Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Because You're Ugly Joan Brady

And fat, I might add.

Let me explain this nice and clear to all you western women that have been lied to for the past 4 decades about what you "deserve" and what "reality" is.

Men like hot, skinny, in shape chicks.

That's a fact.

That's the truth.

And the sooner you learn that, the better.

Not for any misogynist or patriarchal reasons, but quite the opposite -because it's for your own best interests.

Men will, have, and always will like the hot skinny chicks.  You can ignore that, claim it's "shallow" or "evil,"  vilify it all you want,

it won't change reality.

It will only serve to worsen your life by providing you the erroneous rationale to live in a delusional and false world that will never serve nor help you.  Men will not suffer from it, you will. Because in the end, no matter how much you claim "men should like you for your personality" the TRUTH is (there's that damn word again) your personality is only one part of a list of vital and key ingredients for us to really like you.  So, yes, I'm sorry Joan Brady's of the world, you need to lose some weight and that non-realistic picture is better looking than you are.

What would be nice for a change is to let boys be boys, have their fun and let them have their innocent 1950's pin up classical poster for a rodeo without some bitter, morbidly obese sow ruining the fun for the rest of us.

But hey, you go ahead and be "that girl" that ruins the fun for everybody else. I'm sure that will send the boys rushing to propose to your metric tonnage ass.


OH, and vote in the poll at the end to make sure these idiots realize basic human sexuality and adult maturity are not going anywhere.

The Federal Reserve Doesn't Produce Anything!

Sorry, just had to rant:

New Sponsor - Delusion Damage

Delusion Damage, if you didn't know, is an aggregator-site that compiles all the various libertarian, manosphere, freedom, etc., posts and sites out there.

However, he also has a cheap, thorough, and effective tutorial on how to start a web site.  A la Khan's Academy, it is free, he just wants you to visit it and consult the site before you start building a site.  A perusal of the site shows it goes beyond the basics of just "Setting up" a site, but also how to get high ranks in google searches and so forth.

If you are considering starting a site, I strongly recommend this be your first stop.

The Aaron Clarey Show - Prototype

Greetings all.  Here's the first/prototype podcast of "The Aaron Clarey Show."  I'll be experimenting with different recording devices, platforms, etc., until I kind of "perfect the art" thus, your harsh and crushing criticism is welcomed.

THe link above will take you to "" which is the online storage service I am using.  You can download the MP3 by clicking on the "download" button on the top right of the linked page.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Right, Blame Sarkozy

God, do leftists ever own up to anything?

I hope Sarkozy is enjoying the decline.

What Every 14 Year Old Boy Needs to Hear

Men, you need to take your sons (14 years old or not, every male really needs to read this) and make them read this.

I'm not even going to dissect it on account it should be painfully clear what you and your sons should pull from this.  And trust me, you will save your sons an immeasurable amount of pain and grief in the future showing them this and explaining it to them rather than letting them go into the meat grinder uninformed.

Monday, January 28, 2013

When the Government Replaces Men

this is what you get.

I'm kind of curious though.  What precisely do feminists intend to derive joy from in their lives?  I've already admitted that the single largest source of happiness for a guy is another gal, and visa versa.  What ELSE would you derive joy from?

Oh, I know, I know.  Intellectual pursuits, hobbies, production, living the dream.

But before this feminist claptrap was forced upon society, men and women were designed to be together, either through divine design or darwinistic evolution, and was your largest source of joy and happiness.  Now that feminism has claimed that is no longer the case, and men have gone their own way, where does that leave feminists?  Precisely what does the accomplished, government-subsidized Swedish woman do to make herself happy?

Play Parcheesi?

Snuggle up to the government check at night?

What a hellish existence.

Of course, a self-inflicted one, but that's what makes it so entertaining.

Oh well, enjoy the decline.

