Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY Paternity Kit

Uh oh!!!

More on Freedom vs. Economic Growth

Expounding upon my previous research I wanted to take global economic growth and compare it against the average government take of global GDP in terms of spending.  To the naked eye no real trend can be identified, but if you correlate the two you get a CC of -.39.  Again, proving the more governments take/spend the less economic growth there is.  It's very simple.  You crowd out the private economy with an inefficient (or worse) parasitic public sector, expect your economy (and tax based) to shrink.

*Missing from the data as it is not on the OECD is China and Russian, which I would VERY MUCH like to include.  If anybody knows where I can get 20 years worth of RGDP data for them AND total government expenditure as a percent of GDP I would appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Big Daddy C Wants!

Cell phone transformer gun.  I want!

New SURE FIRE Retirement Plan for Boomers!

Look!  You can "fight the system maaaan" AND retire at the same time!  Free food, clothing, lodging and health care!

"Poetry" to Save Detroit Youth

It's stuff like this that makes me knight Katie Couric with the official title of "Baroness of the Bint."

"There once was a man from Nantucket...."

More Proof Freedom is the Best Economic Policy

Many years ago, and by "many" I mean about 20, I decided to embark on a mission to pull all the data I could and empirically prove or disprove all the economic philosophies and beliefs I held.  In short I didn't want a "philosophy" or "belief" or "ideology," I wanted proof.  I was sick of arguing with leftists and liberals, sick of wasting logic or common sense on pointless college-student-late-dorm-room-night debates, and all I wanted was some simple, mathematical proof I could point to and say, "There.  Now have a cup of STFU." 

And about 20 years ago, I did precisely that.  Arguably one of my best charts I ever compiled proved me correct - government spending as a percentage of GDP versus economic growth.  Albeit boring and now making your eyes glaze over like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day off, the chart showed a NEGATIVE correlation between government spending and economic growth with a correlation coefficient of around .3.

The problem is that was 20 years ago and the data I had was not the greatest, merely what was available on the OECD at the time.  So I figured it was time to pull new data and see if this relationship still held true.  And boy howdy has it!

Not only did the relation between government and economic growth continue to be negative, but the strength of the relationship increased to a correlation coefficient of -.55 (-.56 if you only use a decade's worth of data).

Now like all economic studies there are caveats and considerations.  The data above does not include Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, China or Greece.  I have NO idea why the OECD doesn't have enough data on these countries to make a 20 year study, but they simply don't (though the 10 year correlation I calculated DOES include Japan).  So it's merely the data I had to work with.  And of course, the OECD does not include most 2nd and 3rd world nations.  Only the nations who have been providing them with their economic data.  Still, all these asides, if we are to look at the EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE economic growth is VERY NEGATIVELY correlated with the size of government.  Even more so since you'd think SPENDING as a percentage of GDP would correlate positively with economic growth...but that is in a deluded Keynesian wet-dream world.

Regardless, this new data only merely re-proves what we all know to be logical and common sense:

A freer people are a more productive people.  If you let people keep the majority of their wealth and fruits of their labor they will work more, create more, innovate more, and your economy will grow more.  It's not only logical and empirically proven, it's simply moral.  Of course, the parasites of society will whine and contest and complain otherwise, desperate to use the force of government to enslave you to support them, but it doesn't change the fact that a smaller government results in a better and ever-more progressing society.  The issue is simply if society wants to vote for parasitism and dependency of excellence and independence. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Emory University Now the Next Mizzou

I will never attend, nor hire, anybody from Emory University.


Cappy's on Engineered Truth

Where Matt was kind enough to have me on his show where we discussed what I thought were the 12 biggest lies we tell society:

Davis Aurini Launches the Sarkeesian Effect

After much anticipation, Davis finally releases his video.

It's a Man

Hey!  I'm a two legged animal that runs around!

Denis Tukhmanov: Hero

Picture has surface of the Russian soldier that called in the air strike that not only killed a bunch of ISIS terrorists, but himself.  Figured he was owed at least some notoriety here on Cappy Cap:

Vote Trump or Die

This is not an endorsement of Trump.  Merely an observation about the balance of power in the Republican party.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode #141 of The Clarey Podcast

When the fuck is Jesus coming back?
Cappy is joining Satan!
The Pioneer Podcasters
Do Ozzies hate Yanks?
Muslim kills leftist teacher
Peter Gunn and Herschel Bernardi


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Nothing Good Ever Came Out of a Business Meeting

Found this interesting.  A calculator to measure the cost of a meeting. 

I remember one time being so bored in a meeting I was calculating how much money we were costing the shareholders.

We Are No Longer Americans

They no longer exist.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yaaawwwnnn Another Terrorist Attack

My my my.  My prediction about terrorist attacks just becoming the "new normal" is becoming true.

Perhaps we can "make some arrests" and "kill the third in command of ISIS!"

Oh oh!  I know may be we can

fly the flags at half staff (again)
hold a candle-lit vigil (again)
put the Pakistani flag on our facebook profiles!

You go Western Civilization!

Another Damn Fine Podcast

From DT and The Man

The "Street Fighterfication" of Super Hero Movies

Twin Peaks, if you were unfortunate enough to waste your precious life-seconds on that derisible show, was based on a simple premise:

Have everybody intertwine with everybody else.

Bob was having sex with Amy.
But Amy was married to Steve.
But Steve was Bob's boss.
Who was Abitha's conjugal visited inmate.
Who was the father of Amy's daughter.
Who was having an affair with Billy's uncle.
And who was Laura Palmer?
And frankly nobody gives a shit.

In short, you wasted the viewer's life watching a show that in reality had no real creativity behind it except for the gimmick of creating false drama by interweaving every character with each on on different levels.

Oh the "wit."

In short, "Twin Peaks" was nothing more than playing a game of "Street Fighter 2" wherein everybody else fights everybody else with no particular allegiance to good or bad, right or wrong, sane or insane, plus not real plot to begin with.

