Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Episode #127 of The Clarey Podcast

Cappy gets NO PITY from women when he claims he's sick and injured!
Real men can exchange racial jokes
Too many pussies in the Red Pill world
Cappy's favorite coffee mug
Percent of "Pansexuals" that are faking it.


***An interesting last segment where I inquire what percentage of people who are claiming to be "pan sexual" are merely just millennial leftoids faking it so they can belong to something.

"How Do I Math?"

The maths are hard.
Tee hee!  I'm a girl!
I just like working with children.
But aren't math numbers?  Why are their letters?
Tee hee!  I like the Kardashians!

Again, Before You Become a Doctor

The money is not worth the time.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hooters Girls Worth More Than Feminists

A friend had posted this picture on the Facebook and while I originally had a good guffaw over it, the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is A LOT more going on that what first meets the eye.

1.  The Hooter's girl is employed.  That means she's working and contributing to society.  You may scoff at her profession or that she just got her job because of looks, but ask yourself this question.  What in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick is the feminist doing for work?  Protesting???  Holding signs???  Mock the Hooters girl all you want she is getting people to WILLINGLY hire her, not force taxpayers at the end of a gun to fork over grant money to create a never-needed make-work "job" for the vast majority of feminists.

2.  Their looks.  I've said it before and I'll say it again because it is VERY telling and insightful about leftists, but leftists tend to be uglier than righter leaning folk because staying in physical shape takes EFFORT.  And that is the whole principle leftists are against.  They are AGAINST hard work and effort.  Ergo, the CONSTANT rationalization of how they are entitled to other people's money.  Of course, unlike money looks cannot be transferred or redistributed, and thus the feminist is trying to "shame" people for liking girls prettier than she is.

3.  The free market never lies.  Sadly, ladies, whether you like it or not, the most valuable thing you have is your looks and youth.  This is because HALF the WORLD'S POPULATION (we call them "men") demand sex with pretty girls.  Doesn't mean they're going to get it, but it is the SINGLE MOST UNIVERSALLY DEMANDED COMMODITY IN THE WORLD.  More than oil.  More than gold.  Always has been. Always will be. 

The question is are you smart enough to capitalize on it?

This is why I have absolutely no qualms with prostitution, strippers, or simply women who keep themselves in shape demanding high-earning husbands.  It is also why I have quite a bit of respect for the likes of Chloe Luv, Mercedes Carerra, Jenna Jameson, and other women who work in the sex/porn industries.  It's not that they're hotties working in porn, but are serious entrepreneurs themselves knowingly capitalizing on this market.

The real issue is who is selfless and who is selfish in the picture above?  For that is the key lesson to learn about how to be financially successful.  You don't do what YOU want, you do what OTHER people want.  You deliver what they demand, not the other way around.

Ironically (though, perhaps not), the "dumb blond bimbo" knows more about economics and financial success than the doctorate in Women's Studies holding the sign.

"Financial Dominatrix"

Two points:

1.  Notice where a liberal arts degree will land your precious little daughters.
2.  She's one of the successful liberal arts graduates!!!

Review of The Big Short

Did a quick review of The Big Short.  Glorious Karl also did a review.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Curse of the High IQ and Campus Unfree Speech

Another bit of radio for your Christmas traveling.  Was on Kerry Lutz's show and we talked about the new book coming out (Curse of the High IQ) and what will happen when today's college kids enter politics and the judicial system!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Episode #126 of The Clarey Podcast

1970's claymation Christmas specials
Single moms ACTUALLY DO kill more than terrorists
Gen X fumbled the divorce ball
Naps are a conspiracy concocted by adults
"Overtired" is like "white privilege"

and MORE

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Stay Frosty Boys

Stay the freak frosty, but also DON'T GET SO THIRSTY YOU'RE AN IDIOT LIKE THIS MAN!!!

What Would Happen to the Federal Deficit If Interest Rates Increased?

A big, and legitimate, concern is that the monstrous US debt is at such a low interest rate, what would happen to the interest payments of the federal government were to bump up just a little bit?  What if they were at historical norms?  What if they were to reflect the creditworthiness of the actual government?

Never fear!  Cappy's here!

So the ole Captain went online because he couldn't sleep and dusted off his ole Excel skills Downloaded some data series and went to work.  And it's basically what you'd expect.

I ran two different scenarios.  One where the average interest rate on federal debt was 4%.  I chose this because that's what it's been historically and would provide us a good "control" variable.  I also chose 8% because if I was a lender that is the MINIMUM I would demand for a bankrupt, insolvent POS like the US federal government.  And here are the results.

Under 4%

As you would expect artificially low rates that the federal reserve charges the federal government has understated what would have normally been our national deficit.  During the crisis and the "recovery" we could have expected to shell out an additional $200 billion a year on average during Obama's entire presidency.  This would have naturally added to the debt, further increasing deficits, but I was too lazy to calculate that.

Of course, this isn't the New York Times, this is Captain Capitalism.  An actual reputable source for journalism.  So like all good journalists we know that we should convert this to deficits as a % of GDP.

This gives us a bit better perspective showing we'd still be running deficits around 4% GDP had the creditors of the US federal government had the slightest bit of self-respect and demanded more than .000035% interest on their bonds.  Let us be clear.  It is only the shenanigans of the central bank and the fact that foreigners are even "more sucky" than the US that the federal government can get away with paying such a paltry level of interest.

Finally, what if the federal government was in the real world and did not hold the world's reserve currency?  Well, I would at minimum charge an interest rate of 8%.  Truth is, I would never lend to an entity in as bad of financial shape as the US government.  But let's just humor ourselves and assume 8%.  Well, shucks howdy!

What I like about this chart is it really shows you how the interest rate wouldn't have mattered until 2000, especially, since the financial crisis.  If there was any sanity in the bond market, the federal government would be running deficits of nearly $2 trillion each year since 2009.  That would be an absolutely unsupportable 11% GDP deficit for 7 years running.  Obviously, this added debt would be added to the total debt and creditors would have stop lending to us long ago.  But let this be a lesson to the LUCK, not SKILL that has spared the US a fate like Greece, Spain, or Japan.  It is ONLY because we have the world's reserve currency that we avoided this mess and it has nothing to do with Obama, the federal reserve, Paul Krugman or any other idiot claiming responsibility for this "recovery."

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

The story is developing, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, "the father was not available for comment."

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sick and in Bed

Sorry all, but came down with a nasty cold that I have not been able to kick.  Posts are going to be a little slow which is just as well given it is Christmas season.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

"F is for Family" Review

A "tad" more drama, familial abuse, anger, hatred, and "cartoon porn" than I really was expecting.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Episode #125 of The Clarey Podcast!

Do dogs prove god exists?
Why SJW's waste their lives
Le Cordon Bleu closes down
If you're a single mom going to culinary school, nothing good happens.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Awww, That's Too Bad

Le Cordon Bleu, the fakest of the fake schools is closing it's doors in Minnesota.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rich White Liberal Trust Funders Have to Live Somewhere

I love how they say, "gentrification can sometimes displace long time residents of a neighborhood."

The neighborhood is improving.
Housing prices are going up.
Crime is going down.
Said residents were no doubt PAID for their properties.