Cumulative "Dating Debt"

Haley is correct in her analysis, but the problem many men are going to have is this sort of historical "trade deficit" and cumulative "dating debt" that has been amassed over the past two generations where women have clamored to be treated EXACTLY the same as men, but then want to hold onto old fashioned norms that financially benefit them.  The solution is in part what she recommends (cheap dates for the first few dates), but to also realize the money spent, however hypocritically, in the past is a sunk cost.  Men merely shoot themselves in the foot holding women up to the EXACT same standards as men, while we all know


women want to be women deep down inside.  Therefore it is wise to pay for the girl's meal or (better yet) drinks (while you let Poindexter and her beta orbiters pay for dinner and chocolates). 

However, if that nagging cumulative dating debt is still bothering you and you want retribution the solution is simple.  No second dates for feminists.  If the woman clamors about being a feminist and how independent she is (while you pick up the check) that is a small price to pay for vital information. She's not marriage material.  Simply don't ask her out for a second date and reserve your money for a woman that likes being a woman.  Time will extract its revenge in the long run.  And it will manifest itself primarily in the form of inaction and indifference on your part.

Diversity Trumps Rape

I'll say it again for the cheap seats.  Leftists and liberals have no value because they achieve nothing in life.  Therefore, the only thing they have is their religion or ideology - leftism.  And since that is the only thing they have, they will let the most heinous and evil acts go unpunished if stopping or disciplining them would be against their ideology.

The Captain Makes the Washington Times!

Happy Day Lieutenants!

Baby Boomer Bosses - Part 2

Why are you forcing us to commute in 2013?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Since When Did They Care About Talent?

Last I recall Wall Street was more concerned about networking, ass-kissing, brown-nosing, rent-seeking, bailouts, handouts, bribing, and lobbying.

Since when did they ever care about talent?

A Harsh Fact for Men to Accept

The "Leykis Clause" is in effect for this post.  You have been warned.  Complaints about the nature of this post will be ignored.

I checked in with Dr. Helen to see if her book is available yet.

It isn't, not till JUNE of 2013...curse you Dr. Helen.

Regardless, I came across this post about a guy who can get a girl on a handful of dates, even (if you'll pardon the phrase) "bed her," but inevitably they find something wrong with him and either never call back or break it off.

Helen charts this up to women having too high of expectations, and while I will agree with her that that can certainly be the case many times, I have a more blunt and probably more apt reason why -

you didn't rock her world in bed.

Yes, I know that is harsh, but we are men and this is the Manosphere, so let us not be fragile little princesses and shoot the messengerLet us accept this as truth, and thus, in a very manly fashion, improve ourselves.

It certainly can be the case that you didn't meet all 327 requirements on her mandatory check list.  I get that and wouldn't doubt that accounts for a majority of reason why women stop calling.  But if everything is going "great" and all of the sudden she changes her mind, it leads me to believe there was something much more carnal, and thus, your failure of performance.

Now before you get too down on yourself, let us be honest and admit no guy is a rock star in bed 100% of the time.  You're tired, you're not in the mood, you drank too much, you didn't drink enough, and sometimes the chemistry just isn't there.  It could also be her - she had bad breath, she said something that just killed your excitement, her bra and bottom didn't match (all experienced by el Capitan) - and thus you were not Jeremy Irons in bed.  But if it seems to be a recurring phenomenon then you need to improve your performance.

However, I do not mean that in a Viagra commercial sort of way.  I mean that in you got to hit the gym and do laps and lift weights sort of way.  You need to improve your physical appearance.  Performance in bed is one thing, the tactics of which can range from imaging your grandpa playing basketball in black socks to thinking about what you have to do at work the next day.  I'm assuming you have that covered.  But the hard part (heh heh heh) is making yourself physically attractive to the point the girl is physically attracted to you enough you needn't have to perform so much in bed.  Additionally, beyond physical improvement you can also increase your verbal game, letting your charm and charisma make things easier for you in bed.  Focusing on these things (which you should be anyway) wins over the girl's mind where 90% of the battle occurs anyway (well, at least according to GI Joe it does, and knowing is half the battle).

Do not, however, at the same time just ASSUME you suck in bed.  If there's any mistake men have made, it is erroneously blaming themselves.  A 327 point check list is probably the reason she stopped calling.  That being said, you should ensure that is the case by ensuring your performance is not in question.

