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Friday Day Linkage

When you outsource child-rearing to the state because you love your career more than your children, this is what happens.

Obama speaks the truth for once, and the left pummels him.

HGH, how to get it, and what it does.

Remember boys, some girls would rather date a terrorist than you.

Crabs in a bucket.

I'm honored to be on the list.

The Fatal Flaw of Feminism

When you value your "career" more than your fellow human being, especially your theoretical husband and children, then you will pay with a squandered life.

Chief Sustainability Officer

When you are younger or first starting to get into politics, you will logically, but simplistically assume that corporations are generally for free markets and capitalism.  They want to maximize profits, so they are for efficiency, excellence, growth, and low taxes.  But as you age you start to see corporations for what they really are - shills that will take any advantage they can to increase profits for all those who participate in it.  This obviously manifests itself in the form of lobbying where corporations throw off the moral mantle and have no problems essentially costing the American public their freedoms over the long run, if it can profit corporations in the short run.

But there are other ways corporations become the moldable, amoral entities that they are and that is when they lose their spines and just do whatever the government tells them.

For example HR and diversity.

40 years ago corporations could have said, "No, we're not doing this diversity thing.  We're hiring the best people, period.  And no, we're not creating a whole new department out of cloth to employ women.  We don't need 25 year old ditzes screening applicants.  We need the bosses and managers screening their own labor."  But they didn't.  They swallowed it whole because they thought the marketing and PR benefits of seeming like a "kind and caring" corporation would outweigh the costs.  Now you have day care centers, flex-schedules, etc., that frankly disproportionately benefit women while foisting additional work and costs on men and childless women in the work place.

Combine this along with the 20 year battle I've had with HR ditzes, and my loyalty to corporations as a political ally has all but vanished.  But if there was any glimmer of hope that maybe corporations would have an ounce of sanity, that maybe there are people getting into the upper echelons of corporate management that realize the threat socialism is posing to the west, it was snuffed out with this:

I couldn't believe it when I heard Joe Soucheray mention it, but yes, fellow economists, lieutenants, agents in the field, corporate America has decayed so much and lost all sense of sanity that it now regularly employs...

"Chief Sustainability Officers."

Naturally, it would fall under the domain of HR as no accounting, engineering, or "real" division within a company would tolerate such tripe.  But what is important to learn from this is that corporations are no longer viable long-term solutions to your employment.  They aren't sane entities where common sense and logic rule, and a hard working sane individual will succeed.  They are increasingly becoming politicized entities that if you work there it would be like working in a psych ward.  Worse, it requires that you must play politics, tow the company's "sustainability" line, donate to the United Way, and engage in "Bene Gesserit"-style manipulation to advance.

What this means for you, especially younger people, is that your efforts to find long-term, sane employment are probably better spent looking at smaller companies, self-employment, or companies with a strong, conservative history.  You don't want some company that is so large it has HR ditzes screening at the front door, and you CERTAINLY don't want a company that is foolish enough to waste its money on things like a CSR or "sustainability" department.  Of course, you could be a soulless sociopath, in which case you'd excel in such an environment!  Hell, in 20 years time maybe you could head up the newly formed "Gaia" department.  But for the rest of us, it seems the route to a successful career via the traditional large corporation has been closed.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

Again, the government will marry your daughter.  Not the boy who knocked her up.

A pastor has his hand at becoming an economist and it doesn't turn out too shabby.  Wintery Knight really is the modern day incarnation of Nicholas Wolfwood.

You pursue your dreams at your own risk.  When they don't pay off because your dreams sucked, then don't blame society for not liking your sucky dreams.  Ensure your dreams don't suck.

Again, "The Economist" is not what it used to be.  It has sold out and become a media whore.

The Democrats always wanted to ass-rape blacks. Somebody tell the blacks if they can pull their lips from the Obamaphone Nipple.

It's Never Too Late to Enjoy the Decline

Seriously, your mental health deserves you spending the paltry $15 or whatever it is on "Enjoy the Decline."

You'll thank me for it later.

My Glenn Reynolds Impersonation


Hang on.  Let me get my Glenn Reynold's voice on here.



Here we go!

"In the mail!"

Whether this endorsement earns Glenn the proceeds by which to afford himself an AR 15 is left to be seen.

"It Isn't All About the Money!"

Do you have a humanities majoring friend that is so emotionally invested in their degree they don't realize they're getting screwed?  Do they lash out at you if you dare ask about the validity of their choice in degree?

Then show them this quick video and help save them from making a bad mistake.

Mongoloid, Negro, Oriental, 1980's Words

I cannot claim the original observation of this as it was Stefan Molyneux that did, but in one of his podcasts he adamant insisted on referring to mentally impaired people as retarded.  He validated this preference because he said it was the 5th reincarnation of the noun used to politely refer to retards.  First it was mongoloids (I had to look it up) then it was retards, and now it's mentally impaired.

The same eggshell-mine-laying has occurred in other groups of American people.

When I was being brought up "black" was a perfectly acceptable way to refer to blacks.  Just as "whites" are still a perfectly acceptable way to refer to "whites." But then the effeminate, pansy, thin-skinned, professional-victim groups got in and turned it to "negro."  Mullato (for half white, half black), to "African American."

Even the Asians are getting in on the deal.  I lived a block away from a hotel called the "Occidental."  Not until I looked that word up did I realize it simply meant "westerner."  So "oriental" means "easterner."

Talk to any college "educated" Asian today and they're brainwashed to think "oriental" is a racial term.

So here is what I want to convey to all the groups of all the peoples of all the races of all the victim classes.




I'm done.

And not only am I done, I think most white males or the "non-victim/whinny" classes are done.

I look at all my predecessors and all my contemporaries dancing daintily and pansifiedly around the purposely laid-down eggshell mines, kowtowing to your every whimsical and irrelevant wish to "not be offended" and I'm disgusted.  Not only am I disgusted with their lack of spine, I'm vomitously repulsed by your cowardice.

Me uttering a descriptive word that was perfectly acceptable 10 years ago that a bunch of commie, socialist, media, academian decided to purposely repurpose for political/victimhood advantage that "now" offends you,


and I want you to listen


i don't care if you're offended.

Because you're not.  You really aren't.

You're a cowardly, weak, sad, pathetic individual that hides behinds your (choose one)

sexual preference,

etc. etc.

that insists on making the rest of the world dance on eggshells so you can constantly play the victim, fake being "oppressed" all to merely provide the weak rationalization to steal other people's money under the bogus pretenses of "oppression" or "discrimination."

And I for one am no longer playing your game or dancing to your tune.

You're black?
Guess what!
I'm calling you black.

You're a retard?
Guess what!
I'm calling you a retard!

You're Asian!
Guess what!
I'm calling you Asian...because (truthfully) "oriental" has more syllables and isn't as efficient.

Now if you take umbrage to this or find it insulting or somehow "oppressive" go file your complaints with the Department of I Don't Give a Shit and wallow in your own self-pity.  Perhaps you can find some simpering 25 year old female liberal arts masters candidates that will sympathize with you.  Perhaps you can find some pansified, white males constnatly begging for forgiveness for the sin of being born white and male.  They're so weak-minded they actually believe they've unintentionally "discriminated" against you with poppycock like "male/white privilege."

In the meantime me and all the real men who will genuinely judge you by your character will continue to use the language we were brought up with and refer to you accordingly.

