Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cappy's Motorycling Adventures in Texas!

Greetings all!  Figured I'd post a few pics from my little roadtrip across the Yee Haw state.

First, you have to spray for "little girls."  If you don't spray your motorcycle for "little girls" it can become infected like mine here.  I'm usually much more professional, but I was in a rush and sure enough, mine got infected and it took more time out of my day to dislodge her with bleach and turpentine than had I sprayed.  Just a pointer for you beginner motorcycle riders.

If you're motorcycle gets infected by "little girls," you will have to have your coffee in a Cinderella cup as you wait for your laundry to get done.

 You will also be forced to have your motorcycle jacket "improved" with stickers.

Once your clear your motorcycle of the infection you can now enjoy the country side of Texas:

And after 8 long hours of driving they will built an old Spanish-Western type hotel in your honor:

And that is Texas so far.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some Genuine Journalism Work in Flint

I have to say I'm impressed. DT did some investigative work on the Flint water crisis and actually pegged down who is to blame.  You'll need to get to the first segment of the podcast, but it's what you'd suspect.  Lazy, parasites (this time as Detroit citizens) wanting other people to pay for their existence.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Episode #131 of the Clarey Podcast!

Motorcycle riding across the US
Meeting "Bama the Dog"
Cigar Lounges of the South
Houston is rather large
If you're going to the office after 45 you're doing it wrong
How large cities screw over young people
Women more violent than men

and more!!!


Pussy Pass Privilege

Here's real privilege.

San Antonio Meet Up

Wildfish in the scenic suburb of Stone Oak.

Is it oak?

Is it stone?

The world will never know!

But we will be there at 8PM for drinks and cocktails though it may be an early evening.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Houston Cigar Meet Up

Howdy All Lieutenants and Economists!

Going to have an impromptu meetup/cigar smoking at Cigar Envi in Katy, Texas aka "west Houston."

730PM, please show up if you're around!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gingers Demand High IQ's


Remember, free redhead with purchase of every book.  Scouts honor!

Informal Baton Rouge Cigar Lounge Meet Up Tonight

Greetings All,

Ole Captain is on the road again and just found a cigar lounge called "Churchill's" in Baton Rouge.  Aiming to be there at 730PM would love to see any people who randomly happen to get this in time.  Sorry for the last minute nature of it, but didn't even know I'd be crashing in Baton Rouge until this morning.

Regardless, be good to see some fellow economists and lieutenants tonight!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Real Reason I Don't Believe in Global Warming

It's predictors can't predict shit.

It's 12 O'Clock High for the Traditional Conservative Establishment

The Traditional Conservative Establishment's Obsolescence

The above picture needs a bit of explaining, but when done this post will make a lot of sense and hopefully, unlike the past 20 years, lead to or at least initiate a movement to the political right.

Not amongst Americans.  I'm nowhere near that optimistic.  But "conservatives" and "republicans" in this country. 

The screen shot is from the movie "12 O 'Clock High" from 1949 starring Gregory Peck.  It's about the US Air Corps in WWII where General Savage (played by Peck) has to take over a squadron of bombers that just isn't cutting it and getting the job done.

In this particular scene you see General Savage and Lt. Colonel Davenport or "Keith" as Savage and Davenport are friends.  You see no animosity between them.  They are obviously on the same side.  And they are both sincere, intent men who want to get the job done.  The problem is the job isn't getting done, so the higher ups replace Davenport with Savage.

The movie goes on where Savage changes the bomber squadron's tactics, coddles no one (punishing the worst by throwing them in with "Leper Colony"), lowers the bombing ceiling, and pushes the men 24-7 demanding "maximum effort" from all of them until exhaustion.  Many of the men crack from the stress, all of them file for transfer orders, but in the end, guess what?

The job gets done.

Savage turns the squadron around, bombing raids are more successful, and morale increases, until he himself succumbs to exhaustion and "maximum effort" by the end of the movie.

The same must be done within the traditional conservative movement in America.

For the past 30 years, perhaps time-stamped with the start of Rush Limbaugh's talk radio career, my entire adult life we have had the same conservative establishment, the same conservative leaders using the same milquetoast conservative tactics that have ultimately failed.

Government spending as a percent of GDP  EVEN UNDER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS has grown during this time to levels on par with Europe.
Our national debt is the highest it's ever been during peacetime, and will soon surpass our WWII peak. 
National health care has been implemented.
American women, for the most part, prefer a government check over real men.
We don't have the spine to protect the sovereignty of our nation.
A veritable socialist who loathed the country has been elected twice as president.
And now an admitted socialist stands a good chance of getting elected.

In nearly every aspect and facet of American life the conservative establishment's tactics have miserably failed.

However, like Col. Davenport, this doesn't mean those who populate the traditional establishment are wrong, corrupt, or weren't trying.  Rush Limbaugh is 100% right and tried his damnedest.  George Will and Charles Krauthammer do pen thoughtful and correct pieces.  Fox News does what it can to counter...basically...the ENTIRE media.  And our politicians, I'm sure in the demented, warped little minds, are trying to do "what they can under the rules of Washington" to save the greatness that 4,000 years of Western Civilization took to build.  In other words, bar genuine cuckservatives, these are good people on our side, who like Col. Davenport did their best.

