Sunday, June 30, 2013

When Hollywood Ran Out of Ideas

The chart is very telling and confirms what I intuitively knew was happening.

I do have an OUTSTANDING fiction book that I intend on writing and would make for a great movie (and no, I'm not just saying that, it would be an instant blockbuster), but it will have to wait for the day I am independently wealthy on economics and non-fiction books that I can afford the time to pursue such a leisurely pursuit.

Regardless, what Hollywood is suffering from is the precise, exact same thing government is suffering from -

talentless individuals.

I've cited this before, but worthless people with no intention, desire, work ethic, let alone, ability flood the government, public sector, non-profit, and (naturally) art world. 

Who declares a poli-sci major?

A lazy egomaniacal 17 year old.

Who declares a journalism major?

A lazy, but still egotistical, 17 year old.

And who declares a "film major?"

Again, an equally lazy, talentless 17 year old who doesn't like math.

Mark my words - in the future the TRUE masterpieces and blockbusters will come from people who did NOT study the arts, but rather studied life and lived it.  They will not be spoiled suburbanite brats whose parents paid for their hobby to major in "theater."  They will not be the adult-children whose parents made large donations to art museums to have their 45 year old child's crappy art put up in a display.  They will be the truck driver who had a lot of time on the road to think about (and pull from his personal experiences) a truly great work of art.  They will come from the security guard who has the time to ponder and hammer out a great plot.  They will come from the 80 hour a day workaholic who gets laid off and channels his/her energies towards some creative production.

It will never, and I mean, NEVER come from the hipster-infested coffee shops and cafes of conformists and intellectual weaklings who rely on government subsidy.

A Very Apt Review

Posting this because it hit me as a very accurate and insightful review:

Given the subject, I was expecting a bleak read, but Mr. Clarey presented a practical treatise on a topic many become Chicken Little-esque is discussing. The text doesn't read as a prepper's guide nor the Unabomber's Manifesto. It was written in a thoughtful and practical manner. The premise is: If one cannot change the system to which he is bound, then one should take advantage to ensure, as best possible, a favorable outcome for himself and his loved ones.

You can buy "Enjoy the Decline" here.

Why Black Men Can't Compete

Let's call him "Bill."

It wasn't his name, but I don't care to identify him and give him more grief than what he's already in for.

I met Bill watching over him while working a prisoner shift at a "place."

Over the course of these shifts we get to know the prisoners if they're the talkative types quite well.  And Bill was talkative.

He had himself a girlfriend.  Thought he was in love.  Until he came home one day and she was with another guy.  Bill went into a rage, thus leading to the opportunity for Bill and I to get acquainted.  Turns out this has happened before to Bill.  Not specifically that he came home and caught his girl cheating, but that women would date him for a while and then leave him for another man.

What was interesting, however, was that though Bill was no saint, he was no grandiose sinner either.  He was also quite personable, seemed sane, and after talking to him for 8 hours I got the impression it was unfortunate events like this that landed him in the slammer.  Theoretically, I wondered, if the first girl  hadn't done this to him years back, would he have gone down this path and would we have ever become acquainted?  Regardless, I could not see why this guy would have girls leave him for other men so regularly.

One other thing about Bill, he was black.

Now before we let the brainwashing the socialist public schools, media and society have forced on us to immediately have a knee jerk reaction and start slinging accusations of racism around please shut up, engage your adult mind, and listen, for this is an important point I'm trying to make and has a lesson in it for all of us.

So my little detective brain started to piece together a theory.  Bill was short, wasn't terribly successful in life, was a little younger than myself.  So I took a gamble:

"How tall was the guy she left you for?"

Bill said, "I don't know, 6'."

"Have all the guys girls have left you for been taller?"

"Yeah, pretty much," he said.

And so I said to myself "hmmmm...."

WAs this proof positive of hypergamy running rampant in our society?  Proof positive that the women that dumped Bill for other men wanted to date taller fellows?

No, but it was yet another bit of anecdotal evidence that would raise a brow and an anecdote that made me think some things through for our black brothers as Bill drifted off to sleep for the next 6 hours.

"Hypergamy" if you are unaware of, is the theory/fact (depending on who you ask) that women like to marry "up."  They want a guy who makes more money, who has a higher status, who drives a nicer car, etc. etc. Because it suggests women (in general) have less-than-pure or ulterior motives, it is thus taboo to suggest a thing in brainwashed and politically correct "polite" society, but since I don't care about feelings and only care about the truth, it is a phenomenon as blatantly obvious as the sun.

Is hypergamy "wrong" or even "bad?"  No, it's a fact of life, it is the nature of women.  It is a naturally developed trait that has evolved for good reason over the eons, a reason we may not fully understand.

However, when hypergamy is combined with societal, sociological or political changes, it can spell disaster.  And such is the case for our black brothers.

Understand the single most important thing in life is other human beings.  They are the most advanced, dynamic and changing entities on the planet. Again, you can have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto with the most advanced X-Box system, it pales in comparison to another human being that is not a finite or programmed entity.  It is because humans are changing, dynamic and mentally infinite, you can love them.  Be it either your children (who will continue to amaze you with their antics, advancements, and mental wonderings) or your friends (who challenge your thought, stimulate your mind and provide you comradery) you can establish a personal relationship with them, a relationship you cannot establish with an inanimate object.  However, more important than all that is the relationship you will have with your spouse/loved one.  It is a different love and one that is not rivaled and is one of the key sources of happiness.  And thus why women are so important to men in life.

However, if you wish to attract a quality woman, all the wonderful personality in the world will not matter.  You need to accept and incorporate the reality of hypergamy into your strategy otherwise you will fail.  This is a good thing for it forces men to strive and work hard.  It forces them to create, innovate, discipline and improve themselves so that they may have a wonderful woman in their life.  Matter of fact, you could make a very reasonable claim that nearly all advances and creations in society are at least partly due to hypergamy.  Regardless, the instinctual, biologically hard-wired rules are that men must strive, produce, and succeed in life to attract a quality woman.

But what if extraneous sociological, psychological or even political factors are combined with the hypergamous nature of women and disturb this natural balance?  What if something were to happen to society where women's hypergamy was tinkered with?  There is no "what if."  It's happening in American black culture today.

What we have today (in the black community) is "hyper-hypergamy."  Women are no longer satisfied with a hard working electrician or a mild-mannered accountant.  They are not satisfied with a stable guy, with regular income.  They are not satisfied with a regular Joe who works hard and does his best.  Media, society, and other sociological entities have created in their minds the idea that it's "a rap star or nothing."  That it's a "professional athlete" or nothing.  This puts the VAST majority of black men (and boys) in an impossible situation.

They simply can't compete.

How does Bill compete with Kanye West?

How does the average black man compete with LeBron James?

How does the local average high school black boy compete with his drug-dealing counterpart glorified in rap videos and media?

It's simple.

They can't.

They don't have millions.  They don't have fame.  Just like every other race, the vast majority of them are just regular schmoes like us.  Not rock stars, not athletes, not movie stars.

But there is another entity black men are competing against for the affect of their ladies that puts the likes of LeBron James to shame and makes Kanye West look like a putz.  Matter of fact, you could take all of the athletes, rock stars, rap stars, and romanticized thugs, purify their "higher status" and breed a genetically modified "super-athlete-rap-star-alpha Denzel Washington" type and it would still pale in comparison to this irresistible entity.  And truth be told, it was what instigated black women to go into "hyper-hypergamy" in the first place and (in my humble opinion) is the core of the cause for black's relative "last place" in society

The federal government or "the state."

