Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thank you!

I was looking for a term for people who are too lazy to work real jobs and so they rely on their

sexual preference

to claim victim status and thus rationalize the theft of other people's money

and now we have one!

Victim Predator!

Today's Offie

Remember, kids!

Work hard!
Pay taxes!
And if you don't have a cubicle job at a corporate strip mall you "couldn't hack it in the real world."

Enjoy the decline!

There's Something Seriously Wrong With People Who Don't Like Tropic Thunder

How can't you like Tropic Thunder?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Benefits of Avoiding Fatherhood

An excellent piece by ROK.

How Stefan Molyneux Saved My Economic Sanity

There is nothing more


to me (and I presume most of you) than when I present a leftist or a liberal irrefutable economic data and proof they are just flat out wrong and then they proceed to

worm out of it with the most flaccid and intellectually dishonest of lies.

More than once I've had a leftist resort to the pathetic and "admission of wrongness" excuse,

"well, my perception is my own reality."

Never have I ever wanted to cause physical harm to people more than in those instances.

I personally could never understand it.  Here's the data, here's the logic, here's the reasoning, you're wrong.


Only to have them retort in the liberal's version of "I know you are, but what am I?"

So after a while I gave up.  If people are going to insist on being impervious to logic, fact and reason as Detroit collapses around them then how do you convince them?  This is largely why this blog has gone from one of data, charts and statistics, to more of one of philosophy, rants, shame and mockery.  If all the research, data, and empiricism I've expended considerable resources on is just going to be dismissed, fine.  I'm switching to philosophy, ridiculing everybody, and am going to enjoy watching them suffer their own self-inflicted misery.

However, this mere switch never answered the burning question,

"What in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick is wrong with these people who refuse reality over ideology?  What is their mental damage that they can't see the sky is blue?"

Enter in Stefan Molyneux.

I was listening to this podcast of his and at the 1hr 2min 20 second mark he answers it.

All I could say was "Why the hell didn't I see this before???"

This doesn't mean leftists and liberals won't stop destroying the country.

This doesn't mean leftists and liberals won't stop performing the most amazing mental acrobatics to rationalize believing in lies.

But it does mean you and I and every other sane person out there can now fully understand why these inferior humans consciously and purposely believe something they (probably) deep down inside know to be false, and will continue to be impervious to logic, reason, sanity, fact, data and intellectual honesty.

There is Nothing Noble About Being a Single Mother

A rant-a-licious rant against single motherhood.

We're Just Arguing Over Price

Though I will point out it is men who are enabling this.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Economics is "The" Model to Explain Dating

Always has been.  Always will be.

Ladies Night Linkage

Some linkage love for all the ladies out there in the Cappysphere.

Leslie is doing some research.  It's kind of chicky, but it is ladies' night linkage.  Perhaps you can assist.

Judged not by the color of his skin, but his character...or..wait..unless you are the federal government.

They're not learning anything anyway.  Besides, there's no jobs for them either.

Again, I ask, since when did "women's work" become criminal, condescending and unimportant?  Who villainized it and said it wasn't necessary let alone beneath men's work?

No wonder it got 670 comments.

This is why I refuse to take public transportation...among many other reasons.

This is why I refuse to buy cars the government tells me to.

Does Stephen Harper get any credit for navigating the worst recession in 70 years putting Canada well ahead the US?  No, no, the Canadian leftist media needs to tell the sheeple how to think and vote.

I went as "Archer with Tactileneck" for Halloween and I pulled off an awesome job.  Jennifer also has pulled off an awesome job AND it is a costume that doesn't suck.

Our Ukrainian Agent in the Field warns of Russian credit card scams.

This outdoes birthing music.  Remember kids, you weren't had for you, you were had for mommy.  Why else do you think you were dropped off at daycare?

Mercy, porn is beating out flesh and blood women.

You're "kinda bitter" about the baby boomer generation?  I'm full on raging hatred and loathing of them.

Female privilege.

Let's raise your blood pressure!

Ladies (and men) don't be stupid like kids were in the 90's grunge day.  Make yourself look presentable to society.

How Danny Deprived Welfare Bums $600,000

Danny is one of those guys who did what "I would have done had I to do it all over again."

Knock out 20 years in the military and take a pension at 39.

But I did some very quick math.  Since the socialists and government has driven him to go Galt, what would he have contributed to society had he not been deterred?

Well, he would presumably work another 30 years until he was 70.  Pro-rate it at $50,000 per year and a 40% tax rate, that's $600,000 that will NOT be going to welfare bums, whiners, complainers and other general parasites on society.

Now imagine if you will the 75 million male workers in America just saying, "to hell with it, I'm done.  It's minimalism for me."

If they did that it would cost the government/parasitic classes $45 trillion.

You want to talk about how to win this war, there's your ticket.

Monday, October 28, 2013

From a Fan

What this is, is testament to the fact that you will have more trust in people who pick on you, ridicule you, and mock you, more than you will people who kiss your ass.

Sex With Dinosaurs - The Latest Harlequin Trend

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

As if vampires and werewolves weren't bad enough.

The Single Father Deficit Crisis

I hadn't been up more than 40 minutes before I was already pelted with another piece of leftist-religious propaganda telling me I should man up and start dating single mothers.

After the initial rage and anger subdued, however, I had a clear and intriguing thought:

"Why am I, a childless bachelor who didn't torpedo his life with an unwanted child, constantly asked, nearly commanded, to date and court single moms?  Why are bachelors in general even a part of this?  Shouldn't there be just as many single dads to go and date these single moms???  Why don't they go date themselves and leave us childless people alone?"

So my brain did some thinking in the shower.

What if there was a shortage of single dads?  What if there were more single mothers than there were single fathers, thereby necessitating us childless bachelors who didn't screw up our lives go in and sop up the surplus supply of single moms.

It's certainly possible because a man can impregnate multiple women.  Say a real Casanova, who's a little lax on the use of birth control knocks up three women.  In this case you have ONE father, but THREE mothers, two of which at minimum have to be single mothers.  However, it is also possible for there to be more fathers than there are mothers.  A woman can have multiple children with multiple men resulting in a shortage of single moms.  The question then becomes which scenario is more likely.

Based on the OK Cupid study (where women rated 80% of men unattractive) it suggests a classical 80/20 scenario where 20% of the men are making off with 80% of the women.  You also throw in the natural tendency for women to trade up, it becomes more likely a scenario where you have fewer men knocking up more women, than more women getting impregnated by fewer men.

Then I realized something as stoking the morning fire.

"Hey!  I'm an economist!  And there's the Census Bureau!  Why don't I just look up how many fathers there are in the country and how many mothers there are in the country and that will prove whether or not there is a surplus or deficit of fathers."

And shucks howdy, what do you know.

There are only 70.1 million fathers in the US

While there are 85.4 million mothers.

This means (optimistically assuming all fathers are married, which they're not) there's at least a surplus of 15 million single mothers.