And thus is the EXACT same formula for the upcoming spate of "Super Hero vs. Super Hero" movies.  Batman vs. Superman, Marvel "Civil War," and whatever other movies Hollywood execs are concocting but haven't come out with yet, because I (like I always am) am way ahead of the curve on this one.

I knew Batman vs. Superman was not going to bode well because it does/proves two things:

1.  It pits two GOOD MEN against one another (which nobody likes) and
2.  Proves Hollywood ran out of ideas and now they're just going to have the good guys fight each other.

It's like the WWE in the 1980's where you try every permutation of fight to drive up ratings.

The problem this formula presents to movie makers is you have to make one good guy the bad guy and the other good guy the "more good" guy.  This delivers you into a world of murky/gray/foggy/morality drama where a slight disagreement in morality or principles leads to two men/super heroes having a VERY unlike fight.

"You have to ask yourself what's right."
"In times like these there are no heroes."
"But if you don't who will."

I haven't seen the movie, but am I right that these sorts of amorphous, Twin Peakish, WWE-ish, Street Fighter-ish dramatics were in Batman v. Superman?

This will not necessarily be the downfall of superhero movies, but the plateauing of them.  You're going to not only force people watch two beloved heroes duke it out (like child watching their divorce-bound parents argue, and hey!  how fun is that!!!!???), but you need to at least spend 2/3rds of the movie creating a faux drama/crisis so you can spend the next $200 million on that epic 1/3 of the movie fight!  All while watching mom and dad beat the shit out of each other.

Yeah, that's a recipe for success.

The truth is nobody wants to see Superman and Batman beat each other up.  And nobody will want to see Captain America and Tony Stark beat each other up.  There are plenty of true villains in this world super heroes could battle.  Communists, terrorists, Hillary Clinton...which, I know, I know, are protected classes of evil people we can't attack in public.  But if Hollywood is so void of ideas they have to have the good guys start fighting each other, they have every right to gamble $400 million on what is nothing more than watching your parents fight.  And I'm sure in today's America we can all get that for free at home in AMAZING real-life digital quality with front line seats no less.

Leftist Teacher Takes in Muslim Refugee

And then murder hilarity ensues!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Suicide Bomber Free Zone

Why Every Leftist Needs to Listen to Khrushchev

I've been listening to a podcast series called the "Russian Rulers History Podcast" and it has given me a better, more thorough, and more-informed course in Russian History than I'm sure any of the hacks posing as liberal arts colleges would.  It has provided me a lot of understanding about communism, its origins, as well as the reason it came about in Russia.  However, in this particular episode I am amazed to hear, out of Nikita Khrushchev own mouth, his opinions on communism and economics in Russia.

Not because he is basically admitting the economic policies of communism are failing his people.

And not because (unlike pretty much every previous leader of Russia) he dares to admit it.

But because of his complete naivety and cluelessness about economics.

I would have figured an ardent communist, a former leader of the USSR, when writing his memoirs would have a FULLY REHEARSED, SCRIPTED, and POLISHED explanation as to why there was no food, toilet paper or meat available to the Russian people (especially under his reign).  But it is amazing the man who was once pounding his shoe, telling the "Imperialist Western Capitalist Pigs" he would bury us, admits his economic policies are failing. 

The thing that really gets me though is how apparent it is he just doesn't get it.  Here's a man in his 60's, maybe 70's, who went through the communist system his entire life, from the lowest ranked pledge in the youth communist party, to the premier of the Soviet Union, and if you ask him "why isn't there enough bread?" he has no answers. 

He has great observations.
He has great explanations.
His logic about how people reaction and behave in an economy is sound.

But when it comes to solutions, all he can say is "I just don't get it."

Perhaps he was too brainwashed to realize how free markets and free people would have solved all the economic problems of the USSR.  Perhaps after serving under Stalin coming up with new ideas was just not possible for his psyche.  The point is largely (and tragically) moot since hundreds of millions either died, starved, were murdered, tortured, or at minimum suffered MUCH lesser lives than was necessary simply because the leaders of this idiotic economic religion just couldn't admit they were wrong.

Regardless, these precious words of Khrushchev, which make it painfully clear he was not only wrong, but had no clue what he was doing, is absolute mandatory listening for not just rightists, but especially leftists.  Because if the god damned leader of the Soviet Union was so flimsy and weak on economics, then how much more weak and flimsy is your average spoiled brat liberal arts college student?

Seriously, it's like the pope admitting Catholicism is all wrong, yet your commoner Catholics, who never read the bible, would argue that it's still "all right."

Friday, March 25, 2016

SJW's Hate Women in STEM

This was a bunch of poppycock somebody sent me.  An info-graphic claiming if women just achieved equality in the world then there'd be another $28 trillion for us to spend...on a bunch of problems that would never be solved anyway.

Regardless, my favorite part of the entire info-graphic is not the outlandish bullshit and numbers these math-impaired idiots pulled fresh out of their asses.

Nor is the "may" "could" "possibly" put behind every claim they could churn up an additional $28 trillion.

But that in all the ways they proposed to close the gap between women and men STEM WAS NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE!!!

Which led to me to observe this isn't about actually closing the wage gape as much as it is another opportunity for these worthless SJW's to masturbate their egos while solving NONE of the problems in the world they all ferociously claim they want to solve.

Thankfully, they comment section is open (for now) and you don't have to register or anything.

Why Too Much Social Media is Toxic

Many of you no doubt heard about the AI bot Microsoft let loose on teh social medias and then became a Hitler, racist, conspiracy theorist.  But it got me thinking.  If this was merely a non-sentient program, then the results were 100%  the by-product of the internet environment "she" was let into.  Of course I don't know much about AI, but it leads me to an observation;

If this is the default state or "most logical route" of social media, then

1.  A lot of people are consciously choosing NOT to become a racist, Hitler, conspiracy theorist and

2.  Those that stick in this environment for a long time must, at some level, suffer some kind of psychological toll or pay some kind of psychological price. 

