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What Are Negative Interest Rates? (An Explanation for Normal People)

What Do You Call a Marine Reverend?


Introducing a new blog and podcast, Rev. (and Marine) Kenn Blanchard.

You can find his blog here, but you can find his podcast "Black Man With a Gun" (though I prefer "Preacher with a Gun") here.

The Reverend has been kind enough to help me get Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty out there, so please stop in and check him out, especially if you are a gun enthusiast.

Why Even Conservatives Don't Deserve America

Though I wrote the book "Enjoy the Decline," my 37 years of life previous to its authoring still left some semblance, some nagging ounce of hope, and love for this country.  That perhaps, through spectacular luck and unseen natural economic and political forces, the country would wake up, vote against the state, and pursue a new path towards freedom, liberty, and greatness.  Of course, I have no genetic skin in the country's future game, but still, it was a dormant hope that kept popping up, and one that (though appreciated) I still managed to keep in check.

Sadly, that hope is now officially gone as I've realized even the majority of conservatives do not deserve America.

This final nail in the coffin came in the form of a new podcast I was listening to over my Memorial Day travels.  It was clever, it was intelligent, it was libertarian, it had 35,000 subscribers.  And so I was hopeful I could run some ads for my own books on their show resulting in a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Of course, when the segment came up where they'd normally run advertising, they did the most non-conservative, non-capitalist, 100% NPR thing - they asked for donations.  This then sent me into a tirade as not only were my hopes at future profit and a better life dashed, but this was just one more of the many "conservative, libertarian, pro-freedom, pro-capitalist" social media sites that proved to be only capitalist in theory.

This experience then reminded me of the exhausting, wasteful, pointless, and sometimes outright costly experiences I've had doing business with effectively "not liberals."

When I was on my "Worthless" book tour I was sponsored by a young conservative college group.  I took a full week of vacation and a week of leave of absence to tour the country, giving a speech about the risks of majoring in worthless subjects.  Hoping this would prove mutually beneficial (I would profit, young college students would invest wisely in their education), I was instead greeted by impossibly inept republican, conservative, or libertarian college students which made the entire tour a waste.

They'd only book the room for 15 minutes, while the speech was an hour.
They forgot to bring an LCD projector, and one time chairs.
Some conservative college groups failed to advertise the speech altogether, and thus...
We'd have a whopping 3-4 people in the audience if anybody showed up at all.

Then there was the two speeches I gave to the MN GOP and Tea Party.  Thinking these were wiser, older, more mature people, I expected we would not endure the same youth-caused logistical problems that plagued my book tour.  Which we didn't.  We did, however, get to deal with a whole new problem. It fell on deaf ears.

Not that the speech wasn't good.  Not that the audience didn't love it (they did).  But the whole point of the speech was how to get young men interested in conservative politics.  At best, both audiences had 20 years left of life expectancy, and they wanted to bring new blood into the GOP.  And after delivering a rousing speech, which clearly and cleverly laid out a brilliant strategy to do this....nothing.  Not a single thing.

No call.
No inquiry.
No follow up.

I even called MULTIPLE chapters of the GOP to volunteer only to NEVER have a single call returned.  I even attended the republican caucus HANDING MY CARD TO THE INTERIM CHAIR, EXPLICITLY STATING I'D LIKE TO HELP only to once again, never hear back.  It became apparent to me that this ineptitude and laziness is so rife and complete within the republican party, that its presumed most ardent cheerleaders don't even care about freedom enough to expend the 2 calories of energy it takes to call people back.

Then there's boycotting.  Boycotting is very simple to me.  If you as a company, an actor, or some other agent in the US is/are going to advocate an action that lessens my freedom and life, I'm not going to give you any of my business, money, or time.  I don't buy Apple.  I don't shop at Target.  I don't buy Starbucks. I don't bank at any bank that took TARP money.  And I'd Napster U2's music (if I wanted to listen to very bland, very beige, baby boomer tripe).

But oh no, that's too much of an inconvenience for 95% of the conservatives in America.  They will line up for every Leonardo DiCaprio movie, get their daily starbucks, fork over their children's college fund for the newest iPhone, bank at Bank of America, and will support communism directly by getting gas at Citgo.  Of course, the hypocrisy is if the 50% of the American public (which is presumably conservative) were to all cut off these agent whores of socialism, then there'd be more REAL change overnight than there was during Reagan's entire administration.  But that's just too inconvenient to drive the 5 minutes down to Dunn Brothers, the 6 minutes down to Wal-Mart, and geez, we SWPL republican suburbanites just can't let the neighbors see us with a Samsung!