Enjoy the Schadenfreude!

New feature kids!

If you look under the "Donate Babe" picture to the right, you'll see a new and very welcomed category to Captain Capitalism

"Enjoy the Schadenfreude."

It's exactly what you'd expect.  Blogs and web sites where the authors are completely unaware their musings are confirming everything we knew was going to happen, allowing us warm "I told you so" and "schadenfreude" fuzzies!

If you know of any other blogs and web sites where liberals, leftists, feminists and hamsters about to hit the wall wax poetically about reality crushing their fragile perception of life, please let me know!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The State Owns That, Not You

Looks like another democrat over in California doesn't understand the concept of private property.  This time, it's a professional sports team.  There's a chance Steve Ballmer (of Microsoft) is interested in buying some California sports franchise and moving it to Seattle.  The democrats in the state senate don't like that, even though that franchise is not theirs and they have no right to it. 

You want to see how psychotic leftists are and why the path they're taking us down requires you never forfeit your guns, this is it.

It's Call Capital Flight

and it's a feature, not a bug of socialism.

Bad Boys of the Bakken

Leave it to a feminist to cite a NYT article about women "feeeeeeeeling" not as safe, to make readers infer those nasty, dirty, disgusting boys are just a bunch of thugs and rapists in Williston...

when the empirical data shows Williston is safer and has less crime than the national average.

Oh, and how about we compare Williston to lefty utopias like;

New York
San Francisco

You know what keeps men from committing crimes?


Not government handouts.

Conservative states and cities have jobs, liberal states and cities have handouts.  Your Detroit utopia's are the places you have to worry about.  Not a bunch of cowboys out in the prairie too busy knocking out 16 hours work days of physical labor.

It is here I would go into a rant about how it's possible for children like Jez to even have the presence she does, especially with just outright false data/information, but then I remember that the country is full of idiots who want to be lied to and worrying about such matters is antithetical to Enjoying the Decline.

I'd just like to see the average 42 year old Jezebel reader with her "Masters in English" pull a salary akin to an 18 year old welder on the Bakken.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The "Green Ninja"

God, I knew this was going to happen.

OK, my first motorcycle was a Ninja 250, it was green.  We said IN 2008, "how bad would it be that the 'Green Ninja' sounded like a ghey super hero effeminate male cartoonists would create for the global warming scam."

And wow, WOW!  what do you know!  Some effeminate male cartoonist, who would be the last person women would want walking them home late at night, came up with the idea!

How about we teach this indoctrinating socialist pansy a lesson and "thumbs down" his little cartoon (because, I know it sounds sad, but "thumbs down" actually means something to these people).



Operation Coffee House V

Because of my tight schedule today I had to forgo the regular hipster area of Minneapolis to find my fifth coffee shop and instead settle on one located near one of my free wood supply depots as I'm running short this year on heating wood.  Unfortunately, the closest wood supply depot is in the suburbs which means I'm at a chain coffee store.  Let's just say it starts with an "S" and ends with "arbucks."

However, even though it is cookie cutter coffee I believe visiting at least one of these chains provides me with a control group to compare and contrast against the heavily imbued hipster, uptown, koffee kulture.

First thing is parking.

One of these days the major cities will realize that if they want people to come to the city and spend their money then they should jettison their stupid parking laws and making parking free.  they should also do away with meter maids and make their city (gasp) WELCOMING.  You ever see a "meter maid" in the suburbs?  No, of course not.  This is (in part) why every major metro area in the US is essentially a donut - production, progress and high standards of living surrounding an empty hole of nothing as capital, workers, and innovators escape outwards from the city.  Regardless, I sit here now without the annoying concern in the back of my mind

"Did I read that parking sign right?  What if they write tickets on even number days?  Are there snow emergency restrictions?  What if I get a false ticket (which I have before, Minneapolis will do that when particularly desperate for money).  Is it worth going downtown to argue for $30?"

I can just focus on this fine branch of a monster coffee conglomerate.

