobs for graduates? Ha!

If someone graduates with a degree in engineering or geology, there are lots of jobs (not IT or computer science, too many of them out there... and -at least in Canada- employers have figured out they can employ Wan Chang and Kumar Patel for 12-hour days at $40k, which is a pittance for a network engineer, if you ask me).

As long as you are willing to eat and crap snow and/or sand, at least at the initial years of your career, engineering/geology is pretty good money. I wish I had known about the amazing job opportunities in Canada when I was 18, back in the mid 90s. I probably would not have a mortgage now (instead, I spent 98-04 working for faceless -I'd say bastard- corporations paying peanuts for 50-60 hour weeks).

Trust me when I say this: I have employed fresh, out of university geology and mining engineering graduates, for projects up north (e.g. Labrador, also in Chile). They were costing the project $350-$400/day. People with experience (they could use MapInfo and had 2 or 3 summer seasons) were $500+/day, plus onerous conditions (for them, not me). Drillers and miners (and good cooks) earn even more (rumour has it good drillers -i.e. >7 years experience- earn $1000/day, particularly when working abroad, but I have not been able to verify this). If I wanted to make lots of money and have a life consisting of hard work periods followed by several weeks off, for 10 years, I'd rather be a driller than a medicine student between ages 20 and 30: you would have a lot more to show at age 30 -assuming a counting coppers mind- and probably earn more than a doctor. Should a driller be careful with his money (and fingers, too many 40+ drillers with an odd number of fingers, including the number 7) he should be able to retire at 40 (there are some famous drillers who retired or half-retired to Thailand or Costa Rica age 40). I have met Canadian drillers who had a ranch or something similar by age 40, no mortgage, and worked in drilling for 3-5 months a year in order to support ranch life.

If a young lad (or lady) were to take one of the mineral exploration assignments for a couple of years and not blow it all on bars and the meat market (like 70% of men do), they would definitely have no student debt within a few months, and a nice 20% downpayment on a Toronto or Montreal home within two or three years of graduation.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A PSA - Education Does Not = Attractive

Dear ladies, this is a real, genuine public service announcement.

It is meant to help you. Which means it's based in the truth and reality.

Which consequently means you're not going to like it.

But, if you can set aside your emotions, and think about it intellectually and honestly, you'll see I am REALLY trying to help you and it WILL help your future.


I have this fake profile up on one of the dating sites. According to my BS profile I'm a tall, rich, millionaire and put my age at 38. I have it there simply to provide entertainment for myself and to enjoy the decline. But today I received enough "flirtations" or "winks" from women with profiles that all have a common trait. And this trait shows me they have been misled about the realities of male sexuality and attraction. Therefore:

Ladies of the 30+ generations.


We do not find your masters degree in "worthless fluffy crap" attractive nor an asset.

Matter of fact, we find it unattractive and a liability.


You have been lied to. No man really finds your education attractive unless it is in a real field requiring math, calculus and inevitably some sort of private sector employment whereby you are actually demanded in the field and not some make-work-wanna-be-make-believe-were-all-independent-adults-even-though-we're-fleecing-the-taxpayer-to-essentially-create-a-career/job-that-would-never-be-demanded-in-the-first-place-because-it-ultimately-produces-nothing-of-value-for-society-and-was-only-created-to-give-people-the-fake-feeling-of-self-reliance-and-independence type job.

I know you've been told by many other women that men find education attractive. But for once, will you please listen to (oh, I don't know) MEN about what they find attractive????

I know that's a foreign concept, asking the opposite sex as to what they find attractive, because OBVIOUSLY they should have no say. Right? I mean attraction is defined by the SAME SEX, right? So why listen to those stupid men and what they find attractive? No, just listen to what aging, bitter members of the same gender TELL YOU what SHOULD BE attractive and ignore what the opposite sex thinks. Because OBVIOUSLY what is sexually attractive should be determined by the same sex, not the opposite.

Anyway, sorry to say...

Education does NOT equal attraction. The reason why is that no longer, especially in fields women choose to disproportionately pursue, does education equal GENUINE intelligence or GENUINE intellectual intrigue. This means all of you with your "masters in...

social work
social justice
or whatever worthless liberal art field you chose because it didn't involve academic rigor

are not real subjects. They are not interesting. And above all else, they are not intelligent. They are little fancy make-believe hobby degrees you chose to major in because it avoided any real academic rigor or math and you deep down inside were hoping to land some cushy government/non-profit/puppies 'n unicorns type job.

So please STOP LISTING IT AS AN ASSET on your profiles.

Stop complaining on the internet that,

"Well, I'm educated, and I have masters in psychology, and a masters in social work, and I am a member of Amnesty International, why don't men find me attractive those bastards!!!!?"

The truth (and I know that pisses a lot of you off) is that men find REAL intelligence attractive. We find physical beauty attractive. We find kindness and caring and a healthy sex-drive attractive. We find heels, lingerie and pouty lips attractive.

We don't find your bleeping "Masters in English" attractive!!!!!

So quit listening to old, aging, bitter women about what men "should" find attractive and start listening to what men SAY THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO.

Because the last thing a man would be attracted to is that hot, naughty, in-shape, tomboy, motorcycle riding, IT chick who brings in $150,000 a year at her computer engineering job, but still likes to wear slinky lingerie while she serves you and her up a martini listening to Frank Sinatra.