Then there's my personal experiences with so called "capitalists" in my own life. Related to my frustration over the "non-profit capitalist" podcast that didn't run ads, most conservatives, libertarians, capitalists and free marketers I've meet in my life just lack the hustle and desire to achieve excellence.  They just plain lack the work ethic and hunger it takes to push themselves, and thus as a group, society to new levels of success, innovation, achievement, and accomplishment.  And so when I try to employ them, either through contract work, reaching out to them to conduct business, or perhaps offering them money outright, the responses I get are...

never calling me back,
6 month delays,
a completely lack of hustle,
a cluelessness about the opportunity that is being wasted,
no appreciation for the insane value of time,
no appreciation for the potential of profit,
shoddy work, or
no work at all

They, like the aforementioned podcast, are merely academian, theoretician, Monday morning quarterback capitalists.  They like to claim they are, but never put forth the effort to become actual capitalists.

This, among other things, has forced me to conclude that the majority of conservatives (not all) are very much like most liberals and leftists.  They view politics and economics not as the key to unlock and unleash the total potential of human kind, allowing us to drastically improve the lives of future generations, and achieve untold levels of greatness in our own.  They view it as a religion, a therapy session, and a substitute for real and genuine accomplishment in life because they're too damn lazy to put any real work or effort into it.  This is why after 40 years of Rush Limbaugh and 35 years of conservative talk radio, nothing has been achieved because, just like going to church, it's easier to bitch, whine, lament, rue, and mope, than actually put forth the work and effort.  And just because they claim to be conservative doesn't meant they have a harder work ethic or know better.  They just happened to be lucky to choose the political model that actually works.

All these drawbacks aside, however, there is a silver lining. 

The epiphany that most conservatives are just as inept and lazy as leftists has allowed me to achieve great solace, serenity, and calm in my philosophical and political-psychological-life because, frankly, the vast majority of Americans do not deserve America.  Democrat or Republican, conservative or socialist, capitalist or communist, the majority of people are just too damn lazy and incompetent to deserve something as great as America.  This should be of great alleviation to both you and me because we no longer have to:

or burden ourselves with the future of this country because...

this country and its people will get PRECISELY what they deserve.  It is perfect justice, it is right and correct, and for us to get in its way is not only wrong, but a waste of what few and precious moments of life we have on the planet.  Cheer it on and...

Enjoy the decline.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

On a related note, economist in Minnesota thinks he has figured out the magic "Minority Report" formula to ID future millennial mass shooters who kill innocents because they couldn't get laid.

Details at 6!

Elizabeth Holmes Prediction About "Women's Empowerment"

I know, I know girls.  It just isn't fair that you have to actually do the maths and the hard work and the STEM in order for there to be genuine production and thus, genuine value in society.  Trust me, I know sister, it's all part of a patriarchy conspiracy called "reality."

But in the meantime, how much you want to bet the professional victim industry is going to swipe this disgraced fraud right up and put her on a speaking/consulting tour about "empowering women?"

Monday, May 30, 2016

Episode #150 of The Clarey Podcast (For Your Memorial Day Drive Listening Pleasure)

Ummm...yes I can say "Happy" Memorial Day you idiots.
Baton twirling, parades, football and soccer.
"I'm gonna stay at home."
Poser PUA, Life Coaches, and MGTOWS
The Lord will not provide for dumbasses.
Asking out the HR lady.
Hate mail and Fan Mail.
It's funny seeing Venezuela suffer.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dear "Capitalists," Monetize Your F@cking Sites Already!

Look, if you're a "right of center" podcaster, blogger, or YouTuber, could you at least not by a hypocrite by asking for "patreon" donations like NPR and at least run ads on your fucking site?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

More Smug Leftist Virture Signalling from Target

Didn't know this was going on until I just saw the commercial now. The campaign has been going on since 2015, but it's just cementing my decision not to give this corporation any more money.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vote for Bernie Sanders

And this is what you millennial dipshits will get.