You are black.
You are oriental.
You are retarded.
You are indian.
You are dames.
You are hispanic.
You are whatever.

If you take offense, then you may want to consider if you hide behind traits you did nothing to earn and use it as an excuse to carry your own weight in society, as opposed to people who don't care how they were born, but instead define themselves by their accomplishments in life.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

How sad is it we're happy with a 3% dividend yield?  Nope, no bubble here!

My hatred of teachers is justified.

Your career, your education, and you are more important than your child.  Your child is there to serve you and satiate your biological clock.  It is to be spat out and then jettisoned to the local state financed child care facilities immediately where it will be programmed to vote for glorious socialism and the destruction of the family.  You will obey.  You will conform.  You will "go girl."

It's not easy being a manly Christian.

A legitimate criticism against keyboard-jockeying.  Again, The Manosphere is not an academic department at a university where you theorize.  It is meant to be a tradeschool where you get in, get your education, and get out and apply it to the real world.  Pontificating and theorizing 100% of the time behind a computer screen is not helpful.

Good thing you weren't college material!

And the "Bad Dad Award" goes to Joe Wethington for blaming his mistakes on companies!

You bleeping idiots can't even predict weather 3 months into the future.  The only people dumber than you are the fucking idiots who actually believe you know what you're talking about with this global warming scam.

The importance of "unlearning."

The Epitome of Loser

From my twitter feed:

Is Occupy Wall Street even going on still?  Regardless, I am having warm schadenfreude fuzzies over this one.  Just imagine, friends, what his/her (I can't tell) life is like.  Just imagine every day the mental havoc the real world is wreaking on this poor individual's deluded view of the world.

The Unspoken Efficiency Loss of Keynesianism

As I age I find Keynesianism, and by extension, the entire field of economics, a progressively childish, idiotic, and naive discipline.  It's not difficult. It's not hard.  And only academics and ulteriorly-motivated bankers would try to make the field more complicated than it is to either bloat their egos or just outright steal money.  And so, much like I tire of criticizing childish ideologies like socialism, global warming, or religion, I also get tired of arguing the merits or drawbacks of different economic theories because, frankly, nobody really cares about economics as much as they care about defending their fiefdom from reality or truth.

But if there is one criticism I've yet to make of Keynesian economic philosophy idiocy, it's the efficiency loss.

"Efficiency loss?" you might ask.

Yes, efficiency loss.

The whole underpinning argument of Keynesianism is that the government needs to intervene when "aggregate demand" is not meeting aggregate supply.  And while Keynes advocated things that worked on the stimulus side (tax cuts), he also advocated boosting government spending with a magical "multiplier" effect.  Take money from one person (ie - rich), give it to another person (ie - poor), and that poor person will spend that money which will boost aggregate demand, as well as set forth a chain reaction of demand-fueled spending with that multiplier effect all Keynesians swoon over. 

The common response to this fallacy is that merely taking money from one individual and giving it to another does not increase aggregate demand.  You stole money from one person who now has to spend less, which would negate any demand increase caused by this wealth transfer.  Keynesians would argue that "well if we borrowed it, instead of taxed people, then everybody would spend more and this wouldn't happen!"  Wrong again, because in borrowing that money, that is less money that can be lent out and invested, once again having no effect on overall demand.

But there is an often overlooked drawback to Keynesianism, specifically giving people money in the form of welfare, wealth transfers, etc., that nobody addresses.  And that is the fact when you give somebody money for free, that is lost labor or production that should have happened.

For example for people like you and me and other real adults, if we want to get money we need to produce something of value to get it.  This could be fixing cars, producing cell phones, or doing somebody's taxes.  Whatever it is, it increases economic production, genuinely increases our standards of living, and results in a richer society.  But with Keynesianism, especially of the Obama socialist variety, millions of people get trillions of dollars in exchange for absolutely jack.  This "efficiency loss" is the true weakness or criticism of Keynesianism because you basically blew $1 trillion for nothing in exchange.  This "cycle" or "rotation" of spending WITHOUT A COMMENSURATE LEVEL OF PRODUCTION OF GOODS AND SERVICES not only results in no economic growth, but dilutes the purchasing power of the currency.

Don't believe me? 

OK, consider this.

Let's say everybody who collects a government check could not do so without first working on some kind of public works project at a pro-rated rate of the median wage to earn that check.  Working on the highways, fixing street lights, cleaning up the road, etc.  Do you have any idea how impeccably clean and mint our highway system would be?  Or instead said welfare recipients were required to work at the local GM plant (it's government motors after all) doing whatever odd and non-specialized chores the mechanics and assemblers didn't want to do.  Could you imagine how cheap GM cars would be?

The point is whether it was a public work or some kind of private company, society would benefit from requiring recipients of government checks to produce at least SOMETHING of value in exchange for the money.  Today we literally piss away about $2 trillion a year and get nothing in exchange.  Were there no such thing as welfare, production would be on the other side of that money, resulting in genuine economic growth, genuine economic production, and genuine prosperity.

Of course, I'm being foolish and naive criticizing this aspect of Keynesianism from an intellectually honest and economic standpoint.  I know it is nothing more than bribing the parasitic classes to vote for the socialists.  I know about half the population couldn't give two shits less about the future of the economy or the country.  And I know that about half the population has no moral qualms about being the parasites they are.

I'm just making the economic argument against this aspect of Keynesian economics in the vain hopes the Keynesians would have a cup of STFU, and to show just how stupid Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are when they say government checks are the best thing for the economy.

Putting the Podcast on Youtube

Help the Captain out Lieutenants,

I've received requests to put the podcast on Youtube, which I don't quite understand.  Figured podcasting is audio which means you can take it anywhere and do anything while listening to it.  But if you put it in video format, what's the advantage?

Anyway, here's the latest podcast on youtube.  If somebody could explain the advantage I'll upload the podcasts to youtube regularly.



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Two Mandatory Part Time Jobs All Men Must Have

Lifting weight



Neither are optional.


"Don't Do Drugs, Stay Out of School"

One day, whilst splitting wood, I was listening to Stefan Molyneux's podcast.  He had on one Laurette Lynn and they were talking about her book "Don't Do Drugs, Stay Out of School."  I was naturally hooked because I knew, deep in the deepest of my soul, that most of my K-12 education was anything but, and was likely a scam I could never put my fingers on.  Now, in hindsight, i realized it was just a racket for talentless people posing as "teachers," abusing children to extract resources from the private sector.

And no, that's not hyperbole.
And no, that's not rhetoric.

It's the truth.

School was a god damned prison and a miserable experience for myself and the majority of other children.

So when Laurette and Stefan were talking I thought it would be preacher to the choir.  However, it wasn't just preaching to the choir, it was them (specifically Laurette) opening my mind to greater heights to see just what was going on, and just what a disgusting epitome of evil our education system has become.

Naturally, this prompted me to purchase her book, which I read on the flights to and back from Vegas.

"Don't Do Drugs, Stay Out of School" is a combination manifesto, ultimatum, and plan.  It is a screed against the current educational system.  It delivers an ultimatum to parents to actually PARENT and educate their own children instead of outsource them to the state.  And it finally is a plan on how to homeschool your own children.

