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Why We All Can't Work for "Non-Profits"

A nice Monday morning rant for all of you'se guyz

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Arguing Past Their Narrative

If you are like me, you don't like to waste time.  Not only because you don't like to "waste your time" in a classical sense, but you also likely had the epiphany you are going to die and any precious moment in your life that is wasted either not entertaining you or serving you in some longer term capacity is in an economic sense tolerating partial suicide. 

To that end you've likely made some (very important) changes in life that have not only saved you time, but led to a happier and more content life.
  • You no longer tolerate a commute insisting on working from home or living next to work.
  • You stopped watching TV realizing no amount of mindless sitcoms will replace one quality  conversation with your loving, but ailing grandfather.
  • Or you have given up on MSM, instead reading alternative media, or perhaps giving up on media altogether knowing you won't change this batshit insane world. 
Whatever it is, you've realized your life is too short to waste on things that either don't matter or things you can't do anything about, and have instead opted to spend that time on things that actually matter in life and will make you happy.

And debating with leftists  (and politics in general) should be one such thing you also strike from the list.

It took me a while to realize this, but after nearly 15 years of providing undeniable economic and empirical proof socialism just plain doesn't work and that free markets provides a morally and empirically superior society and economy, ONLY to have every single leftist I was trying to convince dismiss it with some weak or cowardly form of flawed logic ("well, perception is reality" was my favorite), it dawned on me I was not reasoning or arguing with intellectually honest or rational humans.

Quite the contrary.

It was like 1981 where I was arguing with my teachers I had in parochial school.

They were ideologues.
The were zealots.
They were cultists and fanatics.

No amount of fact, truth, reason, logic, or empiricism was going to convince them.  And that the key to "winning" the debate was not found in economics, history, or facts, but through psychology, emotion, mockery, and insult.  And even then, most would still adhere to their false religion, rendering all my efforts wasted, and thus a "partial suicide" of my infinitely more important life.

So I made a change.  I no longer debated economics or threw up charts.  I no longer tried to reason with people on the left.  And I rarely bothered ever pulling data.  I hopped on my motorcycle, went riding, climbed mountains, hiked national parks, went dancing, drank, fucked pretty girls, panned for gold, ate sushi, lived life, and if I EVER got into it with leftists I immediately went emotional and personal.  Mocking and ridiculing them, pointing out their degrees were worthless, agitating feminists that they were ugly, telling single moms their market value's been halved, and other arguments/tactics I would have largely regarded as "sophomoric" or "beneath me" all of 5 years ago, but now realized these are their "modern day equivalent weapons" by which they fight, and are the only tactics that they're aware of and affect them.

However, (though it feels good) merely agitating them and angering them about their reality of life does nothing to "win" the war many of you are still trying to wage against them.  And while I don't expect many conservatives or libertarians to just give up the fight, get vasectomies, tell their boss to shove it, go Lester Burnham on life, and join me on my next motorcycle trek out west, I do know for those of you insist on staying in the fight need to change your tactics because it is not working, will never work, and not only will you lose the war, but your children (if you foolishly decided to bring some into this world) are going to pay the price.  Thus, the importance of "arguing through their narrative."

Understand one simple thing about "socialism" "leftism" "liberalism" "communism" or whatever you want to call it.

It is nothing more than the lazy of society demanding the hard working and industrious be their slaves.

It is NOTHING more complicated than the parasites of society demanding the producers support and pay for them.

I don't care how many pages "Das Kapital" is.
I don't care how many millions of hours the thousands of liberal arts professors lecture.
And I don't care how many trillions of words they and the MSM write in journals or "research studies."

In the end, when you boil it down, ALL leftism is is a group of lazy people who don't want to work for a living and want to live off of other people. 

That's it. 
That's all. 

That one sentence summarizes the libraries worth of socialist literature throughout all of history

Socialism is parasitism.

Naturally this stance (parasitism) is untenable and indefensible.  NOBODY is willing to be the host in this relationship, and no-would-be-parasite's ego is willing to admit they are a parasite.

Thus, the majority, if not, all of the effort put forth by the left is NOT merely taking other people's money, but coming up with reasons, rationalization, and excuses to steal other people's money.  And you see it in nearly all of their arguments/political platforms:

I'm discriminated against by white males because I'm _____________.
We don't spend enough on education
We don't spend enough on health care
We don't spend enough on the poor/Social Justice
College isn't all about the money
War on women (glass ceiling, rape culture, wage gap)
Corporations/the rich control everything
We need to tax producing countries to stop global warming

I could go on, but all of the arguments above, ALL OF THEM, no matter how "noble sounding" serve only one purpose and one purpose only - to transfer money from the producers of society to the parasites.

"We need more money for education for the children" when translated DIRECTLY into English should read:

"A bunch of us lazy people who decided at 17 we didn't want to work hard so we chose "education" as our majors want the rest of you hard working people to pay for our cake and 9 months a year cushy jobs.  And if you don't then we're going to claim you hate children because we don't want you to even think about just what parasites we are."

When you hear "College isn't all about the money" you should translate that DIRECTLY into English to read:

"We are a bunch of worthless parasites who don't want to work real jobs and found government academia to be a place where we are overpaid professors, who are simply paid to indoctrinate your children to simply vote the parasite class more money while charging $400 per credit for tuition and $400 for our book that is constantly underrevision so used books can never be used again."

And when you hear "I need money because I'm discriminated against because I'm (fill in your choice de jour)

gay, (or the newest victim fad)

that should translate directly into English to read:

"I'm a coward and am going to hide behind a trait I was born with to claim I'm a victim because claiming to be a victim will get me additional funds and special treatment throughout my life at the expense of others.  I will also be doubly cowardly and disingenuous claiming anybody who dares to suggest my personal decisions resulted in my status in life is a rac/sex/misogyn/ist."

In short, nearly all of the left's argument is a spectacularly HUGE strawman that few conservatives and libertarians realize is one.   And if they fail to realize it's a strawman, their efforts are misdirected and no progress is made on winning the debate.

Once a leftist claims they need your money because "you can't spend enough on our children" conservatives and libertarians foolishly think that is their argument!  And off they go, rushing to pull data that shows more money on education doesn't equal better schools.

Or when a feminist claims "rape" is an epidemic on college campuses, again, conservatives and libertarians think THAT is their argument.  And once again, foolishly rush off to pull the factual data that college women are raped at rates less than the general population.

And heaven help you if you're accused of racism or sexism or any other "ism."  Again, soooo predictably, the conservative or libertarian will scramble to prove they are NOT a racist or sexist, completely abandoning the original argument, and now debating a completely new and irrelevant one.

The reality is they just want your money, and will stop any no dirty trick or lie to get it.

"You can't spend enough on our children" is "give us teachers more of your money."

