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MGTOW 101: What is MGTOW?

Decided to rattle the hornet's nest because I was bored.  It's always fun to rattle the cages of the MGTOW theoreticians:

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Minority Women in STEM

Oops....those damn fathers.  Why are they never available for comment?

What the Heck are "Critical Thinking Skills" Anyway?

"Critical thinking" or "critical thinking skills" come up in two common scenarios.

One, when a leftist defends their worthless liberal arts degree, claiming it provides them with the rare and enviable skill of "critical thinking."


Two, when liberal arts professors defend their bogus fields of study by claiming the "#1 thing employers look for in college graduates is critical thinking!"

Of course, I never gave "critical thinking" much thought, writing it off as some kind of worthless, commonsensical skill your average person develops during childhood.  But because of the cacophony coming from academia, not to mention, the academic left's complete and utter reliance upon and championing of it, I decided to find out, once and for all, what the heck are "critical thinking skills anyway."

A standard google search will pull up a ton of results, but the first thing you'll notice is that there's NO standard definition of critical thinking skills.  You can go to Wikipedia and you'll see two amorphous definitions with pages and pages of text vainly trying to define it.  You can even go to the "Critical Thinking Community" (which serves, I presume, as the "professional association" of critical thinkers) and even they have four separate, equally amorphous definitions.  But as far as my evil, empirical, logical, and sane mind can tell me, critical thinking closely follows what I set out in my "reality principle" video.  It is merely the discovering of reality.  A commitment to intellectually honesty.  Or what we normal people, with normal jobs, who live in the real world call...

"getting to the bottom of things."

Naturally, leave it to the wanna-be adults of academia to take a simple concept your average 10 year old understands and turn it into an entire 4 year study unto itself.  Leave it to inferior-minded people to extrapolate thousands of painful pages from a concept as simple as "be intellectually honest."  And do you want pain?  Just imagine how anal retentive, unimaginative, and truly void of any intelligence you have to be to come up with a "Critical Thinking Community" replete with:

a bookstore
a library
professional development
assessment and testing.

But, as are with most things in academia, their championing of "critical thinking" is not merely an intellectually-void, navel-gazing, masturbation exercise to falsely validate handing out worthless doctorates and self-importance in a field that provides no value to society.  It is to provide them authority over the rest of society.  And it is here their nefarious and malicious intent is exposed.

On the face of it, any introductory video to critical thinking will explain it as intellectual honesty, the pursuit of reality, and (as we commoners call it) "getting to the bottom of things."  It is based in sanity, reason, logic, and reality.  However, if you delve into the world of academia and critical thinking "experts," you'll start to notice a common refrain.  They not only obfuscate a simple concept like "reality" in volumes of unnecessary pablum, but they always include some sort of "social awareness" or "adherence to other people's feelings/thoughts/opinions/culture" political component to that definition.  AND usually that component trumps reality.  Matter of fact, I rarely saw the word "empirical" or "empiricism" mentioned in these definitions.  And all one has to do is take a look at a sample definition from one of these "critical thinking authorities:"

"Critical thinking is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way.   People who think critically consistently attempt to live rationally, reasonably, emphatically.    They are keenly aware of the inherently flawed nature of human thinking when left unchecked.   They strive to diminish the power of their egocentric and sociocentric tendencies.   They use the intellectual tools that critical thinking offers – concepts and principles that enable them to analyze, assess, and improve thinking.   They work diligently to develop the intellectual virtues of intellectual integrity, intellectual humility, intellectual civility, intellectual empathy, intellectual sense of justice and confidence in reason.   They realize that no matter how skilled they are as thinkers, they can always improve their reasoning abilities and they will at times fall prey to mistakes in reasoning, human irrationality, prejudices, biases, distortions, uncritically accepted social rules and taboos, self-interest, and vested interest.   They strive to improve the world in whatever ways they can and contribute to a more rational, civilized society.    At the same time, they recognize the complexities often inherent in doing so.   They avoid thinking simplistically about complicated issues and strive to appropriately consider the rights and needs of relevant others.   They recognize the complexities in developing as thinkers, and commit themselves to life-long practice toward self-improvement.   They embody the Socratic principle:   The unexamined life is not worth living , because they realize that many unexamined lives together result in an uncritical, unjust, dangerous world.               ~ Linda Elder, September, 2007"

That's a whole lot of SJW-ing and crusaderism when all we want to do is get down to the truth.  But keep in mind this overkill of verbosity is on purpose as they are more concerned about advancing political agendas (not to mention keeping their academic fiefdoms financed by leftist governments) than they are pursuing empiricism.  And they obfuscate these ulterior motives by attempting to not only hijack a concept like "critical thinking," but by self-appointing themselves as the final authorities and arbiters as to what is "reality," "truth," and "empiricism."  This not only grants them sweeping powers (in their minds anyway) to dictate to the rest of us what reality is and how society should be ran, but why when one of us "commoners" question their politics, their motives, and their incentives, they simply bog you down in minutiae, academic pablum, bogus studies, and of course, the always reliable accusation of "you lack critical thinking skills."  

