Saturday, May 30, 2020

NPC's Only Understand Force

They do not understand


You cannot

"have a conversation"
"have a discussion"
"break bread with"
"reason with them."

Force and only force is what they respond to.

George Floyd vs. Justine Damond

Many people have asked me to speak about the George Floyd death/murder and the ensuing Minneapolis riots.  I have more or less resisted because I do not care.  Not because I do not care if an innocent man was murdered, but because Minneapolis (and Minnesota in general) is a failed city/state, full of leftists, parasites, communists, and race pimps, all pampered and enabled by self-loathing, pussy white people who want to bring about a socialist utopia.  I hate the citizens of Minneapolis.  I hate the people of Minnesota and I am merely biding my time until I can move.  This is merely poetic justice watching a potpourri of leftists (SJW's, antifa, aggrieved black members of the community, spoiled rich kids from the suburbs-turned-virtue-signaling-activists, and simple thieves/looters) destroy a neighborhood/city that has voted-for and doted on leftist political causes EVERY SINGLE TIME.  You COULD NOT FIND A MORE PRO-MINORITY, PRO-SOCIALISM, PRO-SJW block of voters than Minneapolitans...who are now watching their city get destroyed by the same leftists they so enthusiastically supported and sucked the cocks of.  Meanwhile, the most cowardly mayor and governor in all of history stand by and do nothing, letting their most loyal constituents and neighborhoods burn.  It truly is an example of "Enjoy the Decline" and "Enjoy the Show."  You get the government you deserve.

Regardless, I am supremely confident Minneapolitans and Minnesotans in general will learn nothing.  They will go back to voting for socialism, treating minorities as incompetent teenagers instead of adults, and nothing will change.  And thus you will have essentially two groups of people.  One with guilty (predominantly white) goodie two shoes Minnesotans who obey the law and will constantly castrate themselves infront of socialists and socialist policies.  And another group (skewed towards a minority population, but also most certainly including white leftists/antifa/SJW/professional activist-victim/socialists) whose self-perceived victimhood and all-important egos will in their mind rationalize them to "heroically" riot, steal/loot property that is not theirs, destroy their town, and in general act like feral animals (but never major in STEM, get a job, stop having kids they can't afford, and in general take responsibility for themselves).

Again, I cannot emphasize how much of this is self-inflicted and how much of this is outside the rest of society's control, and thus why I (and neither you) should care.  It is the consequence of decades of brainwashing generations of victims and not citizens who are reasonable, responsible, law-abiding, and mature, who instead have such egos and victim-mentalities that instead of letting the law punish those who've committed crimes against them, they go and destroy their own neighborhoods.  They are NOT capable of having a civilized society and you do not what to be part of this society (no matter how "cool" it is to be "in the city" or whatever crappy "theater" or "colleges" or culture Twin Cities politicians promote). 

I don't know how many times I've told people to move out of Minneapolis, businesses to never invest in Minnesota, young people to start careers elsewhere, industrious black men to leave the ghetto, and that YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR OWN PROPERTY IN MINNEAPOLIS AS IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A LARGE COMMUNIST HOA.  But nobody listens.  Either because they are naive democrats who don't realize their party has become an extremist, marxist, racist cult, or they're simple frogs being boiled in water, too busy eating biscotti at the local "organic marxist cafe"in Linden Hills to be bothered with considering the long-term consequences of giving the DFL/socialists a life-long monopoly on municipal and state politics. 

Fuck Minnesota.  Fuck Minneapolitans.  And fuck you St. Paulites too.  You got what you deserved and it's enjoyable watching you suffer the consequences.  Now have fun being good little obedient Minnesotans and stay indoors during tonight's 8PM curfew.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Why Men Need to Prepared for the Next Stage in the Sex War

I will be blunt and honest.

I tire of addressing the war of the sexes.  I know it is the number one, hard-wired, biologically programmed thing in both men and women's minds.  I know sex and the pursuit of women is the only reason all that you see around you in terms of innovation, creation, and economic production exists.  I know that without the other, there is not much else going on, though there are many hobbies and pursuits in life that still make existence and sentience a net positive.  But though the opposite sex is the number one thing in life, it gets tiring, because, well, it is tiring.  No progress is made, no intellectual honesty comes from the other side, no epiphanies are realized, and nothing is going to change.  What we are witnessing among women is their biological programming executing itself as it naturally would in these new socio-economic conditions.  And since it is hard-wired, there is not much more to do than acknowledge it, realize it, learn from it, and move on.  You are not going to change it.  It is the ultimate exercise in stoicism that men must make since action and agency are only incumbent upon you.

But I would be remiss if I did not share an epiphany I had whilst driving back from Moab.  And it is one that needs to be shared, realized, and explained as it will have huge ramifications for any men left in the game going forward.

In general, women are programmed to find and consume resources.  This is nothing bad or evil, it's just human nature.  That is how they survived.  They sought resources so that they and their children would survive.  In the olden days this meant finding a strong man as a suitor who could provide for and protect her children.  Today they find this surrogate in government checks and their careers as they literally do not need no man (fishbicycletrademark).  And concurrently with government government support, women divorce their husbands further securing resources (be it alimony or child support).  But another aspect of human nature (both male and female) is that they must constantly be progressing.  Be that in their career, consuming food, having experiences, "YOLO-ing," education, whatever.  Human beings have to constantly progress otherwise they are regressing (which in the past would mean their demise).  And you can see this particularly in government policy/politicians.

For example take city councils.  Minneapolis municipal politicians have so little to do in their lives they've banned drive thru's (because  "global warming.")  Multiple cities have banned plastic bags (because again "muh global warming.")  And it just took one turtle to have the entire west coast ban plastic straws.  These are absurd laws that are going to hurt more than help, but the compunction to constantly be "doing something" compels humans to "progress" all the time even if that progress is in fact damaging.

You combine these two innate human psychological traits and a very scary picture is painted about the future of female behavior.  Even with the government supporting them, corporations sexistly hiring them over men, divorce courts handing them billions in resources....

it will never be enough.

