Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Politically Leftist Rationalization Hamster

If you are unaware of what a "rationalization hamster" is, it is a metaphorical reference created by a man with the pen name "Roissy."  This metaphor is typically used in a romantic, sexual or psychological context, explaining how (usually) women will explain or "rationalize away" their conflicting or contradictory behavior.  The purpose of this "rationalization hamster" is to allow it's "host" the ability to live in denial, avoid criticism and shame, and to protect their ego at all costs.

For example the rationalization hamster will never allow a single mother of 4, at the age of 44, with a divorce under her belt to contemplate and self-inflect that maybe she chose the wrong guy and made a horrendous mistake in having children and has caused harm to those children.  The rationalization hamster will "spin its wheels" and desperately try to find a reason or "rationalization" as to why it is not the woman's fault and why she is 100% innocent and guilt free in the manner.  The ex was a "jerk," she loves her children, yada yada yada.  The rationalization hamster will also go to great lengths to shield said hypothetical person from her dating prospects.

"She's a MILF"

"She's a cougar!"

"44 is the new 24!"

"Watch Eat, Pray, Love, You'll See!"

In other words, the rationalization hamster is a coping mechanism because the host's brain cannot sustain the entirety of her situation otherwise she would be crushed and no longer able to function.

Naturally, as the hamster spins its wheel faster and faster, creating more and more excuses and rationalizations, it places its host on a trajectory of a delusional life, especially in the context of "sexual market value" (ie-you're always hot, you're always a catch, men are evil for not wanting to raise 4 other mens' children, etc.).  Since the host doesn't live, nor make decisions, based in the real world, this trajectory sends her at mach 4 into "The Wall."

"The Wall" is the theoretical point at which the empirical and anecdotal evidence is so numerous, compelling and condemning, the host has no choice but to ignore the rationalization hamster and accept reality.  The host is "all of the sudden" 55, men are no longer hitting on her, but her younger contemporaries, and despite being the hot thing back in the Reagan administration, she is effectively now a grandma, whether she has children or not.

Currently, there is debate if it is even possible for a host to hit "The Wall" in that it requires the host to accept reality.  Rationalization hamsters are INCREDIBLY powerful creatures driving women to think they're still sexy at the age of 70 (Jane Fonda any one?).  And no post-Wall-collision hosts have been identified in the wild, just women with their cats wondering why they can't find a man.  It is merely a theory our scientists are working on, akin to "can you escape the event horizon of a black hole?" and is one that may never be solved.

Regardless of the socio-sexual-romantic ramifications of the "Rationalization Hamster," the metaphor actually provides a great political model as well.  Specifically, a model that explains leftist thought and behavior, and can provide great insight and practical uses for those of us not on the left.  And once we see the similiarities between that of a (typically) female host of a sexual/socio rationalization hamster and that of a politically leftist rationalization hamster, we can start to draw from it.

First, and most obviously, both are impervious to logic, reason, and above all else empirical data.  There is no shortage of instances in my life where I have shown a leftist charts, data, and statistics, of an unbiased nature proving they were flat out wrong, but they STILL came up with a reason or rationalization as to why I was wrong (my favorite being a philosophy doctorate inevitably saying her "perception was reality" and that all of what we were arguing about ultimately didn't matter - she is now a stay at home mom married to a very unhappy surgeon with buyer's remorse).

The reason why is that both types of hosts (socio/sexual, or politically left) do not live in reality.  And it's not so much that they don't "live in reality" as much as it is their value is based on lies.  If you look at the typical 44 year old single mom with a divorce and 4 kids under her belt, her life is effectively over until the youngest graduates from high school.  That is the truth. However, that is a harsh truth to accept and so a rationalization hamster is needed to either help her digest that truth or (as is more commonly the case) deny it outright.  For the leftist host of a politically left rationalization hamster the thought process is the same.  Most leftists do not achieve anything great in life.  Either because of incompetence, incapability or (as is most often the case) laziness.  Of course, their egos are far too big and fragile to accept that truth, so their rationalization hamster comes up with rationalization as to why they're

1.  oppressed
2.  kept down by the corporations man
3.  not understood
4.  conspiracy theories

etc. etc.

Second is the emotional reactions hosts of rationalization hamsters (social or political) have.  Notice when you ask a conservative or a libertarian to describe themselves they will say a "plumber" or a "cop" or a "surgeon."  Their trade or job is what defines them first and foremost because that is the value they produce in life.  When you ask a leftist to describe him or herself they really produce nothing of value, and so they cite their political ideology as a descriptor of them.  Even if they do have a job, the job itself is typically nothing more than a euphemism of their political ideology (activist, crusader, CSR head, director of worthless non-profit, etc.).  But further proving the point is what happens when you criticize a host infected with a ratioanlization hamster about their ideology.  If you criticize a conservative about being a plumber, let a lone a conservative, they might get irked, but they will dismiss you.  They are secure and comfortable in being a plumber and a conservative.  YOu criticize a leftist for being ignorant of government finances or that they're not really an "artist" because nobody wants to buy their art, they get ENRAGED.  Not because you are being rude, but because you are pointing out the hypocrisy in which they live their lives.  You are getting too close to the truth, and you are sending the rationalization hamster into overdrive.

This can been seen in how quickly a debate with a leftist turns into name calling.  If you don't like Obama, you're a racist.  If you don't want to tax the rich more, you're a sexist.  If you want to balance the budget and cut back social security/medicare, you're an "ageist."  And dare you insist on dating chicks in shape, you are "shallow" and a cad.  Doesn't matter that your concerns are based in reality, reality doesn't occur to them.  Their egos MUST be defended at all costs, even if that means ignoring reality.

Third, look at the sheer effort and energy that goes into feeding a political rationalization hamster.  If you look at what the primary job of a leftist is, it is to come up with excuses and reasons to be entitled to other people's money.  There's never enough money for educating the "childdddreeeeennnnnn."  Nearly all leftist arguments culminate into the class the rich "doesn't pay their fair share" (while never specifying what is that "fair share).  Feminists claim 1 in 3 women are raped so they can get their precious university funding for a "sexual abuse center" that provides them worthless jobs....errr..."protects women from rapists."  And the black community, if there ever was an example, is the saddest and most pathetic epitome of how much a group of people will destroy themselves and their lives because cowardly blaming their problems on racism is easier on the ego than acknowledge illegitimacy rates and fatherlessness.  Leftists are no less delusional than the middle aged women consuming Harlequin romance novels, reading feminist articles, watching Sex in the City, all while getting her "Masters in Fat Acceptance."

Fourth, they become "zombies."  I believe after a while, the human brain is so indoctrinated and pickled in the propaganda it receives (either because of "pro-women, you go grrrl!!!  Grrrrl power media" for sexual/socio rationalization hamsters or leftist indoctrination  for political rationalization hamsters) it rejects reality, even without thinking about.  You could have the most factual statistics and data that would turn their lives around, but because it doesn't jive with their leftist ideology, they immediately reject it (while of course calling you a racist). You have probably seen this when listening to leftists debate.  I don't even think they're cognizant of it.  Their brains have been so hardwired and maladjusted that they IMMEDIATELY have the talking point ready to retort your empirical facts and data.  It's worse than having no desire to be intellectually honest.  It's that they no longer have the capacity to.

I call this this "Zombie Liberal" and its ramifications are quite macabre.  Because if the economy ever were to collapse, do you see reasoning with the hordes of starving liberals and leftists whose mental capacity is to blame "everything on Bush?"  Do you see a raving leftist, in desperate need of insulin, who, coincidentally by the way, has been brought up to have an entitlement mentality, wanting to sit down and rationally discuss with you about how the "debt to GDP ratio" got too high and when China pulled the plug and the US credit rating went down, that's why gas prices got so high insulin couldn't be transported into the city?  The only reason they're reasonably well behaved now and not rioting in the streets is because the lights are still on and they're (in one way or another) getting their government check.  Wait for an emergency or when there's no goods to buy with the government check and see how reasonable they're going to be.