But no, the leftist virus infects journalism majors and they HAVE TO just find something bad about inner cities improving.

Project Cuckservative

Hello All,

Working on a new project.  But I need a list of the top cuckservatives in the US.

Right now my list includes:

Chief Justice Roberts
John Boehner
Jim Jeffords
Arlen Specter

Any others would help.  Please list below in the comments.

Thank you,


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

For Your Late Night Listening Pleasure

"After the Drop" from MOH

There's Nothing Wrong With Declining Populations

One of the biggest lies or canards of the left is that we need to import immigrants because if we don't our population will be in decline.  And since the word "decline" has a negative connotation with it, the sheeple sop it up thinking it is a fate that must be avoided at all costs.

The problem is, as with many of the left's assumptions, is that there is nothing inherently wrong with a declining population.  Sure, in the tribal days you would like your tribe to be bigger and therefore stronger than the other tribes, but since society no longer operates on the premise that "big" is always "better" the growth rate (positive or negative) of a population is moot.

Now of course I will be forced to waste the intelligent and intellectually honest people's time and provide the caveat to address the incredibly predictable claim that RAPID declines in population due to war, famine, plague, or communism are indeed bad.  However, what I am talking about here (as this is where the focus of the political debate is) is the primarily western world's inability to get their birth rate at or above the replacement rate, which therefore guarantees an ever-growing population.

First a slowly declining population is nothing to worry about.  It doesn't mean you'll go extinct as people will always be willing to fornicate.  And it doesn't mean the economy will collapse as there are less people the economy needs to support.  Ergo, the focus should not be nominal economic growth, but rather the key and infinitely more important variable, GDP per capita.  What are the standards of living the individual person is enjoying.  Ergo, lets say Japan's economy shrinks an enormous 25% in the next 50 years.  That's great if its population shrinks 50% because those people who remain just saw an enormous increase in their standards of living.

Second, logic would dictate that if a declining population is "bad" then a booming population is "good."

Oh really?

Like how the 2.8 billion people in China and India are all living at first world standards of living?
Like how Hispanics and Blacks have the highest birthing rates and (shock of shocks) also suffer the lowest standards of living in the US?
And let's not forget that sociologist's, SJW's, and social worker's utopian eugenics/socialist experiment dream come true - Africa.  Yep, because we all know with Africa's booming population they're enjoying nothing but increased standards of living on par with Switzerland.

Sorry, it's just not true, increasing populations WITHOUT commensurate or better economic growth just means increased poverty, suffering, and strife.

The truth is the left has ulterior motives for increasing the population perpetually.  And it has nothing to with the unfounded concerns that "population decline is bad mmmkay?"

First, (though not leftist) companies and corporations want a perpetually increasing population so people buy more stuff.  Nothing wrong with that on account purchasing and enjoying material things in life is part of goal of economics.  But let's be clear, corporations and companies don't care if it's sustainable in the long run or if it's in the best financial interests of the population.  This is why we have slowing economic growth, but booming debts.  People are willing to borrow to pay for what they can't afford today.  This not only boosts consumer spending (which profits companies), but it slows long term economic growth because said monies are NOT going into investments.  Again, though not specifically leftists, this goal has nothing to do with preventing the "horrors" of a declining population, but is merely corporations trying to beat the previous quarters EPS.

Second, very much like how the private sector needs perpetual (though unsustainable) growth to increase their profits, the entire socialist economic/government system the left has installed in the US (and west) depends on future hosts for today's parasites.  What I love the most is how the left tells people right to their face "Well we need future children to afford the social programs like social security and medicare!"


Shouldn't something in your brain be going off saying "Well where the hell did the old people's SS contributions go?  Why is it behooved upon the youth to pay for the elderly?"

Of course, Westerners have become idiotic sheeple and just blindly agree saying, "Well yeah!  We need more population growth in the future to afford all this sh!t we want to buy ourselves today!"  But for those of us with half a brain we realize this is an admission and proof that the socialist's government/economic system is unsustainable and needs to parasite off of the future to make it SEEM like it's working today.  Ergo, to keep up the facade they import as many new immigrants as possible with the the hope they'll be the willing slaves that will pay the taxes to support them in their old age (when in reality they don't produce anything as much as they parasite on welfare and other social programs making it laughable they will become the economic juggernaut that will make good on all those government IOU's and social welfare promises).

Third, perpetually increasing asset prices.

Since our entire retirement system is based on capital gains in the stock market, we need to, in theory, increase not only the demand for companies' goods and services (therefore driving up prices), but we need more purchasers of said assets to drive these prices up.   This not only plays out in the stock market, but especially so in real estate in that more people directly drive up the rents and value of land.

But imagine if the population was declining.  What would happen to asset prices?

Well stocks would tank, as would commodity prices, not to mention real estate.  And since nearly every pension, trust fund, and American's 401k is dependent upon those prices why we just can't afford to have those drop now can we?  So let's import a bunch of people who hate our guts and want to kills us, or at least live off of us, so our precious little government pensions and IRA accounts stay fully funded.

And finally, the blatant and painfully obvious attempt to stack the voting bloc deck with parasitic immigrants who will vote left because "welfare."  Do not be fooled thinking the left is being charitable of kind.  They couldn't care less about the immigrants just as they couldn't care less about the black community.  They view and use these people as pawns in their political game to remain in political power, thereby avoiding any real work, suffering, or strife in life.

So the next time you have some idiot sociologist, politician, or leftist talk about the "horrors" of a declining population, please show them this little post, tell them they are a liar, and then tell them to have a cup of STFU.
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Cos Strikes Back

Hmmmm....a multimillionaire man with very limited life expectancy left, with nothing left to lose, and you painted him into a corner.  Hmmmm....I wonder what he's going to do.

The Real Aim of Islam

"Islam is not like any other religion. Islam is a supremacist racist political and social ideology wrapped in a thin peel of religious rituals. It seeks domination and supremacy over all other systems and religions."

Never mind, she only lives there.

A Capitalist in Havana

Kerry Lutz visits Havana just to see it for himself.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Can't Sleep Cappy Podcast Extra

Computer genius Cappy
Women hate short men
Getting stuck in politics and ideology
MGTOW and Feminism, one and the same
Why Puerto Rico sucks
Working the overnight


And also an interview I had with Crush the Street about Islam, terrorism, feminism, and other politically correct topics.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Best Offshore Banks

New sponsor and one I intend on reading once the fiscal year is over:

Friday, December 11, 2015

More SJW Racial Problems for Star Wars

So short story, this Chinese poster for Star Wars has come out and look who is NOT as prominently displayed on the poster?

I'm surprised with his adamance that Star Wars be a multicultural unicorn fart JJ Abrahms is letting this fly...oh wait...that's right, money trumps race in leftist land.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Episode #123 of The Clarey Podcast - "Can't Sleep Cappy" Edition

Can't sleep Cappy is sick
Standards for "hero"
Batman must have safety testedt he hell out of his equipment
Please, just give up Apple products
Basic Guaranteed income won't work in the US
Cappy debates a feminist (sort of)
Michelle Obama is hot

In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast

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For You Late Night Viewing Pleasure

Why the Term "Racist" No Longer Means Anything

Many years ago because of my political affiliation it was a fear of mine that although untrue, the mere accusation of "racism" would have far and wide reaching consequences for my career and future.  Combine that with the internet and the fact any future employers could look me up, it made me doubly careful to demonstrate I was not a racist and did indeed hold all people to the same standard.

