Monday, January 27, 2020

The Left is on Auto-Pilot. They Will Not Think Anymore Nor Will They Stop

I want to offer an idea to the left out there.  Anybody who "votes for the little people" or is still under this delusion that the democrat party is for the blue collar working man when their entire party is led by trust funders and 1%.

What business is it of the Oregon state government to determine or regulate how many self-check out lanes grocery stores have?  I ask this question because I think your average democrat voter out there does have the intelletual ability to sit down, critically think this one out and say, "yeah, wait a minute, why does the government have to get involved in this?"  Because if you do take the time to think about it, if the government is going to get involved in managing self-check out lanes, what can it not get involved in?

Already in Oregon it's law that you cannot pump your own gas.
Minneapolis has made it that you can no longer have new drive throughs built in the city.
And I don't want to even know what anal retentive, microscopic details San Francisco has regulate just this week alone.

At some point (I would say a point long ago) government intervention, regulation, and mere dictates will get into every nook and cranny of society that society will no longer be able to function, let alone at an optimal level that an optimal (and efficient) level of law/regulation would allow for.  The tedium one will have to put up with to just open a grocery store, employ a new gas station attendant, or open a new restaurant will get to the point most productive people will be throwing in the towel. 

Yes, you will have your protected and coveted careers as "grocery store check out clerks."  Yes, you will have a life long career as a "gas station attendant."  Congratu-fucking-lations.  That Masters in Poetry is sure being put to work as the democrat party protects these highly lucrative professions.  In the meantime the rest of society is being choked out and slowed down from it's total potential because you mindlessly vote in for something that sounds good without considering how it's slows down society by getting into every nook and cranny of society.  And then at the same time instead of allowing money to be diverted towards higher end productive jobs that would pay more, you will complain about the shitty low paying ones you had the government protect.

Enjoy that freaking decline.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Clarey Podcast - Black Mountain Episode

Cappy hikes down a Black Mountain and talks about economics, why he may not publish his book, nazi park rangers, "California," "stay on the trails," taking a break, and more.

In THIS EPISODE of The CLarey Podcast!
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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Cutting Floor - "Self Love is Bullshit"

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book that I deemed was actually too harsh and not really what I wanted to convey about self-love.  HOwever, my experiences listening to fat acceptance podcasts did provide some interesting insight that I thought should be shared here.

Additionally, in fair warning, there is a chance I may not publish this book.  It's turning out to be the darkest thing I've ever written and I do have some other concerns as well.  I will keep you updated if I decide to publish the book or not.


In preparation for another project, I found myself binging on a whole host of women-oriented podcasts.  They ranged from feminism to careerism to politics to art, but the one that caught my morbid attention was on fat acceptance.  Completely disagreeing with the premise and viewing the fat acceptance movement as a coping mechanism, it was actually very interesting to study something I believed held no veracity whatsoever.  But of all the interesting theories, viewpoints, sub-theories, and philosophies in fat acceptance the one that stood out the most was a concept called “Self-Love.” 

There is no official definition of it, but as far as I could tell “self-love” was separate from self-respect or self-confidence in that it went beyond merely respecting oneself and doing what was in your best interests.  It was more akin to asexuality wherein you didn’t need the love or approval of other people, and that loving yourself was not only necessary but sufficient unto itself.  It also held more in common with love from another person in that it was reaffirming, continual, and not merely an attitude or a policy one would hold such as “you should respect yourself” or “be confident in yourself.”  It was, in my opinion, a replacement for external love.

Though more click-bait than a verifiable trend, you’ve seen this anecdotally in recent years with women deciding to marrying themselves (or their dog, or their cat, there was even one where a woman married her degree).  In some of the career podcasts you could also see this “self-love” where the entire focus was myopically on a career for career’s sake and not any loved ones around them.  And the words “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “brave” no longer hold any meaning as they now function more like units of currency to show love for a fellow woman than anything those descriptive words would have meant.  But the unifying thing be it podcasts on fat acceptance or anecdotes in the real world was that self-love was insular.  It could be self-conferred.  And it didn’t matter what the external world thought, according to self-love, you could become your own printing press machine of love, making you infinitely wealthy in love and affection.

But for all the podcasts recorded, articles written, even books published, there is a much simpler word that encapsulates this all, including the nuanced theories and insular, independent aspect of self-love.  It’s called “masturbation.”  Because while one should certainly love themselves, and they should certainly have the self-respect and confidence to do as they please in life, taking the step to use self-love as a replacement for external love is the definition of masturbation. 

