Friday, June 30, 2017

Economic Analysis of Minneapolis' $15 Minimum Wage

Minneapolis passed a $15/hr minimum wage.  I'd go into economic, mathematical, statistical, and empirical detail.  But this is much more efficient:

Dear Baby Boomers, You Will All Work Until You Die

There is however, hope.

Bad Decisions, Another Case for Evil

Mr. Piggott pens a great piece about how society doesn't want to admit they made bad decisions, which opens up an opportunity for profit. 

It was inspired by a post by good Ole Dalrock, which was in turn prompted by this article written by a mentally ill "power-you-can-have-it-all" divorced mom.  Boys, PLEASE pay attention to the comments section in the "power grrrrrl" article so you KNOW that we are not "hating on women" or making this stuff up.  Realize just how many women support/are inpsired by/believe the BS and REALIZE that is your dating market.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Am Officially on Steemit

In the never ending list of new social media platforms, I decided to get an account at Steemit as I think it might have a slightly better than average chance at becoming something.

You can find/follow me on Steemit here.

Why Spending is the Future of Retirement Planning

You don't control the stock market.
But you do control your spending.
And that will be the future of retirement.

"Poor Richard's Retirement" can be purchased here for 1/100,000th the price of your actual retirement.

How Smart People Can Find Happiness

Remember, "Curse of the High IQ" is always for sale.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation

Found this particularly interesting, especially if you're like me and have very little background on the history of South Africa or colonialized Africa in general.

LinkedIn Life: "Tell Me Why We Commute Again?"

"The issue of telecommuting I find cute, removed, and academic. The reason why is because I work from home and I largely view telecommuting to be for the sheep and the shepherds that employ them. But as I approach my now 9th year since my last appearance in rush hour traffic, I'm so far removed from it that I see a commute much like an abused wife sees her ex-husband for the irrational, damaging, and ultimately pointless waste that he is. The only question I have is:
Why do you guys commute?"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Curse Free Episode #25

There is no money, only time.
The life philosophical consequences of vicelessness and no booze.
Google gets treated like a "Big Evil Corporation."
Wanna Be Dude Bro Businessmen Fraudsters


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Corporate Offices are No Longer Needed

And like 70's music are old, outdated, obsolete, and completely unnecessary.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is the HR Ditz FINALLY Extinct?

From my latest article at LinkedIn:

"I personally could not care less about the plight of these HR ditzes. They proved nothing more than a huge impediment to the labor force, the advancement of the economy, and the advancement of millions of people's careers. They were predominantly spoiled rotten brats from the suburbs, given undeserved and uncalled for power which they abused and went power-tripping with. And while I certainly know and appreciate some REAL HR professionals (benefits and compensation and employment law ARE real fields), the extinction of "Barbie the Know Nothing HR Ditz" and the idiot employers that used them will not be mourned."

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Case for Stay At Home Parents: The Elimination of Schools

Of the many statistics and calculations I ran for my latest essay, perhaps the most interesting one is that:

after going to college for 4-8 years
and working hard to get that coveted non-profit or government position
and after putting in 10 years of work to make your career a go

when you factor in

extra commuting costs
and especially daycare

the average woman's job brings home a big, huge, whopping extra....


Never mind your kids are ill-reared.
Never mind you never got time to spend with your kids anyway.
Never mind divorce is all but guaranteed.
And never mind the tragic irony that many women's careers are simply taking care of anybody else's kids but their own
Nor the doubly rich irony that your labor is now taxed on what was previously untaxable labor

Nope, that Masters is Social Work, pending divorce, broken family, wasted youth, and children that will grow to hate you was totally worth it because...well, dude...come on!  THAT'S $4,000!!!!

Now admittedly it's not always the woman working her pittance of a make-work government affirmative action job at the expense of her family.  Often times it is the woman who is obvious breadwinner and there's a stay at home dad.  Often times there are traditional families where one person stays at home to (GASP!) raise their children and the other works the 9-5.  But given there's such a small financial advantage to outsourcing the rearing of your children, even in today's "hectic career obsessed world," it doesn't pay (well, OK, $4,000) to have that second income.

Dedicate one parent to stay at home.
Dedicate one person to rear your children.
And the amount you'll save in Ritalin, Adderall, and psychologist visits alone will easily recoup those precious $4,000.

But then the ole Captain got thinking again.  Specifically, about the handful of women he knows that home-school their children.  They do an infinitely better job than the public schools do.  Some of their kids are already learning to program and code at age 12.  Another one knows how to inseminate, milk, and tend cows.  And all this from stay at home moms who "shockingly" don't have degrees, certifications, or licenses.  So if for the vast majority of families it doesn't pay to have a two income household, and kids are better educated when home-schooled, would there not be a case for eliminating schools altogether?

This is not only simple logic, nor wishful right-wing thinking.  It's simple economics.

In the olden days before time saving devices such as vacuums and washing machines, being a home-keeper (male or female) was indeed a full-time job.  There was cleaning and maintenance. Rearing the children.  And one that I like to highlight in particular (because it was just as important as how much the family made) was the budgeting and spending of the family finances.  Couponing, budgeting, making meals at home.  All of that was just as important as the (traditionally) male role of being the breadwinner.

But with the advent of washing machines and vacuums, hours were freed up for your typical house-keeper.  And with the push of 1960's feminism and the commensurate outsourcing your children to day care, the (traditionally) female role of house keeper was obsoleted.  Women were to enter the workforce just like men...even if the plurality of their jobs were to effectively be government-compensated mothers to other women's children...and now you'd be taxed on it.

But add to this rapidly evolving mix of sex roles and true game changer.

The internet.

The internet not only saves households even more time in terms of shopping, banking, and a nearly limitless number of other chores.  But it also makes entire industries obsolete.

Education for example.

There is no godly reason colleges and universities should even exist anymore.  College degrees in all reality are obsolete, it's just the rest of the outdated and lethargic economy hasn't realized it.  But while the real world slowly catches on that colleges and universities are going to go the way of the dinosaur, I contend we should also turn our focus to the public schools of K-12 because they too are obsolete.

Since it only pays an extra $4,000 to have a two income household, and there is so much time freed up for the home-keeper with appliances and the internet, what if every family had a stay at home parent that would not only maintain the home, rear the children, but educate them as well?  The internet has the ENTIRE world's knowledge a fingertip away.  There are tutorials and MOOC's online that could teach you and your children literally everything the K-12 can and more.  Even Tom Woods (though the home schooling site links here) on a dare created an entire home schooling curriculum.  This would not only result in much better educated children, but in eliminating the public schools, save Americans billions in unnecessary property taxes.