Certainly, there are many more parallels between the socio/sexual rationalization hamster and its political brother, but in the end you have effectively the same thing - a person with a mental disorder.  Being infected by a rationalization hamster, whether sociol/sexual or political, is nothing more than living a delusional life.  And I say this not to be mean, but to try to help these people.  Because it isn't the libertarian or conservative who has to wake up day in and day out and lie to themselves about how the real world works.  It isn't the plumber or the surgeon who has to rationalize taking other people's money from them for nothing in return.  It isn't Tina the engineering major who needs a government program in "Women's Studies" to find employment.  It isn't the Walter Williams of the world who play the victim/race card to explain the poor decisions they've made in the past.  And it isn't the conservative lying on his deathbed wondering if he's pissed his life away as a "professional activist" (because, well, he was an accountant).  It's the cowards and intellectual weaklings of the world who plain don't have the stamina, fortitude, work ethic and maturity to become independent adults and enjoy the real world.  

Captain's Afternoon Linkage

I knew a guy who did this during the Dotcom days.  Would get funding from naive banks and equity investors, pay himself hundreds of thousands, buy fancy cars and talk his way out of any problems.  He never had a product. Good news is he's living with his parents-in-laws last I heard.

Wow!  Matt writes a piece that doesn't include any epitaphs, curse words and might actually be of help to people without insulting them away!  Good going Matt!

The Great Take Down of the American Female Education Bubble.

"Any degree is a good degree" says professor inexorably tied to Big Education and vampirically dependent upon naive kiddies' tuition dollars.  Let's light this one up like a bomber over Dresden circa 1944, shan't we?

I know math is tough for girls, but it must be REALLY tough for democrat women.

The fact Russell Brand even has a show is more proof the electorate is predominantly composed of morons and you should enjoy the decline instead.

Confessions of a Worthless Degreed Person

Part 3 of the series

In this segment Jorge discusses how thoroughly brainwashed his elder sister is as the realities of her worthless degree fail to gain acceptance with her brain.  HORSES are included in this story (as those beasts usually find a way into my world) as well as how a sibling has to deal with other siblings when it comes to delusion foisted upon them by socialism, educational brainwashing and the leftist disease.

Remember, all of this pain can be avoided, and the disease inoculated against by purchasing and reading "Worthless."  And YES it's available in Kindle!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An "Aspiring Rap Artist" TWOFER!

Aspiring Rap Artist #1
Aspiring Rap Artist #2

The second one you just can't make up.

Karl Enjoys the Decline!

Apparently I am a "hat evangelist!"

You can buy Karl's patented GLORIOUS HAT here.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment


Isn't it ironic her name is "Liz Jones?"

hat tip

How to Never Lose a Debate

It's pretty tough, but if you work at it, you too can never lose a debate.

Joe "Buy a Shot Gun" Biden

Priceless footage comparing (admitted ditzes) firing shotguns and women firing AR 15's.

My honest opinion is 9MM+ caliber pistol for a woman for home defense is probably best until she learns to shoot a shotgun.

Check Your Nuts

Before I hear complaints, let me just quote one thing:

"Save the Boobies!"

Remember that Breast Cancer awareness campaign?

Good, now shut up and don't give me complaints about the crassness about this new testicular cancer campaign I just concocted up.

I was running, listening to Bill Burr's podcast on Lance Armstrong.  As you know, Lance had testicular cancer and was cured of it. There has since been a movement akin to the pink ribbon campaign to help prevent testicular cancer.  There was Movember I believe, but honestly, men are not going to respond to something like that.  We don't need a large, glitzy, "testicular cancer month" kind of BS to prevent testicular cancer.  We want something practical.  Something simple.  Something that doesn't force the rest of the world to wear a color nobody likes.  And somehting akin to punching a guy in his shoulder saying, "hey dumbass, go get checked and look out for cancer."

So let me introduce to you the "Check Your Nuts" campaign.

It's simple.

Testicular cancer is easily preventable, all we (men) need to do is "check our nuts" once in a while.  My doc recommended fidgeting with the boys once a month in the shower to make sure there are no bumps or irregularities.  But the problem is how often do you remember to fidget with your nuts?

Oh sure, we scratch our balls every morning, peel them off the side of our leg after playing sweaty sports.  But we don't "survey" them.

Therefore, it is an issue of remembering to do so and I think if we here in The Manosphere occasionally sign off one of our posts with "check your nuts" or sign off an e-mail with "check your nuts" it will get more and more men to check their nuts on a regular basis, thereby preventing cancer.

Therefore, not only should you guys "enjoy the decline" you should also

"check your nuts!"

This has been a PSA from Captain Capitalism.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Lost My Court Case

The Mayor has ruled AGAINST the Captain and all the minimalists out there.

I tried fellas, I tried.

Monday, February 25, 2013

When Surgeons Go Galt

From our Surgeon Agent in the Field via an e-mail exchange:

Earnings potentia as a surgeon?  Obamacare will make once-self-sufficient privately practicing physicians into insurance and government lackeys, fully employed and owned by hospitals.  Those who have no exit strategy will work more and be paid less.  The number of demoralized and retiring doctors I am witnesseing now has spiked like nothing I have seen before.  Supposedly 1/3 want to get out within the next 10 years, half of these are under 55.  Many of these will talk a big game and do nothing, of course, addicted as they are to their big-spending lifestyles and status as physicians.  Due to the length and intensity of training doctors are more susceptible than most to living lives devoid of interests outside of work.  Sad.  But the resourceful ones will retool and do very well in non-clinical disciplines.  My advice to anyone I meet is to secure a good doctor now if you don't already have one.  As medicaid expands, patients rush in, and doctors rush out, it is going to get very interesting.

Sometimes life is about more than earning potential.  I would rather do meaningful work, performed freely on my own terms for less.  And I have no interest in being a functionary in Barack Obama's scheme to "redistribute" my skills to others by further corrupting the free market price of these services with ever-expanding insurance involvement.  Learning to be a surgeon took a decade of my youth and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I have quietly gone Galt in my own way... withdrawing myself from any insurance or government payment schemes and performing procedures that are cash only.  I may get out entirely, who knows.  Obama thinks that if he dishes it out that doctors will be forced to take it.  Some, maybe, but not all.

Thanks again for the wonderful book.  The greatest benefit from your book really was psychological.  It is time Enjoy the Decline!

our agent also wrote:

Freedom-oriented people need to understand that a crisis of care is coming... Not now, but soon enough.  I can rattle off in a flash the names of friends and aquaintances who have either gotten out of the pipeline (dropping out during training to get MBAs or to take jobs in consulting.. One friend is selling real estate in NYC!) or very capable fifty-somethings who retired or are planning on retiring very soon.  In the case of the retiring docs these are people who really enjoy what they do.  These are very capable surgeons, not easily replaced by a nurse.  Think of the loss to a community of a single 50-something surgeon. That type of experience takes decades to acquire.  This is what liberals fail to understand because much of the work they do requires no skill per se.  They just assume that someone who knows how to "fix it" will always be around.

Not now, but in coming decades we will see more care delivered by fully-employed nurse practitioners, docs imported from abroad, and remaining US docs who either cannot leave (ie not brightest and best) or who have no level of discomfort working in a top-down inefficient Soviet-style bureaucratic hospital environment.  Brightest and best in the US will be in derm and plastics or running cash-only private practices at all price points.

The employed Soviet-style docs will gow ever more entitled and dissatisfied, taking on an SEIU sort of culture.  There will be strike attempts, a la the red-shirted Chicago Teacher's Union.  Then a law will be written prohibiting strikes.  Non-private Obama medicine will be the equivalent of public school.  Difference is, most people at least get out of public school alive.  Those with money will buy the best privately.
I only have one observation/comment:

You leftists are going to learn real soon the difference between a government mandated "entitlement" or "promise" and reality.

Bachelors of Art in Film

So I like to study films.  I totally like, ummmm....watching movies and stuff.  But dude, why am I unemployed???  It's that f@cking George Bush and those republicans keeping me down man!

Ahhh, if only you idiotic children (and that's what you are) purchased "Worthless."

Operation Coffee House VII

Ahhhh, yes.  Can't you just predict it?

Yet another coffee house that claims to have internet access, but doesn't, either because the staff know not the basics of computer netowrking or they fail to understand how coffee shops really work.

