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Everything Wrong With MGTOW

In one simple picture.

I'm going to be brief on account it's Friday and I think we've gone over these topics before, but I think a convenient, consolidated recap here will prove helpful:

1. How Much of it is "Ugly Feminist Who Can't Find a Man" but Reversed?

One of the things that tipped me off to the fake MGTOW movement was the nature of the problems and complaints men had about women.  It was confirmed once I started hearing concepts like "Incel" and "TFL."  And though you could not "totally" confirm as they hid behind avatars of 17th century philosophers, medieval knights, and anime characters (though I'm guilty of that), you could just tell they were men who did not keep themselves in shape, were not attractive, and instead of doing something about it, rather take the easy route and (just like feminists) shame and lecture women for "liking the bad boy alpha with muscles, money, and a motorcycle." 

2.  Still Obsessed Over Women

Real MGTOW's have more important shit going on in their lives than to protest a feminist protest.  And we certainly do not have the time to make a body of armor out of ducktape to do so.  This poor soul obviously still cares about what women think as he spent lord knows how many hours of his precious life to do this.  The mere fact he's trying to bring attention to "MGTOW" shows just how much control women still have over him.   Closely related to this...

3.  Crusaderism/Lack of Purpose and Agency in Life

Again, real MGTOW's are out there doing shit with their lives.  They are not going to protest...well...feminists protesting.  They will have a hobby, a craft, friends, a business venture, some books to read, a family to raise, mountains to hike, landscapes to paint, girls to nail, even video games to play.

This guy and many other "MGTOWs" do not.  They have nothing more going on in their lives than to mire themselves in how they've all gone MGTOW which is no different or lacking in accomplishment than Laci Green claiming she's "pansexual."  Inevitably the "GTOW" has to become part of MGTOW.  And since that takes effort, sadly, I'd estimate 30% of self-proclaimed MGTOW's (primarily the cultists on the internet) never do.  And sadly they never really join the remaining 70% of their authentic MGTOW brothers.

Ultimately, however, the problem is that MGTOW by its nature is a silent movement, a philosophy, a quiet choice.  YOu simply "go ghost" and live your life a different way.  This leaves the academians, the theoreticians, the wanna be's who pound away at keyboards and throw vitriol on YouTube.  Worse, it leaves the likes of the above (who by no means defines MGTOW's) define them to the outside world.  And ironically, it accomplishes the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the crusaderist arm of the MGTOW's want as society doesn't take them seriously, but mocks them and writes them off.

Anyway, today I'm going to hit the gym, bang out some miles, listen to the Ancient War podcast, practice a speech I have coming up, go swing dancing with my girlfriend while having dinner with friends, then I'm going to prepare my truck for a roadtrip out east to visit fellow fans and bloggers.

I will not be donning plastic homemade armor and protesting a feminist protest.

Should Women Work?

I would have titled this post differently, as I believe women should absolutely have the right to work and we should ban nobody from doing what they wish with their lives, but Roosh still brings up some good points.  Precisely how vital are women to the economy?  I wish he would have harped on the public sector/non-profit sectors of the economy with some numbers (perhaps something I could do), but precisely what would happen at the office or factory if women weren't allowed?  What would happen to government bloat if there were make-work jobs for them?  What would happen if you had one strong disciplinarian vice principle in the high school and not a dozen "guidance counselors?"

Again, I am very much against telling people what they can and cannot do.  But as an economist I am infinitely intrigued about what they "should" do in theirs and society's best interests.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Laci Green: A Case of Swapping One Religion for Another

Originally an Asshole Consulting request, but a lesson we can all learn, not just about Laci Green, but that trading in "traditional" religions for new, "political ones" doesn't make the new ones any more valid.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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What a 20% Abortion Rate Tells Us About (Roughly) 20% of American Women

I can't remember the reason my curiosity was piqued, but whatever it was it resulted in me asking the question:

"What percentage of pregnancies end up being aborted?"

So off your intrepid economist captain went to teh interwebz in search of the data he needed.  And though it took some adjustments and other methodological maneuverings (missing years of data, what about miscarriages, etc.) he was able to suss out the details.


20% of pregnancies end in abortion.

Now before you get all appalled, realize this is an IMPROVEMENT over the women of the baby boomer generation where they seemed to make abortion an Olympic sport.  Back in those "glorious" 70's and early 80's it was 30%.

But it's still a pretty atrocious figure that 1 in 5 pregnancies today end up in abortion.

Now keep in mind I am pro-choice.  I truly believe a child not wanted or a child unable to be cared for will live a life worse than the 100% neutral life of never being born in the first place.  And in all intellectual honesty I can be flippant about it.

I'm not religious.
I don't have kids.
I got a vasectomy (class of '07).
And I'm very thankful the law has made it SOLELY the responsibility of women to make this horrible decision.

So yes, for reasons of cowardice and misanthropic indifference, I really don't care if you abort your baby and will fight for your right to do so.

However, so high was this number not only did I forgot my original reason for calculating it, but it replace it with a separate observation.

How irresponsible and amoral are American women?

Now I know there are already some mathematical problems that could potentially overstate or distort these numbers.

What about women with multiple abortions?
What about the morning afterpill?
What about birth control failing?  IT DOES THAT YOU KNOW!!!
What about rape?
What about widows?

And thus it does not translate directly to "1 in 5 women get abortions."  But even accounting for these variables, it's still pretty darn close to 20%.  Which behooved my question.

How irresponsible and amoral do you have to be that 20% of you use ABORTION as a means of birth control?

You see, the problem I have with this number is not that there's this many abortions going on.  It's that it tells me 1 in 5 women are not responsible enough to use the 438 other forms of birth control before screwing around with not only the lives of future innocent children, but their own.  That before they partake in the act of potentially bringing in a new and innocent human life into this world, 1 in 5 of them just say "meh" and to hell with the birth control.

But where the morality of this comes in is one that even though I'm pro-choice, I just don't understand.


Look, I'm the first guy to admit I don't know if there's an afterlife or if there's a god or whether a fetus is a living human being and whether abortion is murder.  But even with my callous indifference to humans, I would NEVER put myself into the position of having to make that decision.  It is such a daunting moral (not to mention psychological, biological, physical, and emotional) decision that when I originally set out to do this calculation I thought for SURE it would come under 5%.

Alas, 20% of women disagree with me and don't give a flying flip about the moral gravity and ramifications of having an abortion.

Now the good news is that this is (thankfully) not the majority of women.  80% of women actually have the responsibility, wisdom, and selflessness to make the right choice, use birth control, and bring a child into this world when she's ready for it.  And also (if the data is correct) this trend is trending down.  But I wanted to point out this statistic not just because it's appallingly high, but to warn the young boys out there.  1 in 5 women are just not responsible and at minimum have a questionable moral compass.  And while you may say, "well that means 80% of the women are just fine," true....but have you ever dated more than 4 girls?

Stay frosty boys.  Stay the freak frosty.
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Han Solo, Trump, the Afghan War and More

In a Chris Bechtloff podcast you HAVE TO listen to (at least the first 15 minutes for the Han Solo psychological break down)

British Accent Privilege

To be blunt and direct I put my heart and soul into my new-found "online media empire" career.  I cook, I slave, I write, I podcast, and when coupled with my life-long passion for economics and capitalism these efforts have produced society some impressive gifts.

My ability to predict the housing bubble long before it happened.
My ability to warn the youth about worthless degrees long before anybody else.
My ability to foresee the "retirement bubble"
Not to mention my ability to consult and advise the lost youth of today.

Thankfully, these efforts have not gone unrewarded and I am one of the VERY lucky few to have a significant enough of a following that I no longer have to sit in a cubicle, commute, or answer to a boss even again.  I have just under 20,000 followers on YouTube, approximately 3,000 weekly listeners to my podcast, the same amount of daily visitors to my blog, and this generates enough income so that I may put food on the table and shelter over my head.

But then my keen economic eye caught something.

While me and my colleagues slaved and toiled as we tamed this new digital landscape, right behind us came some women.  And these women had two traits:

1.  They were cute and
2.  They were conservative.

And so while the likes of me, Roosh, Mike Cernovich, Aurini, and others pioneered this new world, advancing and developing new lines of thought, these women came in and said,

"Tee hee!!!  I like Sean Hannity!"
"Tee hee!!!  I like America!  Go capitalism!"
"Tee hee!!!  I support the troop!"