However, rather than fight them in their own turf, allow me to simply debunk, disprove, and destroy them in a much simpler, and sniper like way from the opposite direction.  If they are so committed to reality.  If they are so correct.  And if they truly know better than all of us.  Then why have nearly all the liberal arts and humanities failed to improve, let alone solve, any of the social ills they purport to be solving?

The wage gap between blacks and whites has not closed, nor has the wage gap between men and women.

Income distribution has worsened since the academic left's wet dream of The Great Society has been implemented.

Divorce, single-parenthood, and broken families have skyrocketed.

And they never seem to point to any success they've had in solving the social ills they purport to (thus always resulting in a hypocritical clamoring for more money and funding).

It is exactly like the laughable Keynesian economists, whose economic policies have spectacularly failed to combat the great recession, but still have the gall to demand the taxpayer "didn't pay enough, because if they did THEN our policies would have worked."

In short, the irony is that if we were to use GENUINE critical thinking, we'd look at all those academic left champions of critical thinking, see that they have made virtually NO progress in their OWN respective fields, and empirically deduce they not only have failed, but are con-artists, charlatans, and parasites cowardly using "critical thinking" as a means to avoid working real jobs in the real world so they may continue to live off of the rest of us.  So the next time you hear an academian, a liberal arts graduate, or any other variety of leftist boast about their "critical thinking skills" tell them the truth.  Critical thinking as a skill is no more impressive than wiping your own ass.  And sadly, most of them lack the intelligence to do either.

A related somewhat response
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From Our Millennial College Graduate Agent in the Field

A relatively recent college graduate wanted to report about how his attendance of college had NO bearing on his future life.  This is a guest post written by him and I do want to put the emphasis on MILLENNIAL.

The Reality of Post College Graduates

The reality of college in today's modern world is this: college doesn't do a whole lot.

I'm a living and breathing example of this. In December of 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in economics. In February of 2013, I took a job as a computer engineer. In February of 2016 (with one additional job in between), I am now a guy who makes his living off the Internet, whether it be via my blog, books, web design, or whatever else floats my boat.

I recently reactivated my personal Facebook account after several years, because I'm now living in Eastern Europe (it's huge here). I was missing social opportunities, so despite my usual protests to engaging in any personal social media, I jumped back into the fray.

When I logged back into Facebook for the first time, what do you think I was greeted with?

Profiles of old friends who were kicking ass in life, using their degrees to their fullest potential and maximizing their college investment?


Profiles of old friends were who still meandering in the same jobs they had in college, or had become baristas after realizing that their worthless degree was not even worthless - but actually a negative return on investment for their life as a whole.

If you guessed the first option, then go back to reading your Liberal Arts textbook, I wish you the best.

For those of you who chose the second, allow me to elaborate on my story a bit.


I'm now 24 years old, and as I said, I have a degree in economics but ended up working as a computer engineer. This is the first red flag that the collegiate system in America is broken.

In what world can some 21 year old kid with a degree in economics start working on 1 million dollar+ computer systems as his first job? They say it all comes down to connections, and this was exactly the case for me. I had a great friend and mentor in high school - when I started working in a computer shop at the age of 14, he was the head salesman. We struck up a fast bond and he is still one of my best friends to this day, despite a ten year age gap.

He talked me up to his bosses at the engineering job, and I walked into the interview knowing it was mine provided I didn't come off as a total moron.

Needless to say, I got it.

I never was asked what my degree was in. Not once, in a two hour long interview, with four panelists. The piece of paper that I had invested the last three and a half years of my life (and $100k, give or take - and I went to a public state school!) did not matter one bit.

Yet, my entire life I was indoctrinated to think that it was. I should mention that there is some truth to that - they may have not given me a shot if I didn't have the piece of paper proving that I could take orders and listen. However, the proof is in the pudding. You don't need a degree to start a career - but the real lesson to learn here is that you should never get a worthless degree.

To illustrate that, let's look at a few of my other friends.


Is a very cute, now 24 year old girl. She left the original university where we started college together after a year and a half to return to her hometown, which is a big tourist hotspot. In school, she was studying Journalism and Media Studies.

