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Neither Your Plumbing, Nor Skin Color Earns Respect

You actions and accomplishments do.

A very good (and relatively clean) podcast from Cynical Libertarian Society, though language warning as always.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Law School

Fair warning, this is easily the lengthiest video and request I've received.  It's 1 hour and 40 minutes long, but that's a mere fraction of the time you'll waste if you decide to go to law school without thoroughly thinking it through and researching all your options.

This is ABSOLUTELY A MUST VIEW for all young people considering attending law school.  Share it with any young man or woman who is contemplating spending $100,000 and three years of their lives pursuing a law degree.

Christian Sex Lives

Once again living up to the stereotype of tapioca pudding.

If it's come to having to follow those 6 steps, find yourself a mistress and enjoy a happy sex life before you die.

Why You Never Invest in California

Reason 4,593,920.

Africentric Math

You must really think blacks are stupid if you have to tailor something that is truly untailorable to a race.

Comments of course are not available.  It is the CBC.

What Did I Tell You About High IQ's?

It's "science!"

You can't argue with it!

And buy the damn book already!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

It Took too Long to Identify the Education Bubble

Out of America's 320 million people there are enough independent, intelligent adults who can and have identified various asset bubbles in the US economy.  Some not only identified them, but they also had the foresight to predict them warning people long before the bubbles burst.

Had Normie and Conformie Americans listened to these people we would have avoided a world of pain.  The Great Depression, the Dotcom Crash (and the subsequent recession) and the most recent "Great Recession."  All of these bubbles and their consequential economic pain could have been avoided if the mainstream media, government officials, academics and just regular common folk...stopped...took a big breath...thought...and stopped buying into the bubble, ending the bubble in its tracks and thus limiting the economic damage it would wreak on the economy.  Sometimes it takes months, usually, it takes a couple years, but most people alive today have cummulatively and unnecessarily paid trillions in lost economic production and potential to these bubbles.

But the education bubble is different.  And the reason it is different is the APPALLING amount of time it has taken the American sheeple to wake up and get hip to the scam known as higher education.  Worse, our presumed American institutions that are to serve and protect us, failed the American people spectacularly.  The mainstream media was (as usual) asleep at the wheel, too busy peddling socialism under the guise of brown journalism.  Our politicians, as usual, are too stupid and short sighted to see what flooding the labor market with degrees would do.  And academia, who should presumably be studying education and the labor market and warning us about it, were complicit as much as bankers during the housing bubble as they were the drug peddlers profiting off the education bubble.  Without America's effective "nervous system" to tell us what is going on in the economy, country, and the labor market, the same worthless outdated advice was given to our children "the future"

"Any degree's a good degree!"
"It doesn't matter what you major in, it's what you do with your degree that matters."
"Follow your heart and the money will follow."

And thus we Idiot Americans kept our hands on the educational stove and for the past 20 years shoveled ever-so-roughly-around $6.5 trillion of our money on worthless degrees - much more if you consider the interest paid on those worthless debts - and more than what we spent on the Iraq war.

The costs, sadly, are not merely financial.  Students released into the wild real world suffer an indescribable psychological toll as they cannot find a job, are crippled with debt, and often times must return for pointless "advanced degrees" to make anything of their undergrad.  Worse is the insanity that must ensure when you realize you've been lied to the entire time, your entire SEVENTEEN YEAR educational career was wasted, and you now get to relearn everything from the ground up.  But if this psychological torture was not enough, all one has to do is look at the insanity that happens to today's unfortunate millennials in college on a daily basis.  From denying people the freedom of speech, to fake rape epidemics, to blatant racism and sexism, to the delusional obsession of creating synthetic genders, not only has academia become a laughing stock to normal, sane, working Americans, they have mentally impaired nearly a generation, condemning them to a life of misery and mental torture.  And if I were to estimate it about half of Gen X, all of the millennials, and soon to be all the Gen Z'ers will have their lives sacrificed into this education bubble.  When the totality of the damage of the education bubble is taken into account, it is simply the most costly bubble in US history.

But there is hope, and by "hope" I mean on the level of hope offered by President Obama.  Merely, a theory, a potential, a possibility for educating the American people, bursting this bubble, making our decisions based in the real world, and preventing our current and future children from wasting their youth on worthless degrees.

The MSM is FINALLY waking up.

Though way too little and way too late, when you have an article in PBS written by a man who is a worthless-degreed victim of the education bubble himself, highlighting that EVEN HIPPY DIPPY CALIFORNIA is throwing a token $6 million towards an initiative to start a conversation to raise awareness to form a committee to start a discussion about the merits of vocational training, it could be the snowflake that causes the avalanche.  Of course Mr. Krupnick is not the first snowflake from the MSM to hint at an education bubble.  There has been the rare article on CNN and your local newspaper that has identified the education bubble.  But as I said these are merely woefully inadequate tokens of hope.  A sign that SOME in the MSM, government, even intellectually honest academics are aware of the bubble...but the heck if anyone is going to do anything about it.

And this is where I have further bad news.

It took 20 years for just SOME nerve cells in America's Nervous System to identify that America has had its hand on the higher education stove for all this time.  And despite my and other's best efforts, do you have any clue how long it's going to take for America and her institutions to do something about it?

First, Academia is THOROUGHLY entrenched in its mob-like shake down of America's children.  No honest studies or efforts at reforming themselves for the betterment of America's labor force and America it self should be expected.  Yes, there's WGU and a movement to go online, but these institutions should have been the norm, not the exception, A DECADE AGO.

Second, the likes of Mr. Krupnick and Joe Soucheray are the exception, not the rule in the MSM.  They're actual journalists.  And though it may sound petty and sad, I believe most people in the media today simply have too much pride to admit their degrees were worthless, and are too steeped in pro-education-forever indoctrination commonly found in their heavily-left biased environment.  They may know their hands are on the stove, but just can't bring themselves to admit it.  At minimum it will be pulling teeth to get the MSM to admit there's an education bubble.

Third, basic ignorance of the normies and conformies.  Specifically American parents.  I still cannot believe that Gen X parents today, who were likely the first victims of earning worthless degrees, regurgitate the same slop their Baby Boomer parents feed them 35 years ago.  "Any degree's a good degree."  "You need that sheepskin."  Even if 16 year old read the newspapers, the stereo brainwashing they get between their teachers and parents that they MUST go to college is deafening.

And finally, "the college experience."  I've pointed it out before and I'll point it out again, "college" is not viewed by young college-bound Americans as a means to skills and a career, but a birthright to a 4 year party after a 13 year prison sentence.  We have NOT painted our children with a picture of the future that is anything but "college."  Worse, we have made it like a "Promised Land of Canaan" as we force them into the legal prison system of K-12 education, putting way more value and emphasis on college than their degrees could ever possibly provide.  The MSM, government, parents, and academia itself could warn these kids in a coordinated, uniform cacophony about the perils of the education bubble, but students would still line up to pay $100,000 for a "Masters in Puppetry" anyway. 