Understand the state has decimated the black community by corrupting hypergamy in women in three ways.

First, in in the state providing the basics in terms of food, clothing and shelter, women no longer need a man for these basic necessities.  Normally and historically, this was provided by the man, but with these necessities taken care of, women can now afford to demand even more from their men.

"What, you're just going to provide me a house, pay for my food, and pay for utilities?  Barack Obama and the state already does that!  What ELSE are you going to bring to the table?"

This puts black men in a nearly impossible situation because black men have simply been replaced by the government.  Since the man's job WAS to provide a stable living, providing things like food, clothing, shelter, etc., with that gone these men must go into hyperdrive and outperform in other areas (fame, athleticism, brute display of strength, etc.).  Mathematically, only a certain amount of men can become professional athletes, rap stars, or what have you.  The rest, sadly, "die trying."

Second, it is IMPOSSIBLE to compete against the government.  The government has TRILLIONS of dollars every year that politicians are only more than willing to spend on women and children.  How does the average black man with a respectable $17/hour job compete against Barack Obama promising trillions of dollars for black women and their children?  And worse still, while the Kobe Bryants and Kanye Wests of the world will attract the hottest and top females in the black community, the federal government sops up the remaining 99% of regular women that regular men would have normally attracted, leaving the vast majority of regular Joe black men destitute, lacking romantic meaning in life, and without families of their own.  And without that, what incentive does your average black man have to go and make something of himself?

Third, this government entitlement/subsidy WORSENS the quality and caliber of women.  Whereas a husband or potential suitor in the past would hold their wives or potential spouses to certain standards, the state holds them to none.  Worse still, the worse-behaved and more screwed up you are, the MORE the state will provide for you.  This only reinforces low-quality behavior and in a cartel-like way, lowers the quality men get to choose from.

Now, while I am focusing on black men, don't for a second think it only applies to them. Understand I only  highlight them because it is our black brothers who are furthest down this rabbit hole.

If you look at illegitimate births (or any other sociological ailment) as a proxy for the level at which the government is replacing men, "sugar daddy government" is, frankly, stealing all races of all men's women at an increasing pace.  Whites, latinos, indians, you name it.  Ergo, this is not a "black" problem, it is a problem for all men (and truthfully) all women.  It's just the likes of Bill are the proverbial canary in the mine shaft.

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Worthless Haiku

for Worthless Degree Awareness Month!  From a reader:

Butterfly dances
'Cause her degree is worthless
She needs the money

Replacing Your Husband With the State

This is exactly how feminism has hurt women more than men.  It has taken something as soulless and indifferent as the state and supplanted genuine, loving, caring, human beings in the form of fathers, husbands and children.

I don't have to lift a finger to get revenge on the leftist feminists that are assaulting American and freedom.  They're doing it to themselves.

The David Lereah of the Education Bubble

Meet Verlyn Klinkenborg.

In a recent editorial in the NYT she says

What many undergraduates do not know — and what so many of their professors have been unable to tell them — is how valuable the most fundamental gift of the humanities will turn out to be. That gift is clear thinking, clear writing and a lifelong engagement with literature. 

Frankly, I am sick of this shit.

The reason I curse is because no non-cursing language can convey how utterly sick and tired, not to mention, angry I am with shills and whores of Big Education desperately trying to;

1.  Rationalize their own stupid decisions to major in worthless subjects
2.  Continue to vampire off of naive young 17 and 18 year old children by making them pay inflated prices for worthless degrees so the legions of aging worthless humanities professors can avoid having to work real jobs in the real world.

The Education Bubble is bursting, just like the housing bubble.  And you David Lereah's of the education industry are being exposed for the shills you are.

Do you even listen to yourselves???

"The gift of "humanities is the gift of "clear thinking, clear writing, and a life-long engagement with literature?"


So, then we could agree to eliminate all humanities and liberal arts departments from all universities because there is a cheaper alternative called "the library?"  And since you academian leftist jounralism types care soooooooo much for the "chilllllldreeeennnnnn" you would in all intellectual honesty say, "hey, don't spend $50,000 on a degree when you can get the same thing for free at the local library AND HAVE THE EXACT SAME EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS?"

Or are we going to go the same old boring "education is an experience, it isn't all about the money" route?

You might as well say "housing prices always go up."

The only thing saving you now is the naivety and ignorance of the average 17 year old who has been indoctrinated and brainwashed by ass-kissing, brown-nosing teachers and parents who have convinced them they are great and can do no wrong.  That "follow your heart and the money will follow."  Not to mention you've convinced these undeveloped minds they're entitled to an education, even if it is in Transgendered-Ethiopian-18th Century-French-Poetry-Studies, and even if it will cripple them financially for the rest of their lives.

The only thing worth less than the degrees in the humanities are the whores, charlatans and scum pimping those degrees in academia, quite literally parasiting off of the children they so hypocritically claim to be helping.  They're no different than the bankers and mortgage brokers scum we've all been told to hate who brought the housing bubble.

So do America and the children a REAL and GENUINE favor.  June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month.  How about you fight back and buy "Worthless" for either a loved one about to attend college, yourself, or hell, if there's any foundation or conservative institution that really wants to implement some change, how about you spend a little bit of that money on buying an entire high school or school district copies of this book?  How about flooding a high profile college campus with copies of it?  You want to undo all the socialist brainwashing these kids get and are going to get?  How about you start at the source and launch an all out campaign where the left is weakest?  Their liberal-voter factories - academia.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Captain Meets Two Girls From Russia

There's a bar called "The Vault" in Hot Springs, SD.  It's about the only place that fits my age, has decent food and internet access.

I was working my mother's-basement-based internet media empire when two very attractive young women walked in.  They were decked out, in heels and groomed perfectly.

I naturally assumed they were with the "Ms. South Dakota" pageant which is hosted in Hot Springs and thus ignored them.  I continued with my work, finished my burger and went up to the bar to pay my tab.

However, my path had me go right past the two entrants and so enroute to the cashier I stopped and asked,

"Are you girls entrants in the beauty pageant?"

They, surprisingly said, "no."  I continued on to the bar to pay my tab, but in that short 3 minutes I was confused.  They were WAY too good looking to be locals.  Too young to be natives.  And too dressed up to be from the area.  I caught a hint of an accent and so on the return trip to my table I stopped by again and asked,

"Excuse me, but do you mind if I ask you a question."

They said, "sure."

"If you're not with the beauty pageant, then why are you here?"

They giggled a little bit and said, "What beauty pageant?"

I said, "The Ms. South Dakota beauty pageant.  It's hosted here every summer."

The one on the right said, "No, we're not with the beauty pageant.  We're workers at the Vista Hotel.  We're from Russia."

And then the light went on.

To handle tourist season a lot of the local hotels, gift shops, and so forth, hire eastern European kids to handle the excess traffic.  They get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the US and the employers get cheap labor.  And when they said they were from Russia and working at the hotel, it all made sense.

But here is where it gets interesting.

Had they been American women, my inquiry as to whether they were part of the beauty pageant would have been a complete failure.  It would have been viewed as sucking up, dismissed, poo pooed, "yeah we know we're hot," and I would have been guaranteed a 100% failure.  But since these were girls from Russia, it was the complete opposite.