The Gospel of Wealth: Guest Post

The Gospel of Wealth

The West is an ever increasingly hostile environment for those who understand the virtues of capitalism and profit from it. The Occupy Wall Street movement, the growing hatred toward the 1%, the War on Cash, and even Pope Francis’ War on Capitalism all send an alarming signal to the remaining capitalists of the world. The free market in the Land of the Free and throughout the West isn’t so … well … free, anymore. Too many people mourn the death of the American Dream without realizing that its passing has come as a consequence of their attack on capitalism.

America was once the home of capitalism at its finest. From that era have come some of the greatest rags to riches stories of the American Dream.  Andrew Carnegie’s story is one of them. Carnegie was a capitalist giant in an age of US history when capitalism was king. The son of Scottish immigrants who moved to the United States in 1848, Carnegie was a hard worker and a passionate learner. Though he began spending most of his days working for $1.20 an hour, his hunger for learning was fed through the books he read thanks to a wealthy man who opened his library of 400 volumes to working boys each Saturday night. 

Over the years, Carnegie made his way up the ladder of success. He became superintendent of the Pittsburgh Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company at a young age, began investing in his early twenties, and eventually got involved in the ironworks industry. He soon left his position at the railroad, developed a steel rolling mill and built and expanded his company over the years. 

Carnegie was an industrial success, a product of pure capitalism, and is recognized as the driving force behind the expansion of the US steel industry at the end of the nineteenth century.  While many critics of capitalism would have him demonized in the history books as an industrial tycoon, Carnegie left behind a legacy of philanthropy — one he based on his personal philosophy as outlined in “The Gospel of Wealth.”

In defense of capitalism

Written in 1889, Carnegie’s “The Gospel of Wealth” still contains financial wisdom any aspiring capitalist should analyze and put into practice — whether they ever intend to become a philanthropist or not. One of the most important points he made was one that many people in the US have forgotten: the benefits of capitalism. He argued that the contrast between the millionaire’s palace and the laborer’s cottage was merely a measure of the change which comes with civilization. This contrast was not to be deplored, but welcomed and recognized as something beneficial, and even essential for the progress of society. The material development and improved conditions that come in the wake of capitalism — despite the inequality it creates — makes life better for society as a whole. 

Yet, all the poor working class Americans of the 21st century with TVs, iPads, and smart phones will never recognize capitalism’s general advancement of society because the mentality of entitlement has taught them that they are the victim. 
Yes, despite the incredible material comforts that have made the life of even the poorest among us more lavish than that of ancient kings, the advancements of capitalism are still stained by the inequality that so often grows out of the free market.
But Carnegie knew that this inequality was the price society pays for the law of competition, and that it was a price worth paying.

What to do with excess wealth

Carnegie also recognized that those who rise to the top by virtue of the free market will soon have more money than they could possibly ever spend on themselves.His question, then, was what the wealthy were to do with their fortunes, especially when taking into consideration the fact that one day the possessor of such wealth would die.  He argued that there were really only three ways to administer surplus wealth: it could be 1) left to the families of the descendent, 2) used for public services (i.e. taken by the government at death through the estate tax or voluntary donation) or 3) administered by the possessor during their lifetime.

Of the first two options, Carnegie was skeptical. He felt that leaving one’s wealth to family was more of a disservice than a blessing, and stated that “the thoughtful man must shortly say, ‘I would as soon leave to my son a curse as the almighty dollar.’” Man must earn his wealth, not inherit it. And, of the second option of leaving wealth at death for public use, Carnegie argued that this was only an option for those who were content to wait until they were dead before becoming of much good in the world. He also claimed that those who earned such wealth were the individuals in possession of the exact skills needed to administer it. He also pointed out the great waste in so-called charity programs where money was spent so unwisely that it produced the very evils it was aimed at eliminating. Sound familiar? 

So Carnegie argued that the best means of administering your excess wealth was to use it during your lifetime. His conclusion was to use it for charitable purposes that aimed at helping those who would help themselves.
By the time of his death in 1919, Carnegie had funded the construction of 3,000 public libraries and either funded and/or founded several universities. In all, he had given away $350,695,653 (roughly $76.9 billion adjusted to 2015) of his wealth.

Your Wealth, Your Decision

Now, I am not going to tell you as Carnegie did that you should spend your excess wealth on projects that will improve the general condition of the human race. Nor am I going to tell you not to if that is what you wish to do with it.
But I am going to agree with Carnegie in his applause of capitalism and his conclusion that you should not wait for your wealth to be used by the government at your death.