It can never be enough.

Because it is human nature to constantly progress.

And so where are they going to get MORE money in the future?

A Problem For Women, A Problem for Men

The problem for women is that men aren't that stupid.  Over the generations, men will and have figured things out, and especially so under the light of being replaced by government (not to mention being told we're toxic, are sexist, have privilege, etc.).  Men have also have been forcibly shown the light through divorce - either being divorced themselves or seeing their fathers, brothers, and friends get destroyed by divorce.  And like any logical creature would, they avoid the pain and cost of divorce by never getting married in the first place (enter complaints of "why can't I find a man" here).

With the internet, the news, statistics...oh...and them witnessing their fathers getting butchered by divorce, younger men have logically eschewed marriage, opting for co-habition or simple bachelorhood instead.  You throw in the uphill battle of student loans and affirmative action, and these hurdles make it harder for men to become marriage material (let alone father material), making the choice of video games, porn, and obesity an easier choice.  Men are calling it quits on marriage in part because they want to, but also in part because they don't have the funds, leading to the decline in marriage today.

But this presents a problem for women because it essentially removes their entire private sector source of funding and resources.  Yes the government will provide.  Yes, you will get preferential hiring treatment via affirmative action, even entire make-work industries to employ women so you can make believe you're being a real adult working your "social worker" job.  But without a husband to bring home resources, or a husband to divorce that will continue to pay you resources, women's overall income is cut in half.  And given human's perpetual need to "progress" and consume more, women are unconsciously having to make up for the loss of marriage/divorce revenue.

This is where it gets dark.

Because without men voluntarily committing to women under the law of marriage, women have to come up with new ways to get money out of men privately instead of relying solely on the government.  And while there are certainly upstanding, reputable women who support themselves with their own legitimate careers, without marriage being on the table, women are becoming increasingly desperate to extract more resources out of men.  And they're going to do it by making male nature not only toxic, but illegal.

We've already seen the beginnings of this happen.  The push to redefine rape and sexual assault is a clear and obvious attempt by feminists (predominantly on campus) to make normal (though perhaps annoying and awkward) male behavior illegal.  "Sexual assault" can be a man unconsciously bumping into a woman's breast on a bus, a drunk man getting too handsy at a bar, or an idiot noob calling a girl three times unknowingly attaining the status of stalker.  And if a woman is drunk and has consensual sex, that is rape (but the man can drink as much as he wants).

Asking a woman out at work is now a no-no, no matter how much in the past that might have lead to happy marriages, and no matter how much it's none of the employer's business.  This, however, optimistically assumes women wanted the advances anyway, and now the natural male act of asking a woman out is enough to get a man fired.  It also gives women a powerful weapon to ruin a man's life with an accusation (either true or false) of natural (though regrettable/annoying) male behavior.  

There is also the American Psychological Association trying to make masculinity "toxic."  Gillette's misandrist, man-hating ad being the real world, private sector incarnation of it.  But let that sink in.  Natural male behavior is not only toxic, they're trying to make it a mental illness.

And finally, there's the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.  This disaster was not so much a disaster because of its politics, absurdity, and exposing the democrats for just the most amoral self-serving scum they are, but the "believe all women" psychopathy that followed.  It was an attempt to get society to believe that women should be believed, all the time, everytime, with absolutely no proof.  Any intellectually honest person can see where such a warped power and bias could lead to tyranny and oppression.  But what is really scary is damn well near half the population believes in "believing all women" regardless of proof.  And any man who's been assaulted by his wife, but was the one who got arrested is aware of the Duluth Model and how it absolutely does NOT deliver justice, but tyranny.

The Jump from Social Shaming to Codified Law

All of this is merely feminists, some women, and socialists (male or female) sharpening their knives and preparing men for the slaughter.  If they can't get men to support them through marriage-and-then-divorce, they will get men to support them by making normal male behavior illegal and a suable offense. And what makes this a particularly dangerous trap is that it relies on the strongest biological force in the universe - the male sex drive.

So if you ask out Suzie in accounting on a date, you may not only lose your job, but you might get a law suit.

You make a drunken pass at a girl at a party, the cops are showing up at the door.

You didn't get the consent form signed and the "happy after-sex text," and now you're facing 5-10 for rape, but also owe the lady reparations.

What's scary is how so much of this is already happening in extreme cases, or cases where there is no law, but a circus court nonetheless (namely, universities and HR departments).  But it is not that far of a jump to where male behavior goes from an unwanted act to an illegal one that you are then entitled to compensation for.  And as less and less men get married, and fewer and fewer resources are being offered to women via non-governmental venues, I fear in the future male behavior will be perniciously punished with fees, taxes, fines, and other forms of wealth transfers to compensate women for this loss of income.

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Unfortunately, what is likely to happen is just an acceleration of what is happening now. A retreating of men for society.  A divestment from society by men.  And with that increasing withdrawal of men from society, women and socialists will have to enact increasingly draconian laws to continue to extract resources from unmarried men for male behavior.  This will only further push men away from society (but especially women), and thus result in a downward spiral where merely interacting with women will be deemed too risky a behavior (already manifested by many men following The Pence Rule).

This will have the added and regrettable effect of putting men and women into their own respective echo chambers, radicalizing them to hate one another.  Women will increasingly seethe at men for their oppression, patriarchy, etc., etc., but will also seethe at the lack of "real men" that are available for them to date (and what rare "real man" they find will be so rare, he will never commit to them, driving them to hate men further).  Men will just (frankly) be scared shitless to have any dealings with women - romantic, sexual, social, or financial - because any interaction will be too risky.  And, thus, with no prospects of marriage on the table, will continue their retreat into video games, porn, netflix, and NEETdom.  Marriage and birthing rates will drop, ponzi welfare systems dependent on growing populations will crash, cultures will be wiped out, and society will reset itself all over again as there will no longer be a "government" to rely upon, forcing women (however regrettably) to put men and not government checks at the center of their lives.