In her hometown, she took a job at a large hotel as a check-in clerk. She was making $15 an hour, give or take. Five years later, she has finally finished her degree, and still works in the hotel. She now makes $22 an hour, give or take.

Despite her dreams of being a sportscaster and a writer, I can promise you that I write more on a daily basis than she likely has in the last year.


Was a good friend of mine for several years. He was a Marine Biology major, and a pretty good one at that. He had strong grades in all of the hard classes like organic chemistry, physics, etc.

Max started working at Petco during our junior year at school. At 24 years of age, after 5 years of study - he still works at Petco.


Is someone I still keep in pretty consistent touch with. She got a Sociology degree. Right after graduating, she moved back home. She then found a job that paid her about $14 an hour as a social worker. She hated it and said it was "too hard", so she took a job at a coffee shop instead.

It was, in her words, "Less stressful and more fun."

Now, she is engaged to be married and will tie the knot at the end of this year. Most likely, she'll be pregnant within a year and never work another day in her life again (provided her future husband has a degree worth that provides more than a barista job).

This means that she threw away all of her parents money and their Sociology for a job making coffee.


Even those who have strong personalities are not immune to society's shames and methods.

From a young age, it is quite clear to any young person growing up in America that you must go to college. Especially as a man - you are made to believe is the only way you can get a girl, the only way to provide, that you are far less of a man if you lack a college degree.

In reality, having a silly Liberal Arts degree in LGBT Studies makes you less of a man.

I'm not going to preach that you should or shouldn't go to college - but what I will preach is that you should think very carefully about throwing down six figures or more on a piece of paper that won't get you a job beyond making a latte (also remember: a Civil Engineering degree from a random state school is likely more valuable than a LGBT degree from Harvard). In addition to that, even if the job is has some prestige and sex appeal to it, if it only pays $18 an hour - is it really worth it? There are plenty of options out there that pay far, far better, won't require four years of your life, won't require a ransom worth a 20% downpayment on a new home, and won't suck you into the system designed to keep you in debt and working for the rest of your life.

Because it doesn't end after the college degree. Next comes the house, and it best be in a good suburb. Then you need the nice cars to look good in the driveway, even if you only drive down the street to work. Then comes the kids and the private school, then ultimately - their college education.

I started to get sucked into this after I started my first job. I bought a nice car, that, coupled with the insurance payments, cost me $600 a month (plus premium gas!). I considered buying a condo that would have meant a monthly mortgage equivalent to half of my take-home salary.


Because I was told that was just how it was. That this is what it meant to be American.

The best advice I can possibly give to anyone is to think for themselves. Look at me now. I'm now living abroad, writing this from a cafe in Poland. I make my living running my own business. I am my own free man.

And that piece of paper that says "Bachelor's in Economics" has nothing to do with it.

Now that's true freedom.

If all these kids had read Worthless, none of this would have happened....I also want to know if Susan is hot because I have a job for her that pays more than $14 per hour.

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Episode #147 of The Clarey Podcast!

Dirty Harriet and stories from Rapid City
White and Asian males fight diversity at Intel
How diversity hurts us all
What REAL minorities heroes are we missing out on?


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Link to "The Real Lone Ranger" aka "Bass Reeves."

The SJW Black List

Looks like Voxday is fighting fire with fire by outing and putting together a list of all the SJW's who like to dox people.

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Prom is "Uneconomic"

Provide you useful, helpful SAEG since 2005:

Only Blacks Created Stuff in America

I don't know how long this will last, but I found it interesting that when searching for a mural of American inventors, Bing's search algorithms went ape-shit affirmative-actiony and produced this for an image search.

I took a screen shot for posterity.

At first I thought "Bing was Broken," but then it dawned on me with the universal and omnipresent push to plug diversity, minorities, etc., between academia, the media, and the government, I would not be surprised that the logical search algorithm assumes you are looking for black American inventors and not the traditional American inventors. 

Regardless, touche leftist, multiculturalist, revisionist, marxists.  Touche!

Cappy vs. Feminism on "Crush the Street"

My latest interview with Ken over at Crush the Street.  We talk about feminism, talking past their "victim game" and calling them out for the liars, thieves, parasites and cowards that they are.

Big Oil Redeux

Another little tidbit to bookmark lieutenants and economists. 

Remember when leftists call Exxon and BP "big oil" that those are PRIVATE companies.  They pale in comparison to the GOVERNMENT OWNED OIL COMPANIES of Mexico, Venezuela, and (the largest one) Saudi Arabia's Aramco.  Aramco has a market value of $2 trillion dollars.