Because — whether you want to believe it or not — you will die and the government will take your money.
In fact, the United States government will take 40 per cent of it. And, yes, that’s one of the highest rates in the world. The fourth highest to be exact (tied with the UK).

The beauty of being a capitalist, however, is that you are not bound by the borders in which you were born. Countries and the estate tax laws they wield have borders, you don’t. 

Once you go beyond the lines that are drawn on maps — the lines that make up countries and house Big Government — you’ll discover that there is a lot more freedom for you and your wealth on this planet. There are even countries that won’t take your money when you die. 

Not a cent.

You read that right: there are countries on this rotating chunk of rock that will not charge you a single penny for dying. There are a lot of them, if truth be told; and you can take advantage of that by diversifying your wealth on an international scale. Just since 2000, eleven countries and two jurisdictions have repealed their inheritance or estate taxes. And these are places where you probably wouldn’t mind keeping your money while you’re alive to begin with — countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. Even tax-happy governments like Norway and Sweden — not shy to use revenue from tax rates as high as 60% for their own brand of social welfare — have done away with the estate tax.

In other words, you have a lot of options.

So don’t wait until you’re on your death bed to think about the eternal destiny of your wealth. Make active decisions now to ensure that your wealth does what you want it to do and goes where you want it to go while you're here and when you're gone. 

If not, the government will decide for you.

South Senior High School in Minneapolis Racist Against Whites

An agent in the field sent this to me.  In the vain hopes of helping the students out at South Senior High I put together this video.

I'm sure they'll take down the page now that the "workshop" is over, but I have saved images from the page and will never let the school district forget that they:

1.  are GENUINELY racist and hate white people
2.  view the children as a means to profit off of instead of actually help them and educate them to be successful in the real world.
3.  employ only the most worthless and unemployable parasites who lack the real world experience to teach their students anything of value
4.  are the perfect argument to homeschool your children and privatize the schools ASAP

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sony Butthurt Over Feminist Ghostbusters?

So I was going to recommend you Geek Out with The Bechtloff until I saw YouTube has taken down his podcast/video because it had pictures from Sony's Ghostbusters (the feminist one) and thus violated the user policy.

Though, it does make one wonder was it really because some of the background pictures happen to be from Sony's film, or that the podcast, rightly, ripped the hell out of the upcoming shitshow called "We Don't Need No Man Ghostbusters."

In the meantime if you need something for your listening pleasure and still want to Geek Out with the Bechtloff, you can listen to John Steele's interview with him as they talk geekery and politics.

Also, will be making the final leg of the journey back home and posts will return to normal.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Major Lies of Feminism

An excerpt from Bachelor Pad Economics, which if you haven't read it, you will after watching/listening to this video:

The Continuiation of Cappy's Western Adventure

More pics, these are primarily from Moab, Utah.  Half are "panorama" pics which you need to click on and expand to get the full effect.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Las Vegas to Moab via Punching Through the Storm

Did the first leg of the home coming trip to bring my new cruiser bike back.  Started in Las Vegas early this morning and then made it up to Moab, Utah.  The problem was, however, that there was a storm...which had just dumped snow in Zion National Park...and hail south of Moab...and was the storm we had to punch through.  Because it's now or never to bring the bike back.

Unfortunately the shoddy rain poncho/gear I bought was torn to shreds by cross winds and the ole Captain got drenched and a tad bit hypothermic, but it did provide for some great post-storm pictures (though Monument Valley was "rained out")

Remember everybody,  buy ALL of my books so when I get home I can retire.

Ahhhh Philly

I'll always remember you fondly.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another Western Motorcycle Adventure Begins

Greetings Lieutenants,

The Ole Captain has decided to retrieve his new motorcycle he purchased earlier this winter and drove from Sarasota to Las Vegas.  It had to remain in Vegas until the snow in the upper states melted, which they have, and now it's time to fetch it. 

Thankfully my buddy needed his RV transported from Minnesota to Las Vegas, which not only provided the opportunity for a free ride out to Vegas, but made me feel like Jason Statham in "The Transporter"...minus the cool car...and the hot Asian chick...and the muscles.  But I beat Statham on hair.

Regardless, expect pictures from the American west as the Ole Captain's tour stops at great places like Kayenta, Grand Junction, Cortez, Steamboat, Denver, Hot Springs, and Deadwood.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Episode #149 of The Clarey Podcast - Huey Ray Fischer Episode!

