Saturday, June 29, 2019

Rich Parents Who Spoil Their Kids Get What They Deserve

Which includes:

Raising your grandchildren because your children are too busy having fun
Constantly bailing out your children
Your children living at home
Co-signing student loans at the age of 68
Oh, and death when you cut their allowance.

I cannot emphasize enough that you rich people keep spoiling your children.  They're royal cunts to deal with when we have to grow up, date, and tolerate them in our generation. But the results are hilarious when they come back home at 34.

Friday, June 28, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #298 - The "Catch Up" Episode

Cappy and Chad get through a backlog of articles, fan mail, and misc, as they set a $5 MINIMUM for SuperChats.
  • "The" Carlson School of Management
  • Poor parenting = Dead webcam girls.
  • Can wisdom be taught, or must one suffer for it?
  • "How Do I Get Da Guyz?"
  • And more!!!!
in this 3 AND A HALF HOUR EXTRAVAGANZA Episode of The Clarey Podcast!
Direct MP3 here.
YouTube here.

Learn how to give up MATERIALISM and be free from compulsive spending.  

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why AOC Will Target "Too Rich STEM Men"

A Great Annoyance

I faced a great annoyance.

After switching Asshole Consulting to a new server my e-mails started ending up in people's spam folders.  This is of obvious great concern because if people don't get my e-mails, how is the Captain supposed to make money pimping harsh truths to the brainwashed and propagandized masses?  So after some rookie trouble shooting - and consequential failure - I decided to go forth and find an IT guy who specializes in e-mails and e-mail filters.

But something interesting and depressing happened.

After talking to two of my IT buddies to see if they could refer a specialist, they informed me they would unlikely be able to find anybody because of my site and its politics.  When I said, "Why, is it too extreme for them?"  They said, "No, all the IT guys I know are extreme leftists and would either refuse to work with you, or, sabotage your e-mail."

At first I couldn't believe this.  IT GUYS?? The ones making all the money?  The six figs guys who worked hard, majored in STEM, pay 50% taxes?  They're LEFTISTS? And not only leftists, but radical leftists to the point they'd bigotorially refuse service, perhaps even sabotage my e-mail?"


Thankfully my friend found a colleague who was only a "moderate leftist" and had enough of a moral compass that he would help me out and NOT sabotage my e-mail, but it still stung as much as it confused me.  How could one of the hardest working and highest-compensated group of people in the US be leftist AND so radical that half the population can't trust them simply because of politics?

We could ask about how this came about, but I think the point is moot.  Yes, no doubt, despite being highly intelligent, like all other young people, they were brainwashed and indoctrinated in school.  Some probably wanted to "get da gurlz" and thought espousing the same leftist beliefs women did would inevitably get dem "da gurlz."  But a much more interesting thought is the price they're going to pay going forward when their leftist ideology becomes reality.  Because if there is an instance where one's politics is diametrically opposed, even destructively so, it is IT guys subscribing to radical leftist politics.

"Too Rich STEM Men"

The reason why can be found in what I like to call "Too Rich STEM Men."

For the most part the Millennial generation is a spectacular failure.  It's a train wreck, a nuclear blast site, an abortion of a generation.  It will be the first generation as a whole that will never achieve the American dream, let alone get out of debt and have a positive net worth upon death.  But in addition to brew pubs another silver lining to this generation is their contingent of highly successful and well-compensated "IT guys."  Be you a programmer, an engineer, a software developers, or just your standard ol' IT guy, there are millions of young men and women who did major in the right thing, paid off their debts, worked hard, and are now making 6 figs with 6 figs in savings. 

The problem is, despite developing a hard work ethic and owning higher-than-average intelligence, they did not escape the purposed brainwashing where leftist politics was installed as part of their core, ethical and life-philosophy "moral code."  Despite aluminum being (about) the only thing environmentally and economically worth recycling, they all recycle.  Despite women predominantly choosing worthless degrees, they all believe in the wage gap.  You can slap on a sticker claiming something is "organic" and they will buy it.  And the fashy (or is it "fasc-ist-y?") trend of corporate virtue signalling indicates the millennials (6 figure earning or not, STEM or not) will part with their money over this pre-installed religion of leftism...because they were simply told to.