Of course, deep down inside we all knew being called a "racist" or a "sexist" was nothing more than a cowardly tactic by leftists with precisely that intent.  To taint and paint anybody who advocated free markets, capitalism, freedom and treating people as genuine equals as a racist because it would divert people's attention from the left's ultimate lack of solutions.  Ergo, instead of debating you on the merits of hard work, merit, equal opportunity, but not equal outcome, it is simply easier for the cowards to yell "racist" and hope the fear of doxxing or your employers finding out would shut you up.

No longer...well at least not for much more.

For just as sure as the laws of physics, the laws of economics will (if they haven't already) render the accusation of "racism" moot, pointless, obsolete, even the complete opposite - make it a badge of honor.

It's quite simple.  To make the accusation of racism "damning" and effective it has to be true.  And since the vast majority of conservatives, libertarians and other right-leaning people are not in fact racist, you would think you would reserve this four-letter word for only the rare times it applies.  But instead of using it as a descriptive word, the left has relied on it all too often as a political strategy to compensate for their lack of substance, progress, and solutions.  So now, if you are against affirmative action (which is by definition racist) you're


Want to get rid of quotas?


Hold blacks to the same standards as white?


Want to keep your own money?


Don't believe minorities are held down and are instead pampered?


Want lower taxes?


You don't even have to believe in or take a stance on something racial.  You merely have to be white and then you are immediately, but unconsciously guilty of the academian-inspired poppy cock of

"privilege" or "institutional racism."

But soon, with all these baseless accusations of racism two things happen.

One, the market is flooded with so many accusations of racism, by the laws of economics each individual accusation means increasingly less.  In the 1980's if you were called a racist it meant something.  But today, especially with the brainwashed, college-indoctrinated millennials blaming everything from flatulence to paper cuts on "racism" it means nothing.  It has become so common to be accused of an "ism" it is now part of the American psyche and it has lost all of its sting.

Two, it exposes the accusers of their true nature.  People flinging around accusations of "isms" and "ists" are not "noble, moral people trying to wipe out the scourge of bigotry, allowing for the American ideal of merit, individualism, and judging people by their accomplishments."  They are, quite frankly, despicably evil and disgusting people.

The dipshittery that went on at the University of Missouri (not to mention all of American universities) is nothing more than power hungry millennial psychopaths who cowardly hide their despotic desires (not to mention their true racism) behind the color of their skin. 

Black Lives Matters is nothing more but the same, with the added agenda of thinking themselves superior as they demand to be above the law.

Advocates for affirmative action, reparations and the welfare state?  Nothing more than thinly veiled thieves, once again cowardly hiding behind their gender, color of skin, or ethnicity to demand other people sacrifice their lives and money for them.

And politicians/media types who dare you not to critique the "refugees" or Islam for San Bernadino, lest you be called a racist, and instead demand you make yourself less safe by forfeiting your guns?  True bigots against Western Civilization who hate you and want you dead (and yes, that means our Mr. Unicorn President). 

In short, the demands of these race-whores and pimps have become so arrogant and blatant even the most brainwashed leftist or cowardly-compliant-please-don't-accuse-me-of-racism cuckservative can see through them.

We're supposed to enslave ourselves financially to minorities?
We're supposed to pay for everything for them?
We're supposed to be born with the "original and unforgivable sin" of privilege and institutional racism?
We're supposed to be accepting of affirmative action because it's "good racism" because it's against us?
We're supposed to resign dean positions in schools because "whitey."
We're supposed to tolerate mandatory classes of indoctrination in our schools?
We're supposed to give up our lives and country as we let people into our country that hate us and want to kill us, lest we be called racist?

I know there's a lot of pussies in this country, and you leftists are used to running roughshod over them.  But frankly, fuck off.  I, along with increasingly more people aren't going to tolerate this attempt to enslave us, and in some cases, outright kill us.  And no matter what new and innovative ways academia concocts as to how I'm "privileged," and no matter how compliant the media is in brainwashing the sheeple to believe it, and no matter what the politicians say or demand of me, in the end it's all lies.  It's not true.  And the real evil is all you cowards who can't come up to me like a decent, respectable robber and say to my face,

"Give me your money or else."

Still, while to me and millions of others the accusation of racism no longer means anything, the fear of this accusation will still carry weight at least for a little while longer even though everybody knows it's bunk because of two things:

1.  Corporate employers are still too cowardly and fearful of being accused of racism.  Their lips are too firmly attached to the ass of political correctness.  CSR, diversity training, sensitivity training, HR departments, etc., far too much effort, energy and resources have been invested by corporate America in the hopes of staving off accusations of discrimination.  Additionally, "diversity" has become the "strategy de'jour" of corporations and MBA programs across the country as their business leaders lack any genuine innovation, intelligence, capabilities, or leadership.  Ergo, if you are employed by one of these mindless ass-sucking institutions you need to play ball, admit you're a dirty, filthy racist and lecher, or lose your job, if not your career.

2.  Debt.

Debt enslaves people to be good wage slaves and stooges.  Want that new car?  You need that car loan!  Want that college experience?  You need those student loans?  Want a house?  Well you need a mortgage for that!

And so (and I want all corporate employers and HR ladies in America to know this), even though nearly every single corporate employee out there wants nothing more than to walk into his boss' office with the HR lady in there and slash both your throats, the only thing holding them back is that they are indeed slaves to the job as they need to get out of debt.  Which by default means they can't speak their mind on the internet and tell the race whores to fuck off, and worse, must endure the childishly mockery of "diversity" and "sexual harassment training" you force upon them.

But there is hope.

For you see, while self-employed people like me are immune to accusations of racism (heck, we profit off of it), there's a trend indicating soon your average wage slave will also be as well.  And there's nothing you corporate employers, you power-hungry HR/CSR bints, or tyrannical government bureaucrats can do about it.

Because once people no longer have that chain of debt around their ankles, and don't need that job any more, they're going to feel a lot more free to truly speak their mind.  And that's the magic moment when the people admit the emperor has no clothes and your little "race-whore-racket" is over.  And then your worst nightmare comes true - you're actually treated as an equal and forced to work a real job like the rest of us.

Enjoy the decline.

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Monday, December 07, 2015

The Leftists Eat Another One of Their Own

How's that "Early Childhood Education Degree" working for you now Ms. Guaranteed to Vote Democrat All the Time?

New iTunes Link for The Clarey Podcast

Good news commie-Apple-Hates-America iPhone heroin addicts Apple users, The Clarey Podcast has been successfully moved on iTunes.  You can subscribe to the NEW feed here.

Dear English Teachers, Please Don't Give Career Advice

Just had to share this Asshole Consulting request.

The 11th grade English teacher of a client told him his pursuit of becoming a dental hygienist was pointless because it wasn't a 4 year degree.  I looked up median salaries for English teachers vs. dental hygienists and the dental hygienists make $20,000 a year more than English teachers.