The job still isn't getting done.

Enter General Savage

With the National Review's hit piece on Donald Trump, it because apparent to me not only how ineffective this group has been for the past three decades, but how out of touch they are from the political reality on the ground.  They, eerily similar to their leftist academian counterparts, pine and pontificate haughtily thinking penning one more piece in the WSJ or one more interview on Fox News will somehow convince millennials not to vote in more of their own financial slavery, or get women to realize there isn't a war on them by white male republicans.  But the problem is, quite simply, their time is over.  And I don't mean that in a leadership way.  I mean that in a literal way.

These guys are old.  Their lives are over.  Ann Coulter like Jennifer Aniston WAS hot.  And the battle is no longer about what kind of America THEY are going to live in (they've already lived in it - a failing one).  The battle is now ours and what we want America to become.  And thus it is time to relieve the traditional conservative establishment.

But who is General Savage?  Who will precisely replace the Sean Hannities and his harem of women with pretty legs?  And will his tactics work?

Enter in the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right is by no means defined, organized, or even embodied within one person, let alone a cabal of people.  It is the natural, organic growth of conservative and libertarian minded people, predominantly younger ones, who are fed up with the abysmal performance of the poor stewards of the conservative movement these past 30 years.  However, whereas most of them had to watch helplessly from the sidelines as kids or young adults via television, talk radio, or the newspapers (National Review being one of them), the internet has allowed them to not only vent their frustrations, but take matters into their own hands and become a force unto itself that rivals the traditional establishment.

I doubt George Will has more readers under 30 than even the most average of Alt-Right blogs.
Glenn Beck's media empire is losing listeners, while scores of much more manly and specialized podcasters are experiencing 100%+ annual growth in their listenership.
I don't know anybody 40 or under who still listens to Hannity, but I know scores of men who listen to Adam Carolla.
And don't even get me started about the precious naivety of thrice-married Dennis Prager advocating young men get married in today's America and what kind of response that evokes from young men who know better.

Regardless, the point is the Alt-Right is more in tune and in touch with the real American people than the cute little Ivy-League-Academian-Crony Club of Hannity-Prager-Medved-Coulter-Krauthammer-Will in DC.  Furthermore, they are much more blunt and direct as the urgency by which their future American lives are threatened forces them to be so.  They don't cower at being called a racist.  They don't preface every statement like "not all women are like this, but," and they simply blast through whatever leftists defenses and attacks come their way because, well, frankly, they never had any hope for anything to live for anyway, and thusly have nothing to lose.

But the real reason the Alt-Right needs to relieve the traditional right is much simpler (and more pathetic) than all the reasons listed above.

We simply have different ideas.

You have to understand just how bad the situation is with the current conservative leadership and establishment.  The only group of people who tried MORE than the conservative establishment to make FAILED POLICIES work is the black community.  It's just instead of 60 years of pursuing socialist policies for blacks, the conservative movement has been pursuing this spineless pussy-footing strategy of appeasement and reason for the past 30.  And unless we want to see if cowardice and being "democrat light" will work on the 31st year, like the black community ANY ideas are by default better because there's at least a CHANCE they may work.  Even if they don't, they would at least serve the benefit of experimentation to the point we develop strategies that do.

New Tactics

So what are these new tactics?

Well, I'd love to tell you, but it is here in all honesty I must admit I cannot divulge all my thoughts on the many and infinitely more effective tactics I believe will work in winning over the American people.  The reason is simple - I charge for advice.  And like the Joker says, "If you're good at something, never do it for free."  Additionally, after making several approaches to the republican party, not to mention delivering two speeches to them, their ineptitude and utter lack of action thoroughly convinced me it would be infinitely easier to simply start a new party and obsolete them...or perhaps consult the democrat party instead.  Two ideas I actually am kicking around.

Regardless, while I won't throw pearls before swine, I will tell the swine where they're wrong which would provide some insight as to what new tactics the Alt-Right would pursue...but reserving some of my more devastating and effective gems for the highest bidder.

One, grow a pair.

It is APPALLING how the the left with a cowardly tactic of name calling people they disagree with "racist" or "sexists" sends the conservative establishment running.  It immediately forces them to abandon their position, change topics, and race to prove they are "not a racist."

I've found treating minorities and women as GENUINE equals, ESPECIALLY holding them to the same standards of criticism and critique, calling them on their BS may not make smiles, but earns more respect and trust in the long run than some ass-kissing "me-too-ism" republican vowing to do "more for minorities."

Two, eliminate the cronyism.

The cabal that currently exists within the conservative leadership is just as corrupt and nepotistic and cronyistic as the Clinton's.  From the fact the son AND brother of TWO presidents is considering running for president all the way to the fact nobody at Fox News seems to come from outside the New York-DC Ivy League cesspool costs the conservative movement face and reputation.

Additionally, it's laughable you advocate meritocracy when no effort is made to develop a system that would ID, hunt down, and identify the best candidates that would advance freedom, liberty, conservatism, and American ideas.  It shows you place more value on using an ideology as your career than the noble purposes it portends.