Of course, I know this is politically infeasible.  There are too many people vested in their make-work-government-careers and degrees to give it up and raise their own children.  I know Big Education has a trillion-dollar per year vested interest in fleecing the taxpayer to keep up their inferior and obsolete industry.  And the democrat party alone needs public schools and universities to continue to brainwash and make future democrat voters.  There are huge political, psychological, sociological, and just plain evil hurdles to bringing about happier families and better educations to children.  But just like the internet and e-mail technically made commuting an unnecessary chore in about 1999, it doesn't mean society is fast, sharp, or visionary enough to capitalize on it.  And if commuting or the higher education bubble is any indicator, it's going to be at least three decades before the American sheeple wake up and realize K-college education can all be done at home, with a loving father or mother at the helm.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode #203 of The Clarey Podcast

Why do country clubs exist???
Not having problems is a problem.
Ex Cons to sit on Oakland Police Board.
Ben and Jerry's gets attacked by leftists.
Minnesota's balless male republicans.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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How Leftists Waste Their Lives

A more recent rabbit hole of political thought I've been going down has been how the majority of leftists waste their lives.  This is caused by the primary driving force in their life - the fear of work, labor, and toil.  And though nobody likes labor, toil, or work, avoiding it is simply avoiding a necessary evil of life.  It is also a way to guarantee you'll never achieve anything of value, worth, or greatness in life as genuine accomplishment requires labor and toil.

This then presents a leftist a very important existential question - if you're not going to work, then what are you going to do?

And the only answer I've been able to see in their behavior is

"Become REALLY REALLY REALLY good at avoiding work and REALLY REALLY REALLY good at coming up with excuses as to why you're entitled to the fruits of other people's labor."

Which in all honest means your life not only sucks, but is completely wasted.

For example, the same people who tried to ban Ronald McDonald A DECADE AGO (because he is the cause of childhood obesity) cite accomplishments that in all reality, aren't accomplishments, but sad, pathetic excuses for wasting time.

There's the local chapter of the Sierra Club that for 15 YEARS tried to stop a bridge from being built over the St. Crois River....which was inevitably built anyway.

The eulogy of a leftist whose life I pointed out was nothing more than a waste.

And more recently, a student protest that has been going on for 17 years in Mexico.

As a fellow human, I'd normally try to help out these leftists, explaining why they're wasting their one and finite life on this planet achieving literally NOTHING.  But they're leftists.  They not smart, they're not intellectually honest, they're lazy, and they'd yell at me for trying to help them.  They're also hate-filled and would not doubt accuse me of an ism and being a white male.  So I guess the worst thing to do to them would be to...

cheer them on.

When Leftists Try to Run Businesses

Though later today I'll be coming out with The Clarey Podcast, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, charge up your cell phone, and listen to this excellent story about a leftist who wants to launch a grand opening party for his theater.  The story isn't great because of the leftist's delusional expectations, but the poor protagonist who has to deal with him.  It's truly shocking just how little leftists ever deal with money, let alone using their own to pay for things that they are so far removed from the true cost of things.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Your Parents Don't Know Jack Shit About College

Language warning in this video, that if there was any justice in this world, would go viral:

LinkedIn Starting to Resemble a Night Club, More than a Career Site

I like how 12% just completely lie.

How much you want to bet they get more than their fair share of job offers?

"Chief People Officer"

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

In case you were wondering, young lieutenants, no, I will never be working for a company with a "Chief People Officer."

How to Lower Tuition by 88%

Allow me to take what has historically been a complicated economic concept, and make it simple - inflation.

Say you travel into outer space and come across a whole new, but inhabitable world.  "Clarey World."  And in "Clarey World" the only thing of any value produced is Rumpleminze.  There are no cars, paper, houses, shoes, video games, OR ANYTHING.  The ONLY thing that is produced on this utopian planet is Rumpleminze.  Period.

The inhabitants of Clarey World pay and exchange for Rumpleminze with "Clarey Bucks."  These Clarey Bucks are made with gold, no different than the coinage of the Earth 100 years ago.  So let's keep it very simple.

Clarey World produces Rumpleminze.
Clarey World uses gold "Clarey Bucks" to buy Rumpleminze.

That's it.  That's all this economy is.  Stop over thinking it.

So upon your intergalactic discovery of the Clarey World planet, you find that that year Clarey World produces 1 million gallons of Rumpleminze per year and the ENTIRE gold supply of the planet has been mined, resulting in precisely and only 1 million ounces of gold.

That's it. That's all there is.  Stop over thinking it.

So the exchange rate in any given year will be ONE Clarey Buck to ONE gallon of Rumpleminze.

So while visiting this planet, you volunteer to work at the Rumpleminze factory, earn some Clarey Bucks and buy some Rumpleminze because...well...there's literally nothing else to do in this lovely planet.  After a while you get bored and decide to fly back to Earth and spread the good word of Clarey World.  You also sing the praises of the galactic quality of Clarey World's Rumpleminze, and soon people also want to fly to Clarey World to sample its Rumpleminze.

But oh no.  There's a problem.  How are all of these new-comers going to buy Rumpleminze!?

"No problem," your ignorant space-exploring ass says.  "We'll just grab some gold here on Earth and use it to buy Rumpleminze on Clarey World."

So you and a fleet carrying 1 million people carrying 9 ounces of gold each, for a TOTAL of 9 million ounces of gold, fly to Clarey World with dreams of imbibing on the universe-famous Rumpleminze.

You guys get there, start spending your gold to buy Rumpleminze, and the economic question I ask of you is:


Some of you intuitively know "well the price has to go up" but in this incredibly controlled environment where there is NOTHING but gold and Rumpleminze, you should be able to figure out, TO THE PENNY, what will happen to the price of Rumpleminze on Clarey World.

It will go from 1 Clarey Buck (or ounce of gold) to 10.

The reason is simple division and IS THE VITAL CONCEPT OF INFLATION I (and many other Austrian economists) are trying to convey upon the masses.  The total supply of gold went from 1 million ounces to 10 million ounces over night, but the supply of Rumpleminze remained at 1 million ounces, thus a ratio of 10:1.