Ok, let me explain it to you.  The only reason coffee shops exist is because artists, authors, and people who all fall under the "unemployed" category can't just sit at home and do their "work."
They need to get out of their hovel of an apartment and do their "work" at a different place.  Understand, I'm not necessarily against this.  Heck, I'm even a hypocrite myself as that's what I'm doing (though Operation Coffee House by its definition mandates I go to a coffee house to do my work). I can understand if you have the ability to work from wherever, sure, why not a coffee house?
But for the most part, and based on all my research in the "Operation Coffee House" series, only about 5% of the "artists" and "authors" I see at coffee houses are legitimately authors and artists. 
Regardless, my point is that if you don't have internet access, you don't have customers because they're not coming their for the coffee (ironically).  They're just getting out of the house and need internet.

Anyway, so here I sit, typing this into Notepad to be later copied and pasted in the blog.

Today's coffee house is a doozy.  Hoity toity with the fancy schmancy with the oopdy loopdy.  I'm in Linden Hills, and if you don't know about Linden Hills it's where all the aging, old fart liberals retire off of their government pension at 55 or they've finally come into possession of their trust fund.
So  it's grey hair central here and I, along with the staff are by far the youngest souls in the neighborhood.  We are also in a much lower income bracket and it shows.  This coffee shop has wine, champagne, beer and a menu.  I could be wrong and just have assumed it was a coffee shop when in reality it's a restaurant, but as far as my cursory drive through of the Linden Hills area told me, two coffee shops are out of business and this was the only one open.  Restaurant or coffee shop it will have to suffice.

The coffee I'm currently drinking will by far be the most memorable.  That I can guarantee because (I swear to god) it MUST have goat cheese in it.  Yes, goat cheese coffee.  You can tell you're in the shadows of upper income tax bracket pensioneers when you have goat cheese in your coffee.
Normallly I'll drink and eat anything unless it's absolutely disgusting.  And this coffee qualifies.  I don't know if they purposely put goat cheese in the coffee or if maybe the coffee was in the fridge next to the goat cheese and absorbed its flavor, but it's horrible.

Just like the goat cheese flavored coffee is unique, so is this coffee house.  The music is currently Johnny Cash, the architecture is really nice, and while I still could beat every man here in a physical fight, I actually don't want too.  None of them look to be the hipster type, but then again, they're pretty much all older.

That's about it for this coffee house.  I wish I could say more, but it must be a slow day.  There is nobody working on their "screenplays," nobody working on their latest fund raising initiative.  Heck, you don't even have posters up on a billboard advertising the latest crappy bands or the latest leftist rally or protest.  Oddly enough, I don't even feel comfortable here.  Almost too sterile based on what I'm used to with the other coffee houses.

Polish Girls Enjoy the Decline!

Why aren't you!?

Forced Discipline and Regimen Month

Most of you know the story, but if you don't I'll give you the very brief version.

My single largest achievement in my life, still to this day is college.  Specifically I:
  • financed and paid for EVERYTHING (tuition, books, gas, housing, food, insurance, etc.)  EVERYTHING
  • I worked full time
  • I went to school slightly higher than full time (usually taking an extra class over a full credit load)
  • graduated 6 months early (and my last semester had only 2 classes)
  • with $6,000 cash in the bank
  • no debt
  • and a 3.96 GPA (lousy Marketing class and their "A-'s")
To achieve this it required a very young, 18 year old Captain to exercise an EXTREME amount of self-control and discipline.  Every minute was scheduled in my day and I was literally coming into class with 2 minutes to spare at times, eating bagels as I was walking from my apartment to work, every single second of the day was utilized and consumed.  Above all else, this was self-inflicted.

Capable of a monstrous amount of work, production, and dedication, it would take me 7 years to realize there was no employer in the US that would use me to my full potential.  Everybody wanted to go home when the clock struck 5PM, no middle aged boss would entrust a 22 year old (no matter what his CV said) with any kind of responsibility or challenge, and so, at most, I operated at about 40% my full capacity, though usually I would say averaging around 15-20%.  This caused a certainly level of dismay and depression in that no matter how much I could or wanted to work, the limiting factor in my career would be the limitations of employers.  My success was outside my control.  I would not become that corporate executive at 30 with a house paid off and a nice car.  I would jump from job to job scaring the hell out of every employer and HR director.

The situation worsened with two additional events - the housing crash and the two elections of Barack Obama.  The housing bubble showed me just how corrupt and dysfunctional the finance, and in general, corporate/employment world is.  Ass kissing, brown nosing, rent seeking, networking and lobbying is how you get ahead, not hard work and innovating thinking.  Something I just plain couldn't stomach.  However, even if you were to hold your nose and engage the art of ass kissing, it would be pointless in that it became very apparent with the elections of Obama any amount of production and work (whether of the ass-kissing or ass-kicking variety) would simply be confiscated. 

I was enraged, gave up on my dreams, accepted reality, stopped feeling sorry for myself, replaced them with new ones, and now am enjoying the decline.

However, there is one regret I have - a lack or decrease in discipline, self-control and regimen.

Over the years of operating at a fraction of my 22 year old self's potential, I've had neither the incentive or reason to "give it my all."  This has resulted in a slacking off in my personal estimation, knowing I am not achieving all that I could.  Yes, admitted, there has been no opportunity to "achieve all that I could," but where idleness exists, other things creep in.

For example, while used to being engaged the second I woke up to the second I went to bed, my brain needed something to fill the down time after college.  Working out and running only covers so much, but soon, with the demise of the finance industry, the country in general, not to mention your college buddies all get married and have children, alcohol now plays a large role in my life. When the chores are done, the book sales are tabulated and the budget confirmed, it's off to the bar because it will knock my brain out until my friends come home.

Another example is teh interwebz.  While this one is a good thing (who knew blogging, a podcast and a youtube channel was a way to make money), checking e-mail, approving comments, and spending 3-4 hours a day on the internet is just not good in the long run. 

And video games?  Love them!  But I get that sick feeling in my stomach that you normally got as a kid watching too much daytime TV when you faked being sick so you could stay at home and not go to school.  And heck, I don't even play them that much. 

What it is, is something I believe most industrious men of our generation face - a lack of purpose and a lack of challenge.  And it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Not that we have been sitting here, saying "woe is me."  Nor have we just been asking people "what do we do???" as there is no shortage of self-improvement and life-guidance on The Manosphere.  But industrious, adventuresome and capable as we are, we men (and women too) need to fully realize our potential, and COMMIT to doing so, not merely get by.  And while we may not wish to return to our 100% full-throttle selves ALL THE TIME, I believe revisiting such a regimen in life would be useful, helpful and healthy. 

Therefore I am declaring this "Forced Discipline and Regimen Month."  I am going to go back to my 22 year old self-capacity and operate at that level.  Even though there is no day time job, I am going to:

work out everyday (running one day, weights the other)
abide STRICTLY by the no carb diet no matter how hard it is to find food without carbs
not consume alcohol
work on every project that needs to be done, putting off and procrastinating nothing
work from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed
schedule work/projects to ensure there is no shortage of work and time is efficiently used

To bring the element of "Forced" discipline I am also posting this picture here, not out of arrogance or ego, but for all to judge and ensure I abide.  If there is no improvement in a month you will mock, ridicule, and deride me...just like you schmoes do anyway.

Everybody else is welcome to participate in "Forced Discipline and Regimen Month."  By the end of late March I believe people will be not only physically improved, but mentally improved as well.  If you are so bold and wish to "force" yourself to do it, the ole Captain will post your pre-FDRM pic here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grammar Nazi's, Mall of America Economics, and More!

on the latest installment of The Clarey Podcast!

(HUGE LANGUAGE WARNING ON THE FIRST SEGMENT, though it IS the best rant against grammar Nazis you'll ever hear)

Just Can't Let Boys Be Boys, Can You?

I was thinking about this, an instance where feminism is forcing itself on men in a social capacity, namely games.  And it dawned on me that if you follow this to its logical conclusion, it will not end well for feminists.  In other words, promise yourself all the financial aid, assistance, welfare and what have you, the one thing government cannot provide women is the non-financial rewards of live.

