Saturday, August 06, 2022

Can One Be Happy Without Friends?

Academic Composition is Hiring!

 From Alex:

Many of you may have heard from us over the years, and we are grateful for your support. Aaron's readers have emerged as our top marketers, and loyal clients, and a good chunk of our writers found us through this blog. An old adage holds that "an enemy of my enemy is my friend", and we have little sympathy for the politically correct propaganda and the system of formal education that it is ensconced in. Yet, we highly value education, and many of us are accomplished autodidacts, which is what drives our passion for political philosophy, economics, and cultural issues.

Together, we can achieve our objectives. Here is what we are offering: academic writing services, marketing gigs, and opportunities for freelance writers.
Marketing gigs:
Post our ads on social media, and we will pay you $5 for each person who responds. In light of the recent labor shortage, we will offer an additional incentive: you will also be paid $5 for the service of posting an ad. Each week, you can expect to receive a few leads, and you will need just a few minutes to post the ads. Effectively, you will be making more than a dollar per minute: many of our marketers average $20-30 per week in less than five minutes of work. During the high season, they earn $50-75.
In summary, this is how you will be compensated.
1. $5 for the service of posting the ad
2. $5 for each person who responds
To get started, please follow these basic steps.
1. Create a new gmail address
2. Activate the gmail forwarding feature. You may either follow the tutorial below or share the password to your new account, which will enable us to complete the forwarding authorization for you.
If you choose to activate the forwarding feature on your own, please make sure that all incoming emails are directed to
3. Use that new gmail address and create an account with Craigslist. 
For additional questions or comments, please email us at or
Alternatively, if you have experience marketing on social media, please feel free to let us know. We are looking for marketing consultants, and we will develop a compensation plan on an ad hoc basis. We are looking for marketing consultants with expertise in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other platforms.
For writers:
Please share samples of your academic writing. While we certainly do not require a university degree, we need writers with academic experience. If you haven't attended the university, but have extensive experience in our industry, you are welcome to apply. Compensation for new writers starts at $10 per page. A standard academic page is double-spaced, holds 300 words, and is written in font 12.
We have academic specialists in nearly every field, ranging from social sciences and the humanities to STEM. We can take over online classes in entirety for as little as $70 per week. However, additional charges may apply for exams or long assignments. On average, our regular clients spend approximately $500 per class. 
Contact us and be sure to indicate that you found us through Captain Capitalism, and you will receive your preferred customer's discount.
For any futher inquiries, please email us at
Academic Composition Management
Al S BashAcademic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer(718) 504-0807