Now, in all intellectual honesty, some of this can be chalked up to men dying before women.  In other words grandpa kicks off and grandma is still alive, but grandma is not looking for a new man to save her.  I tried to find data at the Census Bureau that would address age, but their data tables do not delve into that level of detail.  Regardless, I think it is such a deficit that it can be safely assumed (until somebody wishes to do the research to prove otherwise) there are millions more single mothers looking to date than there are single fathers available because of the "Casanova Effect" (or whatever you want to call it). 

In truth, this should be insulting to most bachelors who kept their nose clean.  It means you have some of these women doing the 80/20 thing, thinking only 20% of men are good looking enough to sleep with, while the remaining 80% of you schmoes are not worth it.... 

That is until they get pregnant and then need you single, childless, non-screwed up "schmoes" to bail them out.

The truth is you already are financially bailing them out.  In collecting things like WIC, EBT, and scores of other forms of government aid, not to mention the entire public school system, these women disproportionately force you to pay higher taxes for children that aren't even yours.  You needn't pay double by giving them your company, affection and attention. 

How Leftist Women Want to Destroy the Careers of Men

The "Snitchy Bitch" (my latest article at Return of Kings) is up for consumption.

And let me be clear about this.

The "Snitchy Bitch" is not some kind of sophomoric term I assign to some "crazy" women.

It is a real threat.  A threat that is just as real and predictable as the housing bubble.

After 40 years of feminists/leftist indoctrination, there are millions of young women who think their "job" is not to produce anything of economic worth, but to

tattle tale
and report

men out to their superiors to get them fired should said men offend the ever increasingly fragile sensibilities of women.

Does this advance the economy?


Does this increase efficiency?


But it makes a bunch of pampered, spoiled, liberal-arts-majoring-girls feel COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEZE


So my argument is simple.

If society has so decayed to the point it kowtows to leftist tattle tales, that you will fire a man, who works hard and earns his economic merit, because some

20 something

files a complaint and what he said on teh interwebz,

then by all means said employer,

you fire that man.  You go right ahead.

Because in the end following such a route will result in non-profitability because you're only firing your most productive assets and replacing it with a incompetent woman-child who is more vested "CSR" and "diversity" than profit and excellence.  So enjoy that "women's empowerment" initiative or "diversity campaign" your HR and CSR departments are jamming down your throats while you try to figure out how to fund your pension plan.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Best Explanation of the Manosphere I've Ever Heard

If there is an unbiased, truthful counterpart to the hit piece by ABC

AND is hands down the best explanation of what the Manosphere really is

this is it.

And what's great about it, is the people who would benefit most from this would be women.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Captain Meets The Property Brothers

Yes, they are that tall.
Yes, I am that short.
And no, they did not inherit it all.  Those guys busted their asses off to get where they are today (business success, not tallness).

But "It's For the Children"

I crack me up.

SMV is Real

Uh oh!  Science and statistics!

Good thing feminists don't believe in science and math.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Latest Clarey Podcast!

Aaron wonders if the children of liberals will ever visit their parents in the nursing home given how bad they screwed up the country, wonders if leftists are capable of admitting 1/3rd of the country is collecting a check, finally figures out why he hates people who wait in line (they're SWPL's!), theorizes if Chick-a-Fillet will ever live up to the hype, and explains why cutting and hauling wood is manly in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

Jacob Gago

Before I upload (heck, record) the latest podcast wanted to give credit to Jacob Gago who was kind enough to let me use his music for an intro to the podcast.  Figured there must be some law or rule against just using music from different songs from my CD collection.

His genre is club/mixed/DJ music, may not be your cup of tea, but for those ravers out there in the Capposphere, you will be impressed.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paul Thornton of the LA Times

Attention, Attention
I Have a poem
Attention, Attention
I have a poem

LA Tiiiiiimmmmmes
LA Timmmmmmmess?

You think you're better than us?

Than us???

U S.

U S A.

No way!

(for those of you unfamiliar why the above is funny, here is the context)

Why "LIFT" Won't End Poverty

I'm sick of non-profits, headed up by talentless liberal arts majors, claiming they going to "end poverty."

Really?  Like in Africa and Central America and all these other places the peace corps types go.

You know what would be great.  If just once, JUST ONCE you people were actually successful and not merely pissing away millions of dollars playing, "Adventure Liberal Arts Major!"



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Imagine a World Without "NAWALT"

I was reading this piece and it reminded me of a theory I had been concocting.  This piece, however, promoted it to "fully realized and understood thought in the frontal lobes so now I can write about it" status.

There is only a certain, finite amount of time you, me, and everybody else on this planet has.  And a natural, engrained, darwinistic response you get when behind someone in traffic, or the vile and contemptible person who pulls out an order for her entire office in the line at Subway or Chipolte, is one of anger.

The reason why is they're killing you.

Oh, admittedly, not ending your life at that moment, but forcing you to waste precious seconds, and delaying your life by those precious seconds.  Seconds that add up over the years to be at least by my estimation a month of extra life.

Now while we can all exchange stories about idiots in line or rush hour caused by three old people, there is another stalling or delaying in our lives and that is bad conversation.

For example, my girlfriend will accidentally send me from zero to "About to murder the Eastern Seaboard" in barely a microsecond as she unconsciously asks me the same question three times.  Women do this not because they actually want your answer to something, but they think in merely rephrasing the question, you'll give them the answer they're looking for.

"Do you want to go to the movies?"


"Well aren't there any movies you want to see though?"


"Well, I thought you said you wanted to see Movie X."


But this is actually an endearing eccentricity of women.  One I really have no choice in accepting.  But another example of how bad conversation delays things is when you are in debate.  And it is here I have no patience whatsoever.  Ergo, why I bring up NAWALT.

What if we didn't ever have to bring up NAWALT again?  What if people got it the first time, and would then save us the hours of arguing, "well, I know most women are like that, but you see, this one girl, blah blah blah blah blah...."

And not just NAWALT, but what if every fount and bit of knowledge, wisdom, concept and fact was agreed upon and never questioned again?

Could you imagine how much faster our philosophical understanding would advance?  Could you imagine the intellectual epiphanies and observations we'd come to realize?

It's akin to "if the Roman empire didn't collapse, we'd have made it to the moon by 1617."

Except I'm not asking the Roman Empire to not collapse.  I'm merely asking (both men and women) to acknowledge and incorporate previous knowledge and information so that we may advance the freaking conversation instead of having to constantly revisit and reaffirm things we already know to be true.

Imagine the speed and clarity debates and conversation would have.

But no.  Oh, no.

I gotta deal with people playing semantic games, asking me "what is racism?"  I gotta deal with women who insist that though my empirical chart shows women earn the majority of easy degrees, they know this ONE person (at band camp) who majored in engineering.  I gotta deal with some schmutz who purposely chooses to ignore my larger point and barf all over the technicalities to prove he's smart and that technically my point was only 98% correct.  All of which, sapping out my finite life by the second to address these petty and intellectually dishonest contentions.

So I want to come up with a new acronym.  Something that says, "We Fucking Covered That Already and All Agreed Upon It Now Can We Move On for the Sake of Future Generations?"

But "WFCTAAAAUINCWMOFTSOFG" seems a bit unwieldy.  Perhaps, "It's Been Settled." IBS.  Or "Say, Have U Talked to Us about this Previously?"  SHUTUP?