And so while it may have taken America's "adults" 20 years to IDENTIFY the education bubble, I'm afraid it will take 20 more to deflate it.  Gen Z is currently now getting the finishing touches on its brainwashing in high school about the merits, nay, mandatory nature of college.  Millennials are still flailing around as fish out of water, slinging coffee, desperately clinging on and citing their socialist talking points as to why they can't find meaningful employment and why taxpayers should bail them out of their student loans just like the bankers.  Politicians, in an attempt to get elected, are going to say they're for more money for education...failing to realize how flooding the market with more money causes tuition inflation.  Academics have absolutely NO incentive admit to the realities of worthless degrees.  And the MSM, though the rare Mr. Krupnick and Soucheray may point out the folly of "African American Studies" degrees, is so far removed from genuine journalism its in the late stages of Huntington's disease offering nothing of value to America.

America and Americans can expect to wander the desert another 20 years as it slowly digests this education bubble.  And like the previous two decades before it, you can expect to pay an equivalent price, both financial and mental.  But if you dare to be a truly independent thinker and don't want to suffer the consequences of another bubble, ensure you or your children major in the right thing.  You don't have to sling coffee with a masters degree.  You don't have to be in debt until you're 40.  You don't have to eat like a college student until you're 45.  And you don't have to shamefully and parasticially demand the taxpayers bail you out just like the bankers.
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Gen X Owes the World Fuck All

And not a penny more.

Though I will admit, Gen X is easily becoming the WORST parents ever and were only marginally better than the millennials.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Episode #246 of The Clarey Podcast - Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Special

Cappy Talks Shop.
"The Cubicle Awards."
Dean Martin's Celebrity Roasts.
Cappy's "Ode to Balloons."
Trudeau's already in trouble???
Let the Left HAVE the World.  It would be EASIER.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Peak Resting Bitch Face

"This is how the West ends
this is how the West ends
this is how the West ends
with a procession of issue-less bangs followed by a single autistic, allergic, Downs-y IVF daughter who will grow up to hate her selfish bitch mother for dying on her before her high school graduation and for denying her a flesh and blood father to love."

I delved into this article in one of my previous podcasts.  About the only thing I'll add is that I don't know if Chateau, myself, or anybody in general should be trying to sound the alarms or toll the bells for careerist people (yes, fathers as well) who put their careers and themselves ahead of their SUV-children (children they have because they're things, not humans).  The reason being is that these people are going down a path of hell by saddling themselves with children they are wholly unqualified to raise.  Yes, the children will suffer unfairly, but I'm done trying to warn people about the upcoming cliff they're sprinting towards, and instead want to profit off of them by selling them lies which encourage them to run even faster. 

I will enjoy the self-inflicted hell these arrogant, ignorant fools put themselves through.  I suggest you do the same.

Monday, March 26, 2018

She Dumped You. Man Up and Move On.

For more masculine advice your father didn't give you, read this.

White People Look Out

Yes, there is a target painted on your back. Enjoy the Decline!

Invisible Hand Fashion

Got a new sponsor.  He wanted me to use this banner, which I will.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Getting Revenge on Your Psycho Ex

Allow me to tell you these stories three:

Story 1 - A good friend of mine foolishly married a woman with bipolar disorder.  He further foolishly bred a son with her, and as we all know when you marry somebody with bipolar disorder there is only one outcome - divorce.  Sure enough after she filed the papers, my buddy endured about 16 years of court visits, re-evaluating income, excuses that her disability prevented her from earning a living, tug of wars over visitation rights, her new found religions of "feminism" and "Wicca," and a whole potpourri of other BS, all of which took a toll on my buddy, but a much higher toll on his kid.

Story 2 - Another good friend of mine married a man with (you guessed it) BIPOLAR disorder.  Again, she managed to have a daughter with him making an already bad situation, impossibly worse.  And of course after the inevitable divorce the same battles ensued over custody, school attendance, "disability" preventing her ex from making enough money to support the kid, etc. etc. etc.  My buddy paid an inordinate (and preventable) financial and mental price but, again, not as much as the kid.

Story 3 - Yet another good friend of mine married a woman with (do you see a trend???) bipolar disorder.  But not only bipolar disorder, but depression, social anxiety disorder, and some fourth mental illness that escapes me now.  She, like many psycho ex wives, got infected with a fifth mental disorder all ex wives get - feminism.  But despite her claims of being oppressed, being too mentally disabled to work, and not having enough money, she oddly enough bought a new car and always has new clothes.  Like many feminists today she has an advanced degree (one that would actually land her a job), but curiously can't find work, requiring my buddy to pay more in alimony...oh and child support for a young boy they had together (of which, she is no doubt doing a "fantastic" job filling that poor 5 year old boy's head with feminist insanity).

All three of my friends are sane.  All three of my friends work and support society.  All three of my friends are intelligent, interesting people.  All three of them love their children. And all three of them (rightly) complain about their psycho exes because of the sheer hell they've wreaked upon my friends and their children.  These are good people who do not deserve the hell they unintentional wreaked upon themselves.  But deserved or not, this hell is here and it is not ending anytime soon.

Depending on the age of their children my buddies are facing a life of quasi-hell for the next 5-14 years.  Their children will inevitably become adults and the child support, alimony, and simply having to deal with their exes will come to an end.  But in the meantime they are going to have to pay a hefty price in terms of money, time, mental pain, and worst - watching their children suffer under their ex.  The horror stories I've been told not only make you feel for the true victims of these psycho exes, but they are blood boiling because it's painfully obvious these psychos are manipulating the system just as much as they are their own children.

They claim they have mental disorders when they don't.
They fake getting injured at work to file a workman's comp claim.
In general it is their policy to claim they can't work and do everything to avoid it.
They play petty and unlimited mind games that I'm sure many of you divorced people are aware of.
They all join some religion or cult like feminism.
And hands down the worst thing they do is drag their children through this world of hell simply because they view the child as an asset, a pawn, a tool to get more money and resources for themselves with absolutely NO intention of spending it on the kid.

These are without a doubt some of the most evil, despicable people, and the only thing that makes them worse and they obviously don't care.  They are perfectly happy being parasitic, evil, child abusers.

This results in my friends (rightly) becoming angered and enraged.  Not only are they (and the tax payers) getting screwed financially, but the pure arrogance of these psycho exes to play the victim card and flaunt it in the court system to their financial advantage is nauseating.  And if you think that makes them angry, that's nothing when they see these psycho exes doing nothing short of abusing using their children without a care in the world.  I simply don't know how my friends don't grab a baseball bat and make their psycho exes impaired as they claim to be, because I know that's what I would be doing.

