Friday, November 30, 2012

The Pathetic Conformity of Young "Rebels"

Something I took for granted was the sworn rivalry between teachers and students.

As a student I remember my teachers and I were sworn enemies.  It was never stated, but it was obvious through actions and behaviors, and as quickly as the first week of kindergarten, that teachers were not there to help the students, but to take advantage of them.  I do not mean in a "physical" or "sexually abusive" way, but in a financial and psychological way.  It was very apparent to me at the age of 5 that the teachers were not there to help us, they were there for ulterior motives, and me and my peers would be the victims in this racket.

Obviously I could not articulate this at that time.  I didn't have the vocabulary, the thought, let alone the context.  But now in hindsight and knowing the racket education is, I can identify precisely what was going on.  Young adults, too lazy to find real work, used "educating the children" as an excuse to avoid math, rigor or any career endeavor that required effort.  And so, for 13 years, me and millions of other youth had to suffer at the hands of overpaid, overglorified, inferior-human, baby sitters, and though we couldn't articulate the argument above, we intuitively KNEW IT becuase of the day in, day out hell these morons forced upon us.  It was WAR.  And it was between the innocent students and the people posing as teachers (why else would "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" be so popular?). 

Fast forward to today and times have definitely changed.  And changed for the worse.

Instead of a Calvin and Hobbes-esque rivalry students have with teachers, they have something much worse.

A BFF relationship.

At least in the "olden days" we knew the teachers were the incompetent boobs sent there to baby sit us. It was clear they were incapable of teaching, let alone stimulating the minds of youth.  They disliked math, and we go to suffer for it.  So it was clear they were the enemy.

But not today.

Oh no.

Teachers are the best friends of the students.  Why, they're all BFF!

Are the teachers the enemy?


Are the teachers arrogant 20 somethings showing cracks as they face the realities of not being intelligent or versed enough in any one subject to capture the minds and curiosity of the students so said students naturally behave?


However, are the teachers spineless 20 somethings that keep the educational standards their typically low level, but now with the added benefits of "happy warm friendship, diversity, global warming, eh.. you all get B's and are winners fuzzies?"


It is here a very sinister development has occurred. 

Instead of students having a natural and visceral hatred for their faux-teachers, teachers have developed the ability to befriend and cajole students.  Beforehand, teachers would just shove whatever political agenda they had on the students, all while spectacularly displaying they had no ability to teach or pass on knowledge, making school a hell.  This was not a recipe for compliance.  The rebellion was akin to Steve McQueen in the Great Escape (and I don't joke about that, me and my peers in grade school came up with some insanely crafty ways to rebel and deal with the mundane hell of school). 

But today, I believe teachers know they know nothing and are not interesting.  And therefore they approach their students in a more ass-kissing way.

The result in an interesting one. 

Unrebellious youth.

In befriending, and not teaching, students, teachers have simply managed to make students "one of the leftists, educational establishment team."

Did they learn calculus?

No, but they did learn about global warming.

Did they learn basic financial budgeting skills?

No, but they did learn how much George Bush sucks.

In other words, the students and teachers are no longer rivals, they're political allies.  And in being allies, there is no distrust.  And with no distrust there can be no rebellious youth.  They're pawns. They're compliant.  They're obedient. 

The irony, of course, is that this is the complete opposite of how they view themselves and how they've been taught to perceive themselves.  Most 20 somethings think they're "independent,"  "highly intelligent" and "very open minded."  When in reality they are nothing but the most conforming generation EVER in US history.

They swallowed whole the the leftist BS shoved down their throats by their indoctrinators.
They swallowed whole the socialist ideology shoved down their throats by their educators.
The parrot and repeat what they were told to by their elders, displaying PERFECTLY they are the opposite of what they claim.

I mean, just look at a hipster.  Somebody trying so hard not to conform they only end up epitomizing conformity. 

The said truth is that none of you youth are "rebels."  You are the most pathetic, sad, group of conforming saps the world has ever seen.  And if you don't believe it, compare yourselves to the second-most pathetic group of conformists - hippie baby boomers.

You know how the baby boomers said, "don't trust anybody over 30?"

You guys can't even follow THAT simple rule!  You eat up whatever older people tell you as long as it jives with what your childish brain wants to believe.  Meanwhile they're robbing your future blind with entitlement programs.  Not to mention does anybody see the irony of when administrators and professors of college campuses keep getting 8-12% raises each year, but their students are so brainwashed and conforming, the students blame it on republican legislatures for not spending enough on education?

So to all you idiotic youth, 90% of which join the college democrats, 90% of you who simple repeat what your professors or teachers said, 90% of which think and do the exact same thing as the other 90%,

you're not rebellious.

you're not indepdenent minded

you're not cool.

You're a bunch of pathetic, ignorant, conforming suckers too stupid and too lazy to be genuine rebels.

You want to see rebels?

Look at the college republicans or college libertarians.

But, oh wait, you can't.  Your teachers said they were racists, sexist, whatever.  And you mustn't disobey you teachers, now, mustn't you?  Why, that would not be conforming!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Yearn to Kill My Boss In Meetings

The meeting works like this;

Big time, gray haired bosses like to see how much of other people’s time they can send into a black hole. ALL people, no matter how irrelevant their job is to the presumed purpose of the meeting are required to attend. Nobody is listening to the current speaker because it’s irrelevant to their job. Meanwhile, the brown nosers who, like you, have no purpose of being at the meeting either, ask a litany of questions or blather on about their project to make themselves sound busy and productive, which only lengthens the pain and suffering of those who actually have REAL work to do. Meanwhile the boss sits there, laughing inside, knowing he or she is exercising their power forcing youto waste your time and made you spend the money on gas to attend the meeting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is the first ever QOTD on Cappy Cap.   He should be proud:

"Women, enjoy your cats
Retirees, enjoy your cat food
Men, enjoy the decline"

The Destruction Principle

In my Crusaderism video I mentioned the "destruction principle."  I didn't do it justice in that it was part of a larger presentation, but I believe it needs expanding and explaining here.

When I was a kid my brother and I would set up snow forts and battle it out throwing snowballs at each other.  Of course, it was more than snowballs, it was more like snow cannon balls and ice chunks.  The key was not to kill each other, but to demolish each other's fort.  Direct hits would cause enough damage that we'd have to spend time repairing them instead of continuing our offensive.

But then I got smart.

I started building a tall snow tower off to the right of my fort.  It didn't take much to build and it was a smaller target.  Once built it attracted all the attention and attacks of my brother.  Sure he'd hit it occasionally, more often than not knocking it down, but the time it took to rebuild it was a fraction of what it would be to rebuild a direct hit to my fort.

In short, I knew psychologically it would make a more attractive target even though it had no "military value."  The reason why?  Easy target, less work.

The trick though was "production" or "value."