They were completely flattered.

"Did you really think we were in the beauty pageant?" one said with a smile on her face.

I said, "Yes, but you have to understand.  NOBODY dresses up like you girls do in this town and most of the women are old or ugly.  You stand out and since the pageant was in town I figured you were part of it."

This innocent and sincere statement only endeared me to them further.  They genuinely appreciated the fact I mistook them for beauty pageant contestants.  They started asking what I did, why I was there, as I also inquired about them and what they were doing.

However, it was sad because I only had one more day in town and wanted to make sure these young ladies got the most out of their trip.  Since I couldn't play the role of tour guide, I wrote everything I loved about the Black Hills and the Badlands down on a napkin making them promise me they would visit these sites even if it took a little money.  They thanked me and then something very rare happened.

One of them asked me to pull up a chair and join them.

I don't mean this to sound like "Gee shucks whillikers howdy" moment as if a girl never asked me to join them.  I mean this as a "holy cow, a courteous gesture on the part of a young woman to be considerate enough to OBSERVE the situation and make a stranger feel welcome."  Though I would have liked to talk to them more, I was deadly tired from 300 miles of riding and climbing Bear Butte, and very politely declined the offer, said I had to get some sleep and reiterated the importance they explore and enjoy the Black Hills.

The moral of this story is a simple one.


Notice there were no sexual overtones or romantic interests.  There was no presumptions on the part of the girls. It was just a simple and honest interaction between a guy and two gals.  And the women were cordial, kind, sweet, and (dare I point out) physically presentable to the public.  When I made my approach they were not rude, dismissive or condescending.  Instead they listened, were polite and took me for my word, never once considering engaging in mind games.  It resulted in a very enjoyable experience where instead of pulling teeth to merely engage a member of the opposite sex in a non-sexual, genuinely interested, curiosity-based, grounds, I got to enjoy a good conversation with two nice girls that will make two lucky men very happy in the future. 

They were ladies.  And I suggest American and western women start paying attention if they wish to achieve the same status and respect.

Why You Can't Find a Man

I am working on a whole new economic theory.  In my humble opinion it will revolutionize economics.  I tire as different economists and philosophers argue the differences between "Keynesian" and "Austrian" and "neoclassical" and "classical" economics, because they're

1.  talking way over normal everyday people's heads
2.  usually are quite often wrong because they are more concerned about supporting one particular line of economic thought instead of ackowledging the empirical real world.

It's just a general theory now with the details and tenets being worked out in my head as I hike and ride, but some day it will be my "General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money" but it won't suck and will be understandable by the masses.  And no, I'm not even going to tell what it is because I do not want other economists taking the idea and running with it.

Anyhoo, with this new theory prompted me to conduct an informal and unscientific study.  It won't seem any different than any previous sociological study I've done, but it does have its origins in my new theory - specifically why can't those girls find a man.

In a post I requested men estimate the percent of their free time they spent pursuing the fairer sex at the following ages:

15, 25, 35, 45, 55, and 65

Out of the 27 data points only one was 65 years of age and it was zero, so I only have data for ages 15-55.

I then averaged them out to estimate a "demand curve" of ladies for men at varying ages.  And it looks like this.

In short men (while still boys) spend 15% of their free time chasing girls, peaking at around 24% when 25 and then consistently declining to only 2% in the three decades thereafter.

What this confirms is something we've already known - that as men age they leave the market.  But that's precisely the point.  It CONFIRMS.  I don't like going into debates with theories, I like going into debates with facts and knowledge because I don't care to debate.  I care to be informed.

Regardless, though just a single and simple chart, it has ramifications.

First, it validates work done by The Rational Male, namely his attempts to chart "Sexual Market Value."  No doubt he has gotten guff and accusations of misogyny for daring to chart such a thing, but it is reality and reality cannot be bigoted or sexist.  The above chart just provides more empirical data to prove it.

Second, it explains why as women age "they can't find a good man" or "where have all the good men gone."  As I've explained before, they went home.  This is a very important point to make because it shows the classical signs of an economic bubble.  There was HUGE demand earlier for women.  Men would flood the market with attention, effort, time and energy trying to find girls. Just think of all the time you would go to parties, clubs, online dating profiles, etc. etc, just to get a number back when you were 23.  Men would make themselves available as much as they possibly could.

But then the bubble bursts.

Men no longer go out "clubbing."  They don't log into their account as much.  And they could go to that desperate singles event, but the game is on.  And soon the supply of attention that was previously flooding the market and driving the SMV of women up, plummets, driving down the "units of attention" per woman.

However, I fear there is a "Wile E. Coyote" experience these ladies have.  They have been so accustomed to being flooded with attention, they don't realize the ground has been taken out from beneath them.  They are like the McMansion buyer in 2005 who lost his job in 2006, has to sell the house and "can't believe," nay, REFUSES to believe his house had gone down in value.  Ironically, he only worsens his situation in delaying the sale based on pride as the market tanks further.

Third, also notice age has an effect.  A 25 year old man is looking for a 25 year old woman.  But at the age of 55, they 55 year old man is probably not looking for a 55 year old woman.  Matter of fact, most of his attention and efforts are going to be expended on a (roughly estimated) 45 year old woman.  This means the chart is even worse for aging women.

In short, however, the chart does answer where all the "good men" have gone.  They're still alive.  There wasn't a disease that wiped them out.  They merely aren't in the market anymore and are expending their free time on other things.

Feminists Can't Do Math

A friend sent this to me.  Article claiming Julia Gillard was ousted because of sexism.

The article is full of half-truths and hallow accomplishments, not to mention "successes" that are actually failures (she passed the most amount of legislation since WWII - OH GREAT!  Just what everybody wants! More rules!)

But something caught my economist eye.  The author claims Australia's GDP increased by 14% under Gillard.  Of course it was a feminist prime minister that was the cause of this great economic growth.  Not the hard working people of Australia and certainly not China's economic boom requiring Australia's natural resources.  No, Ms. Gillard, just like Obama could fart out GDP.

Regardless, I found that 14% odd and a little high for a prime minister that has only been there, about 3 years.  So I did two things feminists don't;

Look up some facts

Here's the data I used - RGDP growth rates from the OECD.

Here's the math I did exponentially multiplying the various years, halving 2010's and 2013's growth since Ms. Gillard took over and got fired mid year in each years respectively.

The REAL economic growth figure?


Look, ladies (and by ladies, I mean feminists), if you want to be treated as equals you need to actually BE EQUALS.  Not hacks, not spoiled children following an ideology at the cost of truth, and on top of it you need to be able to do at least 5th grade mathematics.  You demand all these changes in society, you demand everybody make sacrifices, but when all you spew is propaganda that is either spun so much it's not true, our just outright lies, your entire credibility is shot.

Perhaps you could enlist some engineers and accountants of the female persuasion instead of drudging up the same ole "leftist, humanities-majoring "journalist/writer/adviser/activist" (Oh, that's right, those women are busy with real jobs and producing actual GDP and economic production people want!).  Or perhaps you could take some elementary school math classes for free at Khan's Academy.  Or perhaps you could actually grow up into a mature adult, learn about economics, develop intellectual honesty, and learn what "empirical" evidence means before you start advocating the world change to unfairly benefit you.