By comparison, Exxon only has a market cap of $350 billion.

Now I know "The Maths" are hard for leftists, so don't expect them to understand advanced concepts like "market capitalization," "billion" or the number 3.  But all you have to do next time is print off this here little post, put it in front of them, and then walk away.  You'll have won the debate and can move on with your life.

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Cappys Black Hill Adventure!

Remember, Amy Schumer is Not Intended for You

She is intended for low information people.

Obama and the Constitution

New sponsor ladies and gentlemen.  Daniel Alman has put together a compendium of all of Obama's violations of the constitution, law, and everything else.  I find it a very handy reference book to have in case people say, "OK, name ONE time Obama violated the constitution."  And since there's been many you are at a loss to conjure up just one.

Well no more, here's an entire list you can simply pull out and go through one by one:

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Today in Awesomeness

WWI's stuffed penguin flying mascot pulled from wreckage.

The Molyneux Caller "Sigh"

In my latest podcast episode I tiraded against the callers into Stefan Molyneux's show who, when cornered about their hypocrisy or weakness, exhaust the exasperating and patented "sigh" which drives my blood pressure up.

If you listen to this episode of Stefan Molyneux's show you will find exactly what I'm talking about at 1:09:15 (for the next 10 seconds) and the PERFECT example at 2:30:05 (for the next painful wishy washy 20 seconds after that).

Again, I am a big fan of the Stefan Molyneux show, but I just couldn't let this itch go much further without scratching it.

New Blogroll Addition : Director Blue

You will read.
You will visit.
You will enjoy.
Conformance is mandatory.
Compliance is not optional.
You will obey!

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Why Every Conservative Should Cheer that Harriet Tubman is on the $20 Bill

Any woman who hunts, scouts, and kills democrats is a good enough woman for me!

Last Minute Rapid City, South Dakota Tour

Decided to head to Rapid City for the weekend.  Any lieutenants, economists, or agents in the field that are either out there or up for some hiking out west, let the ole Captain know.

Blacks Don't LIke Cops? Fine, Have Them Leave

and see what happens.

The "White Privilege Conference" Shit Show

Bunch of white people who hate themselves.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who is Candace Owens of Social Autopsy?

Looks like the Honey Badgers are on the case.

Rant of the Year

Though it is only April:

Black Moms Using Black Boys to Rake in a Payday

I'm starting to wonder if these mothers really love their sons or just view them as a vehicle to sue the police when their "dindu nuffin" gangster son (that they failed to raise properly AND without a father) gets in trouble with the cops.

Yeah yeah, remember, we don't need no STIIIINNNNNKING FATHERS!

What About "Big Oil" Now?

I like watching the normies and leftists react to the oil industry because it not only shows how completely clueless and deluded they are about the oil industry, but it belies just how fantastically stupid they are.  Usually, once every 5 years or so, some journalist will crack open Exxon's annual report and decry that it made "$40 billion" in EEEEVIL profits while kids in Durkadurkastan live off of a nickle every five years and eat flies for nourishment.  Naturally the leftists and normies are incensed, and demand something be done about it.  But if we're really lucky, once every 10 years they'll parade their stupidity for all to see and float around that deader-than-a-door-nail idea to "boybott big oil" on "one" day.

However, that's usually when oil prices are high and thus, naturally, when profits are also at all time highs.  But what about when oil goes to all time lows?  Does the left report on the losses or drops in revenue of "Big Oil?"

No, of course not, because that doesn't fit the narrative.  And so to keep the sheeple in line, the media will never report how "Big Oil" is doing today, now that oil is about a 1/3rd of what it used to be.  But I will.

In short it doesn't look good.

Exxon came out "the best" out of the Big Oil companies I looked at.  Their revenues are down about 40% from last year and their profit has been cut in half since 2014.

British Petroleum experienced a similar drop in revenue, but actually posted a loss of $6 billion.

And "hated Halliburton" (which recognized your hate and has since moved their HQ to Dubai, don't worry, you won't be able to tax them soon) also experienced a loss:

Even Baker Hughes (the fracking half brother of "Big Oil") posted a loss for 2015.

I could go on about how this is another example of leftist bias in the media and how Americans are idiotic lemmings sopping up whatever propaganda is put in front of them, but we all know that is pointless.  I merely want you to book mark this post, or perhaps share it with people on the facebook or teh interwebz so the next time oil prices go sky high and "Big Oil" has those hated at vilified "record profits" you can pull up this ole post, shove it in the sheeple's faces and tell them to have a cup of STFU.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why You Don't Understand Trump

OK old people.  I'm going to try to explain it to you.

