Monday, December 30, 2013

Bachelor Pad Economics Now Available!

Good news everybody!

"Bachelor Pad Economics" is now available on Amazon!!!! (Kindle to follow later)

I have alluded to the nature of the book before, but I think it's best to quote the first chapter of the book to accurately and fully convey what it's about, who it's for, how it will benefit everybody, and just how important this book is for all generations:

"To this end “Bachelor Pad Economics,” (though applicable to everybody) is written with the average American male in mind.  Most likely single, most likely young, but every man, married or not, young or not, will benefit greatly from this book.   It is the single, most comprehensive source of wisdom for men regarding personal financial management, investing, and life from a financial perspective.  It is a roadmap to financial planning that has been sorely missing the past three generations.  Reading this book will surpass any number of college classes in terms of the wisdom and help it will grant you, and the younger you read it, the better off you’ll be.  This book, quite simply, is a must for every young man out there, so that you not only avoid the mistakes your elders made, but live better and more enjoyable lives than we did."

The only thing I will add is that it is NOT meant to be read as a novel - i.e. - front to back.  It is meant to be read as a reference book, consulting the individual chapters that apply to your personal life.  Ergo, I recommend reading chapters 1-3 to get the "basics," but then reading any future chapters only on a "as needed" basis.

It is $29.99 (though I think they're discounting it) and I am being serious when I say this - IT IS WORTH THE MONEY.  Think of what you drop on some worthless, pre-req college text book, think about your booze habit, and then think about a book that would have prevented you from buying that house you're now underwater on or marrying that woman who took half of your worldly assets.

Again, it is a MUST for all men.

Regardless, I would appreciate your spreading the word.  My apologies for not getting it out before Christmas.  I prefer quality over speed.

The Miley Ray Cyrus Effect in Economics

A great economic lesson that we can all learn about marketing and how to use trolls to your advantage!

Post Wedding Barbie to Hit Stores

Replete with Liberal Arts Degree and commensurate student debt!

Thank god Ken majored in Chemical Engineering!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

How "Leftist Heroes" Predict the Failure of a Film

Very interesting podcast from Davis Aurini.  Old one from the archives, but good.

It's Called Capital Flight

and it's a feature, not a bug, of socialism.

Western Women "Saving" Third World Men

Multiple choice boys and girls!  Where do we go with this one?

a)  Female sex tourism
b)  Treasonous western women helping out everybody but their own countrymen
c)  Another trust fund baby bites the dust
d) "But he said he loved me!"
e)  Bad boys are sexy, especially if they kill me
f)  I didn't like the maths, so I helped the childrenzzzz (aka "Liberal Arts Degrees Kill")
g)  Wow!  There was only 50 murders in Honduras since 2008?  That's pretty safe!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Clarey Podcast, Latest Episode!

Aaron talks about replacing booze with lifting weights, gets a GREAT letter from his "Brazilliant" Agent in the Field, explains why everybody has a right to enjoy the suffering of leftists and parasites, and talks about putting together an "Anti-Feminist" poster, and MORE in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

Table of Contents for Bachelor Pad Economics

A reader had a good question, as well as several of you have inquired about what "Bachelor Pad Economics" more specifically covers.  Here is the table of contents, a more thorough explanation will be released once it's available at Amazon.

Chapter 1    "Leaderless, Guideless, and Adrift"
Chapter 2    "Philosophy" (about economics, investing, life goals etc.)
Chapter 3    "The Basics"
Chapter 4    "Education"
Chapter 5    "Career"
Chapter 6    "Entrepreneurship"
Chapter 7    "Girls"
Chapter 8    "Housing and Lodging"
Chapter 9    "Cars and Transportation"
Chapter 10  "Maintenance and Repair"
Chapter 11  "Investing and Retirement Planning"
Chapter 12  "Wife and Kids"
Chapter 13  "Legal"
Chapter 14  "Economics"
Chapter 15  "End of Life Planning"

In short it is a reference guide for all men of all ages between 14-Death.  The younger they read it, the better off their life will be. Basically it is a book of advice that your father should have given you, but given today's single-mother households or just spineless fathers, this vital wisdom and guidance is sorely lacking.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bachelor Pad Economics Proofed and Authorized

Just got the proof in the mail and figured now would be a good a time as any to show youse guys the cover.

It's going to be 5-7 business days until it's available on  Will let you know once it's officially available.

The thing is a MONSTER.  500 pages doesn't seem like 500 pages until you're holding it in your hands.  However, remember, you will NOT read the whole thing through.  It is a reference book for EVERY STAGE OF A MAN'S LIFE.  So, you know, the 14 year old kid would not be reading the chapter on End of Life Planning or 401k's.

Kindle version will also be available around the same time.

And I don't want to hear ANY complaints about price.  It's going to be $30.  And the reason I don't want to hear any complaints is that if I had this book when I was younger I would EASILY have had $500,000 more money than I do now.  The amount of mistakes you will avoid and wise decisions make by reading this book I would say LITERALLY make it worth it's weight in gold.

Finally, you cannot read Bachelor Pad Economics without having the below music playing in the background:

Teachers Love Your Children More Than You Do

Well, at least that's what the maths say.

I estimated the amount of time children, from kindergarten to 12th grade, spend with their parents, vs. teachers and daycare providers.

There are some assumptions I made and you can certainly calculate your own figures, but including weekends, friends, commuting, summers, etc. those state paid teachers spend a HUGE amount of time more with your child than you do.  AND keep in mind their ENTIRE JOB is to be teaching and engaging them the entire time.  Your time also includes feeding them, lecturing them, chores, etc.  NOT sitting down and TALKING with them.

But remember,

you need a career
you voted democrat because you care
you need to pay those taxes
you need to pay for strangers to raise your kid in daycare

so you're in the clear.

I'm sure your child will come visit you in the nursing home.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Women Who Have Horses are Psychotic


not that you didn't know....

women who love horses are mentally deranged and are damaged goods. They love animals more than they love their fellow human being, and would rather ride a horse than have a husband or tend to their children.  Now you can add, "love their horses more than their country" in France.

It is getting very difficult to defend women's suffrage.

Today's Office

Brought to you in part by,

"Masters Degree Preferred" - You need to go $75,000 into debt so our HR ditzes can more easily sort out resumes.  "Masters Degree Preferred" - the biggest, most expensive and unnecessary hoop we force our labor force to jump through.

Also by,

"Commutes" - We don't care if the technology allows for everybody to work from home.  We need to condition our labor force to obey.  Thank god for commutes.  "Commutes" - when you're a masochist control freak that hates your employees.

Also by,

"Layoffs" - Were you loyal to the company to the core and gave it your all?  Tough shit.  We found somebody who will do it for $1/hour cheaper.  "Layoffs" - reserved only for the most loyal and naive employees.

Also by,

"Divorce" - Make sure you get your spouse to divorce you as you spend more time at work than tending to your family.  "Divorce" - sponsored by the Corporate-America & Feminism Partnership.

"Calling People Fat Should Be Illegal" aka ABC Round 2

So where do you want to go with this one guys?

Pick on Jennifer Lawrence for being so stupid she's advocating totalitarianism?

Go the regular shaming route and redouble our efforts to ramp up fat-shaming?

Or just ignore it because it's another stupid bint from Hollywood?

Here's the correct answer:

Expose ABC news (again) for being the paper-thin fraudulent media outlet that it is.

Look, the real news story isn't that another 23 year old hollywood harlot is saying stupid things.  Nor is it that "fat" is a politicized topic.  The real story is that a presume "media giant" like Barbara Walters would even consider interviewing such a mindless individual in the first place, LET ALONE CONSIDER HER ONE OF THE TOP 10 MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE.