Second, the people are obviously better dressed, but they aren't trying.  There is no "theme" to their clothing or fashion.  ONe guy is in a suit and is working furoiusly.  There is a 43 year old woman who was no doubt beautiful in her youth in a sweater and jeans.  Two women dressed for the weather are sharing a conversation, and a high school kid with a letter jacket just walked in.  Even though it is the suburbs, there is no homogeneity, everybody is doing their own thing, have their own personalities, and have their own lives.  But think about that statement.  I'm in the suburbs.  The most compliant, boring, cookie cutter, SWPL culture in western civilization.  And these people STILL have more diversity and non-conformity than their "koffee kulture hipster" counterparts as they aren't trying to "rebel," they're merely living their lives.  Alas, I should perhaps refer to the cool uptown coffee drinkers as "koffee kulture conformists" for that is what they are.

Music has probably been chosen by some marketing genius at Starbuck's HQ as a means to replicate as closely as possible to the underground music played in the city coffee houses.  It sounds similar, but faked.  Then again, I can't tell one touchy feely song sang by an emasculated man from another.  Who knows, maybe the musician I'm listening to right now was one of those underground, local musicians who swore he would never go corporate until Starbucks offered him enough money that he gladly shed the faux-independent musician schtick and took the money. 

The music actually just doesn't fit the people here.  I remember listening to the Tom Leykis archives and he was just REAMING the likes of Starbucks and Caribou about how they overcharge for coffee.  His rant was so effective he got somebody from Starbucks to call him and discuss why they charge so much.  She literally said it was so people could have the "Starbucks Experience."

It just doesn't jibe. 

The inner city coffee houses have a "culture."  The suburbanite chain store doesn't.  It's is merely like the people - functional.  It's a place to stop by, get coffee, work, maybe even socialize, but then inevitably go about their day.  Whatever "experience" Starbucks thinks it's offering doesn't exist.  People came here for a purpose, not to mediate.  This is now confirmed in that half the people who were here no more than 20 minutes ago have left.  Contrast that with the cool koffee kulture, I think there's less than a 10% turnover and I've spent 2 hours at some places.  Those people go there to GO THERE.  They have nothing else to do...though of course, the same could be said of me.

I didn't get the coffee.  I got a diet Coke. 

Intuit Payment Solutions Refuses Gun Purchases

Another reason not to buy Intuit.

Btw, it's flagship products are Quickbooks, Turbo Tax and Quicken. Remember that this tax season.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Warning - this topic is an uncomfortable one, so if you are of soft skin I suggest not reading.

At the Canadian Blogger Conference/Drinkfest my colleagues told me about a woman who was raped in Haiti, but blamed her rape on "white patriarchy."  I found it impossible to believe and incredulous.  A woman, no matter how warped her political beliefs, would not forgive the ultimate crime against a woman (rape).

We couldn't find the article and they were adamant it did happen, but after another 4 hours of drinking the conversation left my mind.

Until Aurini found it and e-mailed it to me.

I know this happened 3 years ago and many people have probably already read it.  However, since it has been whitewashed from the internet, not nearly enough people know about this.  Furthermore, it is important to bring up again, because it highlights just what a threat socialism, leftism and liberal is not just to the individual, but society.

First, let me state that leftism IS a mental disorder, cognitive dissonance being the slightest of the symptoms.  For a brain to ignore reality and create rationalization and excuses so it can hold onto its flawed political ideology parallel to reality is dysfunctional.  But if it gets to the point a person puts their political ideology ahead of their own personal sovereignty and well-being, then that is full out psychotic.  Sadly, however, you see this happening all the time.  Ignorant youth voting for "Obama" only to have him further endebt them.  Women disproportionately voting for socialism even though it ruins their lives, etc.  But to get to the point you are sexually violated and STILL stand up for your ideology (in this case, a sexist "anti-white" "anti-male" incredibly extreme version of leftism), leaves me speechless and is only more proof such ideological zealotry is not only psychotic, but self-destructive.

