Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feminism Has Jumped the Shark

Just can't make this up.  Seriously, you just can't make it up.

Constitutionally Banning Corporate Taxes

I'll say it again for posterity or (as they said in "The Last Boy Scout") the cheap seats-

Providing the people with CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES the state, federal and local governments will NOT confiscate or tax certain percentage of income and wealth is about the only way out of this economic mess.

You CONSTITUTIONALLY BAN corporate taxes

You CONSTITUTIONALLY cap total government spending at 20% GDP

You CONSTITUTIONALLY mandate balance budgets

You CONSTITUTIONALLY ban the government from taxing any wealth

and you will get a flood of multiple-trillions of dollars into the US economy.

But no, you morons would prefer to instead focus on the "gini coefficient."

Is it wrong for me to cheer on the utter collapse of the US economy?

Codify or Let People Fail

Allow me to explain a concept I hope quickly.

If you let people learn from their mistakes and let people fail/suffer from their mistakes, they will:

1.  Not repeat those mistakes
2.  Be pulled out of the system they destroyed with their mistakes.

Case in point, banking.

If we had a capitalist economy, most banks and the idiotic bankers that populated them would not only be wiped out, most of those bankers would be on the unemployment line or flipping burgers at McDonald's.  The banking system would have been "cleansed" and what banks remained would have in a darwinistic sense been the "best" and would have continued to better serve society.

Instead, we bailed them out which means the idiotic bankers are not flipping burgers, but still employed in the banking system.

This puts government regulators at a quandry.  Do we hope those naughty bankers learned their lesson?

Probably not, and so NOW we get to codify behavior.

This is an impossible task because you cannot codify behavior of amoral people.  But don't let that stop the Feds from trying.

The Captain Mobile

Saw this on my way back from Minneapolis.  Tempted to purchase it, but it would not be minimalism.  That being said, redoing the interior with white leopard print would be awesome:

My Trek Across South Dakota

Some photos of Hwy 212.  Nothing is out there, but I did find some interesting sites/photos, notably a cemetery in a town called "Faith":

Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Boobs, Tight Ass, Long Legs, Long Hair

The title of this post is NOT meant to be sophomoric, crass, or shallow.

I make it the title to make a point.  So please listen.

Men like:

1.  Big books
2.  Tight asses
3.  Long legs
4.  Long hair

This will not change.  It will not be socially or psychologically engineered out of us.  It is what we like and will continue to like despite communists, feminists and leftists' best efforts to tell everybody else otherwise.  It is genetic, so please don't complain about us being "shallow" for having a physical preference for an in-shape, "blessed by the lord" 25 year old than an overweight 55 year old.  You may as well complain that water is wet, the sky is blue and bears poop in the woods.

Now, you girls have a choice.  You really do.  Complain about it.  OR accept it as fact. 

Guess which option will be more productive!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The White Suit Came In

and damn do I make it look good:

I hereby decree all Cappy Cappites must buy and don white suits.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Make Your Man Happy With Sushi!

Hello junior, deputy, aspiring, official or otherwise economists of the female persuasion!

This weekend I shall shamelessly shill sushi!  Specifically two items that I believe would be helpful in wooing and keeping that special man of yours fat and happy...or maybe not so fat because sushi isn't terribly fattening:

A sushi making device that I thought was kind of cool...and

"Sushi for Dummies" which actually I'm kicking around getting myself

Remember, if you love the Captain and his daily patented Super Awesome Economic Genius, show your love and buy stuff from the Amazon link to the right.  I get a 6% commish and you get something in return (not just donating money to me and getting warm donation fuzzies).

60 Seconds to Exposed Flawed Logic

I'll tell you another story.

Went out last night to kill time before I'd inevitably get sleepy and could entertain falling asleep.  Chose to go to "the" bar in town where most of the socializing occurs.  UPon my arrival I see another middle aged woman who is a friend (does this story sound familiar?) with her younger 21 year old daughter.  She introduces me to her daughter and then goes on ad infinitum to tell her about how great my girlfriend is (my girlfriend made a HUGE impression upon this lady).  I show her daughter a picture and the young lady is quite impressed.

So time goes on and a tall, built, affable young man (21 years old or so) comes up and puts his arms around the mother and the daughter.  He's inebriated, but a happy inebriated.  He says in a loud happy tone, "Hello!  How are you doing girls!?"

The girls are very happy to see him, "Oh hi Steve!!!"

The mother then continues on to explain to me, "Oh, Steve and my daughter dated in the 8th grade.  He's the sweetest nicest guy there ever was."

Steve went on to say in a somewhat joking manner, "Yeah, until your daughter broke my heart."