Say my brother DID score a direct hit on the tower and brought it down.  The brain would release endorphins because he brought it down.  He would think it was progress, that he achieved some kind of value.  But he didn't.  He was just lazy.

That is the destruction principle.  It is easier to destroy something that already exists than build something of genuine value up from scratch.

This is key to understand the psychology Crusaders and Crusaderism because when given the choice of:

"Work hard, study something rigorous, and put in the effort into a long and demanding career"


"Find something in society that already exists, villianize it and declare it evil, then wage a campaign against it"

the lazy, mathophoic, work-fearing leftist crusader will ALWAYS go for destroying institutions and pillars over doing something that requires effort.

And you must understand how arrogant and truly evil this is.  The crusader doesn't target these pillars or institutions of society because those institutions and pillars are evil.  They target those things because the crusaders are evil.  They are so arrogant and self-centered they have no problem bring down various aspects of society, regardless of:

1.  whether or not society likes these pillars
2.  whether or not society benefits from these pillars
3.  the wishes of anybody else.

The crusader's desire to engage in destruction disguised as heroic, crusading "faux-production" to simply give their meaningless lives meaning is paramount to all other people, all other lives and all other cultures.

Take three genuinely evil people and see if I'm making this up or if my theory explains them.

Dr. Grover Furr - This guy defends Stalin and claims the genocide that occurred under Soviet Russia never happened.  Does he really believe that?  No, probably not.  But it doesn't matter.  It's easier for him to tear down institutions like capitalism, western civilzation, etc., and then claim he's on some kind of "crusade" against the "evil United States."  In reality he is just a worthless human being.

Robert Jensen - The nutjob "professor/journalist" (notice a trend here with worthless people and worthless degrees?) who claimed Thanksgiving was nothing more than a nazi, racist event forced on the poor Indians.  Again, does it dawn on him this was 400 years ago?  Does it dawn on him that most people (Indians included) hold Thanksgiving dear and is part of the American culture?  Of course, not, but that's not his goal.  His goal is to knock down the snow tower and make it seem like he's doing something.  So he falsely vilifies Thanksgiving, gets warm crusaderism fuzzies, and in the process belittles and condemns all you racists, sexist, nazi homophobes.  Again, a worthless human.

Annie Laurie Gaylor (later part of the interview) - You may not know her, but she's one of these nutjobs out there riding around the country suing little towns and counties if they display crosses on cemeteries, public parks, or any other public property.  Does Annie Laurie Gaylor really believe for a second people in different towns are "oppressed" and "offended" by nativity scenes in the local park during Christmas?  No, you can hear it in her voice that she's lying and she can't cite anyone has complained.  But a more plausible theory is she is a worthless individual, too lazy and too incompetent to offer society anything of value.  Does it bear out?  You be the judge.  Worthless degree?  Worthless faux-accomplishments?  Worthless person?

But again, none of that matters.  Annie's little ego is more important than the thousands of other people who she forces her little crusade upon, even though these people never did anything to her.

The scary thing about the destruction principle is just how scary it is in predicting tyrants and dictators.  People who don't care about other people, who are so narcissistic they believe they are the only ones that matter and not only do other people not matter, but they should be forced to bide by the crusader's will.  Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Osama Bin Laden you name it, all spoiled little brats with no real skill who deemed their precious little egos more valuable than the lives of millions.

I didn't make the video of Crusaderism for S's and G's.  I made it as a weapon, a tool, and a warning.  We can identify these people.  We can indentify the people who are are going to destroy the country.  AND we can explain what they're doing and why.  This is not an argument to go and kill these people or anything as drastic like that, it's to expose them so when they say, "America is evil" or "capitalism is evil" or "hard work is evil" or any other outright lie they tell is identified as such and the public is made aware of what their ulterior motives really are.  To destroy the United States and western civilization because they refuse to be adults and work for a living.

It is that simple.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Masters Degree in Pot


hat tip.


Dr. Helen points out the shortage of men willing to marry and the surplus of women who want marriage

Dalrock updates his charts lending further data to support this.

I ask the simple question, "If women want to get married, then why don't they start considering what men want?"

Of course, we know the answer. They want a wedding.  They want "their day."  They don't want to be a wife, let alone serve and support a guy. That is glaringly obvious to the men who are refusing to propose.

But hey, you girls go an enjoy that decline, alright!

Hipsters on Food Stamps Part II

It's a simple thesis and no one wants to hear it: hipsters may lack drive, but the world they live in wasn't set up by them, it was set up by their parents, i.e. the Dumbest Generation Of Narcissists In The History Of The World, the ones who magnified the importance and cost of college without having any idea of what should be its purpose, let alone its content.  

I would only add that the Hipsters and youth in general who think they're so independent failed miserably to be truly independent in that they sucked up and swallowed whole the leftist commie tripe that was shoved down their throats.  There was no "don't trust anybody over 30"  They listened to their Baby Boomer and Gen X Parents because the crap they were saying was too sweet to critically think about.

It will be very fun to enjoy the decline.

Feminists Hating On the Division of Labor

Why do you feminists hate the division of labor so much?

And an aside, but I'm going to keep doing this until it gets into the young ladies' skulls, how many of you men could imagine dating, let alone marrying somebody with this "vision" of a family.

"So You Just Walked Off the Job???"

I don't know why it popped into my mind, but I remembered interviewing about a year back for a credit analyst position.  It was a hiring manager/HR ditz duo combo interview.  The hiring manager was asking pertinent questions and answering my pertinent questions in return.  It became very clear I knew more about underwriting and analysis when he didn't know what market-inference pricing was (a technique I use to value collateral), resulting in essentially me giving him a lesson.  Intermittently we were interrupted by the HR ditz with one of her canned questions.

But two stood out, not because of her questions, but because of my answers.

The first was "so you spent a pretty short stint at bank X.  Why such a short stint?"

I answered truthfully:

"They were corrupt, lending money to friends and cronies, and anytime I did any kind of analysis they disregarded it and wanted me to change the figures."

She then asked, "So did you give them two weeks notice."

"Nope, I just up and left."

She was shocked.  You could hear it in her voice,


 She literally couldn't believe somebody would have the audacity to just give their employer the proverbial bird and leave without notice.  It was almost as if she said, "So you just BEAT YOUR CHILDREN!!!???"  Never mind I might have had good reason to. Never mind it is more likely employers are more abusive and unjust than the employees.  No, I violated a cardinal rule.  I didn't give my employer 2 weeks notice.

The second question that she asked was about my book.

"So I see you wrote a book," referring to "Behind the Housing Crash."

I said "yes, I did."

"So what's it about?"

"It's an expose of all the corrupt dealing and banking practices I saw and endured while working at various community banks in Minnesota."

Thinking she had me she said, "So why didn't you put this on your resume!?" proving she had Google-Stalked me.

I said, "It is on my resume.  If you look on the second page at the bottom, it should be noted there." proving she hadn't done her job.