So when my buddies call me and we talk about their kids, their ex and the problems they're facing, I have a lot of empathy for them.  I can't even imagine what it's like to be in their situation.  So when we talk, I like to do what I can to make them feel better.  And while I can't solve their problems (without going to jail), nor can I solve the problems of the millions of you who have psycho ex's, there is an important reality most people are unaware of that at minimum will give you hope, if not bring about that full measure of revenge and justice you want on your psycho exes for everything they've done to you and your children.  You just need to open your eyes to see it.

The Life of a Parasite

There is no doubt in my mind (or yours) that these people know full well what they're doing.  I never met one person who claimed to have "bi polar disorder" that wouldn't be cured of it with a good beating.  The increasingly upward number of made up "social mental disorders" that people use to claim disability is a naked grab for tax payer and ex-spouse money for those who don't have wool over their eyes.  It shocks me how the court system can't see these people for the parasites they are as they cowardly hide behind "disabilities" and faux mental disorders, as they CONSCIOUSLY and CONNIVINGLY do everything they can to avoid work and live off of other people.

But while you think you (and the taxpayer) might be getting screwed (and you are) let me ask you a question about your parasitic ex.

How are they doing financially?

I know you have your own personal financial challenges, but out of my three friends mentioned above, they are ironically all in FAAAAR better financial shape than their parasitic exes despite the exes getting government, employer and ex spouse subsidies.

The Wiccan feminist priestess lives in government housing, drives a car that's on par with mine, is on EBT, and needs constant handouts from her nearly dead parents.

Her ex husband is now married to a doctor and they're sitting on a posh little house in the suburbs of St. Louis.

The bipolar ex husband of my buddy is effectively a NEET at the age of 44, laden with debt for a doctorate in criminal justice that he can't use in the field because he's too fat to join the police force.

My buddy just married a colonel in the military with a house bought and paid for in Phoenix.  They golf a lot.

And the other ex-turned-feminist-wife of my buddy is on the CONSTANT hunt for disability checks, psychologists to sign off on new mental disorders, has $75,000 in student loans, and just recently made a workman's comp claim for a WHITE COLLAR OFFICE JOB INJURY.  Yet she's still shy $500 a month to make ends meet because of the new car she bought.

This buddy is doing just fine making bank in banking, has a HOT little girly girl as a GF, and enjoys hiking in the Cascades.

Yes, your exes may be living off of you, the taxpayer, their parents, and their employer, but you MUST understand the economic nature of a parasite.

They're parasitic.

Meaning they don't generate their own wealth, which by definition limits their standards of living to what charity will give them.  And though it may goad your girders that they are getting a free ride off of you and the other producers in society, parasites ALWAYS outspend whatever charity is given to them.  This is why welfare recipients have 8 kids, buy designer clothes, Dodge diesels, yet still live in the ghetto or trailer park.  They WANT the rich lifestyle, but are too lazy to work for it.  So whatever money you give them, they WILL piss it away.  You just have to look at the never ending list of NBA and NFL players that manage to go bankrupt despite being paid millions.  Parasites will ALWAYS outspend their resources as that is the NATURE of being a parasite.  In other words your ex will forever be perpetually poor and be staring poverty in the face.

That's a face I don't ever want to look at again, let alone on a daily basis.

The Life of Faking a Mental Illness

To be blunt, white people got real quick to the scheme of taking a trait you were born with and using it to scam benefits out of society.  Be it your race, creed, color, or gender, now EVERYBODY is an equal opportunity player when it comes to claiming some kind of disadvantage or victim status which thus confers upon you (by the naivety of the American taxpayer) a whole host of government benies and goodies.  And whether you're white or black, Muslim or Christian, male or female, it doesn't matter.  Now EVERYBODY can claim some BS made up fake mental illness because, unlike race or gender, it simply can't be proved or disproved.

Thus it is NOT coincidence EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STORIES ABOVE the psycho ex claimed "bi polar" as a disease.  It's NOT a coincidence your ex had some kind of "mental disease" she excused her inexcusable behavior behind.  It is not a coincidence that every veritable bitch I dated had "bi-polar disorder."  And it's not a coincidence that your psycho ex BF was "bipolar."  "Bi polar" is noting more than the lazy Americans' excuse to use, abuse, and live off of people because they conveniently get to blame it on a disorder and not themselves.  Now, certainly there are people with genuine mental illness.  I know one (ONE mind you) person who DOES actually have bipolar disorder.  But since your ex is a psycho and a parasite, it's just way too easy and way too tempting to grab a mental illness and use it as an excuse to continue living off of other people without guilt or remorse.

But there's a cost to faking a mental illness.  You have to keep the act up.

I no longer care to listen to people's words as it is only their actions I care about.  And if you look at your ex's actions, is obvious they DAMN WELL CONSCIOUSLY KNOW what they're doing.

Oh, they may play dumb.
Oh, they may act like they didn't know.
But they know.  Trust me.  They know.

So what position does that put them in?

If you think about it, it puts them in a life of hell.

Can you imagine the hell it must be to CONSTANTLY act like you're mentally disabled?  Can you imagine the effort and psychological resources it takes to CONSTANTLY be on the stage?  Can you image all the time lost applying for aid and being interviewed with social workers to see if you are genuinely disabled, not to mention file lawsuits against your employers?  I don't know about you, but I love me. OH, do I LOVE ME!  I love waking up and getting my coffee.  I love going online and yelling obscenities at my clients.  I love going to cocktail parties and telling precious little 30 something soccer moms their degrees are completely worthless and I only care about their husband's profession.  I love walking into a bar, getting drunk, hitting on another man's woman, and not feeling shame the next day.

It may not be good.
It may not be honorable.
And I may not be popular.
But damnit if I don't don't go to bed as me, wake up as me, and live as me.

There is no acting involved.

Now imagine if you were born into this world with your own consciousness, sentience, dreams, desires, and goals...

and that's all thrown away because you're too damn lazy to get a job and need to fake being mentally ill to get you dem der gubmint checks, SSI disability, and alimony.

You threw away your life, your dreams, your goals, your passions...not to mention your own damn children...all so you didn't have to toil or work.

Trust me, I'm an economist.  The amount of work that goes into faking mental illness and CONSTANTLY playing the victim all so you don't have to work requires WAY MORE labor than if you just went to school to become a CPA and decided to help people instead of live off of them.  

Alienating Yourself from the Best Things in Life

Speaking of helping people, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, people are the most important thing in this world.  Certainly not all of them, absolutely not the most, but what few quality people we decide to have around us means more than all the Ferrari's, personal jets, and yachts the foolish rich people chase after combined.

I watch my buddies with their children and they have the love, attention, and respect of their kids...unlike their psycho ex's.