"Rape is an epidemic" is "we women's studies professors can't find jobs and need government grant money.  Give us some because we don't want to get real jobs and we don't care how many young men's lives we ruin with false rape claims."

And "Give me more money because you discriminate against me" is "I'm the true bigot and have no problem falsely blaming people of your sex and skin color for oppressing me because not only will it get me more of your money, but it will assuage me of any personal responsibility that my shitty life is the result of my own horrendously stupid decisions."

To quote Charles Grodin from "Midnight Run"

"It's all about the fucking money!"

Alas, this presents conservatives and libertarians who want to "win this war" a choice.  You can keep arguing against the false premises even the left doesn't believe in or start arguing against their true motives and incentives.  This is easier said than done because the left (and its accompanying entities of the government, academia, and the media) is so hardwired to play victim that any direct accusation will IMMEDIATELY result in accusations of you being an "ist" AND attempts to dox you, ruin your career, and ruin your name.  So just imagine a single, black mother of 5 with 4 different fathers starts blaming ("that ole classic") "White Males Keep On Oppressing Me" and you publicly come out saying,

"No you stupid slut, it's not white males.  It's because you can't keep it in your pants or go on birth control.  And it is you who is the racist and sexist blaming white males for your incomprehensibly stupid decisions."

If you did that, nearly every brainwashed, sheeple facet of society (and conscious leftist agent in the government, media, and academia) would post what you said on the internet, misquote you, and misconstrue your words to the best of their ability to paint you as a bigot, racist, blah blah blah.  And whatever career you may have once had is now gone because you are forever "googleable" henceforth.

And THAT is the real reason your hands are tied.

I can be flippant about this because in an ironic sense that is how I make my living.  If I could summarize my business model, I sell the truth which has been so villainized by the left that it is effectively an outlawed drug.  This not only makes truth a rare commodity, but I can charge a premium for it.  The only price is I have to endure is that I will never have a "normal" life again (you know the one with a cubicle career, commute, taxes, a mortgage, children I can't afford, and divorce).

Most republicans, conservatives, and non-conspriacy-theorist-liberatarians cannot afford this as they have kids, a mortgage, a career, etc., that would be ruined by arguing past the narrative and pointing out the emperor has no clothes.  But until that time comes, until the vast majority of conservatives and libertarians get the balls and courage to basically just say, "no, you're a parasite who wants other people's money and you're hiding like a coward behind children/your skin color/gender/etc to get it" we will all just be spinning our wheels responding to their red-herring arguments:

"No no, I'm for the children!  I just think we can spend the money better!"
"No no!  I'm not a racist!  See I have this sort of 1/8th black friend!"
"No no!  I don't hate women!  I just think more of them should major in STEM!"

In the meantime, those fortunate enough not to need "the system" will simply boil down leftists and make the only argument that matters:

"You're a bunch of cowards and parasites, and all you want is for me to be your slave to support you."

And no progress is going to be made until we all do the same.

Monday, June 22, 2015

About That Military Pension

A warning from our Naval Agent in the Field about aiming for that military pension:

I spent almost 8 years in the US Navy as an Avionics Electronics Technician (Navy
rate AT).  Basically I worked on all the electrical systems on aircraft. I spent my
first 4 years after basic training working on helicopters. I went on 4 deployments
in those 4 years. My last 3.5 years I worked at a test and evaluation base. There I
worked on all aircraft from helicopters to fighters.  After seeing the retirement
problems my supervisors were facing in those last 3.5 years, I decided to get out of
the military.  I was Honorably discharged in 2014, and have completed 1 year of
school towards a STEM degree in Electrical Engineering. 
In my last 3.5 years,  I watched as 7 sailors in my shop reached 16-17 years of
service in the military (my shop consisted of about 100 sailors through that time,
for reference). From this time frame they can sign the contract to enlist up to the
20 year mark. This as you know, guarantees a military pension. However, 5 of these 7
sailors were denied reenlistment through a program the Department of the Navy called
"Perform to Serve" (PTS). This program would take sailors reenlisting in rates(jobs)
that were over manned and evaluate them.  The military spending cuts of 2013 were in
full force and many were denied reenlistment.  They were given the option to either
change their job or be discharged and receive an involuntary severance package
(usually a monetary sum around $15,000).  Changing your job in the Navy requires a
paygrade drop approximately 95% of the time.  This can sometimes force a sailor out
of service simply because they have limits on how many years of service you can have
per rank and still stay in (called High Year Tenure).  Also, since your retirement
is based off your 3 highest years' pay, this loss of rank and pay often means the
retirement you were expecting to receive will be lowered as well.  A similar program
was also instituted about 15 years ago, under a different name.  The program back
then compared your service record against everyone else in the same rate(job) and
kicked out the lowest performing percent based on the government's needs. The new
system however, Perform to Serve, compared all people requesting to reenlist in over
manned jobs against all sailors who joined in the same year. For example, if I
joined in 2006, I was compared to everyone else who joined in 2006. This could be a
problem because if the Navy needed SEALS or Nuclear engineers badly in 2006, they
would offer incentives to people to join in those fields. So if in 2006 they had 30%
who were in these fields, then you would be automatically fall below these
non-expendable assets.  These 5 sailors who were denied to reenlist in their field
had good records.  3 had just come back from Individual Augmentee service (temporary
assignment working with the Army or Marines).  This always looks good on a Navy
record and often leads to an early promotion for sailors. The Perform to Serve
program was started in 2013 and is no longer in effect, but expect that it will be
implemented again when they need to cut military spending. 
I understand it is a financially intelligent decision to cut off those close to
retirement before you have to pay them for the rest of their lives.  It spells huge
savings for the government.  But it also sucks seeing guys who have spent 16 years
in the service get involuntarily separated.  So if your clients are looking to join
the military, I would advise them to go into the military as a non-expendable asset
(special forces) or in a field that easily translates to the civilian workforce.
(vehicle mechanic, welding, information technology, nuclear engineering,
Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions about Perform to Serve feel free
to email me.
He also provides a link here detailing what he is talking about above. 

Making Debt Payments Tax Deductible for IRA's & 401k's

The left and the right will rarely agree on anything in that their ideologies are simply and fundamentally diametrically opposed to one another.  The result is two parties that are trying to install their own version of "utopia" and we get a dysfunctional hybrid mix of both (eg. Obamacare).  Naturally, the people are not served best they could be, but every great once in a while there is an issue all people from all political stripes can agree upon as it would benefit everybody in the nation.

And I have happened upon one of these rare ideas.

Make any principal payments of debt (specifically on mortgages and student loans) qualify as legitimate contributions to people's IRA and 401k accounts.