The Mall of America
is blogging dying
Lie to get ahead
Is hate fucking rape?
Austin's leftists fuck over Austin's leftists
Huey Ray Fischer - the epitome of a lazy, millennial, socialist, parasite
SWPL Republicans blow $63 million of high school football stadium


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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What Would Happen if Trump Defaulted on the US Debt?

If economics were taught this way, every man, woman, and child would be informed citizens and we wouldn't have the financial problems we have today.

Make a Fortune Selling Lies to Women

Seriously, if I ever had a son I would tell him to forget medical school, forget engineering, and just go and lie to women to make your fortune.

Way easier.
Way less capital investment.
Just follow the democrat business model.

Lie to women.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Emma Watson and the Panama Papers

I already made a video about the Panama Papers and how it was basically leftist journalists hoping for a "gotcha" moment, when in reality it was nothing more than rich people using the tax laws to LEGALLY lower their tax bills

But it's good when they eat their own.

Monday, May 09, 2016

How to Measure Corporate Welfare

A problem I faced is that I am not a leftist.  And since I'm not a leftist, that means I just can't pull statistics out of my ass, start my statements with "I just feel," or outright lie because it suits my belief in how "I feel" the world should be.

I need statistics.  I need facts.  And I need good methodology so I know, as accurately as possible, precisely what the hell I'm talking about.  And one of the few economic stones I have left unturned with empiricism has been "corporate welfare."  Specifically, how much is there?

This is an important statistic to know because when debating leftists they always claim that if we "just got rid of corporate welfare" then we wouldn't have a budget deficit nor (consequently) a national debt.  That if we just stopped giving all those nasty corporations all that government cheese we'd be able to fund everything and everyone, from free education, to free jobs, to free house, and free healthcare.

Of course, when you try to peg them down on precisely how much in "corporate welfare" me and the other taxpayers give to these evil corporations, none of them have any figures.  And so, as always with leftists, you can't rely on any kind of constructive debate that advances our understanding and moves us closer to a practical solution, simply because the left has no freaking clue what they're talking about.  They're merely regurgitating talking points (usually lies) they heard from some other equally misinformed leftist and the real adult work of getting to the bottom of things and conducting research begins.

To be succinct and save you time, the truth is corporate welfare is poorly defined, and thus hard to measure.  Leftists would claim any law or action by the government that would benefit corporations is "welfare."  So if a construction company gets a contract to build a road that's "welfare" (even though the company IS building a road).  Leftists would also claim any tax break or lowering of taxes is corporate welfare, obviously operating from the premise that all those corporate profits are THEIR money, not those stupid shareholders'.  Again, lacking intellectual honesty and not really the definition of "welfare," this does not help us define corporate welfare, nor advance the conversation, let alone nail down a number. 

But I believe there is some common ground we can agree upon.

For example I think we all agree that backroom deals and any UNFAIR gains given to connected corporations via political donations or lobbyists IS indeed corporate welfare.  The TARP bailouts are no doubt corporate welfare.  And the upcoming student loan bail out's is also guaranteed to be corporate welfare (Oh wait, never mind.  It's OK when stupid leftist college students get bailed out of their mistakes like banksters.)

Ergo, somewhere between the $19 trillion in corporate welfare (assuming if we believe the leftists and that without corporate welfare we'd have no debt) and the Benjamin of grease that is slapped on the palms of a local councilman, there is the true measure of corporate welfare that reasonable and intellectually honest people would agree upon.  Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to economics today to find it. But fortunately I don't have to because two economists have done it for me.

A recent study from the Cato Institute suggests in 2012 corporate welfare was around $120 (at the federal level).  Another study, done quite some time ago in 1990 suggested it was $170 billion.  If we were to prorate that today to adjust for inflation and the increase in the budget/economy that would be about $500 billion.  I'd like to split the difference and call it $330 billion, but I noticed the author of the second study was a professor of social work which I don't believe is a real science or discipline.  In short, I don't trust academians over the Cato institution.  Besides which, my suspicions were right.  He is a life long academic, never setting foot in the real world, and in all intellectual honesty I have to believe his research was biased by his ideological leanings.  So with this "mailing it in, back of napkin" economics, I've decided to weight the Cato Institute heavier than the lone socialist academian, I have come up with a cool $225 billion in annual corporate welfare (it should be noted however, this does not include TARP as - hopefully - that was a one time anal raping of the American taxpayer).

