Sunday, December 29, 2013

Western Women "Saving" Third World Men

Multiple choice boys and girls!  Where do we go with this one?

a)  Female sex tourism
b)  Treasonous western women helping out everybody but their own countrymen
c)  Another trust fund baby bites the dust
d) "But he said he loved me!"
e)  Bad boys are sexy, especially if they kill me
f)  I didn't like the maths, so I helped the childrenzzzz (aka "Liberal Arts Degrees Kill")
g)  Wow!  There was only 50 murders in Honduras since 2008?  That's pretty safe!


Quartermain said...

How about h) All of the above.

Paul said...

I'm going with option F, Cap.

Remy Sheppard said...

I thought you were being unnecessarily harsh until I read,

"Lenin Roberto Arana, 25, was arrested and charged with Dye's murder, police officials told The Associated Press.

Arana allegedly said he and Dye were romantically involved, but police said Dye was trying to help Arana quit drugs, according to the AP."

Captain Capitalism said...

I am not harsh nor easy, I am merely realistic.

Anonymous said...

Well since she lived there for 15 years, she wasn't really a tourist, and Honduras should probably be considered her country. I believe individuals have a sovereign right to choose where they live.

I'm also not sure how you know what she has a degree in.

Richard said...

I'm guessing that an "entitled western woman" had a boy-toy who got tired of putting up with her western entitlement bullshit and popped.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 1149,

Care to make a friendly $5 wager on whether I'm right? Or like a beer or something?

Aurini said...

Western Men who seek out mail-order brides are called monsters, despite the fact that they often want to marry the woman in question: they're looking for a *bride* to bear their children, to move into their home, etc, etc.

When 45 year old women go and sleep with young men in foreign countries, it's called empowering.

(Note: I'm not defending the use of Thai prostitutes.)

The obvious reason for this is that the Western men are viewed as losers who can't impress the women of their home countries - and to a certain extent, that's true - but as we all know, part of the reason they can't impress Western women is because of their inflated egos. There are women who should be in their Marriage Market, but nowadays a 3 thinks she's a 7.

The 45 year old Western Woman sex tourist, however, is disgusting on all levels. It's a blatant abuse of finances, coercing somebody into a sexual relationship via their poverty, while the Western men at least want to care about the woman in question.

Quite frankly, I have no sympathy for a used-up woman who turns her back on her country and people, and suffers the for her choices.

You choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences.

Black Poison Soul said...

My pick is Door A.

Btw, when you're starving and seeing some fat chub hoovering down a McD burger, it's gotta do something to your psyche.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's go to the goggleeey, shall we?

Ah. From the Mount Vernon College (part of GWU), we find that she, well...
1) majored? "when she studied communications and speech at Mount Vernon College"
2) took education seriously? " her reference to being on the “seven-year plan” because of her indecision about what and where to study"

Cappy FTW!!!

Ras Al Ghul said...

First, Cap its 50 murders of U.S. citizens since 2008 in Honduras. Only 2 of which have been solved so probably not that safe.

Second, anyone else notice that the article write referred to a country in central America that is not an island, as an island in the Caribbean?

KurtP said...

My first reaction was G-
Then I wondered "what are their gun laws like? Maybe I can retire down there.

Anonymous said...

Captain, the 50 murders of which only two were solved were just the Americans.

I suspect most of them were relatively poor MGTOW, so nobody's top priority. The police only roused themselves because the victim was female and well-connected to the PTB in the States.

Anonymous said...

I habe been to Roatan and it is poor with unpaved roads and the locals look at you like meat on the hook. Leftists are consumed with guilt and often racists at the same time. A normal person would take a look at get out of there pronto. I gusess just "chocolate" deserts for a McChubb Progressive.

Anonymous said...

I remember about reading people retiring to Honduras and also about the v. high murder rate and thinking: "why would they go there!"
Guess it's like Detroit isn't the USA (yet).

In March, the UN announced Honduras had the world's highest murder rate, at 82.1 deaths per 100,000 people.

Aussie Realist said...

When I went out with a Russian girl I met in the US I got all sorts of filthy stares like I was some pervert who was taking advantage of a poor Russian girl who just wanted to escape her country.
Forget the fact that I met her in the US (I'm from Australia) and forget the fact that she'd traveled around the world more than I had.
Nope, I was just some monster who was trying to bag a poor innocent mail-order bride.
We broke up, but that was for different reasons.
Interestingly enough the media here plays up the fear of mail-order brides by broadcasting cases where their wives had claimed abuse, had the husbands removed but hubby still had to pay the bills, yet we don't hear any stories about local women doing the same thing!
The media is really trying to suggest that 'only foreign women do that', yet most men don't buy it.
I think we'll see an increase in female sex tourism as time moves forward, but, as Aurini suggested, male sex tourists will always be monsters.
Interesting point: prostitution is legal in Australia, so if you're looking for a place to be a 'sex tourist' but don't want to feel like you're exploiting a poor woman, better come 'down under'! (double entendre intended!)

Anonymous said...

Would anyone with a smidge of a brain expect anything else in one of these 3rd world shitholes?! Don't you wonder why these places have always been and remain a shithole?! There are consequences for being a pinhead, as she discovered!

Anonymous said...

Actually with all the fuss about murders in Mexico, it is safer than most of the countries directly south of it.

I have a different viewpoint from the person who commented she had turned her back on her country. The USA only thinks it owns its citizens in much the same manner Stalinist Russia assumed it owned its citizens.

Some of the happiest men I know, including myself, have expatted. My SIL whined at me I should stay and fight. The difference between us is I did fight, like 10,000 hours over 10 years of activism. And, all he has done is criticize me for expatting.

Anonymous age 71

ironthumb michaelangelo said...

We have included this one in our latest Testosterone poisoning linkage, Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

a, c, d, e. b is not accurate - these females are traitorous but are not trying to help out anyone, only the itch in their lady parts.