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Achieving Financial Excellence: The Most Direct Path Out of Poverty

I am offering a new class on Teachable - "Achieving Financial Excellence."

The main purpose of the class is to identify the quickest route out of poverty by identifying and cutting through all the bullshit that society throws at you in order to fool you (and profit off of you) as to what is real wealth.

Most of my regular readers/subscribers/viewers do not need this class, but if you are new, poor, or are having financial troubles and would like to resolve them, consider dropping the $99 on the course below:

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Best Videos of Cappy

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Why Women Love Command Strips

US Colleges and Universities: Always Pay Somebody Else to Do Your Homework

This is an advertisement for my buddy Alex.  He runs the company "Academic Composition" and for years has been countering the stupid, irrational, and evil trend of colleges and employers requiring ever more and worthless classes in order to give you "permission" to work.  

THere is naturally "The Great Resignation" happening across the US and the West, but many of you are going to insist on improving your life and will unfortunately be forced into this rent-seeking world of marxist, leftist academics and HR cunts who love making poor, young people jump through unnecessary hoops to find employment.

If this is the case OR you are looking for employment that you can do from home, or in any other way want to AVOID this unfair system, may I recommend Academic Composition either as a potential employer or a service you would use:

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The Red Pill and Suicide


Why Millennials Think the Government is Their Friend

This is a guest post from Alex, who as you know is the proprietor of Academic Composition.  His company writes papers for college students who don't want to write their own, and naturally he's had great insight into the younger generations' psychologies as they make the transition from high school to college to the adult world.  His post below is not necessarily an advertisement for his services, but in today's world where 50% of your college courses literally have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR EDUCATION, consider hiring him and his team at Academic Composition.