Soon enough the hiring manager piped in, "Actually, he did list it.  It's right here."

And then the money-shot quote, "But you wrote a book!"

I had to laugh inside because I wanted to say, "Yeah, my god!  People writing books!  Next thing you know people might start READING BOOKS!!! GASP!!!"

Again, I don't know why the thought popped into my mind this morning, but it did remind me that in the back recesses of my mind a theory or thought is starting to form.  A theory that goes something like this:

Two factors are giving employers and corporations the upper hand when it comes to the labor market.  One, the fact the labor market sucks right now with record high unemployment gives employers the negotiating edge.  Additionally the sheer length of time the average person is unemployed now makes these people even more desperate, giving employers an additional advantage.  Two, progressive credentialism has resulted in a wicked spiral.  Because everybody has college degrees, people now must get additional certifications in order to be the better candidate among their peers.  So people then pursue masters degrees.  The problem is that everybody is pursing masters degrees.  And so people pursue extra credentials or certifications.  The problem is everybody is pursuing additional certifications, and so on and so on.  In the end nearly everybody is overqualified and overeducated for most jobs.  So to outshine other candidates job hunters resort to softer skills,namely ass kissing and brown-nosing.  Impeccably sharp suits, spending time networking and attending job fairs, the job hunter is so desperate they'll spend more time trying to find a job than actually working.

Now, analogize this to a market where you have a score of suitors pursuing one woman.  The male suitors are the job hunters and the sole woman is the job.  What is going to happen to that woman's psychology when day after day she is asked out, pursued, inquired about and just plain lavished with attention?  Furthermore, what is gong to happen to her psychology when these men become more and more desperate resorting to tactics like flowers, chocolates, them wearing stupidly loud shirts?  100 to 1 she's going to develop and ego and an attitude.  She's going to become arrogant and cocky and instead of looking for what she really needs (a man) she's going to nit pick irrelevant things (I don't like how his nails are done.  I don't like his shoes, etc.).

And it's the same with employers.

Because of progressive credentialism and all the extra labor in the market, employers are adopting a very arrogant and cocky attitude.  So arrogrant and cocky the psychological torment you'd have to go through working the job would plain not be worth it (just like dating the entitlement princess).  And we already see evidence of employers getting this attitude.



By the way where is your Facebook password, I want it.  And no you can't have mine.

Oh, and we're going to Google-Stalk you.

And we want to run a credit check on you, but you can't request the same of us.

I even recall an investment bank requiring your ACT and SAT scores

It is also no coincidence HR is once again dominated by women.  The skills women develop nitpicking minor infractions among romantic suitors is the precise exact same skills they use to nitpick infractions against job applicants.  Of course, it is no surprise their success in picking qualified romantic suitors is the same as picking qualified job applicants.  There is no data out there to prove it, but nearly EVERY HR lady I've personally know has been divorced, had dating problems, or at minimum had some kind of mental problem.  Sure there were a handful of relatively stable women, but the majority were not.  And I'm willing to bet their woefully inadequate ability to judge character when choosing men is equally woefully inadequate when judging job applicants (which we do have actual data for from MErcer, which shows a r-square of .14 between HR questions and actual job performance).  This should not be surprising when instead of asking questions about accounting, valuation techniques, chemical processes, and HR ditz can only assess things like:

"I don't like his hair."

"He didn't answer 'if you could be an animal, which animal would it be and why' question to my satisfaction."

"Did you see her shoes!?  OMG!  Hideous!"

Not to belabor the HR angle, the larger point is that it is becoming very obvious corporations are developing a psychosis of their own.  It's almost as if they're becoming sentient even though they're organizations.  An entitlement princess mentality is developing which makes the proposition of working for them not worth the risk of spending 20 years of your life getting educated, certified, qualified, licensed and CPE'd to death, only to have a job where your psychologically abused.

And just like men are boycotting women, so too I believe employees will boycott abusive employers.

Enjoy the decline!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Super Happy Warm Fuzzy Feminists

Help the Captain out here.  An evil little seed has been planted in my mind.  It will grow into an eeeevil little idea and then an eeeevil little plan.  And when I execute this plan it will be pure EEEEEVILLLLL!  I will laugh maniacally.  BWAHA HA HA HAAAA!!!

So here's a list of the "you go girl" "grrrrl power" types of women  from an old list whose advice and lecturings have done nothing but hurt women.

Virginia Heffernan
Sandra Log Tsing
Maureen Dowd
Emily Bazelon
Lindy West
Amanda Marcotte
Jessica Valenti
Jill Filipovic
Carolyn Hax
Hanna Rosin
Ann Bartow

Can we add to this?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

You Learn Something from Video Games Afterall

"Rubric" "Paradigm" and Other Stupid Words Academians Use

Reminder - The Peter Schiff Show

A friendly reminder to all the economists, lieutenants, and agents in the field, the ole Captain will be on the Peter Schiff Show tomorrow, Monday the 26th,  10:33AM Eastern time.

Tune in!

Give the Woman the Credit Card...

and look what happens.

Just kidding.  Margret Thatcher and (more recently) Merkel display/ed more fiscal responsibility than the bozo we have in office today.

That being said, time to buy more commodities!  Cause the same thing is going to happen here!

Enjoy the decline!

The "Less Sucky Economy" Bubble

I loathe bubbles.  Not because bubbles distort prices, misallocate resources, trigger recessions and drop standards of living, but because they keep screwing up my economic predictions.  And it's not even that they screw up my predictions.  My economic predictions normally come true, I guess a better way to say it is they "postpone" my economic predictions.

For example I intuitively knew a long time ago that the US was on an unsustainable economic path.  We would have to balance the budget, cut government spending, otherwise the private sector would be crowded out, etc. etc.  I was in my 20's and naturally I was a "party pooper" I was the "loser Republican who was wound too tight."  At parties people would try to start arugments with me and i would say, "Look, this is not going to work, it's not sustainable!"

Was I right?

Of course I was, I'm always right!

But was I proven right at that time?


Worse, I was temporarily proven WRONG by a bubble,  Namely the housing bubble.

With the housing bubble the US (and other) economies looked incredibly great.  People were making money, GDP was going through the roof, unemployment was below 5%.  What is that idiot republican talking about?  Why is he such a downer?   

And good luck being the one republican at a 20 something party who now has to explain the masking effects a housing bubble has on the underlying, long term fundamentals of the US economy.  You're always the life of the party then!

And so, even though I would be proven right in due time, at that moment in time I was a bad economist.  I was put into the penalty box and I felt shame.