Because to tell you the honest truth, when all your mind is capable of is viewing the world through the feminist lens, you don't come off as myopic, self-serving, and a cry baby, you ARE MYOPIC, SELF-SERVING and a CRY BABY.  And ironically if all you can do is whine and complain, chalking every problem up to "sexism" and not take your lumps like a real man, then not only will you incorrectly diagnose yours or society's problems, you will never achieve parity with men.

But please, continue on the "feminism at all costs, including the truth."  It provides immense entertainment for myself, not to mention exposes who are charlatans and ideologues advancing a political cause to benefit at the expense of others, and who are actual statesmen and patriots who care about society.

Adventures of Cappy Cap

So I had gone to the extents to duct tape my camcorder on my helmet and film the Spearfish Canyon on the bike.

The angle was completely wrong and all you got was pavement and yellow passing lines.

So here are some pictures instead, of my most recent adventures.

The following are pictures from the Sheridan, WY Dachshund Races, the bike outside of Buffalo, WY facing the Big Horn Mountains, Spearfish Canyon at Savoy, SD, and the crossroads in Newcastle, WY of 85 and 16.  The last picture is from the top of Bear Butte just outside Sturgis, SD.  This was all done in a 16 hour period with 6 hours sleep.  YOu too can enjoy the decline.  Just get your wife's permission first.  Yuk yuk yuk!!!!  No, seriously, there's no reason I should be out here by myself. You all need to get motorcycles and get your asses out here next year.

Oh, and if that doesn't convince you SUPER DACHSHUND WILL!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now How Cool Is That?

So guess who gave a hat tip to the Ole Captain!?


About the only thing cooler would be Bruce Willis saying he needed me to co-star in the next Die long as it doesn't suck like the last one.

In any case, you should all go visit Mike Rowe's web page of friend him on facebook and the reason is simple.  Not because we all like Mike Rowe.  But because he has the status and celebrityship to actually convince younger people to make wise choices when it comes to pursuing the right fields.  Guy's got a noble cause...and...well...more patience and charisma than I do to convince youth.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Worthless Now Available in Audio

Howdy Lieutenants!

Worthless is available in audio-book format.  I believe it is also on iTunes, but I haven't really ever looked much at iTunes.

Also, if you want to stock up on Amazon stuff before the new Minnesota law goes into effect, do it now.

Have to set up a South Dakota LLC and some legal stuff to get her up and running afterwards, but that might have to be after vacation.

It's Too Late for the Boomers, But Not For You

Don't wait until you're 60 to start planning for retirement.


Here's the class I offer on basic personal finance and retirement planning. It is very introductory and written for the common man.  No hoity toity crap, no talking over your head.  Simple common senses and advice everybody needs. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Men's Interest" Measured as a Commodity

Now do me a favor and let's not make this complicated.

I want something a little complex, but in actuality is quite simple.

I want any MALE participants who are willing to do the following:

List the percent of your FREE TIME (outside of work and sleep) that was spent pursuing the fairer sex at the following ages:


So, for example, when you were 25, and you finished work, WHAT PERCENT OF YOUR 8 REMAINING AWAKING HOURS did you spend at the bar, happy hour, or the night clubs on the weekend pursuing the fairer sex?  This could include online dating, chatting up a girl at the grocery store, any time spent chasing the girly girls, what percent?

Also, let's say you're 52.  Just estimate it for 15, 25, 35, 45, AND 55.  Do not estimate for 65.

Post below like this:

15 - 70%
25 - 80%
35 - 50%
45 - 50%

Do not let the above example numbers influence you.  I want an empirical read.


THank you,


PS-Please forward to other men for the more data samples I have, the better.

Why You Don't Want Your Kids Educated By Prof. William Cunningham

"To get around this inequity, our forefathers set up a progressive tax system where high-income taxpayers pay a higher percentage of their wages in taxes."

and other bold faced lies by this academian who could never get a job in the real world.

The Consequences of Having No Consequences

The hotel I'm at is a denizen for

people on the cheap (like me)
old timers looking to retire and live on the cheap
outlaws evading the law

This makes for some colorful acquaintances, but also provides for some dangerous entertainment I, frankly, enjoy.

One of the older men had imbibed too much.  He was a larger fellow, almost pushing 4 bills.  He passed out, collapsed, and landed on the floorboard heater which then proceeded to burn his skin to the point the smell awoke others, but not him.  He was then rushed to the local hospital and then helicoptered out to a burn unit and I believe he finally woke up only after they shaved off several pounds of flesh to address his burns.

Not to be crass, but that's the truth. 

Now we may mock and ridicule this alcoholic all we may, but the truth is the entire country is nothing more than a macro-economic incarnation of this fellow.  And the reason why is that we constantly bail out people from their mistakes, just like the alcohol prevented this sap from experiencing the full pain of his wounds.  We ensure there are no consequences.

Complain all you want about "Wall Street Bankers," there are millions of "everyday mainstreet" people we bail out from their everyday, idiotic mistakes that cumulatively cause the country much more harm.

They had too many kids.

Bought a house they couldn't afford

Majored in a worthless subject

Started a sports bar that was guaranteed to fail.

Or they racked up a ton of credit card debt.

Everyday, day in, day out, either through forgiveness via the bankruptcy laws or a taxpayer bailout, we prevent the most stupid, ignorant, idiotic, parasitic, negative-net-economic value people of our society from suffering the full and complete financial, economic, and emotional consequences of their mistakes they fully deserve.


Because leftists have figured out they can score people's votes by shielding people from the consequences of their mistakes.  They have made a (temporary) world where there is no pain and no consequences.  Only success or neutrality. 

But what are the consequences of a "world without consequences?"  What if we just paid for all the illegitimate children, bailed out all the banksters, forgave all the humanities-liberal-arts-worthless-degree-majoring college students, and just financially made sure nobody ever suffered their own stupidity?

Complete and utter collapse of society.

Understand a world where there are no consequences will only result in a selfish and childish society that will ultimately destroy itself.  The reason why is that if you use the public treasury to constantly bail people out of their mistakes they never are introduced, let alone, forced to live in the real world.  They are only brought up with the motherly positive-reinforcement and never the fatherly negative-reinforcement/punishment.  And they are therefore are never forced to be adults, let alone, self-sufficient, self-supporting, independent units of society.  Worse still, because of this lopsided upbringing, they think they have done no wrong and are incapable of shame.  And thus each independent unit turns out to be not only a dependent human, but an enititlement-mentalitied one as well.

But there's a mathematical and economic catch.

Classes of DEPENDENT humans can only last as long as the INDEPENDENT humans are producing enough economic surplus to finance both groups' livelihoods.  And while this economic-production-charade can be extended further as you dupe some suckers convince creditors like the Chinese, Japanese, Indians or others to lend you money against your non-producing assets, in the end there is NOT the production necessary to support everybody's livelihood.

"Tami" the single mother of 3 from 5 different fathers, decides to default on her student loans when she pursued her "Masters in Peace Studies"


"Tanner Winthrop III" doesn't get paid back his $400 million loan he made to his Sigma Sigma Phi frat brother for that micro-brew that failed


any one of the hundreds of millions of equally negative-net-economci value people who rely in some way or another on others' production to bail them out, slowly, but surely start to overcome, and like a cancer consume, outnumber and inevitably kill the productive cells and host.

In short, the whole leftist, boomer-era, Dr. Spock, BS of shielding our pwuecious wittle childwren from the harsh realities of society (because you were too lazy to parent) has only served to produce two generations of net-negative economic producers, three if you include the boomers themselves.