I don't know.  I just know it would be nice to move a lightning speed while talking about different topics instead of holding up for the NAWALT/technicality/semantics short bus.

The Most Clean Cleans

Since the age of 18 I have managed, without female intervention or supervision, to

bathe regularly,
floss and brush my teeth,
prevent myself from starving,
clean my humble abode,
do laundry,
not starve

and a whole host of other things that have kept me alive and in reasonably good physical condition and health.

Enter the ladies.

Not one girl in the history of girls could just leave my place well enough alone.

No this must be cleaned.

No this must be put away.

No these clothes must be folded (which I know for a fact they don't because I haven't folded clothes since 1993 and the world has yet to spontaneously explode).

So permit me a new rule in the little lexicon of Cappy Cap;

"The most cleansed cleans."

You see, I clean to a standard that I find is necessary and eliminates biological messes and threats.  Ergo the toilet is normally cleaned as is the sink, but the papers on my desk are not.  The showed is scrubbed down with bleach when needed, but the clothes will remain in their respective "clean" and "dirty" piles until I do laundry.

Naturally this upsets those of the female persuasion.

"Why doesn't he KNOW that's NOT where the clothes go!!"

"Doesn't he KNOW that's NOT how papers should be stacked!!!?"

So the answer is simple - "If it's bothering you that much, then clean."

This rule solves that vast majority of domestic excuses between the men and the ladies.  If you don't like the standards of a certain aspect of the house, then by all means upgrade it to your satisfaction.  It's already up to mine, ergo, any further cleanliness is up to you.

But don't be so quick to think it is a cheap way for men to get out of cleaning.  Consider the maintenance of the house and other fixed assets.

If left to the devices of women oil would be changed once every 63,000 miles and air filters never.  The roof would be curled and warped as the shingles would be approaching 80 years old.  And siding would be falling off as the first brisk fall breeze would come through.  It is merely an issue of who has the lowest tolerance that determines who does what work.

Thus, instead of fighting and complaining, perhaps everybody should clean, maintain and do chores to their own personal level and not somehow view this as somebody too damn lazy to do it and thus "being their slave."

This has been a PSA from Cappy Cap.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Did I Tell You About 401k's and IRA's?

Did Paul Krugman predict this?  Did he?  Cause I thought he was this great economist able to get the country's economy booming again.

Damn, not only am I better economist, I'm better looking too.

Thomas Sowell is Much Better Spoken Than I

Two videos for you today Cappy Cappites.

One, this early morning video I put together explaining quite clearly what this blog and others like it stand for when it comes to race/gender/ethnic relations.

Two, Dr. Thomas Sowell demonstrating exactly who is the enemy advancing a political agenda and who is capable of intellectual honesty and truth.

The Secret to Losing Weight

It's all very complicated.

Monday, October 21, 2013

HR, CSR, Psychology, and Diversity is All Bullshit

and is nothing more than an affirmative action industry to employ talentless people.

Why Corporations Can Go To Hell

Because there's no amount of money that can compensate for non-monetary stuff like this.

But by all means people.  Keep slaving away for that mortgage.

(Post Post - Does anybody know if Bill Watterson is out of retirement?  The copyright date on it shows 2013)

If You're Going to Rape, Rape Swedish Girls

The shocking title of this post is purposeful and noble.

It is to point out the outlandishness and true risk an unchecked feminist society presents to those it portends to protect- women.

Understand that feminism is merely a cloak, a ruse, if you will, to shield it's ulterior motive - marxism.  It's ulterior goal is to bring down the productive classes, spread the wealth, and bladdity blah blah blah.

But it doesn't care who it destroys along in the process.  Ergo why Sweden is one of the most "feminist" countries in the world, but suffers a wee-bit higher rape rate than others.  Women are not the goal of feminism, but rather tools to advance the aims of marxists masquerading as feminists.  And if women get raped at a rate similar to Lesotho, well, so be it, it's all for the "cause."

Despite my action in posting this (which would suggest a compassion on my part) I personally don't care. I've become too immune to the plight of women after having it shoved down my throat since the late 80's while watching them have every advantage of affirmative action, media, and government, also while hearing how evil and sexist and bigoted I was even though I presumably thought I rather enjoyed the company of women.

So now, I enjoy watching Sweden, and its women, who are further down the rabbit hole than we are here in the US, suffer their own self-inflicted wounds.  I enjoy watching the fruits of the labor of feminists, marxists, and socialists as they mire in their own mud. 

You girls keep going!  "Grrrrrll power!!!!  Moxie!! Yeaaa!!!"

I'm just going to light up a cigar as you embrace global warming, the state, and diversity as your gods and saviors and watch the consequences destroy you and your nation much like I enjoy watching "Die Hard" or "Tropic Thunder." 

Enjoy the decline! Or as they say in Sweden

Njut av NedgÄngen!

No Mo White People In Marketing

Funny thing I noticed when I was in Jamaica.

Their advertisements had more white people than ours (US) did.

I found this odd because I was (as far as I could tell) the only white boy to leave the plantation (aka - the resort) and take a 7 mile run into the city (Montego Bay) and explore it a bit.

I noticed many things.

Like the Jamaican version of Wal-Mart near the Catherine Hall neighborhood.  Very efficient.  Very effective.  And despite the guards, that place has improved standards of living in the area by at least 10%. 

Or the twin boys who saw me and started yelling "white man!  white man!"  until I had to explain to their older brother/father that I wanted to see Jamaica, not America's version of it. 

Or the taxi cabs that kept pulling over, honking their horns, thinking I was lost because I was a white man...even though I had running shoes...a running shirt...and I

But what stuck with me the most was the number of white people on their advertisements.  Be it TV, the billboards, or what have you, there were nothing but white people.  But far as my eye could see, I was the only white guy around.  Matter of fact, I can guarantee you I was the only white guy around.  Ergo, why i found it a bit insulting to the locals that they had to suffer advertisements and billboards that foisted white people down their throats.

Ergo why me and some people and the Catherine Hall residents may have something in common.

We're sick of the powers that be forcing diversity down our throats.

Go north 2,000 miles and I'm sick of Target's shit where they force minority faces in my face.  This is no slander nor slight against my non-white brothers or sisters, but a disgust as to how they condescendingly placate them to eek out that extra 3% market share while ignoring their real market.  I look at the advertisements and it's all minorities. But I look at the shoppers at Target and they're all wonderbread white.

Yeah, Target, we got it!

All of us got the freaking memo passed on since the early freaking 90's.

There are non-white people in our mix.  We like 'em.  We hang out with 'em.  Sometimes we try to outdo each other in glorious rhetorical battle as we recite our "worst racist jokes" whilst doing shots of Jack Daniels bringing us closer together than your CSR department ever will.

Now can you stop it with the mixed-raced 14 year old pedophile-inciting models while I'm trying to pick up a freaking belt???

But, no, I know.  Your corporate MBA executive types have nothing left up their sleeves.  Instead of innovation, creativity, and lower prices that would actually help all colors of all people, we need to keep harping on this baby boomer, leftist bullshit of "diversity" and "corporate social repsonsibility" and "unicorns" and "job-farting half-white half-black presidents."