Western Civilization is in the Hands of Women...Heaven Help Us


If you are a sane, normal person, void of OTC drugs and other mind altering substances, an increasingly frequent phenomenon you may have noticed is one where (typically) leftist women are the victims of their own rabid endorsement of multiculturalism.

The rapes in Sweden can be disproportionately blamed on women voting left.
The rape rings in the UK, same thing.
Refugee rape in Germany, again, women's bleeding hearts resulting in leftist policies that brought them there.
And particularly confusing is when activist women (no doubt of the leftist stripe) are raped or sexually assaulted but refuse to report it because they love their political ideology/religion more than they hate being raped. 

It is confusing because to those of us with just average intelligence (not to mention, self-respect) we can't understand why women vote to ruin their lives, home countries, and economies, not to mention are so wedded to their leftist politics they would rather be raped and enslaved than betray their commitment to multiculturalism.

Now there are many possible explanations for this self-hating, self-destructive behavior.  Perhaps these women deep down inside hate Western Civilization so much they'd rather be raped, and maybe even view that as fighting "evil white male, Eurocentric patriarchy."  Perhaps these people are cowards, see the writing on the wall, know Western Civilization won't make it, and kowtow like cuckolds to what they perceive to be their future overlords.  Maybe it's crusaderism combined with the allure of bad boys, prompting young girls to join ISIS even if it means their inevitable death.  Or perhaps, deep down inside it's nothing more than good ole fashioned "rape fantasies" influencing the way they vote.

The truth is, it doesn't matter.  Because no matter which way you slice it, it simply boils down to...



Regardless of the reason women vote to destroy themselves and Western Civilization, it doesn't change the fact that they just simply do.  The rest of us must accept and adapt to this fact.  And call it "democracy," call it "women's suffrage," call it "empowerment," it's nothing more than a euphemism for "betrayal."  And the reason it is betrayal is because women are (disproportionately) voting for two key things that go against Western Civilization:

1.  Socialism
2.  Multiculturalism

When it comes to socialism I've covered this before, but women, in general vote for more state control.  They vote for socialism.  And while many of them do so out of the naivety of "it's to help the poor/children/old/etc.," it is is a slap in the face to the immeasurable and ultimate price millions of people paid to bring Western Civilization about.  Quite simply, the history of the world has been a horrible and costly struggle to free people from the tyranny of government.  Going back to the warlord tribal chieftains, to the theocracies falsely claiming to represent "god," to the fiefdoms where the "king" was supported by a slave class of serfs, to wars waged against slavery and nazism, hundreds of millions of lives were wasted, destroyed, committed, and dedicated to bringing about a limited republic permitting the people to govern themselves.  And women (along with some cowardly little men), in a short 60 years of spoiled-brat-laden feminism have been able to undo what took about 4,000 years to create.  It is arguably the single largest setback to human advancement since the bubonic plague. 

When it comes to multiculturalism, here women's naivety betrays us all again.  With child-like thinking "I feel the democrats/left/labor is for the little guy" they consciously vote in socialism, while unconsciously inviting the Dracula of "Multiculturalism" into our homes.  And this is not necessarily bad if you consider cultures conducive and generally on board with the base principles of Western Civilization.  Asians, East Indians Europeans, etc.  These are peoples and cultures generally for freedom, innovation.  Even self-respecting, independent minded individuals from other non-western-compliant cultures reject their original cultures, demand better, and become doctors, dentists, physicists, entrepreneurs, etc. (for example no doubt many of you know of an Iranian who escaped Ayatollah Khomeini to lead a successful life here).  But to wholesale out the best thing on this planet in the pursuit of marxism and multiculturalism by importing those who not only refuse to participate in Western Civilization but

go on welfare
commit terrorist attacks
and advocate Sharia law over the constitution

is tantamount to treason.

But these two specific acts that would make Judas jealous are further steeped in a general stew of betrayal that plagues Western Civilizatoin.  And that is one where women have replaced fathers and husbands with government programs and checks.  And in doing so (admittedly, likely unconsciously) killed the engine of economic growth and innovation that made Western Civilization great.  They took away men's reason for living.  They took away their purpose and agency in life.  They gave them nothing more to live for than merely to be the hosts to parasites they themselves have become, not to mention the new ones they constantly invite in.  And thus they have immobilized men.

When you take the fact women are voting to undo all that men have worked for


are voting to bring in other cultures that want to kill, parasite off of, or just plain destroy Western Civilizatoin


won't report getting raped by the enemy because "diversity"


WILL make false rape accusations against Western men because "patriarchy"

precisely how many knives do you plan to impale into the backs of Western men before they give up?

Of course this is already happening.   Men are postponing marriage.  Men are also majoring in increasingly worthless fields.  Consequently they are also unable to earn the money necessary to start a family.  Which is alright, seeing most women don't want to start a family until they're 43, if that.  The result, however, is (hilariously) what young women complain the most about today.  That there aren't any "real men" around any more as they're all too busy looking at porn and playing video games while living at home with their parents (perhaps that's the underlying Freudian reason women don't protest too much about all these "Syrian" "refugees" being young, fighting age men, as well as seem reluctant to report it when they're getting raped by them.)  Regardless,  how can you blame them?  The men of society (as well as some women) are so deterred by having no country, culture, family or agency worth living for, it has resulted in an increasing catatonic state that explains why economic growth has been tanking since we started replacing them with the government.
Just One Problem

While no doubt many real men, not to mention many real women are infuriated by this betrayal, what's worse is the utter helplessness they feel. Most likely you too have felt this helplessness as your brain evaluates all your options, thinking, hoping there's something, anything you can do to help save this country and turn it around.

Perhaps you could write a blog?
Maybe you'd start a political campaign?
Maybe you yell into the internet via a YouTube channel?
Write your congressman?
What about forming a militia?

But if there's a bit of practicum to this post it's that you should not concern yourself with these things.  There is nothing you can do.

Understand that since we have devolved into a democracy it is the majority rules.  And while there has always been a percentage of men who were idiots, voting to undo what their forefathers desperately fought for, women (be it nature, biology, feminism, hate, ignorance or what have you) consistently vote for socialism and tyranny.  This makes the American (and Western Civilization) voting blocs fatedly leftist, guaranteeing a slow, but inevitably slouch towards socialism and the fringe benefits of multiculturalism, thought police, CSR, and political correctness that comes with it.  You may be tempted to think about resorting to violence, perhaps even starting a second American revolution, but what would the point be?  Western voters ARE getting EXACTLY what they voted for, and you would actually be the tyrant trying to force a minority view on the majority.  Alas, your hands are tied in nearly every capacity as the people simply want none of it.

The key is to let go and simply enjoy the life you have.  You cannot control that the participants of Western Civilization want to commit suicide.  You cannot convince the brainwashed Millennials about the risks of government debt.  You cannot convince women that happiness is not in their careers or a government check, but in family and loved ones.  You cannot convince porn addicted, video game-playing, red jean wearing hipster "men" about the merits of being manly.  And you certainly can't convince leftist women whose hatred for Western Civilization is so great, they'd prefer to be raped by the scum they let in.