In other words, if this is the results on a robot, humans need to UNPLUG every once in a while.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The DJ Bubble Continues to Burst - Part 2

When the guy from Bar Rescue tells you it's over, it's over.

The Little Economy That Coudln't

"Malaise" is how I will forever describe the economy under the Obama administration.  Not because he's a socialist, and not because of any ideological difference, but just because that's what it's been.  Malaise.  RGDP growth has averaged 1.8% under Obama which is less than half of what it used to be during those evil and hated 40's-60's.  Even that hated Bush Jr., with the lion's share of The Great Recession's economic contraction in his figures, posted a 2.0% average growth rate.  But then I decided to pull up one of those old, boring economic charts I occasionally like to look at:

Inventory to sales.

And you just can't help but toss your hands up into the sky, for it looks like the malaise will continue.

Inventory to sales, though boring, is a ratio I like to look at because it's telling about what you might be able to expect in our economic future.  Specifically, it is the ratio of corporate inventories to their sales and this ratio shows how much "stuff" corporations have on hand relatively to how quickly they're selling it (sales). 

A decreasing ratio is a good omen for the economy in that if sales are up, that means there's demand for more goods.  Additionally, if sales are high relatively to low inventories, that is doubly good in that it implies corporations will have to hire more people to make more goods. 

An increasing ratio however, is a bad sign.  That means either sales are low, inventories are high, or a combination of both which means low demand AND companies are likely to lay people off to eat through excess inventories.

Historically, you'll notice two things about the inventory to sales ratio.  One, you can see it spike right before recessions, and, two, a general downward trend (as inventory management techniques have constantly been lowering the amount of inventory relative to sales).  But during pretty much ALL of the Obama administration this ratio has been going up, especially so these past two years.

This isn't to say that I'm going to predict recession starting tomorrow.  Nor, is this to say employers are going to start cutting back on employees next week.  The truth is since the TARP bail outs, QE-X, and the fact the US has the world's reserve currency, neither our markets nor economy is functioning how they should, and predicting them is even more laughably impossible than it was before.  But I will take one huge gamble.  There isn't going to be any booming economic growth nor massive hiring sprees we experienced under Reagan in 1983 or Clinton in 1998 in the near future.  The malaise will continue until Obama leaves the presidency, and even then no real recovery will happen unless President Trump and an agreeable congress decide they want to aggressively pursue policies that result in a booming economy. 

Regardless, for any of you millennials or young Gen X'ers that wanted that white picket fence, a nuclear family, and a stable career that could provide for them all, think again.  That American dream will not be available to you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The DJ Bubble Bursts!

Oh nosies!!!!  Las Vegas is starting to ditch the loud DJ club and (GASP!) put together a quiet lounge where CONVERSATION IS ENCOURAGED?????

I love the change, but precisely where are you going to get conversationalists in today's Gen X and Millennial generations to populate these clubs?

Why Leftists Don't Love Their Own Children

To put it succinctly, it wasn't fair.

It just wasn't fair.

You always self-judge yourself, wondering if you have the intellectual integrity to validate your own political opinions, but when I ran into this veritable douche-bag it wasn't fair.  It just wasn't fair.  He was your typical leftist.  An ideologue.  And like most leftists didn't know jack about

1.  the basics of economics
2.  the budget
3.  debt
4.  math

And so the slaughter began.

I'd go into the detail, but it wouldn't matter.  We were at the bar.  He started spouting shit.  I didn't have the patience, plus, I had the experience to know how to defuse AND capitalize on the situation.  So when the blabber mouth started to claim the national debt was BETTER under Obama than Bush, I said, "OK, I'll bet you the finest pour of scotch this bar has to offer you're wrong."

Of course he didn't take, because like every leftist, he's not just a pussy, but a hypocrite and a coward.

The moron didn't know whether the debt was worse or better under Obama or Bush.  That would've taken effort and research!  And why inconvenience the suburbanite poli-sci major-come-realtor with reality and facts?  So he blathered on, obviously emotionally vested in the fact I wasn't at the alter of Obama, and came back at me with...

"The economy has never been better!!!!"

To which I responded

"Oh really??? You want to bet the next beer average GDP growth is less now than it has been for the past 10 years???"

Once again, pablum, blathering, and grandstanding, but the coward still wouldn't take my bet.

We did this many times over.

GDP figures lower than Clinton's/Bush's administrations?
5$ bet?  Beer tab bet???

Unemployment higher than 5% average under Obama?
Is your opinion worth a $6 beer bet?

Government debt to GDP??? Huh? How's that?  Is THAT worth a $5 beer bet?
No!!!  (it's because GDP means nothing, you understand, to this leftist.  It's all the "corporations maaaaan!!!")

In the end the pussy, like all leftists are, wouldn't take any one of the NUMEROUS bets I offered him to prove his numerous opinions were fact or fiction.  And so, since the coward wouldn't even put $5 down for a bet, it proves most leftist's opinions aren't even worth $5.

But if it was only $5.  For there was something infinitely more valuable this ignorant man was gambling with.

His childrens' futures.

We can go on about whether leftists have the heart or conviction in their beliefs to put down $5 of their own money or not.  It is an academic question.  But what is grand is that this particular leftist, like many others made a GRAAAAAVVVVEEEE mistake;

He bred.

He has two daughters.

And ohhhhhh, my friends.  Does that make the difference.

For while I was trying to engage this fellow into the world of reality (not to mention score a few free drinks off the ignorant fuck) my other buddy who was at the bar watching this debate, was very much like me.

and zero fucks left to give

And we knew precisely what authority, wisdom, and position we had.

The irony was that I (along with him) were trying to get this leftist to understand he needed, ABSOLUTELY NEEDED to understand that he was wrong.  Not for my ego.  Not for my friend's ego.  And not even for himself.  But for his own god damned children.

His voting and proverbial worship of socialism was not boding well for his children's futures.  And even when i tried to explain it clearly to him, he simply dismissed me in a very millennial way of "wow, just wow! OK! I guess we're all nazi's now!" sort of way.

I stood somewhat agape.