I know it will be like explaining the internet, Microsoft Excel and other technological advances you've steadfastly refused to understand, but were ultimately vain in trying to ignore, but we're going to explain Donald Trump to all you fuddy duddies, especially you establishment republican types.

You may hate Trump.
You may loathe him.
AND you may have every right and reason to do so.

But he is still better than the slop you've been serving since Ronald Reagan took office.

That's 30 years of slop.  From the Bushes (both father and son DRENCHED in nepotism) to McCain, to the billionaire white boy socialist named Romney, you have served SLOP to the real, everyday republicans of America and they've eaten it up because it was better than voting for genuine socialists.

But you throw in the shitshow that was known as Boehner and Ryan, and the absolute cowardice that the republican house has been since, not to mention Gen X has seen talk from only Rush Limbaugh, and only massive expansion of government under Bush Jr., it is very apparent the republican party just isn't cutting it.

You're failing.
You're losers.
You couldn't protect the constitution if your wife's loyalty depended upon it.

No matter what you say, no matter what politician you throw forth, you have lost 100% of the GENUINE, REAL republican American constituency, and we are now voting for anybody (and I mean ANYBODY) who isn't a career politician and actually might make a change.

The key thing to understand (and I know that's hard for you lazy, fat establishment types, not to mention baby boomers who are stuck in the Nixon era) is that no matter how much you HATE and LOATHE Trump, the American republicans HATE AND LOATHE you even more.  They're sick of your non-performance, they're sick of your corruption, and they're sick of you impotence and incompetence.  They are so sick of you they'd rather vote for what is clearly an opportunist over your "best" candidate you present forward because he is at least "different."

And that is how sad and pathetic you've been these past 30 years.

It merely takes somebody who is "different" to beat your pretty boy polished Cruz.

The confusion you have is how can a charlatan like Trump just come in and whisk away the vote.  How can somebody with a very grey business back ground, not to mention crass and lewd demeanor, present such a threat to the establishment Republican party.

You need to realize the problem is not with Trump, but that it is with you.  YOU are the problem.  YOU are the ones who failed.  You are so corrupt, but more so, inept and cowardly that the real Americans would rather vote for a potty-mouthed, straight shooter, than any of the "Slop v. 3.0" you're going to serve up this round.

I know most of you purport to espouse "free market" ideals.  Perhaps you should for once follow those ideals and listen to the customers and deliver what they want.

Oh, wait, that's right.  You're a political party no better than the democrats.  

Guess we're just going to have to replace you.

Episode #146 of the Clarey Podcast!

Kill your son...just kidding
$1.5 million and Cappy will go to church
$15 million and Cappy will donate sperm
How to kill the Wisconsin Synod
The "sighing" callers to the Stefan Molyneux podcast
Candace Owen, Social Autopsy, and how the milleannials will end America


In THIS EPISODE of The Clare Podcast!

How to Properly Light and Smoke a Cigar

Another exciting episode of Bachelor Pad Theater:

The SJW/Femnist "Media" Bubble is Bursting

Good riddance.  What, however, will these talentless "journalism" majors do once this gimmick runs its course?

Academic Composition Looking to Hire

Remember, if you're a Cappy Cappite looking for a location independent job, consider contacting our good friend Alex at Academic Composition!

From one of his employees:

"I have been posting ads up for Aleksey for over a year now. I send him an invoice for all ad postings and contacts once a month. He pays the same day and most of the time within a couple of hours. Posting the ads does not take much time, once I had everything up and running it is literally a few minutes 3 or 4 days a week to check and renew ads. Aleksey has been easy to work with, knows what he is doing and I would not hesitate to recommend working for him.

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Why Men Make More Than Women

Because you damn well know the majority of people running away from the fire tornado are not women with their "Masters in Communications."

How to Tell if Your Degree is Worthless

A quick little thing you can do, in under a minute, to convince your children or yourself that their/your degree is worthless:

Heather Hackman is a Hack

Showing up on time for class I guess is "white privilege" now too.

We Told You So

But "muh feelz" trump the economic reality of a $15 minimum wage, right?

College Degrees in Prison

Pointer for all you aspiring criminals out there.  If you're going to do 25 years in the slammer, don't get your Masters in Humanities.

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Mini Justin Trudeau

He's young.
He's handsome.
He promises to pay for every thing.
And that's enough to cinch the vag-tingle-vote.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Question for Our Swedish Agents in the Field

Howdy All,

Trying to find how men and women vote in Sweden based on polls, research, etc., but for the life of me I can't find anything.  It's almost as if the Swedish government/media doesn't let it get out, or they just don't do any polling in the first place.

