Monday, December 09, 2013

How the Short Hair Debate Shows How Girls Have Been Brainwashed

Alpha Game Plan had a quick, but great, and humorous, post.

He had written before about how short hair is 99% of the time NOT preferable to long hair.  And that if women wanted to attract said members of the opposite sex, they should grow their hair long.

Oh mercy me or my, the vitriol he got in return.

So let me see if I can break this down to the simpleton, atomic level so that everybody, especially the ladies, can understand.

You see, this whole dating thing is not myopic or one-sided.  There's kind of 2 parties involved.  And if these 2 parties are ever going to come to an accord, both are going to have to consider what the other party wants.

For example, it is understood that women would prefer fit, muscular men to fat or wimpy ones.


It is also understood that women would prefer men who are accomplished in one capacity or another.

And because of these facts men, who are serious about it anyway, regularly go and work out, run, and develop some kind of craft, persona, skill, or career of some sort.

Now, as far as my inklings tell me, this is where most American women stop.

"Good, he learned.  He is considering my needs.  He is expending effort to make himself attractive to me."

Well, not so quick sister.  We have a little Christmas wishlist of our own.

Top of the list...

you need to be hot.

Sorry.  Dems the rules.  Don't care what that fat bloated sow called "Oprah" told you, she ain't sleeping with women.  We are.  And "we" (that would be the men dearies) do not

"like" or
"request" or

physical beauty



Now, understand this is not arrogance or bravado.  This is nature.  This is our genetic programming.  This is outside of our control just as much as it is for you to be repulsed by a guy shorter than you.  So don't get all upset if a guy first and foremost judges you by your looks because:

1.  It's a prerequisite before anything can happen and
2.  It's the most easily assessable trait you have.  We don't have to talk to you to find out if you're hot, we just have to look.

Now, with all that being said, PART (not all) but PART of the "attractiveness" of a woman is whether or not she has long hair.

I know you hate that.  I know it takes more maintenance.

Tough shit.  Those are the rules.

Just like gravity.
Just like Newtonian physics (they're one in the same, but I'm going to guess with your BA you don't know that)
Just like quantum mechanics.

Men like women with long hair.

Now, if you want to take personal umbrage to that fact and call men "shallow" or scream that you don't do your hair for men, but rather yourself, then good.  You do that.

Because realize what you're doing.  You are broadcasting to the world you are incapable of the number one thing it takes to keep a man - selflessness.

Once again, I suggest you read the comments Alpha Game Plan had to endure.

Do any one of these children sound like they're capable of altruism, selflessness, compassion, or kindness?

They sound like greedy, snivelly, self-centered trollops completely incapable of thinking of anybody but themselves.  And when you consider the audacity they have to lecture and berate men for being shallow for liking what they're genetically programmed to like, you know there's just a wee-bit of a dash of pscyhoticness in them.

So let us do this all day ladies.  I'm game.  You keep lecturing men for "daring" to like big boobs, long hair, trim bodies, and tight asses.  And while you're at it lecture them for not liking the "inner you" or your intelligence.  Because I have news for you dearies, unless you're an IT chick or an accountant or a doctor or a welder, and you're just another one of the boring, billion "liberal arts majoring teacher social worker communications" types who lecture men for insisting on physical attraction, you merely belie two things about you:

You're likely ugly
And you're likely dumb

Which means you might as well cut your hair short, because I don't see any guys coming your way.

Oh, and for reference, allow me to put a picture of what you should be aiming for.  You know, just in case you decided to ask the quesiton, "what do men want?"


Joan of Argghh! said...

Heh. Having a woman like that is like buying an expensive yacht. It's one thing to buy it, quite another thing to keep it up to Bristol standards.

A man had better have all kinds of extra cash for his hot wife to get waxed, buffed, tanned, Brazilian blowouts, face-lifts, mani-pedicured, personal trainer, top of the line cosmetics and top-name clothes, lingerie, and SHOES, baby!! She's hella worth it. It's a full-time job for her, and if she's any kind of woman who understands Alphas, she'll insist on you supporting her beauty regimen.

That's how that works in real life.

If you need your hot wife to work to underpin your Alpha lifestyle, yer doin' it wrong. :o)

Anonymous said...

"Oprah" ... ain't sleeping with women? Are you sure?

Sean M. said...

And because of these facts men, who are serious about it anyway, regularly go and work out, run, and develop some kind of craft, persona, skill, or career of some sort.

I do IT for me me and only me. I feel better overall (to say the least) when I do those things. Woman don't exist to me. I really am a MGHOW.

PeppermintPanda said...

Short hair can work with women, but the women it works with are generally the most feminine overall. For example, if you do a google images search for "pixie cut" you will see countless beautiful women with extremely short hair that works for them.

Unfortunately, most women are not in this 1% ultra feminine category that a pixie cut works out well for; and (probably) 2/3 of women should stick with shoulder length hair or longer.

Mark said...

Cutting their hair short is usually just a symptom of a bigger problem. The bigger problem is that they want to have something given to them without earning it. They want to cut their hair short, gain weight, only have sex when they feel like it, not work a job and have a high quality guy marry and support them. When they end up with some loser who's abusive, cheats on them, drinks too much, can't hold a job etc. they are just getting the guy they deserve but they can't see that.

Marshallaw said...