Why Millennials Think That the Government is Their Friend
The majority of Millennials are overwhelming in favor of a broad variety of “progressive” policies, most of which involve the expansion of government. They are more likely than Generation X to support government policies that penalize people who make seemingly offensive comments, such as using the wrong gender-pronouns, criticizing ethnic minorities, or saying anything that can even remotely be construed as “insensitive“. Clearly, this reflects their collective belief that the government is a force for good, which puts them at odds with older Americans who have an instinctive distrust of centralized authority.
One may ask why this is so, and the answer seems simple: they were raised in a way that instilled a positive view of adults in their lives. While many Boomers and Gen Xers sought independence from their parents, Millennials have been much less likely to do so. One reason this may be so is that they were born at a time that one may describe as the “moral panic over children”. Starting with the 1980s, American cars began displaying “baby on board” stickers and adults started taking an increased interest in the lives of youngsters. This pro-youth mentality stands in sharp contrast with the upbringing that Gen X received, which were known as the “latchkey kids” and the most aborted generation in American history.
The older age cohort of Gen X who were born in the 60s and early 70s have been steadfastly Republican, while the tail-end of Gen X are more receptive to moderate or even progressive views. By contrast, all age cohorts within the Millennial generation tend to be progressive. The connection between the nature of one’s upbringing and political leanings seems intuitive and straightforward: people who grew up with authoritarian or absentee parents are more likely to be conservative or libertarian. By contrast, people who have always enjoyed a warm relationship with their parents and other adults are more likely to see authority figures as a force for good.
In “Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think”, George Lakoff argued that one’s conception of family life shapes their view of politics. In light of this, it is clear how the student activists who cheered at Mario Savio’s famous Sprout Hall speech about “bodies upon the gears” speech were rebelling against repressive and controlling adults. They saw adult authority as an infringement upon their inalienable right to develop their personalities and cultivate the capacity to make autonomous decisions. By contrast, today’s student activists are advocating for precisely the opposite cause: they demand free speech to be limited. The explanation is as simple as it is straightforward, their early life experiences led them to develop a beatific view of authority.
In “On Liberty“, John Stuart Mill famously argued that healthy skepticism of authority is necessary for liberty to thrive. He believed that political discourse should be modeled on scientific inquiry where participants freely exercise their prerogative to challenge the views of one another, as nobody can be certain that they have the last word on any given issue. However, Millennials are skeptical of liberty because of their sheltered upbringing, which makes them also mistrust democracy.
The explanation is simple and plausible: they have grown up in a culture where they have always expected adults to protect them from even the most trivial of setbacks, which is why they see democracy as a source of chaos. Their view of liberty is necessarily negative, as they have little to no experience with genuine abuse of adult authority. At any rate, they tend to see the risk of enduring the abuse of authority as less severe than the risk of accepting the responsibility that comes with living in a free society. By its nature, freedom comes with responsibility, and people who expect their caretakers to shield them from it cannot see the positive value of freedom. In light of this point of view, what reason do they have to prefer democracy to a technocracy?
Another fundamental reason why Millennials are wary of liberal democracy is that their understanding of history tends to be deficient.    In “Defense of Politics”, Bernard Crick advanced a compelling case in favor of the necessity of politics, showing that this is the only alternative to autocracy. However, in order to participate in a political process, one must have a fairly nuanced understanding of history, social science, and civics, which Millennials lack. As a result, they find themselves hopelessly bamboozled by an incessant onslaught of vague, confusing, and often incoherent streams of information. Because they lack a basic understanding of history, they are not aware of the atrocities that have been committed by authoritarian regimes as recently as 30-40 years ago. As far as they are concerned, politics is merely a vulgar spectacle, on par with Jerry Springer or the American Idol, which is why they see no compelling reason to vote. After all, if voting is a waste of time, what’s wrong with a dictatorship?
It’s not a coincidence that the world has seen a rash of authoritarian neo-populist regimes in the early 2010s, right around the time when the last age cohort of the Millennials entered young adulthood. Even if they did not vote, they unwittingly created a cultural milieu receptive to authoritarian ideas; this clearly has been the case in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, and the Philippines, all of which have been governed by demagogues of this sort in the last decade.
The follow-up question that comes charging in is what can one expect when the Millennial generation enters the next stage of life? By the 2030s, the Baby Boomers will be either deceased or retired from politics, and Gen X is too small to countervail the political influence of Millennials, who are the largest living generation today. Gen Z will also be too small to put up any resistance to the collective will of their next-elders. We now live in a world where free speech, free markets, personal liberty, and democracy are increasingly becoming an older person’s point of view. It is inevitable that the congress and the presidency will be controlled by Millennials, and how will such a generation wield their power? Clearly, they share none of their elder’s skepticism of centralized power, the due process of law, individual freedom, and democracy.  Far from seeing free speech as a resource that empowers a healthy exchange of ideas, they see it as a distraction that prevents authorities from safeguarding their feelings. So, why would they not repeal the First Amendment? Why not abolish the free markets and criminalize private property? Today, such insinuations appear ludicrous because half of the Millennials still live with their parents, so their hands are tied: they are not in the position to turn their vision into a reality. Yet, it’s inevitable that the nation’s circumstances will change: they will inherit their parents’ money and emerge as the dominant generation that will mold the country into their own image."

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Man's Purpose in Western Civilization

With the suicide of Fred (among others) and an increasing amount of young men approaching me about "what am I supposed to do in life," I found this consultation I did somewhat helpful in providing lost men a roadmap or at least some basics in terms of how to deal with their existence, and more importantly what to do with it.  Gone are the traditional reasons people had to live in western society.  One sex is completely disinterested and absolving themselves of the other.  Laws are making interacting with the opposite sex and family formation too risky.  And false gods of politics, socialism, activism, the state, and all other "isms" have replaced love for one's fellow man and community.  And since this is what traditionally gave people (religion or secular) reason to life, but now it is gone, three generations of men (and women) are looking for a new point and purpose in living so their finite life isn't wasted.

It isn't an end-all-be-all answer, but it's as far as my logic takes me.  And if you enjoy reading the below, please consider purchasing some of my books which generally address existentialism through an economics lens.

Hi Anon,

OK, I got some time to answer this.  However, first, I would recommend watching the video on "The Red Pill and Sucide" that I did yesterday as I think it will touch on many of the topics.

First, understand that nihilism isn't wrong.  It's right.  We are all going to die.  The earth will be torched when the sun turns into a red giant star, eliminating any records of what you did.  And unless you believe in the afterlife or a religion, you ARE a nihilist.  MOst normal people don't think their assumptions about the afterlife through to their final conclusion, but smart people do and then became aware they re nihilists.  The issue is how they handle it.