If anybody in Sweden (or anybody who happens to know where this data is) can provide links in the comment section below I would appreciate it.



"Aspiring Rapper"

Amazing how "aspiring rapper" coincides a lot with "father could not be reached for comment."

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Episode #144 of The Clarey Podcast!

Finally warm in Minnesota
Cappy's idea to eliminate colleges
Cappy predicts the internet will destroy skyscrapers
How do you destory a skyscraper?
You NEVER tell the government you discovered gold coins
Fan Mail


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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The Authoritative List of Obama's Lying, Law Breaking, Corruption, and Violating the Constitution

Had an interesting request from Asshole Consulting.  A guy wanted me to plug his book.  Said he was offering it for dirt cheap and just wanted to get it out there.  He originally wanted to offer it for free, but Amazon made him charge at least 99 cents for it.

Of course I was "yeah yeah, another author who slopped together a pamphlet and thinks they're going to cash in," but when he explained it was a compendium of all the violations of the constitutions, lies, law breaking, etc. of Obama, I was interested.  And the reason I was interested is because it's a very important list to have in case somebody says, "Oh yeah, precisely what has he done???"

Well, this.

Anyway, the man has put A TON of effort into compiling and citing this list.  If you would be so kind to book mark it, or share it, or at least tell people about it for reference purposes, it would be kindly appreciated.

How Charity Destroys Price Discovery...and Thus Society

The economic concepts of "markets" and "price discovery" are boring to your average American.  Too obsessed about what Kim Kardashian is doing with her ass or the pre-post-post-pre game show of Sportzball, your average American lacks the intelligence and thus interest to appreciate the ramification of things such as "markets" and "price discovery."

But thankfully my readership is not your average American, so we'll actually learn something today.

First, while markets are considered places of exchange where buyers and sellers meet to conduct commerce, and are ultimately where economic production comes to fruition, they also have a very important "fringe benefit."  They provide pricing.

While buyers and sellers haggle, not to mention streamline their operations to cut costs so as to maximize their profits, the entirety of their efforts and the accounting information collected along the way results in a "price."  This price is very important because it measures, precisely, what the real value (and cost) of a product or service is.  Of course, prices are in a constant state of flux because on the supplier's side the inputs are constantly changing (price of raw materials, labor, managerial efficiency, etc.) and on the demander's side their tastes and preferences are also constantly changing (lost jobs, fads, economic conditions, family budget, etc.).  But in the end, the totality of EVERYTHING that goes into producing and buying that product is played out in the market, ultimately resulting in that price.

This price is incredibly precious because it tells everybody what it's value is and allows people (either investors, consumers, or businessmen) to calculate and determine whether it is worth buying that particular product or service.  It also enables investors and businessmen to plan, allowing them to determine whether they should build a new plant, purchase new equipment, or start another business, ultimately affecting economic growth.  Therefore, it is vital that markets produce prices that reflect as accurately as possible their true value, for if they don't, and prices are either overstated or understated, consumers can waste their money and investors malinvest, resulting in lower economic growth.

Again, at first this may seem boring because this is just theoretical talk.  But there are two VERY relevant and recent instances of mispricing and failed markets that has struck every American close to home and should be of much more interest than Kim Kardashian's ass and the opening game of Swingystick:

The housing bubble and the education bubble.

In both instances we have the classic example of where the market failed and there was massive mispricing in both the value of a house and a college education. And like most mispricings, both were caused by an inordinate amount of debt (or "credit") that flooded the market, driving prices way above their real values.

In the case of the housing bubble trillions of dollars in debt were introduced to the market by ARM's, variable mortgages, and other forms of short term lending.  Additionally, lending standards of traditional 30 year mortgages were reduced eliminated completely lending money to any dipshit who could sign loan documents.  This fabricated demand caused developers to overproduce housing, so much so it outstripped even the debt-inflated demand, resulting in the housing crash of 2007.

This "boring" economic phenomena of mispricing directly affected the GLOBE as so large was the malinvestment, it threw us all, smart and stupid, into the worst recession since the Great Depression.  And those times were so bad even they were seared into the memories of the dumbest Americans.

The exact same thing is playing itself out now in the education industry.  Millions of stupid children, propagandized to believe "follow your heart and the money will follow," willing sign their futures away by taking on inordinate amounts of student debt to pay for a piece of paper that has even less utilitarian value than toilet paper.  Here, however, it is not so much greedy bankers willingly financing the dreams of stupid people, but the federal government lending over $1 trillion to this industry.  Consequently, just like housing prices, tuition prices are skyrocketing...and oh...these precious students (of the OWS variety no less) will be bailed out in the EXACT same manner as the banker scum they so loathe.