It may not happen today.  And will likely not happen tomorrow.  But young men should be aware that the phenomenon of taxing men for male behavior in lieu of marriage-and-divorce is a very real possibility in the future.  And for us older men who have completely checked out or gone ghost, it will be a very interesting movie to watch as we all enjoy the show and, of course, Enjoy the Decline.

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Clarey Podcast #326 - The "Pregnant Mormons" Episode

Cappy talks about:

Getting stabbed in the back.
Achieving zen with The Great One
Mormon single moms
His hatred for semi-truck drivers.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
Direct MP3 here.
Youtube here.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

How Social Scientists Lied to the Millennials

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  While parents, teachers, politicians, and the media all lied to Millennials either out of laziness, profiteering, or politics, it cannot be understated just what a huge and destructive effect the social sciences and the social "scientists" had on the Millennials.  Everything from finances, education, love, even mental health, social scientists advanced their pet theories (and laughably bogus careers) ahead of the best financial, mental, romantic, and general interests of the Millennial generation.

I personally find it hilarious the Millennials still believe in the leftist schlock their social science overlords programmed them with - evidence as to the efficacy of the brainwashing of social sciences.  They are so steeped in their indoctrination, they don't see what these vile evil humans did to them, even continuing to side with them.  But alas, that is just how powerful their indoctrination was.

It is, once again, too late for the Millennials to do anything about their situation.  But for Gen Z and all future generations it is not.  But a good starting point to make sure you don't end up like a Millennial is to identify and recognize the social sciences for the cancer they are.


Some 30 years later we have our answer to the great experiment.  Human nature, with its 100 billion participants, 2 million year track record, and derived conventional wisdom absolutely knows better than the social scientists and their precious social sciences.  Matter of fact, not only was nature better, but the social scientists were absolutely, completely wrong about well…everything.  It’s almost as if they purposely set out to come up with the absolute worst possible advice ever, arguably aiming to destroy humanity rather than deliver it to utopia.  And the Millennial generation proves it.

Though by no fault of their own, the Millennials are by all means a disaster.  They are an abomination, an abortion of a generation where – horrible as it may be to say this – many of them would have been better off never being born.  And while we will delve into the details and proof of this disaster in the next chapter, any cursory review of articles, stories, or anecdotes written about the Millennials has shown a complete and utter failure to launch.

Millennials are so crippled with debt many will never achieve the American dream of home ownership, let alone be able to retire.

Millennials have completely useless degrees that give them no skills to survive or succeed in the real world.  Worse, most of said degrees impair Millennials further by indoctrinating them into self-pitying political ideologies that make them liabilities, not assets, to any potential employer.

Millennials have more mental health issues than any generation before them, but this optimistically assumes their mental health problems are genuine.  What’s an even scarier prospect is the chance these mental illnesses are being faked or made up, merely to beget attention, disability status, or something as sad and pathetic as pity.  And worse than that, how much of said mental illnesses are a function of bad parenting versus an actual mental illness among Millennials?

Speaking of parents, Millennials live at home at levels only southern Europeans could dream of, often times living at home well into their 30’s.  This certainly does not help family formation, let alone their love lives.  Of course, this optimistically assumes Millennials know what their sexuality is as they’ve made up 48 genders apparently out of thin air.

Millennials have destroyed colleges, universities, and higher education, not only inflating the market with unnecessary tuition dollars for worthless degrees, but making the college environment toxic with safe-spaces, anti-free speech codes, false rape allegations, and a War-of-the-Sexes that made the 1960’s America and Soviet Union look downright chummy. 

They are romantically and socially stunted.  They’re addicted to their phones, social media, and dating sites, yet are deathly afraid to go out on a date, ask a girl out, say yes to a date, or just socialize in public.  And yet, despite being in the prime of their youth, record numbers of them report never going on dates, never having a boy/girlfriend, being a virgin, having no friends, and being lonely.  Most boys stay at home, jerk off to porn, and play their video games.  Most girls live on their smart phones trading real love in for digital attention.  And every great once in a while one of them loses it, goes “incel,” and shoots up a place or two in sexual frustration.

They love their politics more than their fellow human, their political causes more than any profession or job they might have.  They’re more than happy to replace the family with the state and in a warped sense prefer to work, commute, and pay taxes than stay at home and raise their own children.

And like their politics they take more value in being a conformist by getting tattoos, dying their hair purple, grooming perfectly effete beards, implanting ear gauges, shaving half their heads, and in general being physically repulsive than they do any accomplishment like starting a business, building a product, paying off their debts, building a house, starting a family, working out, or merely supporting themselves. 

They are fatherless, purposeless, rudderless, lonely, unhappy, indebted, talentless, meaningless, leaderless, unaccomplished, and have no agency or purpose in this world.  They are a failing generation who are simply unable to support themselves, resulting in crippling levels of debt and an unsustainable society that will collapse, not a utopia. 

But above all else, they are blinding, irrefutable proof that the social sciences were dead wrong and human nature was 100% right.  Fancy 50 year old social theories about not spanking your children, positive reinforcement, building “self-esteem,” and replacing fathers with the state don’t hold a candle to the wisdom all of human history has accumulated.  And unless we acknowledge the failure of the social sciences and revert back to common sense, future generations can expect to have the same level of success, wealth, happiness, and love as the Millennials.

The "Atlantic" Learns Flooding a Flooded Market with Leftist Trash Isn't a Good Business Model

Oh darn.  More journalism majors laid off.  *Too bad*

Friday, May 22, 2020

Cappy's Moab Adventure Part 1

Greetings All,

As you've noticed with the lack of content, Cappy is on an adventure.  Here are some pics from the Moab/Blanding/Lake Powell area.  This is the first foray of many into this monstrously large territory.  Even with the national parks closed, there's a ton of BLM land that is open where me and the Great One have done some hiking.  It will easily take another week long reconnaissance trip just to get my bearings straight in this area to know with any level of certainty which areas are best for hiking.