The origins of self-love harken back to the beginning days human’s existence and are certainly not relegated to women.  Narcissism, ego, arrogance, and traditional self-love have all been an unfortunate part of human nature.  But this new avant-garde, philosophical strain of self-love is more due to the self-esteem movement, which has been a defining trademark of the Millennials. 

.......end excerpt......

Monday, January 20, 2020

Lifetime Earnings Data of College Degrees About to Shit the Bed

Remember how desperate people, namely Boomers in education or CNN, always cite data about how "college graduates earn $1.2 million more over a lifetime" as proof any degree is a good degree?

Yeah, well that data looked at Boomers who graduated from college 50 freaking years ago.

New data is about to come out that I think will put that canard to rest.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Why Women Hate Stay at Home Moms

A couple decides to have the mom stay home and raise the kids.

They then receive guff from "friends" and "family" but especially women.

Cappy and DT just shake their heads.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Cappy's Policy on Love

Me and DT did a podcast on his Black Brigade Debrief.

He was trying to be esoteric, intelligent and thoughtful, trying to describe love at the atomic level,

I just said,

"Just don't be fat"

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Clarey Podcast #313 - The "DMV" Episode

Cappy's visit to the DMV.
"Life coaches, Journalists, and Content Creators"
"My husband called me fat. WHAT SHOULD I DO????"
Washington State Forcing Publicly Traded Companies to have Diverse Boards.
Dumpster baby becomes Millionaire.


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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

You are Not the Patriarch. The State Is.

I'm about 7 short chapters away from finishing the book.  In the meantime I suggest you tune into this podcast by Jack Napier on account of two things.

It's link-worthy on two accounts. 

One, Rob makes an outstanding point that with such a large welfare state no man can be a patriarch, unless truly rich. 

Two, the story about how Jack went to jail and lost his virginity on his father's birthday is also worth tuning in.

Screen view below:

Monday, January 06, 2020

More Proof Productive Americans Should Avoid Corporate Careers Like the Plague

To quote Tom Cruise's character, Les Grossman from the movie "Tropic Thunder:"

"What is it pecker-breath?  I'm incredibly fucking busy right now."

Which I am writing this damn book, so here's the short analysis of this article showing stupid people doing stupid things.

Corporate America's main strategy is to virtue signal to various groups, but specifically women.

Corporate America and some state and even national governments have made it policy to give women quotas at the executive and BOD, and preferential treatment over all.

But these women and younger women in general (though not all) have been heavily influenced, if not, outright indoctrinated into believing that identity politics not only has value, but is their religion.  And they will carry this pseudo-political religion into Corporate America.

And when enough women achieve positions of power, not through merit, but through their politics or outright sexual discrimination, a critical mass will be attained that corporations will not longer be able to function efficiently and effectively.  Matter of fact they will become office politics shit shows because, once again, notice how petty and pathetic these politically motivated women are amongst themselves.

Whether you are a male or female, straight or gay, and whatever your race, if you are reading this site you are smarter than the average bear and appreciate meritocracy, excellence, and hard work.  And if you appreciate those things, as well as have the simple self-respect not to work in a psychological hell hole, you will avoid corporate America like herpes and join the 1099 Superior Race.

Sunday, January 05, 2020

The Demand Side for College as a Luxury Consumer Good

"Colleges are now “ranked” not only by their academic status, but also by whether they are a “party school” and/or whether they have good looking students (these typically go hand in hand). One would think that a college administrator would be aghast at seeing his institution ranked high in a list of “party schools.” And yet the entrepreneurial administrator can secure more applications—and ultimately more revenue—via a “work hard/party hard” school brand. (This moniker is acceptable to both parents and students—see the Duke students pictured below)."

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Friday, January 03, 2020

The Clarey Podcast #312 - The "Uncle Wars" Episode

Uncle Wars!
Leftists are not your friends.
"Two Fat Professors"
Young women have a choice.
What lies cost society.
Adopting a pregnant woman's yet to be born child.
Is Dave Ramsey wrong about paying off your wife's debts?
The trick to being an author.

In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast
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Weak Men

You can see the weakness and soy in him.  Where parents through money at a child and not parenting.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Midsomar: The Most Millennial Move that Ever Millennialed

The Great One has a pretty funny review of "Midsomar" so you don't have to watch it.  It was so bad he was compelled to watch it to see how bad it could possibly be.

Direct MP3 here.

Test Your Ability to "Enjoy the Show"

This article is at first blood boiling.  Feminist mom, the purposely annoying "feminist candles," etc. etc.

But let's see if you can look past the smugness and see if there some good to pull from this article.