Forget, "velocity" forget "who spends the money first."  Just harken back to your "probability" math class back in the 7th grade where you put various colored balls into a bucket and calculated the "ratios" "probability" etc, of "pulling a green ball from a red bucket."  "Clarey World" is no different than a bucket where you have two colored balls.  Rumpleminze-colored and gold/Clarey Bucks-colored.  Before the discovery of Clarey World, the ratio of gold to Rumpleminze was 1 to 1.  One ounce of gold to one gallon of Rumpleminze.  And just like the math problem you had in the 7th grade:

"When you add 9 more "gold" colored balls to the bucket what is the ratio the price of gold to Rumpleminze?"

And BOOM!  10.  You have 1,000% inflation.  It is merely the change in supply of dollars/currency/Clarey Bucks to the amount of goods and economy or market can produce.

Of course, Clarey World is a very simple economy.  It only produces Rumpleminze and it's economic infrastructure is only currently capable of producing 1 million gallons per year.  But how is this any different than the US higher education system?

At any given year there are only so many parasites professors, so many vampires deans, and so many lampreys adjuncts that can provide only so many degrees and educations to X amount of students.  And just like Clarey World, when you flood this particular market with money, the result is not an increase in the number of degrees being conferred, but merely a price increase.  So in an ironic sense, if you want more affordable tuition, the key is NOT to flood the market with EVEN MORE GOVERNMENT/TAXPAYER MONEY, but.... (try really hard boys and girls)


This is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding about why tuition keeps going up, not to mention the primary cause of why it continues to do so.  People, completely ignorant about economics, think flooding the higher education market with more money, more student loans, etc. etc., will help "solve the problem," but this is EXACTLY the same thing as giving an alcoholic more booze to stop his drinking problem.  IT IS THE PROBLEM.  And when you consider all the sources of financing a college education and how students today pay for college, you find out that tuition is overpriced by 88%, almost identical to the famous "Rumpleminze Bubble" occurring on Clarey World today.

This chart shouldn't be viewed as "How to Students Pay for College."  It should read, to the decimal point, "Causes of Tuition Inflation."  And while here at Cappy Cap we all love to blame the government for everything, the truth is the government is actually NOT the primary culprit in this one.  It's ironically




If parents and various scholarship-offering entities simply refused to pay for their children's tuition, that alone would lower tuition OVER NIGHT by nearly 2/3rds.  I've argued for this before, where idiotic calls to "Boycott Big Oil for a Day" won't work for Big Oil, but SURE AS HELL WOULD WORK on colleges and universities!  However, convincing SUV-driving-soccer-moms and Dude-Bro-turned-MBA-wage-slave-simp parents of basic economics is impossible.  Also convincing crusaderist, non-profit do-gooders to end their enabling of children to pursue worthless degrees is also impossible.  So we can continue to expect the higher education market to be flooded with these ignorant-billions of dollars every year and tuition costs to skyrocket.

But what I found particularly interesting (and shameful of most students) was just how little they actually contributed to their own education.  12%.  They're either borrowing money that isn't theirs, taking from the taxpayer, or completely hammocking off of their parents and charities.  It's no wonder students today think they're entitled to a free education, because they're practically getting one! But the 12% number is much more important from an academic and economic perspective.  It's the what the price of tuition should be.  If left to pay cash for their own education and not rely on the hyper-inflation-causing outside sources of financing, the REAL price of a college education would only be 12% of what it is today.  It's what an uninterrupted, untainted market would be without the intervention of well-intended, but ignorant monies from various external sources.

Of course, for this "real price" of tuition to be realized, we'd actually have to end the scourge of "progressive credentialism" where we demand everybody has a bachelors degree (though "Masters Preferred") to work an entry level job.  Employers would also have to become more merocratic, allowing people to self-study, self-certify, and self-train for free on the internet, and apply for jobs without wasting 4-8 years in college.  And it would also require some ballsy moves on an entire generation to say, "No, screw you Big Education, we're boycotting you for a full year and going to work in the meantime for a gap year instead."  THAT right there would land a powerful one right in the groin of Big Education.  But, alas, the world is filled with sheeple and such independent thought and maneuvering is beyond them.  Nothings too good for American parents' "precious little children" and they'll do whatever they can so daddy's little princess or mommy's little prince can go to college and get "the college experience."

Just don't complain when Rumpleminze on Clarey World costs 400 Clarey Bucks per gallon.
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Interview with Dr. David Perrodin

Was on Dr. David Perrodin's podcast where we talked about conducting reconnaissance for middle aged men, growing up as kids in the 80's in Wisconsin, forging Robin Yount's signature on your glove, and a little bit about Poor Richard's Retirement and how putting humans first in your life makes your finances infinitely easier.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The "Steve Jobs is Dead" Principle

Work is your enemy.  Not your friend.
Your boss is your arch-nemesis.  Not your colleague.
Your career is your slavemaster.  Not your life.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lies are Free. The Truth Is Gonna Cost You

A friendly reminder that if you are having troubles, or know somebody that needs a swift kick in the ass (but of course, you don't dare delivering it to them), visit the Ole Captain at Asshole Consulting!

Why You Never Invest in St. Paul or Minneapolis Reason #5,833

"we want you to be able to rent out your property, absolutely. But...."

The Left Will Gladly Eat It's Own

Like professors getting the shit kicked out of them at Middlebury, now those "cool, hip, leftist capitalists" are getting a taste of their own medicine.

Don't worry Ben and Jerry.  There's still enough hard working, rich, SWPL, suburban, ignorant republicans to keep buying your ice cream.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Why Worthless Degrees Will Never Go Away

I got an interesting comment in the comments section today:

You are going to have to find a new gig dude. Your signature topic, worthless degress, is going mainstream. Once that happens the camp of continuing the crusade disappears.

So what is plan B?

Great question young, aspiring economist!  And the Ole Captain will explain to you what his Plan B is.


Absolutely nothing.

Because while more and more people are starting to recognize the utter worthlessness of some college degrees, you misunderstand the market for them.  For worthless college degrees are not investments, or capital goods that will help increase one's earnings in the future, but rather egregiously expensive consumer items that are purely for the dopamine releasing effects on par with a wedding.  And it is because of this nature of worthless college degrees that the Ole Captain will be here to stay.