And so for merely parroting very watered-down versions of the great economic, philosophical, and political arguments, concepts, and theories we men created, these girls were rewarded with:


Naturally, some of us got angry and a bit perturbed as it was simply not fair.  We did all the heavy lifting, we did all heavy thinking, not to mention those thousands of hours of research.  But this great injustice aside, I fully acknowledge and am aware that it is the nature of the world.

Men (specifically conservative Western men) have a huge, desperate, and thirsty demand for hot, conservative women. Unfortunately, there is a very limited supply of such girls.  This results in a classical economic situation of a shortage, predictably causing higher prices for lower quality goods.

However, unfair that 5:1 advantage may be, did you know there was another unearned trait that MILLIONS of men are born with each year that dwarfs this 5:1 ratio?  A simple characteristic that dwarfs the benefits given to a cute set of conservative tits?

Enter the hated British accent.

Ever since the dawn of America we have had to fight this global scourge.  First in the Revolutionary War, then again in 1812.  And today this war continues as men with their perfectly-pitched and perfectly-polished British accents come in and swoon our women, take all the leading roles in Hollywood, and are automatically conferred an additional 15 IQ points during conversation.

But while I thought the plague of "British Accent Privilege" would be largely relegated to tickling the fancies of our women and playing the villains in Star Wars movies, unfortunately it has spread into my back yard.  It has hit me at home.  It has directly affected my career.

I didn't notice it at first until the internet drama surrounding one "Laughing Witch" exploded onto the scene where presumably this aged, leftist woman who has doxxed several people, ended up getting doxxed herself.  I had only been paying a tacit amount of attention to the chaos, but to understand it more fully a friend of mine linked to a video of one of the more prominent YouTuber's she was trying to take down-Thunderf00t. 

As I listened it was immediately apparent he had "British Accent Privilege," and was of course refined and polished in his delivery.  But it wasn't until I looked at his subscribership did I fully comprehend just what an unfair advantage his British accent gave him over us colonials.

Thunderf00t had 400,000 subscribers.  A full 20x's more than me!

Soon my mind raced as my synopses knew I had seen other YouTubers who had British Accent Privilege and orders of magnitude more subscribers than me.

Sargon of Akkad with his 191,000 followers.
Stefan Molyneux with his 280,000 followers.

You did some simple math and the benefits of British Accent Privilege was painfully obvious.

These three men averaged 290,000 subscribers.  While I, a lowly colonial, only had 20,000.  This resulted in a ratio of nearly 15:1, THREE TIMES THE ADVANTAGE HAVING A CUTE SET OF TITS AND THE ABILITY TO SPOUT CONSERVATIVE TALKING POINTS!

And whereas my economic mind is more than willing to accept the economic-sexual-psychological nature of men and their propensity to give a 5:1 advantage to women, what my American  blood cannot abide is giving a man with a British accent such advantage and privilege.

Why is it a guy with the name "Thadeus Danglepuss" or "Benedict Cumberbatch" can even be considered refined or theatrically talented?

Why is it a guy with the name "Englbert Humperdink" or "Stefan Molyneux" can even be considered a musician or a (pfa!) "philosopher?"

It is high time the world wake up and realize the OPPRESSION we suffer under those with British Accent Privilege.  And it would be equally just for those with British Accent Privilege to admit it, apologize for it, and pay us reparations for their winning the "accent lottery of life."

Monday, October 26, 2015

Episode #117 10-26-15

Faking mental illness for government checks
You can always bet against your fellow man
Choking off the city in post collapse America
Why you never shop with women
The dilution of podcasts
What "20% of pregnancies end in abortion" tells us morally of American women


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Ah, the Fake Mental Illness Bubble Continues

But muh feelz!

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Why the Republicans Should Consult Tom Leykis

Ever since I've become aware of politics and certainly since I've followed it, the US has generally made a slow, but consistent movement to the left.  This is not measured by who was elected democrat or republican, but much more empirical and concrete measures, specifically, government as a percentage of the economy.  This measure, though going up and down, has generally trended upwards during my adult years to the point that we now (depending on which state you're in) pay around 40% of your money to the state, 43% if you consider inflation a tax (which it is).

When you compare this to the pre WWI average of 3%, you can see that America is not only nothing like what it used to be or the principles it was founded upon, but freedom, free markets, capitalism, and everything Western Civilization fought for these past 4,000 is also losing.

The only thing in a position to stop this is, laughably, the republican party.  And while I see many of the heads and establishment, RINO republicans doing nothing, if not advancing the progress of socialism, there are still some true believers in the party who insist on the principles the republican party theoretically stands for.

The irony, however, is that the establishment republicans, even though they have moved to the left, still keep getting their asses handed to them.  This is not Monday morning quarterbacking, but a fact.  They are the biggest pussies and pushovers, thinking appeasement and being nice is what's going to win over the American voting public.  And even though they

failed to stop Obamacare,
failed to make him a one term president,
failed to protect the integrity of the sovereignty of this nation


Trump's viable candidacy is proof "regularly every day" republicans (and people) are sick of their eunuch politics

they still are in such an elitist, blue blood, clueless echo chamber, they still don't know why they keep losing.

Which is why they should consult Tom Leykis.

Tom, largely stays out of politics.  He's too busy leading the young boys in this country out of the lies, propaganda, and deceit they were fed as children, helping them salvage what they can in their lives.  But some of the lessons he learned the hard way (trial and error) are vital, not just to young men of today, but today's ball-less republican party.  Specifically, "There's the door."

Unlike what young men were told their entire childhood and adolescent lives, women do NOT like being pampered, having their asses kissed, and having every whim satisfied.  Even more so, women respond more positively to a man who tells her "no" than one you says, "yes dear" each and every opportunity.  Ergo, after dating and marrying enough women, Tom finally learned to say, "There's the door."

"Tom buy me more stuff."
"There's the door."

"Tom, I want a cat."
"There's the door."

"Tom, you don't treat me well."
"There's the door."

He learned, although over many years and much pain, that to have a successful, productive, and above all else, respectable relationship with a woman you simply had to stick with your principles, hold your guns, and tell them "no."  And it's the precise same lesson the republicans have to learn about the American voting public.

The American voting public has been courted, successfully, by the democrats simply through bribery.  "Vote for me and I'll give you free shit."  And they fall for it because, in general, people are morons, can't do math, and don't want to do the math.  Their survivalist instincts always love free shit and they'll vote for it NEARLY every time.  However, the American public also at least respects the left because they get it done.  They stand for something.  They hold to their principles.

This is why they could get an out and out socialist elected twice as president and can get a publicly admitted socialist in Bernie Sanders elected too.

But the republican's response to this has been a bigger pussy move than one I pulled off buying a girl flowers in the 7th grade:

"We'll give you slightly less free stuff."

Unfortunately since this has no principle, stands for nothing, based in no plan, and is based in MIMICRY it comes off as the pussy move it is by simply confessing "We have NOTHING of value to offer you so we're going to try to be like the democrats."  This strategy is flawed in its design and has empirically and historically proven to be so.

Instead the republicans should insist on principle, insist on holding their guns, and simply say to the American people:

"There's the door."

"You don't like balanced budgets?"
There's the door.

"You want open borders?"
There's the door.

"You want free health care, and college tuition for shitty degrees?"
There's the door.

Simply insist on the rule that you will not violate your principles AND be willing to lose a couple elections if the American public is too stupid to insist you do.  Let the foolish American voting public vote in the socialists, vote in the democrats, jack up taxes, make everything "free," and let the American people get the government (and economy by the way) it so rightly deserves.

Then, and only then, like a spoiled girlfriend who stammers out the door, only to pay the price of her naivety in the real world, will you win these voters in the long run.  The left will NOT be able to deliver what they promised, but more importantly you present a CLEAR and DISTINCT alternative in politics, rather a confused, amorphous, muddled one that looks nothing more than "wanna be democrat."

Finally, and I say this not because it's politically incorrect, but because all politically incorrect statements are true, republicans lose elections because of women.  And it is the PRECISE same exact psychology where you tell a girl "there's the door" that she may claim to "hate you" initially, but in the end will at least respect you and inevitably sleep with you vote for you.

Imagine if you had told all these third wave feminists to fuck off instead of cowering like the cowards you are fearing they might call you "sexist?"

Imagine if you dared to cut their funding from the public universities and their women's studies programs?

Imagine if you "republican" "conservative" "traditional fathers" actually grabbed your balls out from your "elementary school teacher" wife's purse and said, "Son, here's how women, economics, and politics really work."