Naturally, it is impossible to know how much in corporate welfare there truly is.  We can't measure every penny, won't know every bribe, and don't know which of Obama's cronies got which contract to run Solyndra.  I'm heavily relying on the intellectual honesty and methodology of both economists mentioned above.  And truth is I'd be more tempted to believe when all corruption and inefficiency is taken into account, it may very well be closer to the hippie pothead professor's $500 billion (which would actually make the case for the left for once!).  The key thing, however, is to see if the leftist who parrots the "if we got rid of corporate welfare" line as the faintest clue as to what he's talking about.  Hopefully, this post help you determine that.


Is There an End to Feminism?


Sunday, May 08, 2016

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Late Night Podcast Listening Pleasure

Geek out with The Bechtloff.

Sign up for the Black Brigade Debrief with DT and The Man!

An analysis of Rabbits and Psycho-Pass from Davis Aurini.

The Pope is a Socialist First, a Catholic Second

When you Catholics decide to start thinking on your own and realize this fraud loves socialism, hates western civilization, and maybe gets around to thinking about religion on a tertiary level, then maybe you'll impeach him or whatever the hell it is you Catholics do to kick heretics out.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Who Will Pay for Everything When the White People are Gone?

A concern of mine is the slowing rate of not only overall economic growth, but more importantly the stagnation of real GDP per capita (as RGDP per capita is the primary measure of economic well-being).  However, another concern of mine was how the future demographics of the US will affect economic growth, because, frankly immigrants and minorities are not as productive as whites or Asians.  You may not like this fact, and you may chalk it up to racism, bigotry, or whatever else academia, the media, and politicians tell you, but in the end whites and Asians earn/produce more when measured by economics for whatever reasons may be.

Unfortunately, the larger of the two groups (whites) are projected to decline relative to the rest of the population while pretty much every other group grows.  And because of this decline relative to other populations I wanted to estimate what would happen to economic growth, and thus, standards of living (measured by RGDP per capita).

I would like to say my methodology was simple (as simple usually results in better more accurate results), but it was as "simple as could be" due to the inherent complexities in projecting populations by race, applying productivity rates to each, and thereby inferring a forecasted RGDP, population, and thus RGDP per capita into the future.  In short I used the population growth figures out till 2060 for the four main racial groups in the US, historical RGDP data from the federal reserve, income per capita as a proxy for RGDP per capita (as what you are paid is correlated to what you produce), and multifactor productivity to estimate future, genuine "Real" economic growth.

And the results were interesting.

Historically (since 1947) the US has experienced an average RGDP per capita growth rate of 2% per year.  This may not seem like a lot, but when compounded over the course of a lifetime you can expect your standards of living to nearly quintuple.  Thus, if historical American economic growth rates continued, we could expect to all be producing about $120,000 in GDP per capita by 2060, contrasted with the current $51,000 we produce today.

However, that will not be happening.  As the racial composition of America changes, downward pressure on economic growth will result.  Of course, this assumes current production by the four main racial groups remain the same (as well as birthing rates for each group), but if the forecasts are correct (which, as a caveat, in economics they rarely are) we can expect an average annual increase of only .5%, resulting in barely any advances in our standards of living (and before you start making accusations of racism, keep in mind by this time whites will be a minority in the country, so this post is by mathematical reality, to benefit future minorities).

Now, if you have a care for the future, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or political affiliation, these figures (guesstimates as they may be) are MATH and have serious ramifications for your children and future Americans.  For while it's all fun and games today to blame everything on "whitey" or "males," in the end they are the engine of economic growth that powers this economy AND (as it just so happens) subsidizes the government programs minorities, immigrants (and women) rely disproportionately on.  And without them either taxation on minorities would have to increase considerably, or you will simply have to do without your precious government checks (though technically as it stands right now, the current system is not suppoortable or sustainable anyway, but we can keep this up as long as the dollar remains the world's reserve currency).

Therefore, if you care about your children and grand children, economic production of women and minorities need to increase.  I have already outlined what is required to close the various wage gaps between minorities and whites/males, however I fear that pride, ego, and self-pity is getting in the way of this success.  From kindergarten to college, everyone is brainwashed to believe it's racism, sexism, bigotry or misogyny that is holding them back.  It's the "patriarchy," the "corporations," and "CIS gendered white male scum" who actively conspire against you.  However, we (and by "we" I mean minorities and women and their children who will take over this country) do not have the time for these lies.  Yes, there certainly is token examples of racism and sexism.  And yes, if you go looking for it, especially with the 17 years of k-college brainwashing you've received, you'll see "ists" and "isms" hiding in every shadow and every corner.  But keep in mind this is nothing but propaganda and lies from the democrat party to spare your feelings, ego, and pride, all in exchange for your vote...and sadly...your future success in life.