The arguments for this are so simple and so compelling that I will be putting together a petition in that I truly believe all congressional members and President Obama would sign this into law.  However, my optimism no doubt will be rebuked by some naysayer in Washington or some mortgage banking industry lobbyist.  However, hear me out and tell me precisely how this could possibly fail, and if you agree, I would appreciate spreading the word as this will genuinely help the country.

First, it will provide an incentive to improve nearly everybody's personal finances.  As it stands right now Americans are woefully prepared for retirement and have horrible personal finances.  Paying down debts earlier and faster will only help to shore up their finances making it easier to squirrel away money for retirement at a sooner point of time in the future than if they just kept "borrow borrow borrow."

Second, if you look at nearly all the various asset classes that do qualify as a tax deductible investments for IRA's or 401k's, they provide very LOW AND POOR rates of return.  I am ignoring capital gains on this, as once again there are no such things as capital gains.  However, if you look at what type of interest rates bonds and savings accounts are paying today (0% when you adjust for inflation) and what kind of rate of return dividends are paying on stocks (2%, again, 0% when you adjust for inflation) you'll see these asset classes are so overvalued that there is no real rate of return (except for dem der "magical" capital gains).  However, there is a MUCH better rate of return when it comes to paying off your mortgage or student loans.  Both roughly average around 4%, twice the average of what nearly every other security is paying out there.

Third, it's risk free.  When you invest in a stock you could be investing in the next Enron.  When you invest in a bond, you could be investing in the next Greek oops, I mean US, oops I mean, Argentinian swindle.  However, since it is YOU who are the one that is at risk of not paying back the loan, there is no risk in you paying off your own debt early.  That rate of return is guaranteed not by the "full backing and faith of the US government," but rather the irrefutable laws of mathematics.

Finally, it's moral.  Businesses get to deduct R&D and construction expenses as a cost of doing business.  But today we ask young kids to load up on tens of thousands of dollars in debt just so they have the right to maybe apply to maybe be considered to maybe be contemplated to maybe be called into an interview to maybe...maybe, that is, get offered a job.  However, while young college students are merely doing what businesses do (building up a product - their skills - to sell to an employer/client) they do not get to deduct these crippling expenses from their taxes, while businesses do.  If there was any morality in the country (not to mention a desire to win the youth vote while not alienating conservative voters at the same time), allowing principal payments on tuition to be tax deductible would be on every upcoming presidential candidate's platform.

In short, all I am pointing out is that another asset class (paying down one's debt) should be added to:

mutual funds
ETF's, and

as a qualified tax-deductible contribution for people's IRA's and 401k's.

Admittedly, no asset would be purchased and thus "stored" in these retirement accounts for later, however, I contend providing the same tax treatment to such principal reduction payments will go a lot further in improving people's personal finances and helping them adequately prepare for retirement.

Please sign the petition here and please also forward this to others as we need 100,000 signatures and I truly believe this is such a no-brainer it will actually get implemented.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

If I Could Go Back In Time and Talk to My Younger Self

A review about Bachelor Pad Economics:

I graduated high school in 1973. I suspect Aaron Clarey was not around then :-) If I could pay $500,000 and mail a copy of this book back in time to myself, I would do so in a heartbeat. Growing up, I made just about every mistake decribed in the book except fathering a kid. I wasted years slaving away for uncaring scum employers who rewarded extra effort with insults. I spent man years wondering WTF was wrong with me, when my view of how the world really worked was wrong. I gave up on the corporate grind, started a business, and work a basic job for healthcare and extra money. My life is way better now. Buy this book or make all the life mistakes yourself. I beg you not to waste your one precious life in one of the many life traps of the modern world.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ayn Rand for the $10 Bill

You can sign the petition here

Dylann "Reddit" Roof

Turns out Dylann Roof was an active member and contributor to Reddit.  Not that that means anything or somehow means Reddit is a "bad" thing.  But it does provide an additional little bit of evidence to a theory I've been unintentionally developing over time - that various discussion forums and social media outlets are serving not just as safe havens, but accelerants to cultists and psychopaths to form.

Imagine back in the day you were just your ordinary psychopath.  You were a loser, a loner, and aside from your job that barely kept you alive, you had no social circles.  But with the internet, and especially forums like reddit, you can actually find "like minded people" who only serve to confirm and validate your bias/psychosis. 

Sadly, as Davis Aurini pointed out, this means discussion boards or forums that once hosted new and advancing philosophical thought are taken over and democratized by its more radical elements (who are typically unemployed and have time during the day to obsess over these topics), driving people away and out of the forums.  The founders leave as cultists glom onto, and then overtake the "uniting principles" of the board, co-opting them for their own personal agendas and validation, rendering the discussion board nothing more than a bunch of extremists and cultists commiserating in each others misery.

Again, this isn't to say scouring Reddit forums is going to find the next serial killer, but if you were to ask me and I was in charge of the FBI I would be looking for two things;

1.  Discussion boards where
2. The majority of posts are made during the day as it indicates the participants have no job and no life, leaving them looking for agency and purpose, likely in the harm and destruction of other people.

California vs. Saudi Arabia

Remember when America "just did it?".

Neither do I.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Worthless Degree Awareness Month Continues!

You warn people about the risk of STD's.
You caution your children about the dangers of smoking.
But do you warn loved ones about the perils of worthless degrees?

Spread the good word!  June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month!  Help "raise awareness," but unlike most movements that "raise awareness" this one will actually help!

Maximum Freedom, Maximum Responsibility

It is with understandable frustration that Roosh recently wrote this post on his site claiming that people do not deserve the freedom they've been given.  And when you compare what western civilization has become against the 4,000 years of intelligence, independent thought, sacrifice, war, morality, and altruism our forefathers  paid/thought/endured/suffered to make such freedoms possible, you can understand his point.

Pajama boys of modern day America demanding an increasing state compared to the WWII soldiers who fought against a forever growing state.

Girls obsessed with taking selfies when Galileo was ostracized for daring to insist the Earth orbited the sun.

And the years of precious and finite life the likes of Edison, Ford, Saulk, Bourlaug, the Wright Brothers, etc. sacrificed all so a generation of navel-gazers could concoct reasons of how they were oppressed and cheer on the "bravery" of Bruce Jenner.

It is no doubt sickening how the sacrifices and prices paid by generations past have resulted in the most spoiled and worthless generations of the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials of today.  However, while Roosh's logic is sound, and his visceral disgust with humanity 100% valid, his argument against freedom for people is flawed.  Not by any fault of his own, but by the faults inherent in democracy and the society we live in today.

Understand that previous to democracy and even modern day civilizations, there were automatic punishments built into the world that people would pay should they make stupid decisions.

Did you poke a saber tooth tiger with a stick?
Did you spook a herd of mammoth into stampeding the village?
Did you eat berries that you saw no other animal eat?