Of course, inevitably I was vindicated.  The housing bubble popped and the ensuing crash came.  And if anything the election of Barack Obama merely hastened my prediction of an "ultimate" crash coming triggered by unsustainable government spending.  But particularly vindicating was the aging and thus maturing of my friends and peers.  A decade ago I was the "tight, loser, most-likely-racist republican."  Today, now that my friends are married, have houses, have children, had jobs, lost jobs, lost their houses, etc., they're paying a little bit more attention to what the Ole Captain is saying.  And I might add there have been several friends who have said something to the effect of,

"You know, we all thought you were just this nerd who didn't know what he was talking about, but man, you were right!"

It was almost as if I was becoming a WELL-RESPECTED ECONOMIST!!!

Of course, the irony was that as the economy worsened my reputation and career improved.  Predicting doom, but living in a doomed world.  Watching the US get destroyed and capitalizing off of it.  But I was happy.  I was on the vanguard of predicting the crashes, the envelop of economic thought (Enjoying the Decline, ID-ing feminism as a marxist threat, minimalism, etc.), things were finally going the way I predicted they would...until....

another bubble.

Though thoroughly enjoying drinking Rumpleminze and playing video games, sadly I'm starting to see another bubble on the horizon.  Another stinking bubble that is no doubt going to postpone my predictions.  Another bubble that will mask our severe and crippling financial problems here in the US and give the desperate investing community the false rationale they need to start driving asset prices WAY above the value of their underlying cash flow.

The "Less Sucky Economy" Bubble.

The Less Sucky Economy Bubble or "LSEB" is precisely that.

Is our economy great?


Is our economy good?


Is our economy even sustainable?


But it is LESS SUCKY than all the other economies out there so LET'S FLOOD THE US MARKET WITH MONEY ANYWAY!!!!

The reason we're "less sucky" here in the US is NOT because of the problems of Greece and Europe.  I know people have been talking about that for a while analogizing the US to the "best looking horse in the glue factory."  And that is true.  What I'm talking about is that combined with a crash in China.

I am no expert on the Chinese economy, but what I have read and studied it is becoming more and more apparent the Chinese economy will contract, maybe even crash (perhaps some junior, deputy, aspiring, official or otherwise economist can speak more of this).  HOwever, it doesn't even have to crash, it just has to stagnate and its other drawbacks (corruption, inefficiency, bureaucratically managed SOE's) will be the end of China being a beacon of economic growth in the world, and thus no longer a destination for foreign investment.

Stagnation or crash, the question will be the same - where do we invest?  Who will lead the world economy out of its doldrums?  Who will be our hero!?

You won't believe the answer.

The United States.

That fat, bloated, overeducated, unskilled, lazy, gluttonous, debt-ridden, crippled country who re-elected a bread and circus man is going to be the "savior" of the world.


Again, it's not that there are any genuine economic growth prospects, let alone an economic future in the US, it's that we're pretty much "less sucky" than everybody else.

Europe???  Are you kidding?  They hate themselves and are being run over by immigrants from other countries who not only want to destroy western civilization, but disproportionately live off the state.  Their debt problems are definitely "more sucky" than ours and if France is any indication they love socialism even more than we do.

China?  Well if China does crash/contract/stagnate, every quants black-swan models are going to be thrown off because their forecasted growth rates will no longer apply.  That means the prices we're paying for Chinese investment assets are way too high and likely to come crashing down.  So China is out for the count.

South America/Central America?  Well, while I do like Mexico, it's going to be impossible because of its relatively small size to counteract the larger South American continent, namely a collapse in growth in Brazil and Argentina (besides, just watch what happens to Argentina with their socialist fool ruining the country).

That leaves the United States as the default go to economy in a world of really sucky economies.

Sadly, this bubble will again mask our underlying problems and provide faux growth (like the housing bubble did for Bush and the Dotcom bubble did for Clinton) for Obama.  I don't believe it will result in "booming" GDP growth or lower employment, as much as continued financing for our government to borrow and low interest rates in general.  It will also improve the value of the dollar.  Debt will continue to go up, and if there is any improvement in headline economic statistics (GDP, unemployment, etc.) that good news will once again overshadow our more pressing problems (entitlement programs, spending, and debt).

However, this brings up another aspect of the United States that people don't realize.  What we are relying on is our previous reputation as the "United States."  Keep in mind most people in the world, just like the US, are spectacularly ignorant about economics.  They are too lazy to look things up, let alone think through and develop a functional understanding of how economics works.  So the majority of people and thus money, flows based on perception and reputation.  The US dollar is still the reserve currency of the world only because of the reputation we earned ourselves when we did some serious ass-kicking we did in the 40's and 50's. Today it will remain so because we're "less sucky," regardless of the rot and decay in our economic fundamentals.

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Sunday Morning Sermon from Reverend Aurini

Better than regular church.  Though a language warning.

Target: Swedish Feminism

Next time we have to save Europe, let's not save Sweden.

On a related note - the father could not be reached for comment (but thankfully the state is there for her)

On a related note, ladies, I want you to hear me and hear me well.  If a law like this EVER gets passed in the US, the guns are coming and the revolution will start. What irks me about the article is how the men in the article completely failed to reframe the debate and are thus lending credence to it by engaging these communists by coming up with pathetic rationales why then shouldn't have to pee sitting down.  They should be saying, "you just try it and see what happens."

On an unrelated note - HI-freaking-larious.  Language warning.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dealing With the HR Ditz

The next war the Captain will be waging is on Human Resources.  You math impaired children have been warned.

The Beginning of the End for China

Oh well, kiss the world's second largest economy good bye.  They would have made a great super power.  Oh well.

Stupid Business Ideas I Have Dealt With

So the great thing about the banking industry is that since most banks are insured by the FDIC, they are by law required to submit and make public their financial statements.  Doesn't matter if they are a large, multi-billion dollar megabank.  Doesn't matter if they're the local pissant community bank hiring burned out high school football heros from the 1970's.  All banks have to make public their financial statements.

Thus, every quarter I get to play "I told you so" as I look up the various banks I've worked for in the past and this quarter was no exception.  Pretty much every one of them posted a loss, though I was expecting some to either break into profitability or continue their short, albeit minor, streak of profitability.  Oh well, it's just more enjoying the decline.

However, as I was doing my quarterly perusal of banks' income statements, it reminded me of all the galactically stupid and brain-dead business ideas that people not only came up with, but scores of bankers were stupid enough to finance.  And I thought as a public service to all of you hopeful and budding entrepreneurs I would dispense my advice about what businesses are "good ideas" and which ones are "bad ideas" so that not only do YOU personally avoid personal bankruptcy, but that the taxpayers don't bail you and the world's dumbest bankers out again.

"The Sports Bar"

First, you can't say, "the sports bar."  YOu have to say it like your a fratboydouche with your hat on backwards majoring in business.  "I'm gonna start a SPortz BAR!!!  Wooo!!!"

Except you're not some 22 year old moron, you're typically a 50 year old balding male desperately trying to give your meaningless life some meaning.  So you go through a midlife crisis, you remember Cheers from the 80's when you were young and think, "Hey!  I'll start a SPORTS BAR!!!"