A Social life.

And the day is going to come when women realize that while socialism and feminism provide for their financial and political needs, neither will be able to provide for their social, romantic and familial needs.

My question is this:

Are women then going to demand the government force men to meet these social needs?  Are feminists that selfish and entitlement-mentalitied that they would dare to force men via the government to date, court, marry and socialize with women they really don't want to?  Or will they finally admit feminism/socialism (same thing) was nothing but a bill of goods sold to them to garnish their vote for abusive and self-serving politicians?  Because I got news for all the little ladies out there who think the government is the solution to all of their problems:

The day the government starts telling/forcing men to marry, date, court, let alone socialize with certain women is the day the guns come out, daddy comes home and you'll see where all the "real men" have gone and just what they think of you telling them to do with their lives.

Enjoy the decline!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Epitome of Intellectual Honesty

My mom does not like it when I slam on baby boomers.  She somehow thinks when I say, "baby boomers" I mean "all of them" which I don't, but again, the Leykis Clause is in effect.

However, I received hope that she is starting to discern between generalizations and specific individuals when she sent me this.

You see, the reason some of you love me, and others hate me, is because I speak my mind based on the observations I see.  I don't care whose feelings it hurts because I've suffered enough idiocy and demand to point out the purveyors of that idiocy.  One special group of people who purvey an inordinate amount of idiocy upon me and the rest of society are aging baby boomers who decide on a whim to "live their dream," and run off to buy and ride brand new, over-priced, and over-powered motorcycles with absolutely no experience.  They endanger not just me and nearly everybody else on the road, but their novice selves.

Now, it doesn't matter if you like my attitude.  It doesn't matter if you think I'm cocky.  Your driving habits were so spectacularly shitty in:

Sturgis '10
Sturgis '11
Sturgis '12
Beartooth '12
and all points inbetween for all years

that I'm strongly recommending all you novice aging boomers who think it's a "cool idea" to get a Spider, a trike, or (heaven forbid) a real motorcycle and clog up all the motorcycle rallies while you 'n "ma" ride with matching helmets, give up that idea and just leave it to the professionals.



here's another "crazy" idea-

maybe you learn to ride first before you drive (not haul) your pristine, brand new Harley's to the various motorcycle rallies thus not becoming another statistic.

Sorry to deliver real world and bad news to you.  But, then again, I'm not your parents who told you, you could do no wrong.

How Reddit Parallels Democracy and Mob Rule

Davis hits one out of the park. Especially at the 5:45 mark and thereafter.

Pour yourself a drink and enjoy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

How an 18 Year Old Can Be Better Off Than Most 40 Year Olds Today

When you cut wood (with a chainsaw) it's pretty much pointless to be trying to listen to an MP3 player.  You can't hear it and the wires just get in the way.  You want to be safe so unnecessary equipment (scarf, headphones, etc) is just something to "not do" when chainsawing.  This leaves your brain to think and just like hiking or long distance motorcycle rides, I have come up with the occasional epiphany cutting wood, and yesterday was just such an example.

I was thinking about "my generation" and realized that most us late 30/early 40 somethings:
  • Do not have a positive net worth
  • Are in debt
  • Are working jobs we were capable of back in our 20's
  • Do not have significant retirement savings
  • Have children we can't afford
  • And are simply treading water financially
The reason for this is the reason for all financial and economics problems - debt.

Despite going to college 15 years ago most 40 year olds still have student loans or are "just now" paying them off.  Most people in my generation also thought buying "cool cars" was a brilliant idea and insist on having new cars (a habit developed and held over from middle school where you piss away money on stupid sh!t).  And then most of my generation also has credit card debt.  Not the credit card debt you pay off every month.

Oh no no no.

No, we use those 24% interest rate credit cards for long term financing of the crap we don't need, but must have.  (But it's alright, learning compounding and exponential functions in the 5th grade was for "squares" and so what we don't know won't hurt us!)

Add it all up together and you have somebody who's technically been an "adult" for 2 decades, but is also worse off when they started at the age of 18.

So how can an 18 year old avoid this fate?

Simple.  You just don't go into debt.

The hurdle is so low (if you care to "beat" your 40 year old counterpart) that you just need to avoid borrowing money and you will be in better financial shape than your average 40 year old.

I know for the younger kids out there, this seems crazy, but it it's true.  Yes, you may view a 40 year old as "old" or "wise" or "experienced."  And yes you may say to yourself (as I did when I was 18),

"Wow, you know.  40 year olds sure have their act together!  They're REAL adults!  I better listen to them!"

But the truth is they no more intelligent or experience than you are, let alone when they were 18. 

So it is here you can do yourself a HUGE favor and learn from the mistakes of others.

First (BOYS!), don't be a moron and buy a car you can't afford.  Forget crippling your financial future by taking on student loans, a car is even worse.  It's not an investment, it goes down in value.  And the truth is at the age of 18 using a car as a means to "get chicks" is a losing proposition.  The reason why is if you are going to play that game, you are going up against men with REAL cars.  Brand new Beemers.  Brand new Mercedes.  And men with checkbooks that can buy and sell you.  Girls who also play this game KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A 2012 MERCEDES and a 2013 MERCEDES.  And will certainly not be impressed with your pimped out Honda Civic with "sweet" fins. 

Second, don't be a moron and go to college if the price is too high relative to the earnings potential you will have after you graduate.  In other words don't major in a stupid subject.  If you go to school, graduate at 22 and you STILL HAVEN'T PAID OFF YOUR LOANS 18 YEARS LATER, you majored in something stupid and something that could have been taught at the library for free.  It OBVIOUSLY didn't generate the earnings that would rationalize the $50,000 in tuition and 4 (or 6 or 8) years of your youth.  And if you say,

"You know, college isn't all about the money.  It's about becoming a well-rounded person"

please find a sledge hammer and hit yourself in the head repeatedly.

Third (GIRLS), do not buy trinkets and crap that have no functional value.  If you're going to get a credit card and buy things, buy things like gas, utility bills, electornics, etc.  Also, how many of your mother's dresses do you borrow over the course of a year from when she went to high school?  Oh "0?"  Oh, that's right, because fashion for women is nothing but a scam for you to blow away your money on something that is going to be "obsolete" or "out of style" next year.  Instead of trying to keep up with the fads, how about your have your wardrobe be "timeless?"  Notice the pictures and fashion below are not from the most recent issue of "Glamour"

Regardless, "shopping" is not an activity or a hobby you do for fun.  "Spending money" is not something you should "look forward to doing" or should call up your friends and participate in.  It should be practical and functional, serving your needs.  Merely acquiring crap on a credit card only serves to enslave you later in life.

Finally, eliminate your rent or mortgage as much as possible. 

10 years ago I would have said "independence" is the most important characteristic and trait of a young person, commanding younger people to move out of the house as quickly as possible.  Now, forget it. Stay at home as long as you can.  Live off of your parents as long as possible.  Save as much money as possible.  And then, when your parents finally kick you out, find the cheapest place to rent possible.  Realize the less stuff you have, the smaller an apartment you need.  And if you insist on buying a house, again, find only what you need.

If you do these four simple things (all of which fall under the umbrella of "avoiding debt" aka "spend less than you make") you will be in better financial shape than most 40 year olds.  And not only will you be in better financial shape, you'll not have suffered wasting 4-8 years of your youth on a worthless degree, "scrambling climb the corporate ladder," let alone suffer the humiliation of filing for bankruptcy. 

This has been a PSA from Cappy Cap.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Microbrew and Brewpub Bubble

On my lengthy great western motorcycle ride, I noticed something in pretty much every Colorado town I stopped in - "brewpubs" or "microbrews."

Couldn't pull into town without seeing one or having the hotel desk clerk tell me about "the new brew house that opened down the street."  Heck, even in Wyoming there was a new micro-brew being built.

Yes, yes, microbrews this, brewpubs that.  How "cool" would that be?

Naturally my cynical and (though incredibly down to earth and realistic, but still) evil nature kicked in and I have come to an epiphany.  An epiphany nobody will like because I'm once again the party pooper, raining on everybody's parade.