I watch my buddies with their kids and the kids LOVE my buddies...they LOATHE the psycho exes.

I could go on, but it's painfully obvious these kids don't love the psycho parent and love the sane one.  And that is the most important victory over your ex if you are looking for one.  Your child loves you.  I would like to say "more than your ex" but your child doesn't even LOVE your ex.  They will grow to hate them (trust me).  And this revisits the axiom that "the only thing that matters in life is other humans."

Much as your psycho ex is attempting to alienate, turn against, and make your child hate you, in the end your honesty and TRUE LOVE for your child will win in the end.  Kids ARE able to discern between good and evil.  Your wife may be trying to indoctrinate your daughter into feminism, your ex husband may be trying to vilify you in the eyes of your son, but in simply being honest and loving with your child and NOT using them as a pawn is what wins them in the end.

So in the end, and following the axiom before, where does that leave your ex?

Your ex will be alone.

Truly alone.

Not only will his/her past behavior alienate their own children from them, but anybody who has the slightest bit of morality or caliber to them.  This is why many psycho exes end up embittered, ideologues worshiping at some false altar of a god of "feminism" or "MGTOW" or some other such BS.  NOBODY of any worth will want to hang out with them.  Worse, their own children will disown them, painfully reminding them that they are legal adults and they no longer answer to your psycho ex.


I cannot emphasize that enough just how lonely and pathetic your ex is GUARNATEED to become.  Their selfish, insane, and parasitic life long behavior DOES have a price. And it is that ANY quality humans will have nothing to do with them.  They will be alone, not just from their own children, but from any quality humans on the planet.

So for in the here and today and now, yes you may be paying a price.  And yes, your ex may seemingly be getting the better of you.  But this is merely Dunkirk.  The long term war, which should be your primary concern, will be won in the future.  Your child will talk to you and hug you when he/she is 30.  She won't even talk to her ex.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Mental Illness

Poverty stricken, faking a mental illness, constantly validating yourself to social workers, and completely alone, where does your ex end up?  Even though he/she received potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in other people's money, they are likely alone, ostracized from society, nobody of any worth wanting anything to do with them, and their own children emancipating themselves from them.  They have also likely deluded their own selves into believing they are victims of an "oppressive society" and are starting to believe they are actually the victims of their own crimes.

There's only one way to describe this folks. Insanity.

Which is preciously ironic because it is my sincere belief that those who fake being mentally ill for so long are condemned to actually become mentally ill themselves. And painful and horrible as your own personal hell is right now, I can't imagine a worse hell than these vile evil people have condemned themselves to.

Yes, you may have to fork over half your income in taxes, alimony, and child support.
Yes, your ex may be doing their best to warp your child's mind against you.
And yes, he/she may be gunning after you for more child support.

But can you imagine the DAY TO DAY LIFE of your ex???

He/she has for so long, for DECADES put up this facade of helplessness and psychopathy that it is now an integral part of their lives.  They HAVE TO act like they're mentally retarded from here on FOREVER.  They HAVE TO act like they're mentally insane.  They now never have the chance to be free, to pursue their own lives, to live their lives like they wanted, and instead have chained themselves to their purported inferior selves, all so they could collect a check....and thus condemn themselves to a prison like life.

But the worst part is they will forever be alone because nobody, including their children, lack the self-respect to even bother with them.  They will have cats.  They will have group therapy sessions.  They will have their "Masters Degrees in Public Administration."  They will have their careers and their booze and their internet forums to commiserate with and that's it.  That is their life. That is their legacy.

I cannot make amends for the price you've paid both financially and mentally to your exes.  All I can point out is that in the long run you will win.  Your children will love you, spend time with you, and want to join you for Christmas dinner.  You will enjoy a life above the poverty level because you choose to be a productive member of society and not a parasite. You will never have to worry about the heat being turned off or your internet being canceled.  And you will have the simple (yet INVALUABLE) blessing of being sane.  That same cannot be said of your psycho ex.

So the vengeance upon your ex is very simple:


Yes, it may be a long and tortured decade and change to deal with them until your child is legally allowed to separate themselves from them, but it simply doesn't compare to the remainder of life which is all that matters. Your remainder will be one of a child who loves you, hangs out with you, and introduces you to grandchildren.

Theirs is one of ostracization, loneliness, hatred, and GENUINE mental illness.

Do not feel sorry for them. They deserve it.  They chose that life.
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Can Smart People Be Happy?

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Getting Your Daughters to Major in STEM

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Episode #245 of The Clarey Podcast - Lone Wolves vs. Tribes Special!

Lone Wolves vs. Tribes
When "Blogs" Were the Only Social Media!
Refusing to Give Wedding Gifts.  Only Give Anniversary Gifts.
Somali Cop Arrested...THAT'S RACIST!
College Students Being Stupid...Again
Millennials Killed Toy's R Us?  Nah, Feminism Did.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Three Cheers for Diversity!

But wait, arresting him is racist!

But he shot a female....that's sexist.

Oh you Minneapolis leftists must be so confused by your own hypocrisy.

Regardless, I only predict a HUGE lawsuit awaits the City of Minneapolis when they find out the left accelerated his training so they could claim the masturbation prize of "First Somali Cop" instead of "a good cop who just happens to be Somali."

Oh well.  Enjoy the decline!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Millennial "Shit Brown" Journalism

If you can call what the younger folk in media do "journalism"

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Two Instances of More Insanity at American Colleges

And keep in mind I don't use the word "insanity" mockingly or lightly.

It is the veritable definition of "insanity" when you do not acknowledge facts and reality (like men are taller than women).

It is also not only insanity, but racism when you cancel a group of speakers because too many of them are white. I t is also hypocrisy when you claim to be an institution of excellence and achievement when you are more concerned about people's skin color than what they accomplish.

Any logical, self-respecting student would leave these universities and colleges immediately, applying instead to schools that have not been co-opted into rank leftist-indoctrination camps. But I understand most of you college students are yourselves too brainwashed to think independently anymore.  Worse, parents, who should know better, should not be sending their kids to these jokes-of-colleges. 

But I know you "hard core conservative parents" out there can't even bother not to shop at Starbucks or refuse to buy Apple products, so why a I even bothering berating you for sending your own flesh and blood...and these institutions of evil and idiocy?

Oh well.  enjoy the decline.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Curse Free Podcast 3-16-18

Cappy mails one in before driving off to Wisconsin.  Barely awake he pontificates why you people commute, why large houses go unoccupied during the work day, who lends money to Africa, and UW Stevens Point highlights the bursting of the education bubble.

Direct MP3 link here.

RSS feed here.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Real Reason to Enjoy the Decline

If there is any reason to enjoy the decline and just let the US collapse, it is not because of leftists, SJW's or third worlders entering the country to dilute it to a pathetic Brazilian like standard or living.

It's because of this.