Some of it was stuff I already knew (because of my visceral hatred for school), but it was really eye opening on two levels.  One, it made me realize just how few parents actually love their children.  They'd rather pursue a career and dump their kids off at what is REALLY a mental prison.  Stefan Molyneux said it best - if you dump your kids in daycare/school so you can pursue a career, that is no different than cheating on them as you are depirving them an upbringing.  And two, just how unnecessary public schools are.  You DON'T need two incomes.  You DON'T need to send your kids to school.  And you SHOULD have one parent (oh I don't know) ACTUALLY RAISE THE FUCKING KID WHICH INCLUDES EDUCATING THEM!

You throw in the savings of day care, afterschool activities, and the resultant familial stability that doesn't result in psyschiatrist bills or divorce lawyers, and (who knew!) the nuclear family with a parent at home can beat most government ordained familial structures.

About the only two complaints I would have about the book is that

1.  It was repetitive in its intent on proving the public schools are bad
2.  The last quarter was a bit idealistic on setting up voluntary communes to home school kids.

Both criticisms are largely due to my personal situation.  You don't need to convince me about the despicability of public schools, but you DO need to convince otherwise brainwashed-parents who don't know any better.  Also, I have no children, so I have no vested interest in how a utopian home-schooling system would work.

In short, this is not a book for minimalist bachelors who hated school in their youth (though it is therapeutic).

IT IS, however, A MANDATORY book for any mother or father who are genuinely concerned about the education and futures of their children.

Your kids are going to grow up fast.  And if you want to have them spend more time with their daycare provider and government teachers than you during their formative years as you pursue a social work career raising other people's kids, then by all means.  But if you actually love your kids and want what's best for them, then I suggest buying Ms. Lynn's book.

30 Days to X Joins the Bachelor Pad!

You should join the pad too!

Why Justine Bateman is a Real Role Model for Women

Justine Bateman of "Family Ties" fame has decided at the age of 47 to go back to college.

For what, you may ask, knowing full well celebrities always take the easy way out. 

Computer science.

My jaw dropped when I saw it, but, yes, there is a woman out there who gets it, understands how the labor market works and instead of going the whinny, "the world owes me a living" route, manned up, mathed up, and is now pursuing a legitimate field. 

The reason I bring up Ms. Bateman, however, is not just to give her kudos, but rather point out to all the young ladies out there who are brainwashed by their parents, their teachers, their counselors, the media, and the state to go and waste their youth (not to mention money) majoring in the worthless liberal arts.  The problem, I have however, is overcoming the emotional reaction I get from women (and men) when I try to convey the simplest of economic truths about humanities degrees.  When I tell them it isn't worth the time or money, or that the degree is worthless, women especially, get emotional, some going so far as to spew vitriol and hatred, for me daring to suggest they look into the ROI of such an investment (and yes, I've even gotten death threats over my book "Worthless.")

Going forward my efforts and blogging will be dedicated in part towards figuring out this psychological problem/hurdle.  In the meantime I hope highlighting the likes of Ms. Bateman will convince young women to make a genuine investment in their futures and not merely a transfer of wealth to their professors.

Tuesday Night Linkage

Irony...the women who would make the best leaders sit down, think things through, and realize that becoming a "high powered lawyer" may not make them happy.

Bitcoin is for betas. (though I am still generally Pro-Bitcoin)

What housing bubble?

Wow, imagine if you let kids be kids. 

From our Military Agent in the Field about whether you should join the military. 


Monday, January 27, 2014

How the Federal Reserve is Jesus Christ

With the 2013 fiscal year closed I was intending on doing a full financial analysis of the Federal Reserve.  And so, whilst working a 12 hour dog shift, I spent the better part of two hours pouring over the Federal Reserve's balance sheets from roughly 2009 to FYE 2013.  I was going to post my analysis, detailed and glorious here, but then something dawned on me.

A full-fledge analysis of the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve would prove boring.

And so I thought a Thug Notes version of it would suffice and make more sense to regular people.

But before we delve into the details we need to understand two things:

1.  Some basics about the Fed
2.  and the economic backdrop

This will allow us to see the points I'm trying to make and hopefully we can all walk away with some important economic lessons.

First, the Fed.

The Fed is not a government entity, but rather a privately owned "non-profit" that was originally created to "back up" or "insure" the US' banking system.  Banks deposit money with the Fed for "safe keeping," and the Fed in turn "guarantees" them against bank failures, panics, and the like.  The stated intention of this is to make the banking system sound so panics or runs on the banks do not grind our financial system to a halt, thus preventing an even more severe recession from occurring.

To ultimately back up the financial system, however, the Fed must be in charge of monetary policy.  Specifically, it must have the ability to print as much money as needed to make good on its promise in case an a financial "Armageddon"occurs.  Economists at the Fed presumably (and I even question that) know they cannot just "print off more money" so they do not resort to this unless they absolutely have to.  And so the majority of Federal Reserve action hovers around changing the "interest rate," the sale or purchase of US Treasuries, the reserve requirement ratio and other "tools" is uses as a means to PRIMARILY CONTROL INFLATION.

This is how it's "supposed to work."

Second, the economic backdrop.

That "financial Armageddon" I told you about?  Yeah, well that was more of less what happened in 2007-2009.  So drastic and so large were the mistakes made by our banks and financial institutions that we entered (and in my opinion, have yet to leave) the largest recession since The Great Depression.  Because the economic crisis revolved around our financial system, this then tested the effectiveness of the Federal Reserve as the ultimate guarantor of our banking system.  However, so severe were the financial problems of our financial system, the demands for borrowing money from the Fed outstripped what it had available to lend.

This created a unique situation for the Federal Reserve.  Instead of merely being the guardian against inflation and a insurer of the banking system, it ended up having to literally bail out the financial system.  You can see the trillion dollar "TARP" bailout in the "mortgage backed securities" account of the Federal Reserve in 2008-2009

This is an important point to make, because the Fed was no longer just a "central bank" that was there to play the traditional role of "lender of last resort," but was now an entity or "fund" by which to shore up and bail out the entire banking system.  And the changing "assets" the Fed listed on its balance sheet proves it.

But after 2009 things "settled down."  And despite the US being the primary instigator of the world wide financial crisis, most other countries were doing the exact same thing.  Property bubbles, excessive lending, ginormous government debts, etc.  And therefore, because everybody else was doing it, the US looked better in RELATIVE TERMS.  All countries were going to hell in a handbasket, but the US was "the best looking horse in the glue factory."

This bought us some time.  China, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East all wanted to buy US treasuries because of the presumed "safety" those investments provided.  THe US was "the US" after all!  And just like Superman, we never fail, because we're Americans!  We always win!  Why?  Because we're Americans!  And the US never fails! (just ask Sean Hannity).

This "perceived safety" allowed one Barack Hussein Obama, a democratic senate, and a balless, spineless, pussified republican house to run MASSIVE federal deficits to pursue a Keynesian wet dream of fiscal stimulus spending.  Obama phones, free money, extended unemployment, Obamacare, you name it, it was approved.  However, economic growth did not "obey" like it should have and has since remained stagnant hurting the feelings of Paul Krugman and the like.

Without economic growth, however, debts cannot be repaid, and our creditors took note of this, namely China and Japan.  These foreign creditors stopped lending us money which now foisted a third role on the Federal Reserve -

Financier for the US federal government.

And thus my concern for the FYE of 2013.

From 2012 to 2013 you can see that the Federal Reserve now had to essentially bail out the US government.  It lent the Federal government an additional $514 billion dollars that the Chinese wouldn't.  Worse still, the Fed purchased another $564 billion in mortgage backed securities.

