Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Dating 1850-2012: R.I.P."

Dating is dead.

May it RIP.

Let us rejoice and celebrate the end of this idiotic transfer of wealth, disguised as "courting."


Wikked said...

Personally I'm glad to hear it.

Now if only we can finally put paid the the idea of 'marriage' (read: male slavery to women through a contract with the state).

Anonymous said...

There was no dating in 1849 ?

There was no dating prior to 1850 ?

leeholsen said...

personally, i like dating; because its dating on my terms now and if i figure out she's crazy, i can aways bail to my favorite bar.

imo, all you have to do to win over women is not be controlled by sex. if you can take or leave sex, women have no power over you. sure, victoria secret models still make you want to find a look alike and do whatever it takes to take a ride with her for a while; but its always overrated speaking as someone that used to do that fr a former high school cheerleader.

its your life, you had it long before you bought into the story that you had to turn yourself inside out for some women. why you would put yourself 2nd in it is beyond me.

Peregrine John said...

The date, our anonymous date questioner, isn't very precise, but yes, there was a period of time before "dating" as we know it came into existence. Most of history, actually. Our usual idea of it evolved in the early 20th century, not long before the concept of teenager as differentiated from adult came about. Obviously, there was some causality between those events, and they in turn were actions and reactions having to do with women's suffrage, the enormous slaughter of men during WWI, and a Victorian-era middle class combination of romantic ideals and neopuritanism. There's more to it than that (being severely abbreviated because this is a comment thread), but if you Google "history of dating" or similar you'll find great mounds of information about it.

I still have not the faintest clue why you (Cappy Cap) allow anonymous comments. Rarely does it contribute anything to the conversation other than noise you can point and laugh at. Not that this is one of those cases, the commenter's question being probably a common one on the subject, but still.

Then again, I also don't know why Clarissa's Blog is on the lieutenant list.