You value your own god damned ignorance and intellectual laziness more than you do your own children?  Your politics is more important than your children's futures???

It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so sad.

It only convinced me more that leftists are inferior pieces of scum that are so obsessed with their own egos that they'll sell their children's futures out to their own ideology.  That they value their own children so lowly that their children are not worth the time to spend 10 minutes looking at the federal budget and evaluating what kind of a future you're voting in for them.

I may have had a vasectomy.  I may personally not like children.  But apparently I care more about the children who aren't mine more than leftists do their own flesh and blood.

Enjoy that freaking decline baby.  Enjoy that freaking decline.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gawker's Financial Statements

I, like many of you, have been watching as Hulk Hogan has beat down Gawker for the POS brown journalism entity that it is.  We all like to see evil people lose.  We all like to see the likes of Nick Denton see their empires collapse.  And we all like to see some semblance of justice and sanity prevail in today's society.

But while we can cheer, the question is will Gawker finally go away?

Mathematically, yes.  Gawker will go away.  With revenues of $45 million and a a lawsuit, even when paired down, will wipe them out financially, you can safely say Gawker will die as a financially solvent entity.  But there are some problems, and this introduces the world of finance.

Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker has a net worth estimated to be $100 million.  Of course a lot of that is tied up in the ever decreasing stock of Gawker, and lord knows what other genuine liquid and veritable assets that networth is tied up in, but Nick is a rather well to do man.  There is also the issue of outside interests who just view Gawker not as a viable business entity, but merely a smear engine/tool in which case (like I predict Twitter will become) a money losing operation to be used and financed by political forces.  Twitter is not viable.  Gawker is not viable.  But who cares as long as billionaire politicians and crony capitalists will constantly fund their bleeding balance sheets to basically be a press-releasing operation for their political goals.  ie - Twitter and Gawker may be bankrupt a million times over, but who cares?  They're merely an expense account for political/financial backers to propagate whatever propaganda they desire. 

And that is why we need to identify Gawker (and inevitably Twitter) for what it is (and will become).

A money losing media arm of evil political forces.

Look, Gawker was going to lose in the end anyway.  Being the biggest and most complete douche of the internet world will not win you any friends in the long run. 

Click bait?

Traffic in the short term?

But a long term viable entity?

But the value Gawker does deliver is a bersmirching/slander tool that can constantly be sued (and filed for bankruptcy, repeatedly) while convincing the ignorant sheeple masses that "X" person is a very very bad man as their attention spans are as long as Nick Denton's dick.  That expendable entity DOES have value for politicians.

In short, Gawker will go away, but not the business model and not Nick Denton.  There will always be demand for smut, gossip, and character assassination.  And there are deep pocket political interests that will always want to hire the cowardly mercenary pussies like Nick Denton to do their character assassinations for them.  The real issue is whether society will wake up and realize the Nick Dentons of the world for who they are, or continue to sop up the juicy lies they sell.  And if my experience has told me anything the sheeple will always side with the Nick Dentons of the world. 

In other words, Nick Denton and Gawker may be bankrupt, but their industry is infinitely more solid and secure than social security.  He won't go away and you will see him again.  And it's nobody's fault but society's.  And frankly, I can't blame him when he returns and makes a mint off of the lemmings that made a disgusting and pathetic business concept like Gawker a viable business entity in the first place.  He'll just have a new and improved version of Gawker that will be swallowed whole by society.  And thus, Gawker's financial statements really don't matter, because he has the best finances anybody could ever ask for.

Society's vanity.

Used Panties Economics and Terrorism Episode of The Clarey Podcast

There's nothing to say about the terrorist attacks
The Economics of Used Panties
Corporate Greed
Fan Mail
Traveling to Iceland


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Terrorist Attacks Again? Yawn

I officially don't care about the terrorist attacks.  It is to be expected when democracy and feminism raise Europe's skirt and values diversity above western civilization.

This concludes the political analysis of the terrorist attacks.

HR Meets The Millennials

I love it when cunts collide.  It's like Hitler fighting Stalin.  They deserve each other and I can just sit and watch for ages.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Friends of Cappy Helping Out Friends of Cappy

From one of our Agents in the Field:

Not often in your life will you be able to make money with almost no effort. But thanks to Aaron’s blog, I found a way. Let me explain.

My name is Florian, and I was born and raised in Germany. Yes. Remember the guy who had a run in with Aaron Clarey John McClane on one of his security shifts? My countryman. If that observation is not nerdy enough for you, let me up the ante:

I was always interested in math and sciences, and in my last years of high school I decided to study biochemistry. I wanted to be with all those cool scientists I had read about and seen in the movies and I wanted to know what held them and the world together, so I was completely sold on going all the way to becoming a professor.
I did a PhD in Dresden (Germany) and then came to the US to do postdoctoral work. After years of study and several original research papers, I was close to my goal: becoming a research professor.

All is well that ends well? Almost…

… if it wasn’t for this one detail I had not seen when I started my journey: as a scientist, you work 60-80 hours per week, with only minimal contact to the outside world. And this is the exact opposite to what Aaron is teaching us, namely:

1.    Don’t fuck up.
2.    There is nothing more important in life than other people.
Seems I was en route to disregard both principles.

So I took a step back and a good hard look and decided to create ways to transition out of my job - into financial independence and entrepreneurship. Since I had noticed all these ads about Academic Composition on Captain Capitalism, I decided to finally see what it was all about.

Academic Composition is a ghostwriting agency for college papers. You can either become a ghostwriter yourself – if you have good skills in writing Liberal Arts papers – or place ads on Craigslist. These ads are pre-written, all you have to do is post them every two days. Aleksey, the owner of the company, then pays you $5 for every lead you generate.

I started a couple of months ago and have so far made hundreds of dollars for literally nothing. Here are some of the advantages working for Academic Composition:

1.    Getting started is easy. Aleksey gives you exact instructions, down to the text of the ads. You just copy-paste them, hit “publish” and you are off to the races.
2.    The work is very flexible. You can post whenever and wherever you want. With your home computer, your laptop, your phone… imagine sitting at Starbucks and knowing that a mouse click on your laptop basically takes care of your coffee, while you have enough time to relax or work on another project!
3.    Payment is fast and reliable. You send Aleksey the invoice once a week and within minutes, the money is in your paypal account.