Imagine if instead of kissing illegal aliens' asses in fear you might lose "the Latino vote," you manned up and did what men have done for millennia and DEFENDED THE NATION.

Oh, you'd get heaps of scorn thrown on you, but many other women would admit to having the "voting VT's" for you as you were simply adhering to principle and being the epitome of man.

Of course, you aren't going to consult Tom Leykis.  And of course you aren't going to consult me.  And of course, you'll keep losing to the democrats.  You'll keep listening to Dick Morris and all the other "political analysts" with their masters degrees from the MSM.  But at least for some of you this horribly politically incorrect truthful reality will explain why the republicans keep losing, the left gets everything it wants, and why the only real strategy true freedom-loving, "normal" republicans have is to enjoy the decline.
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Actually, a Real Solution to Obamacare

Will be looking into this.

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Why I'm Better Than Eduardo Porter

Continuing on from my previous observation that the MSM is nothing more than a leftist veil of aging and dying baby boomers, enter Eduardo Porter.

This guy is at least 20 years my senior and he works for the New York Times.

The NEW YORK fucking TIMES!

You know, that has-been baby boomer rag that claimed in the 70's it was "all the news fit to print?"

Anyway, he came out with this article about how welfare does not corrupt people and is a good thing.

Now, again, if you believe how you've been conditioned to believe that because he works for "THE" New York Times he is some how an authority figure. Well, just take a looksy at his twitter followers:

Look, guys, again, I'm a freaking nobody.  I alone with NO MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR NEW YORK ASS KISSING SUPPORT NETWORK still have 50% the followers "Eduardo" does. 

So why would you listen to him?

Which behooves, why would you listen to the New York Times?

I will say it again simply because it advances the focus of the American public to realize that the MSM and the likes of "Eduardo" are NOT the "authorities" they claim they are:

These people are HAVE BEENS!  And sadly they were "NEVER WERE'S."  They are an obsolete class of political activists that never had any talent and are simply trying to fight against the internet and its democratizing effects on the American public.  This guy is a NOBODY!  He's just an aged baby boomer journalist who never worked a real job in his life!  The only reason you heard about him is because the NYT slapped their stick on him and (sadly) I'm bringing attention to the fact this man even exists.

So seriously, I mean this.  We are winning.  The dipshits at the bankrupt-only-to-be-bailed-out-by-Carlos-Slim-New York times have to resort to hiring nobodies like Eduardo Porter to write masturbatory pieces for their leftist 50+ readership.  They aren't real "journalists."  They're wanna-be's.  They're hacks.  They're propaganda pieces.

Just realize that the next time some idiot out there cites the "New York Times" as a "source."

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Alternative Media is Winning

Let me provide you a little bit of insight.

When I had my radio show at AM 1500 for all of 20 seconds, I was allowed to see and work within the "inner beast."  I saw all the radio show personalities.  I saw all the behind the scenes action.  And I saw how it all worked.

But one thing my eagle economic eye caught is just how normal, if not shoddy people were in radio.  Not because "they have a face for radio," but because (after some investigating) how little these people actually made.  They were not rich, they were not even well off.  And if you were under 30 you were working for peanuts to have the "honor" to work in "show biz."

Of course, now in hindsight we know these people pay a premium in salary to work in an industry that is considered fun, but that still doesn't debunk the "star" or "celebrity" effect they have.  Most people think that if you get a radio show gig or a part in a movie you are "set for life."  You get a record contract you are "golden."  And that if you have your own show you are showered with millions of dollars.

But it's all BS.  These people make peanuts.

So it is with a keen interest I noticed this little nugget from the Guardian.  Written by one "Kate Iselin" about her feminist problems of trying to find a real man that the opposite of what her and all the feminists were clamoring for. 

Now laugh as we might, scoff and send her a katyusha rocket barrage of "I Told You So's" the real story, if you're paying attention, is NOT that a feminist is having to sleep in the bed she made, but that Kate Iselin has...the same amount of followers on Twitter I do

This is telling because, well, frankly, I am TECHNICALLY and in ALL REALITY a nobody.  I'm just some guy who started a blog a decade ago, ranted and tiraded against all I saw, wrote a couple books and host a podcast like everybody and their brother.  So why is it a nobody like me, who had no intention of getting into "journalism" is on par with a "professional" with the establishment and multibillion dollar support of an established media giant?

The answer?

It's because we're winning.

Not that there was a war to begin with, and not because of any particular doing of our own, but simply because of the democratizing effects of the internet an industry that was once the preserve of connected lazy baby boomers who feared math, is now the backyard hobby of millions of rookies.  And these rookies are proving better than the "pros" who were unfortunate enough to join this industry as the internet has rendered it obsolete. 

Of course, if you were brought up in the past 40 years (which most of us were) you are still under the spell of "oooo Celebrityship, Stardom, and Rockstar!"  You see somebody on TV or hear somebody on the radio you think they are "famous" or "rockstars."  And while the media may have been able to throw up this veil of "celebrityship" it's becoming increasingly apparent just how fragile and "veilish" their fame was.  So much so The Guardian, a presumed premier battleship of left-wing media is now on par with a guy who started a blog 10 years ago and threw up charts.

In other words, the internet has completely removed the veil these "rock star journalists," these "Time Magazine" authors have and exposed them for nothing more than washed up , wanna be, poverty suffering journalism majors and political activists they are.  The real journalists are the millions of minds who actually do think independently and take to the internet to voice their opinions or at least call BS on the previous guard's claims.  And the fact a guy like me has equal ranking and footing as their "professionals" shows that the American population is slowly refocusing their eyes and recognizing the real media world for what it is.

So the next time you decide to dismiss Roosh or Aurini or Sargon or what have you, why don't you look up the Twitter following, the YouTube subscribership, and other measures of social media and compare them to the "professionals" the likes of "The Guardian" are hiring.

Some people are finally waking up!

Titillating Tuesday Linkage

She wasn't haaaaaaapppyyyyyyyy.

I was surprised there was still this many smart people in America.

My son will ask, "What was it like when women were women?"  And I'll look at him and say, "Heck if I know son.  I was born after the 60's and never met one my age."

Silvio Canto talks about the debate, but more interestingly El Chapo on the run again.

Captain America now helping illegal aliens out.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why "Buying Local" Is a Stupid Economic Strategy

On par with the stupidity that was the "Let's Boycott Big Oil" (for one day and then everybody buy twice the amount of gas the next) is the Gen X-inspired, Millennial-endorsed "Buy Local" economic strategy.

With data that is as spurious as a research paper written by a women's studies professor who hates her father, meaningless and unfounded data is thrown around claiming "if just everybody spent $100 locally it would benefit our economy by $3 million!"  Perhaps "$4 million!"  Heck, why not "$1 billion?"

But for saner heads and those who are GENUINELY interested in enacting economic policies that raise everybody's standard of living, and not just 20 something college kids masturbating their political egos, it is time for the Ole Captain to brush off the dust, put on his ole economist hat, and explain to you how "buying local" is not only stupid, but actually HARMS people economically.

At the heart of these naive people's economic strategy is the utopian idea that if you buy locally then the "money is kept in the local economy" and thus benefits those locally.  So instead of going to Wal-Mart and buying everything, you go to the Ma and Pa's store in town, thereby helping them AND their local employees.  And while on the face of it this may sound logical and simple, it is.  So simple it fails miserably to account for the real world.

First, in order for this to work, EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY would have to be forced BY LAW to re-spend the money locally until death do us part.  Not only would you have to buy from the local ma and pa dime store, THEY would have to buy all of their wares locally as well.  Additionally (and I'm sure the economic masterminds behind the "buy local" strategy accounted for this too), they would have to reinvest ONLY LOCALLY to keep the money local.  Ergo, not only would all goods and services be bought locally, but all sources of financing and investment would be local AND could only go to local companies.  Already you can intuitively see some problems with this as it sounds totalitarian and restrictive. 

Second, which is closely related to the first, is the lack of competition and choice.

What if I don't like the Ma and Pa store?
What if I don't like the local ice cream parlour?
What if the clothier does not have the fashion you want?
What if I don't want to invest in the local bean plant?

Well, tough cookies for you.  You HAVE TO buy local.

The irony is that the people who typically clamor for "buying local" are usually the same ones who protest against monopolies.  However, to a certian level, that is precisely what they're advocating.  A monopolistic market.  The only difference is merely who is the monopolist?

An "evil" big corporation from out of state that has lower prices and a better product?


A "good" local company, owned by Herb and Bethel in Bisbee, Arizona who charges $14 for a "local organic burger" that tastes like crap?