Second, realize why leftists (typically, though not always) tend to be the ones putting their ideology ahead of their own self-interests - they have nothing else to live for.  They have no real value.  If there is a reason to buy "Enjoy the Decline" it is because of the chapter "Revenge" where I go into detail as to just what sad and pathetic lives most liberals and leftists live.  Look at your average leftists.  What defines most of them is their fear of effort, rigor, challenge, and work.  They are lazy.  They don't want to try and they (ironically) spend more calories of energy trying to make things "fair" in life than they would have, had they tried.  Ergo, they major in worthless degrees, pursue easy make-work careers, and really achieve nothing of value in their lives. They are worthless human beings.  But dare anybody hold them up to standards of production and the real world, they vehemently get violent, emotional, and accuse their accusers of false crimes (racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. etc.)

Amanda Kijera (the woman who blames her rape on people like me - white male) fits this bill perfectly, not out of coincidence, but because this is a law.  She is a "civic journalist and activist" (I could not find her biography page).  Not only is she contradictory (journalists should not be activists, they should be unbiased and be part of no activism group), she immediately confesses to the world she doesn't wish to try via her chosen "profession" and goes on some crusade to mask her ineptitude.  But when the reality (in the horrific form of rape) confronts her ideology, she sacrifices herself so that her ideology may remain in tact.

The reason why is deep down inside she knows she, herself, has no value.  And without her ideology she is nothing.  Thus, the disgusting result of tolerating rape and blaming anybody but the rapist.

Third, and worst of all for the rest of us, when the individual is so meaningless, worthless, and pathetic, it bodes ill for the rest of society.  Namely, it allows for a tyrannical state to take over.  For if the individual has no meaning, then it will search for it in some form of a "false god."  Some become "born again Christians," others join cults, but in a democracy well on its way on The Road of Serfdom an ever increasing state is more than happy to provide these weak minds with their false god.  Educational systems are primarily there for indoctrination, making children believe "going green" and "sharing" trump individualism and success.  Colleges and universities are there to provide "adult" minds the reason and rationale for taking other people's money.  And the media and government are only too happy to make people focus on bread and circuses, as they slowly erode the individual behind closed doors.  If there is a threat the Amanda Kijera's of the world pose to liberty and western civilization it is that they are so inferior in terms of accomplishment compared to their liberty-loving counterparts (and they loathe this fact so much), they are committed to the point of being raped to make everybody else equally worthless and miserable as them.  They are so selfish they have no problems torpedoing the world's greatest society to maintain their petty cognitive dissonance. 

In the end the reason you have a disgust in your stomach over a woman who was raped and then essentially blames you for it, isn't because of the false accusation.  It's because of the fear that socialism can be so convincing of weak minds that it turns them into, mindless, selfless, ideological suicide bombers.

Why are Ex-Commies Pro-Gun?

Amazing how people who lived under communism are all telling us to keep our guns.

Review of "Cubanos in Wisconsin"

Cubanos in Wisconsin” is the first literary work of Silvio Canto, host of the radio show “Canto Talk.”  It is a memoir about growing up in pre-Castro Cuba, fleeing, and then having the fates settle Silvio and his family in far flung Wisconsin.  You can tell Silvio has been meaning to write this memoir for a while, but unlike most people, he actually did, leaving not just his experience, but his wisdom for others to consume today and into the future.

I would be lying if I said the writing was grand.  It’s not.  But it’s not horrible either.  However, his writing and prose is not the reason you should buy and read this book.  It’s because of the account of history he provides, the message he conveys, and the lessons to learn from it, lessons his more modern day Latino and Hispanic immigrant counter parts today should listen to.

First it reminds you just what a wretchedly evil and disgusting ideology communism was and is.  Everything from a rapid decrease in the amount of goods and services available in the economy, to people’s personal religions being outlawed, to the elimination of the individual.  But the worst is the pure invasiveness of the filthy ideology.  Within 2 years Silvio’s life as a child goes from playing baseball and visiting his relatives to having “Mr. Bello” a mindless thug of Castro’s “neighborhood watch” program interrogating his family why they have a “nice radio” and asking his mother for the children to work in the field.  It provides a real, first person account of what the consequences are going from a moderately free capitalist system to one of tyrannical, but ideal, communism.