Three, no crying.

For all that is sacred and holy, there will be no crying.  None.  There will from hence forth only be real men in your party, and especially your political and media leaders.  There will be no effeminate, pansy-assed Glenn Beck's.  There will be no castrated, cry-baby John Boehner's.  There will be real men in this party which will do more to win over women as being a real man gets you more women than kissing their asses.  You are only allowed to cry upon the death of a loved one and the loss of your dog, and you are NEVER to do it on national television or radio.

Four, win over minorities.

It's possible.  WAAAAY more possible than your realize.  I'd like to tell you how, but that would lead to the republicans ruling over America for 100 years, not to mention the incredible economic growth that would come with that.  Yes, for that gem, you will pay.

Five, win over women.

Again, like minorities, but with a lot more votes.  Again, you will pay.

And finally, turn secular.

Religion has no place in politics.  Too many millions of people were killed, tortured, and slain ensuring theocracy was relegated to the Mid East crap holes of this world.  Certainly, go and practice whatever religion you want, but the republican party absolutely must jettison the religious right that infects it.

There is more.  Infinitely more.  And the future of America could be salvaged in one election cycle.  But given the entrenchment of the conservative establishment, their cluelessness about the real world, their debilitating cronyism, and sadly, their increasing irrelevance, I doubt they are even capable of making any effective changes, let alone in time for them to witness said changes before they die.

Sorry Keith, you're relieved.
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Monday, January 25, 2016

What is Socialism?

Nothing more complicated than this:

Send it to your worse-than-nerdy anarchist-socialist-marxist high school/college student colleagues who are all circle jerking to Bernie Sanders when they try to explain what socialism is.  I want their heads to explode.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Episode #130 of The Clarey Podcast!

Cappy's back with topics including

Riding his new motorcycle to Vegas
Celebrating the finishing of the new book
"Let's just go!"
Hallmark Channel Movies
MGM Charging for Parking
The National Review/Conservative Establishment has failed
The need for the Manosphere and Alt Right to move on


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!!!

Essay Entry #1 - Do Western Women Deserve the Protection of Western Men?

From "Grumbles."  You can read up on the essay competition here.

Do Western women deserve Ronald Spiers? No, we don't. We deserve to be left to our own devices to see if we could survive without men (we can't). But the very salvation of us and all of the West relies on men taking back their masculinity. Men gave in and let us have our play time, it's time for us to give it back. Man giveth and man taketh away. Please, take it away. 

The women of today truly know no better. How many notice the sitcoms with the overweight, stupid, helpless husband being constantly beat down and given dirty looks by his good-looking wife? The popular blogs written by whipped husbands, apologizing for not doing enough housework or forgetting to bring home chocolate? The comments from women are typically, 'oh, I wish you were friends with my husband!' Weak men are like sluts for women. We want them now, to use up, but they aren't what we respect in the long run. 

We need masculinity. We need our men to put their foot down and tell us what the plan is. Tell. Not ask. Women leave their wussy husbands for assholes. Why? Because they have spine. They can't be pushed around. The women with the hardest heads are often the ones who fall head-over-heels for the abusive asshole. Why? He's even tougher than she is. We WANT our men to be strong, decisive, leaders. We crave it. It's in our evolutionary make-up. It gives us security. When we get hysterical over something stupid, we NEED our men to pull us back to reason and tell us he's got it under control. Even feminists need this. 

Now, I'm not saying for men to become abusive assholes. I'm saying that just as men like a wife who is Doris Day in public and Betty Page in the bedroom, women like a man who is John Wayne in day-to-day and Dennis Morgan when no one is looking. You know, that big burly guy who gives a goofy grin and finger wave to babies at restaurants. Even a staunch feminist would melt away if a man stood strong and impervious to her shaming tactics. Don't let them get to you anymore. You're the bosses, men. Don't forget that.

The problem is that we don't know what we're missing. We need our men to show us. Show us what's good for us. Tell us what we need. Pull our reigns in and tell us, 'okay, you've had your fun, but let a man show you how it's done.'

For the sake of humanity, men, please PLEASE take the power and show us how it's done.

A Generations of Fathers Could Not Be Reached for Comment

One thing before I attach the link.

It was my policy in high school and middle school to ask out hot chicks.  That was about my only policy.  I didn't care where they came from, whether they were living in a trailer, whether they were poor, or even if they were dumb.  If I wanted to nail them, I would ask them out.

And I remember being universally rejected at the same rates regardless of what class, clique, or social status the girl was.  In other words the same percentage of popular girls would say yes as the same percentage of trailer trash.

So what I don't fall for one second is that these women/girls, just because they grew up poor or from a broken home, didn't have good boys/men asking them out and approaching them, and like most women, went with their tingles and not their brains and consciously chose bad men over good.  You don't need to be a 4.0, honors student in the debate team to know that the douche with tears tattooed on his eye who can barely show up to school on time and already has a juvie record is bad news.

Still they choose shit over quailty.