But what makes matters worse is that this is just the change from 2012 to 2013.  Since 2010 the federal government debt the Federal Reserve has purchased has gone from $1.1 trillion to the $2.23 trillion it is today.

So what does this mean in every day normal person's language?

It means the Federal Reserve is the modern day financial incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Oh, laugh if you will but hear me out.

Listen or read through the lyrics "Christ the Lamb of God."  I know it by heart because it was jammed down my throat by Nazi's using a church called "The Wisconsin Synod" as a front:

Oh Christ the Lamb of God, you taketh away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
Oh Christ the Lamb of God, you who take away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
Oh Christ the Lamb of God, you who take away the sins of the world, grant us peace.

How precisely is that any different than what the Fed does for the American people?  All you have to do is tweak some words:

Oh Greenspan the Chair of the Fed, you bail out the scumbag bankers of the world.  Giiiiive them more mooooonnnneeeeey.
Oh Bernanke the Chair of the Fed, you make sure people don't have to pay for their mortgage.  We can't do maaaaaaath.
Oh Yellen the Chair of the Fed, continue to finance Obama's bribery of the voters. Give us Obaaaaaaama phones.

And you know it's true because of the forever changing balancesheet of the Fed that is outside of what it was originally chartered to do.

Bailing out the financial sins of bankers.
Bailing out the financial sins of people who spent more than they could afford.
Bailing out the financial sins of the parasitic classes that rely on government spending.

And does anybody want to bet me on whether or not student loans will make it to the asset side of the Fed's balancesheet within 5 years?

In short, since we can't get those Chinese and Japanese suckers "investors" to give "lend" us anymore money, we now have to rely on the Fed to finance/forgive/pay for our sins.

And it will.

Just pay close attention to the "liabilities" side of the balancesheet in coming years to see how it does that.
And then don't complain when the Fed finally says, "It is finished" when hyperinflation sets in.

Monday Night Linkage

I like this post because there are some elements I agree with.  Like celebrating "accomplishments" that billions of people have achieved for thousands of years in the past.  But then there is the anger of "how dare women stay at home and raise their chlidren!!! BECOME A LAWYER DAMNIT!"

Again, the traditional "Aunt Bea" type grandmother will become extinct.  Sigh....I miss real grandmothers.

Lie on your resume. Lie lie lie.

No, Bonnie Morris, you don't produce anything of value for society.

I'd care about the younger generations, if they didn't purposely vote to screw themselves over.

Remember what I said about worthless, leftists using their lack of talent to steal taxpayer monies so they can play "fake artist?"  Well, here's the quality of art today kids.

Don't worry.  With your help or without it, it will burn to the ground.  Every empire does.

Why You Should Stay in the Military

For our boys and girls in the armed services.

Newest Episode of The Clarey Podcast

In this latest episode the Captain talks about how the younger generation deserves what it gets and how their ego's override their detriment.

How the word "excuse" was turned into a dirty word by the Baby Boomers.

He also talks about how women watch the dumbest shit on television, only to be outdone by men who watch "post post pre post" game shows.  Still, women beat men in the volume of dumb TV they watch.

He then also delves into how there's a wave of feminist judges entering the legal system that care more about socialism and feminism than meting out justice.


In this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

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Sunday Night Linkage

Liberal logic - just barf our random words and put at the end "for the children."

Fatherz in da Hood.  Aka "Fatherzhood"

DIE, MSM!!! DIE!!!!!!!! (Which means "the, MSM.  The.")

Aurini spews his normal low-IQ, non-thinking, bland thoughts. Also, Aurini's latest podcast.

From our Muslim Agent in the Field - "We can't do the maths because the evils menz are keeping us down with the social barrierz.  The maths wouldn't be so hard if it weren't for those evils menz!"

Latest episode of "Bachelor Pad Theater."

Caitlin Dewey

First, somebody get me a score for Caitlin Dewey on "The Clarey Test."

Second, let's commence.

Caitlin, and I'm going to be completely stereotyping and prejudgemental based on her photo, is a typical 20 something American woman who has swallowed whole the leftist, feminist indoctrination that is she incapable of seeing things from a male point of view. She also further confirms that she is a stack of cards of the MSM because she has only twice the followers I do on Twitter, BUT also has the advantage of large MSM outlet.

Again, I ask, "how serious or legit is the MSM when they employ people who are only marginally more popular than I am, and let them write articles on their platform?"

Anyway, she happened upon the Manosphere, found things revolting (or at least contrary to her feminist-centric brainwashing) and felt compelled to go on a rant here.

Girl meets male world.

I love articles like this because it shows just how much they've kept young women in an echo chamber.  Girl grows up used to the media hype and political indoctrination of how men "should" behave, but once those men no longer have jobs, careers, or futures, and start exposing their real selves,


Sorry, sweetheart.  This is how men are.

There is no further analysis required because, frankly, Caitlin's commentary is not deep nor though provoking.  It is just another datapoint.  Another anecdote.  Another case study.

She's just another girl

in the same ole boring MSM

that is carrying the 60's hippie's leftist torch

who is paid squat

and has less notoriety and fame than her internet counterparts.

The real story is why is Roosh and Matt Forney are making a living, simply being men, while Caitlin needs the entire power of the MSM and backing thereof to even make it on my radar today?

And yes, this will probably be the peak of her fame - me and other manospherians using her as a prop to advance our legitimate journalism.  If anybody hears of Ms. Dewey again, in any serious manner, I'd be surprised.

The Captain Now Accepts Bitcoin

The ole Captain accepts bitcoin.  You can make donations or purchase any of my wares for the going market rate of bitcoin.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Test for Counterfeit Silver

A very simple, but important lesson fellow economists!

"Bachelor Pad Economics" Won "Best of Canada" Award!

Happy day lieutenants and economists!!!  "Bachelor Pad Economics" won the "Best Book in Money Management" for the Best Finance Awards in Canada!

Spread the mirth and the joy!

You can purchase Bachelor Pad Economics here for Canadians

and here for United State-ians. 

Judge Sharron Norton Rewards the Scum of Australia, Rachel Gardener

1.  36 year old "art student."
2.  Freeloading on the train and not paying her ticket
3.  Gets awarded $250,000 from what I'm speculating is a feminist judge that cares more about feminism than justice.

Here's what the taxpayer of Oz is supporting now...more than they were before I mean:

Enjoy the decline Oz!

When "The Economist" Jumped the Shark

Yeah, sorry, "The Economist" is really nothing more than a fractional rag of its former self.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Boys, NEVER Donate Sperm

Never ever ever ever.

Stay frosty boys.  Stay the freak frosty.

(Also note the judge was a female)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The MGTOW Forum Joins the Bachelor Pad

And they brought beer!  Alright!

Wednesday Linkage

If liberals and lefties are so smart and so independent minded, then why do act so helpless against corporate advertising?

I never once believer Jennifer Aniston was talking directly to me whilst seeing her on TV or in a movie.  I guess I'm not a teenage girl afterall.

God, "The Economist" really has gone to shit.

Divorce Corp!  Why would you let the government into your life like that?

The father could not be reached for comment.

Make a leftist's head explode by having them watch this short video.

Step #7 is the hardest one. 

The next installment of Bachelor Pad Theater.

Uh Oh! You're Going to Be Referenced in a College Paper!