Second, what I found amazing in the book is how fast the changes took place, but the people were so slow to respond or even realize.  At first, even before Castro takes over, people are already trying to ignore and dismiss the “bearded men playing rebel” or the high end department store being burned and nationalized.  But soon enough communism rears its ugly head when baseball is outlawed, curfews enforced, Soviet troops are present, and Mr. Bello is in everybody’s lives. 

Third, though not related to communism was the nearly identical parallels of a young  Cuban boy and that of a young American boy.  They both love baseball, neither one of them really wants to study, they are always outsmarted and outguiled by their mothers, and they will come up with a way to have fun no matter where they are.  It converts “some guy named Silvio” into your best friend or even yourself, just in a far off island in 1959. 

Fourth, are outstanding instances of economics.  Noticeably people behaving in response to a conquer and confiscate communist economy. A richer fellow would adorn his nieces with incredibly valuable watches as he sent them off to Miami.  Neighbors vouching for each other to undermine communist thugs.  Even people throwing up their hands in defeat, quitting their day time jobs, and declaring themselves “communist” to play along and get a job.  All the economic, social and psychological reactions of people to a vile system.

Finally, there is a great comparison to be made between Silvio’s education in Cuba vs. that of the US.  Much like today, his teachers in Cuba were nothing more than socialist indoctrinators, putting political brainwashing first and education second (the “God vs. Castro and ice cream” bit is worth buying the book unto itself as it shows you just how disgusting communists are).  But when he finally gets to the United States (unlike today) his teachers offer no political pressuring, review history, and aim to educate the children.

There are other pros (cute stories, it’s only 89 pages) and cons (sometimes unclear) to the book, but it should be purchased and read to every child (and adult) in America NOT because it rivals the works of Steinbeck, but because it is a mandatory example, lesson, and reminder as to where the path of socialism leads.   

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Divorce is for the Chilllllldrennnnnnzzzz

"Divorce is good!"

Kind of reminds me "the Germans are bad."

Dwindling Options for Aging American Women

Very short, but OUTSTANDING piece.

Women Confuse Work With Freedom

I'm not all on board with the "women must stay home" feel the article has, but the observations of how women have been sold a bill of goods is good.

I'm just waiting to see if women ever revolt when they realize they've been lied to or double down on the feminist BS they've been fed, forever denying them the opportunity to realize a family or marriage.

Regardless, it is very entertaining and we here at Manosphere Inc. are pulling out our lawn chairs and awaiting for the train wreck.

Adventures in the Petrified Forest

This was from Day #2 in enjoying the decline.  My buddy Khanh and I headed out to Holbrook, AZ, immediately east of which is the Petrified Forest National Park.  They unfortunatley close at 5PM, so we had to run across a basin to get to a hill I wanted to hike to originally.  We were unable to make it due to a lack of time and had to run back.  We were literally running across the basin which resulted in some serious "Mad Max Badassery" footage of which Khanh has.

Here's what it looks like out there:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bunnies Now Enjoying GLORIOUS HAT!

Hero Bunny wearing GLORIOUS HAT!

I Am "Pro-Chicks Wearing Outfits"

In case you ladies didn't know men are usually "pro-you wearing hot outfits.

Normally women think this has to relegate itself to Halloween, but any day other than Halloween works as well.

(warning Star-Trek and Myth Busters uber nerd references in the above linked post)

The Economics of Renting Sports Cars

Normally I am very frugal.  Key to enjoying the decline is to participate in Minimalism so that you are free from any employer and what little money you do make can go much further.  So how do you rationalize renting a sports car?

The key is to realize that Minimalism does not mean "starvation."  You don't want to spend so little that you never treat yourself to anything and therefore prohibit yourself from enjoying the decline.  And renting a sport car, though it may seem unnecessarily frivolous, is a perfect and "must-do-once" example of treating yourself.

Understand that it IS stupid to buy a sports car.  If you think about it the vast majority of your driving will fall under "errands," "work," or "transportation."  You're either picking something up, going to work, or driving to a particular destination, say on "vacation."  A sports car achieves all these objectives, but at an incredible price.  A cheap econo-car will suffice just as well and nobody will care nor expect you to be doing such things "in style."