Yeah, that would never beat the masters candidate in social work with her cats and long, drab skirt as she shops at the local organic market with her reusable bag.

Honest to the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, are people in this society that stupid that I have to write these posts?


Apparently the book I previously endorsed by Marty Andrade is NOT the book he previously led me to believe.

There is no shoot out in the ghost town of Ardmore in his current novel.

That novel Marty is working on and will be published in the future. It involved gin runners, gun runners and women of ill-repute...just like Milwaukee.

Regardless I do apologize to all of my South Dakota readers who do have a familiar or emotional attachment to the Edgemont and Ardmore area of the state. But Marty is working on that novel which should prove just as entertaining, if not better than his current one.

Matter of fact I think you should buy it to just for future comparison purposes.

Education Bubble Hustle

More proof of what we already know, but I shall explain for those with their triple masters in Fuzzy Bunny Rabbits.

You see, Votech, for all the mockery it receives, actually is more productive now I would have to say than your average bachelors degree. The reason why is votech is specifically designed to teach you a skill or a trade that is useful to society. You morons out there getting your "bachelors in crayon drawings" are merely a waste of resources and is why there is an education bubble.

Until these lines are inversed you can expect to continue to enjoy the decline.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Captain's Second Book Slated for December 15th

I am happy to announce that I am writing my second book. It will tentatively be coming out in time for all of you to purchase it before Christmas.

The topic and title will remain secret until its release.

Her Life Was More Important Than Her Son's

I embedded this post here so that only twitter and feed followers will find it.  Not out of shame or anything, but in that I do not want this to seem that I am capitalizing on a tragic event that has recently unfolded.  At the same time out of the (now) 6 premature deaths of people I either knew personally or knew of, 5 have been suicide, all under 40 years of age.

Without going into details somebody I know of (not personally know) committed suicide.  Young kid.  We'll leave it at that.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that mom was directly to blame for this poor child's death.  She divorced dad when he was just a kid.  Made sure to cheat on dad too before the divorce.  Drugs, booze, and let's not forget dating the likes of drug dealers and "amateur rappers" instead of helping raise junior. 

Do all children who commit suicide do it because of mom?  No, of course not.

Would not the same thing happen if dad was just as bad.  Yes, of course.

The point is to highlight the blinding arrogance and greed of "parents" who bring children into this world and find said children too much of a burden to raise properly and thus have no problem divorcing, or just outright abandoning those children.

Sadly, sometimes, this is the price.

I don't care what some feminist communist asshole told you in college or what tripe your read by some spoiled brat in Cosmo, children need both parents.  And they need both parents to have their heads out of their asses.

Enjoy the decline.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Interesting Observation at the Senior Center

South Dakota as you know is not the hotbed of swing or salsa.

It's not really the hot bed of anything unless it's late July and the Sturgis rally is going on.

So to find dancing you need to take what you can get and the local senior center actually has some really great dancing. Obviously when I attend me and my friends are the youngest people there. But something just dawned on me while I was showering this morning, plotting my weekend.

"The old ladies at the senior center like it when men are charming."

This may not seem to be an obvious epiphany, but ask yourself the question:

"In various social circumstances, who has been more receptive to your charms or innocent flirtations? 18-45 year old women or women of the WWII generation?"

Admittedly, I acknowledge that old grandma Tilly doesn't mind the occasional harmless flirtation from a young man. Matter of fact, they probably welcome it. When asking the old women to dance I usually say something stupid like:

"Don't tell my girlfriend"


"Your husband isn't going to kick my ass is he?"

They eat it up.

But beyond that, what I observed is it's almost more natural and I feel much more at home dispensing the occasional bits and bytes of charm to a woman who is 82 than a woman who is 28. And the reason why I contend or theorize is the woman who is 82, age aside, was brought up in a generation where she appreciate the occasional bit of charm or flirtation from men. She KNEW it wasn't a ploy to get her into the sack, it was just an innocent young guy, yapping his gums, making funny ha ha's, trying to cajole a laugh.

You can't say that about a 28 year old woman. You pull off any kind of "charm" and they think you're scamming on them. You try to say something witty, with purely humorous intent, they immediately think you're hitting on them and they tighten up.

Of course, if the girl is enamored with you, you can say anything and they'll laugh.

"My dachshund is flying F-15's over Mars"

*giggle giggle* "Oh, you're so funny Captain!"

But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a general social setting, you walk up to a group of women, start chatting, which group do you think is going to be more receptive to your frivolous flirtations, not because of age, but because of upbringing?

Alas, tonight I get to go to the Senior Center again. And I'm sure I'll see Tilly and Gertrude there. And I'm sure they'll not turn me down for dances either. But what is going to be pleasant, is that when we sit down at the table or we converse, I'll feel very free and at home to make the occasional compliment or when introducing them to others, saying:

"Ah! Sophia Loren, I'd like to introduce you to Audrey Hephurn. Audrey, this is Sophia."

They eat it up.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Burning Out at 30

Sheesh, "burning out at 30????"

I also presume most of these people majored in easy cake subjects, had college paid for, or at least didn't work through college.

Heck, at 30 I was just warming up.

Ah, the unforeseen consequences of being genuinely treated as equals.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm going to go enjoy the decline!