If you did any one of these stupid things, you would die and your stupid genes along with it.

However, even within civilization stupid decisions were punished.

Did you breed without being married, thereby forcing the tribe or village to support your mistake?
Did you parasite off of society insisting on being a talentless bard instead of an industrious farmer?
Did you commit crimes, stealing from people precious food and items that were in short supply?

Well at best you'd be ostracized, and at worst, you'd be killed.  Again, taking your inferior genes and decision making ability out of the gene pool.

The point is that yes, you had the personal freedom to do many things.  But neither society nor nature was going to protect you from the costs and consequences of making bad decisions.  In other words, yes you had maximum, 100% freedom, but you also had maximum, 100% responsibility.

Enter democracy.

Through trial and error, 4,000 years of war, and a little philosophy along the way, government has evolved to its most advanced state - "democracy." And while it certainly has some benefits, the primary drawback of democracy is that it gives people the right to vote to enslave and live off of others. 

This not only gives rise to politicians who simply run on a platform of wealth redistribution, but also one that bails out the stupid at the expense of the smart.  And so now, today, 70% of the state, local, and federal budgets are NOT spent on public goods that benefit all, but are nothing more than TARP-like bailout programs, bailing people out of their spectacularly stupid mistakes.

Did you breed more children than you could afford?
That's alright, Roissy will pay for it with more taxes.

Did you major in a stupid subject, borrowing $120,000 in student loans which you can never hope to pay back?
That's alright, Roosh will pay for it with more taxes.

Did you fail to save for retirement because you were too busy partying in the 1960's, smoking pot, telling your WWII generation parents they were "squares?"
Don't worry, Rollo's got you cover with extra taxes to bail you out.

In other words, we aren't so much giving people money for bribery for votes (though that is true) as much as we are inoculating and shielding them from the full cost and consequences of their mistakes.  And that is why people don't deserve the freedom they've been given.  Not because they don't inherently deserve maximum freedom, but because they've never suffered or endured the negative reinforcement lessons that life teaches you.

The argument then, for limiting people's freedoms is compelling.  For a society incapable of learning through negative reinforcement and fatherly love will suffer and ultimately destroy itself in three major ways.

One, nobody will ever grow up to become competent, self-supporting adults.  They will forever remain post-pubescent children.  This is no more apparent than the laughing stock that is known as Millennial College Students.  Yes, some are self-supporting.  Yes, some will become contributing adults in society.  But never has there been a higher percentage of not only fully-dependent pariahs, but equally psychotic ones as well.  They are not obsessed about accruing enough in savings to retire successfully, as much as they are beating themselves up over their "white privilege."  They are not concerned about attracting the opposite sex as much as they are blaming them for all the ails in the world.  And they are not concerned about the $18 trillion in debt they voted to enslave themselves into (most of them don't even know what a trillion is), as much as they are "going green" and their "carbon footprint."  In other words these are completely dysfunctional and worthless people to society who will come nowhere near to producing the economic production necessary to support themselves and will become an ever bigger financial burden on society than the baby boomers.

Two, constantly bailing out people from their mistakes prevents the economy and society from purging the cancerous humans from our institutions and engines of economic growth.  Nearly every banker scum bag who had a hand in creating the financial disaster is still employed in their same capacity.  Nearly every college student today will be bailed out of their by a soothe-saying politician either directly or by creating make-work programs that only further tax society.  And it is my humble estimation that the next generation of children to be raised by single moms will be the final straw that breaks the economy's back as government checks may put food on the table, but they do not raise strong, independent, law-abiding, economic-powerhousing men. 

Banksters will still be crippling out financial system.
Liberal arts majors will still be parasiting off of the non-profit, academia, public sector world.
And the quality of children will NOT be improving, but rather worsening, providing no hope for a future recovery.

And finally, three, demographics.

Sorry, the fact of the matter is that stupid people breed.  And my further apologies by pointing out the additional truth that stupid people tend to breed stupid people.  Idiocracy is not a work of fiction, but a documentary. 

How did this come to be?

Well, democracy, once again, allows us to bail out all the stupid people who made the most idiotic mistake they can make - breeding kids they can't afford.  Of course this taxes the smarter, more responsible people who would have other wise had children (should society be more merocratic), which further delays their breeding to the point they may never have kids.  And alas, since it's too impolite to force the losers of society to bear the full cost of the illegitimate children they spawned, they will not only fail to learn their lesson, but breed more, ensuring society has a critical mass of stupid people who simply are not capable of supporting society. 

However, while the consequences of letting people have unlimited freedom may mean the ultimate demise of the world's greatest society, it is not in letting people have freedom that is the problem.  It is in shielding them from the full costs of their mistakes.  It is preventing them from taking 100% responsibility for their actions where the problem lies.  And if we were to take action and enact policies that no longer bailed people out (be they bankers, liberal arts students, single moms, or public union pensioners), those natural laws of negative-reinforcement, punishment, and tough fatherly love would do the work for us, relieving us of the duty of "determining" which freedoms people should or should not have.

Of course, this is all very academic and fanciful, and equally so in both camps.

Roosh's theoretical advocation of rescinding the voting rights of unmarried parents would be equally lead-balloony as my advocation of the immediate elimination of all income transfers.  Not only is the cat out of the bag (in the fact it is no longer property owners who can vote), but society is so stupid we would both likely be accused of being "bigots" and "haters," and ran out of town.  However, since this is all in "Shoulda Land" there is one more compelling reason humanity, no matter how long it is in the future, should never have their freedoms limited as opposed to their responsibilities fully enforced:

Who, precisely will determine what people are allowed what freedoms?

Sadly, the answer is the state, as it is only the state that can enforce such things.  And sadly the state is not only completely incapable of determining with reasonable morality and justice who should have what freedoms, but it is also highly corruptible with ideologues and politicians only too happy to oppress and destroy those citizens who disagree with them, further ensuring their own power.  In short, going the route of limiting people's freedoms is not only impossible, but it will only end in complete tyranny and totalitarianism. 

Ergo, the only answer in this mentally stimulating but completely theoretical debate is to enforce responsibility.

Did that aging dudebro-banker douche make $45 million in loans to his buddy who had no intention of paying him back?
Let the bank collapse and with it his career.

Did that single mom have another kid with yet another man that "all of the sudden became a real jerk" .0002 milliseconds after she gave birth with no signs whatsoever?
Too bad, there's the shelter and here's an adoption agency.

And did Madison McMillennial get her 3rd doctorate in Women Afro Cross-Sectionality Studies at that prestigious small liberal arts college in Massachusetts with $200,000 in debt?
Too bad, hope you know how to make Big Macs, serve coffee, and like Ramen noodles because that' is the rest of your life.