I've delved into this in detail before, but the short version is that real world and smart money has moved on from college and is rapidly divesting itself of this old and obsolete model.  Companies are bringing back training and "node education," allowing employees to advance and educate themselves within the company.  The IT and computer industry has long abandoned college degrees preferring certifications and testing for their ever-evolving and very-specifically needed skill set.  And even the smart high school students are waking up, taking classes online, opting to join the military, go to community college first, attending a trade school, or anything and everything to avoid worthless liberal arts degrees. All of this under the umbrella of rapidly evolving online education technology where classes and certifications that lead to better job prospects are being offered online for pennies on a traditional liberal arts college dollar.

But the key phrase here is "smart money."

And if my latest philosophical meanderings into the world of evil is any proof, there is ALWAYS stupid sheeple willing to be lied to and taken advantage of, which means a market for liberal arts degrees will always exist.

Certainly, a genuine and real epiphany could be being realized amongst American youth.  They may identify the baby boomer and Gen X professorial and teacher class for the generational vampires they are.  But this is only the smart youth, and they are outnumbered by the

participation trophy
"my teacher is my BFF"
trench coat wearing
"I'm a high school vegan"

slop that is being mass-produced by today's teachers and parents.  Worse, as I've said before, these sheep are completely sold college as not only a Utopian Nirvana, a place where they "finally" can graduate to and find their place in life, but a birthright, and entitlement that their then-17 year old lives have nothing else to live for.  With such a large and established infrastructure brainwashing these kids, with such a tasty and addictive lie, it doesn't matter how many smarter students are red-pilled on the fringes via the alternative media, nuclear families, present fathers, or even my book,

there is ALWAYS going to be sheep, willingly lining themselves up to be slaughtered at the altar of Big Education.

This is, of course, good news for me and my business.  I capitalize off of misled students and youth who, when dumped into the real world after Big Education has raped them of all the money they could borrow, are disillusioned, can't find a job, and have no clue why the world did not turn out the way their ne'er-had-a-real-job-in-the-real-world professors said it would.  It's certainly good money for me and it's certainly a booming industry to be in.  But, much as I want to capitalize off of evil, I hate the leftist teacher/professor establishment more as they not only have ruined my country, but ruined my youth and to a large extent my life with the exact same lies they're telling kids today.  It's why I set up Worthless Degree Awareness Month and why I constantly plug it.  And I conservatively estimate I've cost Big Education millions of dollars, preventing thousands of students from getting worthless degrees.

The problem (or "benefit" to my business model), however, with worthless degrees is two fold.  One, it's damn well near a decade later that ALTERNATIVE media and MAYBE some traditional media is SLOWLY starting to toll the warning bells about worthless degrees.  I tried my best to get the conservative and libertarian establishments to spread "Worthless" far and wide as the vaccination against worthless degrees AND the perfectly placed torpedo to destroy the left's future democrat voter factory - academia.  It was, and still is, the silver bullet that can end socialism in the west.  Of course, as you know, the Dennis-Pragery, Koch Brothery, Republican party conservative establishments are dumber and slower than hell, not to mention don't have the spine to take off the gloves and aggressively attack the left where it hurts.  Alas, we're making molasses-like-progress stopping an evil that should have been stopped a decade ago.  Two, low quality, low caliber, low intelligence students will always be duped into the liberal arts, no matter how apparent it is that worthless degrees are poison.  This has resulted in a stagnation, not a crash, of worthless degrees and worthless colleges.  Therefore, my market isn't going anywhere.  I confidently predict that I will continue to make money on worthless degrees well into my retirement because the right is incompetent and the amount of stupid being bred in K-12 is limitless.

Sadly though, yes, I would have liked to see every kid in high school read "Worthless."  I would have liked to see every parent force their kid to read it. And yes, I would have loved to hear about clandestine conservative teachers passing it around to their students in a hush-hush contraband like style.  It sure would've been nice to see the Socialist Titanic go down due to my one well-placed "Pen is Mightier Than the Sword" torpedo.  Instead it looks like we're in for decades more of debt-crippled Millennials, lost Gen Z'ers from broken homes, single mommy households, anti-free speech protests on college campuses, assassination attempts on congressmen, and a continued deteriorating of the west.

And I intend to profit off of it.  All of it.  Down to the last stinking penny.
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Academic Composition is Always Hiring

If you're looking for a summer gig and want to be able to work from home, consider our good pal, Alex at Academic Composition. He's always hiring and I cannot emphasize enough how this type of job, though sucky, is ideal for any student who can't find a gig and needs a little side income, especially if you have the gift to write Marxist BS to satiate inferior professors' minds.  Anyway, read below and see if working for Academic Composition isn't for you.

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Next, we will send you the ads to post and at the end of each week, we'll compensate you through PayPal. 

Looking forward to working with you,

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
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Diversity Over Excellence, the London High Rise Fire and KTCMO

You see, people's safety is not as important as diversity.

But what did you expect from a country hell bent on committing suicide?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Will Politics Ruin the "Black Panther" Movie?

Do not confuse the movie "Black Panther" with the political group, "The Black Panthers."  I know if a movie called "The KKK" came out, it might raise some eye brows, but the movie is based off of a Marvel comic book superhero who had a prominent role in the latest Avengers movie - Black Panther - not the political group.  But with the origins of Black Panther out of the way, I'm afraid the movie faces more hurdles than merely its name.  Namely, and not surprisingly, political ones.  And it's all up to Marvel and Hollywood to ensure it jumps them.

Understand Hollywood and Marvel Studios (owned by Disney), not to mention corporate America at large, has capitalized on the "PC, political, going-green, environmentalism, diversity virtue signaling" political infrastructure/religion that has been laid down on Millennials and Gen Xer's.  Since "Captain Planet" the public schools, colleges, and media has built an entire religion that the majority of young people subscribe to, derive value from, and sadly, often put as the sole point and purpose of their life.  We can argue the merits or drawbacks of this later, but the point is that if you put in a politically correct message about diversity, going green, you-go-girlism, etc., you immediately tap into and avail yourself of this political infrastructure and psyche the majority of the US population has...all at no cost.  Alas, why all corporations are bragging about their "carbon foot print," offering gender neutral bathrooms, and Chipolte can't just make a f@cking burrito without bragging about how organic they are.  It's so bad (and blatant) even the leftist GUARDIAN acknowledges corporations are paying lip service to get naive leftist millennials to part with their money.

The only problem is that after having this political sermon shoved down their throats in school, college, home, the church, television, and the movies for 30 years, Americans are starting to burn out on all the "wholesome goodie two shoes leftist liberal" virtue signaling.  Worse, for studios stupid enough to keep shoving rah rah she-rah feminist propaganda down America's throat, their shareholders lose money as they famously did in the painful "Feminist Ghostbusters."