It is the end of Western Civilization and these people will CERTAINLY get theirs in the end.  But for those of you who are sane, have a bit of morality left about you, and want to make the most of your time on this planet before you pass away, may I strongly recommend you enjoy the decline instead of fretting over it?

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Saturday, December 05, 2015

This Weekend

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Friday, December 04, 2015

Episode #122 of The Clarey Podcast!

"He's got a face for podcasting"
Beautiful baby boomer women
What fedoras are and are NOT
The window of marriageable girls 16-19
Never marry women who hate lingerie
There's a reason the "one" got away
Dating a feminists's daughter
Do ghetto blacks have, let alone think of 401k's or IRA's?

and MORE!

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Rant of the Day

Millennials are cry babies and the rest of the world is sick of it.

"Muh Feelz" Uber Alles: Aka "I Just Solved Philadelphia's Poverty Problem"

A very real paradox I face is one where I can either sell the truth or sell lies.

Selling the truth has merits unto itself.  It's true, it will help advance society, and it is such a rare commodity that if you're willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the PC-Nazi's, media, death threats, doxxing, and general hate of the leftist population, you can charge a hefty premium for it because so few purveyors offer it.

However, whereas truth is in very short supply, the demand for lies outstrips any shortage of it.  And thus, while I could be one of the few suppliers of truth, there is an INFINITELY larger market for lies.  Only so many people demand a book on "male lifetime financial management."  Or a book about the hazards of worthless degrees.  But MILLIONS of women will fork over money for lies telling them how "big is beautiful."  And MILLIONS of men will fork over BILLIONS to have a web cam girl put on a show "just for them."  Additionally, in telling people lies you don't get death threats, "strikes" against your YouTube channel, or accusations of racism.  Matter of fact you are generally loved by the sheeple masses of the world and likely elected to become president.

So tell me again why they hell would you do something as stupid as market the truth?

Alas, I am increasingly tempted to become like Oprah.  Why work hard, doing economic research, mathematics, statistical analysis, and deep, thorough testing of logic to highlight and warn people about the real world threats that exist and could destroy their lives to simply "make ends meet?"  When I could:

Tell women they're great no matter what
Become a Harlequin romance author
Lie to youth telling them to follow their heart and the money will follow
Or advocate some leftist-ordained political cause

and make BILLIONS in the process?

Of course there is a moral answer and then the Machiavellian answer.  But regardless of which one I choose (perhaps both down the road), while debating this paradox I happened upon what is arguably one of the most important epiphanies in my life.  One that if understood by more would help not only advance the political debate we are having in this nation, but perhaps even solve it, raising millions out of poverty.  And that is "feelings" is the most powerful force in the world.

AKA "Muh feelz uber alles."

I happened upon this discovery while driving down Broad Street in the worst town I've ever driven through, Philadelphia.  And I'm not joking.  Philadelphia is hands down the worst town I ever drove through.  The reasons are multiple.

First, the town was built in the 1600-1700's meaning its streets were designed for horses, not trucks from Wisconsin.  This would be moot if they had leveled the old houses and replaced them with new ones, but alas, the "historic district" on the south east side of Philly is VERY nice, but nearly impossible to drive through.  Chicago, though more populous, is a JOY to drive through by comparison as the great Chicago fire leveled the old town, so it could be rebuilt during the dawn of the automobile.

Second, you just have too many damn people in too small of a space (but nobody there ever leaves Philly because they don't have cars and don't know about the "outside world")

But what really connected the dots and make me come to my epiphany was Broad Street.

Due to traffic I had head north and then come back down south to DT Philly via Broad Street.  Unbeknownst to me however, this was the "ghetto."  And while at first it just seemed like any ole regular run down part of a major metro down, as I approached Temple University it got worse

and worse

and even worse.

So bad was Broad Street that it made the South Side of Chicago and parts of Detroit look clean, and definitely preferable.  However, it wasn't the people or donks blaring rap music that made it so bad.  It was the state of disrepair the neighbodhood was in.

There were burned out buildings that had not been demolished or taken down.  There was garbage blowing in the street because people were littering constantly.  Worse, there were garbage bags just laying out in the open, both on the side walks and the streets.  And finally there was the occasional guy just sleeping in an abandoned lot or out in the open at 11AM.

In other words it wasn't the crime, or the graffiti, or the drugs that made it so bad.  It was the painfully blatant fact that the people of north Philly plain don't give enough of a f@ck to even clean up their own neighborhood.  They were walking, living, and sleeping in filth.  Shoot, even some businesses were still open in buildings that were partially burnt down.  It was no different than a 2nd or 3rd world hovel where you could just tell the people were so lazy, so dispirited they could not even do the most basic of things and simply clean up after themselves.

Now, no doubt anybody with an ounce of intellectual honesty and two brain cells can point to the primary cause of this.  Only the socialist policies of a city and neighborhood ran by democrats for the past 60 years can wreak this much havoc and devastation IN SPITE of receiving what is no-doubt billions in aid and taxpayer monies.  But what got me and made me realize this very important aforementioned epiphany is just what utterly deplorable and low standards of living these people tolerated.  And not just tolerated, but have been tolerating for decades.  Why would anybody, in the United States, when you can move anywhere you want, do whatever you want, endure this for a second, let alone decades?

It became apparent to me there was a VERY powerful force KEEPING them there. And that force was "their feelz."

The truth is residents of north Philly CHOOSE this outcome.  At any point in time they can move OR they can improve themselves.

How can they improve themselves?

Well, they can stop having kids out of wedlock.  They can stop having kids they can't afford.  They can stop committing crime. They can get good grades in K-12 and then go to college for STEM or the trades (Temple U is right there).  They can set down the booze and drugs and instead open up businesses.

Oh, and they can pick their shit up off the streets.

In short, it is not "whitey" holding them down or "patriarchy" or "evil republicans" making them leave garbage bags in the street.

It's their own damn fault.

But herein lays the problem.

I just literally solved north Philadelphia's poverty problem.  At any point in time the community can pursue a path of excellence, achievement, hard work, and entrepreneurship.  They could, if they wanted to, make Beverly Hills look like a ghetto.  And heck, if they did that, I would have just obsoleted the entire "social work" and "sociology" industries and fields.  But the problem is I committed the cardinal sin. I told them the truth.  And the truth "hurtz their feelz."  And remember...

"Muh feelz uber alles."

So strong is the power of feelings that millions would rather live in a shithole like north Philly than endure the minute or two of pain a truthful constructive criticism would provide.  Worse, even though in the long (heck, medium) run said painful truths would GREATLY improve their lives (if acted upon), they still will rebuke it because "muh feelz."  Alas, feelings (and consequently ego and pride) are such powerful forces, people would rather live in poverty, wasting their one and finite precious lives than hear the truth that would help them and set them free.  It makes you wonder if gravity is indeed the most powerful force in the universe. 

But as bad as this is it gets worse.  For the second part of my epiphany was one of true Machiavellian darkness. 

As it stands right now, we assume the likes of the left, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the democrats, labor parties, Oprah, feminists, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, professors, academians, and the entire stew of socialists advocate what they do either for charitable purposes, altruistic purposes, racial purposes, political purposes, or even purposes of hate and revenge.