It belies their true political leanings - they're Nazis, but "for the small people," which I guess in their warped and inferior minds makes it all good.

Third, quality.

In limiting competition and choice, you by default lower quality.  Both in terms of allowing people to enjoy specialized products, as well as the benefits that come with having variety.  Soon, you WILL get sick of Bisbee's 5 local-only coffee stores.  You'll also get sick of the decor and the washed up hippie staff.  And you will yearn to have a Starbucks or a Caribou or a Dunn Brothers coffee.  But no, not if they can pass an ordinance in town banning any of those "evil, nasty, chain store" coffee shops.  So you're stuck looking at an algae infested fish tank that they use to brew their kombucha, not to mention listening to the latest in "indie" music out of Tuscon, when all you wanted was a quality cup of Joe.

Fourth and finally, prices.  Specifically, standards of living.

As much as you hate those "national chain stores" or those "eeeevil" multi-billion dollar corporations, the sad truth is that big is beautiful.  And by beautiful, I mean cheap.

See, back in the day they had this thing called the "industrial revolution" which among many other wonderous things, automated a lot of processes previously done by humans.  This allowed us to mass produce the same goods at a fraction of the time, cost, resources, and on-the-job-deaths than before.  However, also key to this was SCALE.

Instead of having everybody make their own cars in their own garages, it paid to make a lot MORE cars for a fraction of the per unit cost in these things called "factories."  Additionally, instead of selling a little bit of everything at the small Ma and Pa dime store, where customers would have to pay a hefty premium for square footage, it made immense economic sense to create super stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and malls where the retailing costs were a fraction of what was once before.  And so now, not only were goods being mass-produced by these large "evil" national chains or multi-billion dollar corporations, but because they were being made on scale, their costs dropped dramatically.  And when costs drop dramatically, that increases people's standards of living dramatically which is the WHOLE POINT OF ECONOMICS.

In short, these large, multi-billion dollar, "chain" stores and corporations like Wal-Mart have done more to PERMANENTLY help out the poor by boosting their purchasing power than any government program or pot-induced "buy local" dipshittery ever did.

The truth is "buying local" is a euphemism for "undeserved charity."  If you buy local you are usually paying a premium for a less efficiently made product or service out of political or charitable leanings.  Additionally, in insisting on "buying local" you also deny yourself the BEST possible goods and services that world has to offer.

Swiss chocolates?  No, not local.
Cuban cigars?  No, not local.
Saudi oil?  No, none for us, thank you.  Not local!  We're from Bisbee!

Just what kind of a life would you lead?

And finally what if everybody only "bought local?"  Like tourism, you are merely taking away business from one group of people to benefit another group of people who just happen to live in your town.  There is no net economic gain in such a strategy for the nation as a whole.  But it's even WORSE than tourism.  Tourism is a net-zero effect and does not adversely affect any particularly industry.  If you insisted on "buying local" only you would wipe out all of the nation's industries and along with it their ability to mass produce and sell on scale.  Prices would sky rocket, quality would tank, and you'd be stuck with what meager goods and services your "local" economy could produce.

So please, to all the restaurants, bars, waitresses, college students, city council members professors, and other varied sorts of wanna-be economists who advocate the "buy local" economic strategy, shut up.  Just please shut up.  You don't know what you're talking about, you're going to hurt your community more than help.  Just please shut up and leave economics, production, and standards of living to free people making free choices.  I know telling people to "shut up" is not a legitimate argument, perhaps an admission of defeat.  But not in your case.  You're so ignorant and stupid about economics "shut up" is not only the response you deserve, it's the only one you'd understand.
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Your Weekend Humor

40 things college girls say and what they really mean.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Job Offer in Hawaii

Howdy All,

Looks like Alex is looking to hire in Hawaii.  Please forward to anybody you might know.

"On behalf of Academic Composition, I'd like to thank all of you for your support. We were able to expand quite a bit lately largely because of contributions from CL posters and writers.

The high-season is starting as most students are about to enter mid-terms and all of our assistants will soon be generating plenty of leads. If you've contacted us regarding a writing position, don't get discouraged, we'll have more work in the next 6 weeks than we did in the last four months combined!

If you reside near a college campus and you would like to post ads, go ahead and send us an email. The more leads you'll generate, the bigger your bonus payout will be.

However, if you reside in Hawaii, your ads will be especially successful. As you know, the region is home to countless students who have no interest in writing their own papers and many working professionals there earn well above national average, especially if they are affiliated with the military or the government.

At the very least, you'll generate plenty of leads from students who can afford our services and are more than happy to pay a fair price. As CL subcontractors, you'll be earning substantially more than CL subcontractors in other states."

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

Why We're All Better Than Steve Jobs

You can listen to the Black Brigade here.

The Importance of Lowering Your Expectations

The Expectations Bubble

At 10 years old I believed that I was going to become a Vertitech Fighter.  If you don't know what that is, that's fine for it is only something 10 year old boys growing up in the 80's would know.  But in fact, the "Veritech Fighter" is an imaginary fighter plane from the Japanese anime series "Robotech."  It could convert from a standard fighter for long distance space battles to a humanoid like robot for close quarters combat, typically against the evil "Invid Invasion" that wished to enslave the human world.

Naturally I did not grow up to become a Veritech pilot, not only because no such thing existed, nor that there wasn't an evil alien force called the "Invid," but because of reality.  My family was poor so even if there were such a thing as a Veritech fighter we were unlikely to afford it, and I had to focus on more practical means of escaping poverty.

However, while poverty kept my life goals grounded in reality, the same cannot be said for many of my peers and members of future generations.  For while it was impossible for anybody of any generation to become a Veritech pilot, it was not necessarily impossible for them to become a

famous singer
famous celebrity
high paid athelete
President of the United States
or just plain social diva

Statistically, unlikely?


And so what ensued was a phenomenon that was not only insane, but increasingly so as time went on. 

Parents told their children "they could become anything" because that was nice thing to do.
Teachers echoed their parents, telling them the same, because it would be mean to crush little Jimmy's dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan.
Did you want to become a world famous singer/celebrity?  It was all possible according to the movies, MTV videos, and Madonna.
And come graduation time, before children were shipped off to college, parents would buy their adult children the hilariously optimistic "Oh The Places You Will Go" by Dr. Seuss.

This child-age propaganda did not stop there, nor in its intensity.  As time went on it wasn't merely "telling your children to aim high" and "chase their dreams" but to ensure at all expense your children's ego and self-esteem was never shattered.  And so the successive generation (Millennials) were treated to an even more potent dose of pie in the sky poppy cock that inflated their expectations.

Participation trophies.
No scores being kept.
The elimination of red markers for grading papers.
The elimination of grades.
Special ed teachers.
"Everybody should go to college"

and other outright lies that cowardly parents and teachers told their children/students their entire childhood lives.

One would think it would stop there once these children grew up and went on to college, having their childish dreams and expectations smashed by reality.  But the machine driving the "Expectations Bubble" was just firing up.

First media and Hollywood couldn't have young people think they couldn't chase and inevitably realize their dreams.  Especially women.  Ergo, they created even more movies where the good guy always wins, the girl gets the rich husband in the end, and everybody makes $100,000 a year while serving coffee at the "Central Perk."

Second, academia needed these now-adult children (especially women) to believe that the key to achieving their dreams was a college education.  And not just a college education, but preferably an advanced degree through college education.  23 year old girls just couldn't become $250,000/year fashion writers for Vogue in Manhattan without a Masters in Creative Writing.  And 22 year old boys just couldn't become the next Kirk Cobain without getting a degree in Music Theory.  They needed the guidance (and promise of success) from adult theoreticians posing as professors.  But don't worry, once you got your college degree you were GUARANTEED not only to get a job, but FINALLY after nearly 2 decades of schooling, live your dream.

Third, we can't forget this entire time what the fashion/movie/sex industry was telling these kids.  Women were entitled to strong, but sensitive, but not too sensitive men, who could read minds, were all millionaires (preferably billionaires) looked like Brad Pitt, voted Democrat, wanted sex, but only when the women wanted to have sex, and wanted to wait until she was ready to have children, and would MAGICALLY show up and be ready to marry when she was ready to take a brake from her "fabulous" writing career at 32 years and 7 months.  Boys were fed the lies that women liked kind, sensitive caring men, who voted Democrat, opened doors for girls, and wrote poetry, and as long as you did that you would be guaranteed to have that hot, sex-addicted nymphomaniac that you've come to expect watching increasing amounts of internet porn.  Besides, who can blame them?  According to their teachers and parents they were the greatest people to ever grace this earth.  Besides, they had college degrees and were "going green," and that ENSURED they'd have great love lives.