Surprise, surprise, after having lefty politics infused in nearly every aspect of their lives, Americans just want to sit back and

oh, I don't know,

watch a f#cking movie.

This is why "Wonder Woman" was such a pleasant surprise.  There was not one, NOT ONE, ounce of feminism, rah-rah-you-go-girlism BS in the entire movie.  The director still couldn't help but get knives in for the "white man" taking away Indian lands or a Moroccan who couldn't act in France because he wasn't white, but it still was a welcomed HERCULEAN accomplishment not to go for the politically-mandated-low-hanging-fruit and make Wonder Woman a sermon on feminism.  It wasn't a great movie, but it was fun ENTERTAINMENT.

This gives me hope for Black Panther.  Marvel can learn from DC Comics and realize that people, black or white, are kind of getting sick and tired of politics being put in everything, including their entertainment.  They also have the huge opportunity that, like Wonder Woman, they can introduce a truly first original black superhero and NOT merely co-opt a white one, turning him black, which Marvel has a horrific track record of doing.  Not only is co-opting insulting to comic book readers, fans of the original heroes, and their originators, but it should also be insulting to blacks (and other minorities) that Marvel (until Black Panther) didn't deem it appropriate to create a truly ORIGINAL black superhero.  The issue is, is Marvel/Disney going to make a GOOD AND ENTERTAINING MOVIE, or are they going to sermon and lecture the audience about being evil racist people?

It's too early to tell since the movie doesn't come out until February 2018.  The trailer introduces a hidden El Dorado civilization as the backdrop for Black Panther, begetting predictable accusations of "We-Waz-Kaaaangggzzzz!-ism," and resulting in a premature (and all too tiring) discussion about race (besides which, Black Panther NEEDS an origin and I think this fits wells).  And the truth is the world's first original black super hero was going to have pointless racial discussions about it anyway.  However, I wish for nothing more than Marvel to rise above this and just make a damn good movie, void of politics, for the entertainment of all.  I, however, am not going to hold my breath and will wait until others see it first to ensure I don't pay to be lectured or sermoned at. Terribly sorry, I got enough of that in college.
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Big Education Continues to Bleed Out

Awwww, you can see the end of the line off in the distance for Big Education.  What, ever, will those deans, assistant directors, diversity counselors and other worthless parasites do for real work in the real world with their worthless degrees?


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

False Rape Starts to Have a Cost

More of this needs to happen.  And soon falsely accusing people of rape will go away.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Episode #202 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy fucks the world back.
Antifa feminist marries muslim, gets raped, learns nothing.
Girl marries her degree, replete with ceremony.
Emma Sulcowicz working as BDSM "art thingy."


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link here

RSS feed here.

Vivalamanosphere and Delusion Damage

A friendly reminder to visit your alt media, conservative, manosphere, libertarian aggregators who are kind enough to maintain their sites and send traffic to all the people they link to.


Viva La Manosphere


Delusion Damage

Retirement is Death

From my article on "After 50 Living."

"Retirement is not some Viagra commercial, replete with svelte chardonnay-chugging wives and husbands, frolicking on some Floridian beach.  It is the end of your previous life, which, for all of its faults and drawbacks, provided you with reason, agency, and purpose.  And to stop that life, without replacing it with new point and purpose to live, is the quickest way to a sad, depressing, and unhealthy retirement.  Thankfully, this problem and inadequate savings for retirement can be solved by continuing to work past retirement."

The Bitter Generation

"This is the great theme of the boomers' life: They could always take a lot of wild, irresponsible chances on everything, because nearly every bet they made seemed to pay off handsomely, at least within their lifetimes. The completely predictable and obvious long-term costs were always way, way over the horizon -- a problem for somebody else. The bill, if it ever came due, would be paid by their posterity, and who cares about those losers? They don't even like the Beatles, and they're too whiny and lazy anyway."

 The only thing I would add is the damage and cost associated with having to DEPROGRAM all the wrong information you were given, and then start FROM SCRATCH to reprogram yourself with absolutely no adult wisdom or template as it was completely absent from the Baby Boomer generation.  You only had common sense, which was heavily mocked and ridiculed, and only the truly independent minded said, "fuck this" and blazed their own path. 

Thankfully the internet is allowing younger generations to directly bypass their parents or tainted elders to at minimum have ACCESS to alternative points of view, not to mention the entire wisdom of the world.  Though, it's a sad day when YouTube teaches you how to fix your car because your dad can't, or teaches you how to court women because your mom's corrupted by 70's feminism.

The Catholic Economic Subsidiarity Podcast

Introducing a new podcast and blog:

Catholic Economic Subsidiarity.

Check out James' site, book, and podcast if you're sick of leftism, socialism, feminism, and just plain politics infesting your church!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Why Sheeple Deserve to be Taken Advantage Of

As I further trek down the path of Machiavellianism, opportunism, and legitimized mercenary behavior.

Tinder: A Toxic Waste Dump of Society's Rejects

A client wanted my opinion on Tinder and dating strategies.  After installing it and using it for 48 hours, my already-impossibly-low opinion of humanity drops even further:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Traditional Mexican Foods"

Hmmm...would that be those hard working (but too lazy to learn English) Mexicans who take the jobs lazy white kids from the suburbs refuse to take (which is true).  Or is it that large Swedish immigrant sector using EBT to buy that food?

(look at the chart at the end of the article)

I'm Officially Disabled

"In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that employers make reasonable accommodations for employees with sleeping disorders. In the case of DSPD, this may require that the employer accommodate later working hours for jobs normally performed on a "9 to 5" work schedule.[39] The statute defines "disability" as a "physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities", and Section 12102(2)(a) itemizes sleeping as a "major life activity".[40]"

Where's my gubmints gibmedats!!!!????

A Lazy Sunday Reminder

Get your online shopping done TODAY.  Don't procrastinate and just get your online shopping chores done!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Interview with "The Real Mark Baxter"

Was on Mark's show yesterday where we talked about the DRAWBACKS of working from home, how telecommuting could (but hasn't) revolutionzed society, Poor Richard's Retirement, and more!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

New Addition to the Blogroll


Surprised I actually didn't have it on there already.

How Leftists Let Politics Ruin Their Lives

I, in all honesty, don't know a thing about Comey.  I stopped listening to politics quite some time ago.  But all I know is that this man has made these liberals miserable.  And for that I am happy.