Do you have any experience in accounting?


Do you have any experience in managing a bar?


Food service?


No, all you know is you want to start a SPORTS BAR because you think it will be "cool."

Thank god you don't have any projections, because that would only confuse the equally desperate and sad middle aged male banker who is also going through a similar midlife crisis.  So when you're in his office and he asks you what you want $2.5 million for you can say, "SPORTS BAR!!!"

And he will in turn yell "SPORTS BAR!!!!"

Then you'll talk about how you played mediocre high school football back in the Carter years.

You'll make a go at it, name it a name you think is cool like "Dickie's" or "The Dug Out," but it will inevitably be  like your life - a failure.

"My Own Truckin' Company"

Before embarking on this venture make sure you have a decent job as a trucker, but no experience managing a trucking company.  It also helps to max out your credit as much as possible so that you spend every penny you earn with no cushion for emergencies or start up capital.  Buy all your toys, pick up trucks, snowmobiles, motorcycles, RV's, and then make sure to spit out just enough kids so you're above the poverty line.  Make sure your wife still has that hot 80's feathered hair and bonus points to you if you still have your mullet.

Declare to the world,

"Hoo dang dinglely dangilee!  What fer I need dis here truckin' job fer?  Why I kin do it myself!  Don't need no boss.  Gonna be my own boss!  How hard can it be doin' all dat accoutun' un stuff."

Quit your well-paying reliable job as a trucker.

Declare your wife, who has 3 months cosmetology school, your "Controller and CFO."

Don't bother registering an LLC or any form of a corporation at the state.  You won't be around that long.

Go on the internet and find the crappiest POS of a semi-truck that you can afford and after doing that don't worry about maintenance or anything as such.

Go to the local community bank and ask for the entire amount of money you need to pay for the truck.  When the banker says, "we can only loan 75% of the value of the truck" have the betwixt look on your face and say, "Nuuh uhh.. I need git of it."  The banker will then ask if you have a business plan, which you won't.  Go back home.  Grab a sheet of paper.  Have the Mrs. take .75 and multiply it by the price of the semi-truck (she do dat math stuff) and write that number down in the middle of the paper.  YOu write above that number:

"business plan."

You then write below that number.

"How much I need for the truck." (I swear to god I'm not making this up, this did happen).

Return to the banker and sign every piece of paper he puts in front of your face.

Well hot giggity, Jessup!  You is an official truck driver!

Make sure you don't have any business lined up before you start your venture.  When you do get business lined up, make sure you're drunk about half the time delivering only semi-regularly.  Remember, those idiot bosses of yours managing the trucking company didn't know nothing!  It is that easy.

In 4 months when you can't understand why you don't have any money left, ask your wife (she's the CFO anyway).  She wont' know.

Go to the bank and ask for more money.  When the banker asks for your financial statements, give him that blank stare with your bucktooth dopey grin that proves humankind can devolve.

If you're lucky the banker will take a 2nd and then a 3rd mortgage on your crappy trailer trash home (true story) and that will buy you and your utterly crappy excuse of a family another 4 months to live.

Blame your failure on George Bush.

Coffee Shop

First, get your Masters in English so you can spend your time and your daddy's money sipping down $6 a cup coffee.  Find a group of equally stupid people to tell yourselves how smart you all are while doing everything you can do avoid math and contributing anything to society.   Upon graduation and after 2 months of an unfruitful job hunt, declare yourself too smart to work a menial job and that you're going to start your own coffee shop.

Find equally ungifted friends who have the same abysmal lack of business acumen and experience.  Go to the richest, most liberal part of town, you know where all the hipsters hang out and spend their parents money, driving up rent and costs, and use a computer program to find the area of town with the HIGHEST coffee shops per capita.

Locate there.

Sign a lease without knowing what a lease is and go running to daddy to help you pay.  Unable to help you because he's working an extra 50 hours per week in the coal mine to pay for your English degree, you'll have to get a loan.

Spend hours on your Apple laptop downloading pastel colored power point presentations and business plan templates filling them out very verbosely and with unnecessary words, remembering at all times to avoid math at all costs.  Outsource any of the accounting and math to that nerdy accounting beta orbiter friend you have.  Fail to realize the irony you are marxist starting a for-profit company because you've never given ideology much thought.

Go to the bank, but make sure you talk to a female banker.  Preferably middle aged and angry looking.  When meeting with her blather on about how you're an independent woman as your father is trapped in a collapsing mine unbeknownst to you.  Mention 40 times you have your MASTERS degree and 42 times your are a young, budding entrepreneurial woman and 65 times you plan to go "all green and all organic."

The banker will give you an SBA loan, don't worry about what that is or what it means, have your beta orbiter worry about it, besides the tax payer will bail you out anyway, Julia.

Sign every piece of paper put in front of your face, and meet the construction crew at the new coffee shop as you also have your equipment delivered.  Have your engineering beta orbiter put it all together for you.  Start drinking into your profits.  Name the coffee shop something you think is cute, but doesn't differentiate it from any of the other 200 coffee shops on the block.  Say, "Cool Beans."  oh, you clever intelligent independent woman you!

Invite all your friends over for your grand opening.  Most of your friends end up at different, but equally crappily designed, 1990's grunge coffee shops confused about which one is yours.  Design an accounting system where the currency isn't dollars but "likes" on Facebook.  Make a go at it for 6 months and when you get tired of it, just put a "closed" sign on the door.  Dont' tell anybody, including your landlord.

Contemplate going back for your doctorate in English.  Buy some cats.

Horse Farm

Get fake books.
Don't even bother going to college.
Find a rich husband (or at least you think he's rich, but you can't tell the different between debt or equity anyway, so tee-heee HORSIIIIIIEEEESSSS!!!!)
Beg and plead of him to buy you horses.
Hubby will rearrange his 45 inter-owned shell LLC's to make it look like there's equity to borrow against.  Dumb banker will lend against it never asking the simple question "how does ONE person have the time to manage 45 separate companies?"  Besides, he had nice hair (true story).
Pledge horses as collateral.
Wait for the IRS, FBI and Post Office Investigative Division to arrest your hubby on fraud, tax evasion, and mail fraud.
Bank's loan committee will constantly renew your husband's line of credit used to buy the horses doing "drive bys" to confirm the horses (or at least the barn) is still there.  After 2 years of extend and pretend and vigorous debate on whether or not to repossess, loan committee will finally decide to repossess the horses.  Repossessing banker finds out horses are dead skeletons...will hold out for $40,000 per horse (that's an inside joke there).

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Entitlements or Growth

Choose one.  Not both.