Good thing the 1990's education system brainwashed all those now guilt-ridden, middle aged, suburbanite white women into buying shit at your stores just because you showcase minorities as 90% of your models.  Because it sure as hell ain't fooling the non-white folk.


Done With the 20/20 Piece

This will be my last post on the 20/20 piece.

When we freed the Philippines we didn't sit and stare at our navels contemplating about our awesomeness.

We moved on to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Plenty more work to do, and against enemies just as evil as the 40's Japanese fanatics.

So let us not dwell.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Am I correct in assuming Naheed Nenshi is one of those affirmative action mayors who was voted into town by the city's degenerate classes who do nothing of economic production, but pride themselves off of fanciful leftist causes like multi-culturalism, global warming, and other faux crusades?  Hmmm....just like our president.

Well you Calgarians enjoy your little municipal decline for electing a potty mouthed child.  At least our president acts presidential in that one regard.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Not Another 70's Movie

I am intrigued by Ed's (quite extensive) analysis of 1970's film and the 1970's filming industry.  I was not really cognizant of these goings-on's at the time, but I do know that a genre of 70's flicks I thoroughly enjoy are the Spaghetti Westerns.  Of course not American, but probably the best film production from that decade.

I Could Use Some Manosphere Brains

Howdy all,

I am currently writing the chapter on girls for my new book "Bachelor Pad Economics."  I have a streamlined and succinct outline, and pretty much know what I'm going to write, but I also appreciate having more than one brain on this subject.

If any of you could be so kind as to list the major and key tenets of wisdom we have theorized and flushed out in our little itnernet endeavor I would appreciate it.  I think I have "most of it" but I know I am missing somethign.

So you know how broad or specific of examples I'm looking for I already have:

Leanring to ride motorcycles
Vasectomies/protecting against false pregnancy claims
The use of booze to get laid
it's cheaper to get a hooker than to find an actual girl

etc. etc.

In general any specific advice that I may miss.  Please post in comments.  My thanks in advance.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Everybody Can Go a "Little Galt"

The most common criticism I received about Enjoy the Decline (as well as most of my writing and ranting) is that "not all of us are 30 year old, childless bachelors like you.  We can't just up and quit.  We have a house and a family to consider."

Which I understand.

But when I say "go Galt" or "Enjoy the Decline" or participate in minimalism, I'm not saying, sell the house, buy a trailer, quit your job, and then go work the occasional security shift (though I do say that) as much as I am saying, "work as little as you possibly can."  Because even if you don't go full Thoreau, if everybody "just goes a little Galt" the effect on socialists and leftists in the country would be devastating. 

Understand just how sad and pathetic our GDP and economic growth is.  A normal, healthy economy should be growing around 4% a year.  It is my opinion any economy is capable of 10% a year.  But we're happy with a measly 1.8% a year today (hell, as long as it's positive, that's fine by us and our new lowered affirmative action standards we're applying to our president).

But just because we're happy with 1.8% doesn't mean our creditors are.  Also, pension funds (which are dependent upon perpetually increasing stock prices which are dependent upon perpetually increasing profits which are dependent upon a growing economy) and the people who rely upon them are also not going to be happy with 1.8%.  In short everything we've promised ourselves and our creditors has to come from economic growth, and if it becomes very apparent we can't provide enough economic growth then they will....

are you ready for it?

cut us off and rush-sell their stocks.

This would bring about an immediate and required cutting of spending as the government would have nowhere else to go to get the money.  The economy isn't growing enough, the Chinese won't lend us more. They will have to cut spending.

But isn't this what we've been wanting?  To bring the system down?  To end the socialism and starve out the socialists and the parasitic classes?

The great thing is that because or economic growth is so low and sclerotic, it would only take a little bit of scaling back to bring economic growth into negative territory.  Since consumer spending accounts for 66% of GDP, if everybody just cut their budgets by 5% that would lop off 3.3% economic growth, sending us thoroughly into economic contraction and rattling markets.  If you could manage to cut 10% from your budget, that would send us into a deep recession and force economic reality and action on congress and the president.

The question is can you cut 10% from your current spending?  Most people can.

I visited a mall the other day and I my economic spidey senses started telling me to roughly estimate what percent of the stores were selling worthless crap women primary buy and have no practical use in the real world ("SWCWPBAHNPUITRW Stores").  After ballparking it I realized about 90% of the stores were SWCWPBAHNPUITRW Stores.

More clothing

You name it, we could nuke all of the country's malls tomorrow and we would get by just fine.

But that's what you have to realize.  You don't need all of that crap, ESPECIALLY YOU LADIES.

So if you want to get back at the socialists.  You want to make the welfare classes actually feel some pain.  You want to raze the economy so we have a shot at rebuilding it correctly the next time, then time to start going "A Little Galt."

Liberalism Really is a Mental Disorder

I have no patience for delusion or intellectual dishonesty.  It's largely why I don't have any liberal or leftists friends and if I do, they are honest people, but misinformed and haven't spent the time needed to become an informed citizen.  Heck, I can't even say that as nearly every one of my liberal friends in college are now libertarian or conservative.  Regardless, the reason I do not brook intellectual dishonesty of delusion is because I am sane.  I am an adult.  I live in the real world.

This cannot be said of the vast majority of leftists and liberals.

This isn't to slam on them.  This isn't to over simplify an issue in order to dismiss an entire ideology.

It's true. 

Leftists do not adhere to reality or act like adults.

You see this everyday and it gets frustrating.

Liberal - "We need to spend more money"

You - "How much more?"

Liberal - "I um...don't know. BUT WE NEED MORE!"

You - "How can you advocate spending more when you don't even know what we spend in the first place?"

Or another.

Liberal - "Racism is why the blacks aren't doing well as whites."

You - "While racism may exist in the form of Cletus the trailer park schmuck in Casper, Wyoming, the real reason blacks suffer such lower standards of living is because they have a 70% illegitimate birth rate."

Liberal - "RACIST!!!"

Had I still some hope for the future of the country, I might care to try to convince or explain to my leftist brothers and sisters why they're wrong, but you can't because...

they have a mental condition.

I don't know about you, but my time is precious to me, and if I can't convince somebody with statistics, logic, reason and reality, then I'm never going to convince them.  Some idiots recently made some comments on my youtube video about "The Reality Principle."  They essentially said that they agreed with my concept (that you shoudl live in reality), but that i was completely forgetting the humanity aspect of humans. That they have emotions.  And in ignoring that part, I was wrong.

It was such idiotic and outlandish bullshit because they actually think their feelings and emotions are just as valid as reality.

You - "Look out!  Here comes a train!"

Liberal - "Yeah, but I feel that the train isn't coming."

Of course, that analogy is a bit simple and outlandish, but consider feminists (the most psychologically damaged of them all) who have gone to such delusional lengths as to claim things like the scientific method and math is sexist.  So exactly how do you argue with them?

You can't.

You can't argue or debate an insane person.