The brewpub is the next bubble.

Not as big as the housing bubble or the education bubble, and it certainly won't affect the larger economy, but if my experience in looking at hundreds of utterly craptastic business models, not to mention my economic spidey senses, are worth anything the microbrew is going to collapse.

The reason for my suspicion is that a brewpub has all the makings of a failed business.

First, it's what the PROPRIETOR wants to do, NOT what the market demands.

Do people want a brew pub in their town?  Sure.

Will people buy beer?  Of course.

But if the market is flooded with a billion micro-brews and brewpubs, their margins will be too low to be profitable.  Besides, there already is a place that sells beer.  It's called a "bar."  And it doesn't have all that nasty overhead that brewpubs do.

Second, admit it.  You thought it would be cool to start a brewpub.  And that's the second dead give away.  Like a middle aged man starting a "sports bar" or a trophy wife starting a "horse hobby farm" none of you have ever given a consideration as to whether or not the damn thing will be profitable.  It's like "Restaurant Impossible" (which I LOVE) where the guy goes in to help the people who have a failing restaurant and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS they;

1.  Never have done any accounting.
2.  Don't know how much they're losing
3.  Are in debt, mortgaging their house and selling their 401k's
4.  Never had any experience running a restaurant.
5.  Cite such galactic stupidity as "it's always been my dream to run a restaurant."

Hobbies are not businesses.  They are money-losing fun things you do.  Not something you throw your retirement fund at.

Third, permit me a bit of discrimination - too many young man are starting them.  Men who still wear their hats backwards and say "hawt" instead of "hot."  Yes, yes, I've seen plenty of the proprietors be the aging, desperate to do something with their lives and their measly 401k balance, "hey brewpub!  That'll save us during our retirement."  They are out there.  But nearly half I've ran into are young men in their 20's and early 30's simply making the mistake their middle aged trophy wife counterparts do with horse farms.  They are once again blinded by "dreams" and not reality.

Fourth and finally, brewpubs are cool.  And bankers like "cool" more than profit.  I know a score of small, community banks and their retarded legions of aging male bankers who will be so enamored with the idea of financing a brewpub, that the young, naive entrepreneurs pitching the idea could have the world's worst projections and worst presentations and it won't matter.  Desperate middle aged bankers will fall in love with the idea of a self-brewing Sam Malone, remember Cheers fondly, and finance it anyway.  This provides the final ingredient for a classical "bubble" - an extension of credit.

Of course after Chip and Tad fail to file their tax returns for the 3rd year in a row and need to have their perpetually maxed out line of credit extended and increased for the 12th time, even moronic community banks will tire.  And maybe, just maybe, saner heads will prevail at the bank and foreclose on the now-aged and decrepit property and equipment.  That or the FDIC will come in, audit that file and make the bank foreclose.

Now, do I have any empirical data?

Actually, I do.  But it isn't conclusive yet.  I'm making a bet that in the future this bubble will burst.  That cool micro-brew down the road will be no longer in about 3-5 years.  The charm it brought to your village will be forever lost and you'll just have to go to the regular bar to get your more-than-ample microbrews.  Of course I could be wrong too.  Maybe there is a ton of demand.  Maybe the brewpub is the next evolution that will replace the bar.  But if I know my naive American dreamers faking it as serious entrepreneurs, and the community bank industry that is only more than happy to do their best to finance failing business models, we have a nice little boondoggle ahead of us. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Southern Man Enjoys the Decline!

I think we can safely say The Southern Man and his cadre of friends are enjoying the decline!

Speaking for Hours, But Saying Nothing

One thing that amazes me about Barack Obama (and to a lesser extent, most other presidents and politicians) is his ability to speak for hours but say absolutely nothing.  I never watched the "State of the Union Address" no matter who was president because when the president speaks, his speech is tailored for:
  • low information voters
  • the unintelligent masses
  • people who are not decided yet in their political beliefs
  • ignorant people
  • weaker minds

In short, it's aimed at about a high school level of maturity, intellect, and wisdom.  It simply wastes my time.

What gets me more, however, is that people actually fall for it.  Of course, this is explained above with the lower level of human that these speeches are aimed at, but I'm still amazed people don't see through it.

Regardless, Muskegon Pundit, has a piece about how the left runs circles around the right in getting their base riled up, mobilized and energized.  He is right, but only addresses half the formula. 

Yes, the left is better at it, but they have an easier job because their base has more of the qualities and traits bullet-pointed above than the right's.  Additionally, their message is an easier sell.  How hard is it to sell the "ice cream and cake" promises of socialism compared to the austerity "broccoli and you'll like it" capitalist realism?

In the end, yes the republicans could do more to improve their marketing.  But before they waste resources and time, they have to acknowledge it's a losing proposition or at least an uphill battle.  The republicans should be taking a much more harsh and stern approach with the American people, not trying to woo them.  Pulling the Lester Burnham, being the father who's had enough and puts his foot down.  The republicans should say, "to hell with you.  We're done.  We're voting with the left and crashing this system because you children are too stupid to see where this will lead.  We are going to make damn sure the left gets everything it wants and you'll see just how 'great' their ideas are."  In short, feed them so much cake and ice cream they throw up and beg for broccoli.

Twin Cities Sponsor - Conceal and Carry

For those of you in the Twin Cities I have a new sponsor.  Mike Seman will be having a conceal and carry class in the St. Louis Park neighborhood.  Here is the information for TODAY'S class, but if you call Mike he will let you know about other classes he has in the near future:

Meeting at Midwest Protection Agency
6009 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 222
Minneapolis, MN 55416
(763) 421-2966 Ext. 601
Cost: $100.00
Range qualification at Bill’s Gun Range (Range fees of approximately $20.00 paid directly to Bill’s)
Equipment needed: Pistol, 50 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection.
A free loaner gun is available by request.

How to Troll Libertarians

HAR!!!! (it's a short video, about 9 seconds)

Telling Your Boss to Do It Himself

For when you can't read your boss' mind.

Language warning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Our Political Debates Prove Futility

Step back from the fray, if you will, and try to view the political landscape through a different lens.

It will take some doing, but once you do this you will see the point I'm trying to make and in doing so will allow yourself a bit of respite and a happier life.

If you think about it, the primary or "main" political debates of our time could be summarized as such:

Global warming
The redistribution of wealth
The individual vs the commune
Facts over feelings
Race/Diversity/Sex over character and accomplishment
Federal Reserve monetary policy of increasing the money supply

I'm sure there are more, but I just have one question about the above-mentioned debates:

Why in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick are we even debating these things?

I'm serious, WHY are these even debates?  Why are they up for discussion?  Any intellectually honest individual, let alone a commonsensical 8 year old can resolve them and knows the adult, real world answer to them.  But there they are, every day at the forefront of political debate.

The reason I point this  out is because if THESE are the major and unresolved political debates of our time, it only shows you just how far to insanity society has moved and just how doomed we really are.

For example, take global warming.

Has it been proven?  No, not by a long shot.  There's just as much counter evidence as there is evidence that it there is global warming, that it's caused by humans, and that it will have serious consequences.  To the slightly experinced and adult mind, you can see it for what it is  (a scam), but for people on the left, it is a veritable religion.  The irony, of course, is that the left will ridicule and mock people for believing in a religion, but (because global warming serves their political aims as well as provides them a convenient way to self-abscribe worth) they will never forfeit it.  This forces us adults on the right to come down to their level and debate something as amorphous, intangible and irrelevant as a religion.

Another example, the redistribution of wealth.

The finances and economics of the country are such that people really expect and feel entitled to a life paid for by other people.  The CHILDISHLY SIMPLE concept that everybody needs to be self-supporting and independent, otherwise society collapses, is lost on a majority of "adult" leftists.  The fact the merits of independence and not being dependent on others is even being debated, again, shows just how desperate, pathetic and sad the situation has become.

And federal reserve monetary policy?  OH, THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT????  Right, because flooding the economy with currency JUST THIS ONE MORE TIME will work.

Hell, Minnesota voted AGAINST requiring ID to vote, earning it the all-time greatest "WTF???"

Ergo, I ask the question - why even debate?