The daughter smiled, still underneath his arm, "Yes, but I love him just the same, he's the sweetest, nicest guy." she reiterated.

The guy then looks at me, and point blank says, "Yeah, but that doesn't get me anywhere.  I'm always nice and kind and I still don't get any of the girls."

I looked at him and said, "So what do you think that tells you?"

He sat there a second or two and inevitably said, "I shouldn't be nice or kind?"

I said, "Right!  You have to be the bad boy.  YOu have to be unreliable.  You have to lift weights, maybe get a tattoo, do your own thing and put girls about 3rd or 4th on your list."

Naturally the women disagreed.  And what transpired was the most outstanding visual display of hypocrisy I've ever seen.

The girl who dumped him and "still loves him" because he's a "nice guy" and her mother who also really likes him because he was a "nice guy" immediately turned to him and said, "No!!! No!!!  Don't listen to him!  You just keep being a nice guy!  Girls like nice guys, not the bad boys he's describing!"

I couldn't help but laugh a bit.  Right there in front of me was a poor 21 year old kid who OBSERVED being a good guy did nothing to help him get the girls.  AND underneath his arm was the empirical proof.  AND then when I merely confirm that his observation was correct, that he should not be the nice boy, the EMPIRICAL PROOF (and her mother) immediately tells him I'm wrong.  It was hilarious.

I didn't want to point out the obvious, that the dame that broke his heart several years ago was dating somebody-not-him.  So I went another route.

"Wait, wait, wait!"  I said to the mother.  "If I'm so wrong, then how come I got a great girlfriend that you're so fond of?  How could I land a girl like that if I was a bad boy?"

The look in the mother's eye knew I had in about 60 seconds just exposed their flawed logic.  I looked at the kid,

"Look, kid.  They've never tried to date girls.  They're women.  Whatever advice they give you isn't going to work.  You've already realized being a nice guy doesn't work and here I am, telling you to be the bad boy and I'm the one with a girlfriend THAT THE MOTHER CAN'T SPEAK HIGHLY ENOUGH OF.  I didn't get this girl or any of the other girls by being a sappy, reliable, nice guy.  I did it by driving a motorcycle, excelling in several fields and talents, doing my own thing and being indifferent, aloof, confidence and NOT NICE."

They still tried to fight for the "Nice Status Quo."  Still had to keep this poor boy in The Matrix.

"No, don't listen to him!  Motorcycles are alright, but you HAVE to be nice.  Girls don't like..."

They continued on, but I pulled out a picture of my girlfriend and shoved it in his face.

His inebriated eyes opened, obviously liking what he saw.

I then said, "Yes, whatever you do DON'T listen to me.  I DON'T know what I'm talking about."

I think the mother knew the battle was lost.  She couldn't have sung my girlfriend's praises and then claim I didn't know what I was doing.  Additionally the empirical proof under his other arm being a nice guy didn't work, didn't help their cause either.  In the end, yes he may have only been 21, and, yes, he may have been drunk, but I do believe he took the red pill.

And thus we can add one more to our ranks.

I Forgot About Nancy Wilson

Thursday, July 26, 2012

$1.3 Trillion in New GDP

My sweet perfectly sculpted Irish ass.

Was there a "unicorn economics" class I missed in college that leads idiots to come up with pie in the sky crap like this?

IQ By Major

Who are your government leaders?

Who works in government?

Who works for non-profits and the UN?

Who teachers your children?


How successful have they been at doing what they claimed they were going to do?

How successful have they been at solving the problems they claimed they were going to?



I'll say it again for the cheap seats - the liberal arts are the single biggest problem with the US and western civilization.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Help My Daughter"

I was at "the" bar in town last night.  I've been here long enough that I've established a rapport with different folks and one of them (a middle aged woman who I recognize the face, but don't know the name) was at the bar and beckoned me over.  Nice lady, we chit chatted and discussed, nice gal.

However, as the conversation continued (and I don't know how it happened) it came to the topic of her daughter who was 24 and was having trouble "finding a good guy."  She was quite animated about the topic so I could tell this was important to her as she pulled a picture of her daughter out of her pocket shoving it in my face,

"Here, here!  You see her!  What's wrong with her!?  She's beautiful!  Why can't she find a good guy!?  They're all boys, they all play games!  Why can't she find a guy!?"

The girl was, admittedly, very cute, I'd say almost old enough to approach "beautiful."  So it certainly wasn't her looks.  So I asked,

"Well, what type of gal is she?"

The mother said, "Well she's very sweet and very kind."

I interrupted, "Yes, every mother says that about her daughter.  Truthfully, is she a flake?  Is she arrogant?  Does she string guys along?  I'm asking not to be insulting, but to find out what's really going on."