Happy Thankgiving, Now Go Buy Stuff

There once was a little boy in Minnesota.  He had a dream that instead of going out to all the stores on Thanksgiving night or Black Friday, families would instead gather around the glowing laptop screen and buy all their stuff on Amazon.  The large retailers would post horrible sales figures, the markets would tank, and Fed Chairman Bernanke would issue "QE XVII - the Revenge of the Central Bankers" before Christmas.  The dollar would further plummet assisting the young boy's positions in Norwegian Kroners and commodities, but families across the country would bond better having more quality family time.  The young boy would then take the proceeds from his commissions and buy himself a 3 week vacation in Oklahoma during late May where he could go tornado chasing.

Help make a bachelor-economist's dream come true this Christmas:

Shop on Amazon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From our Spanish Agent in the Field.

Sexism in STEM

From one of our Lovely Lady Agents in the Field:

"Anyhow, this is kind of random, but a lot of women who graduate with degrees in Chemical Engineering really aren't all that qualified in comparison to  men; even women with PhDs. I know this probably sounds sexist, which I know you don't care, but this is a serious problem. I think it's more sexist to make men do the real work to become Chemical Engineers, while many women can make excuses and do half of the work. 

Women who go through Chemical Engineering programs tend to get special treatment because there's so few women that go into that field. They are especially coddled if they happen to have female professors in the department (they tend to want to push more women through). They are held to different standards and routinely are passed through courses that they really shouldn't be passing. I've also personally seen women who literally do no work towards their thesis or dissertation research projects, but are able to ride on the coattails of the department or other Master's and Doctoral candidates to get through. Usually some poor bastard gets stuck doing their work for them. Often they can find a way to shirk their duties in terms of presenting their research to different conferences and committees. The abuse is rampant. I also knew a girl a few years ago who got a Master's, but she was able to earn it because her cousin did all of her homework and tutored her for every exam. Another classmate's father was a professor at the university. 

 So what you have happening is many women in Chemical Engineering are not qualified to be engineers and unfortunately, they have other people's lives on their hands when they get jobs. Also, they make the women who are very knowledgeable and serious engineers look bad as a result. I can't tell you how many utter moronic women you can meet at a Chemical Engineering conference. Although it is slightly better than at a Women's Studies conference, haha. It's really astounding considering they're in such a cerebral field. Take this for what you will, but this was my experience going through the program and my boyfriend's experience getting his Master's in Chem. Eng. a few years ago.  I can tell you with quite a bit of confidence that this issue is spread among most universities. Consider all the affirmative action and liberal BS that tend to originate in universities and then is applied to their's really horrible and also in the long run, doesn't work in anyone's best interest.

Now my experiences have been a bit different.  The women I knew in STEM fields earned it, but this was over 15 years ago AND I was not an engineering major.  Additionally, I knew women in the capacity of student, not job hunter, applicant or employee.  Mayhaps some of our Engineering Deputized Economists can fill us in as to just how common this is.

So Dalrock and Badger Walk Into a Bar...

and lay waste to everything in sight.

First Badger

Then Dalrock

Then Dalrock again

and none of the communists or feminists got up ever again.

The end.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A List I Need Help With

Here's what I got:

Kate at SDA
Kathy Shailde

These are the names of bloggers who use their real names and are not anonymous.

Can you think of other pro-freedom, conservative, libertarian, manosphere bloggers that are also using their own names and are not anonymous.  It IS important because I just realized something.



How Far Would You Go to Avoid Math

You all know my theory about crusaderism and math.  Specifically how the hatred for math drives people to great lengths to avoid it at all costs.  The consequence is, absent of math, people cannot find real jobs and are incapable of accepting or identifying FACTS and TRUTH, allowing them (in western societies where they can afford such naivety) to live in La La Land.

Crusdadersim kicks in where the mathphobic has too big of an ego to admit, "I'm not worth much of anything.  I'm too lazy to learn a real skill." and accept their low and well-deserved level in society.  Instead they join political "crusades" not to champion whatever poor, noble cause they claim to, but instead for their own psychological benefit.

So imagine how afraid this woman is of math to go and join the FARC rebels in Colombia.  Anything to avoid learning math, hey sweetheart?  She's nothing but another Adam Qadahn.

"Mathphobic"...I like that term.

Housing Starts "Surge"


Here's the visual

Graph of Housing Starts: Total: New Privately Owned Housing Units Started

Oprah vs. The Captain

Ladies you have a choice when it comes to what you want to believe in terms of what intimidates men.

Oprah or the Captain.

Or in other words

"Pretty lies that won't help you in the long run and are more likely to damage you in the long run because they're not based in reality"


"Blunt truth that may be harsh to digest at first, but when you do your life will probably be much happier."

This behooves a question the great Kojak asked many times:

"Who loves ya, baby!?"

The person lying to you or the guy telling the truth.

Oh, you must go to 13:40 mark.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Men Liberal Women Get to Choose From

Sorry guys, this is a must.  You don't have to read it, you just have to look at the title and the picture below it and it says everything.

hat tip

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Captain Is In Desperate Need of Women

Greetings Ladies of the Cappy Cap Persuasion!

I am in desperate need of help from the ladies in the Capposphere. 

As you may or may not know I am trying to release "Enjoy the Decline" before Christmas.  The writing is on schedule, but the editing and proof reading also has to be done.  Normally I rely on a two-lady team to do my editing and proofing, but it is at the mercy of their schedule and when they have free time which I fear will not be before December 25th.  And so I am looking to the fine, pretty, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, witty, charming, beautiful, sexy, wonderful, exceptional, beautiful, intoxicating, pretty, smart, beautiful ladies in my readership for any one charitable and kind enough to volunteer their proof-reading services.

I am not asking for any one person to proof read the WHOLE book, but rather just one chapter.  There are 14 chapters in total, so if I am blessed enough to have 14 volunteers, I would be very thankful.

Keep in mind though, it's really boring.  I'm not looking for content editing, I'm looking for TYPOS.  Wrong words, incorrect words, or sentences that do not make sense.  So it means you have to edit it, word by word, not "read it."  It should also be easier than normal in that I DON'T  CARE ABOUT GRAMMAR.  I don't care about what the appropriate use is for a semi-colon vs. a full-colon, I like dangling participles and I do love my run on sentences.

If you are interested, please let me know by e-mailing me.  I'll e-mail you a chapter and you can notate the typos however you want to e-mail me back. 

Sorry men, but women are just better at proof-reading.  Unless you REALLY THINK you can be as detailed as the ladies, I prefer the anal retentive lording over details that women...errr...I mean "precision" skills women seem to be naturally gifted with.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good to See Socialism Working

"Enjoy the Decline" cannot come fast enough.

I've upped the publish date by a month.  Hopefully before Christmas.

And this is going to be just as timely as my housing bubble book (which coincidentally was published the day Lehman Brothers went belly up).

Double Face Palm


Again, I occasionally worry that the advice I dispense to the young boys of today no longer applies.  Then I read what 20 something girls are writing (AND ARE DATING COACHES) and realize, once again, The Manosphere is needed more than ever.