While many of you may be of the last vestiges of Americans and conservative, traditional people, the people you elect, predominantly through the republican party, are no better....maybe even worse...than the democrats when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

This is echoed when you look at the majority of "so called republicans" who borrow as much as they can to afford wifey-poo a mcmansion in the suburbs, BORROW (not buy) themselves an SUV, and then mindlessly ship their kids off to a liberal arts college and then just throw up their hands and say "oh well!!!???" when they don't have enough saved up for retirement because they paid for their nitwit childrens' college educations.

I don't enjoy the decline because leftist and parasites are taking over.  I enjoy the decline because the presumed "Americans" are not patriots, but mere pansies and pawns who will roll over and let the leftists take control.  I may dislike the political left of this country, but at least they're honest in their attempt to parasite off of other people. You republicans just can't even get the fucking budget to balance, be it your personal budget or the national one.  So just go fuck off and die.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This Must Piss Off the Guardian and Leftists

It's no shock The Guardian (from what it "guards against" I don't know) doesn't allow comments on this article.

Shame the world is starting to protect white people.

How Professors Fuck Their Students

If any of you care to forward this to know-it-all 20 somethings, I'd appreciate it:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Episode #244 of The Clarey Podcast - Drunk Indians in Rapid City Special

Drunk Indians in Rapid City.
Wives Who Force Husbands to Move to Shitholes.
A Journalist Meets an Economist.
Professors Hate Minorities.
Women Lie to Themselves About Marriage vs Career.
Leaving STEM for Social Justice.

And MORE in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

Direct MP3 link here.

RSS feed here.

Loving Complete Parasitic Strangers More than Your Country or STEM

The amount of stupid in this is painful.  Women abandoning STEM so they can work in fields of equity, social justice, and helping poor people.

Do not complain to me about "the wage gap."

Monday, March 12, 2018

What Gen Z Can Learn from The Millennials

A disproportionate percentage of my success did not come from working hard, working smart, or anything unto myself.  It simply came from watching my elders make mistakes and learning from them.  I titled this "Monkey See, Monkey Don't Do" and it included things like not getting divorced, not having kids I couldn't afford, staying away from crime, avoiding drugs, etc.  It may not have led me to make billions, but it did keep me out of jail, keep me out of bankruptcy, taught me frugality, and is largely why I'm retired today.

A similar, though MUCH greater opportunity exists for members of Generation Z.  On the precipice of entering adulthood, college, and the working world, this generation has such a learning opportunity to make their lives immeasurably better that I cannot even begin to explain the potential benefits of practicing "Monkey See, Monkey Don't Do."  And the reason there is such a great opportunity to improve their lives over previous generations is because of the spectacular, unlimited, and incomprehensibly stupid mistakes the generation before them made - The Millennials.

Let us be very clear.

The time of the Millennials is over.  They are now aging out of the age demographic that markers, corporations, media, politicians, and (not to mention) the opposite sex care about.  They are no longer the "hot cool 20 somethings," spending other people's money freely, but debt-laden parents of children they can ill afford in housing they can barely afford.  And if you look at nearly every aspect of the Millennials it quite literally is a wasted generation, a wasted crop of humans, whose only purpose on this planet was to serve as a warning to others.  Never has such a lemon been born into this world, and thus, never has the opportunity to make so much lemonade existed.  So if Generation Z wants to avoid the life-crippling, life-destroying mistakes of their elder brothers and sisters, I suggest you look at America's "Butt End of the Joke" generation and glean the following vitally-important life lessons from them.

Your Gender and/or Race Has No Value

In an attempt to avoid hard work, a job, or any other sort of labor or toil that is required to become a self-reliant, self-sustaining adult who is a contributing member to society, Millennials have rapidly replaced skills and talent with "traits."  Understand that traits you are born with have no value because they do not offer, nor produce anything of value to society.  Be you black, white, brown or Asian, or male, female, straight or bi, those are things you were born with and did nothing to earn. 

Unfortunately (for the Millennials anyway), society doesn't pay for traits.  They need skills.

The iPhone you like, the electricity you use, the food you eat, the clothes you wear were not produced by a man's "blackness" just as the car you drive was not produced by a woman's "pansexuality."  It was produced by hard working men and women who dedicated their time to learn a skill or trade and then sacrificed part of their finite lives WORKING to build the things you consume and enjoy today.

The problem is learning skills and trades that are in demand takes time, hard work, not to mention the work itself you need to spend on providing something of value to society.  And this life of labor is such a terrifying threat to some Millennials they have even created entirely made up genders that do not exist and are not a thing, solely for the purpose of fooling themselves into thinking they have value and/or are of value to society.

They are not.  They are often parasitic, collecting some form of a government check, living off of their parents, or living on government grants in colleges and universities, teaching this poison to future college students.  Worse, they are delusional, often times mentally ill because living a lie, especially about your sexuality, for 20 years will do that to you. 

Gen Z has a choice.  You can accept your sex, gender and race for what it is, perhaps even taking some modicum of pride in it, but knowing it offers nothing of value to society.  You can accept that you need to produce something of value for society in order for you to have value.


You can live a delusional lie that because of pigmentation in your skin or because you identify as a "sapiosexual gender fluid" that you have "value" and then scream at society for not providing you any in return.

It is Excellence, Not Participation, That Matters

Along the same lines of providing society value to have value unto yourself, Gen Z can learn a lot from the world's first "Participation Trophy" generation.  In rewarding millennials for simply showing up or merely "existing" we have deprived them of the much-needed drive to pursue excellence.  Excellence, much like in-demand skills, is vital to society because it advances society and produces the best aspects of society. 

Excellence in art.
Excellence in production.
Excellence in innovation.
Excellence in education.
Excellence in everything.

But in sparing an entire generation's feelings by refusing to keep score, eliminating GPA's, eliminating valedictorians, and grade inflation at universities, we have produced a generation that has no excellence.  Worse, it is defeat, failure, and competition that galvanizes people much like steel to become hardened, improved, and ultimately forged into excellent people themselves capable of excellent things.  Sadly, the millennials were spared this forging experience and have become the softest, weakest, lamest generation living at home at the age of 33 and with testosterone levels below their grandparents.

Gen Z has a choice.  They can avoid competition, challenge, defeat, failure and pain, in which case they're condemned to become the sad group of "adults" the Millennials are today, or they can embrace it with the idealistic goal of becoming on par with the honorable WWII generation.

You are Not Independent Minded or Unique.  You are a Conformist.

Though nearly every generation since Gen X is guilty of this...

No you are not independent minded.

And, no, you are not unique.

What I need you to do is step back, wipe your eyes clean, look at your generation (and every generation of high school students before you) and ask "Do I agree with the majority of my high school, middle school, and college peers?"