This isn't news.

This isn't journalism.

This is pulp-people-magazine garbage being served as "serious, top notch" journalism.

Ergo, the only thing to do is go to the comment section and merely point out ABC has jumped the shark or "gotten the female lead pregnant."

That's if you even deem ABC's comment section worth your time, which I really don't.

Stay Frosty, Boys

Stay the freak frosty.

Laurette Lynn and How Schools are Prisons

A Stefan Molyneux podcast that is an absolute must.  He interviews an author, Laurette Lynn who actually hates school more than I did.

I haven't even listened to the whole thing, but what struck me is when she is talking about staying home to rear children how much you realize she actually loves her children.  Stefan also has a hell of a quotable comment:

"If you have a kid, but instead both parents decide to have jobs, then that's like cheating on your kid."

What amazes is not how feminism thought that outsourcing the rearing of children to the state or nannies would work, but that society as a whole bought such hogwash.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Glorious Karl Enjoys Christmas!

Look, Karl got a gun, some flannel pajamas and a mug from the Occidental Hotel (Cappy's favorite hangout whenst he lived in Wyoming).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cappy's Crazy Christmas Podcast!

Hey kids!

I know a lot of you will be traveling and some of our younger Cappy Cappite brothers and sisters working, so take a little yuletide joy with you with the latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

This episode we talk about how truly free people do not want to be pestered about scheduling and details, especially things 2 months in advance.  We also talk about how Matt Forney and Erin McCarthy are at each other's throats now, but will likely hook up and get married and make muchas smoochas!  There is some miscellany of discussion about how old people just don't try to drive good anymore, and a tirade against how Kwanzaa is not a real holiday and never will be!

Have a good Christmas all!


How the Net Present Value of Effort is the Cause of Intimidation, Procratination and Fear

My Jewish Agent in the Field contacted me laughing at the other end of the phone. 

She said, "Cappy, you're not going to believe this!  I was at the doctor's office and ran into one of your fans."  She then regaled me with the tale of randomly meeting a young 23 year old man who was a regular reader of me and the rest of the Manosphere.  However, while he was an avid reader, he was basically an academian.  A theorist.  He "knew" what he had to do, but still had problems approaching girls.  Matter of fact, the words my JAITF used was "afraid of girls."  I told her to have him contact me and that I'd solve his problem for a small fee. 

Rewind 18 years ago.

A female friend of mine had a crush on a male friend of mine.  I did what I could to set the two up, but despite many rendezvous, he never asked her out.  For the next six months she verbally pined about him to me.  Wondering how to get him to ask her out.  To the point I got sick of it and told her, rather bluntlly, that she was pissing away more calories of energy worrying about it and would have had a better life had she just point blank asked him out.  She took my advice to heart, was about to call him up and ask him out, but THEN CRIED IN THE FEAR AND ANTICIPATION, and bailed at the last minute.

Fastforward back to today.

Millions, nay, HUNDREDS of millions of western women claim they want to diet.  And hundreds of millions of western women attempt new diets every year.  But nearly 95% of them fail, invariably going back to eating shit and using their .000004 mile "power walk" or "I used the stairs" as an excuse to stuff their faces with icing-laden cupcakes.  They only end up like the fan my JAITF met or the female friend of mine back from college - failures knowing what they have to do, but somehow never having the gall to do it.

So let me explain what is happening here amongst all three, because while we can all stand here and ridicule them, you, me, and everybody else have this "want to, but seemingly can't" hypocrisy about us.

Understand that in the case of my "fan" my JAITF met, it wasn't that he was intimidated by asking that one girl out at the bar.

Understand in the case of my friend back in college, it wasn't the she feared rejection from my male friend.

And understand in the case of most fat western women, it isn't that they feared they wouldn't lose weight.

It boils down to the "Net Present Value" of effort.

"Net Present Value" or "NPV" is a financial concept that takes a string of payments in the future and asks "what would be the value of all those payments in the future if they were converted into a single payment today?"

So for example a mortgage.  You have to make monthly payments for 30 years.  Well, considering inflation, interest rates, cost of borrowing, etc., what would the "single payment equivalent" of those payments be today?

But we can take this financial concept and apply it to the psychological world.  And when we do we make some great realizations that can benefit us all.  Because when you ask

the noob kid to start approaching girls
the fat woman to lose weight, or
my friend to finally ask the guy out

you are not REALLY asking the

noob kid to ask out that ONE girl, or
that fat woman to forego ONE meal, or
my friend to ask that ONE guy out

you are asking them to change their behavior FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.  You are asking them to essentially take on a part time job they never wanted, because human nature is to be lazy.

So for example, when you tell a fat woman to lose weight, you aren't asking her to refuse that ONE cupcake.  You're asking her to refuse ALL cupcakes into the future AND demanding she take on what is a vertiable part time job of working out everyday FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

And when you tell that fearful 23 year old kid who is "afraid of girls," you aren't saying, "approach that ONE girl and suffer the rejection," you are saying, "You must COMMIT yourself to a life of rejection, dismay, and wasted labor attempting to get girls."

And that is why the "Net Present Value" of effort is such a deterrent.  Because when you're asking people to make life changes

be it weight
approaching members of the opposite sex
becoming educated
physical or mental improvement

you aren't asking them to "tweek" something, you're demanding they dedicate a significant percentage of their free time, their free will, and their conscious life to achieve the goals they want.

It is here I can appreciate and feel a bit of empathy for our overweight women, our timid men, or our basement dwelling nerf-herders.  They are expending very little effort and energy. They are minimalists in the sense they are willing to forego the demands and desires society places upon them, so they can live a VERY simple and existent life.  But, human psychology and darwinism being what it is, it can't just let that poor soul be.  It still needs to foist natural, sexual, achievement, and agency desires on humans, and so they are torn.

This is why my female friend was crying at the prospect of approaching a man.
This is why women get so emotionally upset if you dare to point out men just don't like fat chicks.
This is why a man will talk shit about approaching, but rarely do, and when they do, take personal umbrage when shot down.

The trick or the solution to this crippling and pre-programmed psychology is a simple one:

Realize if you don't make these changes, you WILL forever be condemned to failure.

Do I like lifting weights for an hour every odd day, and running 6 miles every even?


Does any guy like approaching women, opening their mouths, and hoping something witty comes out in the hopes they might get laid in the long run?


And do women (let alone ANYBODY) like passing up the great and awesome food that is sure to tempt us this Christmas?


But if you don't, and constantly succumb to the immediate desires and fail to achieve delayed gratification, you will forever be:

that fat overweight woman nobody wants to fuck
the nerd who sits in his mother's basement and never gets laid
or the addict/alcoholic that never says no and dies early because of liver failure

In short, you must realize it was never your choice to begin with.  You need to commit to these part time jobs.  You need to commit to the effort to stay in shape, suffer rejection, and put yourself out there.  The only other option is not to participate and wonder, dream, and opine what life would have been life if you had.  And that life of regret is the worst one you can possibly live.

Bachelor Pad Economics - Tenatively Scheduled for Dec. 27th

Just got the digital proof and all looks good, but I prefer to have a paper copy to make sure the printing works right.  Measure twice, cut once kind of thing.  Being express-delivered and will be here presumably around the 26th.  And if all looks good I hit the magical "go" button and it will be a nice little post-Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Asshole Consulting

New business model lieutenants!

We will replace Bain and McKinsey!