Boys Will Boys

Your Captain has been spending some time researching the NIPA accounts which, among other things, breaks down GDP and spending based on product and service type. When you convert them to a percent of total spending or GDP, you get an interesting insight as to what society values. Today's NIPA account shows you what percent of personal income men/boys have spent on men/boys like things. Namely video games, guns and ammo, and "clothing."


On a related note "girls will be girls" especially when it comes to guns.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pawn's Gambit

Time gets away from you.

You are busy supporting yourself, and if you have an entrepreneurial streak, time really gets away from you as you pursue pointless endeavor after pointless endeavor wondering if these pursuits might actually pay off in a genuinely free market like China.

However, when Marty send me his press release for "The Educator" I had this horrible sinking guilt feeling.

"Oh my God. I forgot JR Hume's book."

JR sent me his book quite a while ago. You know I don't like to read, but Natasha does and she said she couldn't put it down. But as much as she liked it, her enjoyment of it paled in comparison to me forgetting to post about it. And this was like over a year ago.

Therefore fellow Junior, Deputy, Aspiring, Official or Otherwise, Economists,

if you like sci-fi/fantasy sort of fiction I STRONGLY recommend you buy Mr. Hume's book, Pawn's Gambit.

Matter of fact, I have so much guilt, I would recommend you buy his book before mine.

Seriously, if you're the sci fi type, do me a favor and assuage me of my guilt and buy AND READ his book.

It's important to read it too!

Matter of fact I have story. I was at my uncle's funeral. His sister, my aunt, Aunt Judy, comes up to me and the group of people were were conversing with. She may have had a couple, and continues on about her nephew who wrote a book and how she was so proud. She bragged about how she bought the book and so I naturally asked her,

"Yes, you bought it. But did you read it?"

She turned bright red and looked into her wine glass.

I put my arm around her and said, "I love you, Aunt Judy."

So, in any case, I'm glad we're all going to go buy Pawn's Gambit.

You will solve me of my sins and make Mr. Hume a happy man.

Credit Unions Think Their BLEEP Don't Stink

I love this.

Credit unions and small community banks claiming they did nothing to help bring about the housing crisis.

Again, you have probably already read my book, but let me explain to you about credit unions and small time banks during the late 2000's.

They were wanna be's. They came to the party too late, bought in at the worst possible time, and whatever filfth and crap that was turned down by real banks, fell on the floor for these bottom feeders.

The WORST loans I ever saw made were by credit unions and community banks.

And if Frank-Dodd wipes them out, so be it, too bad, boo-freaking-hoo. It would be a good first step to passing the stool out of the banking system once and for all that caused this mess.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Shall Explain Paul Krugman

A recent poster asked how Paul Krugman, if he had all this education in economics, can still come to the conclusions that he does.

And the answer is very simple if you have super-awesome economic genius like I do:

"Because Paul Krugman, deep down inside, doesn't believe one damn word he says, but knows there's a market to be made telling liberal, trust-fund baby New Yorker brats what they want to hear."

It's an amazing skill matter of fact. To be able to ignore empirical data and spew what ultimately results in lies. But the great thing, if not the GENIUS of Paul Krugman, is that he KNOWS his readership doesn't care about:

Intellectual honesty
The advancement of society

He knows his audience.

He knows his customers.

And he knows they're a bunch of east coast snobby elitists that want some "unbiased economist professional" to confirm their ideology and their faux intellectual status.

He is actually a much smarter and more patient man than I will ever be, because he can suck it up and tell a bunch of prissy spoiled brat elitists what they want to hear. He can lie, knowingly, through his teeth so he can collect a paycheck from the equally amoral NYT.

You think I'm joking?

Look up Ed Schulz. He was a conservative until the paychecks didn't come through. Now he's the PREMIER liberal talk show host. He sucks, but his listening audience doesn't notice because he tells them what they want to hear.

Matter of fact, you pay me enough, and I'll turn liberal on you guys too.

Of course, you would all know it would be a sham.

But would my "new-found audience know?"

would they even CARE I was a "raving right wing lunatic" in the past?


Never underestimate the cowardly intellectual weakness of the average American schlep. Hitler himself could come back from the grave and host a talk radio show called "The Super-Pro-Liberal-New-York-Jew-Awesome-Israeli-Zionist-Hour-With-Bagels" and his show would be a hit.

So don't raise your ire (let alone your blood pressure) over Paul Krugman. He is a soothe sayer. Matter of fact you should cheer him on and appreciate that he's milking these idiots for as much as he can.

But in the end reality will prove him wrong. He will of course be sitting on his millions telling all of his loyal readers one simple thing when none of his predictions come true;


And that's when the real joke will be had.

in the meantime,

Enjoy that decline, kids!

"Crimson" Being the Key Word

Mankiw is an economist at Harvard.

Why he's there, I don't know.

But 10% of his class (the ones who are probably going to get C's and D's) walked out to protest the conservative nature of economics. (though I pine how many classes would even exist if students walked out because of liberal bias).

Now, understand something about economics.

It's largely math based.

So if you add 2 and 2 and get 5, you are WRONG. mathematically, factually WRONG (but then, hey, at least you're on the B honor roll at Harvard).

Additionally, it is largely logic-based as well.

Evil things such as "if nobody works, we'll all starve" or "you can't afford that because you didn't work hard enough to earn the money to pay for it" unfortunately do come into play and are presented as facts.