What I find particularly interesting, not to mention scary at the same time, is just what a high percentage of the population has this mental condition.  Yes, a lot of it is just brainwashing.  The young 21 year old suburbanite girl majoring in philosophy may not actually have a mental condition.  Yes, the young black man is likely to blame everything on racism, because of brainwashing.  But what gets me is when this brainwashing solidifies, rendering them imperviousness to any attempt to an alternative explanation of reality.  At this point I don't know if it's brainwashing or an actual mental problem, but it still presents me the same problem (though I've had better luck getting some of our black brothers to wake up than Tilly the English Major).  Ultimately, I fear the liberal zombie (which I've written about before) where you're no longer dealing with a sane human, capable of reason and independent thought, but a highly functional zombie that doesn't want to eat your brains, as much as they want to take your money.

Thank god I have neither.

Bachelor Pad Economics - November 2013

Several very perceptive people have asked,

"Why are you getting all Drudgey?"

indicating they have noticed my lack of quality, lengthy original posts and merely linking to other bloggers.

Very well played, observant Lieutenants, very well played.

I have been linking more than writing and the reason why is my new book:

Bachelor Pad Economics

I have been writing like a mad dog to get it finished for Black Friday and the thing is looking like it's going to come in around 400+ pages.  It's about 40% done, but I am trying to knock out a chapter every 3 days.

Regardless, it is what I like to describe as "the young person's financial advice bible."  It will be the most comprehensive financial road map for any young man looking to chart his financial future, as well as any young lady open minded enough to tolerate its blunt candor and occasional crass language.

I will also be looking for any bloggers/podcaster types interested in getting advanced digital copies, but in the meantime, I will be focusing most of my efforts on the new book. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Manless World

It's already here!

Again, a great entertainment I'm going to enjoy as I age.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is Sandra Foehl Racist?

Because I have yet to find if Praise Martin-Oguike has been reinstated at Temple, given his scholarship back, and been let back on the football team.  And if he hasn't, then I cannot help but conclude it's because of racism.  Because that's the script academia would give

R vs. K Type Breeding and How It Relates to Politics

An interesting post and book review by Matt Forney.

Kathleen Mooney - Another Idiot Principal

Again, teachers do not care about the children.  They care about their ideology and socialism.

The Pry, Valiente, ABC, 20/20 Thing Continues


Kid Strangelove

Judgy Bitch



Wouldn't have happened if the story was a legitimate piece of journalism.

The Manosphere Takes Down ABC

And no, that is not hyperbole.  It is fact.  I've never seen such a pathetic and lopsided victory in my life.

It's So Bad You Now Pay to Work

I want to go to work, pay my taxes, come home and not fucking think about it. I’m not a motivated self starting entrepreneur. I don’t want an opportunity for growth. I don’t need to sound cool to girls. That’s what the book is for. Go to work and get paid and come home. Impossible. Jobs do not exist. The promise of a job is just a way for motivated self starting entrepreneurs to sell you something. The unemployed are a captive market. There is no money. There is only debt. What’s out there is: you pay to work. Soon the whole economy will be like this.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Manosphere Growth v. 20/20's

The article, written by (undoubtedly) two leftist women is completely biased and passes off the Manosphere as a hate, misogyny, blah blah blah.

But permit me these points three:

1.  How's ABC's viewership growth rate compared to The Manosphere and Alt Right econosphere?  I'm experiencing 50% annual growth.  Which is serving a growing market and which is stagnating, resting on its previous oligopoly status?

2.  What is 20/20/ABC hoping to achieve with this?  A "shaming and then they hopefully go away?"  Again, I've said it before.  We have nothing to lose (14:00 mark).  Jobs?  none.  House?  None.  Wives?  None.  Country?  None.  And until there is genuine economic opportunity in the country this is the best use of our time.

3.  Consequently, I can't wait to see their response when they read through the comments and it doesn't go their way.

Anyway, you guys wanted mainstream attention, well, now you got it.  Might as well light up the comments section and show readers this isn't just a group of "angry meanie men who can't get laid."

Also, the "journalists."

Alyssa Pry - worthless degree, East coast, blah blah blah.  You're heard it before.

And Alexa Valienti - Oooooh  Diplomatic Relations degree!!!

Ug, you just can't make it up.  It's sooooo predictable.

But there is something important to note here guys.  Look at their resumes.

These are CHILDREN, young 20 something CHILDREN who have been given the cache and pull of a traditional media outlet like 20/20.  HOw can you take their article seriously?

Millions of men unemployed, in debt, divorced, and with no hope for a future and two children with "Ambercrombie and Fitch" experience write an article daring to suggest you're all just a bunch of sexist whiners???

What this is, is proof of just how desperate, out of touch, and worthless the MSM is.  It should also be an ego boost to those of us in the alternative media world.

Leasing Beauty

I have a friend who is now on his third Russian mail order bride.  Every stereotype you are having right now about him is correct.  But what I couldn't understand is after the first two ditched him (one with a kid), cheated on him, and split once they got citizenship, why he opted for a third.

But the little hot librarian in my mind decided to search through the ole Captain's mental archives and pulled something she deemed relevant and might explain it:

When he was looking for his second wife he was insistent on showing me her picture (along with all the other girls he was considering) on the dating/mail order bride site.

In hindsight what this tells me is that he never viewed these women as potential spouses, mates or wifey like material, but rather things or objects (albeit luxurious).  He was literally shopping for a young, hot, woman in an online catalogue, no different that if he were looking for shoes on  What's worse is that despite the HA-YOOOOGE price he has paid for his past two mail order brides, he is going at it again, with surprisingly little remorse, let alone fear.  In other words his hind economic-lizard brain has made the calculation that it is worth it.  It is worth the risk and the likely price to have a hot, young mail order bride that he probably really couldn't care less about emotionally.

But then it occurred to me what was really happening on an economic level:

He was merely leasing beauty.

While we can all understand men wanting to be with pretty women as opposed to ugly ones, and preferring to have sex with hot girls instead of fat ones, what I cannot understand is the psychology that drives some men to pay to merely be with and seen with a hot chick. But just because I personally can't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen and doesn't mean there isn't a market.  This is a real economic phenomenon that I cannot deny exists.

However, my best economic explanation of what we are viewing (and thus an explanation of why some men do this) is that it is a separate economic market from the traditional sexual market place. In the "normal" market place, normal men and women meet, date, court and kind of stumble their way towards marriage.  I would estimate this accounts for 70% of men who (while maybe not all Clive Owen) are capable, no matter how clumsily, of invariably having enough charm and wit to score a mate.  Of the remaining 30%, I would estimate 25% are either just fine on their own, MGTOW's, not interested, or are too afraid of rejection to go and attract a mate.  But there's that 5% remaining who have no game or charm, but DO have enough money to essentially lease out women's attention at very high financial and emotional rates, and these guys make up this obscure market.  But to them it makes perfect sense.

They don't need to go to clubs.
They don't need to work out.
They don't need to practice Walter Matthauish and Cary Grantish charm.

They just need to pay a price.
 They just merely need to "buy" her attention.

And even when the attention dries up or she just skips town, the prospects of participating in the sexual market place to find another girl "the normal way" is still too daunting.  So daunting in fact they'd rather "play it safe" and get MOB #2, #3, #4,...#n as long as the money doesn't run out.