If you do, then you are not independent minded and you are not unique.  You are a conformist.  You do not think.  You have been programmed by your teachers.  You have not put forth any intellectual effort into thinking on your own, forming your own thoughts and ideas, and are merely a sheep among the flock regurgitating the same talking points you've been conditioned to.

This is not your fault.  You have been purposely conditioned and brainwashed in kindergarten through college to think a certain way about everything ranging from politics, race, environmentalism, economics and careers.  But when I was in college a girl who:

was majoring in Child Psychology
voted democrat
was a feminist
who believed in the ozone hole (that was the predecessor to "global warming")
and wanted to "just help the children"

was soooo common they were a dime a dozen.  They were worthless.  They were not unique nor had the ability to be intellectually stimulating. 

This doesn't mean you all have to vote republican and wear blazers while sipping cognac, but what you want to avoid is the insanely hypocritical phenomenon where Millennials all claimed they were "independent minded" while they all dressed up in pink salmon jeans, grew out their beards, voted Bernie Sanders, drank craft beers, and could not be more bland, common, conformist or BORING human being if they tried.

Don't say you're "different."  BE DIFFERENT.

No, You Don't Have a Mental Illness
Let us once again be very clear.

Do things like Asperger's, Autism, Bi-Polar Disorder, or Social Anxiety Disorder exist?


To the extent that 1 in 4 of Millennials actually have a mental disorder?


What's going on here is very simple, though hard to swallow. 

One, Millennials were raised by incredibly poor parents fraught with divorce, broken homes, absentee parenting, outsourcing, and a love for their careers more than their children.  And while I am slamming on the Millennials, their parents (Baby Boomers and some Gen X'ers) were absolutely atrocious, namely when it came to doing the "hard part of parenting" aka "discipline."  Without a father in the household, or a father present - but too cowardly to discipline his children - it became much easier to just say your misbehaving child had a mental disorder, abdicating any responsibility for your incredibly crappy parenting.  Worse, while the child's brain was still developing you administered mind-altering drugs to the child in the hopes of doping him/her out so they wouldn't be a bother to the teacher or yourself.  One could argue the drugs themselves caused mental illness later on in life, but parents (and teachers) refusing to raise their children is not a mental illness. It's just horrific parenting.

Two, just like "sex" or "race" Millennials can't wait to rush and claim to be a victim via having some kind of mental illness.  Not only does this beget pity and lower standards for lazy millennials, it can also confer financial benefits via claiming "disability" for a government check or perhaps even financial aid and scholarship when it comes to college.  Worse, especially when it comes to dating, some particularly evil Millennials will use their made up mental disorder to mentally abuse, torture and control people they're dating. 

There is, however, a drawback to faking mental illness, presenting Gen Z'ers yet another choice.  You can fake having a mental illness to get all the attention and (sometimes) government money in the world.  But whether you genuinely have a mental illness or not, FAKING ONE for decades WILL ENSURE you go insane.  Just look at any millennial who claims they have "social anxiety disorder" and you're looking at a 29 year old virgin who still lives at home and can't hold down a job, or worse, a 48 year old Gen X'er living with her cats and sitting in government housing (true story).

"Big Isn't Beautiful" - AKA - There are Objective Beauty Standards
As the Millennial generation simply went to pot, their physical standards did as well.  At one time the likes of Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth were heralded as the ideal when it came to female beauty, just as the likes of Cary Grant and Gregory Peck were male.  But as with work, schooling, and careers, staying in shape and being beautiful/handsome takes work and effort.  And just like Indiana Jones is afraid of snakes, so too are Millennials afraid of work. 

What resulted is something very similar where Millennials replaced hard-earned skills with effortless-traits.  Just as it's easier to take fake value and pride in a made up gender, Millennials - too lazy to hit the gym, diet, and exercise - decided to "redefine" what is beautiful and what is handsome.  So much so in many of their delusional minds they actually think beauty is subjective.

In came the rush of tattoos, piercings, shaved heads, blue hair.  Soy Boys, flooded college campuses with their impeccable grooming habits and easily snapable arms.  Feminists vehemently protested looks with "big is beautiful," "fat acceptance," and "slut walks."  Even the mainstream real world bought some of the bogus with Target displaying fat "plus-size" models and Playboy putting a transexual up on its cover. 

In the end it was nothing more than Milleannials lying to themselves about the nature of men and women because living the lie was less painful than hitting the gym.  Gen Z'ers can live the lie and have a horrible/non-existent sex life.  Or you can accept the reality that has been reality for the past 2 million years of human existence:

Women want strong, tall men, with confidence, humor, a touch of aloofness, and a decent income.  Men want women with big tits, long legs, a tight ass and long hair...and no ladies, they REALLY don't care about your education or your career

Your Education and Career are Not the Most Important Things in Your Life
The most important thing in life is other human beings.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you can own a Ferrari, a Nintendo Switch, and have all the material things in life, but it doesn't compare to the infinite behaviors, thoughts, challenges, and love that can come from a fellow human being.  Matter of fact, your goal in life should be to live as long as possible and spend as much time as possible OUTSIDE of work, and instead spend it with humans you enjoy, love, and cherish.

But we told (and the Millennials, Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers believed) it was their career and education that mattered most.

To be blunt, this is a lie told more to young women than it is men.  Historically men did have to go out and get some kind of training or education so they could then land a job which would result in a career that would generate the money so they could pay for the family.  So for men a career and education held more importance than it did for women.  But today both men and women have traded hugs from their children, conversations with friends, and kisses from their loved ones all for

in traffic jams
to offices
while getting a masters at night
while outsourcing their children to daycare
while incurring more student debt

I'd like to think that seeing your divorced parents, harrowed and haggard from commuting back and forth to work, while shipping you off to daycare and screaming at each other would teach Gen Z'ers this painfully obvious lesson.  But since careers and educations have destroyed more lives than helped, I want to make sure Gen Z knows PRECISELY what role careers and educations play in one's life.

Understand that your career is a TOOL by which you use to support and live the rest of your life. 


Along the same line, the education by which you attain your career is ALSO A TOOL.


And if you don't believe me, all one has to do is look at the Millennials and see that all they have in life is their career and education.  Worse, many millennials (ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN) don't even have a career to point to. They merely have a worthless degree in a worthless field that they will waste the rest of their lives vainly trying to make a career out of.  And guarantee-you-me if you go and talk to the now-post-menopausal Gen X career women they will admit (though drunk and late at night after a night of clubbing) all they wanted was to be a stay at home mom, raising children, married to a Ward Cleaver-esque husband. 

I cannot begin to explain to Gen Z the amount of money, resources, labor, and time that is going to go into propagandizing you to become as miserable as previous generations, trading in humans for a career and an education.  But it will happen, and it will happen in college.