Naturally idiots have a hard time with math and facts which is why I will guaran-freaking-tee you that all of the 70 students that left are not in a STEM field and will further go onto produce either nothing in their lives, or worse, run for public office or join some crusder non-profit outfit to tell others how to live their lives.

In the meantime they'll be a bunch of cry babies that don't like reality.

Any takers to see if they part of the 1%? I mean, privileged, spoiled brat Harvard students? Any takers? bueller? Bueller?

Stupid, Dumb, Lazy Boys

Stupid boys.

Can't find a job in this economy.

All because they refuse to man up and grow up.

Nope, has nothing to do with disproportionately-voted-in-by-women environmental laws and regulations that destroyed industrial jobs and other male-dominated fields.

Nope. Nothing to do with that.

And it certainly has nothing to do with disproportionately-voted-in-by-women socialist tax structures that destroy competition and profit.

No, absolutely not.

And it would have absolutely NOTHING to do with disproportionately-voted-in-by-women increases in government largess (disproportionately benefiting female employment) at the expense of the private sector (disproportionately hurting male employment) as we outsourced traditional male roles to the public sector.

No, certainly not.

Nope, you're all just a bunch of loser, whiny, dirty disgusting, lazy boys who aren't trying hard enough.

Why don't you all get cushy government jobs like us women? Or non-profit jobs? You know what you need? You need affirmative action, just like us! Or a government grant to pay you to write or find yourself. Then you could be independent and fulfilled like us!

Of course, you'll even probably goof that up because you're stupid boys.

And another thing? Why can't I find a good man?

And why won't he commit?

And why are there such losers out there without jobs who can't support me and make me a good husband.

I want children. My biological clock is ticking. And I want a house in the suburbs and 3 months vacation and want to work part time from home to rear my children and a man to subsidize it all.

Where are the real men!?

I have a triple masters in public management, social work and English. I'm educated! Why can't I find any?

/ sarcasm

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick. You just can't make this stuff up.

Monday, November 14, 2011

RSS Feed Enabled

I have enabled RSS feeding down below and to the left.

Enough of you have harassed me about this that I finally got around to it.

I Am "Pro-Charts"

You all know how i like Charty-goodness.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Make It 27%

I like simplicity.

The reason I like simplicity is because it's really hard to scam somebody or lie when things are kept simple. It is complexity wherein politicians and criminals work their ways to get your money out of your hands legally.

The most obvious example of this is our complex tax system. 16,000 pages plus for the tax code and now that I'm working on bankruptcies and asset recovery I am reminded as to just how complex politicians have made taxes ON PURPOSE. They also make it so you don' t know you're being bled. Much like leeches will soothe your skin with an anesthetic before they start to suck out your blood, politicians have made it so you don't even realize how much you're paying in taxes with the PAYGO system.

But the single worst aspect of this complex tax system is not the loopholes that benefit a few connected people, nor is it the fact we have to waste the equivalent of 2 weeks per year complying with this horrendously complex tax code, nor is it the loss of production that labor could have been spent doing otherwise.

No, the single LARGEST COST to the complex tax system is simply the lack of....


"Pricing?" you say.

"Yes, pricing," I answer.

Understand that government has a price. It has a cost. And that cost is the price we pay in taxes.

The problem is that since we have so many taxes and so many fees at so many different levels, that nobody really knows what the final price tag of the government is. This is HORRIBLE in that without knowing the price of something, you can't tell for sure whether it's worth what you're getting in return.

A Big Mac is very simple. I know it costs about $4. And therefore, before I spend my $4 I can COMPARE the PRICE against the EXPECTED BENEFIT. MW3 is very simple. I know it costs $60 and can COMPARE THE PRICE AGAINST THE EXPECTED BENEFIT.

But with government you can't do that. Because nobody, bar some really anal-retentive accountants, can tell you what price you are personally paying for government.

Now, super-awesome economists such as myself kindly and regularly calculate "government spending as a percent of GDP." This is to show the people "hey, this is what we're paying for the government we got."

THere's just one small problem.

98% of the American adult population doesn't know what "GDP" stands for, let alone the merit of dividing government spending by it. They wouldn't be able to understand what that number signifies. Besides, it's getting in the way of their love affair with Kim Kardashian's wedivorce.

But it is here that the true argument for a flat sales tax lays.

A flat sales tax does four things.

1. It consolidates ALL the various government taxes into ONE SINGLE TAX. More specifically, ONE SINGLE NUMBER everybody can understand, and in doing so puts a VERY SPECIFIC PRICE ON GOVERNMENT. Because all government revenue would be derived from ONE single tax, any cries or demands from the people to "pay for the chilllllllldreeeeeen" or "bailing out Banksters" or "free food" or "social security" or "wars here and there" would immediately and quite accurately drive up that ONE SINGLE NUMBER, so you could see how much "paying for free college education" would cost.

"The starting tax rate is 20%. Oh, you want free health care? The new tax rate is 24.7% Oh, you also want to subsidize loser solar companies? The new new tax rate is now 25.1%. Oh, you want to bail out the banking industry? The new new NEW tax rate is 32%"

People would know PRECISELY how much government would cost and would therefore allow them to determine whether they were getting their bang for their buck.

2. It forces people to have skin in the game so they cannot rob Peter to pay themselves. If they want free food for their 4 illegitimate children, then they get to pay an extra 1% in sales tax on everything they buy. They want to have free education? They get to share some of that burden. And in doing so...