The Manosphere's Resident Artist

Gentlemen (and ladies),

I know many of you are writing books or are pursuing some kind of internet/media venture.  However, not all of us are artists.  Thankfully, you don't have to be. That's why we have Jorge Gonzalez.

Jorge did the artwork for my up-coming book "Bachelor Pad Economics," as well as drew the entire "Boris the Shitting Buffalo."  I strongly recommend contacting him if you need some kind of artwork done or are just looking for an artist in general.  However, I also recommend Jorge on account most of his college peers at art school were raging socialists and will no doubt mock and ridicule him for supporting himself with his art "going corporate."

You can contact him here.

"Man Talk"

A long time ago, and stupidly listening to my mother, I was lead to believe that girls liked it when a guy bought her flowers, wrote poetry, and said nice things.

I now know that all you need is "Man Talk"

Are you boys paying attention?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Meet The Future

I predict homes like these will be the way of the future as Gen X and Gen Y realize the incredible debt burden they naively voted upon themselves following the self-sabotaging advice their Baby Boomer teachers gave them.

There is good news, however.

How, oh how, will we ever raise the funds to pay for Baby Boomer retirement plans and health care when Gen X'ers, Y'ers, and Millineals, only need to work up $22,000 a year to pay for homes like these?

Oh, and if savvy youth don't have kids (as they obviously cannot live in such small quarters), will you rely on future immigrants from the non-Western-Civilization world to work up the economic productivity to pay for your entitlements?

Heh heh. You hippie AARP boomers, you idiots enjoy that decline.  You brought it on yourselves and there's nobody more deserving.

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like 'Worthless'"

From a reader:

Aaron Clarey's book is the equivalent of drinking an antidote to a slow-acting poison. The scales fall off and clarity is achieved. Nothing is more touted today that education with all those well-known slogans ringing in the air "stay in school!" Yes, but for what purpose? In what direction? To what end? These are the questions Clarey brilliantly tackles here and he does so in an easy, jocularly manner that belies its great importance. Too many end up spending too much money--read, debt--at our nation's universities in the vain hope (yes, hope. There's almost no thought that goes into their decisions) the piece of paper they get at the end will be rewarded somehow. Clarey convincingly shows why this is wrong and takes those who should know better to task: the guidance counselors, our teachers, college professors and even parents who all profess to care for the next generation.

Every one should read this book. Every High School should require its students read and comprehend its contents.

The problem, however, is that doing so will require our educational system and its denizens fundamentally change how it operates and that's not going to happen any time soon. So get this for your High Schooler or for a kid you like instead so they don't end up wasting what's supposed to be their formative years in pursuit of hot air.
5 stars. 

You can find "Worthless" here, and also in Audio book format here!

Friday, December 20, 2013

How Your Christmas Wishlist Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Economics

Actually, this is one of those 20 minute videos that will teach the beginner more about economics than three college classes will.

I have also coined the new degree:

"Masters in The Avoidance of Math"

I kill me!

Remember, if you enjoy the videos, buy something through the Wal-Mart affiliate plan.  You can click on it in the right side bar.

How Ethan Krupp Embodies Everything Wrong With American Males

We do indeed rip apart American (and western) women here in this little sphere of our world.  But we must also remind ourselves that it isn't only  men that have suffered as the forces of socialism and feminism have completely destroyed our selection in the opposite sex.

Socialism and feminism have also destroyed women's selection in men.

Seriously, take the time to be a bit empathetic and appreciate the fact that many innocent women now only get to select from the Ethan Krupps of the world.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Women in Video Games

So Davis has a really good podcast/video about women's role in video games.  It unto itself is worth listening to.

But then he does a spot for Ranger Self Defense and TO MY SURPRISE ED HAS TRACKING DEVICES that you can use to keep GPS tabs on your children, cars, or other valuable things in life.

Did Ed tell the ole Captian about these things?

Ooooooohhhhh noooooo!

Keeping all the good stuff for the damn Canucks!!!  Traitor!

"Sugary With a Taste of Slut"

Turn to my right. Brunette this time, hooray for variety I guess. “What are you drinking?” This one is excited and tells me ginger ale and Jameson.  Sugary with a taste of slut. We chat it up and things are going well. More hand contact, first shoulder then side waist. She’s a fun girl and I’m enjoying my time with her. Maybe I should buy her a drink. Wait, no I can’t. I’m in America and that is a sign of weakness. Despite the fact that I genuinely don’t mind.

Some outstanding observations brought to your frontal lobes with some outstanding writing.

How the "Pregnant Female Protagonist" is the New "Jumping the Shark"

My favorite cartoon that is still running (Archer) took a bad turn on it's season finale last year.  The main female character got pregnant.  The reason I don't like this isn't anything against women getting pregnant, but multifold.

First, a pregnant private sector TEC-9 toting spy should not be running around on dangerous missions while she's carrying.  Second, the whole Archer cast is without children and single.  They are able to not only take on dangerous missions, but with no child-rearing obligations, they can pursue equally dangerous and haphazard-prone social lives.  Third, I think it's a play to a female demographic that once again, like "The Replacement Killers," ruins an otherwise good action show.

But my primary reason for not liking Lana getting pregnant is that it telepaths to me that the show might be ending.

Allow me to explain.

Fast and Furious 5, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are running around Brazil trying to avoid a politician's hit squad.  In the middle of flight Paul Walker's girlfriend (the actress of which I have a Jennifer-Aniston-equse soft spot for) stops both of them in the middle of their escape and says,

"I'm pregnant."

Not that the F&F franchise was that great to begin with, but the F&F6 seeming so ludicrous, Paul Walker's unfortunately demise would not have been the only thing to mercifully end the series.

Another example - Control Alt Delete.  The comic.

I was an AVID fan.  It was hilarious, funny, cute, and entertaining.

Then the girlfriend of the hero got pregnant.  Things got emotional, and you know something, I checked out.  That was about 5 years ago and I haven't read the comic since.  I wanted to read a comic about nerdy tech geek humor, not a soap opera.

"Friends" anyone?  How many of those women got pregnant?  Fifi or Bibi?  Didn't Amy or Pipsi get pregnant too?  Sorry, I obviously didn't watch the show too much, but I do know that some women got pregnant and then the show ended.

The point I'm trying to make is that I think I have found a new replacement for when Fonzi jumped the shark.  It's when the female lead character gets pregnant.

Naturally I hope this is not the case with Archer, but if previous "leading females getting pregnant" is any kind of proxy, it usually means the show is about to come to an end.

Regardless, the people at Fox better make sure this isn't the last season of Archer.

And for god's sake, will somebody resurrect "Venture Brothers?"  That show had limitless potential.

Your Economic Lesson of the Day

"Lost decades"

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Best Men Lie on Their Application

You paying attention boys?  Are you?

I would not have the career I do today if it were not for some outright, bold faced lies on my resume.

You need to lie on your application and your resume.  Just as long as you can back it up.

Again, corporations are lying about the job and the job description.  You owe them the simplest of courtesies to lie right back at them.

Hey, It's One of My Former Students!

College students, not elementary.  COLLEGE.

Best Damn Career Advice EVER

Thank you, thank you very much:

They Will Run Over You If You Let Them

Boys, pay attention.  You cannot,



let the little ladies have their way all the time.

You need to draw a line in the sand, hold people to standards, lead, and in short, be a man.

If you don't, this is the result.

Shitting on 2,000 Years of Western Civilization Wisdom

It's almost as if the past 2,000 years of Western Civilization didn't happen.

Are You the Enemy of Freedom?

Take the test and find out.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why You Never Want to Work for BMO Harris

Kids, you paying attention?

Are you?

OK kids, lookie here.