I'm no fan of the meat market.  Been there, done that, and I was what could have been considered "very successful."  But I'd rather take my chances there than going to the lease a whore mail order bride market.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

One of the things I'm going to enjoy in the future is watching these children grow up and completely flail about in society, clueless as to how the real world works.  It will also be entertaining to see if their parent (yes, that's singular, not plural), will care their children are suffering.  Because my cynical (yet, constantly being proved right) gut tells me they never really cared all that much for these kids in the first place.

Air Ambulance

If you are looking for an air ambulance, look no further, consider one of our sponsors, Express Air Medical Transport.  Prompt, fast, efficient and professional, these guys have medical, security and flight staff to ensure your flight is as safe and secure as possible.

Visit their web site here or give them a call at 1-800-304-8094.

More Views from My Location-Independent Office

Remember kids, you're a loser if you don't commute, pay for parking, work in a cubicle, or have to sit in meetings.  Those are real jobs real men and women take.  Losers like you work from home or where ever you want because you "couldn't hack it in the real world."

Why Fat Shaming is Unnecessary

I saw this and remembered it is/was Fat Shaming Week, but had not been able to write as I was in Jamaica enjoying life.  But as I flew back on the plane and the battery to my laptop dwindled, my mind wandered and as it is wont to do it came up with an observation:

Fat shaming is unnecessary.

The reason why is look at who fat shaming is aimed at - people pushing fat acceptance.

If the goal was to get people who we like, but are also fat the negative reinforcement needed to lose weight, live healthier and better lives, then fat shaming is (in all truth) kindness and tough fatherly love.  But since fat acceptance is pushed by delusional (typically), leftist people, intent on destroying yet another fabric of society, the goal of fat shaming is to cause them pain, grief, mock them and ridicule them.

But let me suggest another route if you truly want to get your "revenge" on people who are increasingly responsible for the decreasing beauty in humans and push fat acceptance:

Let them keep pushing fat acceptance.

The reason why is simple  - they're wrong.  And in being wrong, no matter how much they try to convince themselves otherwise, they are in the end being delusional.  Living in a false world.  Living a lie.  They are trying to change a law of nature - men like trim chicks - and no matter how much effort they put into it, they are guaranteed to fail as it is no different than trying to change the law of gravity.

The consequences of this are far more punishing and brutal than any kind of fat shaming campaign done on the internet. Their health WILL BE worse.  Their love lives WILL BE non-existent.  Their careers WILL BE a fraction of what they could achieve.  And, worst of all, they have to spend years in mental energies constantly rationalizing it.

In the end these are people who love food more than other human beings, including themselves.  In doing so, they will never get to interact with and engage other humans (the most important thing on Earth) to the capacity normal humans do.  And in doing so, they will waste the one life they have on this planet.

Us merely shaming them and pointing out what idiots they are, not only is likely to go unheeded, but in the off chance they listen, they might actually benefit from it.  Ergo, my friends who work hard at staying in shape, take joy in the just what miserable lives these people lead.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Attaining Equality to Men

Step 1 - Stop complaining.  Men don't complain, let alone about such petty and minor things like this.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pre-Planned Dropped Post

Today's total cop out of me writing comes from Joe Soucheray.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Are the Young Kids Finally Waking Up???

I've seen enrollment dropping for college classes and a general disregard for liberal arts degrees among younger circles.  This is a good thing, too bad it took a generation of older brothers and sisters to get their asses handed to them so their younger siblings wouldn't make the same mistake.

However, this is also heartening.  Younger college students blaming democrats and the left.

I still contend, however, the best allies the republicans and conservatives/liberatarians have would be what would be considered "safe" demographic groups for liberals.  College students and minority males.  But this would require the GOP to wake up and try some new tactics.  Maybe they can nominate another milquetoast nice-haired-billionaire for president.

And It is the Indians Who Will Suffer

I have a friend from India.  When he (and his family) came here they stocked up on electronics because, as he explained, they don't have large companies like Wal-Mart and such items can cost twice that in the US.

So you would think a country like India, with hundreds of millions of poor, would benefit greatly if a company could come in and overnight boost their purchasing power, and thus, standards of living by 20-50% (depending on which items you'd like to compare).

Well, you are right.  It WOULD benefit pretty much every Indian.  It WOULD be the single largest advancement and improvement in the world of economics this year.  But those socialists and ignoramouses are (as you would expect) attaching so many strings to Wal-Mart setting up shop, they've now scrubbed their plans to expand into India.

This is how leftists unintentionally hurt those they so hypocritically claim to want to help.

Stefan Molyneux in for the Captain #1

Ripping apart Hannah Montana.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Off to Jamaica

Greetings Economists, Children, and Lieutenants,

I'm off to Jamaica so the blog will be on auto pilot with links and other minimal efforts on my part for the next couple of days.  I will unlikely access it from Jamaica, because to be honest I don't trust the internet connection from being hacked.  Ergo, it's only the most basic of work I'll be doing on teh interwebz.  E-mail will also be minimal.

There will be a podcast however, posted later today, that's if I ever get indoors because it's gorgeous outside.

D'oh Jesus

For Bill Burr fans.

If you don't know why this is funny then start listening to the Bill Burr Podcast.

Ladies, Just Dye Your Hair

So I'm watching "The Property Brothers," which I will standby because I like the show, even though I know it is nothing but eye candy for women watching "John and Drew."  Regardless, the "contestants" come on and I had to snap a photo (because I couldn't find a picture on the internet of the couple)

Alright class, shall we?

#1. The woman is not old.  Like Steve Martin she is pre-maturely gray.  if you look at her face you can see she is not a day over 40, she just has bad "hair genetics."

#2.  She is actually quite pretty...if you can get past the gray hair.

#3.  Yes, the husband the entire time fit every stereotype you could imagine as did she.

#4  The husband, is actually not ugly himself.  Handsome if he got rid of the Beatles cut and hit the gym.

#5.  She was a little overweight.  Say 30 pounds.

Put this altogether and what you have s a very important lesson for both men and women, namely:

A little bit goes a long way.


How hard?

And for that little expenditure of effort you could see her improving DRAMATICALLY.

Same thing for the guy.

Get rid of the 70's hair cut and the pedophile attire, hit the gym, BLAMO!

Hot couple on the block!

But no.  No no no no no.

If you saw the two interact you would KNOW the lady, "loves the way she is and if society can't accept her then blah blah blah blah blah."

The guy, "Well, I'm in charge of the money and well yeah, I guess we can blah blah blah blah."

The only reason I'm writing this is I see two GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE hidden in a thin veil of laziness.  and that is the lesson you should take from this.  Just a little effort people, just a little freaking effort, and the pay off would be amazing.

But no, I know, I know.  Your ego and emotion is all that matters.  Looks are shallow.  Who wants looks when you can have mundacity and mediocrity and not look like a million bucks walking down the street.


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Seetha Kulandaisamy - Another Narc

Like Adria Richards, another narcer feminist gets offended at male humor and costs another guy his job.