Ergo, not only do I award this a:

"Generations of Fathers Could Not Be Reached for Comment"

but also award it

"And Zero Fucks Were Given"

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Liberranter, Contact Me


Contact me, can't find your contact info on your blog.


Why Are Women Always Late?

We here at Cappy Cap used our patented "SAEG" (TM) to finally solve this problem:

Essay Contest: "Do Western Women Deserve Ronald Speirs"

Greetings All,

Since I'm still in catch up mode from finishing Curse of the High IQ, I had an idea that I think might prove interesting.  There is much kerfuffle about Western women voting in socialism and with it, multiculturalism.  This has resulted in the predictable results, but it's not until the mass sexual assaults in Cologne did feminists, leftist females, and labor/democrat-voting women get their first real black eye and see where their political naivety might get them.

Also, chiming in are the right-freedom leaning side women who are damn well aware of the consequences of socialism and multiculturalism.  Their primary concern is that if men do (as I suggest) stop protecting women, letting them suffer for the first time the consequences of their actions, these innocent women will suffer for the idiocy of others.

The only solution to this is to is to go old school. man up, and go Ronald Speirs on the world once again.  For women to start voting pro-Western Civilization, pro-capitalism, pro-free markets, and therefore not only allowing us to simply maintain the simplest of sovereignty of a nation, but unchain Western man and let them do what they do best.

Of course, in my cynical mind, this is academic.  I'm checking out in about 20-30 years and I personally don't believe high enough a percentage of Western countries' populations even deserve what 3,000 years of human sacrifice and suffering gifted to them today.  And it is CERTAINLY my opinion Western women as a majority do not deserve it, and deserve every PENNY of the socialism and hatred for Western Civilization they vote for.

So ladies, you've had the right to vote these past roughly 100 years and you've only managed to stagnate the greatest civilization ever, bring in genuine rape culture, and grow the state by about 300% at the expense of our personal financial freedom.  Oh, and then there's that whole hating men for the past 30 years of feminist bliss.

So humor me and all the real men.  Why precisely should we leave our flippant lifestyles, our bachelor pads, our video games, and gyms, and our fine scotches?  Why should we abandon our motorcycles, our adventures, and our cigars?  Why should we "man up," marry women, bring children into this world, not to mention, arm ourselves, kick the invaders out, with the added nbonus of it being at great physical risk?  Why should Western men defend Western Civilization when such a large percentage of women vehemently fight against it?  Why, in short, do you deserve us to turn into the Ronald Speirs this country so desperately needs?

I will entertain all essays, publish all that are worthy, and the best one (whether you agree with me or not, I'm looking for the best argument) will win $50 of the Captain's hard earned money.

You can e-mail your essays to

Do not send attachments.  Just write your essay as text and e-mail it.

The winner will be announced when I get around to it and I have a qualified winner.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Eich's "Brave" to Take on SJW Mozilla's "Firefox"

Fuck you Mozilla!

Why the Left Hates the 1950's

Because to achieve this required work, excellence, standards, and effort,

all things antithetical to being a leftist.

Still a great picture to see what humanity was capable of.  So sad it was 60 years ago and we've deteriorated since.

All comments about "yeah, as the husband smacked the wife around the house" will simply be deleted.

Yes, Curse of the High IQ Will be Available in Kindle...Just Not NOW!

Holy flipping for the Patron's Saint Name of Frick!  YES!  It WILL BE available in Kindle!  Give me a second!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Curse of the High IQ Now Available!!!

Happy Day Lieutenants! 

Curse of the High IQ is here!

Tell friends, forward, etc. etc.

Why I Will NEVER Hire a Liberal Arts Grad

Do not even begin to tell me there is ANY value in the liberal arts in American colleges:

Remember, you can vaccinate your children from this bullshit by buying them Worthless.

Academic Composition is Hiring!

Thank you all again for your continuous support, Academic Composition would not have expanded nearly as much without your contributions.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any organization and ours is not an exception. 

Most of our Craigslist subcontractors have been timely, accurate and reliable. That is what we've come to expect from Aaron's audience and that is why we solicit your assistance once more.

All you have to do is receive our ads and post them on Craigslists. This is very simple and you'll only need 5 minutes to get started. After that, all you'd need to do is renew the existing ads until they expire.

You'll make 5 bucks per lead and a dollar for each day your ads stay live. We're just a month away from mid-terms and at that point, you can easily expect to generate 10 leads a week. 

That could average out at over $300 per month with less than 30 minutes of work!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why Your Social Life is Unsustainable Post College

Another excerpt from "Curse of the High IQ."

For all the drawbacks there are to school, there is one incredible benefit.  They congregate a critical mass of young people together in one spot.  At first this may not seem like such an incredible benefit.  Cliques form, fights ensue, mental trauma is suffered, and childhoods are wasted.  But in this gulag-like morass of public education high IQ children enjoy something they will never again upon entering adulthood – enough high IQ peers to form a social life. 

If you think about it school is the only time in one’s life where all the children within the region are forced to go to the same place and socialize.  And while there is everything wrong with today’s education system it does bring a critical mass of all types of children together.  This creates the environment where friendships, some of them life-long, form which is one of the most important things a human can have in his or her life. 