And finally politicians.

What politician is going to win over this voting bloc by pointing out things like:

"Debt to GDP Ratios?"
"Unfunded liabilities?"
"Government spending as a % of GDP?"
or "Labor force participation rates?"


And that's why there was a lot of talk about hope and "the children are our future" without a lot of hard math and statistics based in reality.

When you threw it all together, it was the biggest lie ever told.  Previous generations had so misled their children about what they could expect and were entitled to by the future that nearly EVERYBODY in the entire country had expectations that GREATLY exceeded what reality was ever capable of giving them.  But worse, it was about every aspect of their lives:

Love life
Family live

Nearly every one in the United States of America is so delusional that this "Expectations Bubble" dwarfs that of the Housing or Dotcom bubbles.  And like all bubbles, when they burst there will be pain.

Why Did This Happen?

Before we move onto solutions to the Expectations Bubble, we need to know how and why it formed in the first place.  And the answer is three fold and very simple.

#1  There's Profit to Be Had in Dem Der Lies!

Oprah's entire career was basically "lie to women by telling them what they want to hear, even though it will ruin their lives in the long run, and charge them the entire time."  But before you jump on Oprah, realize she was merely just one figurehead-example of the "Charge for Pretty Lies" industry.

The entire fashion industry is one big lie to women that wearing those clothes (for that year) will make them not necessarily sought after by men, but envied by other women.  Make up is the same thing, but it is to make you look "younger and better."  But even these industries have a morsel of honesty in them in that fashion and make-up can make you look better.  Such a thing cannot be said, however, of the vanity industries of "women's empowerment" books, feminist studies in college, and (my coined phrase) "roundhouse-kicking chick cop show" media.

You see women can't be stay at home moms and supporting wives.  There's no money in that.  Corporate America needs women to have their own salaries and outsource their children so:

1.  They can make billions in child outsourcing prisons daycare center profits
2.  They can make billions on fashion sales for vain products like purses and "hand bags"
3.  They can make billions on second and third cars
4.  They can make billions on the CAR LOANS to pay for those second and third cars
5.  They can make TRILLIONS on selling you more house than you need
6.  They can make TRILLIONS on selling women worthless liberal arts degrees.

So you see we need to mold women's expectations into "having it all" even though not one woman in the history of the world has ever pulled that off successfully.

But before we mock women, men are just as easily duped and to blame.

It may not be a Prada purse he buys, but he'll blow 10 times that amount on a fancy car.
It may not be a "Masters in Gender Studies," but he will blow $50,000 on a "Creative Writing Degree."
It may not be a "$4,000 Italian couch," but it is a $4,000 bet on a DraftKing's "sportsball" event.

And just as women blindly sopped up the lies told to them by all these corporations that their lives would be great if they had these THINGS, men equally naively thought they'd be fat, married, employed and happy if they did the same.  In the end, all most Americans really end up doing is LITERALLY mortgaging their lives away in the form of student loans, car loans, and McMansion mortgages to pay corporations and universities till their dead.

#2.  There's Votes to Be Had in Dem Der Lies!

Just like corporations, universities, and non-profits will lie to get you to part with your money, politicians will lie so they can get your vote.  The consequences, however, are not immediate as you are unlikely to directly pay for what you vote for.  Remember, it's only those eeeevil rich people and white guys that pay.

Of course ripping on corporations, males, whites, or people who just plain have more than you is also ripping on employers, innovators, spenders, and investors.  Kind of the whole engine of economic growth for the country.  So when they're taxed...and leave...or just don't invest...or just work less...or innovate less...or retire...there's not as much economic growth to go around.  Oh...and yeah.  Less jobs too.

So that "great career" you were promised by those politicians if you did what your parents told you to do and "just go to college" and everything will work out fine?

Yeah, how's that working for you now?  Oh, and by the way, how are those student loans you used to pay those leftist professors $300/credit who told you to vote Democrat all the time?  They afford those professors a nice house near campus?  No no, I know.  "You're really smart and educated" and I'm "just a big jerk who doesn't understand economics."

3.  You Parents (and Friends) are Cowards

You parents and friends have likely failed you because they dare didn't hurt your feelings by telling you the truth.  This is cowardice on their part because whatever temporary measure of ire you may have sent there way for telling you a harsh truth was enough to deter them to idly stand by and watch you go down a path that would ruin your life.

Your son or daughter is going to go to a private liberal art college and major in Social Justice Studies, ending up with $125,000 in debt?

No, no, don't stop them.  You're not a real dad.  You're a spineless one, soon joining the eunuch trope.  Tell them "follow your heart and the money will follow" as you condemn them to a life of poverty.

Your friend just got engaged to an insufferable, spoiled trust fund baby who is majoring in Women's Studies?

No, no.  Don't stop him.  You're not a real friend.  You're a spineless one who has no problem condemning your friend to a life of misery, divorce, and child support payments.

Whether it is real cowardice, laziness in parenting, or an inappropriate amount of "well they're their own adults and I can't stop them" non-interventionism, the result is the same.

"Everybody's a winner!"
"Everybody is happy!"
"You're all going to have wonderful and great futures!"
"Everything is awesome!"

Again, when you combine these three things, they are the ingredients for a perfect storm.  Nobody has any financial incentive to tell you the truth.  Nobody has a political reason to burst your delusional expectations of reality.  And even those closest to you have been so spoiled and made soft by decades of decadence lack the spine to tell you otherwise.   With nothing to stop them, multi-billion dollar corporations, multi-billion dollar universities, and multi-TRILLION dollar governments will take advantage of your naivety, inflating your ego and expectations from life, just as long as you enslave yourself to them forever.

What are the Costs?

The costs are what you'd likely expect from the world's largest bubble - the world's largest price.  I cannot think of at any point in time, bar maybe the mass starvations caused by communism and the two world wars that would come close to what the United States, and to a larger extent, western civilization will pay for their delusions.  However, regardless of the price it will be paid in two ways.  Mental and financial.

Mentally we are already paying this price.  For those of you who got through high school, graduated from college, did what you were told, and went into debt doing so, you are already suffering for the lies, deceit and delusion that was cast upon you.  Like many 20 somethings you are wondering what you did wrong?  Why isn't life going the way you were told it would go?  Where is your job?  Where is your mentally stimulating career?  Where are the droves of women/men that you were to date?

And this confusion isn't something simple like "why isn't my car starting?"

This is a life crushing experience as for the past ENTIRETY of your life you have been lied to, and thus PROGRAMMED to think a certain way.  It's not like you can just "YouTube" "how to clean a fuel injector" and be done with this this afternoon.  It is the most rudest of awakenings in that your entire world view is being shattered and along with it your entire mental programming and life philosophy.  You need to rethink everything, AS WELL AS ADMIT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN WASTED UP TO THIS POINT!  All that schooling.  All that education.  All that political indoctrination.  All that BS about women liking "caring men" were not only lies, but wastes of life, time and money.  It is the closest thing to insanity healthy minds will ever endure, and some even crack, going insane themselves, giving some explanation to the recent spat of millennial mass murderers we've seen.

If you manage to get through it you will naturally be angry.  You will not be happy.  You will want revenge.  But there is nobody to get revenge on, because you very well can't take on a corporation, nor the US government, nor the university that just ass-raped you for $50,000 in tuition.  It is here you will either double down on your delusional life (like a women's study major getting her "doctorate" and blaming anything on "white men"), or you will admit you DID make these decisions, even if you were misled, and you believed them.

And it is here yet another life-determining decision will be made.  Do you pick yourself up and do what you can with only 67% of your life left, and nearly none of your youth remaining?  Or do you give up and sink into depression?  Many-a-construction workers committed suicide when they went bankrupt when a housing bubble THEY DIDN'T CONTROL burst.  But some stuck it out and got back their wealth they lost in 7 years.  It will be the true test of a man and woman's mettle to see which of these options they choose.

Regardless, this is the mental price people will pay for the Expectations Bubble.  Wasted lives, wasted youth, some will commit suicide, others will pursue the delusion blaming bogey men, and others will limp on in life.  But regardless of where they end up, the pure psychological torment of realizing you've been lied to your entire life, and that this has cost you your youth, AND how to control that rage to salvage what remains is the mental price two generations, maybe three will pay for the lies, deceit and cowardice of previous generations.