I want you to read through this job description and answer yourself honest and truthfully:

Does this sound like a sane organization?

Does this sound like a company that wants to hire the best, the brightest, and has its shit together?

Does it sound like a genuine and honest meritocracy?

Or does it sound like a political bureaucratic organization that just reeks of asskissing, brown-nosing, HR-bullshiting, and cock-sucking as the only means to get ahead?

Look, kids, I can't make it any more clear for you.  These companies are exposing themselves for the worthless, opportunity-less bureaucracies they are.  They're showing their true natures.

You will NEVER be successful in an environment like this.  Not at least if you have any ounce of intellectual honesty, veracity and desire to perform.  You need to sell your soul, lie, cheat, and obey.  And what makes it great is if you take the micro-calorie of energy to just stand back, clear your brain, and look at that advertisement for a job for what it is, you'll realize just how far gone these corporations are when it comes to employing the "best and the brightest."

BMO is nothing more than a political, bureaucractic organization that does not care to be a profitable, productive company.  It have been co-opted and corrupted by outside political organizations that it is so removed from it's original charter of profit, that it need to hire a "diversity recruiter."

Have fun working there kids.  Have fun working there.

"Dating 1850-2012: R.I.P."

Dating is dead.

May it RIP.

Let us rejoice and celebrate the end of this idiotic transfer of wealth, disguised as "courting."

Dragging Kids Into Politics

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.  You just can't let kids be kids, can you people?  No, you can't let them pray for snow days, play sports, play video games, and enjoy their childhood.  No, you need to drag them unconsciously into  politics, specifically, your personal political battle.  It's no different than forcing religion down your kids' throats.

First watch this:

And now, my response, which I hope is polite enough for kids:

And yes, I am not surprised both of his parents are teachers.

ALSO, IMPORTANT NOTE.  This is a kid.  Do not curse, swear, make fowl comments on the poor kid's video.  He's obviously being led by his parents, he's reading a script.  If you want to make critical comments, make them here.

The Bankruptcy of Our Nation

I met Jerry Robinson and his wife Jennifer at the Liberty Mastermind symposium.  He being an economist as well as myself, I was happy to see that he was going to speak about "petro-dollars," as petro-dollars was one of the many fields of economics I knew nothing about.  Sure enough he spoke, and sure enough  myself and every other person in the room knew precisely what petro-dollars were.

However, in addition to this kindness he also gave me his book - The Bankruptcy of Our Nation:

This was back in July and since then it has been sitting inside my laptop case.  Not out of lack of desire to read it, but because of lack of time.  But last night, I had the great fortune of being blessed by the Great Security Guard Gods of the sky and got myself a 12 hour shift.  Thankfully, I had the entire shift to dedicate to reading the book as I had completed Bachelor Pad Economics and had no more chores or projects to work on.  And I'm glad I did as this book proved to be better than what I was expecting.

First, understand no economist knows everything about economics.  The field is just too wide.  So I was very happy to see that Jerry's book pretty much complemented every field I was either weak or completely clueless about.  Specifically, the history of our banking system and central bank.  If you are wondering why there is such a visceral hatred of the federal reserve on some people's part, this will explain it all.

Second, I don't care how educated or advanced you are in a field, a simpleton's explanation is much appreciated.  Anybody, be you an economist or evangelist, will be able to understand the US banking system, the federal reserve, and how it affects our currency, debt, economy, etc. Because of this Jerry's writing has wide appeal because the every day average Joe can pick up the book and read it AND understand it.

Third, his organization is outstanding.  Many people will write books, but put little to no effort into structuring it so that a human brain may digest, incorporate, and comprehend it.  There is a glossary, an index, and a bullet point review at the end of each chapter covering the key points that were discussed.  The book could be a stand alone class on economics without a professor as it is that clearly written and logically organized.

Finally, it is practical.  The first part of the book, like every good book on economics should, introduces some key economic concepts like money, currency, debt, etc.  It then goes on to build on that foundation making a case against central banking, making a case for just how truly fucked our nation is financially, and a case, nay, a command that you prepare for this contingency.  However, he doesn't just leave you hanging.  The second part of the book is basically an instruction manual that carries you though different strategies on how to plan and prepare your financial life given the economic backdrop of the country.

About the only complaint I would have about the book is the reference or even a bit of mythical "reliance" on religion.  Though this is more of a function of my visceral hatred for religion and desire for completely basing economics on empiricism so it needn't rely on outside verification.  However, even this complaint would prove beneficial for Christian (and in general religious) people who would like to see biblical supportation for the economic arguments Jerry presents.

In short, about a good HALF of the book was new knowledge for me.  AND beneficial knowledge.  In a matter of 2 hours reading three chapters I came away with more knowledge about central banking than the mandatory class I was forced to take back in the day.  For the average person you will walk away with w TON more.  I strongly recommend buying it for yourself or loved ones, especially as a gift for Christmas as it isn't too late just yet. 

You can find it by clicking on the image above, or if you're dead set against the Wal-Mart affiliate program, you can find it here on Amazon.

You can also visit Jerry and Jennifer at their website, FTMDaily (Follow the Money) where they have not only articles, but a podcast you can fill your MP3 player up with and listen to over the holidays.

An Astute Observation from Mr. Forney

Yes, I concur.

Manosphere = Producers of original content
Mainstream = Largely (minus Stossel, etc.) Parasites gossiping about what other people wrote/said

Bravo, good sir.  Bravo.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Conservative Tries to Design a Functioning Welfare State

Pax was so bored.


He was so bored, he decided to try to design a functioning welfare state.

Your Age Does Not Determine Your Success (No Matter What Middle Aged Old Farts Say)

Permit me to be bold.

Well, I'm not actually being bold, I'm just telling the truth. It's just I have the audacity to speak it, which comes off as being bold and arrogant, but still, it is the truth when I say:

Not one,



boss I've ever had

was smarter or better than me at either his/her job or mine.

And this is an important point to make, because as many of you youth are finding out, you are being challenged ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE NEAR your full capacity in your careers.  You are working jobs that are way beneath your skills, education, and training.  And if you don't find out why this is, it WILL lead to decades of confusion, angst, depression, frustration, and anger.

Thus, in order to have this mental peace and sanity you need to understand what is going on in a macro-economic sense to understand the environment you're in, why you are in a job that seems to be going nowhere, and dealing with bosses that are seemingly illogical, constantly lecturing you, and are never happy.  And to do this we need to compare two very different economic environments - WWII and today's economy.

To this day I am still amazed at just how much responsibility young men (and women) were giving during WWII.  Fighter pilots at the age of 17 (because they lied on their applications), 22 year old captains in command of men.  Majors who haven't even made it to their 3rd decade of life.  And let's not forget what governments on both sides were doing with their youngest, best, and brightest.

The Manhattan Project had tons of 20 something men.
Hitler's rocket program was headed up by a then 28 year old Verner Von Braun.
And I don't think anybody back at home on either fronts were required to have a bachelor's degree with "master's preferred" in order to work in the factories and help in the war effort.

But that was the thing.  There was a war going on.  All countries on all sides NEEDED everybody to produce at their absolute potential, at their absolute best.  Because if they didn't, then it would spell the end of that country.  To that end, all the hurdles, hoops, and other bullshit was eliminated.

Don't care if you're not related to the boss, you are the best welder.  WE NEED YOU!
Don't care if you aren't sleeping with the owner, you are the best secretary.  WE NEED YOU!
Don't care if you are only 18 years old, you scored well in flight. Here's your P51.  WE NEED YOU!

It was the closest we've ever came to a meritocracy.

Now, contrast back then to today's economy.