Of course, high IQ children are likely to be mocked as geeks and nerds.
And yes, abnormally intelligent children will get beaten on the playground.
And yes, genius children will be mentally tortured by their teachers for 13 years.

But in the end they meet equally-intelligent peers who are so statistically rare, it would be unlikely they’d ever meet and form friendships had there been no such thing as school.

Unfortunately, school is an artificial environment and once college is done, this artificial environment goes away.  And what children (who are now adults) assumed was going to be a constant variable in their lives since the age of five and would continue on forever…ends.  And slowly, but surely so too does the number one thing in their lives – their friendships.

This presents the fundamental problem high IQ people face in their social life. What they considered to be a “base” or “normal” social life is not sustainable.  It is very much like a stock market bubble, pumped up by temporary forces that will inevitably go away.  And when these forces go away (school and college) their social life will “crash” down to where it should be or is considered “normal.” 

However, the social life that is considered normal for an average person with an average IQ is NOT the same for an above-average person with an IQ of 135.  Remember, 68% of the population falls within ONE standard deviation of an IQ score of 100.  This means the average Joe can go down to the bar and likely find scores of average Joes equally excited about sportsball and swingystick.  But if you are two or (heaven help you) three standard deviations above average less than 1% of the population is at or near your intellect.  This sheer rarity of smart people makes having a social life incredibly difficult.  It’s not only hard to find equals, but nearly impossible to find them in the quantities needed, LET ALONE NEARBY, to have an effective and rewarding social life.  Thus, the crash from the artificial social life supported by a fleeting school environment to the base or normal social life supported by the real world is cripplingly dramatic for abnormally intelligent people. 

But what makes it worse is the rate at which it happens.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Covers Done!

Another estimated 72 hours and all systems should be go for Curse of the High IQ

Writing College Papers for a Living

From our sponsor at Academic Composition.

 Hey guys! My name is Nenad but most people here in the western hemisphere refer to me as Ned. I just turned 21 years old, my birthday was on January 12th, so happy birthday to me! Anyways with jokes aside, I would like to tell you guys how I found Aaron's blog. It first started I believe in the year 2011 when I got back from my recent trip from my native country in Eastern Europe.

I saw all my "friends" on Facebook partying with cute girls and having fun, in my mind I wanted to be like one of those guys. So, with a quick Google search I found the original MGTOW forum. There I found guys that where similar to me, not good with girls, where not popular when they went to high school and etc.

Anyways as time went on I found Aaron's blog and famous video "Don't Try Until You're 35". I immediately fell in love with his videos and his persona. To be honest I was a lost kid back when it came to life and so on back then, but today I am comfortable to say that I am little less lost then I was before. I will admit I am still not perfect, but damn, I sure learned a lot from Aaron's videos and blogs. He was like the older brother I never had! I just wish I found him earlier!

Anyways as time went on I saw a post for a subcontractor position posted by Aleksey on Aarons blog. The first time I saw it I didn't apply but as time went on and I kept seeing these kind of posts, I said to myself "Why not just apply". Well I applied and it was the best damn choice I made!

I started working for Aleksey back in February of 2015 and I quickly rose up through the ranks. As of today I have been paid on time every Monday close to around 2000 USD. As I look back I find it pretty amazing that I have made that kind of money online by only doing 10 minutes of work a week. To be honest I don't even consider it as work because there are no set hours and I can do it whenever I want! That's the beauty of it!

That amount might not seem like a lot, but trust me it is! Considering I had to work 8 hours a day 5 times a week as a construction laborer and only get paid only 7.5 hours because lunch time didn't count for around 2200 CAD (after taxes, union dues and other things) a month at the local construction company I work for every summer break.

Also, I would like to add that I hope to continue learning from Aleksey and Aaron Clarey so that I may improve my life and because the best version of myself that I possibly can.

Overall, I feel blessed that I found Aleksey and Aaron Clarey and more importantly I consider them as brothers. I wish we could meet one day, I owe you guys lots and lots of beer!

Thank you Aleksey and Aaron Clarey!
Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

99.9999% of Humans Who Have Ever Lived

Another excerpt from "Curse of the High IQ"

This status quo has been completely satisfactory for the vast majority of humans throughout human history.  Most people are perfectly happy in having a family, wasting two hours a day in a commute, eight hours a day in a cube, 25 years in school, seven years in a marriage, eight years in a second marriage, feeding their gullet, watching the game, drinking light beers, dying in a nursing home, making no notable or mentionable contributions to society their entire lives.  And while this may sound a bit harsh and judgmental it’s true, and much more than you realize.

List all the notable humans throughout recorded history that come to mind.  Now, grab all the history books or the resources of the internet and come up with a list of every notable person ever recorded in history.  Henry Ford, Julius Caesar, Erwin Rommel, Genghis Khan, Gilgamesh, Plato, large and small, you name it.  If you’re lucky you’ll come up with 10,000 people, but let’s be generous and say 100,000.