Remember to work hard, pay taxes, do what the government tells you, and whatever you do, NEVER EVER EVER EVER do anything independent minded or original.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Road Trip Podcast - The "Moab" Episode - Patreon Members Only

If you did not know I have a Patreon account that is basically beer money...even though I don't drink beer.  And to give those kind supporters of my Patreon account, I provide the occasional "Road Trip Podcast," replete with shitty audio quality as I drive during road trips.  In addition to these podcasts you get pinups of Marijo and access to my best post ever, "Sanity is the Future of Wealth"...which nobody read when I wrote it, so, to hell with it, it's behind the paywall now.

Regardless, for as little as a $1 a month pledge, you can get access to this "bonus material" if you wanted.  Don't know if it's worth it to you, but hey, for $12/year you can get a couple more episodes of the Ole Capmeister's podcasts, pinups of Marijo, and access to my single best piece of writing which is guaranteed to improve your life more than the $12/year you spend.

This latest episode is the "Moab" Episode and if you click on the image below it will take you to the patreon link.

Monday, May 18, 2020

More Good Economic News: Bankruptcy Leads to Lower Prices

I'm trying to have a good time in Vegas and Moab hiking and ignoring Governor Walz's orders to stay home and do nothing by simply going to other states.  The plan is working brilliantly.  All I hear about back home is from dopey dumbass Minnesotans who are too sheeple to move out, ignore the orders, and do whatever they want.  But then again, they are Minnesotans afterall, the most brainwashable group of low-IQ conformists the world has ever seen.

Regardless, people's ignorance has shown me it's high time I put my hiking adventuring on hold - if ever so briefly - and provide to you fuckwits a basic lesson in economics.  Specifically bankruptcy.

Right now, one of my favorite restaurants claimed it will be going under.  This is alongside JC Penny also declaring bankruptcy.  This naturally begets screams and howls from the non-economist crowd about how bad things are and how Gov. Walz is destroying the economy.  But while bankruptcy is in general a bad thing and restaurants going under is "bad" and the people getting laid off is bad, there is some good news.

The assets, the building, the actual machinery, plant, and equipment, even inventory of these now-defunct companies do not go away.  If an airline files for bankruptcy, they do not take the planes to to Governor Walz' official "Airplane Shredder" or push the planes into Lake Superior.  These assets are put up on the chopping block, sold for anwyhere between 25% and 50% their current market value, and whatever new company/entrepreneur/private equity firm buys it starts the company anew, aaaaannnnddd....

(pay really close attention you MEFW's - "Minnesotan Economic Fuckwits")

operates at a MUCH MUCH MUCH lower cost because their capital assets (you MEFW's can look that term up) cost the new company a LOT LOT less than the company that just went bankrupt.  These lower prices actually INCREASE standards of living over time because instead of paying $10 for a martini at Pazaluna, you pay $7 at "Lazapluna" or whatever new company takes over the shop.

Look, I get it, MEFW's and all Americans who don't know the basics of economics were never properly educated in their economics class about bankruptcies or pricing.  You were all too busy learning about how "diversity is our strength" and how "the bad bad white man is what's preventing glorious communism" from being properly affected.  Brainwashing you into idiocy was the goal of the education system (which they achieved marvelously).  but try, just try, for once, to understand how one facet of economics works, in this case, bankruptcy.  And realize that Governor Walz is not shredding planes, setting fire to restaurant buildings, or melting down machinery of now-bankrupt companies.  These assets (which are the economic productive capacity of the country) still exist and will be resold at a fraction of the cost, lowering prices and increasing standards of living over the long.  And to be perfectly honest (though not Pazzaluna as it had a 22 year track record) most restaurants were going to go belly up anyway.  Just enjoy the future lower prices and increased standards of living....that is until all this newly printed money makes its way into the economy.

But that is another economics lesson for you MEFWs for another time.

Enjoy the decline!

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Why There Will Be a V Shaped Recovery

Allow me to explain to you why I'm the world's greatest economist.

It's not because I predicted the housing bubble long before most.
It's not because I warned America about the education bubble nearly a decade ago.
And it's not because I have solved America's retirement problem...if they so choose.

It's because unlike other economists in the world I admit I don't know the answers to most things and therefore could be wrong at any point in time.

That is why I'm the world's greatest economist.

Thus, when I say there's going to be a V shaped recovery, I fully admit I could be wrong.  But given my track record, there's a pretty good chance I'm going to be right.  And therefore, allow me to provide my reasoning for a V shaped recovery.

First, you have Wisconsinites flooding the bars, partying like it was 1999 once the Wisconsin State Supreme Court denied the governor the ability to extend the lock down.  There was such pent up demand that people flooded the bars at rates last seen when the Green Bay Packers won a superbowl.  And this pent up demand was directed/invested no less precisely in the sector of the economy most hurt by the Great and Merciful Coronchan - the service industry.

Second, bikes.  Specifically the lack of them.  When I went to wal-Mart to get an inner tube for my mountain bike, there were absolutely no actual bikes for sale.  The reason why is that every kid, family, and child wanted one AND HERE'S THE REAL KICKER


I don't think people realize just what a statement this is of Americans and their current mental state.  If anything, Americans are fat, lazy, slothful NPC's who want to watch their Netflix, eat their cheetos, major in the laziest of subjects, and do anything and everything to avoid labor or real work.  But they are so bored, so couped up, THEY'RE ACTUALLY GOING OUT AND EXERCISING!  You too have witness this as people are walking, biking, even working out outside.  There was even a fat woman's "zumba" class being held in a park I run around regularly.

FAT PEOPLE ARE WORKING OUT and you don't think there's isn't pent up demand to get their asses back into restaurants, bars, brewpubs and eateries?  We may not go back to GDP levels seen in late 2019, but this is not going to be some sclerotic recovery we faced under Obama from the Great Recession.

Third, Vegas.  I'm currently in Vegas right now.  And yesterday I all of the sudden noticed parking lots FULL of cars near restaurants.  I was wondering what was going on, when it turns out that Nevada has allowed for some restaurants and casinos to allow for dine in service.  And without going into a long and laborious history of the municipal economics of Las Vegas, Las Vegas is America's forefront and foremost local economy that usually tanks first, recovers first, making it America's economic canary in the coal mine.  And if yesterday was any indication, we are going to have a V shaped recovery.