Along the lines of enjoying the decline, how precisely do you fight or argue such stupidity, childishness, naivete and brainwashing?  If I can't convince a woman that she is different than a man both physically, mentally, and sexually,

and that  it is in her best interests to acknowledge and adhere to these facts

AND I run the risk (shoot, guarantee) of being accused of sexism

then why even bother?  They are so childish, so intellectually dishonest, so hopeless and so brainwashed, you are merely wasting your breath, achieving nothing, and alienating political classes who will do you no good if you dare to do so.

The larger point I'm trying to make is that if our debates have degraded to this level of stupidity and idiocy, it proves there is a critical mass of massively stupid and ignorant people and there is no point in trying to debate them.  Additionally, there is no point in getting worked up about the dismal outcomes of elections as it is Idiocracy electing its own demise.  It is just all the more reason to not waste what precious life you have arguing with leftists, worrying about the future, and proof you should be out enjoying the decline instead.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Advice Deficit

Normally when I do my "bachelor grocery shopping" I ensure I go to a grocery store with self-checkout lanes.  I do not care to suffer Tilly pulling out her coupons, moms stocking up on their monthly groceries for a family of 6, nor Herman the retiree paying with a check.  I want in, I want out, I want to go home.  Unfortunately this last time around I choose "poorly" and was stuck in a line as this particular grocery store did not have the self-check out lanes. This meant only on thing - I was going to be forced to view those stupid women's magazines on the magazine racks.

Long ago I wrote  a letter to Super-Valu (the corporation that owns several grocery chains) in the vain hopes of them maybe putting up some guy magazines or just something that wouldn't melt my brain cells like People or Us.  No dice.  And so there I was looking at the covers of every gossip/trash magazine possible, fully understanding now how Barack Obama got elected.

But then something occurred to me.

What if you were to stack up all the magazines that dispense advice for women and compare it to a stack of magazines that provide advice for men.  I imagine it would look like one of them "how big is a trillion dollars" sort of pictographs where the stack of $100 bills reaches the moon and the men's stack would be 2 Benjamins tall.

Naturally this results in an "advice deficit" where the women have a HUGE surplus of advice being dispensed and men barely have any.  Heck, a lot of women even feel charitable and occasionally stop giving advice to women so they can give some advice to men out of sheer pity.  However, while women dispensing advice at volumes a billion times that of men, there are two major problems with the advice deficit.

First there is the appalling lack of advice as well as leadership for men.  As my readership/viewership grows I'm amazed at the types and volume of questions I get from young boys and men.  Amazed because it's so blindingly obvious there was no father figure or male role model providing any kind of guidance or leadership.  Whether this was because their fathers were absent or their fathers were present, but were not manly, it doesn't matter.  These boys are completely clueless about many aspects of life that they shouldn't be by their age.

"So, um, how do I approach a girl?"
"I want to major in poetry, but your book says that would be stupid."
"What should I do with my life?"

It angers me at first when I get questions or I see such helplessness, but the fact these are common questions coming from nearly all ages of men/boys not only speaks to the severity of the problem, but how widespread it is.  Inevitably my rage turns to pity when I realize there's nearly 2 generation of young boys hitting the market clueless, unarmed, untrained and prone to be chattel for the meat grinder.

Thankfully, though, there is some hope. The internet, along with the handful of men's health magazines and other resources are gain notoriety and significance.  But given the "introductory" or "elementary" level the recipients of such advice are at, means we have a long road ahead to get them up to speed and on the path towards a productive life. 

Second, is there is just plain too much advice for women.  The market is flooded with advice.  And not only is it flooded, it's flawed and erroneous about 85% of the time.

In financial markets, when you get "flawed" or "bad" information there are costs and consequences.  Namely if you make an investment or trade on flawed data, when reality or the correct information hits the market, the stock price drops and you lose money.  Of course markets are not always 100% efficient and can remain undervalued or overvalued for long periods of time (for example the housing bubble was an example of a market feeding off of flawed data for several years).  But the larger point is that with such an abundance of worthless advice, women can hardly hope to make any significant or serious improvements in their lives following it.  (Heck, I'd imagine 75% of the time the advice is contradicted anyway).  This is now starting to show with happiness levels of women dropping, the "sages" of the women's world proving their advice was wrong, as well as a social and economic breakdown of the nation and culture. 

The end result is a tale of two economies, the differences of which go a long ways in explaining the rise of the "Manosphere" and the relative stagnation of its female counterpart.  In the "male market" for advice, you have a DESPERATE and HUGE demand for genuine and effective advice.  Boys/men are clueless, hitting the real world, finding out the BS they were fed by the "asexual, single mom, effeminate father, absentee father, public school teacher" matrix was flawed, ineffective, politically motivated, ulterior, and ultimately damaging.  Therefore, any man who, either through good fathering or by going through the tortuous process of self-experimentation and self-teaching, can provide effective and pertinent manly advice is worth his weight in gold.  It is not a coincidence that many men make their living as "Pick Up Artists," bloggers, dating coaches, financial advisers and authors about men's issues.  There are so few GENUINE and REAL men contrasted with the demand for their experiences, wisdom and independent thought, that they can become something as statistically improbable as a "successful blogger."  And given the shortage of real (or even) present fathers, the future of the industry looks good.

In the "female market" for advice you have the exact opposite.  You have more than enough women willing to provide advice for a market that really doesn't want it, and didn't ask for it.  This results in a ton of "noise" where there is no clear or confirmed "wisdom" or "common sense."  Not to mention with such flood of suppliers, those suppliers are incentived to play to the lowest common denominator to make their sales.  Ergo, much like leftists politicians, instead of being harsh and truthful, supplying real-world advice when needed, they find it easier to placate, suck up to, and tell women what they WANT to hear, not what they need to hear.  The result can be seen not just in the sheer volume of worthless women's magazines and blogs, but (what I found particularly interesting) the very young age of of the "female dispensers of wisdom."  How is any college age girl a legitimate authority on anything?  The answer is simple - she isn't.  But she never intended to be a kind, altruistic soul, aiming to help out those less-advantaged than her via her "wisdom."  It's all about her.  She WANTS to dispense advice and (hopefully) get paid for it.  Whether that advice is helpful or damaging, the recipients of it be damned.

Of course, consequences are to be expected.  Most of the "authors" I researched when compiling "The Dowd Crowd" are in one way or another subsidized in their employment.  They either work multiple jobs, married an editor, or married rich.  Their "career" is more of a hobby in that what they are peddling is nothing special, nothing unique and cannot command an audience to fully financially support themselves.   But worse still is the social and societal costs of essentially lying to girls and women with this tornado of flawed and pandering advice.  All these columnists and faux-sages have done is ruin the lives of their audiences.  Much like the "single parent, single mom, effeminate dad, public school teacher, kumbaya" matrix misled young boys about...well...pretty much everything, so to has the "female advice industry" ruined the lives of girls and young women. 

In theory, then, this should give rise to demand equally forthright, honest and blunt advice in the female advice market.  In other words, if a woman like Dr. Helen, Woman and Dragon, Haley and Susan Walsh, etc., were to write a book or a blog, they should be able to capture a significant market of women looking for true leadership, guidance, and advice (and to some extent they have).  Unfortunately, I believe the rationalization hamsters of most women are so addicted to the lies and flawed advice they've received, no amount of legitimate and constructive advice will ever penetrate the squeaking of their hamster wheels.

If this article helped you, help the Captain!  Do your shopping on Amazon today!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exacting a Toll of Revenge from Girls on the Dance Floor

AKA, the latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

This broadcast includes the Captain's adventures while his girlfriend is out of town.  The adventures include:
  • trying to find the worst block in the ghetto of Minneapolis
  • playing wingman to one of his buddies as they go to "pick up chicks" 
  • dealing with 20 something floozies at a country bar
  • why liberal arts majors are to blame for high gas prices
Apologies in advance for my coughing, I lost my voice the night before.

Update - Apparently there is a limited bandwidth at that i have already exceeded for my monthly allotment.  The only way you can listen is to listen to it online, you can't download it.  I will be changing the host to 4share unless anybody else can recommend a better location.