That 100,000 are the humans who have shaped and molded this world.  The ones who are 100% responsible for all the successes and tragedies of all of humanity.  They are the ones history will remember forever and the ones who will define this planet until it is consumed by the sun.

Now divide that by the 100 billion humans that are estimated to have lived since recorded history.    

The number you should get is .000001.  Or .0001%.

ONE TEN THOUSANDTH OF ONE PERCENT of the human population has achieved anything noteworthy in the history of the world.  That means 99.9999% of the population hasn’t, and have lived regular, ordinary lives that will be forever lost to obscurity, commonness, and mediocrity.  There is no record of them, nor any trace of them, ultimately meaning their fleeting existence in this universe served no purpose and was wasted.  It’s as if they never lived in the first place.  But we are alive here and now and have the raw intellectual capacity to not suffer such similar fates.  Thus, we owe it to ourselves to follow the wise words of Cypress Hill,

“We aint’ goin’ out like that.”

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Episode #128 of The Clarey Podcast- Guest Host Chris Bechtloff!

While I'm trying to finish my book, Chris Bechtloff was kind enough to guest host in my stead.

Why High IQ People are Down and Depressed

Another excerpt from "Curse of the High IQ!"

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs basically states that in order to advance as a human there is an order in which you do it.  Certain needs cannot be satisfied until those under it are taken care of, thus a “hierarchy of needs.”  So you can’t be pursuing your doctorate in finance if you don’t have food on the table, just as you can’t think about asking Suzy Q on a date if your position is about to be overrun by Al-Qaeda terrorists. 

However, whereas Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs primarily focuses on advancement and self-improvement, it can also be viewed in terms of the severity of problems you face in life.  And it is through this lens we can start to understand the problems facing abnormally intelligent people.

To be bluntly honest, “mental illness” really is a “First World Problem.”  They don’t have things such as “bipolar” or “social anxiety disorder” or “affluenza” in Pakistan.  Your average Ecuadorian does not refer to the village psychologist as “her psychologist” like an American soccer mom who has “her psychologist” on speed dial. And the average kid in Turkey does not suffer from “ADD” or “ADHD.”  They have infinitely more pressing matters such as poverty, terrorism, death, and disease on their minds. 

This isn’t to belittle the mental problems people suffer (first world or not), but it is to highlight where people focus the majority of their mental facilities depending on where they are in the hierarchy.  It is also to point out that the biggest problems people face in their life is determined by where they are in Maslow’s Hierarchy, not how their problems rank in the world.

For example consider two men.

There is a soldier whose wife just sent him a “Dear John” letter, telling him she’s divorcing him and taking the kids.  He has also been informed by the bank that his mortgage has not been paid and is going to be foreclosed upon.  He can’t do anything as he’s in Iraq and on patrol, when suddenly he is captured by ISIS. 

The second man is a retired surgeon.  He ran a successful practice for 40 years, has $20 million in the bank, saved many lives, and through hard work has afforded himself every luxury life could offer.  He has visited every country he ever wanted, done everything he’s ever wanted to do, ate everything he wanted to eat, and now sits there at his Floridian mansion depressed because there really is nothing left to do.  His friends are all dead or living in other parts of the country.  His wife passed away.  And he awkwardly tries to spark conversation with the landscapers who come in weekly to tend his estate, too embarrassed to ask if they’d like to get a beer.

Who has it worse?

Obviously, the poor solider captured by ISIS does.  He could die at any moment, and certainly be tortured along the way.

But whose problem is solvable?

Soon, a SEAL team bursts in, takes out all the ISIS members and rescues the poor soldier.  Meanwhile, back in Florida the doctor tries to invite the landscaper to a beer, but he doesn’t speak English, so the doctor goes back to pour himself another scotch to avoid his loneliness.

But the real question is who’s happier?

The poor soldier, despite having horrendous problems at home and still being WAY below the doctor on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is ECSTATIC because the immediate problem he was facing (survival) was solved.  He’s not going to die.  He won’t be tortured. He can now move on to solve whatever problems he faces at home.

The doctor, despite having all the luxuries the world can afford is alone, has no mental stimulation, and is depressed.  The problem he faces is there are no problems to face anymore, and because of the ennui he pulls out a gun and kills himself.

Any Lieutenants Along I-10?

Greetings all,

Your ole Captain may be driving a newly acquired Harley across from Florida to Las Vegas.  Most of the route being Interstate 10.  If any of you are along the way and mayhaps even have a couch for the old Captain to crash on, let the ole Captain know!


Friday, January 15, 2016

But E. Coli is Organic!

This is another perfect example where these organic and green zealots think the local ma and pa store down the road beats Wal-Mart in terms of efficiency, emissions, and health. 

I know you leftists hate large and successful companies.  I know you hate lower costs and genetically modified food that has resilience to disease and plague.  I know you all want to live in teepees and get back to one with nature.

But in the end economies to scale, efficiency, technological advancement and (GASP!) CAPITALISM beats, hands down, an irrational zealotry to pursue "green" or "organic."

Besides, just admit it.  You don't really care that it's green or organic.  That's just marketing.