I can speculate why this is.  I theorize it's because Americans have been conditioned to replace family/love with consumerism as the primary point and purpose in life.  In the olden days you'd work on the farm, eat at home, go to church, participate in the local civic organization, read a book, go to bed and do it all over again.  They didn't eat at "The Cheesecake Factory" or get hammered at the local Millennial "brewpub" to hork down wings watching "the game."  They had family, work, god, and that was about it.  But now with drastic advances in wealth and technology, a limitless number of consumeristic distractions are around us.  You need to go out night clubbing.  You need to go out for food.  You need to go out and work.  You need to go out and socialize.  Life is no longer at home with the family, it is away from the family (thus, why divorce, domestic violence, and jokes about running away from your spouse/family are on the rise).  And given how fat your average spouse, why stay at home at all? 

Regardless, the whole point, purpose, meaning, and existence of Americans (as well as all westerners) is to go out.  And the service industry is what supported this lifestyle, mentality, and spirituality.  Therefore, they WILL come back in force, even if they don't have the money, even if they have to borrow it (at very very low rates I might add) because they have to. They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else to do in life. 

They NEED their brewpubs.
They NEED their sportsball.
They NEED their college degrees.
They NEED their travel/YOLO/life experiences.
They NEED their happy hours.
They NEED their shopping.

That is all they have.

So do not fear.  The economy is going to come roaring back.  Because...what?  Americans are going to find purpose and value in their family, spouse and fellow man???

That's rich.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Curious Conflicting Behavior of Democrat Governors

Remove two governors.

The completely worthless and ideologue tyrant Gavin Newsom.
And the epitomal American cunt Gretchen Whittmer.

And focus if you will on the remainder of democrat governors and other relatively high-level  democrat government officials.

What you have left are (in general) democratic politicians who, in my opinion, are making the hard decision to stay under lock down (or miserly and molassesly reopen their economies) to save lives.  It's not an easy decision.  It's not a fun decision.  But I honestly believe governors (like Tim Walz for example) are NOT keeping their states closed for ulterior political motives, or to spite Trump in the 2020 election, or are so power hungry/ideological they do so for kicks like Newsom and Whittmer.  They are instead balancing the lives that would be lost to COVID 19 should they re-open their economies vs. the lives lost (and destroyed) if they don't.  Again it is a hard task and one I do not envy.

But riddle me this, riddle me that, why are democratic governors all of the sudden making unpopular decisions that are in the best interests of society (at least in their minds)?

The reason I ask this question is that until COVID 19 came along and put them in this paradox, you could almost always rely on democrats to make the decision that would be popular in the here and now, but cost society in the long run.  The perfect example of this being the black community (but also women and other minorities).  It doesn't take a genius to realize that flooding any community with welfare and government dependency would result in a destruction of a work ethic, a destruction of work, and consequently a destruction of the ability to produce wealth.  Thus, creating government dependence may be popular in the short term and garner votes, but in the long run would create poverty, crime, and poorer physical and mental health.  And if pointing out racial disparities is too uncomfortable for you, just look at the likes of San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland which pay for their homeless' drugs and booze, as well as lets them defecate on the streets.  This enabling has destroyed hundreds of thousands of homeless people's lives, just as the democrat's welfare state has destroyed millions of black people's lives.  It shows that the democrats could not care less about the people they claim to want to help, and only care about getting votes and their own political power.

Until now.

NOW all of the sudden, democrats are seemingly capable of thinking long term, so much so many are making the unpopular decision to remain closed or incrementally re-open their economies at a snail's pace.  Even if it threatens their political career.

To be honest I'm confused by this genuine and new-found statesmanship.  If democrat governors (like mine - Time Walz) are capable of standing on principle, doing what is in the best interests of the people, even if it threatens their career, how then can they continue to support a welfare system that has provably destroyed generations of poor people's lives?  How can they support government subsidized loans for worthless college degrees that only destroy young people's finances?  How can you let American Indians wallow in effective municipal/local communist economic systems?  How - bar COVID 19 - are nearly all their policies bribing their constituent children with cake, instead of forcing them to eat their political and economic broccoli?

Perhaps there is something different about COVID that has brought maturity and foisted statesmanship upon democrat governors.  Perhaps the democrat ideology/religion only recognizes death as a real threat as opposed to mere impoverishment and destitution.  It could just be the medical experts scared the life into them over COVID 19 and they're actually taking this seriously.  But regardless of how this change in behavior came about, I encourage democrat governors (as well as all people who consider themselves democrats) to take this mature, serious, long term view of COVID 19 and apply it to ALL political issues they care about.  You'd be surprised how much good you could accomplish.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Big Is Not - and Never Will Be - "Beautiful"

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It will be of particular use of women who want to find a man, but have believed the lie that "big is beautiful" or that somehow men have had their hard-wired, biological programming washed away. 

I personally know this excerpt and what it attempts to achieve is folly.  I know that the brainwashing women have received to ignore the biological realities of men and replace it with the desire to make obesity, commonness, and sloth "sexy" is stronger than their desire to actually want to find an attractive husband.  I also know that the genetic programming to be lazy (as a wise survival strategy in our past) is more powerful than love.  But for the handful token number of women who are serious about finding a man in their lives (not to mention men who want to find a woman) this excerpt, though lengthy, provides not only the bio-physical realities of attraction, but also hopefully provides the reasoning and rationale to give you the mental energy to actually lose weight and become physically attractive.

"Younger women today have a front row seat to an amazing show. A show where their elder generational sisters are torn between the two strongest biological drives they have. On one side is the strongest force in the human mind – laziness. On the other side is their biological drive to find a man. And what ensues is a tormenting game of tug of war as these two massive forces duke it out for the control of these women’s minds, unfortunately destroying these poor women in the process. It’s not a pretty show. It’s not a fun show. It’s actually a tragedy. But in watching this battle unfold younger women today can learn a lot from their elder generational sisters and avoid their tormented fate.