And over time, you can take on larger responsibilities and thus earn even more money, all the while learning about posting advertisements and copywriting.

Working with Academic Composition is easily the biggest return on investment I have ever experienced. It sure as hell beats your 9-5 job. No commute. No abrasive boss. Nobody who wants you to do it “their way” when you know there is a better way. And nobody telling you it would be “nice” if you came in on the weekend.

I am incredibly happy that I found this opportunity as I continue to make money for nothing. 

Thanks Aaron and Aleksey!

If you are looking to hire or work for Academic Composition please visit:

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

Liberal Success Defined

Tee hee, I made a funny!

Only 1/3 of "Entrepreneurship Professors" Ever Started Companies

I quit my research early only after 31 data points.

And the reason I quit my research early is, frankly, because "I have shit to do."  I run a real business, that no matter how obscure, has paying clients unlike today's topic - "Entrepreneurship Professors."
And since I don't have the time to prophecize, theorize, and pontificate all day to naive 20 year olds, I decided 31 datapoints was enough, as it was time to move on with my day.

In short I took the time to scratch a curiosity itch I've had for quite some time:

Precisely what percentage of entrepreneurship professors have experience starting and running a business?

I knew the whole concept of an entrepreneurship degree was flawed (because you get a degree to get hired by an employer - the antithesis of entrepreneurship).  And I also knew most professors are scam artists who could never work it in the real world, and thus sell worthless, over priced pieces of paper to naive millennials.  But there was also a piece of me who theorized there MUST be some old timer who retired, made their millions, and just wanted to share their experience to help young, budding entreprenuers.

Oh, foolish Cappy.  You had an idealistic thought didn't you?

The truth is 66% of the "entrepreneurship professors'" resumes I searched had NO experience in being entrepreneurs.  The vast majority of them, like all their professor brethren, were the epitome of "those who can't do, teach."  Merely bystanders, spectators, studiers-of, and observers of real entrepreneurs in the real world making real change.  Simply the marching band who lacked the talent, skill, and work ethic required to make it on the football team.

But even those who listed "entrepreneurship" experience in their resumes were questionable.  A significant amount of professors claimed they were a "founding partner" of some kind of venture capital group.  Or sat on some board of a company they invested in.  Another great one was where they run some kind of "consulting company" that advises (you guessed it) entrepreneurs on how to start up their companies!  A further layer of dubiousness was added when it was obvious nearly ALL these "real world entreprenuers-come-professors" relied on teaching as their primary source of income and NOT (ironically) their super-awesome successful businesses they started.  In short, NOBODY STARTED A FREAKING BUSINESS AND BUILT IT FROM THE GROUND UP!  They simply either consulted or invested, but NEVER "entrepreneured."

In short, my suspicions were correct.  Not only is entrepreneurship logically a stupid degree, it is just another field of academia that is populated by a world of losers who couldn't hack it in the real world, and now suck off the blood of naive youth to sustain their parasitic existence.

Were there some genuine entrepreneurs who had a passion for business, made their wealth, and wanted to share their experiences?

Of course.

But they are rare for the real entrepreneurs out there are too busy and too successful making money to piss away 4 years of their lives getting a "PhD" in "entrepreneurship" just so academia will deign them "qualified" to teach about the topic.

It is the epitome of "those who can't do, teach" in the world of "entrepreneurship professors."
Post notes:

Research was done by google searching "professor entrepreneurship".
The majority of datapoints/resumes were selected from the Carlson School of Management (which has a surprisingly high percent of real entrepreneurs), Babson, and some other college whose name escapes me now.
If you doubt my figures, or don't like what I'm saying, or don't think 31 datapoints is enough, then you take time out of your precious day to research it (unbiasedly, I'm sure) and come up with your own damn study.  I'm sure you have the time.  You're an academic.  I unfortunately don't.  I'm an entrepreneur.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lazy Sunday Linkage

Davis Aurini vs. YouTube - a lesson why you need to diversify outside the monopoly of social media.

Eric Andre exposed.

Adam Piggott reviews Curse of the High IQ

Glorious Karl also reviews Curse of the High IQ

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Death of the Baby Boomer Journalism Industry

1.  You lied to the American people, putting your leftist ideology ahead of journalism.
2.  Admit it, you were lazy and didn't want to study math back in 1960.
3.  Admit it, you never intended to report news, but wanted to "change the world" as well as force your opinion on it.
4.  You will never become David Frost.  You could if any one of you wanted to really look at Hillary Clinton,but we know that violates #1 and #3.
5.  We Gen X'ers and Millennials thank you very much for letting us have the entire internet to replace your old, outdated, corrupt, and obsolete "journalism" business model.  It was awfully nice hearing for decades that "you just didn't understand Excel, computers, or the internet."

Now please go FOAD.

Friday, March 18, 2016

"Before Cappy Was Evil" Special Episode of The Clarey Podcast

Too lazy to write a post and wanted to talk about

Human psychology
"Before I was Evil"

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Episode #139 of The Clarey Podcast!

Drinking because you're bored
Thug notes and Atlas Shrugged
Financial Markets no longer exist
Voters don't choose the candidates
Venezuelan Socialist Paradise


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

How NOT to Get Women in STEM

Please don't have liberal arts majors taking photos of other liberal arts majors playing "make believe STEM women."  Just buy a girl you care about, who you want to do well in college, this simple book.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Political Rallies are Now Obsolete

Whether it was at the bar when I saw Fox, CNN, and HLN with their breaking news about Trump's Chicago rally, or my phone blowing up with all the social media comments about it, I calmly set my phone down, returned to my coffee, and continued my conversation with my friends because I knew something about political rallies most people don't.  And that is...

They don't matter.