3. It unifies the people. Instead of pitting them against one another, the poor vs. the rich, the old vs. the young, the children vs the childrenless, doesn't matter. You're all in the same boat, you all pay the same price. You can no longer vote to tax one group of people or grant others a "credit" or a "loophole." Get in that damn sandbox and start playing nice with one another.

4. Makes people put down that damn People Magazine and quit worrying about Kim Kardashian and pay the ef attention to some economics.

There are of course other HUGE economic benefits to having a tax code that would be whittled down from 16,000 pages to a SOLE, SINGLE SIMPLE number, but the above is I think the most overlooked, perhaps never-considered benefit of a flat sales tax.

Now, out of the Republican contenders for the nomination, are there any advocating this?

No, even my man, Herman Cain, still has to complicate it unnecessarily by deriving taxes by three different sources. But it is a start.

I fear, however, even the average American voter isn't bright enough to multiply 9 by 3, and will thusly still be just as confused as with a 16,000 page tax code.

So why not just make it an even 27% and stop confusing the average American?

The Family Dog

Was trying to find a cartoon called "The Family Dog" which was a HILARIOUS episode in the 1980's series "Amazing Stories." Had my mother and a young little girl I know in mind and thought it would make a great Christmas gift.

Unfortunately I could not find it, but found it in a slightly low-quality version on You Tube. Watched it again for the first time in about 20 years and it is just all that more funny as an adult:

The additional parts will be forth coming.

Christmas Gift of "Super-Awesome Economic Wisdom!"

A friendly reminder to all the Junior, Deputy, Aspiring, Official or otherwise economists out there:

With the holiday seasons coming up, remember, nothing makes a better gift than all the various sorts of books and classes the Captain offers!

Have an 8 year old girl who can't WAIT to read about the intricacies of the housing bubble? Then get her "Behind the Housing Crash!" (only 99 cents on Kindle!)

Have a 4 year old boy that wants a red fire truck this Christmas? Get him something BETTER, the kindle version of "Privatizing Governments!"

And I'm sure your wife would LOVE nothing more than a Caribbean Cruise! But should would love you EVEN MORE if you signed her up for a basic investment class OR (even better) a class on stock valuation and analysis.

Remember, the gifts you give them tell your loved ones just how much you love them! And nothing says "I love you better" than super-awesome economic knowledge!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Put the "Jew" In "Jujutsu"

As I may or may not have mentioned, your Captain has been participating in Jujitsu. However, since your Captain (unbeknownst to him until he was 21) is "technically" a Jew, I prefer to call it:


*the technicality is that his mother's mother's mother was a Jew and something about Matriarchical lineage that your Captain today has yet to fully understand. Regardless, I just run with the free reign to cut Jewish jokes.

Regardless, I STRONGLY recommend jujitsu if you have the time. Not just because it is (thus far as I can find) the only martial art that trains you for real fighting, but the work out and damage it does to your body cannot be matched.

To tender proof (and I am not doing this to "brag" or what have you, I'm doing this sincerely because it will show you what you can expect) here's your Captain after a night of sparing against a variety of jujitsu students:

I did not contract some kind of "disease" or "measles." Those are just the bruises I incurred from 30 minutes of sparing. Apparently those will go away when all of that turns from fat to muscle.

In any case, consider "Jew"jitsu if you are looking for a serious work out.

Also consider fish shower curtains because those are pretty kick ass too.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Raise Other Mens' Children" Not in My Job Description

When I applied for the job "Bachelor" the job description was, if I recall correctly, something along the lines of:


Must be able to support yourself and only be willing to support yourself. Must spend all of your discretionary income on you and things you like. This includes, but is not limited to:

Video games
Sushi and other delicious food

Must have the ability to be free and enjoy freedom. Do what you want, when you want, how you want.

Candidate must also enjoy hanging out with friends, chasing tail, dating many girls, drinking beer, watching movies.

Significant free time and leisure time is expected on the job. You will have minimal responsibilities. After working up enough money to support yourself and paying taxes to support others, you MUST then spend the remaining money on yourself and what you like.

Workout, stay in shape, and develop hobbies and interests that are eclectic and mentally rewarding and stimulating.

Avoid sickness by avoiding coming into contact with children.

Vasectomy optional, but preferred.

All qualified candidates can come down to Joe's Bar for drinking-pre-qualification testing."

Nowhere did it say, "must raise other people's children."

I truly wonder if all the "baby mama's" in the world (or at least the US) actually think that single men, who kept their act together and built a lives for themselves actually owe it to them to bring up other mens' children. As if paying taxes for their mistakes via WIC or EBT or subsidized housing or day care isn't enough. No, they want us to commit ourselves personally. Because (GASP! NO! YOU MEAN???)


Sorry sweetheart, not in my job description.

Enjoy the decline.

This Can't Be Good

Normally I would think institutions such as the military, police, Dept of Homeland Security would more or less jive with me in that these tend to be more upstanding, less-corrupted institutions. ie-I could hang out with soldiers, cops and special agents and be just fine.

But with the DHS under Obama and government workers being unionized and all, I get a little leery when I see the DHS scanning my site for 4 hours.