And while we can play the game of moving cones or changing accounting rules, in the end what we ultimately have is
  • a bunch of adult children incapable of supporting themselves, 
  • hopelessly depending on a government for their livelihood, 
  • which itself is hopelessly dependent on a deteriorating tax base, 
  • which also then relies on the naivety of foreign creditors to lend against our WWII generation's reputation
  • while current generations watch "Keeping Up With the Kardaishians," major in sociology, and vote such an inconceivably inept man like Barack Obama into the presidency.
The fact millions of creditors lent $16 trillion against such lousy, pathetic, worthless, and non-producing assets is beyond me.

Enjoyed the above?  Ensure the Captain never has to go and work a real job again.  Buy something you need on Amazon or purchase any one of his books!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

When Atheists Really Aren't Atheists

Atheists I don't mind.  They don't believe in god. Pure and simple. And true atheists leave it at that.

Unfortunately, most atheists don't fall into that category.

No, unfortunately more fall into the crusaderism category where they have to LET YOU KNOW they're atheists.  They need to get in your face.  They wear it like a badge of honor, because, well, they really have nothing else of value going on in their lives.

And this is the just the latest bit of proof.

Look...I hate religion just as much (if not more) than anybody else.  But when you MAKE A CHURCH about atheistism then you have become what you hate.  You're a freaking hypocrite and aren't an atheist.  Your "theist" has become "atheism."

It's the same thing with "going green."

How many lefitsts mock and ridicule Christianity, Judaism, or just religion in general (unless it's Muslim because Muslims would beat your ass)...

but then in the same breath swallow whole the "going green" "environmentalism" religion?

There is no difference between the two.

Environmentalism is nothing more than a snooty person's religion.  Equally unfounded claims.  Equally unfounded moral superiority.  Equally deserving to get a punch in the face if they ever proselytize to you. 

They may "claim" they hate religion or are "too smart for it," but just like all the other sheeple, they find something to glom onto because they lack true and genuine independent thought and individuality (see hipsters).  Just because it isn't a biblically-based religion doesn't mean it isn't one and the intellectual weakness of one to subscribe to it doesn't apply.  But when you go to the extend to create a CHURCH of atheists you are merely mocking atheists and atheism.

Atheism is the belief there is no god.

Therefore you should not be praying or attending church to/for anything.

Heck, the simplest, most banal reason to be an atheist is to avoid wasting your time praying to a deity in the form of attending church/mass/synagogue/mosque. 

But now you morons decide to make a church for atheism.

You're not atheists.  You're just a bunch of intellectual weaklings, cowards, and above all else, hypocrites.

Post script - I have also taken a second look at the pictures in the original article from CNN.  Notice how nobody is good looking.  They're all pretty ugly. Again, they're not real atheists.  They are rejected people, desperate for acceptance, and something as pathetic and hypocritical as a Church of Atheism (whose standards I can only imagine to be "a pulse") is only more than happy to have them.  This is how cults are formed.

Wasting Away Again in South Dakotaville

Sleeping until 10.
Talk to the old men.
Go hiking in mountains all covered in pine.
I'll take out my old bike
And Harney's Peak I'll hike
It's hard work enjoying the decline.

Wasting away again in South Dakotaville
Searching for my long lost bottle of Rumpie
Some people claim that there's a recession to blame
But I know
It's the socialists' fault

I guess I could go work.
But that'd make my brain hurt.
Dealing with douches who work at the banks.
I'd rather just relax
While you work and pay tax.
For fine public roads I give you my thanks.

Wasting away again in South Dakotaville
Searching for my long lost bottle of Rumpie
Some people claim that there's a recession to blame
But I know
It's the socialists' fault

Empirical Worthlessness of the HR Ditz

Google does a study

with numbers

meaning data and stats

which proves interviews and interviewers are worthless

meaning IT'S A FACT

and then the HR witches come out screaming bloody murder in the comments.

It's priceless.

Sorry HR people, your skills are best used benefits and compensation and employment law.  NOT determining who should be hired or not.  Yes, yes, I know, you went into HR because you didn't like accounting or finance because of all that icky math, and why, you're a good "people person."  You can tell when somebody's lying because you've watch a lot of reality TV.  And you went into HR to have power and control over people's lives and would get a power trip out of it.

Um dearies, how bouts you just go file this W-9 with the Feds and leave the hiring to the big boys who have questions about DSCR ratio calculations and the logic of ACL statements, the math of which would hurt your poor wittle bwains.  OK.  Thatta girl.  Oh, fetch me some coffee while you're at it.

Testing the Lone Ranger

OK, Cappy Cappites.

I got an idea.

I refused to see 42 because the trailers showed the standard oppressive white man proselyting BS that is always imbedded in hollywood movies today.  I didn't oppress Jackie Robinson, let alone any other black man and so I do take offense and umbrage to the insinuation that I am somehow responsible for actions of people who fall under the category of "not me."

So since Tonto is an Indian (played by a white guy, nice going politically correct, liberal hollywood), I fear that "The Lone Ranger" is going to have some token, politically correct lecture about racism and Indians and evil white people.

I WANT to see the movie but REFUSE to until I know for a fact there ain't no condescending lecture.

So how do we resolve this quandry?


Let's make a little pact.

Whoever sees it first reports back immediately if there's any hint or tone of some kind of leftist "evil white man come and take buffalo away" guilt tripping.  And if there is, I simply announce it here on my blog and nobody goes sees it.  That way only one ticket is bought, saving 10,000 people the hassle and humility of spending their own money to get lectured by the left, and roughly, $100,000 in profit for the left.

Any volunteers to go see the movie?

The Captain Needs Help

Greetings All,

Your beloved ole Captain needs some help and he'd just consult his beloved readership.

1.  I need a model of the female persuasion for a non-puritanical, but tasteful photo.

2.  I need a doctor who can help me cut costs for some basic preventative medicine/screening stuff, by bypassing all the damn clinics in town asking me for my social security number, previous records, regulatory bs, etc. etc.

3.  I need an artist who can draw this style of art:

You may e-mail the Captain at






Friday, June 21, 2013

Calling Captain Save-a-ho

"and thank god it's not"

Hat tip.

Reminds me of this when I was in Wyoming.

I've Got "The Klout"

My buddy in Arizona was telling me she got "the gout."

I found that odd because I thought it was a disease old men got.

So I said, "I thought that was a disease that old men got."

And she said, "Yeah, so did I, but I guess anybody at any age can get it."

" what the hell is 'The Gout' anyway?"

She said something to do with an inflated toe or something.  It was so innocuous I forgot what it was.

But what was cool about having "the gout" was not only was it an old man's disease, it's a disease that is so hoity toity you have to put "the" in front of it.

Of course now I put "the" in front of any sickness I have to beget further pity and pampering from the women in my life.

"I've got The Cold."

"I've got The Fever."

"I've got The Indigestion."

But another thing I put "the" in front of is any of the myriad of new and faddish social media things.

"I do The Twitter."

"I'm on The Facebook."

"I never did The My Space."

So add to this lexicon "The Klout."

"Klout" is very simple.  It's a score of 1-100 that presumably measures the "clout" you have on the internet.  The higher, the better.  The algorithm they use to calculate the klout score could be complete BS, but I don't care.  My spidey senses tell me "Klout" actually has some staying power.