And so before we waste precious hours of our finite lives come Monday morning, listening to the talking heads on talk radio or Fox News be "aghast" at the tyrannical behavior of leftist thugs, let the Ole Captain put things in context for you, so you not only save yourself some blood pressure, but hours of your lives you can't be wasting on what amounts to nothing more than never-ending political soap operas.

First, you need to understand that political rallies are very much like concerts.  If you think about it, concerts are stupid.  You spend your time and money to drive through rush hour-esque traffic, pay for parking, then like cattle shuffle into a euphemistically called "auditorium," where the acoustics are so poor a tinny 1930's radio sounds better.  Yes you get to see "your band," but the truth is for a fraction of the cost and hassle, you could have just stayed at home, fired up your MP3 player, with your home stereo system and enjoyed a much higher quality of music than what you'd hear at any concert.

Political rallies are the same thing.  You would have done a lot more had you stayed at home, penned off three letters to your congressman, donated what you would have paid for in parking or gas to your candidate's campaign fund, or merely wrote a thoughtful piece to convince your FB friends to vote for your candidate.

Second, political rallies are obsolete.  If this were the 1880's, sure.  Political rallies would have made sense.  Your only form of media was newspapers and a visual display of mass numbers of people may inspire (or intimidate) others to vote a certain way.  But with television, radio, not to mention this thing called "the internet," the mass groupings of people to convince the king he was 10 minutes from the guillotine if he didn't change aren't necessary.  A flood of e-mails, polls, or just watching the news will inform people and politicians what the nation thinks, much more than a mass of rally goers.

Third, the numbers of rallies no longer mean anything.

Trump claims there were 35,000 people at his rally in Chicago.  Which is fine and great, but...

Tennessee, just one state, experienced a 17% increase in primary votes, with a 2-1 margin of those being Republicans (all I'd say due to Trump), before any major rallies.

You do some quick math and those extra 56,000 Tennessean voters, 2/3rds of which were Trump-inspired Republican primary votes means without a rally, just the mere internet and news coverage of Trump, ONE moderately populated state produced 37,000 primary votes for Trump.

And VOTES are what matters, not attendees to a rally.

In other words, just like concerts, only die hard fans attend political rallies.  But also just like concerts, musicians don't much care about concert attendance as much as they do album sales, and ergo, politicians should be more concerned about prompting the silent majority to vote (ie - "buy their album") than merely attend their concert.

And Trump has obviously done that.

Fourth, political rallies are horrendously inefficient and horrendous wastes of resources, especially in the internet era.

In light of point #1, I remember attending ONE political rally and it's inefficiency became very apparent to me.  No politician saw us, I could not see how we would make a difference, and in the end it cost me about half a day of my time.  Had I instead done something else aside from standing there with a sign, it would have gone a much longer way to defeat the legislation I was hoping to defeat.

Now imagine you take that 4 hours (and say, $20 in gas and parking), and multiply that times the 35,000 Trump supporters at the Chicago rally.

Instead of the shit show anti-American, racist, socialist thugs made it, it could have instead been:

140,000 hours of Trump volunteers making calls to potential supporters.
140,000 well-thought pieces written to newspapers, new shows, talk shows, and social media
140,000 hours of people writing counter-pieces against Cruz, Bernie, Hillary, or Move
140,000 hours of canvassing, postering, etc.
$750,000 in donations ($20 in expenses those 35,000 could have donated instead)

And if you pro-rate those human hours at a $15/hour wage, that's $2.1 million these rally goers could have worked and donated to his campaign anyway.

And that's just Chicago!

Of course, the Ole Captain knows his SAEG (TM) will never be fully realized and to get political candidates to think with this laser like level of precise logic, let alone hire Asshole Consulting as an advisory, is wishful thinking.  But that doesn't mean we individuals have to make the same mistake twice.  So don't waste your time this upcoming Monday listening to the talk shows analyzing something that TRULY doesn't matter.  Spend the time instead defeating socialism in a manner that is useful, practical, and effective instead.
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Gravity Defeats Milleannial

Milleannial takes photo.

Details at 6.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Selous Scouts: A Repost

As you guys know I like to delete lesser posts in an effort to declutter the ole blog.  But a professional race-whore complained my link to the podcast about the Selous Scouts was racist because it was about the Rhodesian War, even though the purpose of linking to it was to highlight the Selous Scouts remarkable espionage and infiltration skills.  ie-it would be like linking to a post about about mechanic ability of the Tiger Tank, and being accused of being anti-Semitic.

Of course, the professional victim thought the post was taken down because I was fear I'd be called a racist.  So I just wanted to repost it as it was not only interesting, but seems to piss off all the right people.

Make sure to give the History Channel's war podcast an extra amount of downloads!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fuck You Mizzou!

20% decline and $32 million deficit at racist school that hates whites.

Surprise surprise.

Why You Should Sell Lies to Sheeple

As I go further down this rabbit hole, it is almost no longer a debate as to whether one should capitalize on people's sheepleness, naivety, and insatiable thirst for lies.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

BLM and SJW's Defined Perfectly

You may find the artist's site here.

The Triggering Shall Continue

Until humans accept reality and truth and no longer require triggering.

Remember, Free Redhead...

with every purchase!

Also, just finished making edits and correcting typos in the book.  The "revised" version (with the whopping 4 legitimate typos corrected) should be already uploaded and available for sale.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Feminist Ghostbusters Going Bust

There is not much to say about the upcoming feminist movie “Ghostbusters.”  For those of us who aren’t in the echo chamber of Hollywood and the media, we see this movie for what it is - a truly inferior, slipshod affirmative action piece that is so blatant in its pandering towards “team woman” it’s pretty much insulting everybody. It’s so bad even avid consumers of “Round House Kicking Chick Cop Shows” aren’t swallowing it, as evidenced by its trailer receiving  more downvotes than a Hitler speech in a synagogue. 