I'll let you know if I end up on an abandoned oil rig out in the ocean somewhere...or...well, maybe not.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Captain Protects the Saudi Royal Family Part 2

I was stationed at the “back door” to the Kahler Hotel where the prince was to enter the building. The hallway his highness would have to pass through was littered with additional guards. His plane landed around 3AM, the hoopla lasted till 345AM, and the transport only took 15 minutes. I was thinking his eminence would be arriving soon in that he would like to get to his hotel sooner than later.


Plenty of supplies and clothes and Saudi’s were coming through, but no prince.

Finally around 0630 I hear on the radio the prince is finally coming through.
Never seeing the prince at the airport I was kind of curious to see what the first real person of “royalty” would look like. I was picturing that standard Saudi garb, white head-scarf, robe, one of them fancy head-bandanas they use.

The guy was in a wheelchair, bloated, barely conscious and looked like a bum off the street.
Unshaven and obviously in need of medical attention. It was not regal.

His staff pushed him down the hallway, got him to the elevator.
Once inside, my relief came so I could go to bed.
The next afternoon my alarm woke me up and I was to be stationed in the hotel. Nobody knew where exactly and given the BS musical chairs routine we suffered the night before, I’m sure it would probably change moment to moment. I arrived and sure enough, I was supposed to be stationed right in front of his majesty’s room.

Just one minor problem.

He wasn’t there.

He was enroute back to the airport.

Apparently in the 10 hours I slept plans had changed.
He suddenly announced he was going to fly to New York to visit his brother (the actual King of Saudi Arabia). And by “suddenly” I mean 5 minutes notice. Now, instead of the security team being stationed at the hotel, he needed a team to escort him back to New York.
This presented a problem for most of the guards. Already these morons proved they couldn’t plan more than 2 days in advance. Fun as it would be to jump on the Saudi royal airplane and jet off to New York and maybe even meet the actual king of Saudi Arabia, we didn’t even know if we’d be coming back any time soon. Would it be a day or two? Three days? A week? A month? Most of the guards had other responsibilities and jobs. They couldn’t commit for an undefined amount of time.

Invariably we were able to compile a team of 7 guys, all young, either fresh out of the police academy and without day time jobs, or guys who didn’t have any wives or children and could commit to an unknown time for the assignment.
This of course had to be done quickly because his idiotness was already getting put on the convoy back to the airport and would need this team on the airplane with him. But despite the chaos this lack of planning caused in the security detail, we were able to put together a team.

So off this team goes, along with the guards protecting the convoy.
And with the regular rigmarole of “Saudi Airport Musical Chairs” they inevitably are ready for the team to get on the plane and fly out. The “general” then comes to our leader and says,

“Oh, we don’t need your security guards anymore.”

And turns around and gets in the plane.

My boss and the team are sitting there stunned and pissed off.
All the chaos and the hubbub and now they’re not going to New York.

Ultimately though, this was fine.
It wasn’t like the prince took his entire entourage with him. He left roughly 90 people back in Rochester we had to baby sit and with the surplus of guys we could now start doing more normal shifts. Plus, Rochester PD was kind enough to offer us a couple off-duty cops and a minor semblance of organization and stability was starting to form.

Enter in his majesty’s 2 wives and princess daughters.

While his highness was a pain in the ass to schedule around, his wives and daughters were in in general a “royal” pain in the ass.
But, for all of the pain they would cause it, it was here the seeds were laid for my super-awesome economic epiphany.

Proof Cain is the Best Candidate

Understand this and understand this well.

The reason Cain is getting assailed and assaulted is because he IS the best candidate out there and would surely trounce Obama. Do you remember "Operation Chaos?" Rush's effort to get Hillary nominated because she would do worse than Obama against McCain? This is the same thing.

The fact the MSM doesn't even list Cain below (but Jon Huntsman???) shows you they KNOW he is the front runner and the most viable candidate. They have to convince you otherwise.

I just don't know how much clearer I can make it.

You can contact CNBC and ask them the question I did:

"Why, if Cain is nothing but headlines news when it comes to sexual harassment and affairs, is he not even noteworthy when it comes to his candidacy."

Hot Diggity Dividends!

In addition to mortgaging the past, present and future, bringing us scourges such as "sexual harassment," the EPA, "going green," "feminism," "global warming," the "ozone layer," the "housing bubble," the "dotcom bubble," the 'education bubble," "progressive certification," accounting scandals and an infinite amount of other socio-economic-political crap that has essentially destroyed the country, you can thank the Boomers for one additional thing and that is flooding the stock market with so much retirement dollars it makes it impossibly unaffordable for anybody else to be buying into stocks right now.

Regular Cappy Cap readers will already be familiar with the chart below, but as a refresher, the chart below shows you what's called the "dividend yield." This is the rate of return you can expect from dividends as a percent of the stock price. The reason this is important is because the ONLY real return you get from a stock is dividends. The ONLY thing a stock pays a shareholder is dividends. The ONLY reason you should invest in a stock (long term) is dividends.

And thanks to trillions of dollars flooding the market, you now get a WHOPPING 2% rate of return through dividends!

Bullets and Rumpleminze would make for a better (and more fun) investment.

Further Vindicating Cain

Just keeps getting better.

I guess there's no end to bitter middle aged women looking for a free ride and will go to no ends to avoid real work.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Communications Degree!

She is a liar.

A bleeping communications degree. Not to mention bankruptcies and the like.