Alas, you don't need to "punish" people by taking away their freedoms.  You simply need to reintroduce the responsibility politicians have taken away from it over the past 50 years.  And trust me, bearing the full costs and consequences of the mistakes people have made in their lives, simply making them be fully-responsible adults will be an unbearable and insufferable punishment that nearly none of them would ever be able to endure.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Clarey and Hobbes

Visiting our Agent in the Field, Atham:

The Clarey Podcast #98

The Grand Canyon was Fogged Over
Software Nerds Can Leave Well Enough Alone
YouTube Thought Police
Female Prison Guards falling in Wuv
I'm Done With "Stupid Young Girl Does Stupid Thing in College" News

and MORE

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

YouTube Reinstates the "Inferior vs. Superior Humans" Video

I don't know what you guys did, but the Inferior vs. Superior Humans video is back up and for public consumption.  Originally YouTube had taken it down citing it as "hate speech" when in reality it was quite the opposite.  I was going to contest the decision when I got back from vacation, but it seems enough of you gave them an earful they re-published it.  However, I don't know if I am still on their "Double Secret Probation" list where I can't upload videos in excess of 15 minutes.  If that is the case, you can find all 15+ minute videos on my Daily Motion channel (which at this time is only serving as a back up for Asshole Consulting clients as well as a contingency plan should YouTube ban my entire channel).

Regardless, thanks for sticking up for me.  I appreciate it as well as does the thousands of young men and women who come to my channel for the hurtful truth, instead of sweet, pretty lies.

Monday, June 15, 2015

But She Was in Wuuuuuuv!

Ah the benefits of:

Affirmative action
Ignoring the differences between men and women and
Putting politics and affirmative action ahead of the safety of the public

But it's OK.  A couple more people dead is a small price to pay so we can imagine women are the EXACT same as men.

Ahhhh, the Baby Boomers

How does half the people 55 and older not have anything saved for retirement? 

Seriously, it is stuff like this and the hubris by which this generation insisted on telling us "we know better" that not only makes me dismiss them, but angry they misled now nearly two entire generations down the wrong path because they frankly had not freaking clue what they were talking about.

On the up side, Asshole Consulting would have never been the success it is today without the Baby Boomers completely botching up the country, so maybe I should be grateful.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm Majoring in Beyonce

Worthless Degree Awareness month continues with this latest bout of stupidity.

Only to be outdone by this latest bout of stupidity.

Remember to inoculate your children or yourself against stupidity.  Buy Worthless.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Seniority Uber Ability

Ah, the benefits of a unionized education system.

Why MGTOW Is Unsalvageable

It is now a nearly daily event where I will get a comment on my YouTube channel from some naive late teen or early 20 something girl who parrots the simpleton and naive argument she was programmed to parrot:

"Feminism is just the equal treatment of men and women!"

Like all of you, I find it funny, but disheartening because in throwing her lot in with "feminists" or "feminism" she is associating herself with a movement that entails:

Menstrual knitting
Menstrual painter
Spitting on priests and Catholic men
False rape accusations

and a cornucopia of other outright insanity, hate, and genuine bigotry against men.

However, such a young girl can hardly be blamed.  Not only is she young and inexperienced, she's naive.  Additionally, feminism is sold to her as "simply" the equal treatment of men and women (while its darker hate-filled side is very often hidden).  So when presented with this proposition, that men and women should be treated equally, then who (male or female) would reject feminism?

The problem, however, is while young women may be predisposed to look at the self-proclaimed moral virtues of feminism, because of the internet young men see the uglier and truer side of feminism.  They see the slut walks.  They see the fact acceptance.  They see their dad's getting divorced.  They see their buddy's worrying about getting sperm-jacked or being falsely accused of rape.  And so when a young woman proudly (though cluelessly) claims she's a "feminist" you might as well proudly be telling a Jew your a Nazi.

And that same thing, I'm afraid, is happening to the term "MGTOW."

MGTOW in all of its original intent was as noble and just as feminism.  It was simply men choosing to leave the rat race of careerism, marriage, dating, etc. behind, and go live their one life on this planet as they saw fit.  They abandoned tradition, choosing to refuse the offer society currently left them on the table as a cost benefit analysis more often than not proved the old social contract just wasn't worth it anymore.

However, like all good ideas, especially ones that rebuke convention, it attracted not practitioners or genuinely independent men, but genuine social rejects and outcasts.  And soon within a couple of years a concept of individualism, freedom, and independent thought was turned into a religious cult that served more as a haven for cultists to commiserate with one another and hate on women.

This presented genuine MGTOW's a conundrum I'm sure many legitimate and original feminists faced;

Do you keep claiming to be a MGTOW/feminist when radicals, bigots, and losers take over movement and thus redefine the term?

Originally, I thought the percentage of cultists in the MGTOW community was a minority.  Just a bunch of loud nerds or unemployed losers who had all day to play a keyboard jockey, pontificating about the "religion" of MGTOW as if they were doctoral seminarians and academics.  But when I did a video to differentiate us real MGTOW's from the 17 year old who couldn't find a date to prom, I realized soon they were both too loud and too high a percentage of the community.  MGTOW, no matter what its validity and benefits as an idea, was effectively hijacked by the cultists and their behavior would make it a four letter word.

Alas, I have come to the same conclusion the originator of the term MGTOW (Rob Fedders) came to.  The term MGTOW is not salvageable.  MGTOW today is about as manly as feminism is feminine.  It no longer represents strong, independent men who under their own intellectual volition decide to go out and strike out on their own way.  It is a bunch of self-proclaim internet professors who can only study and speculate about what real life MGTOW's are doing in the real world.

Are their real world MGTOW's out there, real men, genuinely going their own way?  Yes, of course.  But they're too busy actually being MGTOW to write about it, let alone care if they're labelled "MGTOW."

Ergo, it's up to every man out there which they'd rather be.

A practitioner with no label:

Or a theoretician "Level 53F" MGTOW:

The choice is up to you.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Zion National Park - The Narrows

Just sending all the lieutenants and economists some post cards from my adventures!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Cappy's Adventures Out West!

Pics from Mt. Charleston and Snow Canyon Utah.

Remember, work hard, pay taxes, borrow gobs of debt, and buy mcmansions.