But what if they came to this exact same epiphany I did ages ago?  What if the ruling elite knew "muh feelz" was the most powerful force in the world?  And worse, what if they amorally capitalized on it, KNOWINGLY lying to people simply so they could advance themselves?  You, me, and everybody else we know were steeped in a life philosophy of hard work, freedom, independence, and morality this idea may seem novel (as well as abhorrent).  But what if great grand father Clinton or the heads of the Ivy League knew people's feelings were the most powerful force on the planet, and simply pass on this hush-hushed wisdom that "to advance in society, lie to people, sell them down the river and blame other people.  Feelings and ego are so powerful, as long as you provide a scapegoat, the masses will support you?"

It would certainly explain a lot of what we see.

Of course my own personal opinion is that it varies from politician to celebrity to trust fund baby.

I truly believe Obama's motives are not based in profiting off of people's "feelz" but revenge and a genuine hatred of America and racism.

I truly believe Bernie Sanders is a true believer and is completely unconscious of how his policies directly result in north Philly being a shit hole.

But when it comes to the likes of Hillary, Oprah, Sharpton, feminists, the women's fashion industry, and the legions of spineless deans and professors in Academia there is no doubt in my mind these disgusting and vile people have no problems ruining the lives of millions all so they can profit off of it.

All I ask is for the citizens of north Philly and those who are perpetually "offended" by criticism is to

look at your neighborhood
ask if you deserve better
and entertain the theory that it is not the democrats' policies that are helping you

but are precisely what is keeping you down.
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Ah Felicia Follum

You sweet, innocent, cute girl you:

How the Average American Can Deal with Jihad in America

I Was Going to Bet Crazy White Guy

But apparently it's just members of the religion of peace.

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New Comic Added

Merc Works.

Ho Ho Ho!

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Nothing says, "I Love You" more than destroying your childrens' (unattainable) dreams with Worthless, Enjoy the Decline, Bachelor Pad Economics, and other Cappy literary works!

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Why I Only Protect Those Close to Me

And never open doors for women I don't personally know or hail from the WWII generation.

Why Women Crying is a Manipulation Tactic that Should Be Ignored

From a woman no less.

It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I was able to find an old cartoon special from my childhood.  It's titled "It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House" and while funny when we were children, it is HILARIOUS as well as charming for adults.  If you have any children, I recommend watching the two parts (about 7 minutes each).  You will not regret it:

Monday, November 30, 2015

How Jessica Assaf Serves as a Warning for All Aspiring SJW's

In my latest podcast I did a segment on Hallie Turner, an unsupervised 13 year old who at the age of 12 filed a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina over global warming.  The over arching point was not

that a 12 year old shouldn't be filing lawsuits, or
how it was proof the schools brainwash children in socialism, or
another lesson in crusaderism

It was how a 13 year old egomaniac does not form in a vacuum and how society (namely, her teachers, media, and parents) failed her, effectively ruining her childhood and bringing up a future megalomaniac who is practically guaranteed to be miserable her entire life.

However, while tirading in a stream of consciousness sort of manner, I remembered that a very similar situation occurred several year ago when I put together my speech on Crusaderism.  Specifically, one Jessica Assaf.

At the time she was a mere 15 year old girl, but like Hallie lacked the parental oversight to check her ego.  Naturally, she found a "crusade" just like Hallie, and decided she was going to lobby the California legislature about "safe cosmetics."  Articles were written about her.  How she was so brave and "smart" for fighting what "she thought was right."  Look at what a "courageous" girl she was fighting "big cosmetics."  etc.  But this was now approaching 10 years ago, and so I was curious:

What ever happened to Jessica Assaf?

So while podcasting I looked into her and her fate was exactly what I feared.

Despite hailing from Marin County (the richest county in all of San Francisco) and despite pursuing her MBA from Harvard, in all honesty, Jessica is a failure.

Yes her bio is chock full of "achievements" and "accomplishments," and yes her resume has her heading up all these "beauty activist" organizations, but behind all these (largely) self-created "organizations" and "movements" she has done nothing of genuine significance these past ten years.  She has a worthless undergrad degree in "Public Health, Documentary Film and Activism Studies," has no real world working experience, and unless she has a full scholarship or rich parents, she is GREATLY indebting herself (or her parents) for a very pricey MBA from Harvard which, sadly, won't pay dividends because her protesting and litigious background makes her a risk to hire for employers.

But the real reason Jessica is a failure (not necessarily by any fault of her own) is because of what she has lost in heading down the "Social Justice Warrior" path at such a young age.  A lost life.  A wasted childhood.  And an impaired future.

First, imagine what you were doing when you were 12, 13, 14 or 15.  I sure as hell wasn't going on political crusades.  I was living and enjoying my childhood.  Wasting lazy summer days away going fishing, playing video games.  Sleeping in class, chasing after girls that wouldn't let me catch them.  Everything that every young boy and girl does that makes their precious and all-too-short childhood the magical time in their lives that it is.  And to have that ruined and tarnished with the unwelcomed and vile adult disease known as "politics" is a tragedy.

I'll say it again.  I will never have children, but if I did, they would NOT ever hear a word of politics or economics out of me until they were 16.  That's the LEAST parents owe their children.

Second, in pursuing crusaderism or Social Justice Warrioring as a career, Jessica, Hallie, and any other aspiring SJW fundamentally undermine and destroy their lifetime earnings potential.  Naturally, and predictably, they will retort "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!" until it is about the money because they incurred $150,000 in student loan debt for worthless, unemployable degrees.   Hopefully, they have rich parents to bail them out, but if my generation is any kind of proxy, you can expect to be in your 40's, even 50's, still saddled with student loans, a worthless degree, and a torturous debate about whether you let your ego take the hit, admit you goofed up, and make decisions to salvage what's left of your life, or double down and insist it's the "evil republicans" and "white males" that are oppressing you and your "Masters in Social Activism" degree.

Finally, in going down the Social Justice Warrior path, Jessica and Hallie severely limit their ability to have a family.  Not just because they are financial liabilities (as young women are now saddled with student loans and worthless degrees), but because they're not marriage material.  Their careers and egos obviously come first, which is antithetical to love, marriage, and children.  And they also won't be ready for marriage until they fulfill their career goals and aspirations.  This not only means they need masters degrees and years working at some low-paying non-profit or government job, but that they'll be 33, 34, 35, 40, by the time they're ready to settle down.  And the sad truth is any man with any quality and any options is just not going to marry a woman that old.  Alas, going down the SJW path severely increases the risk you'll trade in the most important thing in life (other humans, typically your family) for a career that in all honesty is pointless, useless, meaningless and unfulfilling.

But the real tragedy of going down the SJW path is that it doesn't deliver what it promises or aspiring-SJW's hope for:

Attention, fame, and glory with little-to-no real work.

Let's be very clear and honest about what motivates young 13, 14, and 15 year olds to go on political crusades and 17,18, and 19 year olds to major in the liberal arts.

Fame, attention, and a shot at riches without having to do math and real work,

Their goal, even though they will vehemently deny it, is to get through life working a cake job,


secretly pining for fame and attention


why the hell else would you file lawsuits and protest at the age of 12 unless you are an attention whore (male or female)?