The economy is growing 40% slower than it was back then.  There is no war that threatens the country to galvanize the people.  Thus with neither growth nor compunction to use and employ everybody, including our youth, now people are employed based on an increasingly petty amount of irrelevant traits.

It's not merely if you're the best.  You need to network and have an in.
It's not merely if you're the brightest.  You need to "have adequate people skills."
It's not merely if you are the best man for the job and can replace your boss at a fraction of the price. You have to pay your dues.
And it's not merely if you're more than capable. You need to answer the idiotic questions of a math-impaired 25 year old HR ditz.

Ergo, our economy is not a meritocracy like it was in WWII as much as it has become a bureaucracy.  And advancement and success is no longer dependent upon skills, excellence, ability, and potential, it is based on the (veritably) psychotic and sociopathic laws and rules the current managerial class sadistically applies.

This is why you go to college, become amazingly skilled, but are then hired to do a job you could have done when you were 13.

This is why you ram heads with management because all you want to do is work hard and get promoted, but your boss constantly and miserably fails to provide clear and concise leadership, and blames their failures on you.

This is why no matter how many jobs you get, you aren't "having bad luck."  It's just that employers are that lousy.

And to top it all off they drown you in a sea of propaganda telling you:

"you just aren't cutting it"
"you just don't get it"
"you just don't take your job seriously"

confusing you to think you are the one with the problem.

The question is, is it worth it?

Is it worth wasting your entire youth going to school, and then further busting your ass off for another 6-8 years getting advacned degrees and certifications, so that by the time you're NEARLY 30 and have easily spent 25 YEARS IN SCHOOLING AND EDUCATION and THEN and ONLY THEN does society allow you to start working?  Only then are you deemed "worthy" to file and fax?

It's the biggest lie (bar social security, medicare, Obamacare, and socialism) told to the younger generations.

Here's the truth kids.

The modern day "employment system" is so dysfunctional, so bureaucratic, so corrupted, and so nepotistic, it's no longer worth participating in.

I don't care what they tell you about working hard and "putting in your dues" and a "steep learning curve," the pay is plain just not worth it.  You will NEVER get promoted.  You will NEVER be challenged. And you will NEVER make the money that will make your quarter century of education-slavery worth it.  It is a scam, it is a lie, and you will easily waste 50 years trying to pursue it only to get laid off and die poor.

However, the true testament as to just how impossible modern day employment is, is not the bum deal you get.  It's the fact that SELF-EMPLOYMENT is not only much easier, but statistically more likely to bring you financial success.

Look, if a 17 year old kid who lies about his age can pilot P-51 fighter planes, then you can start a business.

If a 28 year old can build the first successful ICBM, then you can become self-employed.

And if men in their 30's and build an atomic bomb, then you can come up with a better mousetrap.

But you can't do that with $70,000 in student loans, blathering idiotic professors stealing 4 years of your lives in pre-requisite classes, bloviating Pointy Haired Bosses keeping you in the mail room until you're 27, and more idiotic professor holding you hostage in an MBA program until you're 33.

The key is to play a split strategy.  Yes, keep one toe in the "traditional route," get some schooling, do what you need to do.  But at the same time it is VITAL you immediately start pursuing a business venture of your own, starting as early as the age of 18.  100% of your efforts will go to benefit you, as opposed to the .2% of your efforts that a corporation allows you to have.  And while there is no guarantee you'll be successful, and it is likely you'll have to try multiple businesses before one sticks, in the end it is a much wiser and better strategy than putting 100% of your faith in the "corporation" and being a good, reliable "corporate man."

When the Fed Doesn't Endorse College

then you know there's a problem!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Math is Tough

I don't like the maths.
How do I math?
Driving is hard.
Tee hee!  I'm majoring in Child Psychology.

An Economy Without Men

You’ll feel the first shocks, as the infrastructure fails to maintain itself under the strain of invisible workers who have been imprisoned. You’ll watch as convicts are forced into slave labor to sustain the infrastructure. You’ll feel the crunch as taxes increase, then increase again, because no government seems to understand that slaves and government workers cannot create GDP; without GDP, you have no tax base, without a tax base, you can’t maintain a government, and a large portion of women work for the government, whether directly or through welfare.

I just want to know who will do the maths?  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

From Our Artist Agent in the Field - Ms. Libbi Ponce

Young Ms. Ponce contacted me about pursuing an art career and I think between myself and our resident artist Jorge Gonzales we set her on the right path to achieve that, but not sacrifice thousands of dollars on a worthless degree.  Regardless, she found out I was sick and sent me this kind gesture:

Why I do believe despite my evil capitalist nature, I might have some warm fuzzies.

And just so you know ladies, poor ole sick Cappy NEVER turns down any form of pampering and "awpoorbaby-ing."

You Can Tell A Lot About A Country Based on Who Attends Which Funerals

When the Spice girl's get more of an attendance at their funerals than Winston Churchill then you know the last nail was put in the coffin of Western Civilization.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Arielle Schlesinger, STEM and the Liberal Arts Don't Mix

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.



"Feminist coding????"

Somebody buy her this book!

The Pinnacle of American Achievement in Theater

I'm waiting to see something akin to this quality from our current generations.

"Maybe You Just Attract the Wrong Type of Girls"

Two articles from the middle of nowhere Wisconsin
How buying property in big liberal cities is like buying into a large and expensive HOA
Why my friends are all depressed, some suicidal
Why socialism doesn't even warrant discussion
Has ANY charity or non-profit solve the problem it claims


on this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

Why Illya Kuryakin Was the Ultimate Bad Boy

Do you know who David McCallum is?

He is an old actor who plays in NCIS.

Or at least that's what modern kids today know him as.  Back 50 years ago the kids had a drastically different opinion.  David McCallum was actually a huge star in his youth starring in anything from "Perry Mason" to "The Great Escape."  But his defining role was as a Russian agent, named "Illya Kuryakin" in the TV show "The Man from UNCLE" (which I own and highly recommend)

Now take a look at him in his youth:

Certainly better looking than he is today, not to beschmirch Mr. McCallum, as nobody gets better with age, but answer me this.  Is he really a heartthrob?

Sure, he's not ugly.  Sure, he's in OK shape.  But he was no James Dean or Sean Connery, was he?

From Wikipedia

Although the show aired at the height of the Cold War, McCallum's Russian alter-ego became a pop culture phenomenon. The actor was inundated with fan letters and a Beatles-like frenzy followed him everywhere he went.[5] While playing Kuryakin, McCallum received more fan mail than any other actor in MGM's history.[7] Hero worship even led to a record, Love Ya, Illya, performed by Alma Cogan under the name Angela and the Fans, which was a pirate radio hit in Britain in 1966. A 1990s rock-rap group from Argentina named itself Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas in honour of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. character.

Are you boys paying attention?

Illya Kuryakin was an agent from, at the time, our HATED  and SWORN archnemisis - the Soviets.

And chicks digged him more than any other character in Hollywood, let alone any one of the million of available hard-working American men.

Now I have seen the show.  And David McCallum's character is certainly polite, dark, mysterious, but boyish and innocent as well.  But do not be confused why he was such a heart throb among the ladies.

He was the "enemy."  He was forbidden fruit.  He was the "bad Soviet boy" that daddy would be furious about.

It's why felon game works so well.

You need to be forbidden.  You need to be bad.  You need to be pretty much the EXACT opposite of what women claim they want.  This cannot be emphasized enough.  If you pull up on a motorcycle with some tats, dare to even dismiss her presence, the girl will not be able to resist.