How this battle specifically unfolds is that human laziness is such a strong force it threatens most women’s ability to find a quality man. It does so as laziness does with all people by making them fat. It is hard to work out and hit the gym. It is hard to eat right and diet correctly. And everybody under the sun knows precisely how to get in shape, how to stay thin, and how to be attractive. It’s no secret. But the eternal and unrelenting force of laziness is so strong it literally overpowers what people know to be blindingly true in their frontal cortex. And since laziness is stronger than truth, it is clearly winning as obesity rates for both men and women are going through the roof.

The problem is this is the exact opposite of what men want. Men want hot women, with long hair, long legs, a kind demeanor, and who are thin.

I’ll say that again in case there’s any confusion on the part of women.

Men want:

hot women,
with long hair,
long legs,
a kind demeanor,
and who are thin.

And when presented with a buffet of overweight, obese, physically unattractive women, the men women want are simply not inspired to ask them out. Being fat is revolting to men. It is the single worst thing you can do to your chances of finding a man. No matter how much you want a man, if you get fat, you will not get him (or keep him).

But what makes this show even more tragic and sad is to just what desperate lengths women will futilely go to have their cake and eat it too. That even though they’ll never give up being fat, they’ll still vainly make attempts to make themselves attractive. They’ll put on weaves, do their nails, wear heels, wear make-up, put on lipstick, put on blush, do their hair, get a nose job, get a boob job, get a manicure, get a pedicure, extend their lashes, extend their nails, dye their hair, dye their brows, pierce their belly button, stuff their bras, push up bras, buy diet books, read diet books, watch diet videos, watch workout videos, lie about their weight, lie about their age, take close-up photos, photoshop their photos, plunging necklines, v necklines, turtle necklines, Condi Rice boots, CFM boots, pointy boots, and maybe even a few snack crackers. They’re so desperate they’ll even try to undo the biological hardwiring of men by shaming them for liking thin girls or accuse them of being *gasp* “shallow.” They will do absolutely anything and everything to get a man…except for hitting the gym and taking the damn cupcake out of their mouths.

In the end all women end up doing is tormenting themselves. Not only with desperate hopes that are never realized where someday they might actually get a man, but the wasted psychological and caloric toll it must take to try everything under the sun to get a man…as long as it avoids the gym. And so what usually ends up happening is a woman does get a man, but not the one she really wanted. A man she settles for. A man she tolerates. One she is more prone to divorce and one a more attractive man could probably temporarily lure her away from. Cynical as that sounds, it is true. One of the most important parts of women’s lives today – their love life – is heavily compromised and certainly not a source of happiness because laziness trumped love. And so your elder generational sisters are doomed to forever wonder if they could have got something better. Which is the perfect recipe for a miserable love life.

You Really Don’t Need a Man

But there is some good news. And all it takes is a little clear thinking and some intellectual honesty. Because if you take the time sit down, take inventory of what you want in your heart of hearts, and just be honest with yourself, you can avoid the tormented fate of your elder generational sisters and live a much better life.

You just need to ask yourself one simple question:

Do you really want a man?

If you do, there is nothing wrong in admitting this. It’s been that way since humans have existed and it’s what you’re biologically programmed to want. So there’s no shame in admitting you want a man. But if you do indeed want a man what you absolutely have to realize is that you are not getting a trinket or a toy. You don’t go to “The Man Store” and pick up a man. Nor are you going to a slave market and purchasing a slave. You are trying to get another sentient human being, who has his own agency and choice, to in turn also choose to spend time with you. And if you myopically and solipsistically only consider your wants and desires, and not his, you will fail and he will choose not to be with you. Therefore, if you truly want a man you have to first consider what he wants. And I don’t know if we’ve gone over this before, but men want…

a hot woman,
with long hair,
long legs,
a kind demeanor,
who is thin.

Admittedly, achieving these things takes effort. A lot of effort. Being a beautiful woman is a real part time job. But it is vital to your future happiness to realize that if you are not willing to achieve those standards then you ultimately do not want a man as your inherent biological desire to be lazy is more powerful than your desire for a man. So if you’re not willing to be physically attractive, then don’t plan on getting a man.

But you know what?

That’s perfectly alright too. Because the problem with putting forth the effort needed to get a man is its equivalent to that of keeping a dog. It’s a lot of work. It takes dedication, it takes love, you need to feed it, let it out, take it to the vet, and care for it. It’s an incredible responsibility to take care of a dog and it’s even more so with a man. But just as it’s alright to be honest with yourself and acknowledge you just don’t want to put forth the effort to take care of a dog, it’s also alright to admit the same when it comes to taking care of a man. Additionally, it’s just unfair to both dogs and men if you’re not willing to put forth the effort to take care of either. And so, yes you may want a man. I too desperately want a dog. But we both need the maturity to acknowledge we’re not willing to put forth the effort that is required to be “good owners” of either. It’s perfectly alright to get a cat instead.

There is one final and key thing about being honest with yourself if you are not willing to put forth the effort to get a man. If you’re not, stop torturing yourself over it. Again, there is nothing more sad and tragic than when fat, overweight women gussy themselves up with nails, heels, tight clothing, and the whole nine yards thinking that is what’s going to get a man. All that effort, time, and hope is wasted. All their lives are wasted pining for a man who is never going to come, dragging out the torture and the torment even more.
Do yourself a favor. Set yourself free and have some self-respect.

If you want to eat, drink, and be merry, go actually eat, drink, and be merry. If you want to take on hobbies, hang out with your girlfriends, pursue your career, and enjoy all the great and wonderful food this world has to offer, go and do all those things. But please do not lessen your enjoyment, let alone your life, lamenting the loss of a man. Enjoy and avail yourself of this path in life guilt free.

So Why The Lie?