What these high income earning "STEM Men" don't realize is that there is a financial component to their leftist politics. One I don't think they consider because (like most people) they never bother to look at the difference between "gross" and "net" pay on their paychecks.  I also think they've been successfully brainwashed to value status of their life/time, being willing to sacrifice years in terms of commutes and overpriced rents to live in "hot" places like "Silicon Valley" or "Austin" or "New York."  But regardless of how they're being blinded to it, they essentially turn themselves into "Silicon Valley Slaves" where the majority of their time at work is NOT invested in themselves, but merely used as a socialist trough to support parasitical others.

Again, I don't know how you can work when 50% of your income is simply given to others, when you are slaving away half your working days to support others, but they do.

Here Comes Da Boom AOC

Like a leech, democrats and socialists numb their hosts first before sucking out the blood.  Leeches do this with a topical numbing agent, democrats do it through pay-as-you-go taxes, sales taxes, and rationalizing why their constituents are entitled to your money.  But the day is coming where 50% of "Rich STEM Men's" money is not going to be enough.  And with the new AND MILLENNIAL generation of politicians, they're not going to numb you up before they make a claim to more of your money.

Enter AOC.

Not that AOC personally is going to make a grab for more of "Rich STEM Men's Money," but she epitomizes the generation, the psychology, and the politician who will. And it is here the diametrically opposed (and destructive) leftist politics of IT guys will ram head first into their own financial interests.

To be short, you "Rich STEM Men" just make too much damn money.  I've seen it through my clients and other (non-leftist) STEM Men who majored in the right thing, worked hard, saved their money and make six figures with six figures saved up. As time goes on and you accrued more in wealth and income, your non-STEM millennial counterparts will have their student loans grow exponentially, not make any tangible economic progress in life, and will start to look at your small cabal of successful "Rich STEM Men" with increasing envy.  And as per the way your generation was programmed to vote with politics, they will demand "Too Rich STEM Men" pay MORE than the already 50% you're already paying now.  You will have "benefited unfairly," and "owe it to society" by the mere fact you busted your ass off, learned to code, learned to subnet, learned calculus, and didn't go out and party, showing up hungover to your "sociology classes."

Worse, I cannot emphasized the "MEN" part of this enough.

I don't know if you young STEM Men have noticed this in the working world, but employers, government and media sure do place a lot of emphasis on women, women's empowerment, the wage gap, me too, etc. etc.  And while there certainly are some highly compensated, successful women in STEM, the VAST majority of the field is still populated by men.  Whether you've realized it or not, that is a political sin unto itself in leftist politics, and will only redouble the case for taxing "Too Rich STEM MEN" because again, you benefited unfairly with male privilege.

The question is how much do you want your leftist politics to bite you in your current and future ass?  What percent a slave to others do you want to be?  What percent of your life:

Going to school
Getting certifications
Overpaying rents
Getting masters degrees
Studying hard subjects
Putting in 40 hours a week
Putting in overtime

would you like to dedicate to other people who simply didn't want to work as hard as you, let alone work at all?

It will be a curious world for those of you "Too Rich STEM Men."  By my libertarian values you have every right to refuse service to whoever you want, vote however you want, and slave away your personal and finite life as much as you want.  But I will find it very interesting watching you vote yourselves and your freedoms away for your politics, especially in light of the fact you're smarter than that and at anytime you can start to study economics if you wanted to see just how much of a slave you already are.

Oh well, Enjoy the Decline.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #48- The "DIE, MBA DIE!!!!" Episode

"Doing what you say."
Pondering Turd Flinging Monkey
Sex Doll Better Than Cuddlewookums???
Charging your girlfriend rent.
Accomplishments vs. beauty.
The CMA certification.

and MORE

In THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

Direct MP3 here
YouTube here.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

How many times does America need to be reminded:

We don't need no STIIIIIIINKING fathers!

Do Women Like Men or Not?

So I posted an original video that introduced a simple question - Do women really want men.  In that video I opine about - given women no longer need men (government checks, created make-work industries) and their preference to put careers and educations over family formation - did they ever really want men in the first place, or was it out of begrudged necessity to breed and survive they merely tolerated them. I didn't subscribe to one theory or another, but merely offered the theory.

It created a minor backlash, if not critique. 

However, one intrepid listener paid a handsome fee to address some of his questions, concerns, as well as some of his colleagues outright disagreements with what I said.