The financial price is incalculable.  We could discuss economic estimates of "unfunded liabilities" which are around $100 trillion in promises we can't keep.  We could discuss the national debt, 65% of which was used to buy votes which if interest rates nudge even slightly up, the US is insolvent.  We could be theoretical and ask "what could have been" had we adhered to those nasty, dirty, disgusting WASPy principles of the WWII generation.  But in the end it is moot.

With now about 80% of the population wasting 1/3rd of their lives getting educated, and nearly 75% of them getting educated in worthless subjects, NOT TO MENTION crippling their financial futures in debt, the entire economic system just plain doesn't have the human productive capacity, ability, nor desire to

1.  Honor all our debts
2.  Pay for everything else

The herculean economic challenges that face this nation are insurmountable to the deluded, incompetent, incapable, and demoralized population we have today.  One can fully expect default (if we lose world reserve currency status), and a long slow decline as the Romans experienced in the 4th and 5th centuries AD.

What Can Be Done?

Just like the Dotcom Bubble, just like the Housing Bubble, and just like the Retirement Bubble, people are so brainwashed and wedded to the bubble, it's nearly impossible to wake them up and effectively deflate it.  You now have nearly 90% of the population that is NON-WWII, meaning they lack the hardships, sacrifices, and other real world experiences in life to harden them to the point they prefer harsh truths over reality.  You have Baby Boomers, Gen X'ers, Millennials and whatever god-forsaken generation is coming after that, and NONE OF THEM seem to have an inkling of desire to turn off The Kardashians and start reading The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, all major institutions in the country are too vested in the system as it currently is.  The democrats will never forfeit the promises of "unicorns, free health care, free education, you can do anything and if you didn't it's whitey's fault" type strategy.  Corporations are too invested in men and women thinking delusionally about themselves, and thus being entitled to all their material goods.  Universities and colleges need to also keep up the lie you need college to achieve your dream for what else would the parasitic scum of society posing as professors do for a living?  And the media has too much at stake for they are the ones who sell you the lies as to why your life isn't going the way you want it, or at least produce the mind-numbing drugs of sitcoms and Grammy awards so you never question it to begin with.

But all these major obstacles aside, there is at least a THEORETICAL way to undo all the damage that has been/will be done and maybe, put the country back on the path towards greatness and reality.  And it starts with that.  Reality.  Specifically, The Reality Principle.

The Reality Principle is not a theory or concept or an idea.  It's reality.  And it basically states that your decisions become more and more effective the more and more you base those decisions in reality.

If you work out, eat right, put yourself together, get implants, and grow your hair out long you will abide by the REALITY that men like girls with long hair, big boobs, tight asses, and a pretty face and are practically guaranteed to succeed with men.

If you instead lie to yourself and claim beauty is a social construct as you wharf down your 4th cheese burger, cut your hair short, wear military boots, and pierce your nose on your way to the latest "fat acceptance" meeting, then you will FAIL with men.

But the CRUX of The Reality Principle is not the simple common sense that it implies.  It is pursuing The Reality Principle in spite of our wishes, desires, biases, predispositions, wants and preferences.

For example it's very easy for me to acknowledge women want an in shape guy, with big muscles, who makes a lot of money, is charming, talented and charismatic.

It's another thing for me to run 6 miles, lift weights the next day, pursue a degree in engineering, work 60 hours a week to make the money, while picking up dance classes and practicing Cary Grant lines to meet those standards (which I have by the way ;).

Ergo it's not the concept of basing decisions in reality as much as it accepting the criticism and responsibilities it forces on us.

Do you want to have a job after college?  Tough luck, you have to study hard disciplines in STEM, engineering, and math.

Do you want to have that hot nymphomanic babe you see on the internet?  Tough luck, hit the gym, lift weights, get rid of the carbs, and enjoy the suck.

Do you want to be a social justice warrior that helps the poor and are too lazy to get a real education?  Tough luck, you will be poor, nobody will really respect you, and nobody will take you seriously.

While this "responsibility-taking" aspect of The Reality Principle implies a third impossible hurdle to bursting and recovering from The Expectations Bubble, it does something that all the lies, government checks, and warm fuzzies can't do, and that is provide real and genuine hope, a real, tangible and possible solution to most people's problems.  For while the sweet lies do satiate most of the sheeple out there, most sheeple do know, deep down inside this is not how they want their lives to be going.  They are not satisfied with their lives.  They are not happy and they are not hopeful about the future.  Additionally, they inevitably tire of a life where the lies and promises they were told are never realized. 

How long are blacks going to believe the Democrat lies?  Another 60 years?
How long are women going to believe the 60's feminist lies?  Another 60 years?

Inevitably, after a couple generations of no success, no progress, and above all else, no happiness, they WILL start to question the lies they've been told (which in part explains my disproportionately high black male readership, as well as loyal contingent of women who want to be traditional housewives). 

In other words, lies and deceit do not work in the long run no matter how good they feel.  And if we are in a very Trump like way, direct, unapologetic and blunt about it, being HONEST and pointing to REALITY at least gives everybody a realistic and understandable road map to success.  It is only those who are truly delusional or so vested in their ideology that they will want to continue to live the lies for that is all they have ever known in their lives. 

Ergo, to reach this society-wide level of "epiphany" requires one simple thing.  A sustained adherence to and broadcasting of The Reality Principle by various independent media outlets, philosophers, bloggers, podcasters, teachers, and above all else, PARENTS.  Again, what we offer is not as sweet sounding as "the glass ceiling" or "you can have it all" or "nobody's too good for my little princess," but it is based in reality.  In theory, slowly but surely, people will realize pursuing becoming the next Miley Ray Cyrus only to be unemployed and singing karaoke, is not as good as aiming to be an electrician and actually becoming an electrician.  Or aiming to be an elite investment banker at Goldman Sachs only to make it into a 4th tier commercial bank, is not as good as aiming to be a cop and actually becoming a cop.  It is simply telling our fellow loved one or even our fellow man that they need to lower their expectations inline with reality, not because we wish to rain on their parade, but because we wish to save their lives and spare their youth from the destructive forces of delusion.

And if that is too hard a sell to the American public.  So be it.  They will get what they deserve.
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Book Review: "Women: Theory and Practice" by Bernard Chapin

My review of Bernard Chapin's book.

You may buy Uncie Bern Bern's book here.

Date the A Girl, Marry the B Girl

Was interviewed on the Jason Hartmann show where we talked about cars, feminism, and the importance of dating B girls (the ones who aren't 9's or 10's, but have sanity, jobs, and maturity).

Check out the show here for your lunch time podcast.

Fuck You Mark Dayton

You drugged up piece of spoiled, trust fund baby shit.

Yeah, it is time to leave.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Being a Musician Cuts Your Game in Half - By Guest Writer Matt Baldoni

Being a Musician Cuts Your Need For Game In HALF

...but you still need game. Read on, gents.

I've been a pro freelance musician for two decades. In that time I've met a lot of women,
and judging by the numbers that other men in our corner of the interwebs have calculated
so diligently, I'd say my notch count is in the top 1% of all men. But that's certainly not the
reason I do what I do for a living. I do it for girls AND money.

I got started playing music as a kid because I saw how well the athlete boys were
doing with female attention and knew full well I couldn't do what they did, so I needed to
find something else. Once I discovered that a man with a guitar and a microphone was
adored, I knew that was it. I was driven by learning how to play things that inspired me
emotionally, and determined to make it my job someday. It worked. But it should be known
that honing my skills began at age 9.

Playing music is an incredibly difficult thing to do WELL. It takes years and years of
diligence, practice, handling rejection well, and sacrifice in order to attain professional
proficiency. It would not be easy for a newbie to learning game if he decided to learn to
play music instead. As an adult who has never played music before, I'd vote that it's much
easier to follow the advice of our experts here and just begin overcoming your anxiety and
start approaching cold. But if you already have interest or experience in playing music, it
can eliminate a lot of the work for you.


I've talked to thousands of them about this, learned what they like and what they don't, and
there are some things that they all agree on. Some of these are: Being good with your
hands is sexy. A man who can manipulate a gigantic phallic symbol and create beautiful
sounds with it gives a woman tingles in the nether regions. Many women love music
themselves, and find it attractive that a man loves it like they do and they like someone who
they have that in common with. This happens a lot, as musicians tend to be the BIGGEST
fans of music and musical artists. The confidence that comes with being a professional
performer is just like any other confidence a man Passionate men are sexy.