The Handicap of a High IQ (Guest Writer Matt Baldoni)

The Great Matt Baldoni was kind enough to guest write as I head across the finish line on "The Curse of the High IQ."  Mr. Baldoni is a genius, and I don't mean that in a musical sense. I mean that in a literal sense, and conveys his experiences and thoughts growing up with a high IQ, experiences that will hopefully prove useful for your own lives.

The Handicap of a High IQ by Matt Baldoni

I didn't know my IQ was high until I paid to get it tested three different ways as an adult in my 30s.  I had actually underestimated what the numbers would be by a long shot.  It doesn't change much in my life now that I know, but it's a nice confidence booster.  I sure as hell don't advertise it that much, but it's sorta like finding out you have a huge penis.  You can't really tell anybody about it during a business meeting, but it sure helps you feel like a winner, which helps you out in the rest of life. I carefully chose three different standardized tests (The Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale, The Cognitive Assessment System, and Stanford-Binet), took them separately, and waited for results.  Depending on who you ask, my numbers fell between 127 and 140.  With a mean 100 and standard deviation 15, that puts me in the top few percent. Now, many say that these tests mean NOTHING, and while they don't mean everything, they mean something.  Especially for children. Children who measure high on the intelligence quotient scale tend to favor the arts.  That turned out to be true for me. High IQ kids also tend to shy away from sports and be more socially active within their comfortable circles.  They also tend to develop cognitive ability faster, which makes them good at things like math.  These kids also tend to develop self discipline and responsibility at an early age.  All this turned out to be true for me.  However, it soon became a handicap to have high intelligence in MANY different ways.  Here are a few of them, starting with the two things I did to myself the most:


People with a High IQ are more likely to exhibit self-destructive behavior, including addictive behavior.  TRU DAT.  When I entered my teenage years as a student and budding professional musician, it wasn't long before drugs and alcohol became a daily ritual.  Those daily habits lasted for many years, and were destructive.  Science shows us that many drug addicts/alcoholics tend to have high IQ's, which they think allows so many of them to be “functioning addicts”.  Other people kill themselves with that shit, but we can function somehow, even while our physiological insides are getting eaten away.

Lying and Manipulation

People with a High IQ are more likely to lie and manipulate.  We're also more likely to be sociopathic. I'm no clinical sociopath, or else the two licensed therapists I've seen would have diagnosed me as such.  But I did speak with these two professionals about the fact that I have lied a lot.  Mostly to get what I wanted or needed.  Getting money, getting laid, manipulating a situation to my advantage, throwing someone else under the bus with a lie, lying to get revenge, I did them all.

People with a high IQ are more likely to have vengeful tendencies too, by the way.  From teenage years to the bulk of my 20s, lying to women was almost a requirement.  I sure did get laid a lot, though.

So...those are the two most self-destructive behaviors I put in to practice that science also says are more likely to be exhibited by subjects with my IQ numbers.  Now let's look at how it played out in some other situations:

Immediate Family

One look at my family will tell you that most of them are bumbling idiots. My dad's no doubt the smartest of his entire household, but my mother's a wingnut and a lot of the rest of em couldn't spell some of the words in this essay or do long division if you held a gun to their head.  They also reproduce like rabbits, which is a characteristic of lower IQ numbers. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that one, people with High IQ's are less likely to pass on their genes. Shocker. Being smart in my family meant that you were a “know-it-all” or a “smartass” or trying to prove something to everyone else.  They always had great animosity to people smarter than them. Now that I've had time to think on it, it handicapped me in a few different ways with the large group of Italian Americans who raised me. They're loving people and they cared for me a great deal, but I did feel like an outsider.  To this day, on the rare occasion I visit for a holiday glut-fest dinner, we don't have a whole lot to talk about or relate to. I should also mention my brother in all this.  He's a real-life exception to the rule.  He was a star athlete who was actually diagnosed as ADHD as a child. Usually great athletes don't exhibit High IQ numbers, but somehow, at age 20, upon graduating from the firefighters' academy in California, he not only scored in the top 5 for written testing, but also in the top 5 for physical agility. He continues to be one of the strongest and smartest firefighters in his world, and has excelled through the ranks with greater speed than anyone he came up with. He's set to be one of the youngest Fire Department Captains in the history of the state this year.  According to the science, my brother is an anomaly.


Hindsight is 20/20, and I look back on my K-17 education as a total joke.  The absolute worst in leftist brainwashing, from kindergarten through dropping out of grad music school.  Grad school was when I finally came to full realization what a bill of goods I had been sold, and I left hastily.  I'm embarrassed it took me that long, but again, good science shows us that some with High IQ numbers are more likely to believe bullshit when they're young.  I guess that's me too. Being a child of California public schools and the California State University system through the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s was a recipe for disaster.  Although the economy in California was robust for most of that, the system was failing fast and getting more and more and MORE government subsidy all along the way the years I was there.  You had to be a blank slate with these teachers (90% of which were women, of course).  There were no exceptions allowed.  Some weird tests were given to me early on, something called the “gifted program”, and a few others.  But for me, getting singled out like that was a recipe to get bullied and get the shit beat out of you at the bus stop, so I turned them down.  It was my choice after all. By the time I got to a high-end private university for grad school, I saw that most of my colleagues were not intelligent at all, just simply rich.  They had the dough to be there, and they were buying a useless degree in jazz guitar. So I got out.  I still, to this day, feel so utterly embarrassed for buying into all of it and spending so much time on music education after public school, when I could have just been working.  Thankfully, I don't have any debt from it anymore.  I do not recommend it to any young musician with potential, especially ones that I see are very intelligent.