Don't ask me why.  I don't know the underlying psychology and I'm too old to find out.  but it "is what it is."  And those are the rules you need to play by.  Remember you want to be Illya, not Napoleon Solo.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Will The Real Aurini Please Stand Up

Please stand up
Please stand up

There is only one real Aurini.  Can you tell who are the imposters and who the real one is?

Nelson Mandela - Kill Whites

I have largely stayed away from the Nelson Mandela debate because I was ignorant about him.  Aside from what was shoved down my throat in the 80's, I never paid attention to the man.  Well, through factual research my opinion on Nelson Mandela has now officially solidified from what my socialist teachers told me to think of him to the truth.

He was a communist and probably a racist.  And I don't have time to tolerate assholes, let alone keep up the charade the government/media/education complex wants me to.  And if you don't like that fact he was a racist communist, then you really have to ask yourself (especially if you're white) why you would support somebody singing songs about killing white people?  I mean, if you're that brainwashed to defend a guy who is singing songs about killing you, then bravo, bravo educational and government establishment.  You got people to adhere to an ideology over their own lives.

In the meantime he was a despicable person despite the good he did in South Africa. My opinion will change when historical FACTS (not education or media brainwashing) warrant otherwise.

Robots to Replace Liberal Arts Majors

Where do most liberal arts majors go?

The service industry.

That's not a joke.  I'm sure a statistically disproportionate number of liberal arts majors end up in the food service industry.  Just ask any 24+ year old waiter what they went to college for, if they did attend, and I'll bet you it ain't electrical engineering.

But uh oh!!!  What were those mean nasty evil engineers building in addition to roads, cars, computers, and everything?


Tablets that can replace human waiters and waitresses!!!!

Oh sure it masked as some kind of "way to get people the bill faster," but don't believe it for a second.  You drop $5,000 on tablets and you can easily replace 2-3 people who no longer need to take payment or run bills out to people.

So yeah, clamor for that increase in the minimum wage.  See what happens.  I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why There Will Always Be a 1%

I mean, beyond basic math and statistics.

Low Level Employees Are Only Worth 1/847th of an Executive

The math is in and it appears that entry level, low level employees at various corporations are only 1/847th the value of corporate executives.

After spitting out illegitimate children, majoring in stupid shit, expecting the world to pay for them, and in general making bad decisions all around, their productive capacity as measured by the labor market shows them to produce a meager .001 of economic value that their better educated, harder working counterparts do.  

Efforts have been made to increase the productive capacity of society's lowest class so that they too may be able to tell what the difference is between a debit or credit is, why you shouldn't breed before you're 20, and how learning basic math skills is required to make it out of poverty.  But despite trillions of dollars spent on the public education system, all it seems to have done is brainwash people into a entitlement mentality and enrich a class of education majors.  There still (amazingly) seems to be some genuinely stupid (or lazy) people in the country who will never ever manage the intellectual or tradesmanship muster to produce more than 1/10th of one penny the production for every dollar their executive counterparts have.

End Sarcarm...though only slightly

Let me ask you people this.

Why is it we look at corporate executive pay as a multiple of the lowest paid employee as some kind of measure of overpayment to the executive?

What if we did it in reverse?  What if we took the logical opposite and applied that rule?

If an executive makes 847 times more than the lowest paid employee, if labor markets are efficient, then by default doesn't that mean the lowest paid employee is only 1 847th as productive?

What if we, with the same hatred, vitriol, envy, and bigotry the left has, skewed the lower classes claiming they're only

1/847th as productive?
1/847th as smart?
1/847th as hard working?

Oh, don't get me wrong.  You don't have to convince me that most corporeate executives get there through non-meritorious means (look it up), but you can't simply say this disparity between CEO and entry level pay is solely because of "big bad meanie" executives.  I would say the majority of it has to do with why entry level people are making as little as they are.

In other words, the single dad, who didn't graduate from high school, who works at the local McDonald's and can basic subtraction and addition, does not compare to the CEO who has her MBA, CFA, CPA, can balance books and knows how to interpret statistical marketing reports and knocks out 80 hours a week.  And you can let your emotions and ideology get in the way, but it doesn't matter.  That is why CEO and executives make more than the noobs.  They're older, they have experience, and they busted their asses off.

Now you can get mad about this.  You can go ahead and protest, but you know what's great? 

Let's say you get your little $15 an hour.

Let's say the minimum wage goes up to $10/hour.


Yep, robots.

You see, you're so unskilled that you're only about $3/hour a way from being replaced by robots.  Yes, they are complex, yes they are advanced, but you know something?

They shut the ef up and do their job.  They're never late, they never "um oh, like, yeah, I'm um sick" and they don't breed illegitimate children, let alone get an entitlement complex.  So much so they can replace you.

Don't like that?


That's reality and I'm trying to help you realize that rather than kiss your ass like Obama or Oprah.

So it's up to you kiddies.  Do you want to whine and complain only to be replaced by robots (or in other cases, illegal aliens) OR do you want to go to school for a real reason, stop making stupid decisions, and only have to work at McDonald's to make ends meet until you're on to bigger and better things?

Oh, that's right.  YOu'd have to try.

Best to sit there and wallow in your pity and envy and do nothing.

Damnit, Now I Have to Think

Lousy, stupid, intelligent bloggers.  With all their intelligent observations and stuff.  I just want to play video games and drink.  But no!!!!  Oh no!!!  Have to get all fancy schmancy with the oopdy loopdy and get all smart and stuff.  I remember the days when I was a kid. Oh, it was great, no thinking.  No worrying.  Just how can I score another cookie without my mom finding out and praying for snow days.  No, now I got some Canuck getting all smart and I'm compelled to read his shit.  Should have never gone to college.  Wouldn't be curious about this stuff.  No, should have just stayed at home.  Lived in my mother's basement.  Then I wouldn't know, let alone care about this intelligent talky stuff.  Stupid internet.

Retroactive Grade Inflation

Swear to the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, we need to start nuking law schools

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Question for the Sphere - Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

Ronald Reagan in his 1980 presidential campaign asked a very simple question - are you better off than you were 4 years ago.

The answer for the majority of Americans was a resounding "no."

Four years later he would ask the same question, and the answer for the majority of Americans was a resounding "yes," and he then went on to re-election.

But this question asked over 30 years ago in the political arena is one that needs to be asked today of every reader, follower, viewer, and listener of The Manosphere, the Econo-sphere, and any other alt-right sphere:

Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?

And I'm going to bet it's a resounding "Hell yes."

The origins and precise date that these various alternative spheres started is up for debate.  And truthfully I don't think "Fred on Anything" or "Roissy" or Tom Leykis or "Matt Drudge" care when it was or who started it as it is truly an altruistic endeavor or intellectual labor of love for them.  But we can generally agree that the 'sphere (which ever one you want to consider yourself a part of) didn't start gaining significant readership until about four years ago.  I know using my own personal traffic statistics, I'm up about 10 fold since 2009.  And given the anecdotal evidence of Google Trends, MSM attention, etc., it seems "the 'spheres" have enjoyed exponential growth over those same four years.  Ergo, there are probably millions of young men who discovered us, are following us, and have continued to follow us for the past four years. 

But are we doing any good?  Are we making any progress?  And it is here that I'm supremely confident that we are.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't get a "thank you" e-mail from some young (or not so young) guy who tells me how he was miserable until his discovered the 'sphere.  I've even received thanks from women who tell me how much my and others' blogs helped her turn her life around be it career, mothering, of being a wife.  And an increasing percentage of my choir is coming from minorities who appreciate me laying down the law, telling them like it is, and not kissing their ass like some SWPL pussy, but kicking their ass like a loving father.  And though I have no statistical proof of it, I would bet my motorcycle that we have done more to advance, help, and improve the lives of millions of people IN A SINCERE, PRACTICAL, AND TANGIBLE WAY more than any government program, more than any feel-good affirmative action program, and more than any astro-turf non-profit, PSA, bullshit lefty "initiative" ever did.