And it is here 10 years down the SJW path that Jessica Assaf serves as a horrendous warning to all others thinking of doing the same.

Despite hailing from the elite Marin County and getting into Harvard and having all the media attention in the world, Jessica's fame just isn't materializing.

First, her YouTube channel has 11 whole subscribers.  1/2000th the amount your lowly non-SJW Captain has.  Naturally, she may not be actively pursuing a YouTube channel, but for a "Beauty Activist" ESPECIALLY IT BEING HER CAREER, you'd think she could beat this lower-middle income boy from Milwaukee County.

Second, her flagship website, "Beauty Lies Truth," boasts having "rock star" Alexis Krauss on board, who (though I'm sure a fine musician) is not a "star."  More literally, however, since we are aiming for ego, attention, and fame, the Alexa rating of Beauty Lies Truth is 850,000th, while you're humble Captain's blog ranks much higher at 95,000th (and that's without a Harvard MBA).

Third, she was mentioned in a book!  She didn't write the book.  She wasn't necessarily even the subject of the book.  She merely got mentioned in the book.  And sadly that book has a paltry 4 reviews putting it on par with my SPOOF book "Boris the Shitting Buffalo. (which makes a great Christmas book BTW)"

Fourth, if you read through her bio you'll note her most notable achievements are HELPING getting some legislation passed and being A participant in a study about cosmetics.  Not to be an asshole, but...

Whipdy freaking ding.

So what?  THAT'S your life's accomplishments in your SPECIALTY???  10 years, with an early start to boot and that's your life's work?  That's what you're going to point to?  That is what you take pride in?  It is neither influential nor memorable nor notable to society.

And finally, yet sadly, me merely writing this piece is going to get her more fame, traffic, and attention than she's had since the original article was written about her nearly 10 years ago.  It wasn't her protesting, lobbying legislatures, or setting up a ton of fabricated "organizations" or "non-profits."  It was some guy still in his boxer shorts, banging away at his laptop who has yet to shower today that saw the risk (and the lesson) Ms. Assaf epitomizes in the SJW crowd.

The sad truth I'm trying to point out is the ironic tragedy that the attention, fame, ego, etc., you seek when going down the SJW path never materializes.  The reason is because ever since Gen X millions upon millions of like-minded youngsters came up with the same "diabolical plan" to attention whore on the backs of political crusades they did not fully understand, nor cared to understand, because it was an easier route than becoming an engineer, an accountant, a doctor, a tradesmen or any other productive member of society.  And with this many people all trying to be Social Justice Warriors, only a few will stand out, while the vast majority will relegated to unmentionable roles like Ms. Assaf.  So while this path may be tempting at the naive and clueless age of 16, 17, or 18, it is one that is JUST NOT WORTH IT, will simply ruin your life, and waste what precious time you have on this planet.

It is not too late for Ms. Assaf to be honest with herself, take inventory of her life, ask herself what she really wants out of it, and GET IT.  She can become a wife, a mother, a doctor, an engineer, anything, and I mean ANYTHING would be more productive, meaningful and rewarding than what she is doing now.

And it is certainly not too late for 13 year old Ms. Turner to stop right now, abandon her little SJW-ing, crusader ego trip and got back to being a child.

But once you hit 30, and heaven help you if you hit 40, and you never abandon the SJW path, you at MINIMUM have severely crippled and wasted a significant portion of your life.  No cause is worth that.  Please find value and meaning in your own life, not the political aims and goals of others.
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Episode #121 of The Clarey Podcast

Luke warm jacuzzi's
Cappy's footprints in Michigan
How Jessica Assaf & Hallie Turner show how society uses and abuses its youth for ego (this alone is worth tuning into)



Academian Blacks Are Racist

And until I see proof otherwise, I will be assuming, rightly or not, the average black studies professor or black college activist is a racist who hates white people.

New Sponsor Chad Elkins CPA

Howdy All,

Tax season is coming up, and heck, forget tax season.  What if you are an entrepreneur or just looking to lower your taxes?  Then visit our newest sponsor Chad Elkin, CPA.


Remember, the year end is just a short month away, which means tax season is upon us.   Make sure to lower your taxes by consulting Chad and asking him about 401k's, IRA's, and whatever else those CPA people do! 

You can visit Chad here and tell him "The Captain sent ya!"

Weekend Guffaw

The thing that gets me is the order of the family is too perfect from left to right.  Makes me wonder if it wasn't a spoof.

Also, if anybody knows the artist please let me know:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Better Than Any Day in Banking

I chose the wrong profession.

SoundCloud and RSS Feed Download Problems Solved

Hi All,

Noticed that the download option was not available from Sound Cloud.  Fixed that an also found my RSS feed for those of you asking.

Slowly, but surely making the transition.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Road Trip Podcast Special - Marcus Brown

In the final installment of the Road Trip Podcast Special we interview good ole Marcus Brown, the photographer and model of the cover "The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty."  We talk about Marcus growing up on the South side of Chicago, black community "vocabulary," girls, minimalism, and more!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why You Should Never Attend the Carlson School of Management

Remember, the only two reasons you go to business school is :

1.  To major in accounting or
2.  Because the school is a top ranked business school like Wharton or the U of Chicago.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Road Trip Podcast Special - Isle of Man

I was interviewed by Sam at the Isle of Man podcast.  Sam is one of the best interviewers I've spoken with on account he had his questions thought out and prepared, and really did some great follow up questions.  We talked about Star Wars going diversity-crazy, philosophy, familial relations, and more!

Posts will return to somewhat normal as there are no more 10 hour stretches of driving for my east coast road trip.

Monday, November 23, 2015

I Am Changing Podcast Hosts

As some of you have noticed the Podomatic site does not have the latest podcasts OR it says it does and then there's nothing to download.

Welcome to the retards that somehow got financing to start "Podomatic."

Since then I have switched to Sound Cloud and you can find the new episodes here.

Unfortunatley, for those of you with communist devices (iPhones) you are not allowed to download MP3's directly because you are viewed as children in the eyes of Steve Jobs and are FORCED to go through iTunes.  So you will have to download and listen on your computer OR when I get home from my trip and provide a new RSS feed to my iTunes account. 

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but you may send your complaints to Podomatic.

Road Trip Podcast Special - Guest on Bechtloff's SNL

Chris was kind enough to host be on his Saturday Night Live Stream.  The audio is marginal on account me and Chris were sharing a microphone.  But we cover everything from SJW's beating the dead horse of multiple genders, "what if whites turned their focus towards killing people instead of making iPhones," how women are deathly afraid to ask out men, and a man who eats a jar of mayonnaise.

All that and more on The Bechtloff's Saturday Night Live Stream.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Road Trip Special - Chris Bechtloff

We visit Chris Bechtloff and discuss why America deserves what it's going to get, 20 something feminists unable to have orgasms, his snoring dog, reporting pedophiles, and more in THIS PODCAST ROAD TRIP SPECIAL!