To be blunt, while there is nothing you can do about genuine racism, sexism, or bigotry, you can:

Stop having kids you can't afford or out of wedlock
Stop majoring in stupid shit (that goes particularly for the ladies).
Stop spending more than you make.
Stop blaming your own stupid decisions on other people.
And make sure you don't make stupid decisions in the first place. 

It won't eliminate racism or sexism, but unlike racism or sexism, these things ARE under your control and will do more to close the wage gaps between minorities and whites/males than any government program or piece of self-pitying, self-defeatism coming out of the public schools or the democrat party.

Finally, one last warning.  While this post has been a tough-fatherly-love-inspired criticism of the economic production of minorities, not all of the blame can be put on them.  For while "white males" have have traditionally been the engine of economic growth and innovation that have made people's standards of living quintuple over lifetimes, even that engine is succumbing to the same leftist propaganda of entitlements, woeismeism, laziness, easy degrees, and an abdication of responsibility.  Note the lack of growth in RGDP per capita that has already been occurring since 2006 (in the green circle).

Some of this can certainly be blamed on the Great Recession.  However, how much of it is also the average American white male going from this:

to this:

Not only are white's numbers going to decline, their quality and caliber has already gone to pot.

The day will come minorities will be on their own.  Prepare accordingly.

The Only Justice to Meet SJW Justice is a Gun

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Trump Announces Presidential Running Mate

It is Ice Bear:

The Rise and Fall of Glenn Beck

Worth a read.

How Not to Do It: Vicki Larson

I like to be succinct and expeditious.  And so I can tell you girls how to do everything right, in pain staking detail, outlining each step of the way needed to succeed in life....


I can just tell you what NOT to do.  And this is the resume you should simply NOT DO!

Nearly EVERY single mistake your standard American failure of a baby boomer, has-been, rah rah, 70's feminist, leftist woman is scripted in this resume.  I simply could not make it up even if I tried.  Do the opposite and your chances of happiness will improve.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Episode #148 of The Clarey Podcast!

The Racist Running Game!
Snow days
Commutes of the Sheeples
Fitting into your college tuxedo
Spouses who die together
Humphrey Bogart no bigger than Cappy!
Naming buildings after you is not a legacy


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Being Smart Is Like Being Stuck in Traffic

An excerpt from a kind review of Curse of the High IQ:

Pretending IQ doesn’t matter might be great for the self-esteem of the average kid, but it also means some of us just don’t understand why we go through life feeling like we are stuck in traffic all the time.  And when we do understand that, then ways to actually make use of that excess time and energy begins to suggest themselves.  Knowing where on the bell curve you sit can help you find new reserves of patience and confidence.   Learning that I was in the 99.4 percentile of human learning and processing capability suddenly changed my game, because I realized that I could be doing a lot more, and making much better money… which is leading me to make some serious shifts in how I do business.

Millennial Theme Song


Bureaucrats' Jobs Uber Economic Growth

I'll say it again for the cheap seats. Politicians, professors, bureaucrats, and ideologues value their jobs and their egos more than the progress of the rest of society and its people.  It's why they will overregulate an economy and make more laws than is necessary because their ego trumps any sense of "optimizing" the level of laws/regulations.

Bitcoin Creator ID'd

Or so they theorize.  Would like to have a beer with this guy.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Oh Nosies!!!

Looks like some genuine racists got caught lying to the po po.  But remember, they're not white so they "can't be racist."

Maybe Blacks and Whites Just Like to Hang Out With Likes?

I love the forced "integration" of the races.

I could have sworn America was based on choice and most races would like to just hang out with each other and have amicable relations with other races. But apparently, that isn't what your overlords have intended and they're pissed off we haven't melting into a dipshittery goo that is known as that "financial economic success" known as "Brazil."

Perhaps the left should actually endorse what it champions - diversity.  Because in the adult real world of economics "diversity" means "specialization" which means better goods at lower costs and improved standards of living for all.