College is (Mostly) a Scam
What appalls me is even though there is a daily article in the news of some nitwit who majored in "Puppetry" or some moron who incurred $200,000 to get a degree in "English," parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and professors all keep perpetuating these tired, loathsome, and stale old lies of:

"Follow your heart and the money will follow."
"Any degree is a good degree."
"You need that sheepskin to get your foot in the door."

Worse, is the Millennials (who, just like you were so "independent minded") bought and swallowed whole these lies, dedicating 4-8 years of their youth in college, often times to the tune of $100,000 in debt, all for degrees that are completely worthless pieces of paper.  AND NOW they have the gall to demand the taxpayers bail them out of their student loans just like the bankers.

So let us once again be TRIPLY clear as to what is going on.

America's colleges, universities and other higher education institutions are scamming you out of about $750 billion a year in unnecessary tuition, fees, and other costs.  In all honesty, education should be free, or near free with the advent of the internet, and you should not be forced by society or employers to commute to a campus, fork over $300 a credit, all so you "might" have the chance to land a career and become a contributing member of society.  But with the complete and thorough brainwashing you've received in K-12, not to mention the media, the news, your parents, your guidance counselors, politicians, and the colleges themselves, you believe you are entitled to this "birthright" of a "college experience." 

Because unless you go into STEM (engineering, etc.), the trades, Medicine, Accounting, the military, or IT, college is a complete waste of time.  Even if you do go to college for a legitimate degree, you still are going to waste two years of your life taking "pre-requisite" classes that have nothing to do with your degree.  And these pre-requisites highlight why college is often a scam.

College is not there to "educate our precious future childrensss."  It's there as a means to employ otherwise COMPLETELY worthless and unhireable professors and academics who have such worthless degrees they simply can't do anything else in the real world.  It is NOT a coincidence that the insanity of 31 flavors of gender, "fat acceptance," "privilege," laughably worthless degrees such as "women's studies" degrees (or any other degree where you study traits and NOT skills), and other such politically correct insanity is occurring on college campuses because that's where society's worthless people flock to and scratch out what pathetic careers they can.  And in forcing EVERYBODY to take 2 years worth of these worthless classes colleges and universities not only employ thousands of these worthless people, but reap HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS from you kids every year.

Gen Z once again has a choice.  You can follow the footsteps of your older brother who still lives at home at 28, can't find a job with his "Creative Writing" degree, protests for his student loans to be paid off and may still be a virgin.

Or you can major in something that has a job at the end of it (even attending accredited online schools) and become a real adult.

Politics is Not a Substitute for Accomplishment

You will find that many Millennials (despite being "independent minded") fell hook, line, and sinker for the various scams elder generations laid out for them.  They are now poor, destitute, debt-ridden and largely unemployable.  They are also very likely depressed and suffering an existential crisis as they wonder how and why their 30 years of life on this planet was wasted.  It's at times like these people are desperate enough to turn to religion.  But not a religion in a traditional sense such as Christianity, Judism, or Islam.  Rather a political religion that excuses their piss-poor performance in life and deflects any responsibility for their decisions.  Also, a religion that gives them some kind of "value" in  life without (again) having to work for a living.

Enter the "isms" and "ists"

"I'm an environmentalist."
"I'm a vegan."
"I'm a socialist."
"I'm a communist!"
"I'm for feminism!"

Again, this is not by accident.  Just as you were brainwashed to attend college at all costs, you have no doubt been thoroughly indoctrinated to support socialism (no matter what variant of socialism it is that I listed above).  Matter of fact many of you don't even have to become as destitute as the Millennials in order to subscribe to these variant religions of socialism because you are already guilty of choosing a religion because it's easy and it feeds your ego, AND you don't have to work for it.

"We're against genocide!"
"We're for the environment!"
"We're for women's rights!!!"

Well, good for you Gen Z Skippy.  Who the hell isn't?  Why don't you try out for the football team and hit the gym or get a 4.0 in math instead of espousing idiotic and common sense ideas that take zero calories of energy?

The risk here for Gen Z is again one where laziness wastes your life.  Be it the delusional fat girl who wants to lie to herself that big is beautiful.  Or the political activist who is going to campaign for Trump or Bernie.  Or the all-too-common-and-boring high school student who's "for the environment."  What you are doing is replacing work, production, and value with mere "political positions."  And just like the color of your skin, the plumbing you have downstairs, or the gender you affiliate with, it has no value.  It doesn't produce anything of worth.  It won't put food on the table.

Certainly by all means participate politically for whatever cause or crusade you want.  But do not make it your full time career where you end up like many shameful Millennials who actually list "activist" on their resume.

Never Trust Anybody Over 30
One of the greatest ironies, if not outright hypocrisies, was the old Baby Boomer saying, "Don't trust anybody over 30."  I found this odd because if you do the math right it was the then-teenage and 20 something baby boomers saying that about their parentsTheir parents were the WWII generation that fought off national socialism, defended the world against communism, and build the greatest economy the world had ever seen.  They had created a country where their Baby Boomer children enjoyed childhoods that were unrivaled in human history. 

I use their quote today in delicious irony because it was painfully obvious the Baby Boomer SHOULD HAVE trusted people over 30, but when they themselves turned over 30, THAT'S when their saying became true.  And today that saying holds more value than every before.

I would like to say your elders have your best interests at heart.  I would like to say people over 30 are wise, mature, full grown adults who have their lives together and know what they're doing.  I would like to say you can seek their wisdom and they will guide you down the right path.

But the truth is much worse.

AT BEST you have your parents who do not consciously or maliciously hate you.  They do indeed love you and want what's best for you, they are just ignorant themselves about the real world and are just slightly less lost than you are.  So the advice you get from them may be well intended, but it will destroy your life just the same.

"You must go to college." 
"Any degree is a good degree."
"Girls like a nice, caring, sensitive man."

What is much more likely is you have people over 30 actively and consciously salivating over how they can make money off of you.  Worse, is how they present themselves as your friends. 

For example teachers and professors. 

Do not think for a second they actually give a damn about you.  Teachers became teachers not because they wanted to help the children or "change lives."  They became teachers because they wanted summers off and didn't want to math in college.  This is why the majority of your teachers are extraordinarily unmentionable and unremarkable.  This is why school sucks and is boring.  Your teachers are NOT primarily motivated by your education, but by making some easy money and avoiding a real job.

Related is the political indoctrination you received.  I do not wish to delve much into politics because it's not part of the lessons I'm trying to impart on you, but if you really are INDEPENDENT MINDED, don't you find it ODD 98% of your teachers and professors are always for voting for socialism and the democrats?  They ALWAYS want more money?  They're always against private schools, but send their kids there?  I merely wish to plant a seed of curiosity you might follow up on later, but they do have a FINANCIAL ulterior motive that has NOTHING to do with educating the precious children. 