The reason why is simple - it's simple.

Score 1-100.  100 good, 1 bad.

None of this reverse, backwards ranking from Technorati with a score in the 4 digits. 

None of this "you ranked 345,000th" on Alexa in Guatemala.

1-100, good, bad.

Now, you may be saying, "Captain, why are you telling us about this?  Are you plugging it or do you somehow profit from plugging The Klout?"

No, but I am making a prediction.  The Klout, because of its simplicity will start to play a larger and larger role in this little interwebz online advertising portion of GDP you, me, and other bloggers/internet personality types progressively make more and more of our money on.  And it is because of this simplicity that it will moot and obsolete more complex rating systems.  It is also a valuable lesson about social media.  All it will take is one slightly clever innovation or tweak and media giants like Facebook could be rendered obsolete.

"If Everybody Did What Danny Did"

Danny from 504 and I were talking not to long ago and he was telling me his plans.  And in short, if I were to do it all over again, I would do what Danny did.

He's going to get himself a pension after knocking out 20 years at the firm.  He has no kids.  He has himself a trailer and a spot of land picked out, and, after running some projections he estimates he's going to work maybe a day or two per week and otherwise just enjoy life and enjoy his free time.

But something occurred to me as I drove through the Black Hills on my bike and pondered our conversation.

"He's going to be retired at 40...he's taking himself out of the labor market before his prime earning years - his 40's and 50's...what if everybody did that?  What would the economic consequences be?"

I've already alluded to what would happen if every person engaged in minimalism - the economy would collapse.  But what if just a significant percentage of men decided to clock out of the rat race before they started producing and earning the most?  We don't need the entire country to go Galt, just a key percentage of them.  And this is precisely the legal action libertarians, conservatives, and otherwise Real Americans can take to get their revenge on a galactically stupid electorate.

Understand not all people can just clock out and "Do the Danny."  Some men, republican, libertarian, conservative or not, have saddled themselves with responsibilities in the form of mortgages, wives, children, etc.  Responsibilities that condemn them to be enslaved to the rat race, denying them the option to clock out at 40.  But for the rest of us we are free to do what we choose.  And when given the choice of slaving away in the vain hopes of getting promoted to "junior executive" or "senior project manager" only to pay a 50% tax rate (and deal with insufferable office politics) or setting up shop in a trailer on a beach in Southern California (to live off of the generous benefits Californians promise themselves), it's a no brainer - become a beach bum.  Additionally, in living so minimally (as I was telling Danny) you are likely to benefit from a TON of tax breaks, income credits, etc., that those generous-with-other-people's-money leftists have voted in.  You could easily be paying an effective 0% tax rate AND also be giving it to the system.

In short, not everybody has to starve the beast.  Just enough of us do.  And if enough "Do the Danny" the left will be paid back in spades.

Remember to sign up for the Liberty Mastermind Symposium if yee'all want to come down to Dallas.

How An Obama Sticker is a Good Proxy for a Person With Mental Illness

in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

The archive of which can be found here.

For All The Poor Wells Fargo Tellers

Just so you know, every one of us knows that your bosses are forcing you to do the fake "nice" thing, asking us how our day is.  We feel for you and wish the same miserable and painful death upon your banking boss overlords as you do.  Understand we sympathize with your plight and take no umbrage to you being forced to feign fake interest in our lives.   We will do our part to keep our transactions efficient and uncumbersome as possible to make your day more bearable.

Please forward this message to all the other poor suffering souls in the teller community.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Novel and Mundane

This is the decline. The math is there. There are a few charts to read and some numbers to understand but there's no prerequisite in economics needed to understand everything.

Cappy Cap for Governor

"Governor Cappy Cap."

I like the sound of that.

Sure would be a fun time at the capitol!

If Your Marketing Strategy Consists of "Cookies" Your Company Will Fail

I was working for what was mathematically and empirically the 2nd WORST bank in the entire state.

This is not my opinion.

This is not my estimation.

It was fact.

I had compiled a ton of research of all the banks in the state using the FDIC's institution database and based on measures like depository growth, loan defaults, loan delinquencies, OREO, oh, and let's not forget those old school measures like ROA and ROE, this bank was without a doubt the second worst bank.  Actually, it was quite clear this bank was the second worst, because it was a "very distant second worst."  It was very obvious it was in bad shape and the only reason it was second was because there was another bank that was even more spectacularly abysmal than this one.

Unfortunately, I was working for this "second worst bank."

Naturally, because we were in such bad shape, I thought part of our efforts (in addition to cleaning up all the bad loans that were made) would be to restructure the bank, marshal our resources, and then attempt to start growing again.  To start anew, and start going after new, but quality business and thusly provide our (very) benevolent shareholders a decent return on their investment.  Besides, I was no longer a measly credit analyst, I was now a VP in commercial lending, which meant my job now entailed pursuing new business and expanding our market.

I was fine with this, because truth be told, the underwriting or "credit analyst" part of my job was easy.  Also, I was not allowed to repossess, foreclose, liquidate or do anything to clean up our "bad loan portfolio" which meant I had about 6 hours a day to pursue business development.

Just one problem.

I was never given the green light to pursue new business.

You see, all of the higher ranked individuals were too busy dealing with bad loans, decaying collateral, difficult clients, and complying with new federal regulations to approve a business development strategy.  They didn't have time to start pursuing new business.  Understanding this, and having about 6 hours a day to twiddle my thumbs, I did something spectacularly stupid and should have known better.

I took initiative.

I put together what (in my opinion) was arguably my finest piece of work in my entire corporate American career - an entire marketing strategy for the whole company, based on market research, FDIC data, economic data and so forth.

It was thorough.

It was complete.

It was concise.

And it was brilliantly innovative.

It was also, completely ignored.

"Too busy to read it."

"Gotta deal with the OCC."

"Oh, thanks, yeah, I took a quick look at it, but I don't have time to get back to you on it.  Maybe next week."

and other such excuses I received for no less than (are you ready for it?)

9 months.

And so there I was, like a top of the line F-22 Raptor, mothballed in a hangar.  Capable of carrying out a great many things, but the brass was too busy worrying about the paint color on the runway or what to order for lunch.

So there I sat, doing what most corporate cogs do - acting like they're working, when they're just killing time.  Matter of fact, I didn't even bother to "look busy."  I'd just listen to music, e-mail my friends, facebook and so forth.  My "boss" would come in, have something that would take him 8 hours to do because he was old and inept, and I'd knock it out in 15 minutes.  I'd take a morning work out break (one hour), then lunch (another hour) and sometimes I'd go for a motorcycle ride just to get some air.  However, what constantly gnawed at me was what was substituting my marketing strategy in its stead:

Chocolate chip cookies.

You see, my plan consisted of breaking out of the traditional banking mindset.  Doing things differently, innovatively, and creatively.  We were small, and thus nimble, and if we streamlined operations, got rid of our bad clientele that consumed our labor resources, we could (I estimated) undercut our competitors' interest rates by .5% and still pull profit.  We'd also poach business from our competitors by aggressively targeting their best clients, and we'd get new business by doing fun and creative things like sponsoring barbeque and hotwings competitions, dance classes, and sports competitions. 

But no, oh no, we were going to deploy the brilliant strategy of "chocolate chip cookies."