Readin' is for girls..... sexy long haired girls....

Unknown said...

"Do any one of these children sound like they're capable of altruism, selflessness, compassion, or kindness?"

To be fair, alpha-whoever doesn't sound like he's capable of altruism, compassion, or kindness either. Especially kindness.

It's fun watching the hairlegs get all wound up about something, but, Jeebus, don't bring the concept of kindness into this sort of fracas.

Anonymous said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

"Just like gravity.
Just like Newtonian physics (they're one in the same, but I'm going to guess with your BA you don't know that)"

Technically, general relativity is a more accurate version of gravity that accounts for phenomena that Newtonian physics cannot explain.

Anonymous said...

This is a false dichotomy, Captain. There's short (pixie short), and there's very long (Rapunzelesque), and a whole lot in between. At one stage a woman looks like she went to the barber and asked to look like a man, at the other, you'll hear a lot of "Get off my hair! You're lying on my hair!"

No man who has had the second experience prefers really long hair on women.

lelnet said...

There's a fairly long list of things that make women more attractive to men.

It wouldn't be hard to sort this list in order of increasing difficulty, and come up with one that just about everyone would agree on: "yeah, the stuff at the top is way easier to control than the stuff at the bottom, all right".

Know what? Hair length would be in the top 5. (And it'd be the only one in the top 5 that random strangers can observe from the other side of the room, before deciding whether or not to approach you for a conversation that might or might not lead somewhere.) Unless you're a chemotherapy patient, you can grow your hair any length you choose to.

Now, honestly? There are an awful lot of other factors that can, in a woman who has them, quite adequately counterbalance the drawback of a short haircut. It really isn't _that_ big a deal, for most guys.

But going on a screeching rampage in apoplectic rage at the very notion that guys in general prefer girls with longer hair? Yeah...NOT attractive. Do that in public, and you'll be avoided by anyone who hears about it, regardless of what you look like.

Pulp Herb said...

Just like gravity.
Just like Newtonian physics (they're one in the same, but I'm going to guess with your BA you don't know that)

Actually, Captain, they're not the same for two reasons.

The most complete system of gravity is General Relativity. It can explain things Newtonian gravity can't such as the precession of Mercury.

Second, Newtonian physics (or classical mechanics) provides a variety of pieces independent of gravity such as Newton's laws of motion.

So, gravity and Newtonian physics overlap but neither completely encompasses the other.

If you're going to correct the liberal arts majors about science at least get the pieces they need to study correct :)

Pill Scout said...

@Joan of Argghh!

Most women I know who are beautiful can easily maintain their looks on the cheap. This is truly where women are independent.

Joan of Argghh! said...

@ Pill Scout

That's most women YOU know. That chick in the pic is not "most women you know."

If you're talking about enjoying beauty, there's plenty of low-maintenance beauty to go around. It's a natural gift. But if you're looking for serious eye-candy, sexy, trophy-hawt, that's a high-priced luxury. Alphas demand that, they should know how much that luxury ride is gonna cost.

P.S. If she's convinced you that she's low maintenance it's b/c she knows what you can afford, and likes you anyway. :o)

Anonymous said...

The main thing is that the hair on a woman's head be longer than her armpit hair!

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about what's generally attractive to a man; IMHO the deal breaker is still who she is opposed as to what she looks like. Ugly can be fixed, intelligence/personality is a much harder thing to fix, if at all possible.
Mind you if all you're looking for is an attractive and temporary container for your genes...

Anonymous said...

I have long hair, but I have responsibilities, too. Maybe if I didn't have to do housework, or take care of my baby, and could sit around and read all day, and my house was 85 degrees, I could lie on the couch with my hair and make-up done, but that sounds like it would get really boring after and hour or 2. Wouldn't you rather have a real woman to be a partner who did useful things than a trophy?


CelticTigerDad said...


You need to be wealthy and have power and be respected by others.

Sorry. Dems the rules. Don't care what that fat bloated sow called "Oprah" told you, she ain't sleeping with men. Girls are. And "they" (that would be the hot babes) do not

"like" or
"request" or

wealth and power in a man



Mykki said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm an anomaly as a woman. See, I prefer rocking short hair (I have a mohawk currently) and I have piercings and tattoos. I don't tan, I don't like having boobs, and I don't wear makeup much.

In essence, I'm really not trying to look "hot" for a man at all.

And I know what you might want to spit in response: "But you still expect men to work out, look really traditionally handsome, and have a super successful career and support you, right?"

And well, no. To be honest, I don't care that much. I guess I've just always been into the nerdy gamer boys who are typically too intimidated by girls who look like me. I genuinely enjoy being with them and yeah, if marriage made any sense at all in our society I'd be down with marrying one and possibly supporting him too.

See I'm a linguistics major and I plan on pursuing a masters later in life so I don't need a macho guy to support me. Just like my super cute nerdy boy doesn't need me to have flowing locks and perfectly blended eye shadow.

Just saying.

Unknown said...

Very Loving 50 Creative Short Hairstyles For Little Girls

Anonymous said...

Oh bless your heart.

No having a well-respected degree (physics in my case) does not exempt you from male vitriol. Having waist-length hair does not exempt you from male vitriol. If as a woman you have ever had short hair for whatever reason the manosphere hates you, it certainly hates me.

But nice try...