Jobs In the Liberal Arts for Women

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Job Posting for Academic Composition

We appreciate all of the inquiries we've received regarding academic
writing. However, the Spring Semester has just ended and the Summer
semester will be starting in a couple of weeks. Therefore, most of our
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However, July is usually a very busy month and we'll need even more writers
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We apologize for our inability to provide opportunities for some of the
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Anyone who is interested in writing is more than welcome to expedite their
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You may either collect compensation for your efforts or receive access to
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We will provide you with the advertisement material and the full
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Contact us at for further details

Aleksey Bashtavenko
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Owner & Principal Writer
(540) 300-1253

Why Men Must Become Cary Grant

My latest piece at ROK about living life to ensure all your critics are liars.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Adventure Break

Howdy all, going to be on a "Very Cappy Western Adventure" for the next couple of days.  Not a ton of posts will be forth coming.  In the meantime feel free to click on the links to the left for the podcast archive and YouTube channel.  Cappy will retirn...unless he's eaten by a mountain lion...then he won't be returning.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

New Addition to Blog Roll - Andy Hoffman

Andy does work for Miles Franklin.  Yes
Miles Franklin sponsors the show and wants you to buy their stuff.  Yes.
But all that aside Andy does write a great blog and has more insight and a finger on the pulse of the global economy, especially when it comes to currencies and precious metals.

You may also want to sift through Kerry Lutz's archive where he interviews Andy and make yourself a little bit smarter than you were before.  Incredible interviewee and speaks very competently.  You can learn more from just one interview with Andy than an entire college class in modern day academia.

Communists Hate America, They Hate You, and They Hate the Family

A classic that I think new readers (and old) need to review.

Episode #97 of The Clarey Podcast is Out!

Don't drink or smoke when climbing mountains
The John Chism Theme Song
David Niven drops in for a spell
Why you don't want to be an investment banker
"Transabled" shows the left DOES indeed have a mental problem
Roosh and how beauty is ideology
Fan mail

AND MORE, in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Link to Tony DeMarco's music:

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Bonus Debrief

Some late night listening pleasure for you guys at DT and the Man have a bonus debrief!

"I'm Majoring in Selfies"

For the Patron Saints Name of Frick.

Only idiots (and there are many of them) would defend modern day American colleges.

School is No Longer Conducive to Human Biology

A funny exercise I like to run your average endebted American through is the nearly impossible time-line the American labor market forces on its employees in terms of education vs. retirement.

You are supposed to:

Go to k-12 from the ages of 5-18, then...

Attend college from the ages of 18-22, but...

Today's modern economy demands some form of progressive credentialism, so a bachelors degree no longer cuts it.  So you need at LEAST two more years of schooling or certification...22-24, however...

Even with all that education, the labor market is flooded with poorly-financial-planning baby boomers who can't retire and millions of other recent college graduates desperate for work, so you work crappy, low paying jobs "earning your stripes" and "proving yourself" doing work you could have done at the age of 13.  You never make any real money to significantly pay down your student loans, so at least 5 more years wandering in this job-desert before your now-2 decades of education *might* be put to work...24-29, STILL...

You're an American!  You gotta keep up with the Jonses!  And not just in housing, but cars, McMansions and other crap you don't need can't afford.  So you sign away your life on a 30 year mortgage...29-59.

Did you promise your kid's you'd pay for their equally worthless Masters in Puppetry Degree, taking out a home equity line to pay for it?...59-64

And so NOW, at the age of 64 you decide it's time to "get serious" about retirement planning, except, OOPS!  That's right, the patently INSANE demands of the labor market in terms of education and certification (combined with vanity-induced debts) make it nearly impossible for you to ever successfully and mathematically retire. 

But whereas this fun little exercise is one of finance and investing, there's another ENTIRELY different aspect of life that is now quickly being made impossible by progressive credentialism and arrogantly-demanding employers - human biology.

You see, for the human race to continue on, we need to breed.  And in order to breed successfully, mothers and fathers need to be earning the resources necessary to raise and support children DURING THEIR MOST FERTILE YEARS.  Biologically speaking, this means anytime from puberty (12/13) to the late 30's (for women).  However, while biology says we "can" start breeding at 13, society through historical trial and error has developed the wisdom to know that you shouldn't.  And so now we wait until we're at least 18.

This "optimal age" for breeding was at its pinnacle during those (hated and evil) 40's and 50's.  Young men and women would graduate from high school, land a job here or there, and within a few short years of dating and courting, start marrying and having children while still thoroughly ensconced in their 20's.  Women were optimally healthy to be birthing children.  Men strong enough to toil at the factory.  And both young enough to have the energy needed to tend to the children on very little sleep.

But keep in mind this was possible because a young men and women could graduate from high school and find gainful employment.  And not just gainful employment, but enough employment that you could raise a family on just one person's income (albeit a tight budget).

Still, the point is that the educational system and the labor market adhered to this biological reality.  You would not only be educated adequately to perform a job, but there were jobs available (and high paid enough) that you could go and support a family while in your most fertile years.

But today a similar clash between education and biology is forming as is the clash between education and retirement.  Employers and the labor market are demanding more and more education, to the point it's starting to "push out" the ability to have families.

Simply look at the similar demands mentioned above in terms of family planning:

K-12 is spent learning how to hate capitalism and white males instead of learning skills.

Since you didn't learn anything of employable value in K-12, you need to learn it all over again in college, (plus women are heavily lobbied to eschew families and husbands).

But today you don't graduate when you're 22.  It's more like 23 or 24 after your "studying abroad," taking a year off to "find yourself," or heck, just taking a year off so you can afford the next year of tuition.

So you do your obligatory 2 additional years of getting a masters or certifications (because no employer will touch you otherwise) and you're finally deemed "employable" by our employer overlords at the not-so-young age of 26.

Of course, keep in mind just because you're employable doesn't mean you'll actually find a job.  Remember that labor market sucks for young people.  And you've likely accrued at least $40,000 in student loans.  So even if you're lucky and land that $38,000/year job with (giggity!) benefits, your average 26 year old man is having NO thoughts of marriage, let alone kids.  Which is alright, because nearly every woman in his age bracket is so obsessed about their careers they're deaf to the "tick tick tick" that biology is futilely screaming at them.

So everybody slaves away, slowing chipping away at their insurmountable student loans, and with pure, 110% corporate stooge dedication (and "continuing education" of course), and a 2 hour daily commute, our 20 something heroes finally pay off their student loans and earn enough now to consider, maybe, potentially starting a family.

Just one problem - they're all 34.

Now this is fine according to feminist math.  Which, if I understand correctly means, women will earn their doctorate at 28, completing a total of 23 years of schooling, all so they could work a whopping 6 years, before finding their future husband in the 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 day window that remains before their bone-dry eggs ensure an 83% chance their child has Down Syndrome.

But if you don't believe in "feminist math" (and most sane people don't) the reality is that it's more or less too late.  Demands for an absurd and unnecessary amount of education, combined with:

Usurious tuition rates
Crippling student loans
Anti-family propaganda, and
A lousy labor market

is quickly making it impossible to form and start families in the US.

But here is the rub.