However, there are instances where a sports car is called for.  A hot date, a high end event, a big party (wedding for example, etc.).  Instances and events where, very similarly, you would wear a tux, don a suit, or get a new dress.  But since these events are so rare, it is better to rent the sports car than own.

THere are other advantages to renting a sports car instead of owning.  First, insurance, maintenance, is a mere fraction of what it would be if you owned it.  It is very similar to what we refer to in banking as the "Three F's. - if it floats, flies, of f%cks, rent it."  Technically sports cars do none of the three, but is closely related to a boat in the infrequency use is called for.  Second, once you buy a sports car (say a Corvette) you are committed to that one car.  YOu get to sample no others and life is too short for that.  Finally, it's not like you can constantly push the sports car to its limit.  One of the biggest drawbacks of the Challenger was being able to drive around 170 MPH, but effectively being forced not to because it would be foolish - cops would be pulling me over left and right.

So the next time you are at the car rental joint and the situation calls for it, upgrade to the sports car of your choice.  Life is too short not to.

Monday, January 21, 2013

They Had No Mustangs

In my effort to continue to enjoy the decline, I went from Calgary to visit my buddy Khanh in Phoenix.  We're going to do a hike (and I will be contacting those Cappy Cappite once we get back to see if we all can't rendezvous for a drink).

Regardless, I got to the car rental place and they didn't have the Ford GT Mustang in the color I wanted.  So I had to settle for this:

Enjoy the Decline kids!

Post post - We were unaware of the dog at the time.  We were in a rush to get to Petrified Forest National Park and just needed to get the picture and go.

A Quote from a Human Resources Major

I'm at a Starbucks in Phoenix

Middle aged woman comes out and asks a blue-collarish looking gentleman at the table across from me what he's studying.

"Statistics and algebra," he says.

She says, "Oh, I know the feeling.  I just got my degree.  Thankfully I didn't have to take statistics and algebra.  Last time I did that it was in high school and I nearly failed."

The guy asks, "What kind of degree did you get."

She says, "A Masters in...(Captain wincing)...HUMAN RESOURCES!"

I just laugh.

Canadian Rockies

On the trip back to Calgary.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

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My name is Aaron Clarey and welcome to the flagship product of my little "online media empire" - Captain Capitalism.

Captain Capitalism has a nerdy, pathetic, and sad origin.  I was sick of being the only conservative at parties during my 20's in the leftist shithole known as Minneapolis.  Not because I was a conservative, but because any time I'd attend a party,

some drunk liberal would out me,
a debate would ensue,
I'd mop the floor with him,
finish the debate,
and then kill the party's buzz worse than Buzz Killington.

So, to make quick word of the debates that were sure to ensue I decided to start burning CD's with some key charts and data that always seemed to be at the nucleus of the debates I was having, and thusly put a quick end to them so the party may go on.

Then Blogger came about.

Blogger was an easier format to store my key charts.  So instead of having to lug CD's around, all I had to do was upload the charts and data, having them conveniently there in anticipation an emasculated Minneapolis leftist putz of a man decided to play "smear the conservative" in a vain attempt to impress chicks.

From there it basically became a platform for me to yell, vent, and scream at the idiocy I saw around me.  Never thought it would lead anywhere, but it did.  Apparently I wasn't the only guy on teh interwebz thinking the same thing.  Soon links were made, traffic exchanged, books were written, and in 2011 I was making enough money on this crazy blog I could tell my boss to pound sand. 

So welcome.  This blog has about 8 years of some of the finest economic research and philosophy.  And I'm not joking about it.  I've predicted more shit that's happened well before any of the "professionals" did, and I only half joke when I claim to have "SAEG" (Super Awesome Economic Genius). So you might want to read up.  In the meantime enjoy the posts, tune into a podcast, watch my youtube videos, or buy yourself one of my books.

Aaron Clarey

Post Canadian Party

I was up two days straight.

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