But the key thing is to denote why.

Why is it such a "hated," "evil," "racist," "bigoted," "misogynistic," hate-filled segment of the internet managed to do so much good?  Why is it such a vile group of basement-dwelling vermin get such praise?

The answer is simple -

We have the balls to tell the god damned truth.

Realize the paradox or dichotomy writers, bloggers, "vloggers," authors, and podcasters in these alternate 'spheres face: 

Obey, get rewarded, but never be free


Disobey, speak the truth, get punished, but be free

And 100% of your alternative 'sphere bloggers chose the latter.  We don't have the patience, we don't have the tolerance, and we actually respect ourselves and our fellow man too much to swallow whole and parrot the commie, leftist, feminist script.  We don't care how much it costs us in terms of our careers, our housing, our families, and our futures, because a life of lies is just not worth the McMansion in the suburbs, a confiscatable 401k, student debts, worthless degrees, divorce and false accusations of "ism."

And so with nothing left to lose we speak the truth.  And it's the truth  that people are starving for.

Be it the average American male who's been lied to about what women want, that he should be "sweet" and "kind" and "sensitive."

Be it the poor black man who's been lied to that he shouldn't try because he's been discriminated against by "evil white people" and should hold out for a government check instead of majoring in engineering.

Or be it the woman who deep down inside wants to be a stay at home mom and raise kids, but has been berated for not wanting to become a "powerful lawyer executive supreme awesome independent woman."

we come outright and say not only what's on people's minds, but explain to them with logic, facts, data, and morality why it's OK to think or desire those things.  We give them hope, we give them truth, we give them reality, no matter how harsh and unpleasant it may be compared to the lies and bullshit Oprah, the media, the government, politicians and the education industry tell them, because in the end it is only the truth that matters.

In short, it is simply adhering to The Reality Principle that not only makes our 'spheres a success but gives our readers practical, functional, and effective advice because...

it's based in reality

not politics, lies, propaganda and bullshit.

So, riddle me this, riddle me that readers, viewers, listeners, lieutenants, economists, children and agents in the field:

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?  Has the Manosphere, Androsphere, Econosphere, etc., improved your lives?  Are you in better financial shape?  Are you in better physical shape?  Are you in better mental shape?  Do you have some modicum of hope?  And is your life not better?

Because understand I'm not looking for a particular answer.  I merely want the truth.  But I'm going to bet my bottom dollar the alternative 'spheres have done more good, helped more people, and advanced more lives (not to mention saved some people's sanity) than the trillions of dollars the government has spent on social programs and thousands of hours of Oprah-spew ever has.  Because we have something even better than trillions of dollars and a cable network with a bloviating woman:

Reality and the truth.

And that is the only thing that can genuinely help out your fellow man.

Enjoy the decline.

YEAAA! I'm on the "Chart O' Evil"

To me it seems like patriots and Americans, not people who want to destroy democracy.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Could You Take Them in a Fight?

This is a serious question because I believe that people's politics do invariably have an effect on their masculinity and femininity.  But how many of these people could you take in a fight?

This is not a joke, this is not hyperbole, but how many of them could you duke it out with and know you'd come out the winner?

I'm not saying this because of bravado or arrogance, but I am complete confident for me it would be 100%.  And the reason I even bring it up is not to slander them, but to advance and record an embryonic theory I have about masculinity, attraction, and strength in leftists and liberal that I'm trying to flesh out.

What's truly sad is I didn't even research the site enough to confirm whether they were liberals or not.  I just somehow KNEW.  And that's why I want to get to the bottom of.

How did I KNOW they are leftists??

I don't HAVE TO research them any further.  I just KNOW they're leftists.  And what gets me is I can tell by their faces and demeanor.  So why is that?  Why can I tell?  And more importantly, why am I so supremely confident they are leftists?

Ideas, thoughts, theories?

Why Paul Mason Should Just Try to Take My Property

Because if he did, he would not be getting it without the most serious of injuries.

Barry White and Sean Connery

do not adjust their speech for California girls.

And that is why they get more respect from society and more play from the ladies.

MRE Ration Post

I think I've coined a new term.

When the blogger or author is too busy to write new material he or she shall make an MRE Ration post by linking to others work.  It will suffice, it will provide nourishment, but it isn't as good as a home cooked post made from scratch.

Ergo, here's your MRE lieutenants, economists, agents in the field, and children. It should stave off the hunger while I polish off the book.  (though now the debate is whether Ace of Spades HQ - or any said linkee - will take umbrage to being an MRE post or appreciate the traffic ;)

How the Short Hair Debate Shows How Girls Have Been Brainwashed

Alpha Game Plan had a quick, but great, and humorous, post.

He had written before about how short hair is 99% of the time NOT preferable to long hair.  And that if women wanted to attract said members of the opposite sex, they should grow their hair long.

Oh mercy me or my, the vitriol he got in return.

So let me see if I can break this down to the simpleton, atomic level so that everybody, especially the ladies, can understand.

You see, this whole dating thing is not myopic or one-sided.  There's kind of 2 parties involved.  And if these 2 parties are ever going to come to an accord, both are going to have to consider what the other party wants.

For example, it is understood that women would prefer fit, muscular men to fat or wimpy ones.


It is also understood that women would prefer men who are accomplished in one capacity or another.

And because of these facts men, who are serious about it anyway, regularly go and work out, run, and develop some kind of craft, persona, skill, or career of some sort.

Now, as far as my inklings tell me, this is where most American women stop.

"Good, he learned.  He is considering my needs.  He is expending effort to make himself attractive to me."

Well, not so quick sister.  We have a little Christmas wishlist of our own.

Top of the list...

you need to be hot.

Sorry.  Dems the rules.  Don't care what that fat bloated sow called "Oprah" told you, she ain't sleeping with women.  We are.  And "we" (that would be the men dearies) do not

"like" or
"request" or

physical beauty



Now, understand this is not arrogance or bravado.  This is nature.  This is our genetic programming.  This is outside of our control just as much as it is for you to be repulsed by a guy shorter than you.  So don't get all upset if a guy first and foremost judges you by your looks because:

1.  It's a prerequisite before anything can happen and
2.  It's the most easily assessable trait you have.  We don't have to talk to you to find out if you're hot, we just have to look.

Now, with all that being said, PART (not all) but PART of the "attractiveness" of a woman is whether or not she has long hair.

I know you hate that.  I know it takes more maintenance.

Tough shit.  Those are the rules.

Just like gravity.
Just like Newtonian physics (they're one in the same, but I'm going to guess with your BA you don't know that)
Just like quantum mechanics.

Men like women with long hair.

Now, if you want to take personal umbrage to that fact and call men "shallow" or scream that you don't do your hair for men, but rather yourself, then good.  You do that.

Because realize what you're doing.  You are broadcasting to the world you are incapable of the number one thing it takes to keep a man - selflessness.

Once again, I suggest you read the comments Alpha Game Plan had to endure.

Do any one of these children sound like they're capable of altruism, selflessness, compassion, or kindness?

They sound like greedy, snivelly, self-centered trollops completely incapable of thinking of anybody but themselves.  And when you consider the audacity they have to lecture and berate men for being shallow for liking what they're genetically programmed to like, you know there's just a wee-bit of a dash of pscyhoticness in them.