Boys, can you imagine the high-end, deep, philosophical talks you'd have being married to somebody like this, not to mention the mental stimulation you'd have?

Yeah, neither can I.

She wins the Double Face Palm Award!

"What Did You Major In?"

Saturday morning cartoons will come next, but this is just funny on its own:

On a related note, your Ole Captain will be on the Peter Schiff Show!  Monday, Nov. 26th 1033AM EST. Let's all tune in and see if we can't send enough traffic to show up on his radar!  I mean, DON'T ALL CALL IN just for "shout outs" unless you have a great story or point, just tune in. 

I Command You to Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Hey!  It's Saturday!  What are you doing on the internet!  You should be watching cartoons!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ladies Night at the Cappy Cap Club!

If you love the Cappy Cap Ladies you will provide them some linkage/traffic love.

Though...*sniff sniff*...none of these girls "ever" link to me...*sniff sniff*...if only they'd ever show the Captain a little love and kindness and link back...*sniff sniff*

Hmmm...children or a Ferrari...I'll take the Ferrari please.

The state will replace fathers and husbands...and women WILL like it damnit!

Instead of Daft Punk's "Harder Faster Better Stronger" it could be "Hotter, Younger, Sexier, Younger"

Die Big Education, DIE!!!!


0 jobs at $100,000 per year is better than 18,500 jobs at $30,000 per year.  It's Marxist economics, you're too stupid to understand.

Financial worry of having children?  What financial worry?  The state will be you husband and financial provider!

Two pieces.  One, the patriarchy will come back, trust me on this.  Economics is like physics, there always needs to be equilibrium.  Two, gosh I love it when feminism and religion collide.

HAR!!!  "Soviet Kitchen!"  The best recipes from the Soviet Union for Thanksgiving!  Enjoy a Thanksgiving meal of gruel and water that nobody will be thankful for!!!

Joan of ARRRRGH enjoys the decline!

I will never abandon my crew.  My crew is what was my family away from home.  They were and to this day are the reason I live.  No girl, no wife, no nobody is going to get me to leave them because I didn't join up with them out of boredom using them to kill time until I found a spouse.  I joined up with them because I wanted to.  Men who abandon their crew deserve the loneliness and tyrannical life their wives will force upon them.

James Bond shouldn't sleep with women.  It's not Christian.

New inductee into the "Cappy Cap Harem"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Called "Capital Flight"

Do you socialists do anything but hamper and obstruct the progress and advancement of others?  Is it an envy or inferiority thing?  Or are you just a bunch of assholes?

Security Guards vs Corporate Cogs

Roosh is correct in ascertaining that leadership requires solitude.  The reason is not that there's some kind of psychological quality and trait in being a loner, but in being alone or having lengthy periods of time by yourself you are allowed to think, ponder and philosophize. A disproportionate number of my higher quality pieces are a direct result of me driving thousands of miles either on my motorcycle or in my car out west, only to hike for countless hours in the western wilderness.  After you run out of podcasts and MP3's to listen to, you start listening to yourself and your brain goes on journeys as long and as far as your hikes.

Another thing about being alone or being a "loner" is it requires a fair amount of confidence and faith in yourself.  You have to be an interesting person if for any other reason to entertain yourself.  You need to stimulate your mind and intellect and not just engage in thought, but engage in activities that challenge you.  Most people will not be able to keep up (for example only one person I met in Wyoming could keep up with me hiking), reenforcing your solitude.  But you're OK with that because you don't mind being alone advancing your thoughts and philosophies to new frontiers and epiphanies.  Just don't expect anybody else to be on Deseret Peak pondering flaws in Austrian Economic theory.

Finally, you must look at what kind of careers or jobs are conducive to being a loner.  It is no surprise corporate heads are the most bland, cookie cutter, vanilla wafer intellects in the entire US population.  If they do what they're told and are good little cogs, by the time they reach upper management their brains have melted.  It is merely anecdotal, but the few higher up people i've met are not intelligent, not engaging and not interesting. They certainly aren't leaders like the founders of the companies who were visionaries.  They are conformists who paid the price of intellect and independent thought so they could afford beamers, a McMansion and a "career" that is so drab and dry their brain doesn't even realize it anymore.  You wouldn't want to have a beer with them and you certainly wouldn't want to date them.  It is also why some of the most interesting people I've met in my life are security guards and truck drivers.  They got all the time in the world to think and ponder.  Corporate cogs can only tell you how exciting it was to do data entry.

So before you decide to enter a career as a good "corporate man" you have to ask yourself the question NOT if your mind can handle it.  But is it worth the price you have to pay knowing your brain will never fully develop and reach it's intellectual and philosophical peak.  Because I don't know about you, but life is too short to have boring thoughts or be that person who thinks "boycotting oil on that ONE day" is somehow deep economic or political thinking.

Some Very Cappy Christmas Shopping Advice

Advice to save you money and sanity while shopping this "shopping season" for Christmas

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dealing With Female Hysterics

Those Who Can't Do, Teach

Those who do, do.

I'm going to tell you kids for about the 300th time

You do NOT need a degree in the liberal arts to gain the knowledge and education it provides.  You need to simply go to the library.

AND this has the added benefit of having the exact same employment prospects as if he had attended

Heck, I'm one of the best economists in the world and all I have is a MINOR in econ!

Shocking, yes, I know, but I'm just glad I didn't get a doctorate.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nothing Left to Lose - The Last Ingredient

In order to achieve your best you cannot have any other responsibilities except unto yourself.  What I mean by that is if you REALLY want to excel, you really want to push your mind and and body to the limit and see just what pure excellence you can achieve in this finite life you have, you cannot be working for somebody else, you cannot be beholden to somebody else, you cannot answer to somebody else.

This is difficult because unless you are independently wealthy, you must answer to somebody else.  Namely, you need a job, you need food on the table, you need shelter over your head and so, one way or another, you have to play by other people's rules.

Unfortunately, employers' goals are not your own.  Their goals are for their shareholders and owners (as it should be).  Therefore they WILL compensate you for your time, but you will not be working towards something you want in life.  You are merely entering into this agreement to sustain yourself, not advance yourself.

What angers me though is when employers, or others, then think what you do in your free time is somehow their business and under their jurisdiction.  You write a blog, you are politically active, you moonlight or consult on the side, you pursue a hobby or second career.  And with the internet (especially for young people whose personal lives on pretty much ON the internet), it's pretty easy for employers to snoop into your personal lives.  What enrages me, however, is where they have the audacity to start claiming rights and control over your free time, holding your daytime job hostage so that you don't engage in behavior they disapprove of (even though it is your free life and your free time).