What you have are two massive and unmovable forces heading towards each other.  Human biology on one hand and human socio-psychology and politics on the other.  Human biology is not going to change, and our economic and social structures we've created are not going to change either.  People will want to have families, but they're not going to because society, the labor market, academia, and American employers have made it financially and time-wise impossible to.  So there will be a lot of late marriages and a lot of sex, but a lot of birth control, and thus a lot of childless families.  The two massive forces will essentially neutralize each other out.  Our population will decline, but corporate America as well as Academia will have no new bodies to sell their wares to in the future.

Or won't they?

For you see, all of the above hinges on one important, but highly flawed premise.  That every person is responsible and will wait until they are financially sound enough to have kids and WON'T if they can't.

This, as we all well know, is simply not true.

For you see there is another group of people who do not wait until they pay off their student loans to start a family.  A group of people who don't bother breaking out an Excel spreadsheet to see if children are in the budget.  A group of people who just spread their legs or don't wear condoms "cause it feels good."  A group of people who don't bother worrying about whether they can support and afford their own children.

Government subsidized families.

By definition if you can't afford your children and take a government check, you are a government subsidized family.  You need other people's money to support your family because you (frankly) made a stupid mistake, didn't care about the best interests of...well...anyone, and have no moral qualms about being a parasite.  And it is this group of people that will continue to breed.

Alas, I'm no fortune teller (well, actually, yes I am), but if I had to put money on it I would say these are the makings of a culture that is hell-bent on becoming an "Idiocracy."

Which makes you wonder if it's even worth bringing children into this world at all.

Enjoy the decline!
If you wish to help the Captain make sure he can keep writing and never has to go back to working a banking job ever again, please consider purchasing something through his Amazon Affiliate account.  Besides which, he can't go back to the working world even if he wanted to.  Nobody would hire him as that's the price for writing the truth.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The "Gaia Democratic School" for Kids

This private cult "school" took 11-13 year olds to a sex shop for "sex ed."

Here is their web site.

Here is their facebook page (note the pictures of the teachers)

I don't have to editorialize.  The pictures tell all you need to know.  But it will be on my upcoming podcast which you can find here.

"I Can't Sleep" Linkage

Let vets use the GI bill to start businesses, not attend college.

People should not be allowed maximum freedom.  I disagree, and will respond later.

Baaaaah  Baaaaah!  Sheeeeeeple.  The SHEEEEEPLE!

Yep, "White privilege" is your main problem there.

AKA those who produce and those who merely serve what's being produced.

Vince Vaughan won't work any more.  But at least him and Corolla have their sanity.

Aurini does some DAMN FINE editing work.  The trailer for The Sarkeensian Effect is out.

Bernard Chapin tells his story which is not only entertaining and interesting, but very insightful as to what happens when a man who deals with drama, gets engaged, then divorced, gets older, and would rather read books of Russian history than date another 24 year old ditz.  It filled in a lot of gaps about Uncie Bern and I hope you listen to his newly launched podcast.

Monday, June 01, 2015

It's "Worthless Degree Awareness Month!"

I am happy to say that today marks the start of WORTHLESS DEGREE AWARENESS MONTH!

If you really want to help the "children" June is the month where we ramp up the "raising of awareness" of the financially crippling dangers of worthless degrees!  So since all those young adults are graduating from high school and about to go to college, June is the PERFECT month to have "the chat" with your kids about this very important topic.

And if you're a coward and never told your kid "no" but don't know how to broach the topic, buy them this book to do the job of parenting that you failed to do!

Society vs. The Individual - Part 2

I suggest reading part 1 here if you haven't already.

Be you 20, 30, 40 or 50, the point in time will come in your life where you will stop and realize,

"Hey, I've lived 40, 50, 60% of my life and I'm still not anywhere near where I thought I'd be."

This epiphany won't happen to every one, but for those of you who are intellectually honest and have the intelligence to realize AND APPRECIATE the fact you're finite, you WILL make this observation.  This is a good thing because it's simply true.

You are finite.
You are going to die.
You've likely already expended 65% of your life.
But your life hasn't gone the way it was "supposed to." 
So what do you do to ensure you don't piss away the remaining, precious 35%?

Unfortunately, answering this very vital and single most important question in your life won't be easy. 
For in answering this question you are going to have to pit the most important thing in your life (your remaining time on this planet) against the single largest and most-well-financed force on the planet.


You see, most people are indeed good people with good intentions.  They WANT to do go.  They WANT to succeed and therefore MOST people will do what "society tells them to do."  Unfortunately, as demonstrated in Part 1, we realize that society is NOT here to help the individual but to take advantage of the individual to advance society.  But, again, society and the institutions therein are SO effective at brainwashing people into thinking they're "doing the right thing," not only do they trick most people to sacrifice their finite lives for the "commune," they get people to become emotionally and psychological vested in these lies.

So be you,


you not only have to overcome DECADES of your own brainwashing, but face the inevitable backlash from society for daring to be an individual and doing (what is in their eyes) "wrong."

Alas, this task is herculean on two different levels.

First, the individual must make the most ARROGANT of assumptions and dare to let himself think that maybe, just maybe, ALL OF SOCIETY is wrong, and that s/he is right.  The statistics alone of one person being right while the remaining 300,000,000 citizens in the country are wrong prove the audacity one must have to think such a thought, but have we not see this multiple times before?

If it was 1998 and you were one of those "fools" that said there was a "tech bubble" you were an outcast, a pariah, an idiot who "just didn't understand the internet."  Sure enough the individual was proven right, and society wrong.

A short 8 years later and the same idiot sheeple masses fell for the same damn trick again.  Except instead of tech stocks, it was housing.  Again, if it was 2006 and you dared to suggest there was a housing bubble, you were an idiot, a moron, and a party-pooper raining on every late 20 something's McMansion house warming party that was purchased on an ARM.  But sure enough, society was wrong, and the individual was right.

And think of the pre-internet 20 something man in the dating world who was constantly told:

"Maybe you just attract the wrong type of woman?"
"Maybe you need to try a new fishing hole?"
"You need to become more sensitive to women's needs"

yet had the balls to stop and say,

"Wait a minute.  What if there's nothing wrong with me?  What if there's something systematically wrong with the way American girls are being raised?!  What if I'm perfectly fine and these girls are all batshit insane?"

Imagine the arrogance and gall it took WITHOUT THE CORROBORATING EVIDENCE WE HAVE TODAY ON THE INTERNET to believe in such a statement.  But yet once again, the individual is right and society is wrong.

We could go on, but you get the point.  In order to live your life for yourself and not society, you need to have the balls and the courage to dare to think that you on your little lonesome may be right, while the rest of society is wrong.  It goes against, "conventional wisdom."  It's the epitome of hubris and arrogance.  But it is the only logical conclusion you're left with when you've "done what society told you" and have nothing to show for it.

The second herculean task is unfortunately impossible to complete.  For it's more of a new "status" you get to endure rather than a simple finite chore that can be completed in a couple of minutes.  And that is society is going to hate you.  And hate you on multiple levels. 