The mom responded truthfully, "No, she's actually a straight shooter. I told her not to play games.  I told her to be herself.  She's the type of girl that wants to go mountain biking and can't find a guy who isn't hung over from the night before."

It was here I let some of my prejudice and guard down and was willing to give this lady and her daughter the benefit of the doubt.  Most 24 year old babes are arrogant drama queens, full of themselves and completely unaware of other people.  But when I heard "mountain biking," the fact her mother told her not to play games and be a straight shooter and her complaint was finding a sober mountain biking partner, I decided to accept as a premise this was indeed one of the rare "good girls."

I said, "well if that's the case, then what she's probably running into is that she's a victim of her own gender.  You have to understand that most girls aren't like that and when men are going to approach women IN GENERAL they have to employ a strategy that is based off of the majority of women, not the rare girl that is different like your daughter."

"But that's so wrong!!!" she said.

And it was here the lesson in truth vs. emotion began.

I said, "Well it's not right or wrong.  It is what it is.  I could be wrong, but if your daughter is all that and then some and she's having trouble finding guys, it's likely most guys are advancing and learning game.  If anything, they were treated poorly, or at least, psychotically by girls ever since they hit puberty, and since being nice and kind didn't work, now they're standing your daughter up, showing up drunk, or whatever other tactics they've found works on other girls."

"Well men shouldn't do that!"

"I know, but it isn't an issue of whether they should or not.  It is what it is.  Your daughter has to abide by that fact."

The emotion or human desire to ignore reality continued,

"But why can't men just be..."

I interrupted again.

"Ah, ah, ah!  Again, do you want me to lie to you so you feel better?  Do you want me to tell you to tell your daughter that she "just hasn't found the right one?"  Or that "the right man will come along someday?"  "The lord will provide?"  "Follow your heart and the money will follow?"  Or do you want me to tell you the truth."

She had an interesting response.  One that showed she was digesting the point I was trying to make.  One that made me happy to see that some women are capable of setting aside emotion or "how things should be" and appreciating that if anything is going to get done or if there's going to be any progress, truth, no matter how unpleasant, must be acknowledged and incorporated into whatever strategy is to be developed.

Also greatly increasing my appreciation for this woman was her ability to discern between me being "nice" vs. me being "helpful." (though I will always contend being helpful is being nice and being "nice" is really just being cowardly).  She genuinely wanted to help her daughter and cared about her daughter enough that not only did she listen to a blowhard like me, but she even accepted passing on links to Roosh V and Roissy to her daughter.

"She won't like these links" I said, "but they will help her understand the psychology of men her age."

"Why won't she like these links?" she asked.

"Because they're truthful and what real guys really think."

She gladly accepted them.

The point of the story is that while we here in the Manosphere like to highlight cognitive dissonance, delusion, and other forms of denial, it is nice to see and highlight the occasional instance where a person is capable of genuine intellectual honesty and capable of taking emotion out of it in order to focus instead on reality, thereby increasing the chances for genuine success.  And when I see somebody with that level of character I merely wish to point it out and salute them.

From Our Muslim Agent in the Field

a VERY long way to go about saying, "it's best to have one person working and another staying home."

Or what we economists have been calling for (ohhhh, I don't know, 300 years) the "division of labor."

I would be curious to see what the updated data looks like.  Seems the report was a bit dated.

Cleanliness Is Not a Sign of Superiority

In the never-ending battle of the sexes you will hear cries and tears that men never do their "fair share" of the house work.  Normally at this point the easily-predicted retort that men do the majority of the work outside of the household OR fixes "manly" things at the household (cars, oil change, lawn mowing, etc) is delivered. However, I'm going to ignore these arguments and instead focus on a different angle altogether.  I'm going to question the premise what constitutes "fair share."

Understand in saying "fair share" we are implying there is a certain tangible, measurable amount of house work that needs to be done in the first place.  Therefore when a man (or woman) completes "their fair share" of the work they have met their obligations and get a reprieve from nagging and lecturing (until the house is in need again of some cleaning).  But what is that "tangible, measurable" amount?  What are the standards?  And who gets to decide what those standards are?

Of course it's women.

And of course, they're wrong.

The reason I say so factually "they're wrong" is because there is no "right" or "wrong" way as to determining what is the appropriate level of cleanliness in a house.  Bachelors for millions of years have been living in veritable man caves with no major medical or health complications.  A shoe turned upside down, a shirt hanging on the chair, an open bottle of beer from the night before has never killed, injured, maimed or slightly peeve one man.  But women will claim it not only is the end of the world, but it is "wrong."  That that shoe CAN'T be turned upside down.  That that shirt CAN'T be hanging on the chair.