This is the response video to that request, where I try to focus (towards the end of the video) why this is the ultimate and most important economic question men will face, and the conclusion is not unicorn farts or chocolates.

Monday Morning Podcast Extravaganza

John Steele interviews Doc Perrodin about his new book coming out:

Cappy also gets interviewed on the Jack Napier Show where we talk about "Operation Evil," minimalism, "Enjoy the Decline," Ballroom dancing, and more!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Clarey Podcast - The Last Podcast from the Hunker Bunker with DT

Helps DT load up his moving truck as DT moves out to South Dakota.  They do one final broadcast from DT's family home in the famous Hunker Bunker.  They talk about:

DT's inoordinate amount of crap in his house.
"Cappy the Walking Turtle"
Missing your first house.
Dog ownership
Cappy's needed level of fuck you money.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
Direct MP3 here.
Youtube here.

Sponsored by Cafe Richesse Coffee.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Academic Composition is Always Hiring

Enormous thanks to Aaron and all of his readers. We’ve made enormous progress and we couldn’t have done it without your help.

We’re once again looking for marketers and the deal is as simple as it has always been.

We will pay you to post on Craigslist. 

Here is how you can get started 

1. Create a new gmail address 

2. Set up the forwarding feature to ensure that all new emails are re-directed to

Go to settings/Forwarding/IPOP/IMAP, it’s very easy. Google “how to activate the gmail forwarding feature”

3. Use that new gmail address to create a Craigslist account 

Once you complete these steps, contact us and we’ll show you how to post. 

You will only need to post a couple of times per week, but you’ll definitely get at least a few replies. We’ll pay you $5 for each response, so you can comfortably expect to make more than a dollar per minute.

If you can use a VPN, you’re worth your weight in gold, as you’ll be able to post in any geographic region of CL.

If you have that ability or are willing to learn, let us know right away.

Thank you again for your time and attention, we look forward to working with you.

-Academic Composition management 

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #296 - The "Give Up the Fucking Hope Already" Episode

Cappy regales the tale of a friend of his who's an 8, but got rejected by a girl with a birth defect. YES, IT IS THAT BAD.
Cappy then rambles about other things and then goes to bed early in the Southern Command.

In this episode of The Clarey Podcast!
Direct MP3 here.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Crushing and Depressing Reality of "Our Team"

30 Legitimate/70 Posers

Many years ago there was a little girl that the ole Captain may have had a soft spot for.  She hailed from a divorced home, her father a complete prick, but she had enough sharps to spar toe to toe with Cappy which made him view her as a kid sister.  Like every other child in the history of children she was doing well until she became a teenager, and now whatever wisdom Cappy tried to pass on to make her future bright or better is largely dismissed and falls on deaf ears.  The Captain has exercised incredible amounts of stoicism accepting what will likely be a mediocre fate for this surrogate kid sister and it is completely outside of his influence.

Not too many years ago, the Captain also had a couple "associates" or "colleagues."  These were up and comers on the relatively new-frontier of the internet, and he was impressed with many of them as they demonstrated independent thought, intelligence, and an entrepreneurial passion to make a go at being truth-peddlers on the internet.  That was until he realized - that though intelligent - they were ultimately lazy more than anything else, and were perennial losers who merely looked to co-opt and parasite off of the philosophical, red pill, and political movements on the internet, thinking their ship of a work-avoidant-life-ship had come in.  Some would boast conservative or libertarian politics, while never holding down a real job and living at home. Others would claim to be "pick up artists," while in reality they were very likely all virgins.  It all didn't happen in one day, but over the years, it became quickly and very apparent who was legitimate, and who were posers, a ratio of which was a shocking 30/70%.

There's the capital flight that SHOULD be occurring from Minnesota to anywhere else.  I get a daily barrage of e-mails, facebook posts, and twittergrams from "conservative Minnesotans" who just complain, complain and complain.  But once you recommend (even to close friends) that they should follow you out to South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, or Vegas, the majority of these roaring lions become sheepish sheeple, kicking the rocks below their feet and meekly whispering "well....they do have good schools here...and my family is here....maybe some time in the future."

And finally, there was Silver Dollar Bikini.