When that passion and the sweat generated from it is visible and she can see it and touch it,
she wants it. High status as a musician, or performing for large audiences, suggests you
have status, money, and can provide resources. If you write original music (I do not), every
woman dreams of being immortalized in song. Like Layla. Musicians are “different from the
other guys”. Sometimes it's just long hair, other times it's because women see it as a unique
job to have.

But the main reasons they like us are the same that drive them to do most anything
else they do...ego and attention. We can all agree that there are many different kinds of
“whore”, but the one thing women will prostitute themselves for more than any other is
attention. Their egos drive their innate need to compete with one another, and musicians
are often men that other women want. If they can nab a musician, they win. Also, and this
is not often mentioned elsewhere, they are in absolute awe of the attention a musician man
can generate for himself. They're even envious of it. Sometimes they hate us for it, but
we're like drugs to them, and they can't shake us off without withdrawls.


I'll mention again that I am NO original artist. I've written some songs, collaborated on
others, but let me remind you that my main reason for doing this is money and making a
living. Musicians work to serve the public, and the public likes what they get fed. Play
songs they know, play songs they like, do it with relative authenticity and accuracy, and you
will make money. This formula has worked for me my entire career. I know the songs that
women of all ages like, and I play them.

I have in fact written a few songs about women, sometimes just to play it for them
alone, sometimes they've ended up on someone else's album or a film soundtrack. But
lyrics are very difficult for me to write (not to sing), so I don't do it much. I can tell you that
the songs I have written myself for a girl have gone over like gangbusters and dropped the
panties in seconds.

Bottom line, in order to get laid as a musician, you need to be on stage as much as
possible. In order to do that, you need to play cover tunes. You can get started and get
visible a lot faster that way, it opens you up to more professional opportunities, bands, and
venues, and you can “cast a wider net” of women when you're working every night playing
hit songs, as opposed to playing your own songs once a month at some open mic or club gig
for 6 people. Other people's music makes you MORE money and gives you access to MORE


I have friends who do well on every instrument, but in my experience as both a music fan
and music professional, there are two that attract more women than anything. Those are
1)singing lead, and 2) playing lead guitar. It's no accident that I do both. All my heroes do
both (Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray, etc.) and that's what I always wanted to do too. I also
did both because it made more girls notice me as a little kid. I still practice both
instruments every single day, even if I'm playing three gigs that night.

Do drummers get laid? Sure they do. Bass players? Yep. Keyboard players?
Sometimes. Horn players? Not as much. That's about where the hierarchy ends from what I
can tell. Musicians are always gonna get laid more than guys with conventional jobs, and
often times the instrument choice doesn't matter much. But nobody is commanding more
attention than the lead singer and lead guitarist in any given band, and by learning both you
can not only make more money as a musician, but also meet more women.
Singing in general, no matter what instrument is your first choice, if done in addition
to that instrument can really up your chances big time. Even guys who sing a few
background harmonies while playing bass, drums, or keyboard do very well. But being the
lead singer in a band or principal performer in a show will always win that shitfight.


Being a musician will eliminate the need for many of those unsuccessful cold approaches.
It's my opinion you should ALWAYS go approach a woman that interests you with NO regard
for the outcome, whether you're on a gig or not, but having some solid experience as a
performer can really give you confidence you can't get in a lot of other places. I learned to
hone and sharpen my game after already having been a musician for some years, and other
parts of my game came naturally just BECAUSE of being a musician. You'll find this common
among musicians.

At the end of the night however, you still need to close the deal. One cannot live on
singing sappy pussy songs alone. You need to make eye contact while working, establish a
vibe, and then move things forward with conversation on your break or at the end of the
show. I should also mention that this is often IMPOSSIBLE when touring, because you have
to break down the gear or load up and get right to traveling as soon as you're done playing.
But often we travel in the early morning hours, and you can get a lot of one-nighters under
those circumstances.

The gig will also allow you to “read the room” as I call it, and get a good view of many
different women in the venue. You can see from the stage where they are, what they look
like (sort of), who is buying them drinks, and who they might be fending off or hooking up
with. If you can multi task, which most musicians can, you can formulate your talking
points/bait-drops/lines/thoughts while finishing a song and be ready to spit as soon as
you're off stage.

I would never in a million years take away from the importance that the experts in
our internet corner place on game. They're all absolutely correct. However, if solid game is
an American V8 motor, being a good musician is like putting twin superchargers on it. Zero
to hero in 12 bars.


The 'sphere places huge importance on fitness, strength training, grooming, and other
subjects. All incredibly useful and vital shit. NOBODY wants to fuck and/or hire a fat ugly
guy and put him on a stage. I happen to have long hair and a beard, which I've had for many
years. I did it to deliberately NOT look like other guys I saw out there years ago, I wanted to
be the exact opposite of them because I thought they were all douchebags, and these days I
get stopped at many places and asked “Are you in a band?” I just sorta have that look by
default. It helps, because it's most often women that ask that. I don't consider myself an
overly handsome guy, average at best, but I maintain good physical shape and I groom
properly. Put an electric guitar and a microphone on top of that and it's your third

As far as talent goes, musicians who sound shitty do not get laid as much as those of
us who are really good. Am I really good? Of course I am. Does that sound egotistical? Of
course it does. I maintain a professional standard of skills that my business requires, and if I
weren't any good, I wouldn't be making this much dough. So, if you're in a band and not
getting laid yet, you need to practice your instrument AND your game every single day.
When they're both proficient at a professional level, they'll start to pay off handsomely.


Most of us are freelancers, and like any freelance career, playing live music has a huge
amount of ups and downs. Musicians have an incredibly bad reputation for being
irresponsible. I am determined to go against that grain, so I live very minimalist and cheap
and watch my money like a hawk. Being responsible with your money in an insecure
business promotes discipline, health, and overall well-being. You're a lot more free to scam
girls at the gig if you're not so worried about what they're paying you.

Like I said, I tend to eat clean (hard to do on tour), work out, and choose to live
alcohol- and drug-free. I'm usually the weirdo on most gigs and tours I do, but I always get
laid the most. It's almost comical how much farther ahead I am than guys I play with
regularly. Many of them are married, but married guys are sometimes more anxious to hear
about your conquests than anybody else.

Always being in control and waking up rested and healthy keeps your musician game
sharp. You play better, you fuck better, and you won't make bad choices when it comes to
girls at the gig because you're thinking clearly. I ain't saying don't have fun, but this is a JOB
and I am running a BUSINESS. People who take their business seriously don't get drunk or
high at work, or they lose their jobs.


I just can't let this one go by without acknowledgement. I have never been married or had
any children, and I never will. I don't use the gig to find a wife or mother to my future
children. But I know guys that have done so with great success. The other guys try to wife
up some groupie whore and get totally screwed.

Women and beta pussies will squawk and cackle that only low quality sluts are into
musicians, or something stupid that sounds like that. I can say without a doubt that all of
those generalizations are TOTAL BULLSHIT. That's just something women and pussies say
because the women are jealous of other women who get musicians to fuck them, and the
pussy men are jealous of the musicians who get laid easily. ALL straight women have been
attracted to a male musician at one time or another, regardless of their “quality”, and there
are many we've met that ended up being super cool. A gig has led to several very fulfilling
and loving relationships for me.

Sure, you'll meet a bunch of brain-dead skanks, and if you're in a metal band they're
ALL brain-dead skanks, but if you work your way up to playing nicer joints, the quality of
women go up and you have more choices. I've gotten numbers from medical doctors, six
figure lawyers, models, actresses, and athletes, all of them hotties. There will be the normal
coalition of chubby broads and ugly broads, ones with too many tattoos, too much hair dye
or too many holes in their face. They might be easy fucks, but they're not GF material.
Choose wisely fellas.

So, say you DO start dating a chick exclusively after meeting her and hooking up with
her after a show. Then you're gonna have a whole other set of shitfights and difficulties.
The worst one...other girls. Other girls ALWAYS show up to the gig. If you're GF or wife
starts fending them off or getting jealous, it's bad business for you and the band. Also, if
your significant other wants to all-of-a-sudden get involved in “band business”, that's a big
no no. Bands have fallen apart that way. We jokingly call it “Yoko Ono Syndrome”.
It takes a secure and independent woman to date a musician and put up with the
long hours, the traveling, the ubiquitous other women, and the lifestyle. But in this day and
age there are plenty of strong women who can handle it, and many of them are dateable.
Just because I won't move one in or marry them does not mean you can't either. But don't
make the mistake of thinking it's mostly low-quality women in your audience. Nothing
could be further from the truth.