But for Hollywood, and by Hollywood, I mean Sony Entertainment, they are so blinded by political correctness, not to mention the fad of taking anything men have made and slapping a “woman” sticker on it, they are completely unaware as to the millions of dollars they’re going to lose on this guaranteed-to-flop movie.  And it is here Hollywood could stand to learn a lesson about the market it’s trying to sell such slop to, as well as a lesson "The Sheeple Society of America" could learn about how Hollywood views them.

Yes, your average American is an idiot.  And yes, you average American woman can be sold a bill of goods if you merely slap the label of “rah rah female” on it.  But what Sony did was take a hallmark of American culture, a genuine apolitical cinematic classic that young and old hold dear to their heats, and shit all over it with politics.  And even the most ardent feminists doesn’t like to see her childhood heroes defecated upon. 

It’s one thing to take obscure comic book heroes, even notable ones, and kill off all the male/white characters.  This is done daily by the basement-dwelling SJW nerds in the bowels of Marvel’s money-losing comic book department.  And you can certainly float trial balloons about turning somebody like James Bond into a black man.  But you NEVER take valued and beloved cultural icons like The Ghostbusters and castrate them, let alone invest money into such a stupid and bigoted venture.  And thus Hollywood (and certainly Sony) is about to learn that this dumber-than-hell strategy of merely “feminizing” or “de-whiting” movies that were already made won’t sell if it’s so blatant that even your average American idiot can see what you’re doing. 

Turning a secondary character like Felix in James Bond from a blond Texan to a black guy?
Sure.  Nobody will notice.

Making a movie about a one-armed woman and calling it “Mad Max?”
Maybe.  Just make sure there’s a flame-throwing guitar player to distract the sheeple.

But taking a childhood hero classic like Ghostbusters and smothering it in “vag?”
No, nobody’s falling for it.

In the end Hollywood needs to take a lesson from the democrat party in Washington DC – If you want to sell shit to minorities and women you need to cover it in soft racism and bigotry.  It can’t be obvious what you’re doing because even the most left-wing minority’s pride and self-respect will be insulted.  But don’t worry, over time you will gently nudge Overton’s window to the left enough that SOME in society will accept a black James Bond, a transvestite Captain Kirk, and an all female Ghostbusters.

Just don’t’ expect these copy-cat, affirmative action, wanna-be movies to be anywhere near as good as the originals.  And don't be shocked when society revolts because they're sick and tired of you trying to shove political-vag down their throats.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Feminist Ghostbusters: Epic Fail

Despite all the warning signs, the feminists, leftists, SJW's, and the IDIOT financial backers of the film are going to ensure it's the greatest flop ever:

Turning Trump into a Perot or Nader

I largely avoid politics as it is pointless, futile, bad for my blood pressure, and frankly, where the pigs wrestle in the mud.  However, if you'll permit me this one, well-placed sniper shot, I would appreciate it.

The Republican establishment can

stamper their little feet

about Trump.

But you better get behind him.  Because if you don't, and you dare nominate somebody OTHER than Trump, his voters are the type to vote for him anyway and they WILL split the vote.  You'll lose the election (like you always do) and then you'll pussyfoot around hitting up your blue blood donors to "Help Fight the Hillary Express!" and this country will go down like it deserves because there's nobody with balls left.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Real Musicians Don't Major in Music

The Great Matt Baldoni sent me this article. In short it is the music education industry desperately trying to further convince future students to part with their hard earned money to pursue a degree in music.  This, of course, is nothing but a racket by talentless wanna-be-musicians who are so talentless nobody will pay them for their music...but naive 17 year old, aspiring musicians will.

Regardless, I just couldn't let this one go and made the following comment. I'm posting it here on account it's almost a guarantee they won't authorize it. 

Heh, way to skew a "study."

First, to take Music EDUCATION majors and claim they work in the music field is misleading.  They work in EDUCATION, not music.  And stingingly prove "those who can't do, teach."

And 1 in 2 music majors make some modicum of money playing gigs?  Really?  A hobby they had a passion for, and were likely to pursue regardless of whether they're forked over $80,000 to professors who also could not do, and ergo taught, played anyway? 

Then you add these two ratios together and get a 75% participation rate?  Hilarious!

Yeah, keep selling young 17 year old musicians those unnecessary degrees in music because all you guys could do was teach and that's all you'll ever be paid for.

Certainly feel free to make a comment to let little ole "Bill Zuckerman" know how the adults in this world know his little racket is up.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Improve Upon the Prototype

The tone of this post will at first seem arrogant and pompous.  Please read the post in its entirety as that is not its intent. 

The past decade of internet access has brought about many revolutions and upheavals in society.  And for those of you in Cappyland one of the more notable ones has been the rediscovery, amassing, fine-tuning, and creation of an amazing array of masculine wisdom, philosophy, and empiricism.  This amazing array has manifested itself into what we roughly refer to as "The Manosphere" and has, truthfully, saved the lives of what I estimate to be millions of young men (and women). 

The founders of this philosophy, frankly, had to build it not only from scratch, but...

1.  Through trial and error
2.  With no ability to compare notes across the world via the internet
3.  All while operating under false premises various political and social forces forced on society through decades' worth of propaganda.


4.  While having no clue whether it was them or the world that was insane.

This resulted in an enormous mental, psychological, emotional, financial and physical toll paid by these founders.  Entailing anything from being shot down by over thousands of women just to prove a correlation, to wasting their youths on worthless degrees and careers, these men spent decades of their lives exploring this new sociological and psychological frontier, laying the ground work and mapping it out so that future generations would not only be able to navigate it successfully, but be spared the pain of having to learn it for themselves.

Normally these "founders" would be called "visionaries," "pioneers," "revolutionaries," and "leaders."  And many of you have been kind enough to bestow upon us those humbling titles.  However, the truth is that we aren't so much visionaries or pioneers as much as we are...

guinea pigs.

And there's a lesson to learn here.

Previous to the internet it was nearly impossible to overcome and override society's media, governmental, and educational institutions.  They had a monopoly on the information network by which nearly all data, thoughts, philosophies, and theories were disseminated to society.  This made any development of a counter-theory very difficult because you had no idea of the sheer volume and omnipresence of lies that were being told and maintained.  Ergo, if you started trusting your eyes and said,

"You know, I think western girls are batshit insane."