If you end up believing in a religion, boom!  Your problem is solved.  But the problem is no religion has any proof it is correct, and it is a faith or a belief that people genuinely become religious, not knowledge.  So that contradiction with religion is something you have to wrestle with.

However, what I am going to assume is that you are too scientific minded and too intelligent to believe in religions, and so now you get to wrestle with your nihilism and finiteness.

This then brings in the incredibly difficult chore of what to do with your finite and brief life.

Historically, your purpose and reason in living was to find a quality girl you liked, fall in love, have a family, love your children, raise them, and then get to spoil your grand children.  And while that may still exist in non-western countries, that dream/birthright is fully dead here in the US. 

Yes you may find a quality girl.
Yes you may get married.
Yes you may have kids and be happily ever after.

But given the low grade slop most humans have become in the US, your chances are very low.  Worse, it's not just the women who are shit, but the men too.  You are unlikely to find good quality friends, let alone a significant amount of them to create an engaging and fulfilling social life.  You throw in your intelligence, and man, good luck finding anybody who doesn't sound a like a complete retard compared to you.  And don't even get me started about people who may agree with you philosophically, but are too fat and lazy to go and enjoy life.

Additionally, your background was harsh enough that you saw the dark underside of most western humans and don't even want to engage in some kind of socializing or romance.  Your brain is perpetually in the lower-two levels of maslows hierarchy of needs because you see a ton of threats to your existence both today and in the past, and your primary concern is survival and stability, not love or belonging.  And so not only are most people shit, you can't gamble on investing significant personal time and resources in personal relationships (romantic or not) that don't pay off, or worse (in the case of divorce) cost you greatly.

So for multiple (good) reasons, you are not able to find purpose and reason in living today that most people (nihilists included) found in the past.

And so I wish I had a solution for you, but I don't, because frankly, there is no solution.

You can find purpose and reason for living outside of family and friends in adventuring.  You can find purpose and meaning in work.  You can find purpose and meaning in any one of an unlimited number of hobbies out there.  But you are not going to find it through other people (or the chances are very very low).

All this being said, none of this changes that you are biologically hardwired to WANT to get with other people (romantically or socially).  And since not satisfying that scratch will at least put some depressionary pressures on your mind, I'm not against putting some tacit, but well placed interest in finding some quality human relationships.  The key thing is to ALIGN YOUR EXPECTATIONS WITH THE LIKELIHOOD YOU WILL FIND THIS.

So first, use the internet to find true intellectual equals.  It is a large and fine net that will certainly find you some quality friends over the internet, and maybe even some quality women.

Second, invest the time and money to visit these people.  For the most part, nobody is going to come visit you.  YOu will have to visit them. But whether it's a very promising young lady who seems to have her shit together on a dating profile, or a really cool guy you bond with like a brother, you are likely going to have to fly to visit them.  And though it may sound like a significant time investment (and it is) that is a FRACTION of the time you will spend trying to find some quality people in your local area, sifting through all the turds of humans at bars and clubs or meet up groups to find barely entertaining ones.

Third, I would travel to truly different cultures that are traditional.  Obviously eastern cultures would be on this list, but former soviet countries, latin, even the mid east.  Not so much to find yourself a wife (though certainly that too), but just to find a culture that isn't such shit, so degraded, and so depressing.  A culture that likes itself, is proud of its accomplishments, and a culture that is beautiful.  Architecture, history, food, and basic civility and kindness of its people.  Heck, just being among people who aren't disgusting morbidly obese sows walking around in sweats would do wonders for your mentality.

And then finally, considering all these options, figure out what is the best this world can give you in terms of meaning and purpose and then pursue it.  It may be you stay here for a decade, making money off of the American system to then retire in a quiet village in Albania.  It could be you excel at your career here and get poached by a foreign country to work there and lead their industry to great new heights.  You might find a nice portly Mexican wife you loves you to death and just wants to cook for you.   Or you just don't have the personality type to mingle with people and so you travel the world and enjoy it.  But whatever it is, your sole mission in life is to figure it out, because you are going to suffer a miserable life until you do. 

beyond that I can't tell you what it is.  It took me decades to figure out I like hiking, motorcycle riding, fossils, working with my hands, and more or less being left alone in a quiet house to listen to jazz.  It's going to take everybody else in the west decades as well to replace "wife and family" with something else as well.  And understand most humans today will die not knowing what their purpose in life is/was supposed to be. 