When men have decades of experience that proves, "actually, yes, yes it can."

Regardless, the empirical evidence that the world does not end because an apartment has a minimal bachelor level of cleanliness proves that there is no "standard" or "measurement" for what is ultimately going to be "their fair share."  And what it further proves is that women are the ones who have a PREFERENCE for a much cleaner place than men.


(anybody see where I'm going with this?)

(I'll give you a couple seconds)

(make your guesses)

(OK, here we go)

men's "fair share" should be the amount of housework needed to get it up to their standards.  Anything beyond that is a PREFERENCE of the women AND (dare I say) up to them to do it.

Ladies, we have cleaned our places in the past and survived this long.  We maintained our bachelor pads so we could go out and do things in life.  If you want to scrub behind toilets, vacuum underneath couches, scrub the floors and on a weekly basis, by all means go ahead.  We're not doing it because it's not only unnecessary, it takes away from more important things in life, namely life itself.  Additionally, our dumpy bachelor pads or CHOOSING (not our incapability to) not to achieve the same level of cleanliness does not mean we are somehow "inferior" or "less hygienic" than you are.  We aren't "helpless, sad, pathetic boys whose mothers didn't bring up right" we just prefer to knock out some more work (or in the case of Enjoying the Decliners) we prefer to go out and play and live life.

So, by all means ladies, clean the place up till your heart's content.  And men, if you're one of those anally retentive clean freaks, YOU get to do the majority of the housework while she sits outside and joins the rest of us guys enjoying the decline.  In the meantime I strongly suggest people start asking what's really important in life - a perfectly, spotlessly clean house OR 3 additional years saved not wasting your time cleaning to an anal retentive level and instead spent living life.

I'm glad I have resolved the "fair share of housework" issue forever for everybody.  You may make a donation to the Rumpleminze fund as a show of your appreciation.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Night Linkage, Brought to You In Part By....

Stupidity.  Yes, it costs us productive members of society more in taxes to pay for the stupid, but it gives us cart-blanche to mock and ridicule them.  Stupidity, what western civilization strove to purge.

Herd Mentality.  Do you have it?  Good for you!  Now go claim you're independent, don't need other people, live off the government while we mock and ridicule you because you're just as much of a conformist and supremely ordinary like OWS protestors and hipsters.  Herd Mentality, what western civilization strove to purge.

Entrepreneurship.  Sick of working for people who are sick of working for other people who are sick of working for other people?  Forget being a corporate man, become an entrepreneur.  Chicks dig it more than you being the "assistant vice president" of some lame ass company.  Entrepreneurship, what western civilization strove to promote.

Why Laura Fritz Owes Me Money

Ok junior, aspiring, deputy, official and otherwise economists!

Test time!

What are the mistakes Laura and her boyfriend made that makes it so you and I and every other person who works hard get to pay higher taxes to pay for their mistakes?



I just love how the media portrays them as victims.

The Only Solution to Our Economic Problems

Monday, July 23, 2012

Who Wants to Hire Sarah Jaffe?

Now, now Mr. Bezos, don't rush to hire her!

She not only has that wonderful sense of entitlement, but also a complete lack of how economics and the real world works!

I'll be brief because I'm finishing up season 3 of The Man from UNCLE.

1.  Amazon doesn't have to pay tuition PERIOD.  Leave it to spoiled brat American leftists to bitch about a company's decision to pay for "some" of their tuition and not "all."  Let alone, I'd like to know how many jobs Ms. Jaffe has created compared to Mr. Bezos.
2.  Amazon is doing its employees a favor DENYING THEM the ability to major in Fluffy El Crapo Liberal Arts studies.  So instead of wasting not only Amazon's money, BUT THEIR YOUTH AND TIME on a worthless degree, they will instead be MUCH MORE LIKELY TO GET OUT OF THE WAREHOUSE WITH BETTER EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS.
3.  You don't have to work there.
4.  Don't you just LOVE her sense of entitlement?  Which leads me to ...
5.  Don't you big corporations know that no good deed goes unpunished and placating your enemies does not turn them into friends?  Just ask BP and Exxon how their how CSR "green" thing is going. 

Alas, perhaps Mr. Bezos could buy  Ms. Jaffe a copy of "Worthless?"  No doubt she went to "J school" because she couldn't handle calculus and was afraid of an academic discipline that required rigor..errr...I mean "she wanted to change the world."

Boy, Indoctrination Sure Starts Early

You know how in true intellectual honesty I worry time to time that the advice we give young boys may no longer be pertinent?  That girls have changed since we were boys and that our advice today may actually hurt them?