LinkedIn Life: "Why I'll Never Hire a Liberal Arts Graduate"

My latest article on LinkedIn.  I like to post articles about the business world on LinkedIn because it targets and shakes up the world of corporate sheep.  Kind of like Rodney Dangerfield's character in "Caddy Shack."


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

What Young Men Can Learn from Matt Forney

Matt Forney is bald and fat.
Matt Forney is also, along with Cynical Libertarian Society, one of the peers I disagree most with.
Matt Forney also drank an open container of alcohol in my rental car in Vegas, leaving it there even after I told him not to.

That is indeed the Matt Forney I know.

Publicly, however, these traits are perhaps overshadowed by his somewhat radical stances, unpopular opinions, and often times purposed and rank agitating positions epitomized and exemplified in his essay "Big Lovin'."  This has made him a lightning rod for...well...everybody, catching flak, hate mail, scathing commentary, and death threats from both the left and right, and anybody else in between.  But whatever your reservations about Matt Forney are and no matter how detestable you may find him, what people don't see is a vitally important lesson exhibited through his behaviors that should not be obscured by his words.  And it's a lesson everybody, but especially young men, could greatly benefit from today.

I first knew of Matt Forney when he (publicly) had no presence on the web.  He was a part time rookie radio show host (and a poor one at that) and was just branching out of his New York home.  However, instead of maybe moving to New York City or perhaps down to Baltimore or maybe to Boston, Matt decided to...

hitch hike across America with a pitstop in the Bakken oilfield to find work.

I found this pretty odd and ballsy of a 23 year old kid, especially since he had never set foot in unpopulated states like Wyoming and Montana.  Sure enough he got stranded in the second worst city in Wyoming (Gillette) for three days, but still managed to make it to the Bakken oil fields to work, and move onto Seattle to complete his trip. 

It was either shortly of before this trip (I can't remember which) it became public that he wrote under the nom de plume "Ferdinand Bardamu" at the site "In Mala Fide."  This became a shock to pretty much anybody else who knew him because the writing was so good and so observant most people pegged him for a 42 year old.  This also coincided with increasingly cheap bandwidth, allowing Matt to start his first podcast (which also sucked), and his establishing his main site

What followed was three years worth of consistent and persistent writing.  Not only for his own blog, but for Return of Kings and his own books.  And he didn't just focus on writing, but expanded and tested his horizons in YouTube and podcasting.  He had multiple podcasts, kept writing books and essays, and if there was a marketing angle, he worked it.  His site is continuously updated and professional looking.  He'd look for affiliate marketing plans.  He'd find ways to sell his books directly begetting him a higher percentage on his books.  He even offered his own variation of Asshole Consulting.  Anything and anyway he could work it, he would.  All while continuing to create written, audio, and video content for his audience. 

Matt further continued "The Forney Hustle" when it came election time.  I personally didn't have the time, inclination, or energy to cover the DNC and RNC conventions.  I didn't go to various protests or political gatherings to cover them.  And I certainly didn't find myself getting chased down by anti-fa protestors like Matt did.  But Matt did and all on a shoe-string budget, becoming, frankly, more of a journalist than most of us who merely editorialized from blogs.

If this wasn't enough Matt decided to go international.  First, in true Matt Forney form, it was to the Philippines to basically get laid, explore the country, and write a book about it.  But he then decided to head off to Hungary to cover the refugee crisis in Europe from a country that was determined to maintain its sovereignty.  A la Roosh, it was again a ballsy move to just up and move not knowing the languages, cultures, or social norms and just put yourself out there because "well, why not?"

Now when you combine this all together -

Matt's impressive-and-increasing-volume of work
Matt's willingness to try new things and put himself out there
Matt's relentless hustle, innovation, and trial-and-error
And his ability to endure the flak he constantly gets with a ZFG attitude

there are going to be consequences.  And those consequences are ones of galvanization, progress, and improvement.  Because while we all would like to pick on Forney simply because it's easy and his controversial positions make it so, what most people fail to see (including himself I speculate) is the drastic improvement Matt has enjoyed and the amazing potential future he has.

When I first met Matt he was horrible at podcasting.  His podcast was barely listenable.  Now he is drastically improved through sheer simple practice, able to monologue, be a participant on another show, and interview others.  He was always a good writer, but he has turned that skill into a money maker with his books and essays.  And that moron who was drinking an alcoholic beverage in my rental car in Vegas, who had an incredible lack of social graces to boot, was actually quite insightful, interesting, and pleasant to be around at a meet up I attended in October.  In short, Matt was a fat, nerdy, socially retarded, impolite, unemployed loser.  But now, after forcing himself into challenges and trials of life, he has self-galvanized into somebody most millennial boys (and especially the leftists who hate him) could only dream of becoming:

A self-employed, independent man.

He may not have the bankroll and financial success of Mike Cernovich.  He may not have the fame and notoriety of Milo.  And he may not have the looks of Laura "Cute Girl Saying Obvious Shit" Southern.  But he has put in all the hard upfront work to lay the foundations for a career and life where he answers to no one, goes where he pleases, and can live how he wants.  Whatever your disagreements and reservations you have with Matt Forney, I can certainly understand.  But he is the imperfect role model for every nerd and loser out there who wishes to stop being one.  You'd be wise to study and learn from his still-evolving career.

Cowboy Bebop to Get Live Action Show


For those of you who don't know what Cowboy Bebop is, one, hit yourself for lacking culture, and two, see the sample below:

Now go buy the series, watch it, so you can be as excited about the prospects of a live action show of Cowboy Bebop.

Worthless Degree Awareness Month - An Easy Problem to Solve

Cancer is hard to cure because of it's varied and chaotic evolutionary nature

Crime is also hard to eliminate because of various socio-economic reasons, not to mention it's part of human nature.

Even a vaccine for the common cold, common as it may be, has eluded science for millennia.

But while some scourges of society have no obvious or immediate solution, there is one that plagues us today, but could be solved tomorrow.

Worthless degrees.

Before you get your blood pressure up or your emotions a-flutter, realize neither you nor I nor the taxpayer have the time, money, patience or resources to keep this facade up any longer.  Every year millions of American students take on $300 billion in student debt.  They waste anywhere from 4 to 8 years of their youth earning degrees that have no job prospects attached to them.  And then for the next decade are financially impaired under the weight of these student loans, preventing them from homeownership, forming families, or the plain ole pursuit of happiness.  This translates not only into ruined lives of the victims of worthless degrees, but greater economic social costs in the form on an inadequately trained labor pool, lower economic growth, lower standards of living, and a debt bubble that is larger than the mortgage crisis of 2007.