A funny thing is happening, but it is a testament to how much those little collegiate kiddies are getting brainwashed in school instead of receiving an actual education.  It's happened to me three times, Matt Forney once, and I believe a handful of other people who don't come to mind right now:

A college student reads/views/hears something you said on teh interwebz and goes out of their way to inform you in a snarky tone that they are


going to cite you for their college paper as an example of "facism" or "racism" or "narcissism" or blabbity blah blah blah!!!!!

Ha!  Take that mean, adult who lives in the real world and says things that hurt my feeeeelingssssss!  I'll show you!

Oh horror of horrors.

You're going to be "cited" in

not a college term paper
not any genuine academic research
not any kind of professional academic journal

but some freshman comp or psych 101 paper or presentation by 19 year old Twiddly McGoo.

I think you can sleep soundly tonight.

Humor aside, yes it's childish, it's cute, and it's entertaining, but the only reason I bring it up is because it's something I think that will become a trend.  Realize you have little leftist ego-maniacs who think they know how the real world works and are (of course) super intelligent and educated just because they passed the 12th grade.  They are now in "college" and their leftist crusaderism is only reinforced by their professors.  They do some googling for a paper on "racism/sexism/etc." and because of the alt-right's increasing presence, we come up #1 on google.  Boom!  They have a cornucopia of material they can use in the Hate Malecapitalismfreedomprofitlibertyamerica Studies class.  But they just can't use it.  No their egos are too big for that.  They need to inform you of what they're doing.  And thus why you'll get an e-mail or post or something informing you how you will be the center of ridicule in some class in some college some place.

In any case I find it bemusingly adorable, but still wanted to let you all know what I'm seeing popping up on my radar so when/if it happens to you, you can pat the little tykes on the head.

Dr. Kirk J. Schneider's Psikhushka

First read this (if you haven't already)

Ok, now you can continue.

 An Economist diagnoses Dr. Kirk J. Schneider-and other faux psychologists threatening our world. In “Liberal Talentless Academian Hacks Who Use Psychology to Criminalize People They Politically Disagree With,” Aaron Clarey, SAEG., calls for a new and deeper psychological understanding of the potential threat of biased psychologists who like the Soviets, use trumped up, fabricated mental diseases to lay the groundwork to institutionalize political enemies.

It’s easy for people with real jobs to snicker at the fake psychological profession and nefariousness of the likes of Dr. Kirk J. Schneider, but economist Aaron Clarey says that we dismiss or diminish groups like this at our own peril. Clarey, the author of "WORTHLESS,"  "BACHELOR PAD ECONOMICS" and other books that don't suck like academian pablum, has done an exhaustive study of worthless humanities types throughout history and he says it’s time for us to look more seriously at what he calls “unchallenged, unchecked, elitist academians.” In “I DON'T LIKE MATH, WHERE'S MY GOVERNMENT JOB,” Aaron Clarey, SAEG., calls for a new and deeper psychological understanding of our greatest political and social threats and the political operatives posing as legitimate psychologists who drive them.

You can see a blatant disregard for personal and economic freedom, as well as an obvious leftist bias at work in virtually all of academia from Nazi Germany to Maoist China to our very own Democratic Party. In fact, it is the pervasive malady of the Hippie Generation,” says Clarey.

How does the Kirk J. Scheider fit in? Many people don't want to work hard in life and so they choose and easy major. They tend to be from well to do families who can afford to bail their children out from worthless degrees. They often end up in the most productionless sectors of the economy - government, non-profits and academia clamoring for other people's money. They resent anybody who works hard, achieves excellence and reminds them of their own mediocrity. And it’s not just envy and insecurity that drives them. It’s also the ego that leads them to a "crusaderist" mentality and their desire to foist their political opinions on other people's lives. “I think many in this movement are embittered over the freedom and happiness of others. They look at the amazing track record of capitalism and the US, which just doesn't jibe with their socialist ideology, and they feel the need to criminalize individualism, freedom, private property in anyway possible, even if it means throwing in normal everyday Americans with Nazi's and Communists,” says Clarey.

Although you won’t find “polarized mind” in any official diagnostic manual, for Clarey it’s crucial that the psychological community wake the fuck up and start screening its ranks to ensure the profession isn't abused by tyrants as a political weapon. “When we think of mental illness, we think genuine victims of mental illness that need help, not a political group expressing their 1st Amendment Rights,” says Clarey.  Look, for example, at some of the traits of narcissistic personality disorder or psychopathy: A callous disregard for the feelings of others, the reckless disregard for the safety of others, a sense of entitlement, arrogance, a grandiose sense of self-importance. These traits are readily seen in academia, the liberal arts, the humanities, and professors that screw their students over for tuition populate the field.

No one can or should deny the veracity of therapy and psychological help, but to overlook or dismiss the potential threat Kirk J. Schneider is obviously telepathing, one that would associate political-dissent and free-speech with a psychological condition, is the most surefire way of bringing Psikhushkas here to the US,” says Clarey.  "Recognizing and exposing this vile and thinly-veiled evil when we see it is the first step."

Why Girls Like Vladimir Putin

Is he for individual rights, uncorrupted democracy, clean government, and against crony capitalism?

Probably not.

But that has nothing to do with him being the ultimate bad boy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coming to Vegas

Howdy all!

Heading to Vegas on the 22nd.  Have to speak at a seminar, but should have nights available.  Already having some lieutenants and agents in the field showing up, so shoot the ole Captain an e-mail if you want to hang out!


The Economics of Reparations

Two compelling arguments that (if anybody cares to be intellectually honest about) proves reparations is merely another form of slavery.

Tuesday Night Linkage...Um...Again

Monday's night linkage was called "Tuesday Night's Linkage," as I am really having a problem telling what day it is.  The lack of a 9-5 job these past 18 months has REALLY thrown me off, and I'm not joking.  I didn't ajust my watch after the battery went dead, and I'm too lazy to look at my cell phone, so 6 our of 7 days I'm clueless.  If the girlfriend didn't go to work, I would have no idea what day it is.  Anyway, Tuesday Night's Linkage...again:

Yeah, have fun marrying those "good, obedient" Christian girls.

Hawaiian Libertarian learns the economics really is a faux science.

Danny explains how government works for those never in public office.

The gayest video ever and proof liberal arts majors are ugly.  Rip the comment section apart.

And hey, don't forget the aggregators:

Delusion Damage
Articles for Men

The Clarey Test

Permit me a bit of bravado, but hear me out at the same time as I think this will have some practical use in the political world.

It is now practically a daily event we are confronted with some elitist dumbass that thinks they're smarter than everybody else and is therefore entitled to be a tyrant telling us what or do.  It could be a media personality, a professor, a politician, but you know the type I'm talking about.  People who who are such ego-maniacs they think they have the right to butt into our business and tell us what to do.

Now I have a nose for them, and over time developed kind of a litmus test of sorts.  I test my hunches by taking a gander and asking my readers to research somebody I link to, whose profile I haven't seen, to see if they have a worthless degree, have a trust fund, and in general fit the profile.  But it gets tiring for me to ask, "OK lieutenants, anybody want to guess their degree, whether they live off of mommy and daddy, never worked a real job, etc. etc?"  So instead I'd like to codify it and simplify it by creating "The Clarey Test."