Then I see this and realize today boys need the Manosphere more than ever.

You poor, young boys are going to war whether you like it or not.  And sadly at the age of 8.  God I hope they play with frogs and turtles for a long time in childhood ignorant bliss.


Good Thing Guns Were Banned

at the movie theater according to Colorado law.

Otherwise some crazy person might have come in and shot the place up!  But thankfully some really intelligent people with liberal arts degrees, no real world experience, and a lot of their parent's money ran for public office in Colorado and enacted legislation that would prevent people from carrying guns into theaters.

Sinfest Prediction

I don't know if any of you have been keeping up with Sinfest (which is now the second best web comic next to "Least I Could Do,") but he's taken a really femmy approach recently.

Or has "he?"

I will go out on a limb here and predict he's let a girl write the past 2 months of comics and has simply illustrated them.  The change is too abrupt, too quick, and frankly, has gone against his historical style. 

Love ya Tatsuya baby!  Keep up the feminist line!  Soon "Control Alt D" will become #2 (remember that comic...until he got all sappy with the child and marriage thing?  Oh yeah, that's right, I don't.  I stopped reading after the child and marriage thing along with pretty much every one guy that was his fan base).

Oh, and didn't "Scrubs" end shortly after it got all femmy?

Bah!  What does the "market" know!?  Men will just eat whatever garbage we feed them.

Swear to god the Manosphere is about the only cove out there for men.  Thankfully it's growing.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Peter Schiff and Craig Kamman Walk Into a Bar...

Not to put Mr. Kamman on par with Peter Schiff, but does anybody in the real estate world of economists consider property taxes or am I the only one?

The recovery in housing prices and the housing market (if you can even call it that-"recovery" i mean) is going to be moot unless people are allowed to own said houses without a punishing tax bill at the end.  Currently I am renting out a place for 200% the property taxes on my old place back in Minneapolis.  In short I pay only twice what my property taxes were per month to rent out a similar size swelling.  ie- I believe landlords are subsidizing renters (for a whole host of reasons I don't care to explain now).  So tell me, if you pay to own an asset every year, is that really an asset?  Or is it a liability?

Because I'm no economic genius (well, actually, I am, and a good looking one to boot), but unless the rents you generate exceed the cash flows you're paying out OR the money you'd save on renting is more than the property taxes you pay, then that piece of land with a structure on top of it is NOT an asset, it's a liability.  ie- homeowners are really nothing more than voluntary donors to the local and state governments.

I guess my larger point is that unless there are some laws passed that will limit how much local governments can extort from property owners, in the end I doubt ANY property in the US will have ANY value...a dream most marxists and communists would love.

Oh well, you voted for these communist f*cks.

Enjoy the decline!

Beartooth Video

Distancing Capitalism from the US

An important, but short, point to make.

Given how Europe's economy is failing and our economy is failing, it is important to highlight not just how far these economies have deviated from capitalism, but have essentially embraced full blow socialism.  Not just so when these economies DO inevitably collapse we can point out,

"Hey, look, see here?  Nationalized healthcare, 40% corporate taxes, progressive tax system, bailing out failing companies?  Yeah, that's not capitalism."

it's so when the idiotic children (and by "children" I mean people of all ages who are too lazy to study budgets and look up the occasional statistic on the internet because they're infected with ego investment) in a fully anticipated move blame it on "capitalism maaaaaan!"

So two little tidbits:

1.  No economy where government spending accounts for 40% of GDP can be considered "captialist."
2.  When 70% of said spending is spent on social programs (social pensions, health care, education, salaries for worthless non-profits who never solve anything), again, that economy cannot be considered "capitalist."

I now await for a socialist to explain how the US is capitalist.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beartooth Pass Rally

So I headed out to a section of the Shoshone National Forest which is just north of Yellowstone National Park.  I was informed this had great motorcycling roads and I would enjoy the ride.  I had the additional benefit of having to transverse the Big Horn mountians via Hwy 14 which provides some nice views of "Shell Canyon."

My informant, however, failed to tell me that there was a motorcycle rally going on today, and so I was stuck behind no limit of aging, mid-life crisis gray hairs who thought it "cool" to grab Ma, buy a Harley trike, and drive REALLY SLOW through the world's best curve roads, denying me and about 2,000 younger and much more skilled motorcyclists the opportunity to enjoy said curves.  Not that I have an opinion about old farts with matching helmets that should never be allowed to buy a trike in the first place and something or other about really cheap and poorly kept nursing homes.

Anyway, here are the photos.  I hope you learn to enjoy the decline as much as I have.