As I was told,

"You see, it's all about superior customer service.  It's all about personal service.  When Bill walks into the bank, he wants to chit cat, and talk.  He likes it that we know his name.  And that's why people bank with us.  We have cookies on Fridays and offer them cofee"

And so instead of targeting a higher quality clientele, looking for new and profitable business, we were going to be the shucks howdy, gee-whilliker's dandy bank and offer money-losing-customers chocolate chip cookies (but only on Fridays).

The reason I highlighted/bolded the statements above is because this had happened before at the credit union I worked at.  We offered "cookies" to our clients when they came in.  And when a bank's (or any company's) strategy is "cookies" and "superior customer service" I can gar-ron-freaking-tee you that company's strategy will fail.

The reason why is simple - it's not a strategy.

It's a platitude leaders spew who have no ability to lead, let alone, ideas to offer.

YOu see, if you're going to offer "superior customer service" then the first and primary way you do that is by offering a better product at a lower price.  In banking this translates into offering them a lower interest on their loans or a higher interest on their deposits.  Free checking and no fees.  Stuff like that.  THAT is the SERVICE people want.  Not f#cking cookies on Fridays (and technically it was popcorn at my branch, only the main office offered cookies).

Additionally, the whole "superior customer service" is a canard in that WHAT FREAKING BANK DOESN'T CLAIM TO OFFER SUPERIOR SERVICE!?  Have you ever heard of a bank claiming they offer INFERIOR service?  Unless you've hired the absolute best customer service people NO BANK (or company) offers SUPERIOR customer service.  You're all the same, you're all providing an equal standard of "faux customer service," while completely ignoring the quality of your product.

The result is obvious - do you know of any bank that is demonstrably superior and better than others?  Can you find a single, innovating, mover and shaker bank, busting its ass off to offer you a significantly lower interest rate on your mortgage than its competitors?  Or is it that same faux-Minnesota-nice teller at Wells Fargo who is being forced to fake an interest in "what your plans are for the weekend?"

Of course, this lack of any true innovation or ideas is not relegated to banks.  Sadly it affects practically all of corporate America.  For example this little article here.  As further proof corporate America is all out of ideas, food manufacturers are spending their time trying to make their processed food looked more "homemade."  Kraft alone, spending 2 years to develop a cutting technique to make their turkey "unevenly cut."

But the primary reason in bringing this up is not to knock the banking industry or the food service industry, but one of serious consequences.  The ONLY place any kind of economic recovery or a return to our western countries' former greatnesses is going to come from is the private sector.  And the ONLY way we are going to solve our debt problems or enjoy increasing standards of living is through the innovation, creation and productivity of private individuals in the private sector.

But for the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.

If "Friday cookies," "superior customer service," the Wells Fargo teller faking interest in my day, and "uneven cut turkey" is the best our private sector can come up with, we are doomed.  Because those ideas, are frankly, so stupid they may as well have come from the public sector.
Aaron Clarey will be speaking at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium in Dallas June 28th-29th.  Everybody is welcome to join.  You can sign up here!

Mike Rowe Works

So I was watching Fox New's "Red Eye" and Mike Rowe was on.  Turns out he has a new web site called "Mike Rowe Works" and he is championing a worthy crusade about getting young men and women real jobs that pay.  He was talking about the skills gap, education, and other such things we do regularly here on Cappy Cap, but one problem.

The morons interviewing him kept interrupting him. Matter of fact they were outright rude.  And if you watch the interview you can see it on his face.  He's a pro, however, and just laughs it off as if saying, "Heh, did they really want to interview me?"

Regardless, since June is "Worthless Degree Awareness Month" send Mike Rowe some traffic and check him out (and by that ladies, I mean "check out his site," not "check him out).  Chances are he is a bit more diplomatic and charming than your angry, loud Captain, and would maybe do a better job at convincing young men and woman to choose the right type of education.

They All Hit the Wall

An outstanding before and after comparison. 

I will merely add this. 

The more genetic "gifts/lottery/benefits" a young person is given, the less likely they will develop mature, adult skills needed to survive and succeed in life.   And one of those skills is the discipline and temerity to work out and stay in shape after the benefits of youth leave you and age and slowing metabolism visit. 

Were you overweight or scrawny when you were younger?

Well then over the past 2 decades you've obviously, no doubt, developed the discipline, habits and ethic to work out and stay in shape.

Were you born a natural god/goddess?

We'll see you at the 20 year reunion and fail to recognize you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mark Dayton and the Amazon Tax

Looks like Amazon will be shutting down the affiliate program in Minnesota.

Here is my response to Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Democrats responsible for this.

However, this does not mean the Amazon Affiliate program will go away.  I will simply set up shop in South Dakota.
And thus concludes another fine lesson of "capital flight."

Damn Hippies

Found some hippie tracks.  Some damn hippie hiking on my trails on my mountain!

White Privilege Zombies

I was at one of my cigar bars.  The sole female employee in the place was getting her doctorate in philosophy.  She was overweight, pushing fat, but not yet obese.  She also wasn't very pretty, but not hideous which is where I know most of your minds are predisposing to go right now.

So there I was, smoking my cigar, cranking out my book, when she is talking to one of the black patrons complaining about "white privilege."  The man she was talking to was richer than most of us, friendly fellow, but very rich.  He certainly did not have any financial problems, but here was a spoiled little suburbanite brat who never had any intention of working for a living, complaining to a very wealthy man about how oppressed he was and how people like me had privilege.

My natural instinct was to rip her apart, but I did not for it was not my conversation and it would rupture the quiet, calm tone of the lounge.

I waited until she came into my area of the lounge and then told her in a calm voice that she was a worthless person, with a worthless degree and that white privilege was f%cking bullshit and mindless faux intellectuals like her were ruining society with their marxist BS.

She then ran and narced on me to the proprietor.

Naturally I was banned from the cigar lounge.  These middle aged men needed some kind of eye candy, even if it was of lesser quality.  And, of course, this strong, independent woman couldn't take the criticism and did the crying thing and went running to daddy.  So they caved and I had to find a new lounge, which was fine by me because I am not abandoning principle and will shame people when they spew insidious Marxism, cowardly disguising it with terms like "white privilege."

However, a sad and scary thought has occurred to me.  White privilege is now so regularly taught in schools and to minds so inferior they actually swallow it, that when these people graduate and enter the real world, they will be beyond reason.  They will blame everything on "white privilege" and "racism" or "sexism." And since they have no mental capacity for intellectually honesty or reason, they will become liberal zombies, but of a racist and sexist sort(this post is an outstanding one and I strongly suggest you read it).

It is here my theory of "liberal zombies" comes to a dark and dire conclusion. A person who cannot be reasoned with and will not adhere to intellectual honesty can only be dealt in two ways.  You avoid them and just plain don't interact with them or violence.  Ignoring them is one thing, but when they decide create public policy, make laws, or sometimes sue you, it will be hard to avoid them completely.  Also as more and more of these minds are brainwashed in the schools, they will soon become prevalent in society, completely unavoidable.  And violence is sadly what I see happening in some instances, since they are of the belief you are the enemy and the cause of their problems.  They will come after you and there is no talking them down.

Again, I reference "I Am Legend."  There is no difference between the zombies in this movie and the mindless "white privilege automotons" being mass-produced in universities today.  They are mindless and they hate.

"Rather Hang Out at the VFW

than hang out at a bar with people my age."