Whether women choose to have a man in their lives or not, both paths take herculean efforts on the part of women, both physically and psychologically. The physical commitment that is required to attract and keep a quality man is literally a life-long, part-time job of manual labor. You hit the gym. You hit the treadmill. You lift weights. And you commit yourself to a soulless diet. For women who choose not to have men in their lives, the psychological effort required to do so is also herculean. They need to be true stoics, tempering their innate desire to have a man, and they must have the mental faculties to honestly conclude they’d prefer not to have a man in their lives. But the vast majority of women are simply capable of neither.

Very few women put forth the effort to stay physical fit and if they do they usually gain weight upon getting a commitment from a guy. And very few women who choose a man-free life actually go out and enjoy it. Most of them obsess about men as evidenced by feminists, women’s magazines, the media, etc., the precise same people who say you don’t need a man! You’d half expect them to happily go fishing or something instead of wasting their lives raging against men, but that is all they do. Regardless, it takes a tremendous steel resolve to either commit to the physical requirements to be beautiful or to ignore your biological desires to have a man. Thus, these two exceptional groups of women make up no more than 10% of the female population, leaving 90% of women in the impossible situation where they are still at the whim of both biological drives. They desperately want to be lazy and they also desperately want to find their man. So what are these poor women to do?

Thankfully, an industry specializes in resolving that precise problem. It allows women to not only be fat, lazy, couch potatoes, but also promises them their very own George Clooney. An industry so advanced its product is the last and final luxury good in America. And as you guessed it, it’s The Lying Industrial Complex. And they are only more than happy to sell women that last and final American luxury good - living a lie.

Even though we reviewed just what a lengthy and comprehensive list of industries are involved with selling people lies, I don’t think people really comprehend how much money is to be made in lies. And though she is only one person, she serves as a great case study and empirical data point because she made billions off of selling lies – Oprah.

Oprah was the original drug dealer of lies. The heroin peddler of fibs. And though we lacked the awareness to realize what she was doing early on in the 80’s, she was just doing what P.T. Barnum or Frank Lucas did - selling dope to suckers. But be it Barnum, Lucas, or Winfrey, none of them had to go door to door to sell their product. People lined up for their product because it was what they wanted. They were clamoring for it. And when you look at the GDP of lies vs. the GDP of illegal narcotics, it’s not even close. Lies are a much larger industry and a much more addicting drug. So when you have 90% of the female population being torn between the two most powerful biological forces in their lives, if you can convince them they can have them both, they will pay you everything they own in their lives, even if it is a lie.

That is why “big is beautiful.” It’s why big has to be beautiful. Because there’s so much potential money to be made.

The fashion industry, media, the democrat party, government, non-profits, academia, feminism, Hollywood, psychologists, retailers, corporate America, harlequin romance novels, and yes, even the Hallmark Channel stand to make billions (trillions over time) if they can convince women they can both be lazy and find a man. Women will buy their perfume, their fashion, their books, and their overpriced liberal arts education not for the underlying economic value of these things, but because it’s couched in the lie that makes them feel good. “Big is beautiful,” “beauty has no weight,” “you’re all beautiful on the inside,” all of which is part of the bigger lie of “you can have it all.”

But we all know what happens to people who live a lie. They destroy their lives. And that’s precisely what these women do. They destroy their lives.

The 5% of women who actually get in shape and stay in shape for their man have the love of their family, or at least their man. The 5% of women who truly do not want a man have the peace and serenity that comes without one. They are off free on their own, living life without the concerns of a man. But for the remaining 90% of women they are addicted to the lie that they can have both. That somehow there’s a Clive Owen-esque looking man who will have no physical standards and won’t care that she’s 300 pounds. That this incredible dearth of men is not due to them being morbidly obese, but rather bad luck and men just being sexistly shallow. And no matter how much empirical data is paraded in front of them, no matter how quickly that window is closing for them to find a man, they will cling to the lie that someday a “Real Man™“ will find them and “love them for who they are.” And even though deep down inside they know better, they don’t care. They will take that syringe, fill it full of “big is beautiful,” shoot it right into their veins, and the Lying Industrial Complex will keep them supplied until they’re dead. They will have neither a man nor the peaceful life that comes without one. They will have the worst of both worlds and the best of none.

Choose Now

Whether young women choose either path, it doesn’t matter. It is your life and you can choose to do with it as you please. But you need to choose one. You cannot have both. Because both is not an option. It is an illusion sold to you by society to profit off of you and its fate is a wasted life.

But if there’s one bit of advice younger women can glean from their Millennial and Gen X sisters it’s that you don’t have a lot of competition. With obesity ravaging the country, beauty standards are so low simply being in shape, having long hair, and not having a gross of tattoos puts any young woman in the top 10% of her peers. And if you can muster the etiquette and decorum to be a pleasant young lady, you’re in the top 5%. With the barrier to beauty so low, it behooves every young woman to at least try to be attractive for once in your life to see what advantages it gets you. Because unlike your Gen X and Baby Boomer sisters, you got something they don’t.


And once that goes away the door closes forever for you to be beautiful. Well, at least beautiful to men anyway."

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Monday, May 11, 2020

The Older Brother Podcast #74 - The "Early Morning" Episode

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Good Morning Coronachan!!! #23

Tune in this morning at 915AM CST!
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Friday, May 08, 2020

Why Liberal Arts Majors Fail in Life

This is an except from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It discusses how there is no "easy way," just the "hard way" and "the REALLY hard way" (the latter of which disguises itself as "the easy way.") 

The price lazy people pay for choosing "the easy" way in life costs them nothing short of their lives.  Chasing stupid degrees.  Getting fat and believing they'll find love.  Never hitting the gym and thinking they'll find "da gurlz."  All 78 years of your average American's life expectancy is wasted hoping sitting on their ass will result in life success.  But it does not.  And this excerpt not only shows this through the story of two people, but hopefully prompts the reader (and anybody you share it with) to stop squandering their lives choosing the path of laziness.

"Allow me to tell you the tale of two people.