Oh, mock the Captain if you must, but my entrepreneurial venture into selling essentially a string bikini made of silver and silver dollars (and *ahem* strategically placed Mercury dimes) was well worth the effort in that it told me so much.  Not only did I make a small profit off of it, but I realized that for all the bragging and bravado from "strong, conservative alpha males" about their "hot wives who would do whatever they wanted sexually" there wasn't a single true Alpha Male out there.  Most "conservative" husbands were hen-picked, weren't alpha, and were not having the "hot sex life" they claimed they were.  They were not much better off than the soy boy leftists whose wives were hyphenating their names. 

I could go on, but the examples all above have one thing in common - they are the most disheartening and defeating force I face today.  And the reason why is that all these failures, all these let downs, all these defeats are on my team.  They are loved ones, colleagues, friends, and allies.  Family members, associates, compatriots, even mentors.  And whereas I completely understand that the left is going to left, the socialists are going to socialist, and the parasites are going to parasite, when you look at your team and realize there are so many posers, so many frauds, and so many "mail-it-in-'ers" it makes you ask "What am I fighting for?  Why bother fighting?  And are ANY of you people coming with???"  It makes "Enjoy the Decline" an even more important and poignant piece of philosophical work.


With no team to fight for, no tribe whose members ALL are willing to put in the work, truly exceptional men have to ask themselves "what's the point of pursuing excellence if nobody else is there?"  Truly exceptional men (and you guys know who you are) may argue that the pursuit of excellence is the reward unto itself (and I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, as it may be the ONLY thing to pursue), but until you've "Wandered the Desert of Excellence" for enough years, this loneliness and peerlessness will grow on you, even depress you as you not only suffer the normal psychological toll of loneliness, but a larger philosophical depression/realization of "Why the fuck aren't more people pursuing excellence??"  It goes well beyond a mere treatise on observations of intelligence on a bell distribution curve, becoming more of a damning and depressing testament to the human race.  It becomes doubly depressing when you realize just how few and genuine peers you actually have in life to make it worth living.  And it becomes TRIPLY depressing when those people who you thought were on "Team Excellence" turn out to be posers, frauds, theoreticians, or just plain normies too lazy to take action and execute excellence into their lives.

You yourself may be an excellent man or woman.  And you may be thoroughly enjoying your life, finally enjoying the fruits of your labor.  But I cannot emphasize this enough.  The time will come you will have wandered "The Desert of Excellence" enough and get mighty bored with the lack of peers in it.  And if I were to make a bold prediction, it is going to be the single largest problem truly exceptional people will face.

There is No Solution

It is here I would normally give some kind of sound advice or wisdom, either outlining a solution in whole or theorizing where one might be.  But there is no solution to this problem.  Once the years, even months, of the original euphoria wear off, and you go "yachting" for the 8th time that year or run your 12th marathon, you will inevitably realize that though physically surrounded by people you are indeed alone.  The "marathon runners" are one-time marathoners who will quickly return to their sedentary office job and put the 26 sticker in their car.  The yachters will do...well...whatever it is yacht people do.  And while you may have engaged with these people in an instance of excellence, realize that's all it was - an instance.  Less than 1/100th of 1% of the population have attained and achieved excellence in every aspect of their life, and everyone else will be forced to go back to working for somebody else at a physical location, removing them from the pool of potential genuine peers and colleagues.  Thus, like all hard things in life, you only control your reaction to a problem you don't control.  And this leaves you with your only "option" - returning to normie conformie land.

Sadly, this is not a solution since once you attain excellence you won't be able to go back.  Yes, it sucks seeing peer after colleague turn out to be a poser or not really have the ladies he claimed he could scrounge up like he said.  It's even worse when some of them ask to borrow money!  But a peerless day in the life of an exceptional person beats a 57 commute to a corporate office where all the sheep are forced to take diversity training.  It's just a matter of realizing and reminding yourself of that fact daily.

Still, you may believe the tone of this post is a bit too dour, perhaps even black pill.  You may think having no debt, being a minimalist, and bumming around the country on a bike is the dream.  And it is!  But mark my words, especially those of you who are learning from the red pill community, majoring in the right things, and avoiding the mistakes your older brothers made.  If you just avoid HALF the problems we made, you are well on your way to a path of excellence.  And you will no doubt be a much happier man/woman when you do.  But you will be forced to walk in the Desert of Excellence.  And you have been warned.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #47 - The "Defense of Women in STEM" Episode

Cappy defends women in STEM per the request of Adam Piggott.
Twitter's professional victims go viral over Cappy's tweet on corporate virtue signaling.
Escaping your Cameroonian parents.

in THIS EPISODE of the Older BRother podcast.
Direct MP3 link here.
YouTube link.