The Clarey Test is simple.  It's a scale of 0-4, 0 being a "fail" and they are not the leftist, crusaderist, socialist, tyrant scum I think they are, and 4 being a full-blown, ego-maniac narcissist that views other people on the planet as serfs that should serve them, and consequently confirms my suspicions.  There are four categories or "traits" for which the subject can get one point (with me kicking around some degree of allowing for half points or fraction of points).

Worthless Degree
No significant private sector experience
Currently working in government, academia, non-profit or some other such industry (bar military or cops)
Hail from rich or well-to-do parents

So President Barack Obama would score thusly:

Worthless Degree - 1
No private sector experience - 1
Currently in government - 1
Hail from rich/well to do parents - 1

Total score = 4 = pass

Haley Koch

Worthless Degree - 1
No private sector experience - 1
Currently in government - 1
Hail from rich well to do - 1

Total score = 4 = pass

Matt Forney

Worthless degree - 1
No private sector experience - 0
Currently in government - 0
Hail from rich well to do - 0

Total score = 1 = fail

You get the idea.

Now I'm more than open to any ideas, recommendations, and changes, but the larger point would be to come up with a numerical score or just use the test as a label.  If it ever gains traction you could literally say, "Oh yeah, I heard that Joe Schmoe wants to provide more money for single mothers by raising property taxes, looking into his background and he totally passed the Clarey test.  3.9!"

So let's give it a trial run shall we?  How about we score up Dr. Kirk J. Schneider.

I'm going to go with 2.0 (keeping in mind I haven't looked him up, just read Dr. Helen's post on him).

Yet Another Reason to Hate Your English Teachers

I hated school.

But I loathed my English teachers.

They were boring, completely unengaging, but the primary reason I loathed them was that they were inconsistent.  I could always ace my math classes, but nope, not English.

I didn't diagram the sentence correctly.

I forgot what the dangling participle was.

I used "their" when it should have been "there."

Forgot my last name.

Or I just didn't write "good."

It seemed to me they would do it on purpose, some of them favoring girls over boys, and while I could never prove either, in my core of cores I knew they were at least unfair and dishonest people.

Of course, as I've gotten older I've realized them for what they were - the laziest of the lazy of education majors.  Primarily women who didn't give a rip about children or have a passion for literature, as much as they did a selfish and lazy ego that only wanted an easy job and the "faux" sense they were actually professionals at something.

Oh sure, that may sound harsh, but it's true.  They were hacks.  They were frauds.  There wasn't one English teacher that inspired anybody in my school to read, and had no problems holding 30 kids at a time hostage for 8 hours a day for 13 years all so they could get a pension for 75% work.  And for that I will today and into forever expose, rip apart, and humiliate English teachers for the vermin they are.

I'll point out a kid who flunked out of 7th grade English has more fame as an author than they ever did.
I'll point out they could only read what they could never write.
I'll point out they never "changed the lives" of a single student.
I'll point out the entire professional life they dedicated themselves to in literature only got their pictures in yearbooks and that is the ONLY piece of memorable "literature" the universe will ever remember them for.

But it came to my attention quite recently of another crime they committed.  I couldn't believe it because of just what a bad taste they left in my mouth, but they still managed to get one last sting in.

They ruined reading and literature for me and hundreds of millions of people.

I always thought I hated reading.  It was inefficient, it was boring, there was plenty of other things to do.  The ONLY books I ever read were the "High King" pentalogy by Lloyd Alexander.  Ever since then the only books I ever read were textbooks or terabytes of economic reports.  In the meantime, for the past 30 years, I'd rather eat chalk than read.

But then something funny happened after I finished Bachelor Pad Economics.  With the new-found free time I didn't go on a video game playing binge like I promised I would.  I didn't go and watch the entire Charlie Brown cartoon series.  And I didn't watch all the spaghetti westerns I said I was going to watch.

No, I kept going back and reading blogs, and even reading books people had sent me.  And it literally hit me last week.

Shit, I like reading.

Not the crap they tried to force down my throat in the 80's.
Not the crap my liberal arts prereq profs made me trudge through.

But if I was given a choice in following my interests and reading what I wanted, reading was actually quite enjoyable.  So enjoyable that I got more mental stimulation from reading than playing Battlefield Bad Company.  This then behooved the question, what did I miss out on?  What other books or authors would I have thoroughly enjoyed?  Not that I didn't enjoy playing the Final Fantasy series or hiking mountains, but if I was allowed to read what I wanted I could at least understand what Aurini and Molyneux were saying half the time!

So touche, English teachers.  Touche.  You made life miserable for millions of children.  Probably scarred a couple young boys along the way.  Unnecessarily cost us some GPA points.  And your coup d' etat was ruining literature for us well into our adult lives.  But once no longer in the education system and under your auspices, we will slowly and surely wake up and realize reading doesn't have to be the pain you made it be.  And while in a vengeful way I'd love to look you guys up to see if you've ever amounted to anything in the literary world, unfortunately I can't remember your names.  You were like all other English teachers - immemorable and unnoteworthy. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Your Late Evening Funny

Not bad for a rookie.  Not bad at all.

(ps-don't drink milk while watching)

Tuesday Linkage

There is such a thing as being "too minimalist."

Heh, who knew American football was so popular in Mexico!

Why black liberals will never fulfill MLK's dream.

Dating is dead.  And thank god.  It was an expensive and fruitless endeavor anyway.

Again, black men are just furthest down the mine.

Who Has the Life Expectancy to Read Ayn Rand?

From a commenter in response to this very brief and very short video.

Why the Manosphere Will Unintentionally Become the 4th Branch of Government

The Manosphere's origins are truly organic, truly unintentional, and truly visceral.  There was no organized effort to bring its existence about.  No PAC or political group that created it out of whole cloth like "privilege" or "fat acceptance."  It was the natural result of men (and some women) comparing notes over a newly created media that allowed us to identify, expose, defend against, and combat various sociological, economic, and political trends that all aimed to benefit in a zero-sum-game off of men.

Because of it's origins, it has largely become an entity of refuge, therapy, education, information, training, and strategy to help first world men deal with the various problems that face them today.  We are a brotherhood, a fraternity that pretty much welcomes all comers, aiming to help our fellow man though either passing on wisdom, comparing notes, providing explanations or providing guidance.  But while this has largely been a self-help group, like many other entities throughout history, it will likely unintentionally become something else.

And The Manosphere, I believe will become the 4th branch of government.

Understand what the 4th branch of government is.  It's the media.  It's the news outlets.  It's the journalists, television personalities and talk radio hosts that keeps an eye on, and reports on the government, our elected officials or any other self-proclaimed leaders that desire to lord over us in a political manner.  Historically, the "traditional" or "Main Stream Media" served this function.  Reporting on Watergate, scouring over various economic and government data, interrogating people who wish to run for office.  But something interesting happened I'd say back in the 1960's.

Journalism was no longer viewed by those who wished to participate in it as a:

vital and important piece of society that guarantees, protects, and defends freedom,

but as an

easy job, that avoided rigor, only required writing, but then also gave you the ego-boost that you were some kind of crusader, some kind of hero.  It is why I hate journalism majors more than any other bar political science.

This ease and "glory" of the journalism field attracted not only the weakest of minds, but the most power hungry as well.  People who didn't care so much about intellectual honesty, intellectual temerity, or protecting freedom, but hacks, quasi-politicians, and egomaniacs who put their egos, careers, and pride above the American people.