The first is about my Vietnamese buddy. He went to school for Electrical Engineering. Graduated with honors. And then proceeded to make gobs of money after college. Even during the financial crisis of 2008 he held onto his job, and though he didn’t receive any raises during that time, he did manage to buy a very nice house for ½ of what it was originally listed for two years earlier…for cash. Upon the economic recovery, his career continued to soar where he inevitably made the jump to management, making over $200,000 a year. He could retire today if he wanted to. The man is 43.

The other person is not my Vietnamese buddy. She is a weathered, middle-aged woman. She had two kids out of wedlock. She followed her dream of working with children and got her degree in Early Childhood Education. And though she did have a modicum of success in this career, she did not survive the recession so well, getting laid off due to budget cuts. She also unfortunately bought her dilapidated home at the peak of the bubble, inevitably having it fall into foreclosure. And during that time to make ends meet she tried to raise chickens, MLM schemes, inevitably having to work retail just to put food on the table. And this was just for one person as both her daughters had moved out of the home long ago. Today she is insolvent, perpetually angry, blames everything on men, naturally wants a bailout, and will have to work until she is dead. But not once did she ever think about learning to code, getting a degree in accounting, picking up a trade, or simply working hard. Her 58 year old life has been one of constantly seeking the easy way out.

These two stories have two drastically different endings.

My Vietnamese buddy will not only have lived an enjoyable life, but will have enjoyed the company of his wonderful wife and two nice kids. He’s nowhere near retirement, but is kicking around retiring around 55. He may work part-time at a golf course as something fun to do and get him out of the house. And he is already at the stage of buying property to build his dream-retirement home on. All in anticipation of the day he retires on a more than ample 401k balance.

My not-Vietnamese buddy is not so lucky. She will never retire. Will forever have to work. She will invariably have to go on some kind of government assistance. And though pretty at one time in her life, she is no more, almost guaranteeing she will be lonely in her final days. And yes, true to the stereotype, she has cats.

These drastically different results can trace their origins and causes all the way back to the beginning of their stories. Because while my Vietnamese buddy chose Electrical Engineering as a career, my not-Vietnamese buddy chose Early Childhood Education. And choosing these opposite forks in the road that early in their lives determined the drastically different trajectories their lives would take. But the lesson here is not that you should major in Electrical Engineering instead of Early Childhood Development. It’s the irony of what they both originally set out to achieve versus what ended up happening in the end. Not in terms of their careers. But in terms of effort.

My Vietnamese buddy set out to put forth the hard work and effort to make his life successful. Be it having a good father, his Vietnamese culture, or just intellectual honesty, he committed to doing what was necessary to succeed in life. In short, he committed to a path that was full of toil, effort, sacrifice, and work.

My not-Vietnamese buddy set out to do the complete opposite. Though under the euphemistic lie of “doing it for the children,” we all know she choose Early Childhood Education because she was lazy. And though she knew she was never going to make electrical engineer money, she was hoping to win that Dream Lottery of life and get paid enough money to live for the least amount of work expended. In short, she wanted an easy life.

But, if there was ever an example of punishing brutal irony, this was it. Because both of them got the complete opposite of what they set out to do.

My Vietnamese buddy thought he was committing to a hard life of calculus, physics, labor, toil, and headache-inducing thinking. Slaving away at an office, pouring over diagrams and schematics. And my not-Vietnamese buddy thought she was going to waltz through life with a laughably stupid degree and some government funding. But the life my Vietnamese buddy actually experienced was one of relative ease, smooth sailing, financial stability, and peace. I greatly (though admirably) envied him because he never worried once in his life about finding a job or poverty. By the same token, I absolutely did not envy the middle-aged woman at all because her life was one of constant struggle. And not just struggle but mental and psychological strife. Perpetually applying for jobs, getting kicked out of her home, knowing she was going to have to work until she died, and being delusional enough to blame it on an entire gender made me appreciate the comparatively modest struggles I had in my career. And when the accounting is all said and done, when you tally up who expended more calories of energy in their lives just trying to survive, the weathered, middle-aged woman easily spent twice the amount of energy than my Vietnamese buddy.

And this is the moral of the story – lazy people work twice as hard.

There are only two ways in life. The Hard Way and the Really Hard Way. There is no “easy way.” The “easy way” is just the Really Hard Way disguised to look easy. And you can either admit now that you either:

  1. Take your lumps up front, bite the bullet, and put your dues in now which will cost you less overall pain and energy in life,

  2. Do what most Millennials did and try to win the “Dream Lottery,” damning yourself to working twice, thrice, even four times as hard had you just studied a legit profession in the first place.

When you compare the two paths in life, it’s just not comparable.

The calories of energy you will spend choosing the Easy/Really Hard Way in life dwarf that of the Hard Way. Constantly applying for jobs, getting advanced degrees, volunteering in the hopes you find work, working extra hours, working a second job, applying for food stamps, applying for Obamacare, applying for section 8, finding daycare, hunting for safe and affordable housing, waiting for the bus, walking to the bus, working the night shift, and all the other taxing chores that come with choosing the “Easy Way” in life are a massive caloric drain on your life. And this says nothing of the tormenting mental, social, and psychological costs of choosing the “Easy Way.” The lack of stability, the lack of financial security, being cold and hungry, stress on the family, the stress on yourself, and above all else, the helplessness to do anything about it. All of that consumes an inordinate amount of both physical and psychological energy while ruining your ability to enjoy life at the same time. Had you just grew a pair early on and committed to a legitimate profession as a youth, you would have spared yourself an adulthood of hell.

But what this really boils down to is a matter of intelligence. Are you smart enough to choose the Hard Way which is the easiest, most logical, and most beneficial choice on the table? Are you smart enough to know that you are not going to “get lucky” and land a job with a Sociology degree? Or do you lack the intellectual courage and strength to admit life is going to be tough and it is best tackled with a hard-earned skill rather than a liberal arts philosophy of entitlement?

So do yourself a favor. Be lazy by not being lazy. Choose the hard way in life and avoid the fate 85% of Millennials suffer today. You will spend less energy over the course of your life working and you won’t be a bankrupt, pissed-off cat lady living off of food stamps when you’re old."

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