Now we already know how mispricing has dramatically affected Americans, all for the worse, between these two bubbles. But there's an even bigger bubble growing, and instead of a trillion here or a trillion there, it's roughly a $4.2 trillion PER YEAR bubble.  And that bubble is charity.

At first you may find this distasteful.  "Come on Cappy, how can you go after something like charity."  But remember, for anybody who dared to criticize housing or education, they were equally lambasted because "housing should be a right" and "you can't put a price on education."  But need I remind you of the Great Recession and the problems the millennial generation is facing with their un-repayable student loans?  And if you think these are/were problems, just wait till the charity bubble bursts.  Regardless, the key point to be made about the "charity bubble" is that its origins hail from the exact same origins as the housing and education bubbles.  Mispricing.

But the question is "the mispricing of what?"

And the answer is "the mispricing of stupid decisions." 

Understand that bar charities for cancer, disease, etc., the vast majority of charity is simply bailing out stupid, irresponsible people from their stupid, irresponsible decisions.

If I took my life savings and invested it in Beanie Babies, I made a stupid decision and deserve to lose my entire investment.

If you were a young man who graduated from high school and bought a brand new car to "impress the chicks," you made a stupid decision and deserve to live in poverty as you try to make the car payment. 

And if you were one of those idiot investment bankers who threw money into a "Dotcom" technology you didn't completely understand, only to find out it was IT geek fraudsters talking over your head so they could score the funding to pay themselves bloated executive salaries, you (and your clients) deserve to lose all of your original investment.

But what if you make the most stupid decision of them all?
What if you make the most damaging decision a human being can make?
What if you bring a child into this world you can't afford?

Well then the government, society, non-profit, for-profit, and practically the whole world bends over backward to give you money and reward you for your mistake.  And it is this reward for stupidity that causes the cost of stupid decisions to be mispriced.

To boil it down very simply, we spend between state, federal and local governments about $4.2 trillion on welfare, social security, medicare, medicaid, TANF, EBT, WIC, section 8, and a whole host of other programs that go to one purpose and one purpose only:

To bail stupid people out from their stupid decisions.

Historically people who made stupid decisions either died or at least didn't breed more stupid people because, simply, they couldn't afford it.  There was no taxpayer-financed "forgiveness," no taxpayer financed "second chances," and there sure as hell was none of this "hurray for single moms heroism" going on in the past.  If you made a stupid mistake, you suffered the consequences and, quite literally, were financially prevented from making much others.

But today people are shielded from the true costs of their stupid mistakes.

Had a kid you can't afford?  Here's some money!  Hurray for you!  Vote for me!
Paid $250,000 for an English degree?  Never fear!  We'll bail you out!
Didn't save up enough for retirement?  Vote for me and I'll tax your grandchildren to pay for you!
Bought a house you couldn't afford?  That's alright, we'll put together TARP!

And so, like housing, like education, stupidity is not only mispriced, but encouraged and subsidized, resulting in a population where roughly half of us are parasitic.

But the true cost of this "stupidity bubble" is not that the stupid are rewarded by being able to live off of the productive and smart (though that is a cost).  It's a dual cost in terms of lives wasted and the inevitable economic crash that always follows bubbles.

First, understand how important it is to suffer the consequences of stupid decisions.  Everybody, smart or dumb, makes stupid decisions.  And as long as you learn from them you will advance.  Matter of fact, that is how most advancement in humanity was made - learning from failures.  But if for political purposes and votes, you shield people from the costs of their mistakes, they will never learn and are thus condemned to be fractions of what they could have become.

The single mom of one would have learned from her mistake quickly and maybe salvaged her family by marrying a very charitable man.  But with a government-check -get-out-of-jail-free-card she spits out 4 more, all equally condemned to repeat her miserable lives.

The troublesome kid in school who was coddled through special-ed classes and "guidance counselors" will never learn his lesson and forever become a criminal.  But perhaps a discreet bathroom beating by the larger bully might have set him straight.

Or the immigrant who comes here from some god-forsaken third world shit hole.  Instead of being held to the rigors of traditional America, sink or swim, become an engineer, and live the American dream, he is now trampled by the number of socialist politicians desperately willing to bribe him from his harsh reality all in exchange for a vote...and a sacrificing of his future.

It is the impossible promise of eliminating negative conditioning from people's lives through a government-check-for-your-vote bribe that has turned now nearly 3 generations of Americans into pariahs, denying them a greatness they could have become.