Just like anywhere else, you'll find that a huge amount of musicians are slobbering little
geekboy beta pussies who just happened to be proficient enough on an instrument to get
in a working band that generates an audience. This is the last reason I'll give you as to why
game is so important. You're not only gonna need to play better than these guys, you're
gonna need more solid game than them just like you would on the street. I've seen guys
who have no reason to NOT get laid based on their professional position strike out nightly.
They may have looks, they may have talent, some women may like them, but they don't have
what we all can learn in our little corner of the 'net. Do yourself a favor and continue
learning more and more about your game all the time. Being a musician can eliminate a lot
of work if you're a good one, but there is still no substitute for the real work laid out by our
pioneers. All I am saying here is do BOTH. You can get by on just being a musician, but a
musician who has practiced his game as diligently as his guitar will be unstoppable.


This particular matter does not have to do with gaming chicks and a musician, but it's so
important that I couldn't finish this article without addressing it.

We who have diligently ingested the crimson capsule will find that once our eyes are
open, our beliefs change. We may lean more politically conservative or libertarian, we may
shy away from traditional institutions like religion or marriage, we may become fully
involved in the neomasculinity movement. With all this comes a certain responsibility if you
choose to make your life in show business.

You won't find a more liberal and leftist business than the “business we call show”.
Most of middle management will be either women or gay men, feminism and feminist
women run rampant among your professional performer colleagues and superiors, and it
seems everybody is a total fucking socialist. In meeting the men on gigs who DO share my
beliefs, I find we must keep them very quiet if we want to keep our gigs. Most are quieter
than I am, but I often could give zero fucks whether I keep a gig or not, no matter how
prestigious it is. It's often this attitude that garners you the respect of your bandmates and
colleagues too.

But it should be noted that there are a million guys waiting in the wings who are
willing to play music live for FREE, often just for the sake of meeting girls. Yes, our job
really is that cool. Being true to yourself and maintaining frame is essential for the
happiness of man, but we all gotta eat, and part of being a professional adult is knowing
when to keep it to yourself and just do your job, as painful as it may seem at the time.
In the meantime, gentlemen, I'm happy to offer more advice and answer questions. As
guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani says, “Play on...and keep it alive till you're 95!”

Parents, Please Stop Giving Your Kids Bad Advice

In this video I review the most common bits of bad advice parents have given their children, which usually lands them at the door step to Asshole Consulting.  However, in the vain hopes some parents might listen, I compiled this list regardless:

But Muh Patriarchies!

Oh nosies!

Friday, October 09, 2015

The Real Reason for Millennial Mass Shootings

Given that they're happening at about 1 a day now, I figured society might be concerned enough to entertain unpleasant truths, and thus solutions to "Millennial Mass Shooters"

Marvel's Destruction of White Male Comic Book Super Heroes and Why It's Irrelevant

Despite the dashing looks, irresistible charm, and much-better-than-average-for-a-40-year-old-physique I have today, in my youth I was a nerd.  And not just "the kid who was shy" type nerd, I was a full on, 100%, grade A nerd.  I DM'd several D&D campaigns, played Shadow Run, didn't break 100 pounds until I was a sophomore in high school, and still to this day have my dice bag.

I was, and still am to this day, a nerd. 

So occasionally I like to geek out and listen to one of my favorite podcasts, The Bechtloff, wherein Chris (the host) hosts anywhere from 2-5 other nerds and discuss all thinks geekery.

Video games
Table top games, and

However, a common theme that is discussed on his show is the trend in the comic book industry to basically eliminate all white male super heroes and replace them with any one of a number of permutations of non straight white males.

The Green Lantern is now black.
Thor is a girl.
Peter Parker (spider man) is now gay.
But that's if you didn't know he was Hispanic before.
And then there's Ms. Marvel who is now a Muslim

Naturally, there is a backlash, but for more reasons than you'd think.

One, you are destroying the original characters as they were originally created.
Two, the obvious ploy amongst Marvel (and DC comics) to placate to leftist politics of diversity at the expense of the franchises (much like James Bond being black) ruins the comics.
Three, it insults true original creators of non-white male heroes such as Static Shock, Blade, Jason Fly (a video game called XIII), and Storm.
Finally, Marvel insults their fans as they're implying their readers are so shallow and stupid they'll respond positively to gender, race, or religious changes and not a good story line OR new original comics that contain new non-white male superheroes.

But while the assault on American comic book classics is under full swing by a new generation of talentless SJW wanna-but-never-will-be's Stan Lee's at Marvel's comic book division,


normal, everyday Americans are appalled at this assault

what we all need to do is step back, clear the gunk from our eyes, and look at the comic book industry through a different lens.  Specifically that of economics.  For if we do, you'll see why this destruction of "evil white male" comic book super heroes is not worth wasting one more calorie of energy getting riled up about.

First you need to know that Marvel is not Marvel anymore.  It is part of the Disney corporation which bought them out in 2007.  Previous to that it was a flailing company, one of which had filed for bankruptcy indicating Marvel, as a stand alone entity, was worthless and nobody wanted what they were selling.

Second, you need to ask yourself a question.  "How big is Marvel compared to the rest of Disney?"  And not just Marvel, but specifically the COMIC BOOK SEGMENT of Marvel?

Well, that's not as easy of a task as it seems. 

If you look at Disney's 2014 annual report, you'll note that Marvel is accounted for under two of Disney's divisions.  One, the "Studio Entertainment" division and, two, the "Consumer Products" division.  However, MOVIES are different than COMICS and thus the COMICS ONLY portion of sales would be accounted for in the Consumer Products division:

And when you look at Disney's total sales of $49 billion, the consumer products division accounts for a only 8.2% of that (though 10% of gross profits):

But here's the problem.  Consumer products include not just comic books but all of the merchandized crap that Disney sells in association with its movies.  Dolls, games, video games, music, lunchboxes, backpacks, you name it.  And when I walk through Target I can see every manner of merchandise with a super hero or Disney character slapped on it, but NO comic books.  So out of that meager 8.2%, it is likely much, much less.

How much less is hard to tell.  Because if you search Disney's 2014 annual report you'll come up with 37 instances of "Marvel" but only 6 mentions of "comic books."  And there was no data that explicitly stated how much Disney had in comic book sales.  It's almost as if Disney is ashamed they even produce comic books.

So off to teh interwebz I went and I found this helpful link that contains some comic book industry statistics from 2012.  Specifically, it contains total industry sales ($418 million) AND Marvel's percent of the market (39.06%).  This would imply that Marvel's TOTAL comic book sales in 2012 was no more than a whopping $163 million.  You know what?  Let's be affirmative actiony just like Marvel's SJW comic book artists and give them a helping hand by rounding up to $200 million.

So, in 2014 Marvel sold $200 million in comic books which accounts for (drum roll please)

.4% of Disney's total revenue.

NOT 4%,

And this is the reason why Marvel (and DC) going on an affirmative action campaign, replacing all the evil CIS gendered, white male super heroes with anything but doesn't matter.  It's because nobody cares.

While ruining classical comic books' canon may upset comic book readers, in the grand scheme of things Disney just doesn't care.  Disney bought Marvel for its ability to make movies, not comic books.  And either out of the leftist political CSR bias Disney has, a hope Marvel's comic book team would develop new comics that could be turned into infinitely more profitable movies in the future, or (and I would not doubt this) Marvel put a poison pill into their acquisition from Disney that they HAD to still produce comic books despite being bought out, Marvel's comic book division still remains.  Unfortunately it's staffed by talentless Millennial puke whose one trick pony is NOT to create new and exciting comics, but merely ruin previous artists' work by forcing "diversity" on it.  But so what?  They're irrelevant.  They're .004 of Disney's total sales and it's obvious Disney doesn't care what they do.

The truth is that the comic book industry is no different than the music industry or the book publishing industry.  The talented artists coming up with NEW and ORIGINAL art are on the internet and selling them directly to comic book fans.  The connected, the political, the ideologues, the ass-kissers, the talentless, and the hacks are employed (unnecessarily and charitably I might) by the old and now obsolete guard.  This presents a choice to true comic book fans who will determine the future of comic books.

Do you continue to buy what is nothing more than leftist propaganda posing as a comic book just because it has the brand name of "Superman" or "Thor" on it?

Or do you find new and upcoming artists who are creating the TRUE works of comic book art that will become the masterpieces of the future?
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