"You know, these baby boomer-led corporate American employers seem to be a racket."

society would come crushing down on you calling you a "misogynist" or "not a team player."

This caused an inordinate amount of mental torture as what you were witnessing with your very own eyes conflicted with what society was screaming at you.  Not only did this make advancing and achieving success in life nearly impossible (ie-doing what society demanded ALWAYS led to failure) but if you dared to question society, they would ostracize you and ensure you paid a price.  Still, for some the insanity and lack of success was invariably too much to bear.  And with absolutely no success (and therefore, nothing to lose) some truly bold (and desperate) men started rejecting society, risking the ostracization, punishment, and pain society constantly threatened. 

Sure enough, since they were basing their decisions in reality they started finding success in life.  More of them were getting laid.  More of them were starting successful businesses.  And many of them starting to find true happiness in life.  But you must understand however, just what a Herculean and ballsy effort this was pre-internet.  There was no way to confirm whether they were on the right track until they threw away convention and their entire lives to take this risk...all in the face of SCREAMING opposition.  These are the true pioneers and Daniel Boones of our time.

Then came the internet.

Even with the internet, it still took a decade of testing, note comparison, and wandering in the desert to slowly, but surely crystallize the laws, theories, wisdom, and philosophies we have today.  But sure enough, just like the pioneers of 30 years past who dared to question convention in the 80's, these "internet pioneers" of the past 15 years achieved the same.  They dared to believe their eyes, they dared to think independently, and they dared to give a lying-society the finger.  And now, for the first time since the 1950's, they not only had the answers humankind previously spent millennia discovering, but with the help of the internet were disseminating it to the masses.

And because of all that, nobody, from here on into the future, has to endure that hell ever again.

Naturally, you may look favorably upon these "pioneers."  Roosh, Roissy, Rollo, myself, Tom Leykis, Cernovich, Molyneux, Paul Elam, and the many others who laid this foundation.  You may even view us as "dad" or the "older brother you never had" (which we are humbled for).  But the truth is we were just a bunch of guys that were sick of it, had nothing left to lose, and decided we weren't going to go off quietly into the night.  We're no different than you, we just happened to have been born before you were.

Ergo, it is a vital and important lesson that every reader in the Manosphere, alt-right, Neo-masculinity, etc., needs to learn that you should not be aiming to become like us, but you should be aiming to improve upon us and surpass us.  And not just by a marginal amount, but by leaps and bounds.

The sheer decades of time, labor, money, and mental resources that you will save learning from the wisdom that has been unearthed is astounding.

First, consider education.  If it were up to previous generations past, you'd be stuck in a viscous progressive-credentialism black hole, earning your doctorate in "14th Century Transgendered Latino Sculpture Studies" that not only would sap you of all your youth until you were darn well near 30, but condemn you to financial servitude until you were 60.  The sheer savings on this alone would be $100,000 in wasted tuition and 20 years in wasted life.

Second, courting, dating and marriage.

The amount of mental pain and anguish young men suffered in the 70's-90's, thinking there was something wrong with them when the girls they were trying to date

stood them up,
threw temper tantrums for no reason,
spermjacked them,
played mind games,
a limitless litany of other psychologically-draining psychotic bullshit,

is incalculable. 

But image how much pain and agony would have been saved that if at the age of 14 young boys weren't told:

"It's your fault if the girl's unhappy."
"Just be yourself."
"Maybe you attract the wrong type of girl"

but instead were just simple told,

"Most girls are batshit insane, love drama, and need a strong man to stand up to them."

Hundreds of billions of hours of psychological pain across hundreds of millions of men would have been spared.

And this doesn't even include the incalculable savings young men are spared today being fully warned about the risks of marriage, divorce, alimony, cuckoldry, and child support.

Again, you add to the two decades and $100,000 you saved yourself not majoring in a stupid subject, the $500,000 in alimony and child support, not to mention another decade of your life wasted, you're $600,000 and three decades ahead of your contemporaries.

Third, economics.  Specifically, minimalism

While society and convention is pushing you to get that $100,000 liberal arts degree, followed by a $50,000 car, a $600,000 McMansion, and a wife and children who are likely to beget an additional $100,000 in life-long credit card debt, the "Wisdom of the Manosphere" tells you it can all be replaced with a used car, a skilled trade, a cheap studio apartment, a used motorcycle, and network of loving, caring people.  I'll say it again for the cheap seats,

"The most important thing in life is other people."

And once you realize that, you can save yourself an easy $500,000 in lodging expenses, $100,000 in life long car expenses, $100,000 in credit card debt for crap you don't need...not to mention...find yourself a decent quality girl...instead of a psychopath with tits and a spending problem attached to it.

There are certainly many more ways the wisdom of the Manosphere will save you time, money, and psychological pain, but if you add it all up it is amazing the leg-up you have over your pre-internet predecessors.

Well over $1 million in life time financial savings.
Well over 50 years of your life not wasted.
And the psychological pain you've avoided is as priceless as it is immeasurable.

It is from this enviable position, assuming you take the time to study, understand, and incorporate this knowledge into your own lives, that you can blow past all the "pioneers" and "visionaries" who founded this philosophy and leave us in the dust.  If you play your cards right you will make more money than we do, save more money than we ever will, work a fraction as hard, endure a fraction of the psychological pain, slay more ladies, and live happier and better lives than what we could ever imagine.  You will also be able to advance the philosophy, and thus the progress of men (as well as women), to heights we "founders" will unfortunately not be alive to see.  But that in itself will be such an intellectual treat, I predict that will make your lives all that much better.

The most common lament I hear from my colleagues in this world is:

"Had I known back then, what I do now."

 But for you guys it is not a lament nor regret.  It's a reality if you choose to accept it.
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This Would Have Prevented the Housing Crisis

And would have made my job a lot easier.