Most American Parents Don't Deserve the 5th Commandment

However, as hellish this guaranteed-to-be-a-nightmare is going to be, it is better that living under an abusive home. You may not have food, but you will have freedom. You may be sleeping on a couch, but you have the right to come home when you see fit. You may be going into debt to pay for tuition, but you won’t have your money stolen or be forced to tithe 10% to a defunct state religion.  And you may be down and depressed, but you will find your own family either through friends or a spouse, and they will treat you better.

It’s the best life you can live, no matter what disadvantages life gave you.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Road Trip Podcast Special! - Glorious Karl Edition

Cappy visits Glorious Karl and Karl disagrees with Cappy!


Cappy and Karl discuss abortion, secularism, religion, law, communism, single parents, adoption, the "blogger profession," Laci Green, Jenna Marbles, IQ, and how the masses are too busy watching sports ball or Oprah that their sites will NEVER achieve mainstream status.

Tune in here!

UPDATE - I've switched from that shitbag service known as Podomatic to Soundcloud.  This means for all of you with communist devices iPhones will NOT get the new episodes through iTunes until I update the RSS feed.  In the meantime, consider buying a device that let's you download directly to your phone without forcing you to join the "Apple Commune."  It's what us adults do.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Glorious Karl and Glorious Hat

Consider buying one.  The redhead DOES come with the hat!  I swear!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

On the Road

These pictures make me look better than I am in real life.  Seriously.  Glorious Karl is an amazing man with a camera.

Out East Road Tripping

Posts will be infrequent.  But if you want me to pass along a message to Chris Bechtloff let me know.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Episode #120 11-16-15

Cappy likes Jamaica
Wedding loans and wedding whores
How success will destroy novelty and why that is a huge problem


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

What Would College Be Without Football?

An institution of learning.


A particular ranty rant that you may want to share with your "STEAM" colleagues:

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lazy Sunday Linkage

Aurini writes another "boring, frivolous, light read."

Why Millennial college students need the shit kicked out of them.

DT and The Man have a podcast (with behind the scenes info on how enraged I was at the Tea Party meeting)

PBS has professor on to explain "Micro-Aggressions" and the video gets a torrent of well-deserved hate and downvotes.  Please feel free to downvote it.

Just discovered a new Podcast Treasure Trove - The History of Russia.  168 episodes so far and they are VERY well done.

France Brought It Upon Themselves

And we will too:

Also, if you want to see how perfectly brainwashed the left is, look at the immediate knee jerk reactions in the comments section where spineless and brainless leftists scramble to blame everything but radical Islam.  It is amazing to see them so desperately try to defend a group of people who want to destroy them.  Enjoy that decline people, enjoy that freaking decline.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Speech to the Minnesota Tea Party

Both in video



The topic is how to get young men (under 40) interested and involved in conservatism.  I sat down and thought long and hard about it and came up with a brilliant strategy that would work.

Only problem is, you're relying on political parties to implement these strategies.  Still, some great ideas and insight that will prove useful to all.

"The Black Storm Trooper Guy"

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The KKK and Concerned Students 1950 - A Match Made in Heaven

Batman vs. Terminator

And you guys wonder why I geek out sometimes:

Viewing the Liberal Arts from Another Perspective

A client sent me an e-mail wondering if he should instead major in engineering rather than his current major, construction management.  Knowing engineering was the obviously superior major, I was already predispositioned to recommend it until he told me his IQ.


Now, it almost was mandatory he became an engineer.

I remembered vaguely a rule of thumb you needed an IQ of about 115 to be an engineer, but I checked first before consulting and found I was wrong.  It was more like 120, with some of the higher level engineers having an average IQ of around 128 (Economics, ahem, ahem, also came in at 128).  Regardless, he had more than the raw potential to become any kind of engineer he wanted.

But as I looked down the list I noticed the dramatic drop in IQ as you went from STEM to the liberal arts.  Matter of fact if you took the average of the top STEM fields and compared it to the bottom of the humanities your average roughly dropped form 128 to 106, a full 22 point or 1.5 standard deviation drop.

This was interesting to me because I remember when I used to teach statistics I (in a brilliant stroke of retaliatory genius) had my students take IQ tests online and then calculate their percentile rank.  The results were predictable, but I recall one of my smarter students all depressed because he scored a 79.  I looked at him and said, "79?  That's borderline retarded!"  He sheepishly said, "Yeah, I guess I'm retarded."  I then yelled at him, "John!!!  You're not retarded!!!!  You just didn't try your best!  Matter of fact you purposely had to try to be this bad!  Now take it again and try this time!"

Regardless, that number stuck with me, and as it just so happens it's true.  80 is considered borderline retarded.

However, it wasn't until 13 years later today did this little expedition into the world of IQ provide me some insight on the problems we have in academia, specifically as it pertains to the liberal arts.  Compared to their STEM peers, liberal arts majors ARE retarded.  The gap between a normal person with an IQ of 100 and a mental retard is 20.  So the gap between a STEM major and your average humanities major would be like an average person with an IQ of 100 and the average liberal arts major with an IQ of 78.  "Officially retarded."

Of course we don't recognize this or view it that way since we are on the "good" side of 100.  People between 90 and 110 are "normal" and it is those who are above 110 that are the statistical freaks in a good way.  But if we were to not look at absolute scores, but relative scores to your average STEM major (or, cough, cough, economist), dealing with your average "college educated liberal arts major" is indeed as painful as dealing with a mentally impaired adult.

Watching the average person get excited about sportsball to the point they get upset or happy depending on how one group of guys throws a ball against another group of guys?


Listening to women gossip at the water cooler about what dress which slut wore to the Oscars?


Channel surfing through TV, searching for a morsel akin to "The IT Crowd" or "Sherlock," only to have "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "The View" show up?

Bamboo shoots under the toenails.

It's no different than if your average humanities major had to deal with Rupret the Monkey Boy for their entire waking days.

But cultural comparisons aside this may also go a long way in explaining why so many of us on the right have had absolutely ZERO success in getting people on the left, specifically those in the liberal arts, to acknowledge and accept some basic mathematical facts and realities.  To a guy with an IQ of 130 the concept of ever-increasing government debt leads to an obvious conclusion of unsustainability and collapse.  But to your average early childhood education major, she doesn't even know (or care) about the difference between a million and a trillion.  To the woman with an IQ of 140, she understands the concept that there is no such thing as money, only the goods and services it can buy.  But to your average "Child Psychology" major he can't understand why pieces of paper don't have value.  And to the guy with an IQ of 120, he knows villainizing and punishing "corporations" will simply have the effect of deterring them from investing in the place they are punished.  But to your average journalism major, their brain isn't smart enough to overcome simply envy and spouts out "it's the corporations, man!!!!"

This is not to dismiss my theories that the true motivator of leftists is the mere formula of "laziness+ego."  But it is to point out they may simply lack the intelligence to understand and comprehend "slightly advanced"

cause and effect,
math, and
advanced logic,

rendering what we think are simple, black and white facts moot and ineffective.

Ergo, it doesn't make any sense to get angry with them if they can't understand "% GDP" or "exponential growth," because expecting that out of a liberal arts major is really like expecting a mentally retarded person to be able to do long division.  And while it does not solve the country's myriad of problems, it does lower your blood pressure and provide a little bit of sanity.

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