So for now the minimum purpose of your life is to figure out what it's supposed to be about.  THAT in itself will at least ease the nihilism.  And about the only goal I can concretely describe you should have in life that will assuage your concerns about being a nihilist is to make sure on your death bed you have no regrets.  Beyond that, you got me.

Best of luck,


Monday, January 03, 2022

How to Give Everyone a Free Education in America



If you remember Die Hard, there was a scene where the FBI decided that to flush out the terrorists, it would be best to cut off the power to the Nakatomi Plaza.  This resulted in an argument between the FBI agents and the city's electrical grid manager who insisted the individual building could not be turned off, but that instead an entire city grid would have to be taken down.  But while the city manager and the FBI agents argued, there was a lowly electricity worker, sitting in the manhole, who was trying to tell all of them he could turn off the building right then and there.  Naturally, they ignored the man, the FBI pulled rank, an entire city grid was taken down, and Hans Gruber could finally open his vault.

And it is here I find myself in a similar situation as the lowly electrical worker sitting in the manhole.

I know how to make education free (or nearly free) for all Americans.

I know how to end the education crisis tomorrow.

And it doesn't require anything grandiose like revamping the entire education system, bailing out liberal arts majors, or forcing the taxpayer to spend an additional $500 billion each year on paying for every one's education.

It's as simple as a switch and it will benefit every American today and into the future to the tune of trillions if we just do what I say.  

Unfortunately, like the lowly electrical worker, the powers that be are either too stupid or too politically and financially invested in the current education system to actually listen to what I'm going to say.  Furthermore, most Americans themselves are too stupid and short-sighted to do the same.  And so like many of my previous economic recommendations, this will merely be for posterity so I can make fun of even more impoverished and debt-laden Americans in the future.  Because you are truly a stupid people and I've found it very enjoyable to watch you suffer when you don't have to, especially today's "college graduates."

Technology is Hard

The current educational system we have is based in technology that has existed since we could make buildings.  And the reason I say that is because it's true.  Once there was a building to house people, you could house students in a localized area, protected and uninterrupted from the elements, and an individual teacher (be that Plato or the the school marm from Little House on the Prairie) could instruct or teach their students, conveying information.  Overtime this basic model has been supplemented with technologies such as electricity, lights, LCD projectors, and red-light pointers, but the model remained the same - get a large group of people within listening distance of a teacher and that individual teacher could pass on information to 10, 50, 100, even a thousands students at a time.

But 25 years ago there was a large and obvious technological innovation - the internet.  And the day you could stream video or at least audio over it, it gave teachers the ability to reach the entire globe of students.  And while I myself was a student at the time, I was very curious how soon it would be before we'd implement this technology to do away with the:

  • trillions of dollars in physical buildings on college campuses
  • the unnecessary parking that was required to attend class
  • the overpriced college text books that could all be replaced for (near) free PDF's
  • as well as nearly all the teachers and professors in the country as the top 2% of instructors in their respective fields could now teach all the students in the world with their superior teaching abilities

And so I waited....and waited...and waited, and much like American employers refusing to let their employees work from home, I realized our education system was not going to let students the luxury of learning from home either.

And so now for the past 25 years I've watched over 100 million American students unnecessarily waste 4-8 years of their lives, pointlessly wasting trillions of dollars and billions of hours on dubiously-valued degrees, attending an old, obsolete, and incredibly inefficient education system.  That, and now we all get to hear their howls and complaints that they were duped and now need us to pay for their overpriced pieces of toilet paper.

But for all their screams and howls, for all the whining about tuition prices, none of that will change.  Professors and college admin need the outdated and obsolete education system to remain because they are luddites.  They need the rest of society to be held back so that they can keep their jobs.  The democrat party also needs the traditional education system because that is how they get future voters, socialists, and otherwise financially ignorant NPCs.  The students, who you would think would want something like free education, do not in fact want the old and outdated education system to go away, because they do not view "education" as an investment in their future, but rather a birthright where they can party for 4 years and imagine themselves intellectuals (when in fact it is painfully obvious most of them don't even understanding compound mathematics).  And parents do not want the old education system to go away because ever since their children were 5, they have used America's education system as free babysitting.  And college is merely adult-child daycare so the kids inevitably leave home and give ma and pa the chance to fuck on the kitchen island again.