The End of Low Tier Law "Schools"

The end is near.

Hopefully this will mean less desperate (and crappy lawyers) taking on and launching frivolous cases to pay back their student loans.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cuban Green Bay Packer Fans

From escaping Castro's regime to becoming a Packer Fan in the 1960's.

It's a Beautiful Day to Commit a Crime

You could work hard, pay half in taxes, and have your wealth confiscated at a later date

you could do that...


you could commit crimes instead!

Sadly, a life of crime is becoming easier than a legit corporate career.  Just make sure you do it in a country that is favorable to criminals.

"Women's Work"

I've pointed this out before, but the majority of modern day "women's work" is simply the same old and much-hated "traditional women's work" but this time it's not rearing, raising or educating your own children, it's rearing, educating and raising OTHER women's children through a state job.

I linked to her in the "ladies night," but Judgy Bitch's post was so succinct, precise and thorough I wanted to link to it on its own.

Ladies' Night at the Cappy Cap Club

Versus Condito discovers one of my favorite movies "McLintock!"  But her analysis is a bit different than mine - "The women in this movie are stunningly beautiful and the leading men are wonderfully masculine."  So in other words, leftists will hate it.

Kate doesn't trust us Americans!  Well, Obama anyway.

Tam discovers faux scientists will do anything to create a problem that doesn't exist so they can study it and avoid real scientific work that may benefit society and the private sector.

Girls ARE better than boys at school.  Thankfully, school sucks.

Supply and demand of sex.  Well, we all knew it was this way, we just now have a study that proves it.

More proof artists, especially academic and leftists artists, make sh!tty art and architecture.

"She's got a great personality!"

Sorry, there's going to be some collateral damage ladies.  Don't take it personally.

New stories are being reported like this, Kathy.  Not in the MSM, but in the Manosphere, Conservativesphere and the new media.  It not only results in more truthful reporting, but better writing and more-entertaining news.

Correct, The Manosphere is not shallow.  Because we cannot be shallow.  We will be what we are programmed to be and what we prefer to be.  Deriding male nature as "shallow" is like lecturing the sky for being blue.


Everybody hates HR, Clarissa.  It's an affirmative action program for otherwise unemployable women.

I'll say it again for the cheap seats.  A disproportionate percent of women simply traded in their "housewive/mom" job so they could go and do THE EXACT SAME THING, just instead of it being tending their own children they:

1.  are taking care of other women's children and
2.  get to pay taxes on the income they are now earning
3.  while driving up the overall tax bill that needs to be paid because their other-women's-children-rearing is through the state

Judgy Bitch's original article.

Red Pill Wifey goes over some basics.

Meanwhile, in Academia.

Persuading and Debating Leftists

Martel had a good response/post to my Liberal Zombie Apocalypse on how to engage, debate, and ultimately convert leftists.

My most successful tactic has been betting, but literally, less than 5% of the leftists

1.  honor their bet
2.  admit they were wrong despite conclusive and pre-agreed-upon proof proving them wrong

I cannot emphasize enough just how much of a mental condition most liberals have.  They are in denial.  And it REALLY has been like talking to a child at times where I say

"the sky is blue."

and their response is

"no it's not"

it's just we're looking at economic data instead of the sky.

It gets to the point debating or even trying to engage leftists is a futile endeavor, one of which not only wastes precious finite seconds of my life, but one that raises my blood pressure.  Engage, debate and try to reason with them at your own risk.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Liberal Zombie Apocalypse

I do not mean to reference the movie "I Am Legend" so frequently, but there were two instances in the movie that I found applicable to what I was writing about.  The first was when he had to kill his dog (and is referenced in "Enjoy the Decline") and the second is this.

The reason for the second reference is that I like how the zombies are completely feral and lacking reason, logic or thought.  If I recall the movie correctly, Will Smith's character does develop a cure that would cure all the zombies and turn them back into humans, he even tries reasoning with them, but their brains are too far gone to even comprehend what he's saying.  They just want to kill him, even though he's their only hope.

What's funny (sad actually) is just how exactly a zombie's brain parallels that of a liberal.

The time is coming where the promises made by liberals, but paid for by the labor of others, will be broken.  The economy is already slowing and it is my prediction this trend will continue.  It may accelerate, it may slow, heck we may even grow again, but the overall trend I believe will be the trend it's been since the 1960's - declining growth.  At some point it will reach a "critical point" where no matter what leftists politicians promised their parasitic constituents, there plain won't be the money or production to honor those commitments.  This is already happening on a micro level.  Detroit is a nice municipal example and the various instances of pensions paying out only a fraction of what they promise their government employees is another.  But there will come a point where social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare, WIC, you name it, is not only going to not deliver what it promised, but SIGNIFICANTLY less.  It is only because of the benevolence (of naivety) of creditors such as the Chinese this hasn't happened already. 

Regardless, when this point in time comes you can expect the same amount of reason and rationality from enraged liberals, leftists, and parasites.  And it's for several reasons.

First, understand how weak a mind has to be in order to swallow whole the leftist ideology.  Yes, I know it's force-fed to kids in the schools, but I'm talking on a biological level.  I remember a healthy amount of disrespect and suspicion for my teachers as a child.  I didn't just believe what they said because "they were the teacher."  Many of my classmates also had this healthy distrust.  Turns out we were the smarter cadre of students in my class and I believe on a genetic level had an intelligence high enough to have some kind of immunity against brainwashing.  So I do believe right off the bat you are dealing with brains that are genetically predisposed AGAINST independent thought and intellectual honesty.

Second, of course the brainwashing.  After 13 years of K-12 education, and an additional 4-8 in college, your average 20 something is so hopelessly and purposely misinformed their entire construct or mental framework for their political ideology is not only erroneous, but so complete and so rooted in their mentality any outside attempts to introduce empirical evidence, logic, or reason is futile.  It isn't until they live LITERALLY 20 more years and the real world just plain kicks the crap out of their ideology with anecdotal experience and evidence that they even ENTERTAIN they might be wrong.  Some, like spinsters/feminists/catwomen, carry their ideology to their grave with an unenviable legacy.

Third, though this can't be said of all liberals, it can be said of (I'd estimate) 85% of them - most of them have a HUGE emotional attachment to their ideology.  The reason is simple.

What precise accomplishments and achievements in life can the average leftist point to that gives their live meaning and worth?

The answer is  - "nothing."

Your average leftist isn't curing cancer, building empires, starting an accounting career, or developing a trade.  They're "raising awareness" or "engaging communities" or "helping the children" or leading some bullshit crusade.  Whatever euphemistic titles and jargon they use to describe their "careers," in the end they're just masking the fact they're literally doing nothing with their lives.  ie-their lives are worthless and thus they are worthless people.

Since deep down inside they know they are worthless and their lives have no meaning, they put "leftism/socialism/communism" at the core of their being.  As Rush Limbaugh says, "being a liberal is the easiest thing" in that you just have to "claim" you care and vote to use OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY to finance your compassion.  Ergo, if you ever GENUINELY, INTELLIGENTLY, LOGICALLY and DISPASSIONATELY constructively criticize of question a liberal's ideology they get emotional, enraged and angry (I remember the only people who cried on my radio show were liberals).  This isn't because they really care about the poor children in Africa.  It's because you are shining light on the fact they are a worthless person who does nothing, has done nothing, will continue to do nothing, and thus waste their lives. 

The final result of such thorough brainwashing, insecurity, laziness, and a predisposition to naivety, results in a veritable zombie impervious to reason, logic and rationale.  No matter the preponderance of evidence, they simply ignore reality and retreat to their circularly referenced and supported ideology, blame the rich, blame conspiracies and (presumably to their deaths) blame "Bush."  You no doubt have ran into this where you can cite data on the internet from a reputable source, PROVING a leftist is wrong, but they (like the dismembered knight in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail) will never admit defeat and continue to subscribe to their now-false beliefs. 

But it gets much worse than that. 

Since you (and reality) are attacking the only thing that gives them value (their ideology) they will get angry.  Worse still, once our creditors no longer renew our line of credit, the tab for their socialist hokey pokey will come due, and we won't be able to pay.  This will result in REAL cuts to social spending which will then threaten their livelihoods as a disproportionate percent of leftists are parasitic and dependent on other people.