So let us do this all day ladies.  I'm game.  You keep lecturing men for "daring" to like big boobs, long hair, trim bodies, and tight asses.  And while you're at it lecture them for not liking the "inner you" or your intelligence.  Because I have news for you dearies, unless you're an IT chick or an accountant or a doctor or a welder, and you're just another one of the boring, billion "liberal arts majoring teacher social worker communications" types who lecture men for insisting on physical attraction, you merely belie two things about you:

You're likely ugly
And you're likely dumb

Which means you might as well cut your hair short, because I don't see any guys coming your way.

Oh, and for reference, allow me to put a picture of what you should be aiming for.  You know, just in case you decided to ask the quesiton, "what do men want?"

Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Choice Blacks and Other Minorities Must Make

Either you vote democrat, in which case you are powerless because you are told just to sit there in the ghetto and decay and rot while the democrats get you other people's money


you realize you are in control of your life and it is not so hopeless your only option is to wait for other people's money from the government and vote republican.


Jenny Erickson - Professional Mommy Blogger

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

WARNING - You will be alright if you just read Dalrock's post that I link to above.  HOWEVER, if you click on links going to the woman's actual website you will never be able to "unsee" what you saw.

When Your Voter Base Is Full of Idiots

I worked in the lower castes of the banking system.  Never worked at Goldman Sachs, was ever so briefly an "analyst" at Norwest, but after that it was pretty much the bottom of the barrel for me:

Credit unions and community banks.

This meant taking on the clients that the upper, mid, and regional banks didn't want.  Our clientele was by far the dumbest people in the population, and because of their idiocy, they were also the worst in terms of personal finances.  And this is not an opinion.  The last bank I worked for actually liked problem clients because (get this):

they always had to pay late fees and were thusly sometimes our most profitable clients.

Forget quality clients that pay you back on time.  Forget reliable depositors and checking clients who always made sure they never overdrafted.

No, our business plan was to keep the degenerates of society because we could nail them with fees.

Thus, why I'm not surprised that a full 25% of Obamacare applications have errors on them.

Like credit unions and community banks, people who are applying for Obamacare are likely the dregs of society.  They're unable to support themselves financially, and so you shouldn't expect them to be able to fill out an application correctly.  And frankly, I'm surprised it's as low as 25%.  But what I really love about this is not that Obamacare is failing because it's technology is being implemented by incompetent liberals, and not that it's failing because of its own crushing bureaucratic weight, but because the intended users are just too damn stupid to use it effectively.

This is a real problem the left is going to have to face.  If it gets so big, and it gets so much of what it wants, it not only has to rely on lesser talented people to implement and manage these programs, but rely on their idiotic voter base to use it AND appreciate it.  But since they've dumbed them down so much with K-College education, it's too complicated for their voter base to use, thus appreciate it.

it is the blind leading the blind, and I am enjoying watching it as I enjoy the decline.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

What the Man in Your Life Wants for Christmas

Remember how I said men want women to lose 15 pounds for Christmas?

Yeah, scratch that.

I now know what I want for Christmas.


All I need is Glenn Reynolds to mention my new book and like my AR-15 I'll be able to buy one!

You can find the website here.


Enjoy Staying Poor

Because that's where that's heading.

A New York Story

Catch them two decades down the road and they'll talk about how they almost wound up going down a bad path before they turned their lives around and they'll have stories of their friends who went from mugging to dealing to shooting. But often those same men, now amiable and wise, shaking their heads at their past selves, will still have left behind a trail of fatherless kids who are repeating the process all over again.

There's actually a lot more to this story.  He paints a clear and full picture of what it was like to be in the Jewish neighborhoods of NYC.

Friday, December 06, 2013

A Discreet Weapon and Christmas Gift

Hey Kids,

Talon Knife.  Go buy one.  Great personal protection device.  Great survival piece (comes with paracord).  AND one of those perfect "small gifts" that you want to get somebody who is outdoorsy or are just looking for a high-end stocking stuffer.  Might also prove VERY useful for a loved one on campus where they ban guns, but not small, discreet knives.


Go get one!


Late Night at the Office

Before You Major in Law

Some outstanding advice for those of you considering going to law school.

Remember, you can also buy "Worthless" to help guide you in what to major in.

Alyssa Again

I know you guys hate her.  So out of sheer spite for my readership I shall post the latest pic.

Coincidentally you may purchase my books here, and for any of the lovely ladies that want to send in tastefully risque pics, I will send you all my books for free.  All of the lieutenants, economists, and agents in the field appreciate the WWII pin up girl.

Eliminating Your Desire for a Car You Can't Afford

Helping out the chillllldrreeeen (Fall Out 3 "Children," not Michael Savage "Children") like I do!

The Mandatory Christmas Gift All Teenagers Need

It is Christmas time.

You want to know what I want for Christmas?

I want for NO children to go to college only to waste their time and money on some worthless degree that will do nothing to improve their employment prospects and only serve to indebt them into the future, and cripple their finances.

Look, parents, uncles, aunts, and family friends.

You got that kid in your life that just declare a worthless "art history major" or some kind of "masters in creative writing" BS.

Can you please man up, do the right thing, and prevent them from making a horrible mistake?

Buy them the book "Worthless."  It's THE book that every high schools senior and junior needs to read and it's going to make your life, their life, and everybody's lives easier.  It explains very clearly why some degrees are worthwhile and others are completely worthless.

It is available in paperback and kindle.

But more importantly it's available in audio format so your kid (or you) doesn't have to actually read it.

What Would Sophia Loren Do?

Here's a pretty easy rule of thumb to follow ladies:

"What Would Sophia Loren Do?" or WWSLD?

I was in downtown Phoenix the other day, when I saw a cackle of middle aged women laughing and having a good ole time. It wasn't until I got closer however did I realize what they were doing.

Posing with a naked statue akin to the "King David" statue.  Yes, they were grabbing his unit and posing in lewd places.  But once I shook off the initial disbelief, I figured it would be good to document it.

The picture is a little dark, which is probably for the best.

So let me ask you something ladies.  Who can you see doing this? 

Sophia Loren or
Miley Ray Cyrus

And then ask which one you want to be.

Seriously, this is the selection boys.  This is the selection.  Enjoy that decline.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Movember Fish - QOTD

"That fish hasn't got the hang of movember"

I love my readers.

Today's Office Brought to You in Part By

"Go Fuck Yourself" - Are you a boss that lied about the job duties to get a younger employee to agree to take the job?  Then go fuck yourself.  It's the least you can do for your lies and deceit.


"Have a Cup of Shut the Fuck Up" - Not going to offer a wage that is commensurate for the work you're asking people to do?  Then try "Have a Cup of Shut the Fuck Up."  It takes the bullshit out of middle management and middle aged bosses.

"Take This Job and Shove It" - No, we're not working in a basement because you planned so poorly you failed to rent enough office space with windows.  "Take this Job and Shove It" - now available from kids working to pay your social security.

And by

"Do It Yourself"
- Too lazy to train staff?  Tell them it's a steep learning curve because you don't want to do it?  Then "Do It Yourself."  If you're not going to train somebody, then why hire them?  "Do It Yourself" - just pray it isn't Excel.

And finally by

"You Lost" - Thought kissing ass and brownosing your way to the top would guarantee a successful career?  Uh oh!  You lost!  Apparently doing your own thing is more profitable, enjoyable and easy.  Why kiss ass and work at a job you hate for 40 years when you can live on the cheap and answer to no one...Oops!  I guess it's too late for you.  "You Lost" - when you realize you lost at the game of life.