But I want to be INCREDIBLY clear on this.  The problem is NOT that petty women like this take offense and self-decree themselves crusaders to "right the wrongs" of evil, and then go narcing to the employers of said employess.

It's the fact the employers ACTUALLY TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY AND FIRE THEIR EMPLOYEES instead of dismissing these child-women as the mere whiners and complainers they are.

I've addressed this in my latest podcast.  It is a trend.  It is the future.  And you NEED to know how to adapt to this and realize there is NO FUTURE with modern day employers.  It is mutually exclusive to being male.

Stay frosty boys.  Stay frosty.

Post post, seems she ruffled some feathers.

The Reality Principle

Arguably the simplest and easiest way to improve your life is to adopt this principle.  It has helped me immensely.

Monday, October 07, 2013

So Women ARE Using the Government to Supplant Men

"We usually have a lull in September and October," Gwynn says. "For us to peak at the end of the month in September, and this week in general, it makes no sense for us to have a growth like this. Half of the new members are single moms, so we're thinking that it's tied directly to the government shutdown, since (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children), that help more than 9 million moms, have been stalled. It would make no sense for growth otherwise."

1.  This just disgusts me.
2.  Men who vote democrat are not men.
3.  I don't want to hear anything ever again about single moms being noble or heroic
4.  I don't want to hear about "independent women" when I have to pay more taxes to support them
5.  This video should be going viral.

I Was at the Office Today...

I think I may start a new series called "My Office Today" highlighting the benefits of a location independent career.

This was "today's office" over on the west-sayeed visiting a buddy of mine:

Remember kids,

work hard
go to school
go into debt
get a job, but before you get that first paycheck
get a car loan you can barely afford,
get a mortgage
get a wife that doesn't like you
have kids you can't afford
and then get to work at a job you hate in a cubicle

because that's what "contributing members of society" do!

And remember, if you don't succeed at that, then "you just couldn't hack it in the real world" and are a loser.

Boys, NEVER Buy a Fancy Car to Impress Chicks

The best part is the 8:00-9:13.  Doesn't have anything to do with cars, but it's funny.

Waltz for Venus

Cowboy Bebop is by far one of the best artistic achievements humanity will ever come up with.  An integral part of it success is the musical score the accompanied it.

To this day, 15 years after it was released, I cannot with my perfect hearing discern whether this is a xylophone or a music box.  It is from the scene "Waltz for Venus."  I would appreciate anybody's knowledge/better-hearing than mine to tell me what it really is.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Girls Going to Somalia

Help the Captain out here lieutenants, economists and agents.

Can you post below all the links, stories, news you've heard about a young western woman going off to some crappy third world country to go "help the poor" or "fight the system" only to end up murdered, killed, attacked, raped, assaulted, etc.?

I have a theory and it's ground shaking.  But I need empirical evidence and data to test it.

Post post - I appreciate all the info, but I need LINKS and NAMES.  Not just anecdotes and stories guys.  Something so I can go and research so I can start pulling data.

This isn't Oprah.
This isn't the democratic party
This isn't the liberal arts college at your local university.

This is Cappy Cap.  And we be economists here.

POST POST POST - There seems to be some kind of assumption of race here.  I'm don't care if the woman is white, that is irrelevant.  I want instances of ANY woman going overseas, or to a destitute area to help only to end up in trouble.  Data people, numbers.  Not colors.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

To Defend Capitalism and Defeat Socialism - Series

Several of my youtube subscribers/viewers have asked about the "Capitalism/Socialism" speech I delivered several years back.  They said it was private, but it seems to work for me.  Regardless, the speech is probably some of my finer work and certainly one of the most comprehensive presentations/arguments I've ever put together, not to mention a ton of succinct economic data.

If you are new to economics and politics, not to mention, just looking for some clear empirical data and arguments about capitalism and socialism, this video series would be it.  Will save you a ton of time and trouble trying to read a score of books.  It is unfortunately spread across multiple videos, but you can click from one to the next.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Thursday, October 03, 2013

5 Reasons You SHOULD Major in Women's Studies

I'm not making this up folks. She actually has a 5 point list why you should major in women's studies.

But what I am going to do is a genuine favor for all the women (and men) out there who are thinking about majoring in women's studies and debunk the above list with just one reason.


"The One and ONLY Reason You Should NEVER Major in Women's Studies."

#1 - You can achieve everything a doctorate in women's studies can achieve without having to waste 8 years of your youth and $150,000 in tuition.  You can read the books on the internet or library for free.  You can read the literature for free.  You can protest, lobby, and do whatever you want to advance women's issues for free.  And (here's the kicker) you will have the exact same employment prospects as people who have a doctorate in the field.

What we're witnessing here is the cannibalism that occurs in leftist academia.  Liberals and leftists major in some faux humanities degree.  They can't find a job with a "Bachelor's in Vicitimization" so they proceed to get a "Masters in Whining."  That doesn't result in employment so they go full on for a "Doctorate in Asking the Government for More Money While Claiming We're Independent."

But the irony of such worthless degrees is the only thing you can do with them is simply reteach them to future students.  Deep down inside you KNOW the degree is worthless, but you have so much in student loans and practically all of your youth invested in this fake industry that your ego cannot take the blow that you


fucked up your life and wasted your youth.

And so they cannabalize on (in this case) future young women, cajoling them to join them in their misery at the women's studies department AND in the process ruin and destroy these poor girls' lives (despite, ironically being a presumed women's studies program).

Ladies, look, I don't care if you're a leftist, a liberal, or a feminist.  You can be all those things for free.  You don't need to be "ordained" or "certified."  Just "be" those things.  But for the love of the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, if you're going to drop 6 years of youth and $100,000 on a masters degree could you at least make it count?

Running With Dad

I'm quite impressed with my old man.  On the rare times I find myself in his town, without fail, he is always up for a run.  He is 67, looks about 53, which is a testament to his religious adherence to running regularly, diet (primarily salads) and no drinking.  He can't bang out 9 miles at a 7:30 minute mile rate, but he can do 5 at a decent clip which puts him and his cardiovascular system in the top 2% of his age group.

However he is also old AND also "with it."  He doesn't need hand holding.  His mind is still sharp and this combination allows him not only to have wisdom but to make observations and think things through resulting in interesting epiphanies.  So when we run I'm not tolerating a discussion with somebody just for the sake of having somebody to talk to, nor am I wishing I had my MP3 player so I could listen to a more interesting podcast, I'm simply discussing things with him.

In our latest run he was talking about a church in Milwaukee.  He was a pastor and kind of keeps tabs on "the industry."  And apparently there is this "rock star" of a pastor coming out who is turning one of Milwuakee's ghettos into a nice place (of course while the Milwaukee's teachers union and leftist thugs fight against it).  Regardless, the pastor, paraphrased from my dad said something to the extent,

"The future of the congregation and religion in general is not going to be buildings, but the internet, podcasts, and Youtube videos."

I had never thought of that.

Like radio, the "religion industry" is headed up by old farts who largely are incapable of seeing how the internet will shove an entirely different business model down their throats.  Young people don't want to spend the money on gas going to church, let alone sit with a bunch of old farts who want to sing and go through 45 minutes of BS just to get to a sermon that might be marginally good.  Additionally, they don't have the money to tithe, those that donate in the first place.  But notice how something as simple as podcasting can completely revolutionize religion.