The end result is a real zombie movie.  A post-apocalyptic economy where food, clothing and shelter are no longer being produced in quantities needed, and masses of angry, feral, irrational leftists whose pride (and shame) in their ideology prevent them from being negotiated with or reasoned with to rebuild society.  In short, I truly believe leftists are so committed to their ideology that if the economy can no longer produce the basic necessities they would resort to violence, murder, theft and mayhem if necessary.  This is of course very pessimistic of me, and a sad statement of a lack of faith in my fellow man, but if you look at how leftists don't even care about their own lives, to the point they'd ruin it by putting their ideology first and themselves second, you can't expect them to be open-minded during the coming Liberal Zombie Apocalypse. 

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The Market Failure of Talk Radio

It is no secret that I listen to left wing talk radio. It is also no secret I've cited the reason I tune into left wing radio is because I can finish the sentences of right wing talk show hosts.  This is not a slam on them, but more of a testament to how much of a "wonk" or a political "hack" I am.  After 20 years of listening to talk radio, not to mention that minor "economist" thing I do, nothing surprises me anymore, nothing is new, and thus for intellectual pursuit I go elsewhere.

While that may be my particular case, that does not mean it holds for others.  Sure, younger people coming into the world of adulthood tune in.  Young college boys, disillusioned why women hate them, why their professors hate them, and why they can't find jobs, start to find an explanation why the world isn't turning out they way their high school teachers said it would in right wing talk radio.  Young women who can't find a decent date might listen to Dennis Prager.  But after 5 years the "treatment" of talk radio runs its course much like an anti-biotic treatment - it ends.  It does no more good.

Now this isn't to say that Rush Limbaugh is going to fail or that Sean Hannity isn't going to be renewed for another decade on Foxnews, but this is to say there is the beginnings of an un-served market.  A growing group of people, primarily young, but old as well, who have just plain had their fill and derive no significant marginal utility from listening to an additional hour of Michael Medved.

And it is here the "right wing talk radio" industry is making their largest error and setting themselves up for spectacular market failure.

First, understand that the message all of nationally syndicated talk radio conveys can be consumed, digested and incorporated in the average human brain in about 2 years.  After that there is an "addiction" phase where you like to hear your logic confirmed by people who aren't lefitst ideologues that can easily run a decade.  As you age, however, you start to gain confidence, knowledge, and wisdom.  No leftist or media campaign can confuse you or make you second guess yourself.  YOur ideology is resolved, it's cemented, and it's verified.  You no longer need talk radio.

Second, I'm sorry, the "current" crop of talk radio show hosts are not really "current."  However, this needs some explanation.

Understand radio is a business.  YOu need to make money.  The great thing about radio, however, is that it can be syndicated or broadcasted across the nation.  So when a radio station has the choice of hiring some local talent and having to pay that individual a living wage, or merely "leasing" the broadcasting rights for a nationally syndicated show for 1/10th of the cost, what do you think they're going to do?  Yes, this results in regional superstars like "Jason Lewis" or "Michael Medved" but it also results in homogeneity.  Homogeneity that can be predicted, gets boring, and gets stale.

So while it may be financially beneficial to go with established, seasoned radio show hosts, it prevents any new talent, let alone, better talent from getting in.  Additionally, since this more or less ensconces established talent, it also ensures this talented is aged, old, and separated from upcoming generations, and thus, markets.

It is here we have the third contributing factor to the market failure of talk radio - their inability to address younger generations.  This isn't to say that Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage don't talk about the debt problems older generations are foisting on younger generations, but rather the fact they plain don't speak to those generations.  Admittedly, this may be a losing proposition.  Most younger people are dumber than hell, ignorant as f$ck, and are so spectacularly brainwashed they'll vote to endebt themselves further, let alone, berate and mock anybody who points this out to them.  But in failing to engage the younger generations, they anchor themselves to the life expectancy of older generations.  THis brings up another point...

Fourth, legacy issues.  If I have a complaint about the work I've done it's been the outright impossibility to get any of the work I've done into the "main stream right wing media."  I've had some decent success.  Glenn Reynolds and Dr. Helen have been kind enough to mention my books.  Even Peter Schiff has been kind enough to host me on his show.  But these people can't be considered to be "chummy chum Foxnews Elites."  For the most part the Sean Hannity's and Michael Savages of the world aren't going to give their younger counterparts the time of day.  They're too busy asking Charles Krauthammer for their latest talking points, and we all know how much Charles Krauthammer jives and resonates with the hip kids nowadays.  The largest point is who precisely is going to replace the Rush Limbaughs and Dennis Pragers of the world?  Who exactly is being groomed to follow in their footsteps? About the ONLY younger person I know of ANY notoriety only has a WEEKEND show and that is Ben Ferguson.  There isn't anybody else i see under 40 being considered as candidate for any significant take over.

Fifth, an industry will arise to serve and un or underserved market.  Introduce the internet.  The internet is not predisposed to younger generations just because it's new, but talent that would have normally been recruited or attracted via traditional media norms are simply refusing to jump through the hoops to score a "gig" or a "contract" with traditional media.  It's too costly and the cost-benefit ratio between time spent and opportunities given just isn't there.  A young, intrepid and out-going individual can simply circumvent traditional media and build their own brand.  They don't need expensive radio equipment, satellites, buildings or broadcast studios, they just need a computer and internet access.  They also don't need to placate the masses, but can speak their minds.  Not just because there's no boss to relegate and regulate their speech and thoughts, but because there are no opportunities or employment opportunties elsewhere.  There is no consequence to being edgy or cutting edge, because, what?  "It was going to ruin your chances at a career?".  This presents the market with not only a more diverse "talk radio/podcast" selection to choose from, but more entertaining and thought provoking.  A talk radio selection that is infinitely more thought provoking, engaging, and entertaining that the stale, milquetoast, cookie cutting tripe that's been going on for the past decade.

Finally, the death knell for talk radio. This new media, no matter how much it is in its infancy, is more profitable to advertisers.  Because renegade podcasters, bloggers, and Youtube Peachers have no restrictions, no employment prospects, let alone, no requiements to be palatable to the masses, they have more loyal listeners.  Because their message is so focused and so directly speaks to their intended audience it is more intimate and sincere.  It is now a daily occurrence I get a "thank you e-mail" from a reader or listener who thanks me for sparing him/her from majoring in a worthless subject.  It is also becoming a semi-daily occurrence that I receive a thank you e-mail for helping a young man with his dating and courting issues.  These two narrow topics are not as wide a scope that Jason Lewis tackles on a daily basis, but advertising on my blog gets a higher rate of return than advertising on his show (AND I WELCOME ANYBODY OVER THERE WHO WANTS TO CHALLENGE IT).  In other words, because of their celebrityship and broad market, advertising on talk radio is a bubble, it isn't worth the rate of return, if positive at all.  But if you're willing to advertise on

The Tom Leykis Show
Dan Carlin
Bill Burr
Captain Capitalism
Small Dead Animals
Five Feet of Fury

or any of the THOUSANDS of smaller blogs, internet radio shows, Youtube Clergy, etc.

you'll get a heck of a lot more bang for your buck.

Besides, would you rather hear about a conservative's attempt to seduce a hot a liberal chick  or Sean Hannity say for the 8,000th time, "You're a great American, my friend?"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm (Technically) a Dirty, Filthy, Jew

Swear there are too many stupid people on this planet.

More Conan Class

I will give props where due.  From a reader:

Met Conan at a pub in London. My son and I were having dinner and he was dining with his family so we didn't want to disturb them during their dinner and left them alone. After dinner while waiting for their car Conan talked to some of pub patrons. He was kind enough to talk to and take a picture with my son. 

He really is a class act as you said.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good News Everyone

"Enjoy the Decline" broke the 1,000th place mark on Amazon and is ranked 12th in economics books.  A lot of people think "1,000th place???  How is THAT good?"  Amazon has something like 2 million titles.

I wanted to thank everybody who was kind enough to buy the book, tell friends, write reviews and just send off a link.  It certainly is helping me enjoy the decline!