Okay, more good science, kids!  There is a negative correlation between involvement in organized religion and IQ numbers.  Dumb people go to church, basically.  Smart people don't.  I couldn't throw away Catholicism fast enough as a teenager, and what a bag-o-bricks THAT was to set down.  I've lived an entire adulthood free of that guilt, and it's been a major component to my success.  You can read more about why atheists in particular have High IQ's. It's no accident that large groups of people just hand over their money and their time to gigantic machine-like religions and churchianities.  The bell curve of intelligence makes no mistakes.  People of average or below intelligence need something to explain things to them, and who better than their imaginary friend Jesus and his dad?

Once you grow into young adulthood and can be responsible and make
some of your own choices, being surrounded by religion and having no choice in the matter can seriously handicap you.


Ah, this one's my favorite.  As far as the IQ #'s in men vs. women, we must remember that much of this science is government funded.  The numbers have to be often cooked in order to spew out the proper results so the scientists can continue to get their funding.  And you just CAN NOT say that men are smarter than women, that's a big no-no, even if it's true.  This is a topic of much debate for a long, long time. For centuries before the 1960s or so (when feminism was introduced), the science was pretty ubiquitous on men being ever so slightly more intelligent than women.  Things changed, and now we're supposed to be the same.  The testing was changed starting in 1974 to equalize the genders.  But good science (in the private sector), to this day, still shows us that although gender plays no role in intelligence from ages 0-14, after that the curve bends slightly towards men.  Particularly in the areas of math and science.  No matter how much they try and cook the books, there is always that one difference between men and women.  The general consensus is also that there is a mean difference of 3 IQ points to the advantage of males.  That ain't much, but it's something.

How can this handicap a smart guy's dating life?  Well, in many ways.  First, hotter girls are generally dumber.  Although easy to bang, you won't have much to talk about with them if you're dating them at any length or significance. Hot girls are dumber because there's no need for them to be smart.  Men don't correct a hot girl when she's wrong because they usually wants to fuck her.  Attractive girls can get things provided for them far easier for a far longer time.  While it's easier for a smarter guy to manipulate his way into a hot girl's life (using game and general cognitive advantage), she will then likely expect provisions and resources from him, simply because biology and evolution suggest that women are attracted to men with more resources (intelligence and otherwise) for purposes of breeding.  There is also a long-held direct correlation between intelligence and income.  We make more money than dumb guys do, regardless of field, so we're more likely to have women around because we have more money.  The handicap here is that we have a higher chance of getting manipulated out of our resources. After two decades of bachelored singledom and many, many relationships, I've found that the best bet for happiness is to find a 7-8 with lower intelligence than me.

These women are everywhere and can make a smart man very happy, even for a small amount of time.  Let's also remind ourselves that we are far less likely to breed, which correlates to being far less likely to marry, which can send women of ALL intelligence levels packing very quickly.  I've lost more good women because of my refusal to marry and procreate than for any other reason.  Oh well!

Keeping hours

This one turned up a lot of results in my research.  Higher intelligence people are more likely to operate best at night.  I found this to be true at a very young age, and it's to my advantage now because I live my life in show business.  We work when all the other worker bees are off, which is at night, on the weekends, and on holidays. This night-owl type stuff can also lead to depression, some science says.  People with high intelligence can often experience frustration with many common interactions on a given day.  Say for instance, everyone getting upset when you correct them during conversation.  We don't even think about that when we do it, but it makes people very angry.  Being called an “egomaniac” or a “braggart” when you're simply excited to share something you've learned.  And after all this brow-beating, people still expect you to be a top performer when you're smart.  This can frustrate us and make us feel shitty.


A common association in many bullshit studies is that people with high IQ's are “more socially inept or awkward”.  It may be true.  But not if you associate with other smart people.  If I'm in a fucking Wal-Mart or passing through a crowd of women watching the Kardashians, no, I'm sorry, I don't want to talk to any of you and I will act like an asshole to get you out of my face.  If that makes me “socially inept”, fine. High IQ also commonly results in the individual requiring a higher amount of solitude and contemplation than the middle of the curve.  People will call you socially inept if you like to be by yourself.  They'll also call you depressed, lonely, and sad when in all reality you may be perfectly content. Being an “outsider” is very common for people with high intelligence, but thankfully, in this day and age, we are all connected through an insanely accessible network.  It's easier today to find other intelligent people than it ever has been in any time before.  It's easy to find those people like you, and spend time with them.  When smart people hang with smart people, it's not an echo chamber, it's a wonderful exchange of differentiating ideas and yet another learning experience that can contribute to our intelligence.  So go find each other.