The question is how to solve it.  And in order to answer that question we need to find out how the scourge of worthless degrees became so prominent and widespread in America. 

To be blunt the worthless education bubble came about because of a combination of sparing people's feelings, poor parenting, an ignorance of economics, and a resultant entitlement mentality. To an outside observer, majoring in something like "English" is laughably foolish.  It offers no real world skills.  You're already living in an English-speaking country.  And, unless you had a mental disability, you are likely 100% fluent in English by the age of 18.  But that is not the environment in which a 16, 17, or 18 year old child determines his or her major. He/she is cocooned in an environment controlled and dominated by parents and teachers.  At best these parents and teachers are innocently ignorant about today's labor market because they attended college in the 70's or 80's.  They recommend college because it worked for them...back in the Nixon administration.  But what is increasingly likely today is a spinelessness on the part of both teachers and parents to tell their children the harsh, real world realities of economics and the labor market.  And instead they tell their children what they want to hear simply to avoid the standard rigors (and crying and temper tantrums) that come with properly raising and educating a child:

"Follow your dreams and the money will follow!"
"Any degree is a good degree!"
"You can't put a price on education!"

Alas it is no surprise little Jimmy decides he's going to major in puppetry because there was no real adult there to stop him.

But there is another, not-so-obvious-yet-key cause of the scourge that is known as worthless degrees:

A birthright.

And this is perhaps the real reason the worthless degree tick is so thoroughly lodged into America's bloodstream.

Understand that from a child's perspective the ONLY thing he or she has in her life is college.  K-12 is so horrendously boring, inefficient, and mentally stifling, it resembles a prison more than it does a school.  Increasingly apathetic parents drop their children off with increasingly apathetic teachers, where the true purpose of K-12 education is more baby sitting than it is education.  Alas, most kids are just biding their time, waiting out a mental prison sentence, chomping at the bit to get out.  But the biggest lie we feed them is not "follow your heart and the money will follow," or "you can't put a price on education," but the canard

"It will all get better in college."

This turns college into the ONLY thing these poor souls have to look forward to in life.  And this delusion is only further propagandized as a utopia by media, government, politicians, and the colleges themselves.  Movies, college football games, the false illusion of 24-7 free sex and partying, it becomes every American high school senior's promised land.  And for any sane or rational person to come in and try to interrupt that dream, warning them that a degree in "Art History" will result in a nightmare, is VEHEMENTLY met with a scathing emotional, passionate, and completely irrational response. Most people, parents, teachers, or not, dare not upset these children with the truth.  And thus we condemn these poor kids to a life of underemployment, debt, and a lesser life.

The solution is very simple - tell these kids the truth about the employment prospects of different degrees.  It's sadly too late for the millennial generation as they were the experimental sacrificial lambs Americans forfeited to see if absentee and spineless parenting/teaching would work.  So far removed are they from the realities of the labor market and the real world even a mere attempt to get through to them evokes unexplainable accusations of "racism," "sexism," or "ignorance."  But Gen Z and all future generations of Americans do not need to needlessly suffer as the millennials (and Gen X'ers) did.  We do not have to ruin their lives by forcing them to go to college to get a degree, "any degree," and mortgage their futures for it.  Having candid, realistic, frank, and adult conversations with them about what their educational options are, be it college, the military/GI Bill, trade school, or IT certifications, can not only spare them the fate of the millennials, but usher in a new era of strong economic growth, financially stable families, and happier Americans all around.

It can happen tomorrow.  We can end the cancer that is worthless degrees.  We simply need to love our children enough to tell them the truth.
Help end worthless degrees!  Share this article with a loved one you care about who's about to go to college or has children that are about to go to college.  Use the hashtag "#WorthlessDegreeAwarenessMonth"
Helpful Books:
"Worthless" - The young person's indispensable guide to choosing the right major.
"Reconnaissance Man" - A book for students who don't know what they want to study in college.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Curse Free Episode #22 of The Clarey Podcast!

American's can't identify British tabloids.
One of Clarey's ex banking bosses is dead...thank god!
Wasp nests in vaginas, women's mutual funds, the case for evil continues!
Japan's "Groper Insurance."
Just what the heck are you studying????


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link here.

RSS Feed here.

But Muh Muh "Critical Thinkin' Skillzzz"

Again, in case you didn't know, I will NEVER hire a liberal arts major.  EVER.

Men Increasingly Aware College is a Scam

I like how the feminist inadvertently scared one of these male college students to leave with her rape talk.  She did him the biggest favor ever, quite unintentionally of course.

Poor Richard's Retirement Now Available in Audio!

I've got good news...and good news.

The good news is that "Poor Richard's Retirement" is available to you folks who are like me and CAN'T STAND READING.  In other word's it's available in audio.

The other good news is that apparently I make a $50 "bounty commission" for every "first time Audible buyer" who buys this or any of my other audio books.  In other words if you never bought an audible book before, and you buy mine, I get AN EXTRA $50 IN COMMISSION.  I think the regular commission off the audible version of Poor Richard's Retirement is like $3, so for you Audible Virgins out there please consider losing your Audible virginity to me!

How Vasectomies Put Reproductive Control Back in the Hands of Men

Remember, I got a vasectomy over a decade ago.

Just now the ALTERNATIVE media is getting around to realizing the ROI of a vasectomy.

Can you imagine how long it will be before the MSM gets around to it?  If the education bubble is any indicator it'll be 2078 before the MSM warns you about sperm jacking and worthless degrees!

You can be ahead of the curve or behind it.  And if you want to be ahead of it remember to drop in and occasionally real the Ole Captain, this book prominent of which would do men wonders.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Life's Too Short for Politics

Allow me to tell you about my weekend.

Both mornings I woke up with the long legged Amazonian around 10AM.  She made us coffee.  We sat in bed for an hour exchanging ideas and flirtations, in between checking out phones and seeing what was going on in the world.  I can't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday morning there was the latest attack in London, but I didn't care, though we did chat a bit about how we didn't care.  Inevitably we got up.  Enjoyed a motorcycle ride towards Wisconsin.  Dinner and lunches at various locales.  And then my buddy picked us up in his convertible and we headed to a cigar lounge, after which we grabbed ice cream at a local ice cream parlor.  I truly can't tell which events were on Saturday and which were on Sunday because it was all good.