Second, Idiocracy.  Like all bubbles this one will crash.  May not happen today, may not happen tomorrow, but having a society that is constantly bailed out from their stupid decisions will never learn, never advance, and certainly not produce the economic production necessary to make good on all those gubmint promises.  And when those government checks bounce (or more likely, due to inflation, they won't buy anything), the stupid people will revolt, killing whatever few remaining smart/productive ones exist, and then it's all over.  Matter of fact, you should pray for Idiocracy as it at least wasn't violent.  It will be more like Mad Max.

Regardless, you can only expect something egregious or life-ending to happen to society when you prevent people from learning from, paying for, and living with their mistakes.  And since you've underpriced the cost of stupidity, even rewarding it,you have signed the death certificate of western civilization, perhaps accelerating it to the point we may see its end in our lifetimes.

Enjoy the decline!
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Many thanks Seth!

Another Chart the Snowflakes Won't Comprehend

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Lesson About Public Transportation

I find it funny the "best cities to live without a car" also happen to be mostly leftist shitholes where most people can't afford cars (though I will readily admit cost of living in these towns also make it impossible to own a car).

Saturday, April 09, 2016

The "Texting Killer Girlfriend" Case is the "False Rape Accusation" for Women

If you don't know, the short and sweet of it is that a girl named Michelle Carter is on trial for murder charges as she taunted her boyfriend into committing suicide.

Much ado and hubbub has been made about this, but the ole Captain is going to boil it down to its two most simple elements so you don't waste any more time on it and can move on with your much more important life.

One, the girl cannot (and I predict will not) be charged with murder because the boy had sovereignty over his own decisions and chose to end his life.  He also had the right to ignore the taunts of this veritable cunt at any time.  I desperately want to egg people on who do "suicide attempts" because I find them deplorable attention whores who torture those closest to them, but I do not pull the trigger at the end if they inevitably get serious and actually commit suicide.  Regardless, if the girl is found guilty that now means we are responsible for other people's actions which opens up a whole new can of worms. A can of worms even the most leftist of judges know not to open.

Two, this is the opposite sex-side of the coin of the false rape claim.  We drag boys and men through the courts on false charges of rape, ruining their lives in the process, now we're going to drag an equally innocent (though vile) girl through the legal system and see how she/they (meaning feminists) like it.  Of course, instances like this (where a boy commits suicide and was egged on by his girlfriend) are much rarer than false rape claims, but it does for once provide an example of "shoe on the other foot," allowing us to point and say, "OK, how do you think she feels?"

All that being said, it is nice to see a precious little princess go through hell.  Most men who are falsely accused of rape did nothing more than break up with a girl, triggering the false rape claim.  This girl is an evil sadist who enjoys making other people suffer.  It's good to see her squirm, but she should not go to prison.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Episode #143 of the Clarey Podcast (Curse Free!!! ...sort of)

Never visit your girlfriend at work
The death of letterman jackets and class rings
Amy Schumer doesn't like being called fat
Millionaires leaving France
$9,000 per year AVERAGE cost to maintain a car???
Three car garages the new standard???


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Are Feminists Angry?

"I think of when I was three, cuddling into my Granddad Murphy’s lap as he stroked my hair and told me I was the best girl and I wonder did he really think that, or did he secretly hate women too?"

No, no, they're perfectly happy individuals

(Warning about this "article," it's horribly written. It's just BAD.)

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Sugar and Spice

and everything nice.

She shouldn't go to jail or even be in court.  But it is a lesson that every young boy out there needs to realize that, yes, yes indeed, these girls not only exist, but exist at a very young age.

When I Am King

I will ban all money or association with the made-up word "micro-aggression."

I will also cut all funding to all liberal arts department since this is the best use of the taxpayers money they could come up with.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Episode #142 of The Clarey Podcast!

Don Quixote
Copper ingots!
The history of champagne
Speaking speech
Don't kill your gay dates
Fuck grammar


On THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

Friday, April 01, 2016

More Eye Candy for You Lieutenants

Sponsored by Curse of the High IQ!

Cappy's Analysis on the $15/Hour Minimum Wage

Their fatness belies two facts:

1.  They aren't starving
2.  The reason they make so low a wage is because they're lazy, not underpaid.

Misjudging Hipsters

This has now happened three times which compels me to make a meme as an apology. 

Though I will plead with these "conservative hipsters" to ditch the salmon jeans, hit the gym, and get a real haircut.  You have no idea how much you're wearing the enemy's uniform and confusing the rest of us.