As I said before, Americans are truly a stupid people.  Very few Americans are interested in a genuine education.  An investment in themselves that will improve their career, finances, life and futures.  Most Americans want an escape from life's responsibilities or a means by which to profit at the expense of others.  And THAT is the true point and purpose of today's education system, and why no matter how obsoleted the internet has made it, it will remain until the US ends.

How Education Could Be Made Free

But let's say you're one of the 2% of American people who aren't a bunch of worthless, lazy parasites.  Let's say you had an intellectual or genuine interest in making education free for everyone and improving society.  How would a "free education" system work?  What would it look like?  How could we educate the most amount of people in the cheapest way possible?

The first thing would be to rebuild the entire system around what education originally set out to do - educate the most amount of people in the most affordable way possible.  And that would mean making the internet the primary vehicle by which we educate ourselves.

This is already done by nearly every college campus (though reluctantly).  Today's colleges and universities do offer some form of education online, but they still attach an absurd price to it, often times charging MORE for an online class than an in person one.  But the real efficiency loss is you have multiple, if not thousands of colleges offering the exact same fungible commodity on multiple platforms - education.

I don't care if it's a Harvard accounting class or a Biff Bifferson's School of Business' accounting class - accounting is accounting.  The education is the exact same.  And this goes for nearly all of the sciences, including the fake ones that go by the moniker "social sciences."  Like YouTube, you only need ONE platform to disseminate this information to the ENTIRE GLOBE OF STUDENTS.  And unless you were born into a wealthy family or like to suck cock for a living, "Harvard" and "Cornell" are just brand names, not education.  So the new-and-free education system would do away with all colleges and universities and there would only need to be one source of education to disseminate it to the global community of students.  So forget "Harvard School of Business" or "The Carlson School of Management" (which is forgettable because nobody knows who they are anyway), there would just be a "Degree in Accounting" and you would get it on "the internet."

This might lead people to think that this new education system would be a monopoly.  That there would be one, elite school, with only the world's best and most elite teachers generating a SINGLE AND AUTHORITATIVE class in each of their respective fields, and for ALL students in the world to consume.  And the slightly savvier among us would see the obvious risks of putting education into such an elite group of people, having fear and concerns that a censorious and politicized education system, akin to YouTube, would emerge.  But even that is too much overhead as we are using an outdated sense of education.  We think education must be "conferred" upon the student by some kind of educational authority.  That in order to become "educated" you need a school and teachers.  When in reality, becoming educated is just gathering knowledge.  And since all the world's knowledge is available for free on the internet, a Globo-Educorp type of evil monopoly is completely unnecessary.  And this introduces the two remaining ingredients we would need for a free education system - autodidactism and credential boards. 

Autodidactics are the Future

If you don't know what an "autodidactic" is, you can become one by looking it up on the internet.  Because what you'll find out is that an autodidactic is one who teaches himself.  And while many people will say, "well I do better in a classroom environment" that is:

1- too bad

2- complete bogus

because just like everybody dies alone, nearly everyone teaches themselves.

While no doubt some people will do better in a traditional (and incredibly expensive and inefficient) classroom environment, in the end EVERYBODY has to teach themselves.  Yes, there might be a teacher there.  Yes, there might be your parents there.  But let us be perfectly honest.  Most teachers suck, most parents suck, and in the end it is up to the student to do well.  Shoot, even the concept of homework is an admission that after having their students for 8 FULL HOURS 9 MONTHS A YEAR, teachers still can't fully and adequately teach your kids.  And besides which, even if you teach yourself through books or the internet, there still is ultimately a teacher who created that content you are using to educate yourself.

Furthermore, lets say you did indeed do better with a physical teacher in the room uttering the EXACT SAME WORDS as they would on an instructional YouTube video.  

Would you not be able to learn more if you didn't have to commute to a campus?
Would not EVERY K-12 student in America be able to learn more from spending 2 hours on the internet than 2 hours stuck on a bus ride...everyday...for 13 years...roundtrip?