If this isn't obviously a political hit, then I don't know what is.

And you should all be mightily pissed political forces are working hard to bring a good man down who could make this country and your lives better.

Vet and Noob

Monday, November 07, 2011

You Go For Hugo, I Go For Hugo, We All Go for HUGO!

Would it beeeee hmmmm...INFLATION?

I'll Roll the Dice

Unemployed single mom.

No, she wouldn't be shaking him down or being paid under the table for this.

But before I go full out and call her a liar, I want to know what this lady studied or did as a profession.

Something tells me it ain't petroleum engineering.

And I really am sorry ladies for all of you who were legitimately harassed or abused. I really am. But unfortunately there's just too much crying wolf. That is the drawback of abusing the system to shake people down. The real victims pay the price.

Post- post - something just dawned on me. If this was Bill Clinton, we'd all be cheering for him, right? I mean then it would be cool because he's a saxophone playing democrat.

The Educator

Marty Andrade is a buddy of mine back in Minnesota. However, he and I have a fair amount in common beyond being chums. He also had a conservative radio show. He also has a popular blog. And now we have yet another thing in common.

We are both authors.

Marty wrote a book and I know a lot of people just kind of say, "yeah, great another schmoe that wrote a book." but you may want to consider reading it especially if you are they type who like fiction and intrigue rather than bland ole Cappy Cap economics and rantings. I have not read it yet, but I did a little field research for him by scoping out and taking pictures of the town of Ardmore, South Dakota. Ardmore is a ghost town quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Without giving anything away Marty was able to write this town into the book, much in a "Last Man Standing" sort of way with Bruce Willis.

In any case, I promise the book will be more entertaining and perhaps even movie quality (which would be good for me because I don't like reading books ;)

You will buy "The Educator"

Sunday, November 06, 2011

An Important Predication for the Manosphere

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but this will simply be a short appetizer as to what I'll write about at length later on.

As you know your Captain has moved out to the hinterlands of South Dakota.

There is not much night life out here and you ultimately have two choices;

Make the best of it



I've combined both options into "make the best of it and drink" which I think is a very Cappy Cap Compromise.

That aside, "make the best of it" means finding some kind of hobby or activity that is productive so you don't just go to the local bar and start pounding down booze. So, in addition to fossil hunting (which the weather is becoming less and less conducive to doing now) I've joined a gym and started taking jujitsu.

My bench press is up 15 pounds over the last two months and I've learned to throw a guy to the mat nearly twice my size (though he can still thoroughly kick my ass).

However, tonight something happened at the gym that reminded me of a very important lesson I think we all need to acknowledge and agree upon in the manosphere. And that lesson is that EVERYTHING we purport, support, advocate and champion is predicated in one simple thing:

That we are honorable, honest, well-behaved men.

ie- we are the "good guys."

If we're not, then the whole "Manosphere movement" (which I hate to call it that) is simply hypocritical because we claim to take the moral high ground, but don't abide by it ourselves.

I'm not talking "promise keeper pansies" here.

What I'm talking about is this idiot that I just ran into at the gym.

So I work out.

I get sweaty and dirty.

I go the MEN'S locker room.

I disrobe, take a shower, hop in the jacuzzi.

I get out of the jacuzzi, naked as the day I was born, my towel in the other room hung up on a hook.

A guy walks out of the sauna and guess who he has with him?!


I don't have my towel. Neither do three other equally-buck-naked guys in the shower area.

I (foolishly) assumed there would only be men in the locker room.

And this poor 3 year old girl sees all of us right there.


Are you purposely trying to scar your daughter for life?????

Are you such a spoiled brat that you can't get a baby sitter or perhaps leave the child with the THREE WOMEN IN THE RECEPTION AREA WHILE YOU GO BATHE????

It's the EXACT SAME EQUIVALENT of the entitlement mentality of women demanding to breast feed in public or those moms who leave their child out in the car as they get drunk at a bar. SCREW SOCIETY, I am more important than society, matter of fact, my work out or drinking schedule is more important than my 3 year old daughter.

As I said, I will go into this point in more detail, but men. Honestly, and truthfully, we cannot behave like those we criticize. And I know and accept that there are going to be DB men, genuine "assholes" who treat women poorly, but the whole, entire concept of the equality of men and whatever undefined purpose the manosphere has manifested itself to achieve HAS TO BE PREDICATED ON OUR BEHAVIOR BEING HONEST AND ACCEPTABLE AND FAIR TO OTHERS.

Not only that, but if you see such idiocy, you berate men and get them in line...that is of course assuming you are not buck naked and there is a 3 year old girl there.

More to come, but you get the idea.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Owls are the Hootiest

Recession Medicine!

"Fall Out 3" is one of a now-increasing number of video games that are starting to show they are not just about foisting violence upon society via mindless teenage boys. For aging video game connoisseurs such as myself who also happen to have a dose of economic education, you can also appreciate the "Bioshock" series which heavily borrows from Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged. So good was that series that I not only hope they continue on, but that they make a movie that could be a literal sequel to "Atlas Shrugged" (it would also prevent me from having to read a book and just watch the movie).

Regardless, as video gamers age and mature, you can see more intelligent themes or at least threads embedded within new video game releases. One such thread that I like and would like to share with you is a song by Bing Crosby that was incorporated into Fallout 3.