The consequences were almost predictable.  Following the "Destruction Principle" (just read it first, and then come back, trust me.  It will be the "something you learn" everyday) these inferior people preferred to earn their journalism laurels not by working hard, exposing true corruption or evil, but rather by first criticizing and villainizing the established institutions in our society so they could then "take down those evil entities" with half the effort legitimate journalism required.  And soon all of our legitimate institutions that existed for very good reasons were under attack:

The Nuclear Family
Physical Fitness and Attraction
Beauty (in humans, but art and architecture as well)
The Education System

Unfortunately for the majority of Manosphere participants this was being done either before we were born or while we were children.  Doubly unfortunately our parents' generation fell for it, perhaps even participated in this urinating on the wisdom of our forefathers.  And without the internet for us to compare notes, we were left to be brainwashed by the schools, by the media, and with compliant (or at least) oblivious parents.

However, just because the MSM says something, doesn't make it true.  And just because the media tells you something, doesn't make it so.  And so for about 20 years proto-Manospherians in their teens and 20's wandered the desert aimlessly, completely and thoroughly confused as to why they were not succeeding in life doing what everybody told them to do.  It wasn't until the internet and some independent minded men who were driven to the brink of insanity, did they start positing different theories, trying different things, and compared notes did they realize what was going on.  But once they did, and this epiphany was realized, the entire lid of the feminists-socialist-media-government-education-complex got blown.

Which leads us to where we are today.

The Manosphere always was, and always will be a brotherhood that helps out his fellow man.  The father you never had.  The older brother you desperately needed to beat some sense into you.  The Morpheus forcing the red pill down your throat.  But there is one quality and trait that The Manosphere has that will supplant the MSM from its position of the 4th branch of government - truth.

See, The Manosphere only cares about the truth while the MSM for the past 50 years has been focusing on distorting the truth.  And while people can be fooled by the MSM for decades, inevitably when what they were told doesn't manifest itself in reality, the consequence is not just insanity, but an INCREDIBLY DESPERATE desire to have it explained why.  Nearly once a week I get a fan letter saying, "THANK YOU!" not because I helped some kind get laid, or that I prevented him from majoring in a stupid subject, but because I merely explained to him what was going on.  And it is this breath of fresh air that not only the MSM is mutually exclusive from delivering, but is the point where a person's trust will switch from the talking heads on CNN and their professors to guys like me, who constitute The Manosphere, giving us a platform.

You combined this platform, with:

the trust of the people, and
the truth

and whether you like it or not, you have the recipe for true, honest, and legitimate journalism.  The type that defends freedom, protects the people, keeps the government in check, and is what the MSM was supposed to be doing this entire time.

Naturally, of course, I don't see a ton of the writers that constitute The Manosphere dedicating themselves to "journalism."  I don't see them really desiring to do so.  They will continue on providing advice to men (and women) in whatever subsegment or specialty they're in.  But whether they realize it or not, they unconsciously ARE JOURNALISTS.  They ARE THE MEDIA. People are reading them in the exact same precise way they did newspapers back in the 80's.

Finally, the last way The Manosphere will supplant the MSM is in our numbers.  Our readership is BOOMING, while the MSM is in decline.  I recently did a piece on a Time Magazine author who's hamster ran at Mach 7, rationalizing her daughter's choice to major in "Politic and Culture of Food Studies."  In a genuine olive-branchian way I offered to mail her my book.  But when I looked her up on twitter I noticed something:

(follow me here)

How does a TIME MAGAZINE WRITER GET ONLY 1/10th MY FOLLOWERSHIP???  It harkens back to the ABC 20/20 scandal where they had two 23 year old adult-children write an obvious hit-piece on The Manosphere.  If Time and ABC are giving their platforms to people with even less cache and experience than a novice like me, it only shows that the MSM is on the verge of collapse, or at least must keep up the charade of a legitimate news organization.  But what is ultimately driving the decline in the MSM's numbers and the skyrocketing of ours is that we're the first entity in the past 60 years to target America's least targeted, least concerned demographic - men.  I don't know how many fractions of a point you can increase your readership by when you constantly harp on women, focusing on the forever increasingly petty aspects of their lives.  Articles on how to get their cuticles done right.  Articles on what kind of tap water is good.  But did it ever occur to people in the MSM to maybe venture or attempt to capitalize on the male market?  I mean, they do after all account for about half the population on the planet.

Sadly, however, we know the answer.

"Men" was one of those "evil" institutions the MSM's 1960's strategy was based on.  "Men," just like profits, just like capitalism, just like freedom, had to be taken down.  And it has been such a core aspect of MSM for so long, it has become them.  They cannot disassociate themselves from it.

Which is fine by us.  Because we'll take the male market and its billions in potential business.  The MSM can keep writing stories about "male privilege."

Aaron Clarey is a ballroom dancing economist who accidentally found himself making more money screaming truths at the internet.  He has this blog, but also hosts "The Clarey Podcast" and is the author of several books that every man (and woman) should read.

Monday Morning Linkage

Irresponsible single mom?
Twice divorced?
Had other people pay for her education?
And you people think she's going to be a good governor?

It is because I shoveled shit as my first job and at the age of 13 had more real world, private sector experience than our president ever had or ever will have that would make my autobiography infinitely more interesting than his two (sure to be three).  The only problem is I'm not arrogant enough to write a book about myself.

Would it kill a company to tell the race whore industry to pound sand for once?  Huh, would it?

Thank god.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A B.A. in "Special Snowflake Studies"

Here's the original piece.

And here's the commensurate ripping apart of her degree in (are you ready for it???)

Political Science and Food.

Randye, if you're reading this, please let me do you a favor and mail you a book you might like.  It may spare your future children from making the worst mistake in their lives.  And I'm not joking.  You are unconsciously harming your children's financial futures.

Also, a video for all of you parents who can't understand why your kid at the age of 23 constantly needs more of your money.

Detroit's Gross Municipal Product Smells Fishy

Gross Municipal Product or "GMP" is basically Gross Domestic Product, but for cities.  I only don't mention it as much as the data is a bit difficult to come by and isn't commonly cited.  However, I remember a while ago looking up Detroit's GMP to see what I was sure to find a cratering drop.

It wasn't.  Matter of fact, it hasn't cratered, but held steady, even rising in the past couple of years.

I couldn't believe it, but figured it must have been something with the metropolitan region. Maybe the surrounding suburbs were included.  Whatever it was I didn't really care too much about it until...

they decided to revamp how GDP was calculated.

This is a major concern I have with the economics industry. Since it is largely populated by academians and government economists, I don't trust them to be honest and employ the best methodologies when measuring the economy.  I do trust them, however, to lie and taint their methodologies to have a political bias to favor more socialism.  Regardless, this forces real, private sector economists to become tricky and use alternative measures that more accurately measure economic growth, wealth, etc. (for example, many economists will use electrical consumption instead of China's "official" GDP figures as they are prone to overstating GDP).  And I'm afraid we may now have to do the same in the US.

However, sometimes you don't have to go so far as to be looking up electrical consumption or some alternative measure.  Economists have made so many other statistical measures that invariably they will contradict each other giving government statistics their distinct fishy odor.  For example manufacturing employment.