And it is here I don't really care to try to convince the stupid people, but the smart ones.  Because the stupid people are using education for anything but.  But the smart ones actually do care about education.  And if you think about it, wasting time forcing kids to attend physical prisons - be that k-12 or overpriced college campuses - is a HUGE economic waste of time that could be much better invested through autodidactism.  Furthermore, with cell phones and MP3 players, education can be taken with and consumed anywhere.  I personally have an equivalent to an associates degree in European history just tuning into podcasts.  And while taking in this history, I was doing all sorts of things like hiking, working out, working on my home, and otherwise not being idle.  An EASY multi-trillion dollar opportunity cost to today's conventional education system is that you must sit still and do nothing else but listen to Ben Stein drone on about economics.  While obesity alone could be wiped out if everyone listened to their pre-req classes' lectures while hiking or walking.

This leads to the final ingredient for a free education system - credential boards.

Because with everybody teaching themselves and getting their education from the internet, in order to become employable the quality of their autodidactic education must somehow be confirmed.  And we already several models to pull from to see how they work.

The computer/IT industry is full of various certification and credentials IT/computer professionals need to have in order to work places.  The CPA society also sets up tests you need to take before you can become a CPA.  There are various nursing credentials and tests you need to take before becoming a nurse.  California doesn't require you attend law school, just that you pass the bar exam.  Even something as simple as getting your CDL (commercial driver's license) is an example of where the student does not need an overbloated education system.  

But what if we did that for ALL careers and professions?  That instead of unnecessarily forcing millions of young people every year to waste 4 years of their youth and $120,000 in student loans to make "Karen in HR" happy you have a bachelors degree, the government set up certification boards that would give you the equivalent of bachelors degree if you passed?  That instead of funding the education industry to the tune of $1 trillion per year, the government instead just spent $10 billion a year establishing, running, and administering testing facilities that would certify you educated in whatever field you wanted?  Better yet, what if the government forced employers and industries to set up their own testing and accreditation protocols, and/or mandated that credentialed people were to be treated just as equally as the morons who wasted 4 years in college on a "real degree?"

I know the next step would be to have employers provide on-the-job training (and what a "horror" that would be), but the larger point is this nightmare of higher education would be gone.  Students would no longer have to waste 4 years in college to get an entry level position.  Young people would not be financially crippled forever at 22.  Employers would be humbled to hire able people, not overly-educated ones.  And nobody would be wasting 2 years of their finite and precious youth on those infernal "pre-req" classes.

I know America's privileged little cunts wouldn't get their precious "college experience," but who cares about them?  They're the morons who can't understand how the compound interest works on their student loans.

The Clarey School System of Free Education

And so in its final form, this auto-didactic and near-free education system would go something like this.  

No matter how old or young you are, you are allowed to study anything you want for free on the internet.  And if you wanted, you could test at either an industry or government facility to earn your degree or credential in "Accounting" "History" "Education" or "Biology."  By government law, employers would be forced to treat your credential as a college equivalent.  And bar the fees it takes to pay for the test, you don't pay a dime in tuition.

You can study on your own time.  You can study while you work the night shift at a warehouse.  You can study while you're on a cruise traveling.  And you can study at 12 if you're smart enough, thereby bypassing the hell that is known as k-12 education, becoming an engineer at 16.

No more "Bachelors Required, Masters preferred."
No more student loan debt.
No more crippled financial futures.
And no more taxes for a K-college education system.

Public colleges and universities would be closed, the buildings of which could be repurposed to help alleviate the housing shortage/costs.  Professors and college administrators would have to get real jobs, perhaps maybe serve us our coffee for a change.  Stupid kids, with rich parents could attend private schools and waste their time on "the college experience."  And those of you with a penchant for teaching could make millions being the best "calculus" teacher or "home auto-repair" teacher on the internet (much like it is done today, and ALSO without a "PhD" or "teacher's license).

And never, ever, ever again
will a single American
have to take one of those worthless pre-req liberal arts classes.

But of course none of this will come to fruition.  Because American, as I've said before, are an incredibly stupid people.  Just let it never be said we didn't have a simple, simple solution to turn off the electricity to the Nakatomi Plaza.


Consider purchasing "Worthless: The Young Person's Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major."  It costs $12.95.  You degree will cost $120,000.  Don't be stupid.

Also consider purchasing 

"Bachelor Pad Economics"