Warning, this is a podcast. Kerry Lutz interviewed me about how you mentally have to prepare for a world that you were not expecting, how feasible is it for people to not work a real, daytime job, and other such things like minimalism and life.

The audio version is here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Most Pastors Are Hypocrites

Let me tell you about Reverend Ryan.

He was a tenant of mine.

A sweet, young kid.  God damned boy scout is what he was.

He kept his apartment in perfect order, could fix things faster and better than I ever could, and if you ever needed to rely upon somebody he was the guy you'd go to.

Only one problem.

He wasn't a reverend.

I thought he was because he got his degree in youth ministry, and so I naturally assumed he was a pastor.  But as I found out later, that was nothing more than yet another college-education scam perpetrated upon the youth to support an academian scheme, but this time of a religious variety.  His degree was utterly worthless.

But his moral character and caliber was not.

If you were to ask me, and in all honesty, he is BY FAR a better man than I will ever be. He is honest, he is pure, he is noble, and he is righteous in the truest sense...matter of fact if you just took me and multiplied me by a -1 you would mathematically get Reverend Ryan.  I don't think the boy has ever committed a sin in his life.  He is virtuous and upstanding and I am, frankly, surprised such a man exists in a modern day environment today which is so hostile to such virtue.

Ironically, this results in a paradox.

For while this is one of the most pure, innocent, virtuous and noble men I know, he cannot become a pastor because he doesn't have the right credentials.

But I know men who have become pastors.

And I know men who did jump through the hoops.

And for the most part, most of them come nowhere near the caliber and quality of man as my former tenant.

THough I don't harp on it much, one of the most worthless degrees you can get is "religious studies."  I don't harp on it because it is presumed you do not enter such a study in the hopes of riches, but out of charity, altruism and selflessness.

But that cannot be further from the truth for many religious studies majors.

For like journalism, management, even economics, "religious studies" grants the major an air of authority.  Jounralists always seek truth.  Business management majors always seek optimization an production.  And economists always seek efficiency and progress.  However, in pursuing such lofty endeavors, those studies are nearly-guaranteed to be corrupted by lesser souls using the lofty position of the study to wield power and control over others for their own selfish gain by abusing its moral position.  And "religious studies" is the most loftiest (and consequently, corruptible) of all because it presumably is the authority of morals and decency.

Such a discipline attracts two types, both the most opposite you could ever imagine.

Pure, virtuous, and noble saints like Reverend Ryan


worthless, lazy, (but worse) power-hungry scum who wish to abuse a religion as a means to advance themselves without work, effort or rigor.

Unfortunately experience has told me most pastors (as well as most practitioners)  are not of the Reverend Ryan caliber.  They are in it for themselves, in it because it's an easy subject, in it for the power immediately granted to them, in it for the business, and in it because they lack the intellectual power and capability to determine their own morality and virtue and thus rely on a religion to spell it out for them.  And yes, yes, I know fellow Christian, Jewish, even Muslim, Cappy Cappites, I know you may have that one special pastor that does not fit this bill, but this is (admittedly) the personal, yet empirical, data I have experienced and I still contest the majority of clergymen/women aren't in it for "god" but in it for themselves.

The only thing that is going to convince me otherwise is when I see the church (of whatever religion, sect or denomination) start opening the priest/pastorhood to people with moral caliber like Rev. Ryan who have good hearts, instead of requiring (much like the HR witches in the labor market) "degrees" and "certifications."  When religious entities start promoting good people with good intentions and good hearts to the roles of leadership and not the scamming, verminous scum willing to effectively lie and play "Game of Thrones" to get into positions of leadership then I'll start granting American religions more credit.

In the meantime, I don't care whether Reverend Ryan has the qualifications to be an actual "ordained" minister or not.  He's the only man qualified to be a reverend in my book and my standards are a hell of a lot higher than most official religions'.

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

This is a sad, but a hopeful story in that our protagonist is fighting the good fight on multiple fronts.  However, his latest enemy is manifesting itself in boys without fathers.  Nothing good comes from children without them (and please don't send me anecdotal stories about this one time, at band camp, I knew this kid, and he didn't have a father and like, he became a surgeon!).

Monday, June 17, 2013

Porn Economics

Ahhhhh!!!!  It's so nice to light up a cigar and let other people deal with this.

We're All Out of White Guilt

Though I thoroughly enjoy watching self-hating SWPL's constantly flagellating themselves for the sins of their ancestors they had no control over.

Crusher Joe - The Movie

"Crusher Joe" is an anime series from the late 70's that I was not made aware of until the early 2000's.  Either it didn't get syndication here in the US or it did and it was never broadcasted in my town as a kid.  Regardless, when somebody recommended watching it I had gone through the standard "anime phase" or "cycle" most people my generation did:

Stage 1 "Innocent Kid" - "Wow!  What's this new style of cartoon that looks really awesome!  Holy cow!  People die and get killed in this stuff.  DUDE!  They pilot robots and mecha!  I want red motorcycle too!  OMG, this is the greatest shit ever!"

Stage 2 "Exploration" - "I'm going to watch all the anime I can!  THERE'S HOW MUCH OF THIS STUFF IN JAPAN???  I must go to every obscure video store rental in my neighborhood to see if I can find it.  I heard my buddy has a connect and is loaded with it."

Stage 3 "Realization" - How come none of these plots make sense?  Why did the robot just turn into a pretzel?  I don't get it.  Will they ever get to the point and fight the bad guy?  Is there even a plot to this?  Why the lengthy boring dialogues that are supposed to be deep, but were made for 13 year old Japanese kids and when translated they suck?"

Stage 4 Indifference - "What?  Yet ANOTHER anime about mecha and young kids piloting them as they grow and mature through life?  Yaaawnnn.. oh, hey, college is starting. No more anime for me."

In short whatever novelty and uniqueness about the art or style of Japanese anime is quickly overshadowed by the generally crappy, if not outright lack of, plot or character development.  You go from an intrigued kid with too much time on his hand to an adult who doesn't have time for lousy animation and you rarely revisit anime again, and thus why I was skeptical about "Crusher Joe - the Movie."

However, every GREAT once in a while a masterpiece of anime comes out that doesn't suck and actually warrants your time and viewing.  Cowboy Bebop being one of them (practically mandatory), Spice and Wolf (yes Mr. Fuller) being another, and Ninja Scroll being a third.  "Crusher Joe - The Movie" is one of these films and since I know have a subsegment of anime fans let me provide a quick review.

The drawing style is 1970's/early 80's.  There are some obvious mistakes made (note the ambulance scene), but these do not detract from the overall quality of the film.  Matter of fact I would almost say it makes it "classic" in that 30 years have gone by and it is interesting to see how the style matches the fashion at that time.  The plot is CLEAR and very straightfoward.  No attacking octopus god from the sea who changes into a super mecha only unless the princess can overcome her feelings for a young boy and interfaces with some quasi deity.  They are mercenaries for hire, period.  They get a mission, period.  The mission does not go as they presumed, period.  Ass-kicking commences.

But what I like the most about it, especially for it's time, is its character development and dialogue.  It's very witty, very clever, especially for the era it was made.  It would be on par with the crew of "Firefly" or "Cowboy Bebop."

Unfortunately, I believe they stopped making the movie in production in English because so few are out there they now cost around $200.

So if anybody has a Crusher Joe dvd or knows where to get one, I would certainly appreciate it.

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