This La-La-Land was briefly punctured, however, when I went to the gym.  Where on the boobtube were the talking heads of Fox and CNN, trying to digest the terror attack in London and Trump's exit from the Paris Accord as if it there were some kind of science.  They all had stern faces, they were all so very serious, and though they all have impressive Mickey Mouse degrees from Columbia and Brown, I knew it was all pointless and irrelevant.  Nothing I was going to do was going to change the events of the world. Nothing they were saying was going to change the events of the world.  And putting the Serenity Prayer into practice, I continued about my day committed to enjoying the decline.

The same, however, could not be said of the people populating my various social media feeds.  For there were two main camps of people letting politics ruin their otherwise glorious weekend;

People freaking out over the latest terror attack and people freaking out over Trump leaving the Paris Accord.

Admittedly, most of my feeds were populated with conservatives and other non-leftists taking the ultimate ZFG and "meh" approach to the latest visitation by The Truck of Peace.  It was getting so bad I almost feel a lot of us are cheering on the terrorists because how can you respect a people who won't stand up for themselves?  But if I left my echo chamber to check out what the "real world" was saying and it was the exact same regurgitated panic/slop that always comes with terrorists attacks.

And signs at concerts telling the world how they are united.

The other camp was purely leftists doing nothing but FREAKING THE FRICK OUT over Donald Trump leaving the climate claptrap scam accord.  Kathy Griffin's stint of a beheaded Donald Trump understates just how pissed off these people were.  These leftists were seething, uncontrollably angry at Donald Trump, so much so that it was apparent they were obsessed with whatever the Don was doing that weekend (Paris Accord or not), and consequently let that completely determine their mood...and thus their weekend.  Ironically, the enemies of Trump were letting him have another victory in letting him ruin their precious and finite weekends.

Alas, it is here, in the weekend of June 3rd-4th of 2017, that a vitally important lesson lies for all of us, whether you're a "political news junkie" addicted to Drudge Report or mentally retarded SJW frothing at the mouth over Donald Trump's each and every move.  And that lesson is just how many people let politics ruin their lives.  Because whether you're on the right or on the left, too many of you are pissing away precious and vital time you don't have on things that you do not control, and therefore, ultimately doesn't matter.

Take, for example, the right wing "news junkies" or people who intravenously consume their news from Fox, Drudge, Heat Street, or conservative talk radio.  Worse, consider the increasing number of non-leftist Americans who actually believe the British tabloids like the Sun Herald or Daily Mail.  Before the clock hits 8:01 AM, they're already pissed off, angry at the Anti-American world around them, and are immediately put on the defensive for the rest of the day.  They post things on Facebook, Twitter, or what have you, about things they ultimately do not control, solely as a means of therapy so they may digest the world that is collapsing around them.  I'm not saying the world isn't in a bad state, but I wonder if obsessing over it, to the point it is your life isn't worse than the fate of the world itself.

Bad as that is though, the left takes politics to a whole new metastasized level.  For while people on the right predominantly care about politics because it affects them, the left (and admittedly an increasing number of people on the right) obsess over politics because...

they have nothing else in life.

At least rightists have families, friends, hobbies, loved ones, etc., lives OUTSIDE of politics that they pursue and enjoy.  They get upset when politics interrupts or threatens these lives and pursuits of happiness, which prompts their passionate interest in politics in the first place.  But most leftists do not have families, hobbies, interests, or lives, leaving them only with politics as a sad and pathetic substitute.  And if you don't believe, please, by all means look at the bio, background or social media profile of any leftist.  You'll sadly see an emphasis on their politics, ideology, worthless liberal arts degree, or whatever virtue signaling political crusade, instead of something fun or meaningful like hang-gliding, ballroom dancing, spouse, children, or business.  In short, leftists have no core because cores usually take effort, labor, sacrifice, selflessness and work. And leftist politics, whatever their strain (feminism, environmentalism, rank socialism, racial politics, etc.) are an effortless faux religion that provides fabricated meaning to their meaningless lives.

This provides a silver, albeit sad, lining to the cloud of socialism that is inexorably covering the world.  Leftists are MISERABLE because all they have in life is their religion of politics.  They cannot escape its grasp because there is nothing else they have in life.  Ergo, they are completely at the whim of it.

Their happiness is not determined by whether they start a company or go fishing.
It's determined by whether a guy with a funny hair cut leaves a climate accord.

It's not determined by spending time with their children or sex with their spouse.
It's determined by what Anderson Cooper said that evening.

It's not determined by going outside and climbing a mountain or finishing a marathon.
It's determined by Dove soap making a fat-acceptance commercial.

And their happiness is not determined by friends, engaging conversation, and the humor therein.
It's determined by whether Bernie Sanders will forgive student loans.

Look back at this past weekend and ask yourself a question.  Did you enjoy it, or like a leftist, did you let politics ruin it for you?  Because I don't know if you knew this or not, but you're going to die.  And life is too short to be like a miserable SJW millennial, an angry feminist, or even a "Fox News Junkie" to waste it on politics. I suggest you learn to enjoy the decline instead.
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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Asshole Consulting Bumpersticker

I went to the prestigious Carlson School of Management so I know what I'm doing when it comes to marketing.  Thus, why I'm offering anybody who wants one, a free and super-duper, tippy-top, hoity-toity, with the fancy-schmancy "OFFICIAL" Asshole Consulting bumper sticker!

E-mail me if you want one, provide me your mailing address, and I'll drop one in the mail for you IF YOU PROMISE TO PUT IT ON YOUR DAMN CAR (or laptop cover, which is also acceptable).

Friday, June 02, 2017

Global Warming - The Forced Religion by the State

I was kicking around writing a piece about my take on Trump leaving the Paris Accord.  My spin was not going to be so much about global warming, but how this was indeed the ballsy, bold leadership I'd like to see on the international stage a little bit more.  A harsh reminder to the Europhiles, UN, and One World Government tyrants that, like Brexit, you don't fucking own us.

But this is just as good anyway.

How to Value a CryptoCurrency

Thursday, June 01, 2017

June is "Worthless Degree Awareness Month"

My goal for June is to end worthless degrees like cancer.
Except, unlike cancer, we can end worthless degrees in 2017. 
We just have to actually...I hate to say it..."raise awareness."