First, people are not stuck with the pastor sent to their local community.  Like podcasting, they can go on the internet, select from thousands of podcasting pastors.

Second convenience.  No more wakey wakey at 6AM to catch the early service.  You download it, put it on your MP3 player, and go running while listening to Reverned Bob tell you about St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians.

Third, no more buildings.  Again, like radio, buildings and capital equipment are expensive.  But with the internet and podcasting, nearly all capital expenses are eliminated.  A rock, solid pastor with a laptop and internet access can smoke any established old fart pastor with the church's largest temple.  He can also attract more donations, a higher percentage of which now can be donated to his personal Jimmy Swaggart account, uh...err...ummm...."go to charity."

Fourth, higher quality sermons.  Not just because people can choose from more pastors, but with out all the singing, rehearsing or (god forbid you're Catholic) standing,kneeling,jumping, squatting,calisthenics, that leaves more time for the sermon.  Also, the pastor only has to record it ONCE.  He doesn't have to do late service, early service, Saturday service, etc.  He just uploads it and they're off to the races.

There are other benefits, but like all old, established organizations, I'm very interested to see if the old guard will embrace these changes (as they would not doubt immeasurably improve the quality and religious life for many religious followers) or if they will fight against them because it would undermine their control and force some of them to give up their fiefdoms.

Guess where my money's on!

They Even Got Vox

Ug...they even got Vox.

A well written and charty-goodness post, but he still considers the education/college degree gap a "real" gap.

There are two brief points I shall make as I'm trying to knock out a chapter per 4 days of my book:

1.  Women earn the majority of EASY DEGREES.  When it comes to engineering and anything that requires significant math men beat them at a ratio of 4:1.  When it comes to Masters in Farting Unicorns and Doctorates in Feelings with Minors in Oprah, yes, women dominate.  But for the stuff that matters in the world, men by far outcompete women.

2.  Women are NOT going to be ahead in the world for this.  It is NOT a good thing for women that they are earning the majority of degrees because they are buying into a bubble.  It's like having women purchasing 70% of the housing in early 2007 and citing that as an example of some kind of performance gap.

Post post - Vox repsonds.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I Miss the Women of the 1950's

Somebody please tell me this is a photoshopped deal.  Please.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Defending Her MA Thesis While Applying at McDonald's

Ahhhh poetic justice.

Bar Killing Us, There is Nothing the Left Can Do to Stop Us

I explain how when there is no future, no jobs, no quality members of the opposite sex for mates, and housing is now a liability then there is nothing leftists, liberals, commies and socialists can do to shut us up or shut us down.

Because what are you doing to take away from us?

and more in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

You Can't Find a Man in the Bakken Oil Field????

for the Patron Saint's name of Frick.

In a state where men are regularly pulling in $100K+ and there are 5 men for every woman, and you still can't find a man?

And just when I think, "You know, we've said our peace and we can cut back now."

And mercy, could it get any more stereotypical???

36, yoga instructor.


Enjoy that decline fellas.  Enjoy that freaking decline!

Democrats are the Real Uncle Toms

Notice how well the black community has been doing under Obama.

I don't know how else to get blacks to take the red pill they so desperately need.  Democrats, especially the likes of Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and most politicians are using you.  Don't you get it?  They are using you to make themselves rich while impoverishing you.

Teaching Youth "Employerese"

Hi Kids!

Are you confused about the terminology and jargon being used by today's employers?

Wish you knew what all those really important, really smart gray haired people were saying?

If you just knew what those job postings were saying, you could probably get the job?

Well worry no more with this handy reference list!  Below are all the key words that professional business people use to make them sound smarter than they actually are to help keep the American corporate sector booming, bustling, and creating new work opportunities for you!

"HR" - An affirmative action program created by corporations to meet quotas and political pressure to hire more women.  It is now morphed into an arm of the Communist Party International where they impede and destroy the western economies' labor markets making sure people are hired based on the color of their skin, gender, and/or ethnicity and not by their character of ability to do the job.

"Probationary Period" - When you did something right that would help increase the profitability of the firm, but your boss either didn't authorize it or is so intimidated by it he needs to teach you a lesson.

"CSR" - A sign that the company has plain ran out of any good ideas and is now jumping on the green bandwagon to get you suckers to buy their product.  Also an affirmative action program used to high math-impaired masters candidates from liberal arts colleges, but only as long as they're related to the CEO.

"MBA Preferred"- Typically listed in the job description, this phrase tells you a mentally impaired otter is capable of doing the job, but HR is still going to insist on hiring idiots stupid enough to pay $70,000 to jump through a hoop and get an MBA in the OFF CHANCE it might lead to better job prospects.

"Ad Hoc Duties" - This is the catch all term that basically says, "yeah, we know we said your job would be X, but this clause allows us to force you to do the real work we hired you for and we don't want to do ourselves"

"Internship" - Formerly considered janitorial and secretarial work, this new euphemism attracts idealistic and hopeful students aiming to put to practice what they learned in school, only to give them a dose of reality, but with out pay!

"Diversity" - The new profit model that has replaced accounting.  Corporate goals are no longer measured by income and earnings, but rather diversity, facebook likes and carbon foot print.

"Training Program" - A mythical thing that never existed.  Why would they have a training program.  You have a masters degree.

"Hit the Ground Running" - A phrase used by many bosses too lazy to train you in, provide you leadership or guidance, let alone tell you what to do.

"Steep Learning Curve" - Another phrase used by many bosses too lazy to train you in, provide you leadership or guidance, let alone tell you what to do.

"United Way Donation" - Mandatory tax that your employer forces on you because if you don't donate then you will get overlooked for promotion.

"Promotion" - A practice of the past where younger, lower ranked employees could get "promoted" to a higher, better paying position.  The last promotion, however, was recorded back in January 27th, 1988 as too many old people have failed to save adequately for retirement and now need to work until 2078.

"Continuing Education"- Another way to replace work with jumping through hoops to ensure you never actually develop any skills and all your knowledge is theoretical.

"Synergies" - A phrase that developed in the 90's and they haven't shut up about it yet.  Pre 1995 it was called "efficiencies" but did not sound adequate enough.

"VPN/RDP/Telecommute" - Theoretical concepts being developed at the forefront of corporate America.  The idea is that some day, technology would obsolete the need to commute to an office building, not to mention the office building itself by allowing to let people work over "the internet."  Another 20 years will be needed to see if this is possible so suffering 2 hour commutes will continue to be necessary.

"Facebook Password" - The tell-tale way to see if your employer really cares about making a profit or snooping into your private life.

"Health Insurance Plan" - An insurance plan that at first looks like your employer is giving you a benefit, but when you realize you can get the same coverage for a lot cheaper on your own, you realize it is nothing but a scam to overcharge you for insurance while subsidizing the older employees' health plan.

"I'm Too Busy" - The most common excuse management and bosses will give you because they've failed to manage their time correctly and therefore can't lead the office, let alone you, no matter how important your question is.