The immediate hate you're going to receive is that you will be viewed as a borderline criminal.  You no longer believe in "conventional wisdom" and therefore aren't breaking any codified laws, but are breaking many social norms and morays.  Friends will leave you.  Family will lecture you.  And you'll likely never have a stable career.  You aren't OBEYING, you aren't CONFORMING.  You're "not a team player" and have "anger management issues."  It isn't that you're personally assailing or assaulting these people, it's that you are directly triggering their "tribal survival instincts" and at a subconscious level are indirectly threatening their livelihood.  Alas, you will just "rub people the wrong way" because you insist on being a genuine individual.

The second wave of hate you'll receive is that you'll be viewed as arrogant, cocky, holier-than-thou.  Again, you won't be lifting a finger to hurt or harm any one, you'll just be living a life that is based in reality.  And after you do that for a while you'll start to do better than your peers.  You'll date more women/men.  You'll make more money working less hours.  You'll enjoy more hobbies and have better mental health.  You'll have a better family life with children who actually love you.  The high-powered-corporate couple, who are on the verge of divorce, have everything leveraged to the hilt, and can barely afford the nanny for their children they really don't love will secretly envy you as you hop on your motorcycle for a two week American west roadtrip replete with reading books, fishing, and hiking.

And the final (and most visceral) form of hate will result from you essentially making others question their own lives.  In living your life based in reality and not what society wants, you are empirical evidence, a mirror that forces people to wonder if they haven't pissed away their own lives.  Some people respond positively to this, going down the path of independent-mindedness, salvaging what remains of their lives.  But most will merely see red and hate you.

The reason is sad.

Deep down inside these people KNOW they are too lazy to do what is necessary to live a truly enjoyable and accomplished life.  And instead of putting forth the mental and physical effort, they choose instead to believe the lies told to them by society.  However, without any real, genuine accomplishment in life, all they have is the lies they believe. 

"I have my MASTERS DEGREE!  I'm SMART!!!"
"I'm a VEGAN!!!  I'm MORAL!"
"I'm a (fill in victim class here) _______!!!  I'm ENTITLED!!!"
"I'm a feminist!!!  I'm EMPOWERED!!!!"
"I'm a MGTOW!!!  I don't NEED WOMEN!!!"

So when you come along and prove that their false gods and their false religions are just that, you are an unintentional megaphone screaming into their ears that they are wasting their lives, have no value to society, but above all else, are cowards who'd rather live lies than live life. 

Naturally, you can predict their response. 

Name calling (racist, bigot, homophobe, sexist,  misogynist, etc.), feigned indigence, accusations of oppression, death threats, and let's not forget good old fashioned "the world getting its tits in the sling."

But the fact they resort to these methods of "debate" only proves you're right and they're wrong.

Regardless, if you're willing to do these two things (dare to think you are right and society is wrong, AND endure the guaranteed backlash and hatred that will ensue), going down this path in the long run is worth it.  And the reasons are three.

1.  You won't waste your life. 

I don't know how many leftists and other lie-livers are going to be on their death beds wondering and regretting the one shot in life and consciousness this universe gave them. 

Could that MGTOW have hit weights and not died a virgin?
Could that feminist tried her hand at STEM and not lived on EBT and government grants?
Could that inner city kid left the ghetto and become the next Ben Carson?
Could you have been a stay at home dad and spend time with your children instead of at the office?

Probably, but that's not our concern. 

When we die there will be no regrets.  We'll be comfortable with dying because we lived.  We didn't sit there and mope, whine and complain, and blame all of our problems on other people.  We went out there, got our asses kicked, but kicked even more ass in the process.  And in the end we didn't waste second of our lives.  They weren't ordinary lives.  They weren't lives lived by "what we were told to do."  They were unique lives, filled with the successes and mistakes that were 100% owned and defined by us.  And that's an experience no liberal arts-majoring hipster, professional victim, SJW, feminist type will ever experience.

2.  Sanity

I don't care how much flak I get from how many millions of people.  In the end the life I lead right now is INFINITELY better than what I was living before simply because it makes sense.  It's logical.  It all adds up. 

I don't sit awake at night wonder how to excel in my career or impress my boss.  I don't get frustrated wondering "what do women want and how can I give it to them?"  And I don't spend one calorie of energy worrying about encroaching socialism or the future of western civilization

I sat down, removed emotion, feelings, and desires from all of life's questions, and simply asked, "what is reality?  What is real."  And upon answering those questions, and accepting the empirical evidence as fact, knowing and living in the real world provides more stability and sanity than one where you "major in your heart and the money will follow" or "maybe you just attract the wrong type of woman." 

Admittedly, a lot of people may not like you.  But the serenity and peace that comes with living in the real world is worth all the hate in the world.

3.  Progress

In living and basing your decisions in the real world, success is inevitable, even if accidental.  You're not throwing $75,000 on a "Creative Writing" degree you "hope" pays off.  You're accepting the reality that you should drop $10,000 on a welding program certification.  You're not going after the hottest babe at the night club, but meeting that solid B girl at the Beartooth rally who can clean her own carburetor.  And you're not believing that president Obama is going to provide for you forever, but you're going to take matters into your own hands, make sure you don't get somebody pregnant, and ensure you don't end up in the poorhouse.

You may not be living the life society promised you (if you "did what you were told"), but that life was never going to happen anyway.  And that's the reason the individual's life will always be better than the one society told you you could have. 

So the choice is really yours.  You can do what society tells you:

Get a worthless degree
Followed up by an MBA or masters
Further burdened with a mortgage and car loans
With children you can barely afford
Plus a spouse who is likely to divorce you
With two "power careers"
Replete with 2 hour commutes
Cubicle soul-destroying jobs
Children in day care who hate you


Do what you want:

A simple trade or skill
Frugal minimalist budget
A QUALITY spouse
With a focus on family, friends, and loved ones
Time with the children
Fishing trips out west
No debt
A reliable used car

But the truth is, this isn't an editorial.  There is a right and wrong answer.  The issue is whether you can give up caring what society "thinks" about you.

Again, Leftists Tend to Be Ugly

I've said it before, but now Roosh has said it again.  Leftists tend to be ugly.

"Marginally Employed"

The U6 unemployment rate is the total of:

Marginally employed
Part time employed
And people who are way more capable than of the job they're working at.

In short, the "under-employment rate."

I occasionally like to keep my eye on it to see how it's going, and shucks howdy, look at that!  It's FINALLY below it's previous high back in 1995!

Great work guys!

Now just remember.  Don't go asking about those nasty 40's and 50's when you could get a full time job right out of high school and that job would support you and a family.  Those were nasty, evil, racist, sexist times.