I wanted to get a law passed in the legislature that would ban companies from disciplining or firing people for any activity outside of work that didn't directly threaten or undermine their employer.  But with the most recent elections I doubt anything that sensible would get passed at the state or national level.  Regardless, until such a law is passed, if you want to pursue true excellence in life, you need to risk it.  YOu need to put yourself and your dreams first, put your employer and their threats second, otherwise you will be the cubicle slave for the rest of your days.

Fortunately, most of what you need is already there.  A lousy economy and lousy future employment prospects.  Stagnant economic growth and ensuing layoffs (most likely triggered by BOcare).  A stale and entrenched managerial class who have to continue to work because they so piss-poorly managed their retirements, thereby resulting in no advancement opportunities.  And a sclerotic and corrupt corporate sector, more focused on rent seeking and ass-kissing than they are efficiency, production, and profit.  All of which results in a poor proposition from modern day employers. There's just one ingredient left.

You need to have nothing left to lose.

Most of you have jobs.  Most of you have some assets.  Most of you have some money.  All of which would be threatened if you lost your job or irked the wrong person.  The problem is, unless you've succeeded and achieved whatever it is you wanted to, those meager possessions are just that - meager. They are not worth sacrificing your life and your dreams over.  Yes you may go hungry.  Yes you may lose your job.  Yes you may excommunicate yourself from any future job prospects, but what was the other choice?

  • Continue slaving away at a low-level job you could have done in the 6th grade?
  • Wake up everyday at 6AM to suffer a 2 hour round trip commute working on projects that numb and atrophy you mind and burn away your youth?
  • Suffer the inanities of office politics and the leadership of the Norman Dykes of Gen X and the Baby Boomers?
  • Become just another ordinary nobody that will never amount to anything unique or significant?

Congratulations, you and another 300 million other Americans will go in the dust bin of history along with the rest of the 50 billion humans that have lived in the past, the majority of which also will be forever forgotten.  All because you couldn't risk losing your $40,000/year job with crappy benefits and overpriced health insurance.

I know you all have to make money.  I know you all have to make ends meet.  Heck, I know you have social and professional circles you can't alienate by speaking bluntly and being politically incorrect.  And I know the prospect of being willing to forfeit all you have gained is intimidating.  But you have no idea of the freedom and just how much more opportunity presents itself when you truly have nothing left to lose.  There are no risks.  There are no consequences.  You can't lose anything and you're mind is finally free to do what it wants, say what it wants and think what it wants.  And a truly free mind will come up with a lot more profitable ideas than slaving away, conforming to the safe, but highly abusive and low-paying status quo.

Sorry for my rant, just sat in a corporate cafeteria watching a bunch of cogs sit there with defeated looks on their faces.  The conversation I was eavesdropping on was some middle management putz questioning his subordinates on the most anal retentive details.  You could see it in his face he was a dictator and got his jollies off of having control.  His staff were scared and confused by his (purposely) confusing questions.  These people had at least 10 years on me and their lives are miserable, or at least 8 hours a day it is.  Just reminded me of how dysfunctional corporate America has become.  This, also contrasted against coming up on month 6 of surviving off of blog money without having to dip into reserves, makes the whole corporate cog life all that much more revolting.

"It's Over"

This was referred to me by a reader.  I am currently in the throes of writing "Enjoy the Decline" so some of my harder hitting pieces have been post-poned.  I hope you will forgive me as the book is turning out much better (and much darker and humorous) than I thought it would.

Enjoy the decline!

Elite Swingsters

Reginald Kaigler

You want to talk about somebody who sticks up for what he believes, can you imagine what this kid goes through in terms of social ostracization?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Insanity vs. 30 Days of Discipline

I am by no means a workout buff.  However, you know the ole Captain is a strong advocate of working out and maintaining your physique.  This is not only a requirement to be able to attract women, but it is also a MANDATORY requirement on your part if you are dating/married to a significant other and demand she remain physically attractive as well. 

Of course, I view everything through the lens of economics and so I am looking for the most effective and efficient workout regimen.  I've tried many things and intend on trying others, but today I wanted to quickly review the "Insanity" workout vs. Victor Pride's "30 Days of Discipline."

I started Insanity precisely a month ago.  I did the first month, took all the measurements, did all the math and the results were very impressive.

What I mean by "the results were very impressive" is the number of exercises I did during my "fitness test" at the beginning of Insanity increased quite dramatically.  I nearly doubled the number of "leg slappers," "hip flexers," "high knee thingies" and all the other crap you test on. 

Only one problem.

I didn't look any better naked and nobody cares about how many "knee slappers" you do.

I'm sure my cardio improved.  I'm sure my heart rate and blood pressure improved, but there was not ONE SINGLE visual improvement.  And this INCLUDED a STRICT change in my diet (for the better).

I was pissed frankly because the workouts are hard and demanding.  I put a lot of effort into it AND made sure I maxed out all the time.  I was CERTAIN I would start to look ripped, or at least toned, but as I looked in the mirror, NOTHING.

It dawned on me that the vast majority of Insanity is for weight loss and toning your legs/butt.  Probably great for women, but not for already skinny guys looking to build up muscle.

So I switched back to arguably the simplest work out regimen I've ever done and that is Victor Pride's 30 Days of Discipline

The work out is very simple:

100 push ups a day
100 sit ups a day
100 crunches a day

Admittedly I had some carry over from when I last did Victor's work out as well as a rather intense jiujitsu training, so I was able to start knocking out 85-90 push ups in one shot, but soon I was back to 100 in a row.  The results immediately start to visually show. 

I spoke with Victor and asked him, basically, WTF?

He said Insanity, though insane and great for cardio, is just yet another fad workout regimen that aims to be marketable to a large audience, but not specific individuals.

This makes sense because a 150 pound guy obviously has different goals than a 200 pound girl.  But that considered, I'm still quite impressed with the efficiency of 30 Days of Discipline.  Insanity workouts last about 40-45 minutes, 60 if you get to the second month.  30 Days of Discipline, after you get proficient at it, only takes about 15-20 minutes and you're not dying.  Throw in a nice 5 mile jog and you're not on the verge of puking (like Insanity), but you're feeling good and enjoying your work out.

I will be starting P90X next, but I fear what Victor said is going to simply apply again.  Until that time though, however, I strongly recommend Victor's 30 Days of Discipline.

He did not pay me to write this.

I'm not doing this out of a favor to him.

I'm writing this because I don't want any of you poor SOB's to go through the hell I did with Insanity when there's a hell of an easier and more effective work out!

The Speech I Shall Deliver to the Left

When it all comes crashing down, I will be delivering this speech to the left.  Of course, if I'm dead  by that time, perhaps you guys can just play this on repeat for me instead:

"There's No Such Thing as Capital Flight"

I think there was a report or study that came out that showed rich people didn't move because of taxes.  Or maybe it was businesses didn't move because of high taxes.  The left jumped on it.

Of course the person may not move or the business may not move, but that doesn't mean their money won't.

Enjoy the decline!