This is more in line with what I hear and see in other statistical circles.  Stagnation during booming times and a precipitous crash during the recession.  But the ultimate statistic that makes me question and no longer trust Detroit's GMP figures is the only thing that can cause economic growth - people.  Namely, Detroit's population:

In the last decade alone it's population has shrunk by a fifth.  However, it's GMP has increased by about 7% during that same time period.  And even considering all the advances in technology and improvements in economic efficiency that has occurred in that time, I frankly don't believe Detroit's population is smart, educated, driven or capable enough to make those figures jibe.

Something stinks and it's the rosy picture the left keeps trying to paint of Detroit.

ht to MJ Perry for the chart. 

The Solution to All of the World's Economic and Financial Problems

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Victory Unlimited

Why didn't anybody tell me of this dude before?

Great podcast and site for any of you young men out there looking for the father you never had or the older brother you needed.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

This is why I always wait for books to come out in the movies.  No point in reading.

Go ahead girls.  Cut your hair short.  See what happens.

Hate is good.  And it will never go away.

Some house cleaning and intellectual honesty about how much men suck is always called for.  Keeps us honest and makes us better than feminists who believe "they can do no wrong."

Feminism is evil.  No, really, it is evil.

90's Nostalgia

For those of you wondering about one hit wonder obscure artists from the 90s.

The Politically Incorrect Reasons Young People Can't Find Jobs

Ahhh!  The truth!!!  IT STINGS!!!!  IT STINGS!!!!!!!!

Thug Notes

Actually, the review is quite succinct, not to mention it saves me the time of reading any of these books:

Animal Farm
The Great Gatsby
Lord of the Flies

Main channel here.

The African American Studies Program that Wasn't

Just can't make it up people.  Just can't make it up.

Again, these academians, especially in the liberal arts, are nothing more than the modern day banksters screwing the youth and society at large over.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Blunt Truth About Women in the Workplace

Was going to write/video something similar, but then Aurini stole my thunder.

From his video:

"So why should men work?  We don't require that much money to live.  We don't have kids.  We just need to pay for our motorcycles, and our beer and our video games, and we can chill the fuck out as we watch society decline all around us."

He does an outstanding job and covers all of the topics I would have.  So I'll just link to him instead.

"The Maths" R Hard, Even for STEM Gurlz

I know, "The Maths" r hard gurlz.

Just make sure all the bridges I drive over were designed by men please.

Thank you.

Why the Parasite Will Never Be Bigger Than the Host

Despite the general decline of western civilization, I try to find what morsels of joy and happiness where I can.  Of course, this means giving up my dreams and replacing them with alternative and inferior sources of joy, but when your dreams were never going to happen anyway, the alternatives' feasibility actually make them superior.

For example schadenfreude.

Oh, I'm accused of being petty, but I enjoy watching the single moms of the world whine and complain about how hard life is and suffer a crippled life.  It's the least bit of joy I can extract from their situation for them voting for the government to supplant men's roles in society.

Another example, the education bubble.

All those kiddies who were "so smart," and "so independent minded," and "knew what they were doing" only to end up unemployed, financially crippled with student loans, and their egos smashed into a wall because life didn't turn out the way their ass-kissing teachers told them it would.  Again, it's the least bit of joy I can extract from their situation for them voting en masse for Barack Obama and the destruction of the United States.

There are other examples, and it does take quite a bit of pondering, thought, thinking things through, even meditation, but I believe over time people will come to learn to "enjoy the decline" like I have.  However, to help accelerate this epiphany in others, perhaps I can provide a little bit of "back of napkin economics" that with mathematically show you something about the leftist parasites of society that will provide warm "revenge fuzzies" and a morsel of schadenfreude joy.

Namely, the parasite can never get larger than the host.

I alluded to this before in my "12 Year Problem of Socialism," which in a nutshell says that even if the left got its way and decided to confiscate all the wealth of "the rich," the absolute MAXIMUM amount of time they could survive would be 12 years.  But I came up with some additional calculations that will show you the parasites of society will rarely (bar political connections) ever live lives better than the hosts.

Of the roughly $67 trillion in wealth all American's have the "rich" (top 20%) are estimated to have $50 trillion of it.  Let us magically say we confiscate this and

stock prices don't plummet
the rich don't hide assets
society doesn't collapse
people show up for work the next day
the electricity still runs

It won't, and the country would immediately go to shit, but let's just idealistically assume like only academians can.

That $50 trillion will have to be spread across the 260 million remaining Americans that aren't part of the 20% (and some of whom also happen to be children).

That is $192,000 per man, woman, and child, NOT in the upper 20%

Naturally, this does not make any of you hard-working people feel any better.  $192,000 is certainly likely more than you make.  But here's where the revenge comes in:

It's a one trick pony.

This isn't $192,000 per year, it's a ONE TIME PAYMENT that would have to last the rest of people's lives.  Once such a confiscation of wealth occurred NOBODY in their right mind would dare to work so hard even again.  Therefore, assuming the average person is going to live another 40 years or so, that is a whopping $4,800 per year.

$4,800 a year is not enough to solve the problems of the poor.  And it is likely not enough to raise the average socialist parasite's wage to match or exceed yours. But if there is a source of revenge it is not so much the fact this $4,800 is not enough to raise the parasites to a standard of living on par or in excess of yours.  It's the fact that the $4,800 is not going to be enough to solve the core problem of the parasites:


Understand that the vast majority of poor people are poor because of their own damn stupidity.  Yes there are some where medical problems befall them.  Yes there are some where something statistically bad happens.  But the vast majority of poor people are poor because they had kids they couldn't afford, majored in stupid stuff, got in trouble with the law, did drugs, or just plain chose not to work.  And no amount of money, let alone $4,800 can solve stupid.

This stupidity, and the fact it will forever cost the individual more than the $4,800 subsidy can offset condemns them to a miserable life.  Do you really think Peggy Joseph is enjoying her life right now?  How about the trailer trash methed out mothers in Wyoming?  Their male idiot counterparts crippled with a truck loan for a Dodge Hemi-Diesel and three DUI's?  Take whatever parasite you want, chances are, even with the taxpayers' money, they are still living inferior lives to yours.

Finally, if you really think about it, it isn't even the incurable stupidity of people and their consequentially condemned lives where you get your warm schadenfreude fuzzies.  It's the consequences of stupidity - namely, insanity.

Take a look at this video and ask yourself what kind of a mental hell all the people, bar the security guard, must live in.  Can you image day in day out what they must go through?  The pinnacle of their lives being "welfare check day?"  Let alone what they miss out on in life?  Do you think the parasitic classes ever get to go to a great jazz club, appreciate Victor Borge or find the entertainment in a movie like "High Society?"  Do you think these people have a good ole fashioned Norman Rockwell Christmas that is sane, quiet, enjoyable, and loving?  Do you think these people have any kind of friends and conversation that would stimulate the brain more than the drugs or booze they're doing?

There is none of that for these people.  There is the ghetto, there is the trailer park, there is the barrio, replete with perpetual poverty, day time TV shows, illegitimate pregnancy, shitty parents, a constant battle with the cops and no hope for anything greater in life.  They'll never eat sushi, never visit Glacier National Park, and they'll never have any accomplishments or feats to point to in their lives.  They won't start a business, won't start a (successful family), they'll never climb mountains, and they'll never bike across Europe.  If there is ever a crushing revenge you will have on the parasites that insist on living off of you, it's that you will have not squandered your one shot, your one fleeting opportunity to perform in and enjoy this universe, while their lives will not only be insufferable, but inconsequential, irrelevant, and completely wasted.