The game itself is actually a pain in the ass. They ammo starve you. They harass you constantly with mutant scorpions and super ants, oh hey, yeah, and you gotta sleep all the time, and oopos, did we just harass you again with those stupid bloat flies? When ultimatley you really are just wondering when the game is going to develop direction and if you're ever going to get around to "conquering it."

However, there is a music station you can tune into and they play music from the 1940's and 1950's. A song I NEVER heard of before (which is odd because I am the best swing dancing economist in the world) is called "Way Back Home" by Bing Crosby. The lyrics are quite clever;

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Next Most Popular Show

I predict it will be incredibly popular, if not the most popular show in the next couple of years for the aging 30 somethings.

It will perpetuate EPL Fantasy.

It will fuel rationalization hamsters everywhere.

And it will not produce one ounce of good.

And so the world will continue to spin, with nobody learning anything from history.

My Weekend Prediction of Herman Cain

It will come out that Herman Cain if he did have a sexual harassment complaint filed against him, committed the horrible sin of (GASP!)




It may even come out that over his life Herman Cain has asked out MORE THAN ONE WOMAN!!!!!

Honestly (and at least my guy has the cajones to do this) the best thing would be for him to state;

"Yes, I did ask that young lady out back in 1991. And yes, I would do it again in the exact same circumstances. Why? Because I'm a man and women better get used to that."

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Lord Will Not Provide

It's not like watching a train wreck. It's like watching somebody floor it into a brick wall. But it does provide for some entertainment.

I turned 29 a couple of months ago. When I was younger, I figured I'd be married right out of college. Although that didn't happen, I still figured I had time — my 20s were ahead of me, after all. But lately I've been contemplating what life would really look like if I don't get married. What will I do? Where will I live? How will I serve? If this stage of life isn't temporary, what comes next?

I am the type of person who usually goes out and gets what she wants. I wanted to go to a good college, so I worked hard in high school. I wanted to be a writer, so I studied journalism and did internships with magazines. I want to write a book someday, so I write daily and I'm going to grad school to get credentials that will put some authority behind my name. For the most part, I feel in control of things. But being a wife, being a mom seem so far out of my control. I wait on God, hoping He's listening to the true desires of my heart, and grappling with what it means if He hears those desires but has a different path for me.

On an interesting side note fellow students, does anybody want to pick apart the above on what Principles of Cappy Cap she violated, thus guaranteeing her failure in the future?

A God Damned Puppetry Degree

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

I think I will no longer worry about offending people's sensibilities when I tell them to not major in crap.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Haley Up to Bat...

Count is 0 and 1.

Catcher signaling to the pitcher.

Pitcher shakes his head. Doesn't like the 2-1 pitch.

Catcher suggesting a different pitch.

Looks like the pitcher likes it.

Pitcher checks the runner on first.

Haley waiting patiently...kind of hugging the plate a bit.

Been a good season for her this year. Batting nearly .400. One of the few female bloggers with such a high batting average.

Pitcher tanking a stance. Here's the wind up....aaaaand the pitch.


HOLY COW! She got a hold of that one!

It's going




Good night to that one!

Haley is rounding second base and the ball is still gaining elevation!

That one is outta the park for sure!

Another home run for Haley. That makes it her 98th home run for the season.

Notice in the replay how she isn't faked out by the pitch at all and can see right through the pitcher. Tried to sink it past her, but she just read it like a book.

Well, you see Jim that's what happens when you try to sugar coat an article with something that just plain ain't true. Notice the Christian spin she put on the ball about how men don't care about looks and if they do, they're disgusting dirty beasts. And you know that if you try to get that lie past an experienced blogger like Haley, you might as well just pitch a straight fast ball right over the plate because she is going to cream it.

Well, When You Vote for a Guy Based on His Pecks

Why does the idiocy and drivel not surprise me in this article.

I would go on, but the article mocks itself adequately.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Damn Facts and Statistcs

Truth, as you know, is very unpopular today amongst the youth, the left and anybody whose entire life upbringing and self-worth has been based in lies. It's a topic I like to delve more into because I find it fascinating how resilient the human brain is to truth and reality when if you think about it, it's insanity to be resilient to "truth and reality." It's like saying, "I disagree with gravity." Or, "I don't like how electricity works." My favorite though is this trend where couples are bringing up their children "gender neutral" when it's quite plainly obvious whether their child is a boy or a girl. But never let facts (or a child's well-being) get in the way for psychotic, self-absorbed, political zealots in their pursuit of an unsustainable political religion.

Regardless, today's unfortunate fact comes from "Real Gross Municipal Product" figures. I took various cities in the US and created a Real Gross Municipal Product Index to compare how their economies have grown since 2001 (the data that is available). The cities composing the index are:

Commie Cities:
San Fran

Cappy Cities:
Rapid City
Sioux Falls

You know, those stupid fly over towns where idiots live and carry guns.

Well gee whillikers and shucks howdy! The Commie towns have only experienced an increase of 10% in their economies since 2001 and those stupid morons in the sticks 30%.

Admittedly there were other towns I probably could have included, but this was just a quick 1-2 I pulled together (failed to include Houston...but I can't think of a lot of "Conservative Towns." Most are pretty commie).

Regardless, you hipsters in those big "cosmopolitan" towns enjoy the decline.

Us stupid fly over hicks will enjoy the incline with all of our stupid oil and low taxes and everything.