Sponsored by Worthless!
Make sure your high school graduate does NOT major in a stupid subject!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Cappy's on Praxey

Praxey is back and Cappy is on it.

If you do not or did not know what Praxey is/was, it was an app you get for your phone that allows you to contact various specialist and consultants directly for their advice.  When it's Version 1.0 was rolled out, it was predominantly used as "emergency Asshole Consulting" for people who had a quick question or issue come up. 

It's pricey as hell as I charge a $25 minimum and $3/MINUTE after that, so if you're going to use it BE BRIEF and get to the point.

Also, if you happen to be in the industry and have a readership/viewership that might want to contact you personally, consider getting the Praxey App and offering your services.


Friday, June 07, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #295 - The "Old Man Wisdom" Episode

 Don't mock old people. Emulate them!
Fat, Old, Ugly female congressman submits law to make Fat, Ugly, and Old the law.
Minneapolis makes a grab for landlord's property.
Millennials BORROWING to pay for rent of luxury apartments.
Your race and genitalia have no value.
Mexico - pros and cons.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!
Direct MP3 here.
YouTube here.


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Thursday, June 06, 2019

Worthless Degree Awareness Month!

Tis June and what better way to ring in Worthless Degree Awareness Month than by my interview with "Parent Pump Radio" where *hopefully* I convinced some parents that sending your kids off to school BLINDLY is a VERY VERY BAD IDEA!

Making "Big is Beautiful" the Law

Massachusetts is tendering a law that would give financial incentives to advertisers NOT to alter model's images in an attempt to make ugly women happy.

And as you would guess she is old, ugly, and simply jealous.

I cannot emphasize enough for any young women willing to listen, but your female, feminist democrat/socialist elders DO NOT LIKE YOU.  They do not want you to be happy or beautiful.  The blew their chance back when 1968 was "really great" and cannot abide that fact.  They now need to make sure ALL of you women are as hideous, ugly and miserable as they are.

Oh well, Enjoy the decline.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

3 Days O' Podcasting

Greetings all,

After a whirlwind tour of Louisiana and putting the finishing touches on my move, I managed to squeeze in a bunch of podcasts, none of which I heavily promoted.  You can find them on my two YouTube channels at:

Aaron Clarey and Older Brother.

The following are links to the MP3's of the multiple podcasts:

The Clarey Podcast #294 - DT and the "Mmmmm the Coffee's Good Episode.
Asshole Consulting Live - With Special Celebrity Guests Adam Piggott and The Great One.
The Older Brother Podcast - The "Demons from Your Past" Episode with Chad Elkins.

All podcasts can be found at the Sound Cloud account here.


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"Sanity is the Future of Wealth"

Monday, June 03, 2019

Why Superior People Should Never Work for the Public Schools

Admittedly, RT is a bit of a fake news site, but they did link to the actual court filings, so I'm more inclined to believe this story.

The short version is this:

If you are smart, have a brain, have hustle, and simply an IQ above 100, there is no reason you should ever work in public education.  It's not only no longer a meritocracy, but it's petty squabbling and office politics.  It is also CATTY which is an unfortunately by-product of it being a disproportionately female dominated industry.

Like Corporate America, you take a "pass" on this "career" and get your ass into contracting, entrepreneurship, self employment, shit even welfare is better than working in this insane asylum.  Do not subject yourself to these types of industries.  And certainly to not become financially dependent on them.

Asshole Consulting LIVE with CELEBRITY GUEST ADAM PIGGOTT! hiccups.
Poisonous snakes in Australia.
The "Hemispheric Differential"
Women at best can be "superior."
Amish chicks now hotter than your average American chick.
Veins popping out of Piggott's head.


In this Celebrity Guest Asshole Consulting LIVE episode!

Sunday, June 02, 2019

"The Lord Has a Plan"

"the only thing that will make the pain of this reality bearable is if younger women make the same mistake."