If that doesn't convince you, perhaps you'll agree that paying $300 a credit and $400 a book for two years of college classes you don't need IS INDEED FINANCIALLY MOTIVATED?  That those deans and professors counselors aren't your friends but are leeches sucking as much money out of you, your parents, and the taxpayers so you can "maybe" get a college degree and "maybe" get a job?  Or do you actually think that "African American Studies" professor is helping some poor black student learn the skills and trades he needs to land a job and be financially successful

And what about the programming and conditioning you get to put your career and education first and above all else in life?  No self-respecting man or woman would suffer or tolerate a commute to a downtown area with traffic and $20 a day in parking fees for a $45,000 a year job.  And no self-respecting man or woman would get masters degrees for a mere promotion or the "chance" to get an entry level position. 

"Self-respecting" anyway.  Good thing they conditioned all those Millennials and Gen X'ers to get masters degrees they didn't need. 

And the media?  How about the media?

After getting your masters degree (just like the Millennials) are you going to take on more debt because a commercial convinced you to buy a car you couldn't afford?  How about the banks offering you low interest rates to buy your dream McMansion neither you nor your future spouse can afford?  It's "almost" as if employers and marketers know that if they can have an entire generation in debt, that generation will be so desperate for a job they will work for peanuts and have to take the abuse from their bosses and employers just to make ends meet.

All of these people;

Your teachers
Your counselors
Your professors
Your politicians
The media
Your employer

They're all over 30 and they are licking their chops to take advantage of you.


Having lived four decades on this planet and making many of the same mistakes Millennials have, I cannot in good faith just sit here and watch another generation come online and literally piss away and destroy their lives as the Millennials have.  Not only have they destroyed their lives believing in the lies their elders told them, but "destroyed" would indicate some kind of end or finality to their problems.  Sadly, they are so mentally warped and so brainwashed, it's quite literally impossible for many of them to salvage what remains of their life expectancies on this planet.  They're almost condemned to live mentally tortured lives because of the indoctrination they believed and their refusal to take responsibility for their actions.

The question posed to you young Gen Z'ers is which kind of life do you want to live?  And whereas in the past I would have thought the indoctrination and brainwashing you received in K-college would have been so complete you wouldn't have even given this article a thought, the Millennials have so spectacularly failed their horrific trainwreck of a life might jar you into waking up and TRULY critically thinking about the advice you've been given and where that would lead.

This article is merely a bullet point of some of the key lessons I think you can learn from the mistakes of Millennials and others.  I strongly recommend that if you are interested in your life and having a successful future you consider buying the following books:

Worthless - The Young Person's Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major
Bachelor Pad Economics - The Financial Advice Bible for Men (and women too)
Poor Richard's Retirement - Retirement for Everyday Americans
Curse of the High IQ - A book for smart students who need perspective as to where they sit in life.

Additionally, if you have a question that is more specific to your situation, you may want to consider hiring my consulting services (which I do charge for).

Finally, if you know of a young Gen Z'er that could benefit from this article, please share it with him or her.  Life is too short to have this generation end up like the millennials and it is the least we can do to help them make wiser choices in their lives.
Check out my other sites below:

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Studying STEM, but Not STEM Itself

"The Great One" delves into an interesting topic where a professor at CSU has a degree/specialty in studying "STEM education."

Now, keep in mind he doesn't actually have any education in STEM.  His education and background is in education.  But he "studies STEM" from a racial perspective and is actually paid, foolishly, by the Colorado state taxpayers to be the proverbial teacher who can't do, and can only manage to teach.

Regardless, a good podcast to tune into.

The Ole Captain is back at the Northern Command and will be getting back to a regular schedule once he does his taxes and get a bunch of crap out of the way.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Protecting Your Kids from Online Predator Tactics

Though I do not have kids I know many of you do.  And also, unlike parents who outsource their children to daycare and nannies, I know you guys actually love your children.  In that spirit I wanted to link to a podcast episode from Dr. David Perrodin where they talk about online predators, the tactics they use, and how to protect your kids from them.  Certainly worth the hour of your time to listen, especially if it prevents you the hours of strife and pain, not to mention the ruined life should your child ever become a victim of one of these evil scumbags.

Share it with other parents because this mere ounce of prevention is worth the tonnage of pain it could cause later in your lives.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Episode #242 of The Clarey Podcast!

Cappy and The Great One hang out and chat about

the worst excuses women gave for canceling dates in the 80's and 90's,
why it takes 9 years to get a masters in "Creative Writing,"
the sad life of modern day "journalists"
the stages of entrepreneurship,
"Where the hell is Adam Piggott?"

and other frivolous topics of tom foolery and boys acting like boys.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link here.

Direct RSS feed here.

Does Cryptocurrency Have Intrinsic Value?

Yeah, more or less.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Cue the Cats

As many of you know, I am increasingly for selling lies to people for three simple reasons:

1.  Telling people the truth only gets you punished and hated.
2.  Lies are much much easier to sell
3.  There's a larger market for lies.

However, whereas I was thinking there "lied" more profits in "lies," I'm not so sure.

For example, take the writers of Salon, Huffington Post, Jezebel, and whatever rank digital versions of the grocery-store-tabloids women solely purchase in the check out lanes.  Yes, I know their articles are all over the place.  Yes, I know they're forced in your face anytime you log out of your e-mail.  But have you ever looked up the authors of these articles to see what kind of digital clout they're carrying?

Usually (and sadly) they're no more followed or popular than you're ole Captain here.  Less than 3,000 twitter followers, barely a youtube channel, and a lexicon of work that is laughable, short, and pathetic.

This results in a paradox where these online media tabloids make it seem every woman is insane, every man is a war-mongering rapist, and everybody who doesn't share your skin color or plumbing is out to get you.  It's not so much "fake news" as it is brown journalism-editorialism, and this article is the perfect example of what I'm trying to describe.

Though it has all the fixings of what I will inevitably try to replicate when I start selling lies to people, if you look at the author of the book she is a nobody and her book is a nothing.  It only has 5 ratings, is ranked 1.7 MILLIONTH place, and ergo I can only conclude that even with online tabloid backing, the author and the online tabloid are failures.

This is a bit of good news if you think it through.  Not all women are rushing to buy books to explain why they are all "fabulous and wonderful and amazing" if they're over 40.  Saner heads are ruling and rank lies like the article and book simply don't sell.  Thus, just because it's front and center on Yahoo's page (a tabloid if there ever was one) does not mean it's happening in the real world.  Matter of fact you can almost assume the OPPOSITE is true.

Of course, this does not bode well for my future Lying Corporation idea, and perhaps this lie was just told too many times or wasn't big enough.  But it is nice to know that lies that are painfully obviously so are easily identified and not rewarded by your average human.

Guess, I'll just have to come up with more irresistible ones to sell to the masses when I start "Evil Incorporated."
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